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User Reviews for SalonCentric

4.82 out of 5
34.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Tom Surdi
Great visit
You know what was wonderful about the visit is I was greeted just about at the door with kindness and just ate was amazing the two girls and there were absolutely great with these times the way things are running. Y’all have a great team to run that business it’s the business on Martin Luther King North I don’t know the address offhand but what a bunch of great people amazing y’all did a great job and hiring them I’ll be back how do they hook me up with the app and bought a few Things just amazing. I’m 72 years old and I have never been treated like that. Awesome awesome thank you for your time. Surdi Tom
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6 months ago, kindred souls
I’ve spent days trying to get this app to work in my favor. This is like Fort Knox trying to get your information updated and then for the app to work with your updated information. Apparently I had an original account back 10 years ago before I had the app and that’s what started the whole bottle of wax. I tried to create a new account, but of course they said I had an account which I did not remember. The in-store clerks can’t help you must call customer service. So I wait for the phone to get answered eight minutes and five seconds. Spoke to a lovely lady. She took my new information down and said that it would take a day or two to update the information but you should be all set. Well I’m not all set & as usual I’m spending more more time trying to get into the system. All of this to go and buy one product. I can’t believe I’m doing this for one product. That was the start to get me into that beauty supplier from the one that I’ve been in. I think I’m just gonna stay where I am and say the heck with all it is time wasting aggravation. It is beyond belief even after forwarding a copy of my license. Never had such a time and I’ve been in the business since 1977. Good grief.
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4 years ago, DestinyRae95
I made a purchase over the weekend when the app froze while purchasing. I never received a confirmation email and the app AND website both showed I had not made any orders. So I reordered. It turns out that the first order had went through and now I had over $120 worth of double products that I did not need. The call center was closed since it was a Saturday so I opted to send an email, knowing I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with anyone until Monday (today), which was fine. I received an email this morning saying the order had been cancelled and I should be expecting a refund for the second order. Then an hour later received another email basically saying “oops it’s already processed and you’ll get a credit towards your account, call customer service for more info.” Customer service is beyond backed up due to COVID-19 and have been on hold for 30 minutes. I’m upset that the app is so glitchy that it caused me to double purchase something that I won’t be getting my money back for. I don’t need a credit in my account, I need my physical money back.
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4 years ago, Horsegirl318
This app never works 🤦🏻‍♀️
I was of course so happy when the app came out because apps are always easier to navigate that the website, well this one proved me wrong. #1 you spend the first while putting your entire order in, then you learn AFTER hitting checkout that half your order is out of stock so then you get to go back and redo everything. #2 in the “store” there’s still Christmas sets from like 2 years ago that have sold out since New Years of that year. #3 the in store pickup is a great idea but it has never ever worked a single time I’ve tried it even with trying different store locations it just keeps telling me to reselect “my store”. It would definitely make my life 10x easier if it worked. With that being said it is not my phone. I have an iPhone 11 with the newest IOS system as well as the app is up to date and when I ask for help no one seems to know how to help me with the app issues so I continue to have to go navigate the website. Fix it.
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2 years ago, lrochelle91
Store Location Never Sticks!!
Many times, I have to pick up something for a client with only a moments notice, and I can never see what location is out of stock in the products I need. I select my store, go back to the product page and get a notification that my store location has not been set. It’s frustrating as it is, but it is a way bigger hassle when I have to stop at 2 stores on my way to work unnecessarily because they don’t have the products. It would be nice to know whether something was out of stock before I go out of my way to drive to multiple stores to find it and get nothing. This problem has been going on for as long as I can remember. Please fix it. It is extremely annoying to the point where I may as well just delete the app altogether because I have no other use for it.
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9 months ago, mcdarlington8
Outrageous shipping, awful search
I agree with another review that I just read about the option for searching for products. If I search for matrix for example, and I pick one item that I need, I can't go back to the same list and keep scrolling, it takes you back to the beginning of a list all over again so that you have to scroll through every product you already passed in the first place! Another thing that is really upsetting is the new shipping charges. If you're not buying $150 worth of products or more, the shipping is automatically $35 now! It had always been about $10 for shipping if I didn't have a large enough order, and I was totally fine with that, but $35 just for shipping is insane!
