Salesforce Field Service

4.6 (10.2K)
289.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Salesforce Field Service

4.62 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
4 months ago, Eutysc
All contracting jobs should use this
All contracting companies should be using this. It provides details of the jobs description, time and location, it even provides a map to help people visually see where the job is and how long it would take to arrive to job location from their current gps locations. The calendar style schedule is so user friendly and easy to understand. I wish the construction company I worked for years ago used this. It would have been a lot more organized and streamlined.
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9 months ago, izRazor
Simple interface. Easy to use.
AAA in our KY just went live with the Field Service app and it’s been great thus far. Super easy UI that’s easy to navigate between calls. Only issue I have is the app on the provided AAA tablets make no sound to notify I have a call. Ended up using the App on my iPhone 13 and it makes a Ding notification sound when you have a call. It would be extremely helpful if there was a way to change the notification sound or possibly make it to where it “Rings”. Especially for those of us who operate 24/7 and are afraid we won’t wake up because of the lousy notifications. So far so good, but it’s not even been a week and I’ve been lucky enough to not get a call in the middle of the night.
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3 years ago, Pardue78
Slow and way to much redundant clicking
I have been using this app for a couple years now and with each update it just gets worse. There is to much clicking. The app doesn’t remember basic things such as filling in your name. The quick action is anything but quick. You have to scroll passed about 8 things you barely use to get to the actions you use for every call. The order is way off. In every function of using this app you can tell it was designed without the input of those who use it on a daily basis. Really out of touch with the end user. It is not user friendly at all. You have to have extreme knowledge to be able to complete everything or you will miss it. It doesn’t provide you up front with basic information you need to know. Please work with an actual end user for real improvements.
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2 months ago, CurtisGMJP
Great app for my workplace, but one minor annoyance
This app works smoothly on both my work phone (iPhone 12) and my personal phone(Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra) however the biggest annoyance I run into is when completing a task, if I go to the screen where I select the assigned items, don’t hit the check mark (by accident) and hit next, but try to go back, it causes an error where I need my Administrator to mark the task as complete. I would like to have the app not automatically save that task step so if I accidentally hit Next with an item not selected, I can go back and fix it myself without it saving it as Cannot Complete.
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12 months ago, Martin Pplis
It is very convenient app that allow to use it easily way. Besides, jumping from side to side just to preform tasks, make the job goes smoothly. For the cons side, the map sometimes goes odd and takes you to different location and that probably because the phone sittings or the app. However, there are more options to chose for map like google maps or wase. In general, pros are more than cons in this app and I like it more than the company app.
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7 months ago, Fastservice78
Field service workers great but if it is connected to Google maps, Google maps needs to realize that this is a tow truck and not a car. There are certain limitations with this that Google does not know and should be put on file as in Google trucks or anything in that category because of the height, the weight and that’s it otherwise, the sites great.
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3 weeks ago, Nomad [
Terrible on iOS.
Doesn’t alert or lags on notifications, location automatically updates way before your actually on location for a call. No options for notifications in IOS. No Watch support for notifications either. If your not constantly checking the app on iPhone you’ll easily miss a call. This is across multiple iPhone and users in my company. App is full of issues, crashing, failure to get location correct, delays in notifications, or doesn’t notify, doesn’t send notifications to watches (Apple garmin amazfit) text for call notes cuts off in view screen. not much support for larger font sizes.
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1 year ago, Lubbock Cockfighting
Phone version
Great software bringing the old desktop version to the convenience of my smartphone There are times, however, I would prefer to still use my PC to navigate the program,lbut this is not allowed in my case. I don’t know if that goes for every field user or not…. It might depend on what your company allows.
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2 months ago, JLizzard2167
I cannot not move appointments forward or backwards. If I don’t say “in route” I get a notification that I am late even though I am not. Constantly having to check in, in front of customers to “in progress” makes it look like what’s on my phone is more important than the customer. Forgetting to do either of those 2 things and attempting to update Salesforce after I left the customer while driving on the road is dangerous. It really gives me anxiety, I have never felt so micro managed in my life. Seriously sometimes makes me want to quit and find another job.
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5 years ago, danadanadna
Day missing from date
Only shows date, if you want to know what day you’ll need to carry a separate calendar. I can remember what I did on Wednesday but I need a calendar to know what the date was on Wednesday. I would have given 5 stars if the date was accompanied with the abbreviated day, Mon, Wed, etc...
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1 year ago, JJ567567
For developers
My company uses this app as a requirement for the field techs. Here are some improvement ideas that would make there lives easier. On the inventory product requests and transfers add a search function with the barcode scan function. Add better functionality to the offline functionality basically if there is no cell service or limited we can still make changes and then sync when online again
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1 month ago, Sheltyboi
Bugs galore
I use this app for work and it is the fattest waste of time I’ve ever seen. Rather than just checking in for 5 minutes, it turns into an hour long process because this app can’t seem to do anything correctly. Freezing, deleting information, glitching, crashing, And even just straight up not uploading information that is essential to the job. If you’re a contractor or business who’s thinking of using this trash, look elsewhere and don’t subject your employees to the torment that is this app.
