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RTS Financial
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User Reviews for RTS Pro

3.99 out of 5
340 Ratings
10 months ago, sk1921
Missing along a route fuel search
Everything is great just missing couple of things. 1. Searching for fuel along a route. This feature would be highly appreciated and valued by drivers as most of the time it is what we do, we search for fuel on our routes. For reference please see Mudflap app which is freely available and/or cardControl app by wex. 2. Find me/My location button is missing. This is also relevant to the first point above. After manually searching for fuel along the route we have to zoom out all the way to be able to find our current location on the map (the blue dot) again. 3. When searching for fuel ahead on the route the distance displayed is inaccurate. I assume the distance is calculated from the search point instead of my current location. This forces me to take several additional steps to find out the actual distance. Thanks in advance developers!
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2 months ago, driver3806
Nearly perfect for what we use it for
Does everything we use it for well. Just wish you could either zoom or blow up the trip images before e upload them. There is no way to tell in an iPhone without using their garbage triple finger zoom tap if the image is legible before you upload it and get a call asking to resubmit. (if you enable the native iPhone zoom, it likes to activate in your pocket or when you do not want it, and there is no Siri controlled option to use it) Pinch to zoom support on the images before you upload them would be awesome
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4 years ago, granny smith apple
Nice app but NEEDS...
This is a useful app for our fleet however we need it to have the ability in messages to enlarge the font. The current size is like the fine print of a credit card agreement. Please allow for pinch to zoom or volume button to enlarge the text size. Facial recognition would be nice too! Otherwise nice app as drivers carry the messaging system with them instead of going to the truck and starting it up to check if they have a load.
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2 years ago, Warm n Fuzzy Guy
It’s just missing one thing…
It has worked great for us so far. The missing link to make this outstanding for our company and many others is to allow the drivers to see their assigned loads in load management and upload their paperwork to it for submittal. We would pay a fee per driver for that capability and I’m sure others would as well if it cannot be offered at no cost.
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3 years ago, Angels Transportation
Angels Transportation 🚗
Overall the app is very handy but sometimes it takes hours to upload the documents they should Fix 🔧 this ASAP! Some companies don't have that much time to play with 1 invoice to upload.
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5 years ago, npez4
Works well but
Generally works well but a little glitchy. Sometimes when uploading invoice documents they don’t upload properly but then when I go to try to reupload, they are there, sometimes multiple times. So since I don’t know what’s what or currupted I have to delete all and start over. Now, all of a sudden, I can’t access my google drive documents to add to invoices. This always worked and then suddenly went away.
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3 years ago, 2BBC3
Love the service but app needs work
Works great on my iPhone, but when I try to check a brokers credit on iPad it crashes every time. I have the brand new iPad Pro with iOS 13.5 and haven’t gotten that feature to work on it yet without crashing.
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5 years ago, Hagada_bijeli
Be careful as they lie on the app a lot
I took a screen shot of few discount pumps and prices. I fueled there and it wasn’t even close to what the app said. On one pump in MN I was supposed to save $120 for 194 gallons and they gave me only $7. They will rip you off any chance they get. They came with some childish explanations like “price of fuel changed that day” or “the app didn’t update”. Well you better explain how it showed me that the discount was verified 34 minutes ago?!?!? Very fishy with RTS and this APP. Stay away
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3 years ago, SalmonNinja
An intelligent person can see It’s easy to use
If you say it’s not working that’s on you. It works great for fuel and credit. The load board for premier clients is awesome. Figure it out.
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5 months ago, Afterpay Dad
Credit Search
App works great would be even better if it kept up with the brokers you’ve already done business with
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4 years ago, MrBill3123
Won’t Update App
Excellent app except for its telling me there is a update for it. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and it didn’t work. Otherwise wonderful
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2 years ago, shjurfjoudxchh
Distance directly on the app to the truck stop
Let me see the distance to the truck stop i get the discount in the app how it was before the update. I have to check on google maps every truck stop to check what is the distance to it. You guys fix one thing brake another. Im very close to take my $2k a week somewhere else because of a stupid app
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1 year ago, fleet fuel card customer
The app is irrelevant because the copy itself has poor customer service, at least in regards to their fuel program. I would not recommend them based on the hassle I went through trying to communicate with them. They made functioning my business unnecessarily difficult.
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3 years ago, southland logistics llc
Southland logistics llc
This three weeks I can’t upload invoices. It takes more than 30 minutes to upload invoices. I call Costomer service, they told me to delete and reload the app. I did it,but still there is the same issue with this app.
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1 year ago, Marcus Trucker
Completely useless!
Every time I try to use the app as soon as I tap “FREIGHT” it brings up the form asking me “Interested in this feature?” to apply for access again. I have completed this form repeatedly but it STILL keeps asking me to apply again. Don’t waste your time on this. It never works.
