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User Reviews for Safari

4.25 out of 5
61.9K Ratings
3 months ago, Ghostful edits1 "on yt"
To much scams…please READ!
So whenever I use this app/ Safari it get these trackers and scammers to get my location and this is making me nervous. I installed ad blocker I think it’s called and I blocked some trackers which made me feel better. Every time you search something you usually get a scam or tracker. I do not like when people track me down. I rarely use this app because of the scams and risks. I think it is an OK app in general because it’s the people making these small BAD websites. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it could use work but it is pretty much like google. I use google way more because I feel like it is much safer than safari. I could be wrong… Safari could use some work with all these BAD websites. Can you block these bad websites? I would love to block these websites cause they are scary. Also watch out for nine anime/ 9anime websites… I searched up 9anime on safari and clicked a link. It looked safe but then these inappropriate pop ups kept coming. I immediately got off. I checked my ‘ How much trackers we have prevented’ or whatever it’s called it said that it had prevented 14 trackers from getting my IP address. This was good and bad news. I’m glad that safari and google can prevent these trackers but it is bad because this is dangerous. BE CAREFUL ON SAFARI!!!
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1 year ago, FibroGirlTN
Your Underrated Prince, Safari
In my humble opinion, Safari is the underrated king among multiple web browsers on the market. I was a PC devotee from ‘95 to ‘16, since then, it’s been all Tim Cook 🍎 all the time. My only regret is not purchasing a smartphone back in ‘07 from Steve Jobs. Presently, I own an iPhone 6s Plus in rose gold (2016), iPad Mini (2016), iPad Pro (2019) & MacBook (2018) in rose gold with matching Beats By Dre headphones. All four are set up with Safari, not Chrome, TOR, Brave, Edge, or DDGo. I love the ability to quickly save favorites, add to reading list & share content to other platforms. My favorites are alphabetized for quick reference & the reading list keeps all articles & pages in chronological order for quick recall. Also, I learned Safari quickly because it’s extremely user friendly. The browser helped my navigation of Apple when switching from PC. I’ll admit, learning MacBook isn’t easy, but, Safari keeps things familiar for me on the desktop. When lost, just go back to Safari & start over. It’s surprising no one in tech media mentions Safari more often as a go to source for navigating the internet. Chrome is the reigning king of, Land Of Browsers, without an heir apparent. I nominate Safari as the prince with future king potential. Citizens of Land Of Browsers don’t like their chrome-plated dirty laundry aired, sold or tracked.
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2 years ago, happy 2cu
No problem
I have been using this for years and had no problems with it. I ran over my phone with my lawn mower and was without my phone for over a year due to having to fight with the insurance company. However when I finally got a lawyer involved the insurance company finally replaced it for me. I DID not lose anything and I mean anything. I like the cards better because they are easier to clear out. You have to back everything up to your cloud every day or every other day so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything. As I always make sure that I back everything up just in case. It is not apples fault if you lose your any of your information it is yours for not backing up your phone to your cloud. So most of the people who write bad reviews either don’t back up or they just don’t or they just don’t care. Apple doesn’t charge a lot to add more space to your cloud so there is no reason why you can’t back you things. This is better than anything that google has. By far. If you want your information used by third parties then use google’s and quit complaining. You can change your browser in safari so that you don’t have to use them get with it you bad reviews and learn how to use safari.
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2 months ago, Rojo fasacto
Google sandbox
My wife went into google sandbox and put all my information on there under business add settings. I need all deleted and if there’s any copies sent to my email if not delete and I’m pressing charges and I’ll contact Google myself also she has taken my Apple IDs her and her new bow means boyfriend after 20 years of marriage with me. I gave her my whole life and she has done nothing but take from me. I’m heartbroken but mainly I suffer from PTSD social anxiety, agoraphobia shell shop and now I have a vascular disease in my left leg, wonder where that came from if you would please erase from my iPhone SE that was just bought. I have also another one sitting here that was just bought last year not even a year ago that is also tore up with my Apple ID locked reeving, but she retrieved one while ago. It was two hours after it said it was available. She uses Bluetooth devices to get past off of messenger to get into my phone, please fix everything and press charges with anything. My name has on it because I didn’t do it. I have two different iPhone sitting here that I can give you the serial numbers to that. I can’t even put on my phone on my app because it has been taken, plus the IMEI.
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2 years ago, Grace Palm and Severus Snape
This new layout is better IMO, but there are a few other problems that kinda bug me
Unpopular opinion, but this new layout is better. I don’t even remember the old layout since I’m not even a long-time iOS user (this is my first iPhone). I looked up the old layout or the “cascade” layout and it looks more painful to me than the new one. By the looks of it, it’s definitely easier to miss a tab you’re looking for in the older version, and then you will have to spend like 10 more minutes scrolling to find the tab you’re looking for. Sure, it may be “faster”, but it’s definitely harder to find the certain tab you’re looking for if most of the tabs are only viewable by a little area at the top. This app is mostly fine except for a few problems I get from time to time. Today I’m having a problem where I was trying to look at some Google images and then I tried to look at more but it was just stuck on loading. It wouldn’t even finish loading. This happened only on like 2 searches thankfully though. I’d probably give it a 95% since it has some minor lags and problems.
