SafetyCulture (iAuditor)

4.7 (21K)
212.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
SafetyCulture Pty Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SafetyCulture (iAuditor)

4.69 out of 5
21K Ratings
6 years ago, David 'DOC' Jackson
Corporate Safety Auditor
I visit lots of construction sites plus different facilities, across my state and in other states. I perform different types of audits. In the past I used paper forms. Now I use iAuditor for those audits & I love the app. It is simple to use on my iPad, customizes easily to any task from simple to complex & from general to specific. I can take photos, mark those up with comments, arrows or circles, insert comments in any field from myself or the person being audited, get live signatures, schedule follow ups & send audit results to multiple parties immediately so we can celebrate together, or help make sure any issues will be resolved & not fall through the cracks, it is a great tool that has made my job easier. I have been using it for about 3 years now & I give it two thumbs up.
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3 years ago, maiffeoopvdw
Longtime user--The return of our search button would be nice!
More inconsistencies with iAuditor. The previous update for Ios removed the history button from our reporting with no word of when or if it will return. Generally if apps perform updates that mess up things, they work to get a fix asap. That doesn't seem to be the case here. We've reach out multiple times to support and 90% of the time, they don't even know what we're talking about. We need this function added back. Additionally, during one the iAuditor Boot Camps it was revealed that pdf forms could be added to information fields in the report however, we still do not have this function as well. I was told it was a technical error, to contact support. When I contacted support I was told it could be up to 3 more months before this option became available to me. I love iAuditor, it has been a game changer for our business but the inconsistencies in the way the app runs, the way the updates are a crap shoot, the way some functions work for others and do not work for ithers has us looking for other options. I really wish iAuditor would get it's act together or provide some honest clarity as to when issues will be fixed. A little transparency goes a long way.
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2 years ago, fifndu
Great Customer Service!
We used iAuditor to complete home inspections for a vacation rental management company. We found the App and Desktop versions incredibly easy to use and really enjoyed their services. We have been on their annual payment program for three years. We recently sold the business much faster than expected and ended up with 10 months of unused but paid for subscription and the company was kind enough to issue us a refund for the time. Their customer service was easy to contact and incredibly kind and understanding to work with. If we ever find ourselves in need of service like this again we will definitely be using them and would recommend them to anyone. Huge THANK YOU to Joshua for helping us out with us!
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2 years ago, Monyalbarran
We use it for everything
At our work plant and as a safety supervisor we use the app for every kind of audit, incident report, to report any maintenance issue, any safety hazards, etc. It just keeps evolving to a better app. The iauditor company definetly know what they are doing. Got this app on my personal phone, work tablet and from comoany computer. Has made getting rid of paper for the majority of things at work
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2 years ago, LoneChavez
Terrible customer service
My company has been using IAuditor for a good while now, we pay our invoice when due every time, so when we do have a app breaking bug with the Apple device we use to do our inspections, we expect to have clear communication and hasty resolution, this is NOT how the devs of this app handle issues. We were told after going back and forth for weeks to get the issue resolved, the rep told us in so many words or less that they’ll handle it, and when it’s fixed, it’s fixed. No answer what it could be, no answer how long it will take, how big or small of an issue this is to them. The devs care about getting your money, not much else. We WILL be switching auditing software to someone else who takes the issues of their own product seriously. BEWARE.
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2 years ago, It Sunny in Miami
This App is Trash 🗑
This app is trash. You can’t reorder your pictures and they upload in any random order they want thus making you upload pictures one by one. If you have a lot of notes to write, the Notes page gets blocked by your keypad so you’re writing blindly. The default MS Word template is ridiculous; hidden section breaks, the page defaults to A4 so margins are screwed up, and the formatting of the table makes it impossible to edit. Etc., etc., etc. The list of issues goes on and on. I pay to use this service and iAuditor doesn’t have a geniune product development team. Whenever I speak to Customer Service they “value my feedback,” but ultimately don’t fix anything. Trash. Trash. Trash.
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6 years ago, enb.bradley
Program continues to freeze and close at random times during audits. Problem description: freezes, kicks me back out to mobile device home screen. I have to restart the app and go to incomplete reports. Sometimes it saves last steps, but not consistently
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12 months ago, BatCrzy
No Applicable Areas
The audit itself is easy to use, but it would be more efficient if you could NA an entire section. For example: We have no hazardous or combustible material. It would be nice at the title that we could mark NA and it pass those questions. Another example would be Wire and Cutting. We have no equipment or supply to do this at our location. Just a thought! Thank you.
