Samsara Driver

4.7 (6.7K)
81.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Samsara Networks, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Samsara Driver

4.71 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Tim_Arnold
Great App
This app works great for me to manage my fault routine. Dispatch can put in my deliveries and pickups on routes. I can submit my proof of delivery, then when I pick up, I can put in the bill of lading and scale ticket and move on to my next destination. I love that it automatically goes into my hours of service clock while I’m driving, so I can manage my breaks and stopping for the evening. The DVIR feature is easy and informative. My only wish was that it could send a notification to dispatch if there was an issue that needed to be resolved, just so I didn’t have to call them to say, hey, I have an issue, can we get it fixed. Overall, great app and I hope it stays that way.
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1 year ago, Otawo
Dumb hos app
The app will switch my duty status to On Duty at random times. It will also sometimes not switch to Driving because it is not properly connected to the truck. Those will occasionally be fixed by logging out of the app weekly, but it happened to me this week after my weekly log out. This app doesn’t work well with split breaks. I spent 7 hours sleeper berth yesterday, 2 & a half hours at a shipper, those don’t work together, I then left to go to the consignee and had about 6 hours that I would be early to the consignee, which doesn’t allow overnight parking so I went to the company lot for 5 & a half hours. I had about 3 and a half hours left on my 11 & 14 hour clocks, 2 hours 15 minutes into delivery and it again wanted to replace my short break with the current one which wasn’t long enough and would have put me into violation. I had to edit 1 minute on duty into both times I was docked. Allow the driver to select one break for their short and long breaks in a split break so that the driver can avoid any problems with violations on their clocks.
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5 years ago, CaSunBabe
Line 1, 14hr violation
Keeps showing violation for 14hr/shift clock when I’m on line 1/off duty. If I edit line 1 to line 2, the violation goes away. Keeps logging me out while I’m driving; I would like to be able to see my clocks at anytime without any hassles while I’m driving. Doesn’t matter if I’m using Samsung or iPad; these issues prevail. Please fix. If it weren’t for this glitch, it’s possible that I wouldn’t have gotten caught in a blizzard in Iowa because I was waiting for my fleet manager (it took him a while to get back to me) to help me figure out what was wrong with my logs, and now my load is a day behind schedule. This is pretty serious stuff, really needs to be fixed. And what do you expect us to do? Pull over every time we need to see our clocks so that we can log back in? Being required to type in a password frequently is just not a safe thing for us to be doing. We also need a way to be able to move at a truck stop during our break without going on duty yard move or on duty driving.
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3 years ago, RHMCowboy
Almost good.
This is not a bad app set up if it worked. Unfortunately I’d is filled with bugs. Just came off a 10 break and it didn’t reset my clock. Because I spent a few hours out of the sleeper. But 10 hours is 10 hours so it shouldn’t matter. Plus time and time again while in the sleeper it kicks me out of my log which put me in off duty. Doing a split break you have to have it in the sleeper. I realize you can fix it but you shouldn’t have to. Plus the more corrections on your log the closer DOT looks at it. Then there are other little things. I called and they say it bugs they are looking into. I get that but this has been going on for about a year. How long to fix. One last thing I hate. Going off duty. There’s an extra step. When you change your status and press save that’s it, but when you change it to off duty you press save and then if you’re in a hurry you forget that you then have to press off duty or sign out. If you don’t it won’t change your status.
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1 year ago, MicOnStand
Adding Event End/Start time to driver interface
I want to suggest that the samsara app for drivers should have something to show the exact time when an event will end. An example is if I put myself in “sleeper mode” there should be something written on the app’s dashboard that tells me the exact time I am going to finish from sleeper. If I go into sleeper say 9:30pm, ten hours after that is 7:30am. Something should reflect “out of sleeper 7:30am”. Also for 34 hours reset 00:00am/pm If you split sleeper which may be one of the good ones this suggestion might help, you should know the exact time the current split would end. Either it’s 3 hours by 7 hours split or 2 hours by 8 hours split. This makes it super fast to get this information at a glance. I believe adding this to the app will add to the edge Samsara has over other apps like it.