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4 months ago, Jamesay R
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1 year ago, jpetjpet16551655
The format is changed way to much and the browser is hard to operate.
To start off with, I understand the updating, but the amount of updates is excessive and the fact that the updates usually aren't actually helpful to the user experience in anyway but rather just make Safari more unique to other web pages. Thus when the format is constantly updating, it becomes almost impossible to use because you'd have to constantly be figuring out how to navigate the page. Another problem that I run into is that often times when I close out the apps it completely closes all of my tabs and just resets my safari to a single blank new tab. It becomes extremely frustrating and somewhat infuriating when I accidentally close out of the app and reopen it to find all of my tabs have been removed and I cannot figure out how to reopen or revisit them. And due to other glitches I've ran into when using the browser is that my search history doesn't save so I still cannot access my previously opened web pages by checking through my search history. And don't get me wrong, I do find Safari a helpful essential part of my phone/device but I have found that actually using the page is very difficult.
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6 months ago, Emilia647
Bad Update
This update was awful for people who used safari a lot. The search bar was at the bottom so that if they had muscle memory they wouldn’t tap on it. The switching of positions of the new tab button and private/tab group button. It was completely unnecessary and if they had muscle memory instead of tapping on the private button they would tap the tab group button. If someone wanted to switch the position of their tabs they would have to hold onto it longer and the option to delete all tabs appears. Which makes it much easier to delete all your tabs. The scrolling has become much slower. You can also see less tabs. Again, as someone who has 70+ tabs it’s a pain to go through it all. The titles of tabs have become much smaller so it has become so much harder to see. This update also makes safari auto refresh. I used to read books on safari and I could leave in the middle of the chapter to do something else and come back to the same place. Now I have to scroll and find where I left off. If you wanted to delete a tab in the old version you could just swipe left but now with the new update you have to press the tiny x button which makes it much harder to delete any tabs. All in all this makes safari worse to use
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2 years ago, Dropping Jewels
It’s nice but one issue
So I have created a number of Tab groups so I can keep up with my daily online activity’s and sometimes when I come back to my safari I see duplicates tabs groups that where not there at first but then when I press on one of them the tab group that actually changed( the tab group that says it’s a duplicate but it’s actually one of te other tab groups) for some reason the name has changed and the web pages are pages from the title of the tab group I can see but has a duplicate title tab group of another one. So basically let’s say I have Car Mods and Nature as tab groups. Car mods title will be duplicate the tab title nature would be gone but will have Nature webs pages in it I hope this makes sense. Well recently this happened and one of my tabs groups just got deleted idk how but it did.
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2 years ago, Lordenki40
So tired of all these changes Apple makes just to be unique but makes for a crappy user experience unless you conform and force yourself to do it their way. I’m sick of accidentally closing tabs and going back a page because there’s completely unnecessary gesture controls I can’t turn off because developers don’t bother with options unless they’re removing them. Who actually built this awful browser and thought “Hmm, you know what people want? Less control!!! Let’s take away their ability to set their own homepage have a blank page that takes over every time they go to use the address bar!” There also used to be a time when you could leave a webpage in your browser and then come back later and finish reading it, but some years ago they decided that you couldn’t be responsible for your own security at all. So now every time I do this, even tabbing out for a minute, my web page reloads and loses my place. So if it’s a few dozen pages long peer reviewed medical study that’s single spaced with small font I have to try to figure out where I was. All for a change I get no choice in. I can’t even choose to use an old version of a browser because my device and even individual webpages will stop me from proceeding until I update.
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2 years ago, QueenMargaery
New Grid Layout is a step backwards
The new GRID view for tabs is horrible and counterintuitive. It’s a big step backwards. The former stacked/cascade view allowed users to browse dozens of tabs in a single view quickly and without needing to scroll much. Swiping tabs closed or pressing the x in the upper right corner was effortless. I barely needed to move my thumb. Now I see microscopic little tabs in a grid layout that shows maybe 6 tabs open at best. Then one must scroll endlessly through a dizzying array of little rectangles while trying to distinguish the barely visible print. It’s very hard on the eyes. The ability to see the full pages are pointless anyway since the text is too small to read in grid view. Also, closing specific tabs now requires excessive hand gymnastics over all parts of the screen. You need to squint to find the tabs you don’t want and then stretch your fingers to wherever they are, making sure you aim carefully to click the tiny X. This is especially cumbersome if using your phone one-handed. This grid layout feature might work on a large iPad but is definitely not smart for a cell phone. I heard Firefox might still allow the cascade view. Will be downloading that next.
