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User Reviews for SafeAuto

1.42 out of 5
414 Ratings
3 years ago, dedsunflow
VERY POOR Quality app
This is a very poor quality app. The sheer fact that I have to completely delete the app even if it’s updated just to sign in to pay my bill is completely unnecessary I can never view my insurance card and they no longer send hard cards they only send paper cards that can get easily damaged. I thought I was going with a great insurance company however I feel I am overcharged on top of the fact that an app that doesn’t ever really want to work and takes four days to pending show that I made a payment and reflects poorly on my service to pay on time. Not to mention that you can’t quick sign in and I’ve had to build multiple accounts and just to get told I’m not a valid user when I pay almost $200 a month now for what the app not to work and my insurance to be the same but now I’m getting charged more there’s no convenience with this company but I guess I’m kind of stuck on top of the fact that the app is extremely not updated it doesn’t even have a full star to star review it’s a star and 2/3 so I’m kind of over the app not working you guys are a multi million dollar company and you can’t fix an app that’s crazy!!!
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3 years ago, Alabama chick
Seems ok
Oh gosh these reviews are horrible. I’m new to safe auto so I guess I came in on this new update cuz it’s working fine for me. I can log onto the app with my Apple ID. I can view my card digitally and make a payment HOWEVER when I try to sign up for automatic payments it takes me to some management portal site. I have to enter my policy number-DOB- and zip I think and then u supposed to click add account but then it does nothing and there’s nothing that tells u that u have to then go to your email. I just so happen to be on my emails when I saw they emailed me a confirmation which says ‘ You are now successfully enrolled in SafeAuto's Policy Management site. You can now view and make changes to your policy, make a payment, view documents, and sign up for automatic payments at any time’ So then u click the button to log into your account but when u do that guess what... it takes u to the management portal again and ask for the same info. So for now I can’t do auto payments if I wanted to but other than that the app seems to work as expected.
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2 years ago, Camshaft_tech
Please fix your application
In the current digital age it is important to view, pay, make changes to policies and report claims at moments notice. The application doesn’t allow you access your policy. Logging in you immediately get a failure to fetch data error. Attempting to add the policy to the account sends you in a endless loop with no results or remedy. Keep holding on to the app in hope that an update will repair the issues. Update after update with no change. Figured if enough complaints and concerns with users that the application would be fixed. No prevail yet. Spoke to customer support and reports are deaf ears due to non department obligations. As a company and personal experience with SafeAuto I have positive recommendations. Their online and application needs repair. Calling, reaching a customer service representative is the only solution to access assistance, which is outstanding in my experience. Hope that these concerns don’t fall into a pointless suggestion box that is filled into to digital dumpster at the end of each review meeting.
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2 years ago, SaiyanDad
Worse than imagined
I can hardly pay my bills or do much of anything when it comes to this company. The mobile app is beyond trash. I can’t do anything for the “bad gateway” “error” or crashes that plague the app. Then there is the website it’s self and honestly it’s only a degree better than the app. You charge me a $6 or more fee for “convenience” but I struggle seeing how anything is convenient. From a business stand point, I’d be embarrassed to even have my company operate with quality this poor. I would almost rather cancel the account than deal with the pain of trying to do anything on your platforms. Personal opinion: App/Website is trash to be polite. I’d be embarrassed to promote such garbage. If needed I’ve got plenty of screen recordings to show how this is basically useless
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2 years ago, Jarhead0307
Mix feelings
Since they changed everything from the app to website. To start no issues logging into app that part is fine. But not being able to make changes to my policy I want is where I’m getting blood boiling aggravated with neither the app or website. At least with the app I can see my policy because the website I can log in and that’s about it I click on the edit my policy and all it does is refresh the page and then same thing happens when I on click on the policy number. SafeAuto seems to falling over the years it’s been a month and half since my wife wrecked her car and the check still hasn’t been issued. May have to look into another company once that it finally over with.
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4 years ago, Vampire77
Nothing good to say
The tutorial is unnecessary and way too long. You have to tale unnecessary pictures of the entire exterior of the car. You have to hold the camera horizontal even if upright is more appropriate for the picture. It does like if you tilt the camera even if you need to for some pictures. And forget about taking any photos underneath the vehicle. And 10 seconds of video was barely enough to capture minor damage. You are screwed if there is extensive damage. It was VERY frustrating to use. And I do not like that you have to describe the damage. I am not an expert and it seems like they could use that to deny a claim if you miss something. And since I am doing the work for them, shouldn’t they pay me for my time?
