4.3 (31.3K)
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Current version
Tue Nguyen Minh
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ruler®

4.33 out of 5
31.3K Ratings
5 years ago, intoski
Works well
This app is fine for quick measurements. Unfortunately, every time I open it I have to get past an advertising and a rating screen. Makes it just a bit less convenient...
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4 years ago, Fireball 1025
Worst app I have ever seen
Ok, starting with the fact that this thing is not even that accurate, and even to use it for more than 5 seconds will cost me 5 dollars?! What the hell? Also, just seeing that this trash “app” actually is only free when you use it for 3 seconds is completely outrageous! It’s not even worth your time and money, and I have no idea why there are so many good reviews on this thing. I first downloaded it just to use for homework, but after opening it for 2 seconds, a purchase ad came on, and I pressed “cancel”. Then, after 3 seconds of using the so-called “ruler”, a message popped up: measure time “exceeded”. Buy the upgrade to cancel this limit or wait 20 seconds. EXCUSE ME? I used it for 3 seconds! How did I exceed any limit? Just thinking about this freaking app makes me want to hurl. How did this app even get 2-star ratings? After 30 seconds, I just deleted this stupid waste of my time. And developer, if you are reading this, go stick your head in a trash can, delete this app, and never make anything again, because you WILL mess it up... badly! THIS APP IS NOT RECOMMENDED!
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3 years ago, TekReviews
Cash grab
There is a set amount of SECONDS that you can measure for before the ruler becomes pixelated and you are prompted to upgrade or wait 10 seconds before you can continue measuring. This repeats over and over. 10-15 secs of measuring and 10 secs of a pixelated screen prompting you to upgrade. This ruler only measures in CM, which is not bad. But for other users in US who don’t actively use CM, this can be highly impractical and you must pay to be able to measure in inches. To devs: I recommend a better way to implement your “pro” version, one that does not disrupt the entire function of this app. Why even offer a free version? Very disappointing design. The fact that this app has so many positive reviews, brings it to the top of the search screen in the App Store. This is quite literally the fine line between an “app” and a SCAM. Apple must remove this app or bump it down on the search results and allow other, more consumer-friendly applications with more functionality, appear closer to the top. Apple, IOS users often look at the star-rating when searching for an app. It’s one of the top points in deciding to download an app. Allowing this at the top of your search results is very anti-consumer.
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4 years ago, Brianatorfgfdhhe
Terrible, and here’s why
A split second after I first opened the app, it asked me to leave a rating. I have to assume that this aggressive request for a rating based on zero information accounts for how it currently averages 4.3 stars, because once you actually start to use the app, you have about 5 literal seconds before it disengages and demands a purchase to continue use. ITS JUST A RULER and there are plenty of genuinely free apps that don’t lull you into a “free” download only to shut you down before you can even assess what’s in front of you. I have no problem with people charging for their apps, but be honest about what you’re offering. Don’t download, and if you do, leave a rating.
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4 years ago, Donnieval4life
Barely Functional
This was a fairly okay ruler app. The free version used to be usable. However, the developer has recently included a timer that locks the screen and blurs the ruler after about 10 seconds, with a prompt asking you to upgrade. The prompt can only be dismissed after the 15 second countdown. You are then granted 10 more seconds to use the app, until you are yet again met with the same prompt. This behaviour repeats as long as you use the app. This is absolutely rubbish. If one was actually trying to sell a product, I think it would be appropriate to allow the user more time to test out the feature set. I can definitively say that this will be removed from my device.
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4 years ago, Ronnie98765
Don’t do it, 15 second time out
It seems this developer is sooo desperate the publish apps claiming a free tool but do things like only offer it in one unit of measure and you must upgrade to change it. Additionally the “free tool” in this case the ruler, only works for 10 seconds at a time then the screen goes grey and locks you out for 15 seconds asking to upgrade. So it basically times out which is so annoying and they hope people will upgrade. I was going to upgrade initially until I saw they bait-and-switch strategy and now I’m uninstalling. I didn’t realize this same developer made another angle finder tool I wanted to use and it was the same strategy. That’s uninstalled now too. Good luck.