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1 year ago, John Goodin
Recommended Reader View Suggestions
The only new feature I would add is to the reader view. Have a built in feature that would allow direct access to text to speech. Make it so if it was already speaking pressing on text would automatically make it start from scratch at that point. Press one combo play / stop button to start or stop it. Press anywhere in the text to have it start at that point. Be able to set any color to any element of the program. My favorite colors are yellow on blue. Playback colors are black on silver. Something where the playback text really pops and stands out. The key reason for blue is it’s the best to use if there’s a lot of glare on the screen due to florescent lighting. Yellow is a very good contrast color against the blue. The background color of the playback should be in the same vein. Colors should have the text be extremely readable. The very best colors I ever saw highlighted an entire sentence at the same moment the spoken text was a reverse of the highlighted sentence.
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2 years ago, 1$Safari
Safari needs the cascade mode back
The cascade mode in safari was perfect just like it was and know with this knee update it’s very difficult to read and understand the search. When it first appeared in my safari I thought I had pressed something accidentally and passed the next 35 minutes trying to turn it back to its original version thinking it was my mistake. When I searched in the internet and with a little effort I finally notice it wasn’t me. It was the knew update they made to safari that in my point of view it is truly unnecessary. I started reading the comenta about the knew updated and I can’t be more in favor of them. This update isn’t helping us in anything and in my personal opinion with the miopia I have it makes every even more difficult to me and to many other people even if they don’t have view problems I have read their comments and they can’t be more right so truly safari needs and knew update but this time to bring the cascade mode back or to at least give us the option to choose which one we want to use because it may be useful on a iPad or laptop but for our iPhone it it very difficult to work with it so please safari needs the cascade mode back.
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2 years ago, 🙃🐯💜🎄😶👍
Most things don’t work
I have to say, yes, it’s a somewhat useful app. But when I try to search things up, it’s very hard to find what I’m looking for. The tabs are really confusing and half the things I search up are glitchy. At first I checked the internet but it’s just the app. I must say I have to give it 2 stars. Even google works better than Safari is what I have found out. But results are not what I’m looking for, pages are glitchy and confusing and websites are just awful. I tried getting into one multiple times but it glitched and kicked me out. I keep my rating 2 stars until Apple can hopefully update Safari back to its useful meaning. PS I really hope you fix this soon because I don’t want to delete this app that I used to trust into some other app that I don’t know anything about, which would be just as painful as Safari is now. Please, Apple, fix this. Its also useful for me to get music and now I can’t which is really frustrating and a headache, because I like to listen to music when I sleep. And I don’t have any other app that lets me listen to music. So please don’t get rid of it, just fix it back to the way it was.
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1 year ago, lionk2002
Erased everything
I had over 100 tabs in both private and non-private, and it has been fine for the longest time, but today as I’m using safari it decides to transfer all my non-private tabs to private and erase everything in private. And since well it’s private, there’s no traces of any of the tabs so now I jsut lost over 100 tabs of stuff that I will never Be able to find again because of a stupid glitch that from what I’ve googled. Has been happening to users for years and has never once been fixed. So yes. That is why this app gets a 1 star rating. Because they clearly aren’t able to fix a bug that completely clears someone’s stuff on safari. So now I have to spend hours trying to find everything agian. And frankly I’ll never be able to. I was reading and didn’t take record of chapters I was on, I had other things to read opened in other tabs and now they are forever gone to because I didn’t record their names. Everything that was in my private tab is now forever gone and I can maybe find some but I will never get it back to how it was before. There was a reason I never got rid of those tabs and now the reason is also gone. Thanks for nothing Safari
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1 year ago, GoodNews1029
Safari is the best browser!
I have tried them all and found safari to be the best option for me. I love the security features and they make me feel good knowing how much of our lives depends upon using the web safely. I love how the password vault works, it’s made my online life so much more secure. It works fantastic, it generates complex and unique passwords and as long as you are using iCloud backup it will automatically memorize all of your login credentials so you don’t need to add it’s all encrypted so I don’t have to worry about anyone getting access to my accounts. The reader function works amazing and makes some sites so much easier to read because they are peppered with advertisements. Truth be told, I prefer it for most websites where you’re reading and I only turn it off for shopping websites where it requires seeing images. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Safari and would highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, LaBergette
Rearranged my Internet tabs. Extremely unhelpful and frustrating.
It is so frustrating that things get switched and changed that don’t need to be. I tried to move a tab up next to a bunch of other similar tabs the same way I always have (hold, move it up, release). Nothing happened but it brought up an organize button. I though it would give me options such as “move” tab. No. It reorganized my tabs alphabetically. I have about a hundred tabs open and now I can’t find anything. There’s no way to search for a tab, and so I am left trying to scroll through alphabetically, guessing what the title was of each page that I had open, because I went off the visual pictures, not off the names. I was in the middle of doing research for a purchase, and now it’s a moot point that will need to be started over again because it is not worth it to scroll through 100 different pages, and scroll up and down to compare pages that were already open. But I have to do the research all over again to find those pages in the first place. This is really frustrating and unhelpful. It was also a completely unnecessary change.