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8 months ago, 💇🏼‍♂️💇💇🏼‍♀️💇
I love this app, and store!
I go to the franklin TN store and the two ladies that run the store are always helpful and friendly! They also will bend over backwards to accommodate to your needs. The only thing that bugged me is the June pride text. I know that wasn’t from the wonderful ladies at my store but a corporate thing. I almost stopped giving y’all my business but then I thought how wonderful these ladies are I decided to keep coming instead of going to state. I really hope I don’t get anymore text like that! Text like that are personal and y’all are a business.
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4 years ago, Prissy1717
“Our girls”
There are just simply people and the extortionately people who are a part of our family’s !!! I’m in this beauty world and trying to stay a extension of our community! The demands can be entitled and not ok with me. These girls are priceless,contagious,and simply hard honest working !!! Just neutral , willing to put our crazy world now into a neutral place and just be kind !!! Bakersfield has the best ever girls working here at Salon Centric !!!! You may not know ???however your part of my family
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4 years ago, Nsummerof69
Miss the human connection
The app is great to see selection , and keeps tract when it is a crazy hour and you think Ohhh I need that . However the main glitch I see , other then all app glitches . When they are out of stock of an item you have to physically remove it . I want my sale person to “see” what I tried to order so they can recommend something else . Or call another wear house. This last time my original order was 1200$ but when I removed all the out of stock items it was slightly over 800$ that is 400$ sales my rep got shorted , and I dont have to retail to clients because Im not going to go back thru and find replacements . Im almost ready to take retail out of my salon because of stuff like this .
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10 months ago, Larinda Pentakota
Review for website
This is the poorest put together website I have used. When you go to look for a product and are done with the set item you choose and need another item in the same product family it sends you back to start over ! When looking for surface products it sends you to cleaning supplies and to see what you need it is scattered throughout the cleaning supplies. My color line is set up the same way where you have to start over and scroll through to get what you need. Whoever you hired to make this site doesn’t know salon products and doesn’t know what a correct site should look like. I have said this before. When l try to use a coupon it inevitably will not let me. Then when l try and check my credit card for payment and to pay that too is not set up to be user friendly and really maddening. I have had our card for years and even when in the store trying to use a coupon from my card for spending a lot the gals have a hard time getting the coupon to go through. All of this is not ok.
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4 years ago, shari gendron
My member account
If I order via app the items are listed in my past purchases so why aren't the items I bought in the store on there? And the app has my home number listed but when I went to store they asked me for my phone number... Was told I wasn't in the system....WHAT????? I told her to try my cell and that came up!!!! I'm confused. My cell number isn't list in the app profile so why does the store have it? I only have one Cosmetology License so why are my phone numbers messed up? I want to earn credit for my purchases.. Can u help me? Can both of my phone numbers be listed on my account?
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8 months ago, sonjasky
Problems with registration
It’s been months since I got my CA license and I can’t register, every time I try I fill up my entire information and this app sends me the Error message sorry for the mix thing, I went to an actual salon centric store and even with my license and Id on hand they told me they can’t help me register. It has to be through this app! Well the app didn’t help it’s like going on circles. I took my business to the competition but I really want to get products from you I love the store, I have purchased one time they provided me with a curtesy pass at the location but that’s it one time only. Your are turning your costumers out the door with this app
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5 years ago, Nanc713
Easy to use to purchase online
Have gone to my l local Salon Centric for as long I can remember . New Hope MN; I love that store & classroom is huge as now they’ve expanded due to all the brands carried now. But never have enough time to check, see& read all packages. That’s why I love using the online site to explore& read about all products that I’ve not used prior or at least for quite some time... As a longtime licensed cosmetologist ( now 60 years old)! Thanks Nancy Kay McDonald
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6 years ago, Chrissychrissay
Awesome app
I really like this app, it makes it easy to see everything that’s going on, and looking up products you’re interested in. The one thing I’m not a super fan of is that sometimes when you’re searching a product you know the store has it, but searching if it’s not exactly written it doesn’t pop up. I prefer to be able to see products and like products even if you spell the name a bit wrong
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5 years ago, flhairstylist
App update
This has nothing to do with salon centric as a whole... love the store... except like someone else mentioned the registers ...have to plan an extra 15 min to get out of there ... now ever since the apple update the app only lets me get to the welcome screen nothing further... this Is a problem cause sometimes I don’t have the extra time for the registers and like to order online... help!
