Ruler for iPad and iPhone

4.5 (498)
39.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jonathon Walz
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ruler for iPad and iPhone

4.47 out of 5
498 Ratings
8 years ago, Rain on Sunday
Ads block utility
An ad bar appears across the ruler at the bottom of the screen. It's in the one worst place it could possibly be to prevent being able to measure an object. It's only a buck to remove them, or is it? They play a game with "how much is it worth to you to remove the ads?" The polices range from $0.99 to several dollars. It's just a measuring stick. Businesses give them away for free. It's not worth a buck to me. Time to find a new app.
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9 years ago, Tim-on-the-train
Not too bad. You can measure stuff with your phone
Look, what more do you want. It's not like the iPhone is an ideal ruler. The lines thing is easier erased when there are too many of them. Not a big deal. It's free and convenient as hell not to have to get up and get a ruler.
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9 years ago, Ckmw345
Very bad!!!!
This app is ridiculous. The lines pop up all over the screen and you have to continually delete them. I have tried many times to make it work. But it doesn't. Thinking the app would work if the ads were not there I was suckered into paying the 99 cents. The 99 cent charge is a scam. They will not give a refund. When I file a problem complaint with Apple's "Report a Problem", I am directed in circles, filling out more forms and giving more information to the developer. Please be forewarned, do not purchase anything from this developer, Walz Development. You will be sorry if you do.
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9 years ago, RoseVc
Very handy
I think it's great. I added it to my iPad mini and find it great for quick measurements of small objects. Hey for those of us that are lazy and don't want to get up and find an actual ruler this does a fine job. It's also fun to play with.
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5 years ago, boshabasha
useful but -
useful app, but the add at the bottom conceals the end of the ruler. can the add go in the middle where it doesn’t obscure the point of the app??
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5 years ago, M A 4
I tried two other screen-ruler apps and they were way off on iPhone X. This one is accurate!
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8 years ago, Paxton the dog
Very Inaccurate
This app is frustrating and very inaccurate. Don't waste your time checking measurements or trying to to make sense of all the lines and angles that pop up if you touch the screen. I would like to give this app what it deserves - zero stars. However, I had to gave it one star in order to leave a review.
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7 years ago, gjeanne
Good for checking stitch gauge, a few other things.
I needed a short ruler that I couldn't lose, as I design and create my own crochet patterns. This is handy, and it's long enough for the job, as well as for spacing buttons and such.
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6 years ago, von hayek
Works as advertised
Many ruler apps are not scaled correctly to iPhone X, but this one was — I checked it with a tape measure.
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3 years ago, Davidsh331
I gave them a buck, but not sure why. Maybe cause $.50 is not an option. I still don't get the purpose. Maybe the person who gave it a good review can explain it to the rest of us?
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6 years ago, Corbital33
It’s accurate on all iPhone models
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2 years ago, Hatwoman55
Very Convenient!!! I use a lot!
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12 years ago, Hornsfan01
Works well
Glad it works on both iPad and iPhone. It looks nice and does what it says. However, I wish the ad free purchase worked on both devices. I paid 1.99 for the ad free on iPad and then was disappointed to find that it didn't remove the ads when I downloaded the iPhone version. Fine, I'm not going to be picky over one extra dollar - I'm sure this guy worked much longer on this than $1 worth of his time, but I wish the purchase notification had mentioned that buying an ad free version for one device DOES NOT cover other devices on the same Apple ID.
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6 years ago, nicknames are for kiddos
Doesn't display correctly on my iPhone 6s plus, one inch on this ruler is closer to 1.2 inches in reality.
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8 years ago, Humblest of All
Grossly Inaccurate
Measurements are about 10% less than truth.
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4 years ago, Big Let_Down
App keeps freezing
Appp keeps freezing on me for no reason
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9 years ago, powdrhoundjohn
Not calibrated for iPhone 6s.
Third ruler app I have tried. All three measure 93mm at the 80mm mark.
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1 year ago, crapfinder
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11 years ago, Strategynerd949
Great app!!
Tried a few others and didn't think them to be anything special, but this one is very convenient! You can measure at virtually any angle (but only the length of your device of course). It let's you draw a line on the screen so that you can then sac a measurement and even email it! I probably won't ever use the email feature but it is a good one anyway! Plus if you need to measure something longer than your screen you can just move your phone along and add up the increments without much trouble! But of course....if you are trying to build something with precision you should go get a real tape measure/ruler. This app is for convenience and is not a replace my for real tools when it comes to big projects.
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12 years ago, Kpunch
Ruler rocks!
Love this ap...I use all the time to measure knitting projects. Have it on my iPad which allows for larger project measurements in either standard or metric.
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13 years ago, Number.01
Better than most ruler apps; orientation needs more fixing
I've used a number of ruler apps for the iPad and this could be the best one, but it does have a number of annoying faults. The most important is that while the background is rendered very well in re-orientations, the colored measurement bars should not re-orient! As of now, these bars often wind up jutting off-screen, making them unable to be re-used, and looks awkward. This spoils an otherwise fine looking GUI (the wood style especially is very aesthetic) A couple of mis-spellings do mar the introductory new-launch dialog: "measuments" and "applible" (or something like that).