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1 year ago, Jessica Ariel1394648393
Horrible Update
I recently allowed my phone to upgrade to iOS 15 and safari is now more like Google Chrome. On my phone I barely use that since it’s not very user friendly or intuitive. It now will zoom me out of tabs entirely rather than letting me zoom on the page. When a website naturally opens in a new tab, the new update still has me open a new tab manually to bring the page up. It’s an absolute mess and nightmare to use now. I know Google is a competitor but I don’t use it for my iPhone for this reason. Awful update. I wish I could make it go back. I don’t even know when this review was written but Safari continues to be the worst. I’ll lose tabs and tab groups completely unprompted. It would be nice to at least receive a reason WHY it shuts down all your tabs and won’t let you restore them. I’ve lost my main tabs & a tab group several times now and have been unable to get them back. It works just like the Chrome app now so there’s no difference in the two. Both are horrible at saving your history & are far from user friendly.
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6 months ago, Bion Howard
Why can’t we copy text consistently ?
All I want to do is copy some text from a PDF. I select the text. I tap on the selected text. Does the “copy” button show up? No. The text is deselected. I just selected that text for a reason. If I tap outside of the selection, that’s a great time to deselect text. Except sometimes, the exact opposite problem happens. I accidentally select everything. The entire thing is selected, but I didn’t want to select everything, so now I need to deselect everything. I can’t tap outside the selected text because the entire screen is highlighted. Ok, so I tap on the selected stuff, which is everything. Nothing happens. I just wish basic copy and paste was robust and reliable across all the apps on my iPhone. It feels really flaky. Sometimes it’s great, like when writing this review. When looking at a PDF, or in various other situations, somehow, text selection is different. Please agitate for all of iOS to handle selection and copy paste the same exact way as user input fields handle it, even if it’s a random website or PDF document.
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12 months ago, mimimamomo
I wish Apple would cut Safari
Update: Safari STILL doesn’t work. I use an iPhone that is up to date and it doesn’t work. Sites crash consistently. It automatically opens from third party apps despite me having a diff default browser. I then have to manually copy and paste the url into my regular browser because 9/10 times, Safari cannot handle anything third party apps ask of it. At the moment, I am blocked from one of my favorite apps I have subscribed to and relied on for over a year now, because they decided to make their log in credentials rely on Safari working to be able to re-log in. It keeps telling me I need to enable cookies even after I reenabled every possible cookie. IT. IS. BROKEN. Please, Apple, this project is absolute trash and you are wasting the time and resources of your company as well as your customers. Just stop. Get rid of it. It is worse than useless; it literally breaks other functions on a consistent basis. And don’t even get me started on the desktop version. Holy crap guys, YIKES. Update: came back to give it a bad rating AGAIN. How is no one else having these issues???
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3 years ago, jcbilbro
iOS 15 on iPad - Nothing I need, a lot I don’t want
I’m always suspicious of the 5 star reviews on any Apple app these days. I guess it’s possible there are real people who like all the new features in Safari iOS 15. I’m not one. I don’t need any of the changes to Safari and would really like to be able to option out of this redesign. Of course, this is Apple, so you can’t . Just like the terrible Apple Podcast app redesign in 2017, there is no going back. Apple doesn’t listen to the casual user. They only hear the people who want a million twitching screens and icons because of course they do, and screw the rest of us who just want a simple intuitive interface and design. Hey Apple, your products are used by a variety of people. Most do not work in the tech industry. Please stop designing for elite tech heads - or if you must, please let the rest of us option out of all that useless garbage so we can just surf the web in peace. Give the end user the option to NOT engage the new features as many of us have no use for a lot of them. They twitch and dance and get ignored as best we can, but better if they could be turned off.
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4 months ago, Aruz99878
Went downhill for me
Not sure what happened to Safari over the last year but I have been having way too many issues with it on my phone that I’ve had to make the switch to chrome for good. Pages stopped loading for me more times than they did load. Whenever I would go back a page, it would be blank and I’d have to toggle back a page and forward a page several times just to get it back. And refreshing the page never worked. It’s like it just was permanently lost. I would always get the “reduce permissions” prompt whenever sites wouldn’t load and even if I clicked to reduce the permissions, the site would still not load. The last straw for me was recently when I started not being able to visit most sites at all because it said I needed less strict security settings. Like what??? I’ve never had that problem with any sites a few months ago and I haven’t changed any settings so something isn’t adding up. Why should I have to compromise security just for safari to do its actual job of loading a page. Anyway I’m on to greener pastures. Goodbye safari.
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1 year ago, xferris
How do I even use this?