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3 years ago, Ferksu
Great application!!
Great way to see discounts, upload my invoices, see broker’s rating. You will be able to find loads soon!
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2 years ago, koki123mk
Mobile app doesn’t accept user and password
With the new update we can only login on the computer, the phone app doesn’t accept the login credentials.
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4 years ago, Monahpor
Attention please
Please explain how to sort favorites in broker check and who need that huge icon for each broker? I need a list with rating like it was before, not Super MARIO game. Stop doing stupid things please, it’s business application. Slow works on IPhone 6, let me run previous version, don’t want to change factoring company because of this.
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3 years ago, Jason 258623
User friendly and easy to use
I’m a big fan of it!
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2 years ago, Vitkouski
Fuel prices without IFTA
Have to use the competitor's app to compare the fuel prices in different States. Please add the option to see the price without IFTA. It's a must feature.
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5 years ago, Cellwiz
So far one of the best apps I have ever had. As an OO this is a must have app/card
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3 years ago, MarkCashMoney
The best
This has got to be the easiest to use trucking related app. It works great every time I need it. I have zero complaints.
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2 years ago, filly19
Thanks for making easier for single owner operator
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4 years ago, vdshho
Bad update
App stop working after updating it
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3 years ago, Katrin pl
Cannot locate me
There is a bug! Location services are enabled on my device. RTS app can't get my location. It's keep show "no result found" while other apps work normally.
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2 years ago, NPL TRANSPORT
Make to use in Landscape mode
I requested before to make it usable in landscape mode as well. But still I can’t rotate it in landscape mode. I will give 5 star when you do that. Thank you.
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10 months ago, ahdhejsnd
App lies
So far only 1 out of 8 fuel stops are actually getting me the discount that RTS shows on their app. Pilot 3.79 a day later still 3.79 and RTS charged me 4.19 Casey’s general store. App shows, 3.72 RTS charged me 4.42 a gallon. That was just my last few fill ups. App is trash. RTS is a liar.
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2 months ago, gill624
they aren't gonna release you
they make contract with you for factoring for 1 year but after that they renew it automatically and even before end the contract you tell them don't renew my contract they don't listen to you if you stuck with them you stuck they aren't gonna let you go
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3 years ago, Bday is off
Everywhere I stop past week prices were way higher than what you show. 😡
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2 months ago, Mmaverickk164
Needs landscape mode!
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3 years ago, Mr Wison
Update caused force closing
App has been good since the latest update , now it force closes every time I go into trip management.
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4 years ago, Kona911
App is broken.
I just got my new rts fuel card and when I login to check fuel prices, the app is down and can’t connect to the server.
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12 months ago, Bolomix
Bad factoring company
They don’t care about you they care about making money
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4 years ago, Elite Cargo
Love it.
Good app, the only thing is I liked to see is LANDSCAPE MODE on IPAD.
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3 years ago, Chief Garza
Always Having Uploading Issues. Need To Make It Faster
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4 years ago, Ritana
Owner operator
This app was working great until they changed the name to RTS pro. The App has been crashed for 3-4 days now and it’s not fixed and it’s coasting me money.
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5 years ago, MagaTürk
I love this app easy to use nice app...
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3 years ago, RTS customer
Credit checker doesn’t work The app just throws you out that’s it
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11 months ago, foxndofnfo
Worst factor company
Do yourselves a favor and avoid to work with this company,they will rob you
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2 years ago, krbreeze
Will only download 18MB for invoices when factoring with them. Totally unexceptable!
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2 years ago, PESYES
Very bad
New update is very buggy.
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4 years ago, Stefs88
Trash not working
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11 months ago, all del Al del do
Be carful with RTS app , they post one price on app and thay charged me different price…
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4 years ago, Hate stupid nicknames
If a rep from RTS wants to steal you away from FleetOne, DON’T DO IT. They lie by omission and are deceptive. My FleetOne account was cancelled by a rep at RTS.
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3 years ago, Mani 3178209776
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3 years ago, Zack1717
Absolute idiots, for not listening
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4 years ago, ex toll guru lover
How do u build app and dont have landscape on ipad
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3 years ago, Joannen09
RTS Fuel
Not available to search by HWY- glitched
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11 months ago, fioori
Can not beat NASTC
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7 years ago, Dan Shakespeare1900
Application needs help.
This application does not show your current moving location. This application does not show fuel stations that are ahead of you or the ones that you have passed already. This application does not show in a simplistic way to put an address or a city and state of where you are going and to does not show he was stations along the route. Very cheap application that still needs some work. Why I say this is a cheap application because I have two applications that are being built at this moment and I know how much this would cost. It just takes 500 dollars to fix these things
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