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6 years ago, Ahopkin
A decent app
Been running Samsara for roughly 6 months now. It’s a decent app. Easy enough to navigate and use Things that should be addressed Flagging is touch and go at best, when I add a flag sometimes it will mark it sometimes it won’t or I disappears all together rather annoying Being signed out 3-4 times a day while driving This is a major annoyance especially when you are close to your 14 hour mark and need to check it only to see you’ve been logged out Things that should be changed Being able to zoom in on your log when flagging I cannot tell you the headache it is trying to figure out when a duty status change starts or ends on this app especially when I cannot zoom in on my log and see the exact time my duty status change is, I know I can see duty status changes and times in another part of the app but switching back forth from that to the log is a nightmare. Please fix this Leeway on truck movement This is the biggest headache of this app. If the truck moves it automatically puts you on duty driving I would like to see a 15 mph buffer on this, especially when I’m at a truck stop and need to either fuel or move when I’m on my 10, I know I can change status to avoid this but a 15mph buffer would be great Over all a decent app, with improvements this could be the go to app for elogs
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2 years ago, Loggie20
ELD log unit
Honestly I don’t have any complaints about this system. I haven’t seen any bugs. Love that I can operate from my phone and not just a tablet. Works very fast. So far I’ve never had a time when it hasn’t responded. Very clear and simple and easy to use. I could be wrong but I wish they had a phone number to reach a customer service rep for the system if you do have a problem or question. I don’t believe I’ve seen one. Looks like it’s email but I’m not 100% sure. Other than that excellent system
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6 years ago, BananaAttack03
Better than others but room for improvement
This is better than others we have used in the past but a few gripes with the newest update. I like the newest update and the addition of night mode however, and this is small, it's inconvenient to have to clock the moon to shift back Everytime you change your duty status is there a way to make it a setting you can turn on and off that way the entire thing can go to a night mode and you don't have to keep selecting it Everytime. And then in the remarks section there is the preset remarks and then the option to type a different one but with this newest update it still pops up the preset ones but now automatically wants you to type something in. Is this a bug? Why not allow us to select the preset ones and then IF we need to put something else allow us to select that area like before. Again a minor inconvenience but still irritating none the less. Also when in on duty it will all of the sudden say truck stopped and ask my status even if I haven't moved since I switched, but going into yard move fixes this. But on duty shouldn't do that. Otherwise I like the improvements you continue to make but a few tweaks would be great.
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6 months ago, Ritch rich
Decent app
I’ve been using this app for about 3 years and it works great for the most part. There’s just one issue that persists to this day. I’ve messaged them numerous times about it and it hasn’t been fixed. When I go off duty at the end of the day, the app will put me back on duty after I leave work. So every morning I open the app to on duty violations and have to waste time editing my logs to get rid of the violation. It’s such simple bug but hasn’t been fixed in the 3 years I’ve used this app. They say they listen to comments but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I wish I could add up all the time I’ve wasted editing my logs every day for the past 3 years. It’s so annoying.
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10 months ago, bubba1991
Their log system is full of issues
Their software has so many issues, especially if you drive team. One of the issues is we both use our phone to manage our logs and when we switch to the active driver for some reason, even though I’ll be going down the road it will automatically switch to my co-drivers even though I’m the active driver.(I tried reaching out to the company to notify them of notify them of this bug and basically got told use only one device well since we use our personal phones for a log device it’s unlikely that we’re gonna be able to use one device and the software worked fine when it first came out doing this however, now it’s completely broken even their advice of using only one device doesn’t fix the problem. Their software just hates teams.)