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6 years ago, Capone1973
Pretty good
Well I tried the photo measurements using a quarter it’s rather accurate on a small item. As of measuring a larger object I haven’t tried it but I hope it will work. My old phone doesn’t have AR so the AR ruler will not work but this Seems to be a good app I got the free version but watched like 3 videos to upgrade it to pro. So that’s a nice touch... you can check out other app that they have some are free so go ahead and check them out. I did and I’m happy so far.
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3 years ago, Pinalicia
Are you joking
Bro, they literally give you ten seconds to measure and then make you wait an additional ten seconds for it to reset. In that time I could have gone and grabbed an actual ruler from the drawer. Like, you’re really making people pay to use your ruler for longer than ten seconds? Premium ruler? it would be cheaper to drive to the dollar store and buy your own actual ruler. It’s just insulting and obnoxious that they would even TRY to get money out of you for something like this. even if they put an ad on it, for Christ’s sake that would be more respectable than making people pay for ten seconds of PREMIUM RULER. Get out of town.
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5 years ago, Zufalls_Autofocus
Free version lacks basic functionality
Free version only contains a metric ruler and requires a paid upgrade to view standard measurements. Given that the illustrations the developer uses to advertise the free apps functionality includes the paid version’s ruler with both metric and standard measurements, it is misleading. The free version isn’t so much an App, as it is a pop-up ad for the payed version, which is an underhanded tactic and is why I gave it 2 stars. I’m fine with paying for an app if it’s honest, straight forward and fairly priced. I found that the “3-in-1 Ruler” in the App Store is what I was looking for, an honest and straightforward free onscreen ruler with the basic functionality of any ruler, without annoying pop-ups. (I have no affiliation with any app or it’s developers and included this recommendation as a consumer interested in helping other people find the best version of what they’re looking for.
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4 years ago, cutiekinz222
Terrible if you don’t purchase the upgrade
This app is horrid if you don’t purchase the upgrade. I know it’s not a lot of money, but with this crisis that’s going on, I don’t have access to normal rulers and I don’t want to spend extra money on something that should be free. You get about 10 seconds to measure things before the app forces you to either wait 12 seconds or purchase the upgrade. This is unbelievably frustrating. I will never be redownloading this and I think it’s a total rip off. Thanks for nothing apart from frustrating me and giving me a headache.
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4 years ago, Handyman_remodler
Not accurate enough to actually be useful
Works ok for small objects. When measuring large things, like the span of a wall, it’s inaccurate to the point of being useless. Even after calibrating with reference photos it still is pointless. For example, standing about 6’ from a 32” doorway and panning from one side to the other yielded a measurement of 25” - The issue seems to be it only works when you can achieve a position of being perpendicular to the object and are relatively close. When measuring something large it’s impractical at best and generally not feasible. Waste of money.
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3 years ago, JapaJen
Don’t bother if you have an iPhone with AR
This app is a waste of money if you have an iPhone that has AR. There’s an app on your iPhone called Measure that’s way easier to use and more accurate. The AR measuring on this ruler app is trash compared to apple’s measure app. The comparison measure photo feature is a waste of time as well, you have to take your picture with a coin next to your item you want measured for accuracy. Apple’s Measure app is wayyyyy quicker and more user friendly than any of the measuring apps out there. Also, the Measure app is free with your iPhone
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7 years ago, MbhIdiot
I was just looking for a basic ruler when I downloaded this app. As soon as I started using it I noticed other features I thought I’d have to get separate apps for, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover these other great functions were already built-in with this single app. Kudos to the developers for a true 5-star app! I could not be more pleased. Thank you.
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7 years ago, FloridaFlo
Just what I wanted
I wanted a ruler that I could place directly on the item I was measuring & measure it accurately in cm. Perfect! I later found my tape measure & rechecked it & it was spot on. I haven't measured anything large, but if they need a credit card as a reference length as other reviewers have noted, then I expect any card would do. I have numerous gas station cards all the same size!
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2 years ago, 𝚅𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚘𝚞𝚜𝙿𝚘𝚗𝚢
I have tried so hard to make this work but it wont.
