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User Reviews for Rydoo

4.9 out of 5
654 Ratings
4 years ago, moncarl
Pedro Is A TRUE Professional
I need to follow up on a review in the last week where I gave a One Star review and all I can say now is Mea Culpa! Pedro, who I believe is in charge of the software team has been nothing but a COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL in helping navigate their latest update to the software! We have used this product since pretty near its inception, and it is such a tiny investment compared to the time it saves in bookkeeping/record keeping for a business and provides terrific reporting for an accountant to prepare books for everything from banks to tax preparation! My faith is COMPLETELY restored in Rydoo, Pedro, and the Team that has built this platform! Thanks Pedro! You truly “get it”!
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3 years ago, NVDick
These people are idiots.
At the end of the year they are doing conversions and upgrades while most people trying to get their year end expenses done. How stupid is that. In addition to that they have dropped a number of features for your iPad version. Again how stupid is that. Wait time for support on the chat window 16 hours to 24 hours. This is unacceptable. This is not the first time I’ve seen this company do that. During their upgrade many of my settings were changed make it almost impossible to generate a report. I spent hours trying to modify the settings to where I understood what the changes were going to be able to generate a report. The last version work great I don’t know why these idiots think they have to make it better when it’s working excellently prior to this. I will try other apps before recommending this. No notification of doing updates or upgrades they’re just unprofessional. I have been using the product since 2016 and am looking to change.
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2 years ago, Lindseejoy.
Convenient for the basics but glitchy
For weeks now I am unable to upload receipts stored in my phone’s photo library; you can only take a live camera photo of a physical receipt for this app to be useful. My coworker has the same issue. Permissions to access my camera library are activated and turned on, which the app keeps saying is the issue and turned off. While I love this app the issue forces me to have to connect via my laptop as well to upload those documents. I am current with the latest app version.
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3 years ago, Dbuttars
Decent but stopped automatically adding expense details
The app no longer adds the amounts, vendor or other info automatically so I end up building the entire expense manually anyway. Adding the receipt always produces a “duplicate warning” because the amounts are all $0. Need to bring back the reading of and generation of expense details.
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3 years ago, Happy2000
Rejection flow is horrific
If everything goes right and an expense is accepted, then it’s fine (i.e. the same as every other expense app). If an expense is rejected, then it gets silently mixed in with all your historical purchases so it’s really difficult to track what was paid, what was not, what’s left to do, etc. Honestly, this app is basically a mediocre list maker, not an action-tracking reimbursement tool.
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11 months ago, Long time CU member
A horrible application and website
This product and application are horrible. Look for another expense management solution because you will be disappointed in this one. Scanning receipts routinely brings up foreign currency, updates are just lost, and support is nonexistent. Save yourself the frustrations and get a real solution elsewhere. Would give it a zero star rating if that were an option.
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5 months ago, BlueBonnet007
App issues
App was not working- keep queuing up submissions and I had to re-enter them multiple time. Removed app and re-installed. It worked for about an hour this morning and now I am getting a queue message again. Cannot take picture of receipt while filling out submission- have to take photo and upload it that way. Super frustrating!
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1 year ago, ParkoAK
I work for the company that owned this and it is beyond frustrating. It constantly locks up when you’re trying to submit an expense using the browser version. You didn’t have to re-enter all the details again and hope that it will work. It’s taking me five attempts to submit this one expense.
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3 weeks ago, AndyLucky1703
Lost of all receipts
I was using the app for the first time, after working for more than 40 mins somehow I lost all of my receipts and when asked customer support, the best solution was, reinstall the app and clear the browser history if using the web version. Unbelievable!!
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3 years ago, Kckckckckckckckckck
App does not even open
Considering only some features are available on the app (per diem submitting), it’s unacceptable for it to not even open on iOS 15. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my corporate expense reimbursement delayed because of some strange bug on this platform.