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5 years ago, RavioliAnderson
Not enough notifications
The user has to babysit the app far too often, I spent more time figuring out this app and trying to correct easy mistakes than I did taking breaks while on the road. Additionally, not being able to fix mistakes of logged driving time when the vehicle is completely shutdown and at a standstill is extremely aggravating because it shows I am in violation because of an inaccurate system. What this app could do better is allow a feature to send the driver a notification after the vehicle’s engine has been turned over, vehicle parked, or shutdown. A reminder that asks what status the driver is planning to log. Otherwise if you don’t remind yourself to change status in the app every time you make a stop or end your shift, this app will log whatever you left it on for the duration. Even if the vehicle is shut down and not in motion.
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4 months ago, not good fuel card
Very bad to work with
The customer service doesn’t know much about the app . Very often detect driving under 5 miles per hour. Split sleeper goes crazy from time to time don’t give you the time supposed to and samsara has no one to help you with this . If you shut off you truck battery for few days will show you Power malfunction detection for 24 hours I believe DOT will not like that . If you drive on personal conveyance and stop in traffic for few minutes automatically goes on -off duty and if you don’t pay attention and start driving starts your shift or goes on violation and this is not good. Pretty much is not drivers friendly. The dash-cam is super annoying you have to be the only one or the road in order not to tell you to increase your fallowing distance it can give you headaches.
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1 year ago, JAS678
The Best One.!!!
I really like having my ELD in the palm of my hand! It makes it so much easier when I forget to change duty status and when I’m in the sleeper and need to know where I’m at time wise! I also like the ease of correcting mistakes.!!! I enjoy no irritating noises, in fact, I don’t think I’ve heard any noises yet.!!! My only complaint is that it puts me back on the drive clock at 5mph, I wish it would wait until 6mph. However, that’s pretty petty with all of its great benefits it allows.!!!
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5 years ago, Kootimyu
This app is so flawed in so many different ways I won’t even begin to list. It’s more or less quite impossible to pass a dot inspection using this app without having your company perform Administrative edits. Even the management gives up on trying to fix needless error like the app mysteriously not logging drive time. The only reason the dot might pass someone using this is that they they are seeing thousands of errors from cell phone based apps that basically don’t work right cause they don’t always ping the cell towers. The app is ruining my life and I’m not understating that fact. I’m constantly worried about the errors in my log. I’m frustrated and if I quit my job, it will be because the company uses this app. and won’t change. Run don’t walk away from this app.
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1 year ago, Scotlynn driver
Samara app has on going malfunctions
I’ve used this app for 3 years as it is required by the company I’m leased to. During this time period there has been issues of app changing duty status while parked in of duty or sleeper berth as well as malfunction and change status when in personal conveyance to driving causing drivers to lose their 34 hour rest. I’m was logged out of app on time off and app put me in on duty 2 days into my time off with out me even being near or around my truck. How can an app that makes you legally liable for its errors be used and accepted by any company. I’ve many times had to refuse to certify my logs due to Samsara app malfunctions
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Solid app for truck and fleet maintenance
Doesn’t save the pictures you take for inspection reports to your phone photo library and that makes it a winner in my book. Also updates regularly and bugs it had in the past seem to have gotten fixed relatively quickly. I use this to manage my fleet maintenance and it does a good job. Easy to teach how it works to new drivers. Well laid out and intuitive. Overall pretty good at what it does.
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2 years ago, icemantrucker1975
I actually love this system. When used right. This system is a really good asset to have on your side. It shows what truly happens in any event with clarity. It allows management to see and advise drivers of they’re wrong or right doing (IE; speed, System detected distracted driver) Most of all I really love that this system can be viewed remotely and I see the video of any events that took place immediately without waiting a couple of days and going to a third party website.