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2 years ago, offshoregirl98
No history?!?!… Seriously?!?!
Every time I log in to this app and try to see rewards and purchase history it says I have zero history and orders. I spend too much in this store at each purchase to have zero rewards, and for it to say ‘0 past orders’ is ridiculous!….. I tried going to the website and I do have a little order history, but nothing after September 2021……which is disgusting since I have spent at least $2000 in the store since then, maybe more. This is a fast way to lose a long time customer who has made a recent significant increase in purchases at your business.
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3 years ago, LMK0987612345
Can’t set up store location
I have been trying for months to search for product availability or to send an order to a store, so that I am not driving out to a store unnecessarily. But unfortunately, the ability to set my location does not work. I click on the store, it says that that store is set as my store, then when it goes to the Home Screen, there is no store listed and tells me to set me store location. I have had this app since it was first created and have always had the same store set, but approximately 3-4 months ago it disappeared and I can no longer set a store from the app. Very annoying.
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5 years ago, Noellepa
Needs work
I add products to my cart but then when I go to check out they say they are out of stock or unavailable. It would really help if it said it before allowing me to put in the cart so that I don’t have to go re shop once I get to check out. And since you check out on the website once you press check out, that’s the only time it tells you it’s out of stock. I use the website 9 times out of 10 because of this issue. The website always tells if something is out of stock or unavailable and won’t let you add to cart.
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1 year ago, b?d
Product availability not up to date
I ordered 3 products from the app and received confirmation for all 3. A couple days later it showed only 2 would ship and showed that they had shipped and gave a tracking number. After speaking to an employee I found that they were still in processing and although i could still add the 1 item to my bag, it indeed was NOT available to purchase. Very disappointing and frustrating!
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7 months ago, NikiLiAnn
Needs to fix online ordering bug
Used to use the app to order online for pick-up because it was easy and convenient. Lately, I have had to resend my order 8-10 times for the entire order to be sent through. After I push the order through, half my order is still in the cart. I must order several more times to send through my entire order. Inconvenient & time-wasting. Then the store receives my order in 8-10 separate parts. Please fix this ASAP
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5 years ago, Akinatorh8r
They lie?
the ratings of their products are drastically altered, and they filter out all bad ratings. Very frustrating as a stylist when you genuinely want other stylists opinions before buying something. Not to mention it keeps companies from hearing our professional feedback and potentially correcting/ making things better. Just be honest and let people say what they want to say! They also CONSTANTLY have things listed that you cannot buy from the app because theyre either discontinued, out of stock, or not available to your area. So annoying.
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3 years ago, Weubly
I’m not sure what has happened with the update, but logging in to this née app was a nightmare, by the time I got in every product I clicked on to order showed a box with sorry no info available for this product, that was every single thing!! I don’t understand why these companies update something that worked well, only to have it be non functional, even if it’s only temporary, unnecessary inconvenience , during very stressful times in our industry . 1 star for the possibility that this is just a fluke and will at some point work properly.
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5 years ago, Cook N Happy 2016
Love my SalonCentric
I always feel welcome and Wendy always has the information I need and the products I want and use. Wendy always makes sure every customer is greeted or spoken to and in addition to the monthly sale brochure mailed to my shop I receive daily texts from Wendy letting me know about all the discounts, flash sales and deals. Thank you SalonCentric. S. Morgan
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2 years ago, Asdfghjklyfqilbfsyvg
Love the new app but..
I have been loving the app since they updated it although there is quite a major bug when I go to click ”find in store” it takes me to a page to sent my store, and then I do and as soon as I exit it refreshes and makes me do the same thing over and over again without ever being able to check availability in store! If that was fixed it would be 5/5 amazing!