I wish I kept my $2 and got Cam2Plan for $20/year - it does what this is supposed to on the first try. I wish I could just ask the developer if I am missing something. His other free apps worked better. Hey, Dev, I want to change this rating and want my $2 back- so plz reply and tell me why I cant get the reference quarter to show up- I cant even get the cam to come on so that’s maybe jumping ahead. What I have is a ruler on a screen which is of little use. Help!
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12 months ago, Haleyranaew
Super cool!
This is a very neat and easy to navigate app! Super accurate and and I can only imagine what my grandfather the builder would say about a ruler on a cell phone, prolly wouldn’t even believe it ;) It’s so nice to have measurements at my fingertips! I can’t even explain how handy this app is and it’s FREE🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 thanks for the great app!
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4 years ago, Oakley the Dog
Downloaded and opened for use. Within 30 seconds received an upgrade notification for excessive use of this app. Waited out the five or so seconds it offered to use the app again, and the upgrade request happened once more within 30 seconds of use. Absolutely ridiculous to expect payment for an app (which looks to be solid) with this tactic. Deleted within 5 minutes of download and happy with another free app. Glad so many of you are happy with this app, but it’s not for me.
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5 years ago, awer25
Took away ability to measure in inches without paying
This app was good even with the ads, it worked just fine. It had the ability to measure in both inches and centimeters, which is all I needed. After the last update for “minor bug fixes”, I found out that they took away the ability to do inches in the free version, just centimeters. Taking away the main basic feature renders the app useless for me now. I hope they will put inches back, but for now I’ll look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Payzer93
Don’t get this app
It flashes the upgrade page in your face as soon as you open it, then it gives you about 30 seconds before your “time limit” runs out and you have to wait 10 seconds before you can use it though. The best part? That would have to be how the camera feature was advertised, yet you can only get it with the upgrade. Long story short, you get a funky dink ruler that doesn’t work because you don’t have enough time. At least it was free.
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3 years ago, jjkosy
Worst “Free” app I have ever seen.
As other reviews have stated, you get to use it for about ten seconds, and then you have to upgrade to continue or wait fifteen seconds to use the ruler again. I got this without even looking at it because I needed it in a hurry for a class project. I get on my zoom, try to use the ruler, and it locks me out before I could say “this is stupid.” It beats me why this app has a decent rating. I suspect fake reviews. I don’t usually hate on things like this, but this sorta deserves it.😔
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4 years ago, lexibear1102
I was trying to find an app so I could could measure my nails easily and when I tried to, after a couple seconds a thing would pop up and cover the screen and would ask me to upgrade or wait like 12 seconds to continue with the free version. It would do this very often and when you’re trying to do something quickly it becomes annoying quick! I took a screenshot of the ruler and deleted the app right after🙄
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5 years ago, s ann
Metric Units Only
Don’t be fooled by the photos, the free version of this app is for metric units only. I understand developers need to get paid and I wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks for the app but I won’t for this one on principle. I searched for a ruler in the App Store, found this free one with a bunch of high ratings, and downloaded it. It wasn’t until I opened it that I realized I had to pay for the full version to measure in inches. Because the developer misled me in the description in the App Store, I’ll pay for one elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Anubii
Don't bother unless you pay
App opened up with an immediate ad & request to rate it upon my FIRST TIME OPENING IT. 💀 I stared at it for a few seconds to comprehend it's UI & a new popup with a timer preventing me from even interacting with it appeared stating these oppressive timers can be stopped with the purchase of the premium version of the app. I get advertising to profit, but this is ridiculous. I didn't even get to actually use the app before it ruined its experience.
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4 years ago, Memebellime
No way
There is no way this app has 4.4 stars. This app doesn’t even let you use it for more than 10 sec before it shuts down unless you wait 15 secs or pay for the upgrade. I know for a fact that the 5/4 star ratings are fake and/or paid for. No one in their right mind would rate this app that high. Shame on Apple for allowing this scam of an app appear in their suggestions when you type in ruler. It’s needs to be removed due to the predatory nature is this app.