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2 years ago, CanadianThor
Safe auto scams their clients. STAY AWAY
My car insurance with SafeAuto was till Mar 16th. I called them on 16th to see what my new premium will be if I renew. They told me that I will have to pay for next 6 months if I want to check my premium but if I don't go with them, they'll refund my money without any cancellation fees. I went ahead and made the payment. The renewal fees were too much compared to Geico and I didn't go with SafeAuto. But to my surprise, I found that I was charged cancellation fees just to know the renewal amount! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY and give your business to someone who runs business valuing customers. I already sent mass email to all my coworkers and I will make sure to spread the word about how they scam customers. SHAME ON YOU SAFE AUTO.
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2 years ago, L.VB
Update not working
It appears the update caused more problems than what it fixed. I am unable to make a payment. Last month I tried multiple times. I couldn’t get through to anyone via Chat and when I called, a recording came out saying they were having technical difficulties. My plan was termed and late fees added by the time I was able to get through to someone to make a payment. This month, the app still wouldn’t take a payment so I had to chat with 2 different reps just to make a payment. I hope this gets fixed because it is very frustrating and not good for business.
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10 months ago, boehmerm
Excellent Application
I downloaded the application the same night I started my insurance. I also setup my login information the same night. After waiting 24 hours I couldn’t get any information. That’s fine I had already printed everything. I called and was informed that it could take up to a week and so it did. No big deal. Once it works, it works like a champ.
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2 years ago, The Housefly
After 2 years with Safe Auto I couldn’t take it anymore and I went with a better company (Progressive) and I was charged over $260/year less for BETTER coverage. The last year I haven’t been able to log in to the app. Hard to go paperless when your app is such trash and I can’t access my insurance information through it. Making payments was a nightmare. I couldn’t pay online so I had to call and deal with an overseas call center agent that couldn’t understand me as much as I couldn’t understand her. If you need car insurance you can definitely find a better company than Sare Auto.
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2 years ago, Adub 😎🤘🏾
Nightmare trying to do anything
When I first got my policy I couldn’t access it because they fail to tell you the # you get that is supposed to be your policy I had to add “OH” in front of it, I had to call customer service to find that out. And the app is awful doesn’t save my login, passwords don't pop up for it. Its the most inconvenient app I have ever used. I cant see future payments or anything. Would not recommend unless they are giving you a great rate !!
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1 year ago, appletakesmyusernames
Very Poor Quality App👎🏼
To start this off I can’t even log in. I try to add my policy and it doesn’t even allow that and force closes the app..? Can you guys not fix an app???? I mean come on and when I first started my policy with you guys he told me to start auto renewal payments because it can take a few days to go through if I don’t use auto renewal? Is that your way of getting peoples money faster? I pay on time everytime and this app says otherwise.
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11 months ago, looneytoon903
App not updating properly
When logged in my account is showing up to date, however the last time it shows that the account was updated was over a month ago. I’m receiving emails that my bill is due but when I went to make a payment it says nothing due and account up to date. Had to delete the app and redownload the app. Ended up making my payment online on the website.
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3 years ago, platinumEX
They advertise minimum coverage but you get what you pay for and nothing else. Website doesn’t work at all - I’ve tried registering multiple times, months apart with the same buggy issue not letting me. The app actually let me register but is barely functional. Trying to setup auto payments gives me an error and repeatedly asks me to login again. Complete garbage. I’m going to cancel my policies and look for another company who actually has a working website and app.
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1 year ago, irritated busy mom
Can’t even put my policy on my profile
I just got a new policy. Well, my old one was there. Deleted that just fine. Go to add new policy, says it cannot fetch it or there was a problem. In all ways available to search your policy, it won’t find jack. Then when you go to your profile, goes right to your phones Home Screen. It completely kicks you out of the app!! Worst billing/pay/profile account I have ever seen!!!
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2 years ago, _Just_Jules__
Disappointed and frustrated
I have had nothing but problems doing anything in the app. Getting notifications that my bill is available does me no good if I cannot access my account this way. It’s a total pain realizing that I have to log in through a browser. Even through the email notifications, it states “Easily pay without logging in by clicking the Quick Pay button”. It is not easy or quick and you still have to log in.. only for it to tell you that you’re not a valid user. And forget about quickly accessing insurance cards. For what I am personally being charged, a functional app is pretty much a requirement.