I’ve had my fair share with Safari. I don’t use it a lot, rather, I use alternatives, like Google, Chrome, Edge, or even Opera GX. For starters, downloading certain images puts them in a file, say, I downloaded an image from the Pinterest site instead of app. That’s fine, but… where’s the image?? It never gets save in files, and Safari doesn’t seem to document it on the UI. Speaking of the new UI, I dislike it. It’s easier to navigate, but now, every scroll I make makes the bar disappear. But every web browser on mobile has this issue. However, the ability to switch from one page to another by swiping is not as fluid as I thought. It seems to get jittery for almost every swipe you make. And why are you only allowed to use the settings bar (aA) when you’re on a page other than the home page? Other than that, Safari doesn’t have it’s own identity. It thrives off of other browsers like Chrome, Bing, or Yahoo!.
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12 months ago, Arnold-Chiari
Search bar at bottom is awful
After happily using Safari as my default search on iPhone for 10+ years, I finally undocked it from the bottom of my screen. This is because Apple moved the search bar from the top to the bottom of the window. I tried to adjust, but I just don't like it. The spot now belongs to Chrome. Update: I realized that what I wrote in the above review was my reaction to the “last straw” change that pushed me away from Safari. But the bigger concern, and one which plagues me even these days when I limit my use of Safari, is the tendency to lose all open tabs. It’s one of the most reliable actions on the iPad- the day when all your Safari open tabs are lost. I’ve tried all the fixes and workarounds- they don’t work. Apple seems to have no interest in fixing this aggravating problem and I’m tired of going through a panicked flurry of steps to try to restore the tabs each time it happens. This is one of those things that could have been fixed a long time ago and it never was. Farewell, Safari.
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2 weeks ago, Chris Stahl The Schiff
It says it’s me but…
So if I can out smart scores of experienced developers and fix my phone then I guess I need to get a iOS and appropriate version of the phones this brand name ones’ plus Mimi to find that darn radiator and Java electron combo to empirically compare data and feed it to a remote neural network that can sift out the good data from irrelevant and a….. whoa that was a red herring!!!! I really don’t want to break anyone’s device so please stop piggybacking on my phone and , or , and, and/ or, number . Perhaps the best I’d is one that can compare a sudden irregular it’s ity from the normal one specific to the Mac of one’s honep This d Back button malfunction must certainly end plus I’m sick of regulators allowing anyone to open a long drawer and put your service info inside It seems a bit ultra technical but too easy So what if you created it It should be labeled iffy On * regulars regarding what side of th Good intent / bad intent that should be on Peen Perhaps there could be a parallel run , steam, considering a measurement determining a value on the word’s diction.
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11 months ago, DJできません
I Didn’t Think It’d Ask For a Review
Safari iOS is an easy-to-use system default browser that comes preinstalled on iOS devices. It provides the basics of what you need from a mobile browser, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. One of its greatest strengths is that it works out of the box, requiring minimal setup or configuration. While Safari iOS doesn't support a wide range of extensions, it allows only the simplest ones that work in conjunction with the apps you already have on your phone. This integration enhances convenience and ensures a smoother workflow. An important feature of Safari iOS is its ability to block malicious downloads and protect users from potential threats. This aspect is particularly effective within the locked-down Mobile OS ecosystem, where the security measures work well together.
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1 year ago, $ugar$hane89
The best browser for Apple users hands down!
I was a Chrome user back when I was doing everything via PC but after I made the switch to my Mac Mini a few years back along with my iPad Pro I decided to make the switch from Chrome over to Safari and I have to say I love it a lot more! Safari works seamlessly throughout all my Apple devices and is blazing fast when it comes to getting things done. Another big advantage is that safari doesn’t take up nearly as many resources as Chrome did therefore I don’t need to worry about it bogging things down and when it comes to privacy my info is much more protected. If your someone like myself that uses the Apple ecosystem then I would highly recommend that you make Safari your go to browser for getting things done!!!
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1 month ago, Kazango
*Not* a “desktop replacement” web browser.
On more than one occasion I have been ready to scrap my laptop and switch to my iPad full-time. In so many ways it is practically there for me to be able to do that. But there is one glaring, dreadful defect that spoils my plans and hopes every time: Safari. I can’t go just anywhere on the Internet and expect every site to “just work” the way that I can with Chrome or Firefox or even Edge on my laptop. In point of fact, I run into websites pretty regularly that are just plain broken on my iPad. To make matters worse, the fact that third party browsers are verboten means that I have nowhere to turn. I am stuck, both wanting to toss aside my laptop and at the same time being *unable* to do that because sites I visit just don’t work in Safari on my iPad. Please, Apple: fix this situation. I’ll gladly be on my iPad 100% of the time when I know that I have a 100% reliable web browser at my disposal!