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3 years ago, Blue20thae
There was an update and now every single time I open the app I’m asked to update location settings. It’s pretty simple, I don’t want the app tracking my location constantly whether I’m working or not. Completely unnecessary. I chose to only track while using and unless you allow the app to track you you’re asked to change settings anytime you open the app.
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4 months ago, Lee_Midnight
Going on three years using this app along side of Salesforce. I’ve asked our Salesforce account admin multiple times for PDF uploads in Field Service and he continues to inform me that it’s not possible. However I can go into a work order or service appointment in Salesforce desktop and upload PDFs to the files folders all day long. Can you please make this action available in Field Service?
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9 months ago, Stopher!
Field Technician
I notice that from time to time the blue dots on the schedule page move to the right or to a day that is greater than the SA is actually scheduled on. Not sure where the hiccup is but it has caused me to be late once.
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10 months ago, SkullGearMC
Fix the app
Generally the app works really well. Yet, I keep running into issues with it constantly crashing and/or not even loading. I don’t know if this is an iOS specific issue or both OS. Even closing the app out doesn’t fix this. The only thing that seems to fix it, is to delete the entire app and then re-download it. Super annoying and at times very inconvenient when dealing with this issue while dealing with our customer base.
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1 week ago, Dishcloth joe
App is SLOW. Very, very slow. What would normally be a 20-30 minute job is turned into an hour waiting for the different steps to load. Just yesterday I waited 15 minutes for a service report to generate so I could get a signature. Talk about a dip in productivity. I cannot believe my company went to this for service over what we had before. It’s so bad that I’ll be asking future employers if they use this app, and not taking the job if they do.
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4 years ago, 80620
Don’t correct my time!!!
I’m not a person that likes to repeat steps that I’ve already done; but yet this app feels the need to change the clock in and clock out times as I’m putting them in. No it’s not user error I take my time yet the “wheel of Fortune” feels the need to rotate after I have stopped in a number. Then the not recognizing Sunday @ 1200am as a new week and allowing me to put my time on that day when it’s the start of the new week is BS!
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1 year ago, Captain Fil
No options to copy some specific item. That is gonna make it reliable if you improve that part.. too much time consuming..
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1 year ago, NateSagamore
Such a hassle
This app has made so much of my daily activity more difficult than imaginable. We’ve lost information we used to have, and we have 4X more office/computer work to do daily. When you’re already working 8-10 hours in the field, you don’t really have the time, energy, or motivation to end your day jumping through tens of hoops just to submit reports and time. It’s nonsense and a complete waste.
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1 month ago, Swant Towing
Digital dispatch
Would be better if this app was more stream lined. Not the most user friendly. Hopefully you make some upgrades so that the service providers have an easier time navigating the app. We will continue to use with hopes that the app gets some much needed changes.
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4 years ago, samCalhoun82
Syncing picture uploads need to be better. I can check out if a job today and tomorrow they still be in sync mode. This needs to be a seamless transition.
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2 years ago, typicalnicknamealreadytaken
Lousy support
I’m loading the app for the umpteenth time because that is the only solution being offered. The app just shows a black screen after using it for a little over a week, I have to delete and reinstall to be able to use it. “Product Support” just comes up with brilliant suggestions like “log in from your pc”. Great. A mobile app that only works on a pc…
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2 years ago, squentin3
Complete trash App for AAA
I honestly couldn’t possibly think of how this app could be worse. Auto spots to drivers 2 hours away. Half the information for calls is missing. I could go on and on. Whoever switched to this app had to have gotten a kickback because by any metrics for effectiveness or efficiency this is a total failure. Not sure how the company has gotten so large with such rudimentary app quality.
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7 months ago, KKinCO
Unusable waste of time and money
This app has been an absolute nightmare from day one. Initially very glitchy and now will not even let me login in. The system just doesn’t respond to login attempts. Spent a couple of hours trying to get it to work. It still doesn’t work after 2 weeks. For what SalesForce charges it’s amazing that they can’t even get the basics to work.
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2 years ago, Alsuser
Battery Killer
Whoever sold the Salesforce system to my company could not care less about the guy in the field. This app is a complete drain on my battery. I used to be able to go all day and only charge at the end of the day. Now my battery drops 40% in the first 20 minutes while using the field service app.
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11 months ago, Kim Sungho
Background color and font
Black background and blue text does iWork very well when working outside in bright sunlight. I suggest using higher contrast.
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3 months ago, JDM75IA
HVAC Technician/ Team Leader
As far as the Field Service App that Technicians. The app is slow, clunky, and complicated. Lots of error issues and work orders look unprofessional. Most of the Technicians and I have wasted a lot time trying do work orders. This work order system is really difficult large accounts. Not impressed sometimes simple is better, this is a step backwards.
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3 years ago, pthang conner 1422
Can we get an update!!!!!!!