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3 years ago, tattedbunnie
App was fine, now it’s trash
App was totally fine and now after these “improvements” 5 days ago all of a sudden it can’t find my policy and to pay over the phone is an extra fee. I am also unable to log in online now but you bet your bottom dollar the automated system can find me just fine for that extra fee. A scam and I will be looking for other coverage just because of this ridiculous inconvenience.
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2 years ago, Donajo2001
Absolute trash.
This is without a doubt the most poor quality service I’ve ever received through a company. I have had to delete and reinstall this app an exceedingly growing amount of times, my rates for being my first policy in my name are good, but the service makes the slightly lower rates absolutely not worth it. My next plan of action is to find a new insurance company, I suggest all do the same.
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6 months ago, Biggie64220
I had really thought it could not be as bad as the review I read. I just got insurance, $200 a month, download the app, and you cannot do anything. It crashes every time I try to go to my profile, can’t put in a policy number, can’t see proof of insurance, nothing. My 8th grader designed an app that works better. And I don’t mean it has bugs, I mean it flat out does not work.
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6 days ago, Daisy_BB1
Terrible App. Too many bugs. Can’t stay logged in
If I can give the app and the company negative stars I would. Customer service is terrible, never can get through to an actual rep. The app is just as bad and barely functional. If you want access to your account you have a better chance of accessing it from a web browser.
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2 years ago, Zillex
Great Insurance, Terrible app
Ever since the Dec 2020 update, this app has become completely unusable!! There has been two updates since then, and the app is still crashing, and unusable. You cannot log in or view any of your documents. Fix the app!!! Tired of paying my bill over the phone.
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3 years ago, DEE199568842568842
Worst insurance company EVER
Can’t even get in touch with anyone from the claims department if you’re looking for insurance jus to say you have it then this is it lol good thing I’m not at fault and her insurance is gonna it for everything cause I’ve called them three times and the first two times I was hung up on and I’ve been on hold for the past 20min and my bill is due next Monday I think it’s safe to say I won’t be paying that 😂👌🏾
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12 months ago, TirednFedUp
Horrible app
Was over charged and had to pay twice just to get started, the app won’t let you view your policy, won’t make it easier to pay bills. Should have looked into it further before going with this company would not recommend and will never be using SafeAuto or recommending it to anyone
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3 years ago, Alancar3
Easy interface
It was really fast and simple. Minimal input needed to receive a quote. Help buttons made it easy to find an answer when I had a question.
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1 year ago, jailynnem
Face ID breaks the app
this app definitely needs a lot of bugs fixes!! when i try to use the face id feature it literally breaks the app and always give an error message and then i have to re download just to have access to the app. can’t even view my policy either
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1 year ago, Dibz98
No stars
This crAPP doesnt work, it says it cant find my policy and ive had it for a whole month. I Needed to show proof of insurance and couldnt now i have to go to court or the bmv on one of my very limited off days just to show i have insurance when if i had a working app that is supposed to be there for my convenience i could save my time. Do better SA
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6 years ago, Pie and mommy
Why bother with having an app?!
I thought the purpose of the app was for quick access to account. No matter how many times I delete and download app on different devices it’s always down, giving an unable to sign in error message. Can’t pay bills or even see digital insurance card, this app is only good for taking up space!
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2 years ago, hsnnkzc
It’s a good company with POOR App
I’ve been using SafeAuto for a long time, it’s affordable and saves the day but their App definitely needs some upgrades. I was unable to add my policy, the app shutdowns itself every after trying to login. There are some big problems with the app’s dynamics.
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4 months ago, bluebird101112
App not working and one star insurance
Would give zero stars if I could! App doesn’t work to where I can sign in to view my policy or pay my bill. Have full coverage insurance but doesn’t cover anything. Got into a finder bender in March safe auto refused everything including hospital bills. I have to hire an attorney. What is insurance for.
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6 years ago, @AsBrDsIr
Really stripped down app.
The app shows basic information but it needs some updates like Touch ID login, Wallet integration so i can add my Card to the Wallet and view them without having to open and sign in to the open every time
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2 years ago, MzStuff
I’ve only had this app down loaded for a couple of hours and can’t accomplish anything! Kept getting a no host message, could not add my debit card, just keeps buffering at every entry although information not completely entered! Very disappointed, deleting!!