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2 years ago, PeachRose🍑🌹
This app is HORRIBLE! First issue is the fact that I can't set my home store, every time I try it confirms it but then when I go to place an order it tells me I need to select a home store first. Which then brings me to the second issue, not being able to place an order. Last issue is the fact that I can't see my points or rewards !! It's literally been telling me “ We're having trouble loading your rewards cards ” FOR TWO YEARS ! I'm sick of it ! As much money as I spend here I should be eligible for a huge reward by now !!
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1 month ago, B_savvy89
Technical problems
Love the app, fairly easy to navigate however, it lags and doesn’t load products when you select them. The error message says something like “there is no additional information on this product” but there is you just have to go out of it and select it again.
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2 months ago, BFam5Lambeau
Product is out of stock but you don’t find out until check out. Bonus products are always out of stock. Then of 5 samples 3 were unavailable. Why even offer them then. I went to put a customer complaint in and the phone number for contact us doesn’t even work. I need the product so I have to order what they have but man do I wish I could shop somewhere else!
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2 years ago, aud401
Could work on the software
I’ve been using the app for few years and it’s great to navigate products and do pick up in stores from it as well but the app always been funky, it lags, doesn’t let you select your store even tho you did, closes out, and it too slow sometimes it’s weird. You gotta be so patience with it. Wish that could be updated but it is what it is!
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2 years ago, Melissaj312
Products priced higher in app
I’ve only just downloaded it, so I can’t comment on the app’s features, other than I’ve noticed right off the bat that the prices for some products are higher on the app for some reason. My identical cart on the website was several dollars cheaper. My Dermalogica and IGK products were priced higher on the app, so I’m sure there are other products priced higher as well.
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2 years ago, Robin Grabowski
Rockford store
I just want to give the Rockford Salon Centic a big shout out! Especially LeAnn the manager, she has done an amazing job with the store and her staff are always friendly and willing to help you . All of them will go above and beyond to correct or find answers for you. Thank you ladies keep up the good work❤️
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6 years ago, junie1960
Love to shop there til I get to the register! Never know if they’ll be working! Continually hear that the company is is trying to get new ones that work with their system! You need to get new registers ASAP! It’s ridiculous the trouble they have with those registers! Could lose customers because of the slow and some times Dow registers!
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3 years ago, Shaycoleeee
Can’t use it for classes
I can’t even use the app properly … I can’t check out with any classes thru online checkout and when I do it as if I’m gonna “pick up” in store, the classes are nowhere to be found. It’s quite frustrating. It’s keeping an error that says one of the classes isn’t in the catalogue anymore but it won’t let me remove it and when I go backwards to look at the cart, that class they speak of isn’t even there initially.
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7 years ago, Paplucy
They have everything!
I love Salon Centric app. I love that I can get anything I need at anytime of the day or night. The app itself, has so many fun little tidbits. I watch educational videos, I look for upcoming classes, I'm also able to find the newest and latest techniques and products. Purchasing online is a very convenient method for a busy hairstylist.
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6 years ago, 19_Snow_78
Trying to email my order to the store and it keeps telling me No Mail Accounts please set up mail account in order to send email. Called customer support they have no idea was told they would send me an email and give me a call back. They sent me an email to reset my password that didn’t work never called me so as we speak I am waiting on hold AGAIN!!! FYI don’t call them when you are in a hurry because you will be on hold forever and it repeats the same thing over and over...... Wouldn’t give 1 star if I had the option!
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7 years ago, audreyelliott11
always says no connection??
no matter where i am, every time i attempt to look at an item on the app it insists i have no connection when every other app loads fine. It also says to tap to retry and it does nothing. I updated the app and deleted and redownloaded it and it still won’t work :(
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2 years ago, sayotte21
Overall Great
This app is overall great, but I wish it updated a little more often. I constantly have a “notification” saying I have something in my inbox when I have already opened it, used it, and read everything. There’s also no way to delete messages you’ve read.