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1 year ago, Rick Sanchoz
Annoying bugs and useless safety scoring
Your app logged me out for no good reason, then wouldn't let me sign back in for almost 2 hours. I restarted the app, restarted my phone, and the issue did not resolve. I made it to a truck stop, set my brakes, and attempted to sign in again. It finally let me sign in after 5 minutes of restarting it. Also, the safety scoring makes no sense and is absolutely useless. There is no information about time, date, location, or the alleged infraction. How are drivers supposed to take corrective measures or dispute alleged infractions? It's to the point where I've been apathetic about it for many months. Some drivers even compete for the lowest score. It's so ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Realty Shopper
Best connected app
We found the best support and functional app while tirelessly searching for a better solution from our previous provider whom lied to us and sold us a legacy platform AOBRD instead of the requested ELD. Now we have a working system which integrates all of our needs until one easy to use and robust platform. ELD, location, navigation, messaging, IFTA, temperature and humidity control, on board wifi Hotspot, on board cameras, etc. Call them and you will be as satisfied as we are today.
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1 year ago, Robot Mann
Easy to use
The biggest irritation with this app is the messaging. For whatever reason, the developers don’t or won’t put in the ability to clear old dispatch information.. There is no need to keep 2 month old dispatch information once a load is complete, a driver should be able to erase it. As far as the ELOG, itself it is very easy to use. Another issue I have with using this app, when I go to put comments on a DVIR, the virtual keyboard blocks the comment section. I can send messages to dispatch with no problem. I am using an IPad at the current time.
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10 months ago, Darkmind4q
Samsara app . User friendly ?
Like that it tells you verbally when you do something wrong, help to improve your safe driving habits , It focuses on speeding , doing distracted driving , following to close ect … On the flip note : gotta Remember to use the light back arrow , & turn off @ end of the day , so many co - workers got to fix & edit after the weekend… it’s poor @ that task - :- will review in 3 months …
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1 year ago, Myfaceismelting
This has been a nightmare for tow fleets
Our entire shop (80 people) are about ready to quit because of the way they do their scoring. Even our supervisors hate this app and want nothing more than this company to go away. Shame on anyone who works at this company making the lives of blue collar workers miserable. You think you’re making it safer but this system we have in place actually is training me to NOT hit the breaks in an emergency because no matter what, even if a child runs out in front of you, it will take you to a 0 and have your safety team upset your “numbers are down”. Not everything in life needs to be an Xbox game score.
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3 years ago, Hoosierhauler
Samsara in a Penske truck
In a Penske loaner until my new truck is delivered. Used the Penske ELD phone app for a few months. It was connected by Bluetooth. Difficult to connect to the truck and lost connection 2 or 3 times a day. Very frustrating. Been using Samsara for about 3 weeks now. So far so good. Easy to connect and it stays connected even when I walk away from the truck. Very user friendly.
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2 years ago, Terry 33Degree
Great App!
I use this app everyday and it’s not let me down! I work for Spar hawk Trucking, in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. These guys keep me moving and I get home right on time. Using Samsara, Sparhawk keeps me informed with dispatch info, gives me the ability to turn in paperwork using the Documents feature and keeps me legal on my logs. Sparhawk is the best driving job I’ve ever had and using Samsara just makes it better!
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3 years ago, JmRr2011
3/7 and 2/8 new rules does not work properly
Sometimes the app does not recognize this exemption , also in the new law, on duty time start with the first driving instead the first on duty , but app still count the on duty, If i on off duty , but want to check my available times , I be force to go on duty and go true steps that probably make me go in violation just because I want to check the times, Is a decent app , and easy to work with, except this things.
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1 year ago, enter-here
Almost Perfect
Very user friendly platform and houses a lot of information on the backend for the office staff. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a good drivers app with ELD capability. Only thing I would change is the driving directions are not quite semi/truck and trailer friendly as they are based off of google maps.
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2 years ago, Itunesnotacceptingmyname
The app works well, but…
There’s a terrible ding notification that happens when the app is prompting you to change status. This startling sound happens even with notifications turned off, and the phone on silent mode. I’m so sick of the mini heart attacks I have every time. It puts me in a bad mental state and completely disrupts my thoughts. I’m going to have my whole fleet write a similar review on every platform available until this is changed. Also, one should be able to see a rout overview on a map within the app, instead of having to use a browser or the fleet app.