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2 months ago, Marvin69
Unable to sort by date
Unable to sort by date in the app
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4 months ago, Alex w Tipp
Camera Quality
Make a way to switch from .5 lens to normal lens. When using .5 lens on iphone 14 pro the receipts are not legible. This needs fixed asap
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2 years ago, cmasta41
I do not recommend
I’ve used this app for years with different companies. I’ve had to delete and redownload many times. It very frequently decides not to work and is generally very slow
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10 months ago, fzk222
Garbage App
Do not waste your money and time with this app. Does not work if you don’t have internet connection and trying to scan files. No support for new OS, app freezes when I try to open it
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1 year ago, tjfsu001
All show, No go
Don’t waste your time. App doesn’t work. Can’t even login to app but works fine when on desktop. ZERO customer support. 3 tickets in now…about 14+ days…not a single response. Total waste of time.
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2 years ago, Tyrion281
Will not save
Will not save my manually added expenses yesterday or today. Tried multiple times.
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9 months ago, Kitty Wick
The list of expenses is condensed
Viewing the list of expense is not easily readable. Text overlaps the line below it.
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2 years ago, Cultcanon
Please fix!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Yawadrah
So many features!
I'm using just the surface of this app to organize my personal and PA receipts for my husband and Me, and an LLC for rental properties. It is easy to scan or photograph receipts and categorize them from my phone. On a desktop, you can set up lots of categories, trips, etc. I can see that it can do so much more! For me it reduces my time immensely when it's time to send info to accountant for tax time. I can email her the reports for the 7-8 entities in just a few minutes. It's great! Try it!
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5 years ago, Tom@Grob
Rydoo review by Tom
I was a user already when “Rydoo” was called Xpenditure. Since back then there where many good improvements on functionality. I use it regularly while traveling and I must say it makes my life on the go easier. Ok, let’s say it make the “admin” part of traveling and expense reports easier. When I sit down in a cab or Uber I just click and add a new expense. That prevents forgetting the “small” expense so your busy trip. When I check out of a hotel I just scan the bill and let Rydoo process it automatically. After dinner with business partners it’s the same thing. Scan the bill, at the participants and you have he proof of hosting set up. Later at home I then just finalize the expenses with the actual cost (Credit card fees maybe) and submit it. I almost forgot to tell you about the journey log. Just click the dates and destinations with time and add the daily allowances with a click. Then the expenses are also connected to the journey and accounting has everything they need. That’s how easy it. Try and enjoy Tom
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5 years ago, yU_l-lwa
I really wanna like this app
Update: So I finally decided to delete this app as well as my account since I never used it in the past year. No luck in deleting my account so far but I updated the app to see if it is available in the new version — it’s even worse. I am stuck in the “setting up your account” screen forever :( I wish I had never downloaded this app because all it ever did was taking up space on my phone... I’m sure it’s a good app, when it‘s working. I loved this app at first because the UX/UI and color palette are so much better than other similar apps available. But there are glitches in the app that really drives me crazy and I have to stop using this app: - it takes forever to upload your spending - the app duplicates the spending randomly and couldn’t detect the duplicates so I had to manually remove the duplicates. Few days after, the duplicates were gone too and my feed is empty! Now I need to find my receipts and do it all over again. Idk, I’m leaning toward going back to doing everything with Excel so this won’t happen again. Thanks! Very *helpful* app :(
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6 years ago, Alex V SDX
Fast and Easy!
Love this solution. My company just added it and it cuts my time to manage expenses in half. We used to use Concur and this is like taking a DeLorean into the future. What’s awesome is that I almost never have to use the keyboard either on my computer or my phone. It takes care of almost all of the entry fields automatically. One tip - on less common receipts double check the amount it pulls in because sometimes it picks up amounts before tax and stuff like that. Just depends on how the receipt is printed and how you take the photo. It is right 99% of the time for me but a few of those handwritten totals throw it off. Overall this app has made my life easier and saved me hours every month!
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5 years ago, Sospitis
Convenient way to get receipts into Rydoo
This is a great app to get stuff into the Rydoo system on the go, full stop. Three things I wish were better, receipt edge detection seems to have gotten worse in the past few months. And sometimes the info I enter about a receipt must be re-entered, for reasons unknown. I would also love for the expense and transaction section to look more distinctive from each other. It is easy to lose track of where you are because they look so similar in interface design.