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5 years ago, JCNZ38
Difficult to analyze the data
I found this app really difficult to use. Creating a form was painfully complex and when I rolled it out to some of my drivers they were entering in incorrect vehicle numbers causing issues when analysing the data. It’s not a great fleet inspection software for DVIR compliance for quite a few reasons. It’s definitely not compliant as you can’t sign off on previous reports. The sales people won’t tell you this though so I felt a bit ripped off. Found a great app called Whip Around which meets all the regulatory requirements do went with that.
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2 years ago, Julianpcardenas
It has a lot of potential
I downloaded this app because our company is in need of a digital inspection form for our team, this seemed like a great app, but unfortunately it constantly crashes. It says it’s a wifi/internet problem, but we have absolutely no issue with our wifi or device data. Something the developers should take a look at
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1 year ago, MrTyGuy
Absolute GARBAGE!!!
SafetyCulture is a phenomenal app when used from a computer. Sadly, the iPhone and iPad apps are absolute garbage! I have been building assessments from my laptop with no issue, but from my iPad PRO and my iPhone 14 Pro Max the app is completely worthless. Nothing displays correctly and I cannot complete a single assessment because the button presses do not register. Why they would publish this trash app is beyond my understanding. It has huge potential but is completely non-functioning on 2 different devices.
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6 years ago, SafetyFirstLastAlways
Great service
First time rating anything on the App Store... this company is awesome. I submitted a paper inspection form that I wanted digital. Within 1 hour I received a call from Fretzcel inquiring about my exact needs. Great help, she was able to make me a custom inspection template which I received in 2 days. And this is with a free acct. no money!
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5 years ago, Rod 1337
Worse with every update
Shouldn’t an app improve with each update? Apparently the folks over at iAuditor development don’t believe so. So many unnecessary click-throughs makes the app clumsy and inefficient to use. And with the latest update, they have removed the pdf functionality, in an attempt to coax users to upgrade to the premium paid service. Sorry, not interested in paying for an app that perpetually has gotten worse to use with time.
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6 months ago, Fury0ftheNorth
Good deal
For the cost, this program has been more than adequate in helping me generate reports for inspections. I appreciate what the team has done to constantly improve the program. Thank you.
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2 years ago, sean-sull
App devs sell your email
I made a custom email when I signed up for this service and noticed that I started getting random emails from people asking me about “business opportunities”. This email was given to no one except iAuditor and it’s got a lot of random numbers and letters so it’s impossible to just guess the email by accident. Anyway I now have proof that iAuditor sells your data and emails for marketing and spam. Shame on them. Deleting this app
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7 years ago, Picallen
Great app
Great application for conducting walk around inspections. I've taken two of my common inspections and made templates. A15 min walk, take a few e pictures, make comments on problems and then email to myself, maintenance supervisor and safety manager.
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4 years ago, Halastrion
I just got a new phone and tried to log back on. I got a message that too many devices are registered so I can’t log on. It had a “show me how to fix it button,” as an option, but when you go there you have to log on to deregister a device. So in order to be allowed to log in again you have to log on but you aren’t allowed too. That’s pretty frustrating.
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3 years ago, Alexduarte7
Older version was better
The PDF used be clear and spot on, the choices would be in the middle of page and with big squares to separate them, questions and answers would be on different sides of pages. I wish you could roll back to that or an option edit the PDF page better.
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3 years ago, max18808
Still not fixed
Still having problems with questions disappearing/not showing up and also the issue with photos not being added in the correct order. Developer responded to my previous review saying issues would be fixed but they are not.
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6 years ago, themib3
A big plus in my field of work
Auditor adds another level to help others understand and see before hand to no what to expect and what it will take to do the job safely
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3 months ago, LATINKING1418
Better pictures
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4 years ago, Pradeep Raghunathan
What happened?
I bought the in-app purchase option years back to export my form data to excel and other file formats. I remember paying some $9.99 for it. I tried using iauditor after a long time and it is asking me to login. What has changed? How do I access things as it was?
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5 years ago, Asealey
No longer satisfied
I have consistently used this app to perform fire inspections day in and day out. Now, every time i try to use it, it is 50/50 whether it is going to work or crash making me have to restart my work each time. I am going to be looking for something else to use from now on due to the reliability.