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2 years ago, CarlosTheReviewer04
Don’t use Safari on Mac, Use Chrome
I couldn’t find safari on my MacBook’s AppStore so I’m writing this review on my iPhone’s AppStore. I was just doing an assignment on my Mac and I only had like 6 or 7 tabs open on safari which were all necessary for what I was working on. Basically safari was completely slowing down my entire computer and heating it up like crazy. Like everything I did even outside of safari took ridiculously long and something that should take me no more than 5 minutes ended up taking me more than 20. However I restarted my computer and opened up all those same websites on chrome and even more and my Mac ran really smoothly and fast without one stutter. Safari also has this other bug where when I share something the whole safari will freeze in the middle of it and I can’t copy and paste or anything in that window but other things will work. So I highly recommend switching to chrome as opposed to safari if you want a productive computer.
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3 years ago, Praanto Samadder
Tab groups is the best thing to have ever happened.
Tab groups has been an extremely useful feature for me as I found myself adding pages to my bookmarks and reading list far less frequently. Safari brings the address bar down to the bottom half of your screen which makes the browser far more one-handed useable as it ever was before (provided you have long enough fingers to reach the other side of your screen while typing if you’re using a Pro phone). But the biggest advantage is the ability to create new tabs by just swiping which previously was a two tap action. Even though the application is still a bit buggy here and there but nevertheless the features deliver as they promise. Safari is still in my opinion the best browser on iOS.
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2 years ago, SaraTheChef
These updates just keep getting worse
It used to be fine. Safari served it’s purpose as a search engine and I was content as it was. But with this new IOS update and all of its new “features”, I’ve found that usability has significantly decreased. All of the things that they added are more of a hinderance than anything. Instead of being actually useful they’re either completely unnecessary or they take away from what was already there. I personally have qualms with the removal of the refresh button. While I think the addition of dictation is nice, I wish it didn’t come at the cost of the refresh button. I personally don’t need dictation whereas I regularly use the refresh button. I’d prefer it if they allowed the user to choose which one to keep in the app settings rather then just remove the refresh button entirely. Anyways, that’s the short end of what I have to say about the current state of Safari. All I can do is hope that they listen to us for once.
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2 years ago, NicknameAlwaysTaken-Again
Why do updates go awry?
Repeatedly reloads due to errors, locks up, and crashes every 4-5 minutes. I’d think that any developer with 10+ years in business would have the experience to identify & eliminate unintentional complications. Safari, since the latest update, has performed horribly. The app lags and freezes, requiring a force quit. The keyboard becomes unresponsive, requiring a force quit. Switching from a new tab back to the original tab shows everything blurry for a moment, and then “focuses.” It did not used to do this, and it worked just fine. I assume it was meant to conserve workload, but seems to have resulted in the opposite effect. Safari also constantly “encounters an error and must reload.” Again, did not occur on the previous version. I trued all the fixes provided by Apple to no avail. Updates are supposed to be improvements, not giant steps backwards and bug riddled. Apple has decades of experience. I’d expect better from them than pushing a wilted lemon onto people.
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8 months ago, lilthis N that
Great App always improving
I love Safari I don’t use anything else regularly. Safari to me is so much easier to navigate through and pretty simple. I used to use Google all the time on my phone. I had the option to use Safari now it’s the complete opposite since I tried Safari and I started using it years ago. I prefer it a lot better, I find the features and whole General experience a lot easier to figure out also on my security app thing when it tells me if I have a virus or someone trying to steal my identity, I found out there’s a lot less of them when using Safari than if I was using Google not saying Google‘s bad or anything like that personally as of right now I prefer Safari For every day use generally
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2 years ago, NicknameMcNickerson
Safari worked well before this latest update. It was not perfect, but it was pretty functional. The latest update completely removed all usable features that most of us have come to like. The new box tabs are horrible, and placing the address bar at the bottom above the navigation buttons just makes for wasted time and extra steps when you try to hit the back or refresh buttons, and manage to hit the address bar instead. Private browsing went from a quick one tap evolution to being stuffed inside an additional menu it did not need. The swipe left or right feature is annoying as you can easily wind up switching tabs while just navigating a site. It’s just plain horrible now. Seems like it was updated for the sake of “something new” not for actual improvements. One of Apple’s major points for me was always ease of use, yet now they are over complicating with each update. Apple what were you thinking?
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7 days ago, FastDragon12
Get stuck in the app sometimes
It’s a great app for everything! It’s probably just my iPhone but sometimes when I’m on the app, I exit a tab and go to the browser and when i try to go to my Home Screen, I push the home button and nothing happens. Like I can look stuff up and delete tabs but when I click the home button it won’t let me exit. I long hold the power button and it gives me two options: power off or cancel. I push cancel and it takes me to my Lock Screen and has me enter my passcode. I enter it and then it has me in my Home Screen, and everything is perfectly normal. Again, this is probably just my phone bc it’s NEVER happened on any other device I’ve ever used. Anyway, it’s a great app! Thx for reading. ☺️☺️😀😀🙃🙃
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11 months ago, Johnnykurtz
The most versatile, and configurable browser in 20 years.