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9 years ago, proflutist
Best app so far, but terrible customer service
I've tried a bunch of these receipt scanning apps. This one is mostly great, though it's missing a few key features and customizations. However, the customer support is God-awful. I emailed a list of 7 specific questions, and the response was "an overview of key features" - basically an ad listing 3 functions of xpenditure. Didn't address my questions even a little... I think it was an automated response, in fact. If this were a free service, I wouldn't worry, but for a paid service, this is a definite deal breaker.
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5 years ago, the cat that said rawr
Fantastic App!
As a long-time paying customer of Xpenditure (now Rydoo), I’ve seen many improvements over the years. This app functions great. I can take pictures of my receipts and easily retrieve them when I need them. Categorizing expenses is a breeze with this platform. The reports that get generated work well too. I have and will continue to recommend Rydoo. You should check it out!
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5 years ago, kdenisey
"My experience with Rydoo has been wonderful! " The ease of processing expenditures electronic verses having so much paper is what I like best about the Rydoo system. Rydoo can process travel expenses, training expenses, and purchase expenses. Rydoo can set up guidelines for approval based on your company’s policy on expenses. The timeliness of the approval system has definitely been an advantage for our company! Rydoo can even read your receipts!!
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6 years ago, New User in Nevada
Xpenditure Works!
Our company started using Xpenditure 7 months ago. There have been a couple of challenges with mis-reading of receipts and failing to upload receipts even with stable internet connections but the company responded rapidly and addressed all concerns. It works well and makes expense accounts easy, especially if you submit receipts as soon as they are received.
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7 years ago, @imak9999
Great app as well as related web portal!
If you own small business and need to process 100s receipts monthly (with instant scan + OCR) then you should look no further. I have tried ~3 dozens of other Receipt Management apps and this one is definitely one the the best (incl. fair fee for the annual subscription compared to other similar apps like ReceiptBank, etc.).
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4 years ago, markus.s.mueller
Keeps logging me out on a almost daily basis
Hello - The App is great, as long as I am logged in. However almost every day I have to completely log in again and tap through the welcome screens (grant access to camera etc.) and set my passcode again. Please fix ASAP. UPDATE: downgraded from two stars to one because their idea of helping customers is sending them a 3+ year old apple support discussion. Even the last reply in that discussion is over 3 years old. Just fix your app instead of blaming it on Apple. I have no such issues with any other app.
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6 years ago, seamickdee
Great in browser, unreliable app.
The current update crashes upon opening and previous versions have been inconsistent in syncing with the web browser version. When it does work, the app is useful for capturing receipts, but the functionality and viewing options are pretty limited in app, so it’s really not able to work on its own. It would be great if it really paralleled the web browser functionality.
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5 years ago, lilmexbro
For Business - Easy
Started using it for business, really easy to take pictures of your receipts upload, link to a business trip and submit. User friendly. I like using the app better than the website.
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6 years ago, JMossey
A great concept that accomplished the desired goal. It can take a while for the receipts to load and can pull wrong numbers, so a review is needed when it does load. With the app, however it is Very easy to take a picture of the receipt when you are out to eat and you don’t have to worry about losing it later on if you pile up receipts like I do
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8 years ago, ItalianWineTravel
Expenses get eaten without warning
I pay monthly for this service that supposedly allows you to forward emails and take photos of receipts. I have so many “unreadable” entries I have given up on them. They are not dated, there is no image of what I sent in so I can enter it manually, there is no warning email or app notification that what you just entered cannot be saved. I have absolutely no idea what expenses I have missing now. This was supposed to save me time for my taxes. Now it is going to add time as I figure out what THEY have missed.
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8 years ago, DanielAzrak
I went from using a very manual process to using this app that automated everything in our expense management process and changed the way we conducted our business. My team is happier and this app saves them so much time.