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2 years ago, SSPS SHAN
Just “ok”. Great that you can scan items for descriptions and ingredients, and I love the “how to” included for the products. The app unfortunately doesn’t reflect real-time stock levels or prices though. It takes you to the website when you’re ready to check out. Come to find out the prices were different and one of my back bar products was sold out.
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5 years ago, AshleyKay323
Great App!
I love this app! It lets me order items instead of going to the store when I’m short on time, it allows me to look up products for a quick price reference when inputting inventory, it makes it easy to place an order right to my store for pickup, the list goes on! Love it!
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2 years ago, christmas comet
It’s fine
It’s fine, but you’re not told if things are available or not til after you try to check out. Also, trying to follow my orders is impossible. It’s incredibly frustrating. I appreciate being able to order from an app, but I’d like to know about what im ordering before I try to order it, and I’d like to be able to SEE the last order I placed.
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2 years ago, ready2rumbl
Can’t gain access
So every time I go to Salon Centric I am harassed because I don’t have the app, so I finally got it. Besides the fact that all these apps hog your phone space and cookies slow down the phone, I decided to see what all the hype was about. Spoiler alert: 30 minutes of my life I will never get back struggling to register so I can use the app. DELETED APP…USELESS if you can’t get in! Salon centric is on my way to work anyways and I never have a problem just picking up the products I need in person.
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6 years ago, Find something else
If it didn’t freeze
This is a great concept, however, every time I use this app it freezes. I have updated,uninstalled it numerous times and reinstalled it, I have restarted my phone, used it with and without WiFi even gotten a new phone. It just never works for me.
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5 years ago, sarahj77
Excellent Customer Service
Every time I walk into Salon Centric I am greeted by all of the employees. They are always willing to help me with anything and if they don’t have what I need they always offer to order it. Plus, we can call in orders and they’ll have it ready for pick up! I love my Salon Centric!
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2 years ago, Buttons613
Needs work
This app is so glitchy, it’s always freezing or not loading certain pages. I can’t place orders through the app to pick up in store because it won’t let me update my home store and save it. It says “saved as my store” then I go back to the home page and it requests I update my home store again. If these glitches were fixed it would be a very useful app!
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4 years ago, CreativeMa123
Add year end tax info
Please add year-end tax info totaled up . I’ve been on the app & I can see when I’ve shopped in the store and what I’ve ordered to be shipped through my consultant -which is great .thank you.. but I’d also like to have it totaled out for the end of the year that would make it much easier! And if it’s not asking too much maybe allow us to export it to XL QuickBooks H&R etc. that would be awesome -thank you
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1 year ago, Tracymed
Salon centric Swansea Ma
Best store overall for cleanliness ,bright and very well organized the staff is exceptional. My business couldn’t run as efficient without this particular store and the people working there. I rely on them for everything.
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6 years ago, FenNasty
Salon Centric Rep
1st off your store in Council Bluffs has amazing customer service & always extremely clean! Love it!!! Michael Alexander is my rep..... hands down best in the business. Takes time to ensure you understand, communication is never a issue, & follows up! Awesome asset to your team & my personal business!!!!
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3 years ago, emilyarche
Love the riverton ladies
Love love the ladies at the riverton store. Also so helpful, great customer service. So friendly, willing to help with anything you need. I just wish riverton had a bigger store. If I could say anything negative the space. Other then that great!!
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2 years ago, toukachan521
Won’t stay open
I’d love to use the app more but every time I do it freezes up and won’t connect and I have to completely shut down the app and then reopen it multiple times just adding things to my cart. This happens on not only my work phone but also my personal phone and iPad.
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3 years ago, surper fun game
iPad version please/update issue
I would really love an iPad version Cosmo prof has an iPad version and has had one for quite some time. Also my app will not allow me to choose my location anymore. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled signed out and sign back in and it still will not allow me to choose and set my store location so that I can see what products are available in specific locations.
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3 years ago, Tkoch812
Mediocre App
This app is only good to order supplies. You cannot edit any information including VERY simple information. You cannot add a store preference and therefore you cannot check what stores may or may not have an item. This app does not save you any time from have to make phone calls and be on hold for lengthy periods of time! Extremely frustrating
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