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11 months ago, lhgsdgyedvbiokbfewsgyhbjk
Safety (report) culture
This is an intrusive solution looking for a problem. In a world of text, email, and phone communication, this ap tries to institute yet another layer of communication to monitor. The ap floods the user with repetitive and needless notifications. It is a wonderful way for those in the office who don’t actively contribute to outside operations to feel useful without physically doing anything.
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4 years ago, Kalawend
It’s good but
The newest update removed being able to show your timer and also see when you have an incomplete section. It’s a little less inconvenient.
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7 months ago, funu foo
The ability to complete my work order using this app is wonderful
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3 years ago, CoastalSandHW
Life changing...
Professional, time saving, easy to read, more customers! Plus a lot more!
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6 years ago, Jay_Biggs
So easy....
The website is user friendly, easy to read Dashboard and great Techical support what else can you ask for. Highly recommended!!!
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1 year ago, Wiki streaks
Close button is confusing when opening something to edit
Gotta do something about that close button. Lost so much work. It’s right next to the back button and doesn’t pause to ask you to save work just closes out completely and have to start over.
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2 months ago, ummmyanoo
This app is great! The free version includes so much already that the paid version is a no brainer! Definitely recommend!!!
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7 years ago, Mcorcar
The best tool for auditors
So easy to creat audits, so easy to use, the app has no bugs and the reports you can export are very professional. Saves me lots of time! Totally recommend it!
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5 years ago, s-m-i-t-t-y
Wish you could take multiple photos in a row like in older versions
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2 years ago, MattyHester
Nothing is Free
It may be free for certain amount of users, but know their sales department (much like Crew) will violate your space. My recommendation, don’t avoid emails and calls, just let them know upfront if your not interested…. They are relentless. Good tool, needs better formatting for final report.
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3 years ago, Safety Kurt
Corporate Safety Director
Been using since it first came out with various companies. Love it and will upgrade once my feet are on the ground with the new company. Awesome app !!!!!!!
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6 months ago, Freeguy2000
Needs better image quality retention
Works great for photos that don’t need a lot of detail. If you need any detail in your photo or the ability to zoom in forget it. The images get very compressed when loaded into pdf.
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5 years ago, Dchurc
Great for making personal audits
Easiest, best tool I have ever used. I created my own audit forms and it's an invaluable tool that our agency uses for playground safety checks.
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3 months ago, AmaFounda
Very intuitive and fluid user interface
Captures all the needs we anticipated for our EHS needs!
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1 year ago, whattagoodname
Sales Rep
We are switching to safety culture for inspections reports. Took me about 5 minutes to learn. Instant uploads and PDF is perfect for us.
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4 years ago, Mike**657
Syncing functions don’t work
I work in plant with no WiFi and no cell reception when I leave to where everything should sync half the stuff is missing. I can still see it on my phone. I’ve worked with iAuditor and just when I think everything is working they update and I’m back to step one. Mike
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1 year ago, Trainer 03
Very easy to use Some questions are repeated the same All over great app. Thanks
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1 year ago, GW0069
Reports are very prof
The edit feature has some “bugs”
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11 months ago, Carolina Darius
The Safety Culture app is great
The Safety Culture app is easy to use and I never have any issue restarting my inspections! I love it.
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5 years ago, bigjob1
App keeps changing every few months....
I understand that updating is a big thing now a days to keep up with competition, but every time you guys change it up I have to do extra work to complete a report. One more step here and one more step there.
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9 months ago, iPhone2007Owner
Disappointing update
It’s a shame the big update is just mostly bloat like marketplace with items that ship within 10 days (lol) and insurance rather than user facing features.
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6 years ago, thehubmeister
Still learning
I am still an iPhone rookie. I am learning a little each day👊
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6 years ago, Redviffer
Everything I wanted and more
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1 year ago, nfrman
Phone Application Issues
Lately, my phone app for iAuditor will not allow me to complete my 2MFMS. I often am not able to log into my laptop in a timely manner and the combination of these issues has nearly caused me to be late on documentation.
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6 years ago, SafetyMan trying to work
Freezes up
Lately while doing inspections on phone, it’s up to date in IOS software. The app it will tend to freeze up, then I will have to close the app then opened it back up, work is not saved due to closing app. Happens as of right now each time I get on.
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6 years ago, preferred product
Manufacturing manager
Changing the culture and behavior in 2019. This app provides the ease and effectiveness to meet that change.
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9 months ago, Uber Timmy
Uncooperative functionality
This app makes it feel like you are wrestling with it 100% of the time. Between the disappearing keyboard, and the wandering scroll of the text entry fields, it makes everything a pain.
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