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6 years ago, Justus123🤒
Great app
If your a someone that just likes to keep track of your expenses like me , then this the app for you. It’s puts all your day to day categories in order with how much you spent, where and what time you uploaded the receipt.
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6 years ago, Murf8292
App does exactly what it needs to do. Works well, easy to use, very intuitive. I just have to remember to keep up with my expenses. The one time I needed help, someone answered my questions in real time. Keep up the great work!!
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4 years ago, Rydon't
Terrible customer service. Imagine doing your expenses and you have an issue/question. As stated on their Help page “The team typically replies in a few hours” seriously? Okay let me sit here and wait a few hours for you to respond. They don’t have phone help either. The app takes forever to “process” an expense. Great fun watching the spinner for a few hours while waiting on customer service to reply back.
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7 years ago, TroutslayerLA
This app makes my life easier
I use this app to submit expenses in real time, and don’t have to Slow down while traveling. I can’t imagine submitting expenses with out it as it makes life easy for me.
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7 years ago, Chee67
The easiest way to do expenses
I’ve used alot of different expense reports in the past but this is by far the simplest expense app I’ve ever used! I highly recommend it for small or large business or personal !
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8 years ago, StellaPup805
Awesome Product!!
This is an awesome product! The app is super easy to use for expensing work related cost! At my prior company we used Concur which was such a great hassle, Xpenditure is much more user friendly and simple. Thanks!!
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5 years ago, Happysunshine77
Very good, but ...
As others mentioned, it sometimes takes for ever to upload and read receipts. Other than that very convenient to log miles and receipt on the go and not let them pile up at home.
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9 years ago, Shu4rd
Great app so far
I'm always on the run as a Independent Car Appraiser. This app makes it easy to track my expense and mileage. Just simply click a pic and the app does the rest I recommend to anyone that don't want to deal with QuickBooks.
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10 years ago, Iweejun
About to throw in the towel
Concept is good, but app isn't functioning. I had to reinstall the app to get the new projects to show up. Upload on wifi worked 1/2 the time. Now it won't upload either on wifi or 3G. Evernote sync also doesn't work, but that isn't for this review I guess. Please make this app better.
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6 years ago, imdone45689
Can’t get much help setting it up.
As a new user, seems X would want to be helpful. When you ask for help, they send you a set of instructions. Those instructions may or may not be helpful with your problem. I have asked multiple times to speak with someone. Zilch. I will be looking for a better app tomorrow. One that has customer service. I’m done.
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6 years ago, ashley-t322
Time saver!
This app has made doing expenses far faster than our previous solution - I can now take pictures of receipts as I go, and Rydoo scans the receipts for me!
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5 years ago, Mikes carpentry
The app works great to gather your receipts and get them in a file location. But for me I have been trying to figure out how to print out statements for each job or file name and no luck . The help section is a joke. For me I’ll not renew this app. What good is it if it doesn’t work when you need it to. There’s got to be something better out there. I’ll pass
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6 years ago, vberruezo
Really bad customer service
The app has problems with sync with other accounting apps, like QB. Support takes forever to answer and the only way to do it is through a chat. No phone available. The mobile app is very powerful, better than Expensify, but with that quality of customer service I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel.
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8 years ago, DerekAloft
Two annoying flaws
Every photo I take is upside down, so now it takes two extra steps to flip it right side up. Second, when I'm ready to import and I uncheck reimbursed expense, it still imports as reimbursable. I can't uncheck it through the app, I have to login on a computer and uncheck it.
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7 years ago, Powder_Day
Less stable than prior versions
I've used Xpenditure for over a year and the app is less stable and more difficult to use than prior versions. Current app version and current iOS are pretty well unusable with the app quitting randomly and pictures coming out too dark to read about 30% of the time.
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6 years ago, vidicious
The Worst
Without a doubt the worst app I have ever had to use in a work environment. I've used others with worst UI or connectivity issues, but this one is just flat out unreliable. I have said as much to my employer and anyone who asks. This last week has confirmed every single thing I said in my first paragraph. Waste. Of. Time.
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