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4 years ago, Luo Qingchen
Needs purchase to get inches
I downloaded this app to use inches but the free version only has centimeters. Also, the app only works for like 10 seconds, give or take, before you’re forced to look at a screen locking you from using the app that asks you to upgrade. If you’re patient, or don’t care so much about the time delay, then the free version is for you. I, on the other hand, am not in interested in buying the upgrade and will not keep this app.
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4 years ago, Lmrejdjeu
Unusable without paying
Downloaded the app for free. Within 10 seconds I got a “time out” saying upgrade to continue using. Basically you only get to use it for a few seconds at a time before you get what is basically a commercial break. Also, have to upgrade to switch from inches to centimeters. Completely useless. If you want people to pay for your app, then sell it. Don’t list is as free and disable everything.
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4 years ago, Jimmyʘ‿ʘ
False advertising and fishy upgrade scheme
This app is a free demo that lacks basic functionality without ever disclosing this on the store page. They even avoid the in-app purchases tag by having a separate pro app for the in-app popups to link to. Three of the features listed on this page are missing from this app. They are: measure in inches, camera ruler mode, and photo measure mode. It is never mentioned on this page that these features only exist in the wholly separate pro app.
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4 years ago, AidanCody
Aggressive tactics to get you to purchase full version
I get it, people worked on this, so it’s fair to ask to pay for the product, but why is it necessary to pause the ruler every 15 seconds so you can prompting me to wait to continue to use the ruler, or buy the full version. Everything is a premium feature, the app as it is, is basically just a photo of a ruler. Also, half of the “premium” features are already on apples measuring app.
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4 years ago, ArmyWifeAlways
Waste of time!!
Worst app ever! I opened the app to a popup asking me if I liked it. How would I know? Then, before I could even look at the settings it kept popping up that I had exceeded the time limit and had to wait several moments or upgrade to a pay version. This app immediately wants to convince you to buy it before you have the opportunity to even see what features are there or how accurate it is. Steer clear!
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4 years ago, Moonbase Beta
Used to be ok
Back when I first downloaded this app, it was fine. Worked well enough, but as time has gone one, updates have put in a nagging pop up ad trying to get you to upgrade. You can’t change from metric to standard without the upgrade, so the utility of the app is very limited. Now, they’ve put a timer that limits your measuring to 13 seconds, then interrupts you to push an upgrade. I’d look elsewhere.
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7 months ago, Walker who isn't picky
Reliable and handy
I’ve used this for several years, and even after switching phones it remains invaluable.
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4 years ago, FLappleuser
Have used for many years, good app.
Let me say that I have used this app for many years, although not that often, and in the past, it always seemed to work well. I had not used it at all on my new iPhone (XR), or my most recent iPad, and when I first tried them, there were several bugs. I must say, after emailing the developer, within a few weeks, he had resolved the bugs that I had reported. I give credit where credit is due. Thanks!
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4 years ago, daarshg
Free version ridiculous time limit
Needed to quickly measure something and downloaded this app as it was first recommendation by the App Store. The app may be good .. but it has a time limit to measure something before it ticks a timer blocking everything and asking you to upgrade.. that’s insane .. the app gives you barely a minute before the timer shows up again .. not at all happy with the experience..
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4 years ago, S. Zulu
New time limit is lame
Loved this app and use it often on my phone. The new download on my iPad features annoying pop up every 5-10 seconds asking to upgrade in order to see the ruler again or wait another 10 seconds to continue. Sadly new users will probably just delete and download a different measuring app. This one isn’t useful enough to most people to pay to upgrade.
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4 years ago, le-yah
Doos for small measurements
Needed a good app for me to take pictures of small items and get a measurement. Since I use this for development, I have found it extremely useful and worth a few bucks.
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4 years ago, vashremix
False advertising
Immediately upon opening, there is a pop up to pay for a “toolkit” of apps (including this one) - for only a “limited time!” Once you say no, you’ll learn that you can only measure in centimeters until you pay for a “pro” version of the app - with a link to the App Store of different app entirely. I don’t mind paying for apps, I do that a lot. But the false advertising on this one makes me give it zero stars.