I’ve been involved in the Internet since the beginning of the worldwide web. I was there before yahoo, I helped build MapQuest as a Creative Director. And after using and designing for all browsers, I find a Safari still at this time, to be the most versatile. I went on in my past 20 years to work at large online agencies, some of the biggest ad agencies in the world. As a CD, I’ve seen the problems with other browsers when it came to designing websites, and detecting noticeably fewer quirks and bugs in safari than other browsers a tried to compete. All in all and year over a year, in my opinion, it is still the best when it comes to being robust and reliable.
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6 months ago, My opinionxX
Something I Wish Would be Fixed
Safari is good for pretty much everything, but one thing I don’t like is the editing for the home page/main page. In the “frequently visited” category you can choose to delete different icons/links in the list shown, although when you try to delete it, few minutes later it reappears. This is pretty frustrating because there are a few websites I’d like to just click on when I open the app, but you can’t choose the links that are there, and I don’t want to disable the frequently visited category, because I use it often. If I want to delete a link from my frequently visited, can it please actually work? The links I delete keep reappearing after deleting.
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1 year ago, Kal Madda
Best Browser I’ve Ever Used!
I have used Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave, but none of them hold up to Safari in my opinion. Safari is faster, more efficient on my system resources, and supports lots of open tabs effortlessly. Often I have over 200 web pages open in Safari on pretty much all of my devices (I like to do lots of research and don’t like having to re-surface stuff at a later date from bookmarks) and Safari handles this flawlessly, and the tile view is a quick and intuitive way of sifting through my open tabs. I also love the extension support on iOS and iPadOS! Safari is an excellent browser, and I don’t think I’d ever want to go back to using anything else as my default. 👍🏻
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2 years ago, UnbridledStorm3
It removed all my tabs. I’m using chrome now.
I like reading about dinosaurs on Wikipedia and I like to keep those tabs open to come back to them, as well as some other tabs I deemed important. This worked well for 5-ish months until today. I had zoomed into a picture to look for a little more detail, but I couldn’t zoom out. I simply restarted the app and went back in, but all my tabs were gone. I restarted the app. Nope, still gone. I restarted my device. Also nope. I resorted to looking up a way to fix or prevent this issue. I learned that I could make it so that my tabs only close when I WANT them to be closed. I went in settings, and guess what? IT WAS ALREADY SET TO MANUALLY! I could bookmark all my tabs, but frankly, that’s too much of a hassle for me when I could switch to google chrome or Firefox or anything like that. Generally I’m a pretty big Apple supporter but not this time!
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7 months ago, JustGotWickd
Overall much better than it used to be
I hadn’t used Safari in many years because it used to be much further behind in features and usability. So I used to always use Chrome, Firefox and more recently Brave. Since switching back to an iPhone and installing all the other said browsers I have changed my opinion. Most browsers have feature parity now and the dark mode / reader mode in Safari is actually better than other browsers. I’m not too sure how it fares with plugins, as I have been using it more on the iPhone than my MacBook. But I do use it on my MacBook as well sometimes. Glad to see Apple is spending some of that money making their software some of the best out there.
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8 months ago, Mature Model
Easy to navigate
I’m currently quarantined with Covid. Though I’m completely vaccinated and boosted this is my second time getting it and it’s MUCH worse. So, I’ve been working on my apps, trying to clean them up. It’s been much easier than before because of the updates. I’m stuck on a few things, but I guess I’ll figure it out. It’s not like I’m going anywhere anytime soon! Thanks for asking. By the way, I tried to get rid of 27,000 emails last week (pre Covid) and wiped them out along with my 2300 contacts and incoming mail. ATT was no help. The rep at the Apple Store was amazing. He fixed it I less than 10 minutes and explained some things. Great source for an older user like me! I am 73 years young! 👍🏽
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1 year ago, Somebody’sMama
I used to think Safari was the worst SEO!
I love it when I’m wrong in my perception of search tools. My opinion towards Safari specially has changed drastically over the past few years. With the configuration settings on my individual devices and browser settings; overall Safari produces the most consistent and reliable results for me personally and I am so thankful for that reliability in results. As previously stated before it seemed to be the only browser with my different myriad of configuration in settings previously installed, and it was only through Safari that I was able to achieve the up to date answers I was looking for in an application or searching tool. Thanks Safari !
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2 years ago, Sexy boys 28
What’s up with these limited browsers extensions, i mean seriously what are we supposed to do when we are basically cornered and forced to only use what apple allows us to use. For example i love apple with all my heart but sometimes it makes it so hard for me to run my business properly because it limits the types of extensions i can install on my browser. Even when using a different browser other than safari im still not able to use or even have the option to use these different extension ! Seriously frustrating! The only other option i have is to literally buy an entire new device just to be able to use them and that seems pretty crazy. Because i have always been a fan of apple, and probably will be for a long time, i just hope they can make this more cross compatible with different browser extensions.