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3 years ago, he f try gh
App does not work
Since the new update. I’m having a hard time paying my bill. The first time since the update I had to redo my password and put my account information in again. The second time I logged in I got in just fine but couldn’t pay. I keep hit my account info and the app does nothing
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3 years ago, Sparquel
Old App Was Better!
I am able to login to the BROWSER and access my account using my original login credentials. However, I preferred using the convenience of the old app. New app does NOT recognize my original login info. In terms of app updates, sometimes it’s BEST to leave well enough ALONE!
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3 years ago, Afya20
App legit won’t let me sign in even after I’ve updated my password and the site tells me to “check your information” After I’ve entered the correct information. I should be able to see my upcoming charges and specifically what plan I have not just an email telling me to “pay a bill”
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5 years ago, Kev Gef
Having the same problem as everyone else...
For two years now people have been complaining about this app and still no fix? It’s not letting me log on, only do a quick pay. I would think y’all would read all these horrible reviews and try to fix it?
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4 years ago, PhyliciaIsReviewing
Ugh!! Is all I have to say!!
This app is useless!! I was entering in my credentials and they WERE CORRECT, but it said they was wrong. So I changed my password. It worked on the website. So I log off it and go back to the app. Well wouldn’t you know, it says it’s still incorrect!!! Like how?! I reboot the app, even reboot my phone and still NOTHING!! Like what the heck!
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11 months ago, stoneman1111
The app doesn’t even load after logging in which makes it nearly impossible to find your insurance card, you have to go through the website and dig through your documents to get to your insurance card. Please fix the app 🙏
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12 months ago, ok5;94&(!,
Worst app ever
I can’t even get my policy up to view it. Nothing works. Like I almost thought I was being scammed with this company. It’s 2022. Hire someone to work on the app because this is ridiculous . I can’t get nothing to work. I enter my policy number and nothing comes up. This is a joke
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2 years ago, mister-mustard
An update logged me out, and as I tried to sign in again, it said my account doesn’t exist. I literally got an update from the same email today saying my bill is due it three days. How can I pay if my account was deleted by you? Guess I’m getting free insurance
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1 year ago, Chandrell86
App not responding well
Haven’t been able to add my policy to the app it keeps giving me 2 different error messages. So i have to go online to get my insurance cards or pay my bill i can sign up for auto pay because i can’t add my policy through the app.
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1 year ago, Kro-Go
Crashes Constantly
I just bought a policy and I cannot add it to the app. I keep getting an error message. Also, when I go to My Profile, it crashes every time. Tried deleting app and reinstalling but still same issues.
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4 months ago, possessed orio
This app is trash
Takes forever to load/ lags out of app/ can’t recognize emails sign-in. My 5G infinite data and WI-FI works just fine with everything else if you’re wondering. I’d imagine you want to get paid by your customers not run them off.
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3 years ago, lizardqueen024
New update is garbage
Since the recent update it will not recognize my Email or password keeps saying incorrect, had no problems with the older version. Now I cannot use it since I cannot log in. When I go to change password it says error with my email!
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4 months ago, ItsBrokeBub
Poor App
This app randomly stops working, or doesn’t work at all. Will not show Policy history or allow you to log in to an updated policy. At this point having the app on the phone just takes up space.
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2 years ago, Gwadcro
Fix you app
If you want to keep customers happy and everything running , fix your app. If your making a payment and the app continues to kick the customer out that would be a BIG PROBLEM that would need to be addressed ASAP. Right
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5 years ago, bert-cam
This app does not work
You should be embarrassed to offer this to people. Apple should remove it from the App Store. It has never let me sign into it once. Not once. It’s broken and the fact that safe auto is ok with this representing their company has made me start looking for new car insurance companies.
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11 months ago, loyal upset person
Horrible need to be fixed asap
Just started a new policy and I’m unable to view it because of error messages I mean what’s the point of having the app if everything u click on is an error smh gotta do better
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2 years ago, LoscarK
Worse app
This app is the worst I’ve ever downloaded it’s so bad I’m going to have to change insurance just because of the app Doesn’t let me log in keeps say error turned on and off my phone and still same problem.
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3 years ago, Maynardlaceup
Can’t log into new app
Your new app is terrible, I can’t even sign in. Are you going to fix this because this app right now is totally worthless to me. I’m using my login information from the old app and it tells me info is not valid.
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2 years ago, Amzn Driver
Worst Insurance App and it’s 2021
Very terrible app! It’s sad that after so long they still won’t fix anything! Instead they want you to pay your bill without logging in. I’m seriously thinking about switching insurance companies!
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