Is it possible to be able to update this app to where I can see what my colleague posted on the picture codes in real time please? I feel it would boost productivity up!!
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1 year ago, vic6334
Latest update is broken
The app is good but the latest update is broken. If you update you won’t be able to create and see service report. I hope company fixes that otherwise no one cares anymore about anything. Luckily I had week old iPhone backup in cloud and was able to restore to previous version.
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2 years ago, garbagnargnar
Continually logging out—iPhone 12
Since the latest update, I’m constantly getting logged out. We use Okta and so there’s a whole login process which can be quite frustrating to have to do multiple times a day.
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5 months ago, awilk12a
App doesn’t work
The app doesn’t let me login about 80% of the time I’ll have to put the same password in normally about 10 times I’ve had it once where I’ve had to try logging in about 70-80 times it’s ridiculous how little this app works sometimes
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2 years ago, gggdjhdhdjd
By the worst possible app for doing anything. A paper filled with excrement would be more beneficial. 4x as many steps needed to complete a simple task like submitting time, why? And why when I do submit time can’t your app automatically remember the last time I submitted instead of going back to the default of midnight?!? I’m dumbfounded that this app is used in the modern world….
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2 years ago, Hunter big house
Hunter from big house
Great app much more efficient, couple updates needed but other than that it’s great!
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5 years ago, dmat7777
Almost great...
My one complaint is when I put a time I’m not available due to Dr appointment, PTO, etc, this time doesn’t show on my calendar. It would be really good to be able to see it on my calendar, so I can confirm correct input.
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2 years ago, nickp field user
One of the worst platforms…
Unintuitive app, too many clicks, too many different places to look for information. The app itself forces pin or facial EVERY time you switch to it, very annoying. App also crashes several times a day and requires to go thru a lengthy login process. People at my job retiring and quitting over this app, very sad. No stars.
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5 months ago, Ynnev
Great app
I really wish they allow you to up load more than one picture at time per jobs
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1 year ago, kev475
This app may be good for something but…
this app is not intended for the way BacklotCars is forcing their employees and contractors to use it. it might be great for service appointments, if we were doing general maintenance or something. but when we’re losing accounts because our inspectors are being sent well outside of the usual area, and untrained and unprofessional recent hires are being sent to the large established accounts, it’s causing problems. this may just be the way the company is attempting to utilize the app, it either way, this app has been nothing but problems.
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3 weeks ago, Omgg3336775
App is garbage I’ve had to redownload this app atleast 100 times because it’ll crash and then never open up again unless you fully delete the app shutting all apps won’t work shutting phone off won’t work imagine making an app that a small crash bricks the whole app
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3 months ago, Glenn Athen
This app is very frustrating to use. It glitches and has framing issues on iPhone 13. It does simple tasks, but as soon as the app needs to make more complex decisions it glitches and cannot compete a task. I have attempted to contact support several times and get no support. Very much dislike this app.
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2 years ago, natedavied
I like the app, but it crashes a lot and I have to reload. I would love for it to stay back to back or post stay on the main screen rather than have to click in to details.
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1 year ago, Resendesessa
Very helpful
Very Helpful we have all the information we need for the job
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10 months ago, I am so furious
Does not work!
Doesn’t work! I add the custom domain, sign in to that, sign in again, and it tells me there is a SSO error. Then it signs me in. Then it asks for my Face ID. Then it tells me there was an error and makes me sign out. Then it pulls up a loading screen that literally never goes away. Your app is broken! It does not work!
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12 months ago, Zathras zathras
It takes a while to get used to, but works well
It takes a while to get used to, but works well
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12 months ago, NTETech
The worst app I have ever used!
The app is not intuitive. To upload pictures takes way too many steps. Why keep asking if I want to add pictures??? Just eliminate that step. If I don’t want to add pictures, I won’t! If I do I will. The app is like talking to a 2 year asking why all the time. To find where you want to go in the app takes too much time to find. The swiping up doesn’t stay up high enough to tap on the line needed. I have to keep pulling the slide up because it slides down automatically. The app is very, very frustrating!!!!
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6 months ago, moparguy1970
Good app if it worked correctly
I have to delete and reinstall this app once a week, or else the case statuses will not update in salesforce. I will go to complete my cases in field services and then at the end of the day when I look through Salesforce, all of the cases are still in dispatched status.
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2 months ago, Keegan Thacher
No stars
Has issue after issue with syncing plus simple things in other apps; like view password or a simple UI isn’t here. Now I can’t login and it’s making my response time way longer. It’s constantly having different issues.
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8 months ago, Anonymous-135791113
Updates create problems
When it works it works great. However, every time the app gets an update I lose the ability to update my work orders through my phone and it ends up creating a lot more work.
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2 years ago, miguel401
Needs Fix
Im having issues syncing upload. It does not register when I update status.
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2 years ago, BjDick
Waste of time.
Our company switched to SF from another dispatch system. Biggest mistake!!!!! Need to open different layers to access pictures, site notes, contact info. Many features are not Apple compatible. I’m so frustrated I’m contemplating looking for new employment.
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