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2 years ago, Bull city listener
Doesn’t restore when you upgrade
It worked fine when I first bought it. When I upgraded my phone, the app wouldn’t restore to the paid version. Definitely won’t pay for it again.
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4 years ago, ChiefsDoc
Do NOT download. This is worthless
The free version has a “measurement” timer that can’t be longer than 3-4 seconds. If you take longer than that, you get a pop up telling you to pay for an upgrade to be able to measure longer. With this timer, you dont even have enough time to try it out to decide if you like it. There are plenty of similar apps. Go use a different one.
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7 years ago, jem-cmi
Simple app but does just what it should!!
They suggest using a credit card for a size reference but also support many other common objects such as coins. I doubt there is any nefarious intent.
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4 years ago, okurrrrrrrrrfashion
I wish I could rate lower
This is the first time I've reviewed an app but I felt I had to because of the absolutely egregious way they harass you into buying upgrades! There is a 10 second time limit on how long you can measure things for in the free version! I'm used to annoying ads on free apps but this is like...disgusting. These app developers are probably scammers as well with the way this app tries to hustle you. BOOOOOO
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2 years ago, thircel
The iphone notch gets in the way
This worked great on my older iphone, but when I got a new iphone, the notch gets in the way of the slider bar. Wish there was a way around this; possibly by rotating the screen to 180 degrees to use the notch-less side of the screen, or clearing the notch by shortening the length of the ruler
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4 years ago, Michael-tech
So convenient
Comes in very handy. I do not use often but when I do it’s sure nice to have this app at your fingertips. Nicely laid out and very clear indicators. I would give it a 10 if I could.
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3 years ago, TheIversens
I bought this when it first came & even upgraded…
I bought this when it first came & even upgraded, but my upgrade to pro is no longer available. I have nothing and I’m not able to use this any longer. Too bad really. It was okay but now is sub-one star. I cannot recommend this app any longer at all.
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4 years ago, tantewendy
Has gotten worse and worse
Years ago this was a good free app. Then they changed it to show only centimeters. You have to upgrade to see inches. And now they time you out after a few seconds so all you see is a blurry screen for 10 seconds. Then you see the ruler for a few seconds, then back to the blurry screen. In other words, it’s useless as a free app.
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6 years ago, Mach Uno
Free version is impressive
I downloaded free version last night. I wanted to get dimensions of object on picture without paper. Free version limitation of three length arrows allows test of concept which was great. Now considering upgrade, but haven’t checked price yet.
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6 years ago, nick42986
It works better on an iPhone without AR feature than anything else, but it only works if you have a quarter. You can’t adda measurement to a photo and have it figure it out. Even when a photo has a clear cut scale to it (i.e. a line up or a mugshot) it can’t figure it out.
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4 years ago, SthAys10
Terrible free app. Not going to pay to unlock anything
I downloaded this to try it out and make a small measurement. But every 10 seconds, it pops up an ad for you to buy the full app and makes it impossible to read a measurement. It does this EVERY 10 seconds. Constantly. And you have to wait 7-8 seconds to clear the ad. Completely unusable. Uninstalled
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4 years ago, Liquidmike99
Misleading and deceptive
If you don’t include basic AR functionality on the app, say so. Downloaded this based on the description of the app only to be bombarded with ads as well as referred to ‘add-on’ apps to do the things I wanted. If you need to measure things that fit on your phone screen, this app will work for you. Otherwise, keep scrolling.
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3 years ago, Kingcobra88
Does not work
I bought this app and the lines do not match anywhere near what the box with the measurement results says. This app is totally useless. I put the CM line on 5cm and it measured 2.64cm. I put the INCH line on 2” and it measured 1.87”. The measurement results change when you move the lines the next time. What a waste of money. I’m glad that it was only $1.99.
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4 years ago, RealPotato9
Limited measuring time
I wasn’t even able to see how well the app worked since the limited measuring time shut it down before I was able to line anything up. If the devs want to implement a feature like this they might as well not make the app free. There isn’t much point if you can’t even test the app before having to buy it anyway.
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