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2 years ago, plapieer
Absolutely genious
I use safari A-LOT because i need to look up pictures for references when i draw. Also, i use it to translate, look things up, get to sites and apps without having to download 15 billion things, and last but not least, something I didn’t even know, that it can prevent trackers from getting to you and your IP address. I didn’t know this until now, because just now, it said, privacy update: safari has prevented 23 trackers from tracking you and your secret IP address. ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! I didn’t sign up for anything and safari still protected me, a CHILD from freakin hackers! That unbelievably amazing. It also gives me quick access to google as well, so, great app, download it.
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2 years ago, therealtrabo
Works fine but NEEDS a widget
A lot of these reviews just seem like people want to complain about things not being the way they were before. I initially didn’t like the changes to Safari but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s my preferred browser because of the integration with Siri and the seamless handoff between devices, but one thing I really would like to see is a widget. Apps like Google and DuckDuckGo have search bar widgets to give you the ability to just tap and use the web. I get Apple has a built-in search feature on the home screen but I’m talking about something that specifically searches the Internet only using whatever your preferred search engine is. That would bring the app to five stars for me.
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4 months ago, He ain't THAT good
2023. Why are ads getting through even with Extensions???
Why are Ad Block Extensions failing???? Safari has changed. In order for Safari to do its thing, it has now added the option for you to either allow or not allow extensions to function within it, such as certain tracker blockers, but it warns you that to make those extensions work, you may be allowing those extensions to see your history so now you have that extra button to enable the extensions to work, which is totally confusing and defeats the purpose of having extensions that are supposed to block everything, which is annoying, since extensions like Ghostery is supposed to just block stuff. This is yet again Apple wanting to take control and make everyone compliant to its own proprietary mechanisms.
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1 year ago, Kiksao
New layout aweful
This new layout is aweful. I’ve tried it for months and will be using another browser from now on. When viewing multiple windows the thumbnails of the website they show are so random you can’t tell what the page is and the word caption is too short to tell either. Several of the captions are incorrect for example one was a caption for a tea I bought but it was under the thumbnail for a school class I’m taking. Closing them out is cumbersome as well as it’s slow and the X is so small and not just in one place. Pages refresh constantly so when you are trying to follow a recipe for example the page keeps reloading to the top and you have to scroll down and find it every time. Usually the window I last had open will also disappear and it will open to the first window in my history, so the user experience in this new layout is one star maybe less.
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3 years ago, Christa2796
I'm getting a new browser
I am always slow to update my phone but hearing from others about the Safari changes with the new iOS update made me actually hold off until my phone force-updated. It is just as terrible as I was afraid it was going to be. The tab view is awful for anyone (like me) who has more than one or two tabs open. I can barely see the individual tabs, let alone read them. Not to mention the slightest swipe to either side now threatens to close any tab I happen to touch while scrolling. It was never so hair-triggered in the old tab view. I fixed the navigation bar in settings but couldn't find any way to get the old tab viewer back. If I had, maybe I would be keeping Safari. But as it is, I'm switching to Opera and taking Safari off my home screen. Transferring all 17 tabs to a new browser was a pain, but I'm not sticking around for a browser experience I hate. 👋
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3 months ago, Olivia propeprprprporrokrmdmd
Bad need to fix this app making me so mad currently!
When I had this app when I just got a new iPad when I search something that I need to search it gives didifrent info and not the one I needed to search pls fix this safari app because it is know getting really inking and when I wanted to search someone it gives info like I dindnt wanted to search!!!!!!!!!🤬 and it made my stomach hurt yesterday but pls fix it and also when ever I search something like is this person dead 😵 just please say yes or no because l am only 10 years old and let me give you an example like if I say show a picture of ######## in 2024 and it shows a different photo of a person in 2019 or 2023 this is so ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please 🙏 fix it! I will be so much happy 😊and proud 💪 so byeee ;) and pleassssseeee fix and btw there is no ads so that's really good 👍
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2 years ago, Armonosiab
The present safari app.
I gave it one star because it’s most useless app I have ever used and because there wasn’t anything lower then one star. Frankly it doesn’t even deserve that. The way safari now works, if you to call it work, is it adds more problems the anything else. It pops up when you least expect it to, it can’t be deleted nor shut down. Once you open it, it keeps running and makes it difficult work. Who ever designed this needs to back to the drawing board and do better. It use to be a good app in the beginning, but now there are people who think that updating means making these apps useless instead of useful. Leave well enough alone it doesn’t work, I now have buy a new iPad. Which now that I think about it, that may have your intention all along. Mess up people’s devices so they need to buy another. If that’s it, congradulations, it did it. TrishaT
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