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12 years ago, Tamett
Who knew I'd like an iPhone ruler
Great app that makes me actually want to use my iPhone ruler. Not boring to look at. One update suggestion: Make it so that a measurement can be optionally locked. Meaning once I measure a length, I don't want to change it every time I accidentally touch it.
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11 years ago, areviewer77
A hidden gem
This app blows the competition away for having a crisp, simple, and even refreshing interface. The ability to measure sections of the screen using multi touch is very well executed. The fact that it works on both iPhone and iPad is icing on the cake.
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12 years ago, The bible rater
Just got even better
New update works great, no crashes. New update allows faster and easier measuring while only needing one finger. Overall, great update and a great app.
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12 years ago, Irena A G
No complaints
Have been using for several months, absolutely no issues.
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9 years ago, TimDawgz
Abandoned App
This used to be my "go to" ruler app and I even paid the IAP to remove ads but now the app has been completely abandoned and no longer is relevant. I now have an iPhone 6 and the measurements in this app are all off. It's showing the same size ruler I used to get in my iPhone 5. Obviously the app isn't intelligent enough to detect screen dimensions and format accordingly. Too bad. I used to like this one. 😟
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13 years ago, Duc851
Needs Development
Did you test this app? The "Settings" and "Saved" buttons disappear randomly. The line disappears when it reaches the right hand side of the screen. Nice idea but significant bugs. The original app at least worked.
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13 years ago, Bug in this app
There is a bug in this app where after about 2" to the right of the page all lines dissapear and this does not let me get the full dimension of my lines.
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10 years ago, MorganStair
Quick start, accurate, and simple
Nuff said
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12 years ago, Pajamz
Crippled by Ads
The Ad gets in the way of measuring, and when you want to remove Ads they ask you to pay for "1 complete ad removal". What does that mean? Will I have to keep paying for Ad removals? No way I'm paying the $.99 to find out if this is a scam or not.
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12 years ago, skherlo
Very useful
Screen flips too easily. The ability to create personally sized rulers is nice, but once created they shouldn't be able to be resized when barely touched.
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9 years ago, Annoyed Would-be User
Inaccurate!!!! Don't use!!!
Zero stars for accuracy. This app shows inches to measure about 125% of true measurement. Because of this I had to return something I had purchased after using this app to check its size. This app wasted a good bit of my time.
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12 years ago, Meushell
The ruler is nice. The "How much would you pay to remove ads?" feature is weird and suspicious.
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11 years ago, Nicknames already taken69
Reliable app!
This is a great app! Fun with unique themes! Wish it had mm but the inches and cm are precise! Definitely one of the best ruler apps out there!
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9 years ago, wi_shortrack56
Good, needs iPhone 6 Plus support
Works great on iPhone 5. Needs update to support iPhone 6 Plus.
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13 years ago, HawaiianPunchy
Well I like it
I love this thing! It gets me out of a hole when I don't have a ruler.
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12 years ago, Ramhack
The best ruler app ever
Such a good app But why would it want our location? Lol
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13 years ago, Crockedoodle
This is so handy! Love it. Brilliant idea. Good job. Love how you can hold many different measurements
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13 years ago, anechoe
It is what it says it is!
No muss, no fuss. The ruler app to get (lol).
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12 years ago, DocKJR
Does not allow full use of the iPad screen to draw accurate ideas, deleted it after 10 min...
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9 years ago, Ckmapawatt
Worthless on a 6
Doesn't account for different screen size on a 6. I learned the hard way. This app is horrible.
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13 years ago, brijar99
Lousy app
This very basic ruler would be fine if not for the stupid ads that render the last quarter in unusable.
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12 years ago, designbyhand
What A Waste!
Even if it is free, the ads should not get in the way of the reason I wanted the app in the first place. I can't measure anything with the ad in the way.
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12 years ago, ..bad..
Doesn't work
Tried and tried, but it just doesn't work.
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9 years ago, AAA+++
Why is the App size doubled?
Is the extra memory because of ios 8, or the new background ?
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9 years ago, Bbehary
Not for 6+ users
Used this app for a small project, only afterwords I realized that 1 inch on a six plus is actually about 1.5 inches. Huge error for a ruler app. Useless.
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9 years ago, lehrblogger
You had one job...
This app used to be great, but the measurements are now incorrect. For example, inches only have seven eighths on my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.3.
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9 years ago, Littlesamy29
Only good for inches and centimeters
It is a really good app buuut it is only for centimeters and inches I wanted one with millimeters
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10 years ago, avrit.daniel
Giant ad ruined it
The ad takes up a bunch of the screen, even part of the ruler measurements. Useless. You shouldn't advertise on a ruler app. Greedy.
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12 years ago, Gia'sMOM
Great little gadget
Love this one!
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