Ruler, Measuring Tape - AR

4.4 (667)
22.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jens Rieckhof
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ruler, Measuring Tape - AR

4.37 out of 5
667 Ratings
2 years ago, Universe Observer
Small improvements needed.
O6 Apr 2022 I have used this numerous times and it is very handy; however, it does need improvements which I have suggested below: 1. When in English scale, there should be an option to read out fractional measurements as currently shown OR in DECIMAL format with the ruler etchings changed accordingly. Example: 0.22 in. 2. The scale size adjustment is overly sensitive making if hard to adjust to 1:1. I would suggest allowing numerical entry or Reset to 1.000 button. 3. Grid line are very difficult to see. Need to brighten/darken so they can be see easier. 4. Allow grid rotation to be frozen when the user is not actually measuring an object at angles. Enable or Disable or Freeze. I think that these suggestions would go a long way to improve the current version of the app and I would bump the rating to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
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2 years ago, Yan 58653
Great little app!
I’ve tried several ruler apps and this one has been in my top 2 favorites. It’s intuitive, precise, pretty, and has more features than other ones I’ve used, like the ability to save measurements you’ve made. Just a couple of suggestions - as awful as the imperial system is, we here in the US are stuck with it. I wish there were a way to set the default unit to inches so the ruler would stay on inches instead of reverting back to centimeters the next time you use it. Also, it would be nice if there were a way to remove the red markers from the screen so you could have a clean look when desired, although they can be extremely useful. All in all, well done, devs!
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3 years ago, ferris209
Needs more measurement options
Super great app, works smoothly and easily. I just wished there was an options for mm (millimeters) as I find myself needing to measure in mm a lot. So I have to rely on another far more clunkier app to do that. That one complaint is the reason for 4 stars, it seems to me mm ought to be a given with inches & cm. As a it would be nice to have a high doesn’t effect the rating is an option to have decimal inches as an option alongside the fractional that is already in the app. If those two things were added, this app would be the best all around and my go to for everything is measure under 4.5”.
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2 years ago, Scott1155
Latest Update Destroyed Best Ruler On App Store With Ads
IPhone 12 Pro, iOS 15.2 - This ruler was the best ruler on the App Store and now this latest update has destroyed it. The ruler looked beautiful with it’s dark theme on both my iPad and iPhone. Now with the latest update this ruler has a large white bar constantly displaying ads. There is no way to disable the ad bar that has destroyed this ruler. Why not offer the option to make a one time purchase to remove the ads? I can understand the need to make money on apps, but this large white bar displaying constant ads destroyed all of the great work you put into this ruler. Time for me to find a new ruler app without the ads.
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3 years ago, ddyfbb
Excellent ruler app
I had been using a different ruler app for quite a while but it didn’t support the current version of iOS (14.5.1) on my iPhone 8. I tried a few other ruler apps which did not satisfy but this one is excellent. Intuitive interface with sliders for accuracy and clear display of current measurement between sliders. Very nice.
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8 months ago, gingerrodgers
Very frustrating!
This was exactly what I was looking for- a 6” ruler to help me with measurement of small things as I am shopping. No extra frills or fancy stuff to figure out, just inches & cm to select. However, there are 4 issues keeping me from jumping for joy: 1. The least important problem is that I would sometimes (or always) like to see inches & cm on the same ruler. Internet shopping means I am often confronted with cm, which I am not very familiar with, & I may have in my head that x” is the size I need & a conversion has to be made. It helps to see both at the same time. Rather than 3 colors of the same thing, couldn’t one of the options have cm on it too? Or maybe a 4th view with that. 2. I see a way to save measurements but no way to unsave them or call back up a saved measurement. Also, I don’t see a way to give a saved measurement a label. Maybe there’s a way, but it’s not intuitive & I didn’t find any instructions in the app how to use it. 3. I could not exit out of the app! This is really bad!!! I could not even minimize, & since I will be using other apps when I need the ruler, that’s pretty much a deal breaker! What if I get a phone call & can’t exit to answer it? This is a serious DEAL BREAKER! 4. If #3 was fixed, I would gladly pay $1.99 for the app, but there was no indication of how long the period of service is? Is that a one time charge to unlock for life, yearly, monthly or even weekly? I would never, ever click to pay for something with no idea how much I will end up paying! I’m starting this enterprise on a shoestring budget, so this matters! This too is serious as it seems to point to the developers being either inexperienced or not on the up & up! That’s scary in the computer industry because using this app could leave me open to thief of my identity or my data showing up on the dark web! I hope you are monitoring your reviews, and that you will answer my concerns, because your app is very simple and exactly what I need! Thank You for reading.
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10 months ago, EsraMoo
I really enjoy it, it helps to visualize things i need to purchase and is really easy to use. If I may suggest, it would be really great if there is a function where you can type a numerical entry and then it gives you the length.
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2 years ago, Zodeb
It amazes me how often I use this handy tool to take a quick measurement or better clarify a description during purchases. No more searching for my ruler because my phone is always in reach.
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4 years ago, JennS525
This is a super handy app!
It’s a great ruler app. It comes free. No ads. No gimmicks. Seriously Mr/s Creator you should add an update that has a non-mandatory in app purchase where users can send you a few bucks as a tip. I’d definitely send you one because this app is such a handy thing to have and it’s worth it!
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4 years ago, MomMD of 5
Accurate, simple, does the job
Unlike many of the other “free” ruler apps, it does not time out unless you upgrade. It is truly a free app. Inches are correctly divided. Easy to switch between cm and inches. I deleted the other ruler apps. This one is the keeper. Thanks for a simple, practical app.
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1 year ago, Shendric62
Can’t close the app
This is a useful app (finally a simple ruler app for iOS that works), but I can’t close it! No swiping, pinching, or anything else works. I always have to restart my phone. Very frustrating. I see that someone made the same comment a year ago, but no response from the developer. Even more frustrating.
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7 months ago, bkrodgers80
Great app, but needs default units option
I love the app, but it needs an option to set the default units. Or it should just remember your last choice. Plus, the developer doesn’t appear to offer any way to contact them for support.
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3 years ago, jjsdft
Good app but doesn’t work for iPad
I love this app on my phone. The look is great and the measurements are spot on. Just downloaded it on my new ipad though and the measurements are way off so it’s useless for the ipad unfortunately. Hope they fix it.
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2 years ago, Jpinatlanta
Measures were way too large!
For some reason the inches were much larger than actual inches. I don’t know how much they were off but I felt they were at least twice too large. A beautiful and simple app, but useless as a substitute for a ruler (unless I missed a calibration feature). I’m using an iPad Pro 3 generation.
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2 years ago, lilBuddha
Simple and accurate
Simple and accurate. Easy to use,cheap to buy. What is not to like?
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6 months ago, Josephsha
Ads on a simple app. Not Required!
For some reason Apple doesn’t have a measuring app, so I got this. It has small adds and a paid version. Idk, I would equate it to someone charging you to use a ruler. Better yet, get a ruler instead of this App!
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2 years ago, romarlife
The app does not have more measurements to choose from and once the screen is maximized, you can’t minimize it or use another app. Does not respond to touch comment to change vids or close it
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1 year ago, iBobT
The new AR feature is great, but..
AR mode measure only displays in centimeters, even when inch is set.
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11 months ago, qwery jones
A measure in inches I seek; and in terms of phones I’m no geek. I’m so happy this app, fell into my lap; and now I’m the geek of the week.
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3 years ago, 130610
Seems great, but the measurements are wrong…
On the 2021 iPad Pro 11 inch, all the measurements are about 50% too long, so the app is useless to me. It’s a shame because I like the design, and I love that it has no ads.
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2 years ago, MannPod
ruler is wildly inaccurate!!!
I thought this app was great…until I put an actual physical ruler beside it, and realized that this app isn’t even close to displaying a proper-size ruler or measurements. Kind of an important thing to get right!
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3 years ago, earthcour
can’t close app
every time i use this app swiping from the bottom does not work and i cannot close the app. i always need to restart my phone after using this app in order to get back to home screen. iphone 12 mini. fix this bug
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2 years ago, Agsn1313
Despite name, has ads
Despite the name mentioning no ads, the app is only ad-free if you buy the premium version
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6 months ago, \//\|_|-|/\|_|_/\
If you hold a tape measure up to the ruler on the phone, they’re not the same. The app gives inaccurate measurements.
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4 years ago, IBIGIK9
True free, handy, big thank you!!
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2 years ago, Gonmor
Excelente realizacion
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1 year ago, qishxjhsbddk
Quits upon open on my iPad running iPadOS 14.8.1
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1 year ago, 没有广告嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻
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2 years ago, 15909oldretiredguy
Cheap Useless App 🤪
Just installed this app and paid the $1.99 to get rid of the ads... I guess the developer (s) is/are German, which is fine; don't care, but no English version of a YouTube instructional video...?
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2 years ago, Amir TI R
So inaccurate
The ruler is so inaccurate, for example apple pencil 2 is 16.6cm but when i put it on the screen it shows it 12cm !
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2 years ago, Roughmeck crazy
Inaccurate on 12.9 iPad Pro.
I was going to use this to measure my wrist with a piece of string to order a watch band being that I’m stuck at work without a tape measure so figured why not try an app.. it’s about 2 inches shy on the app. I thought the inches looked a little big at first…
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4 years ago, Mvalemo
New user but...
I just start using it, but when you click on the protractor tool it redirects you to a webpage that send you to Amazon page to buy a protractor. The page description says no advertising, and I think redirecting you to buy something is a very sneaky advertisement. Very disappointed.
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