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2 years ago, El Volvillo
Samsara is the best elog I’ve ever used. It needs a little tweaking but it’s great. I like that I don’t have to really do much but drive and it changes by itself. The only thing I don’t like is that it puts you on driving at 5 mph instead of 15 mph. Most yards you run at 15 mph. I also wish they would make it easier to send paperwork to the office.
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3 weeks ago, OTRTEXAN
Mostly good
The app works fine for the most part. My biggest complaint is minor, but would be a huge help. We can’t copy individual lines out of the text messages. This would be so helpful when we need to copy a phone number or a check number for lumpers. The only copy option is the entire text body. This should be an easy fix.
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1 year ago, cut us juicy gggii on
I’ve had better
This is probably my least favorite ELD app. I can’t log into edit my logs or upload documents without selecting a vehicle. Sometimes it doesn’t register driving status on the app so you switch it manually then you have multiple logs. Also it creates multiple changes when you extend a status. If your slip seating a truck sometimes it’s hard to log out or says there’s still a driver in truck even when there’s not. I wouldn’t recommend if your shopping for an ELD.
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3 years ago, PapaG9
It gets stupid in personal conveyance mode
Still has a bug or 2. Mostly satisfied with it. When you use personal conveyance mode it will sometimes automatically put you back in driving mode. Or it will prompt you every minute or to asking if you want to switch modes. If you don’t answer immediately it will switch you automatically.
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4 years ago, E. Lile
Very good ELD app
If you have an iPad, you won’t have to rent a tablet from your dispatch as the app works on iPad also. Everything is easy and intuitive, doesn’t allow cheating but does offer the very useful Personal Conveyance and Yard Move functions, which, sadly many other apps don’t. The one improvement I would suggest is an easy to find software update button.
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12 months ago, ChichiRodri
Excellent tool
Some times the sistem go off line but I think is maybe the signal or software not sure but still a great sistem to work with it need some updates and maybe more settings to choose any ways I will recommend to anyone who wants to work with this group (app) or (software) thanks
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4 years ago, 042218
Best support out there!
I’ve been through several providers for tracking HOS with ELD’s and these guys are excellent. The few issues I’ve had were resolved in minutes and they take your feedback and suggestions seriously. The number of enhancements made since I’ve been on is impressive to say the least. So happy to have found Samsara!
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3 years ago, Frankiejayy
Works great
Never had any issues. Definitely one of the best ELDs out there. Easy to figure out and make adjustments if needed. One bug is that when I first open the app it doesn’t automatically detect my location and I manually have to put it. Other than that works great
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4 years ago, Machael6792
Slow and glitchy
This app worked wonderfully a few months ago now everything takes forever and I have to wait for it to respond to my input, then wait for it to load the next page. The logs themselves keep glitching every time I change duty status or make an edit and changing some random chunk of time to drive time forcing me to log out and back it just to correct the log or at least the log I can see. I mean do you not have people that test your updates?
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9 months ago, 38buick
Documents and data
This app is storing a whopping 7.5GB of documents and data? Why so much? That’s a ridiculous amount of storage space for the app, I’m assuming that it’s the photos that are the storage space pig, there’s gotta be a better way to deal with that problem, I think after 30 days it should be deleted or perhaps put in cloud storage, but don’t hog up a lot of GB space just for the logs, that’s crazy how much space it uses, a lot of development is needed for sure. I had to give one star because of data storage, smh
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1 year ago, sweetstylist
I don’t understand how I can PC for 2.5 hours while I’m asleep and wake in the same spot I stop to sleep at, but it happened the other day. It’s constantly messing up no location at times and I’m having to uninstall and reinstall every few days. I update and it just gets worse every time. I don’t like being told I did something I didn’t and getting a warning for it. If I could change my log company I would, but sadly my company uses this crap app and as a driver I have to suffer for the app mistakes. Yippee!!!!
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10 months ago, erikh225
Requested feature
Overall , Samsara is one of the best ELD programs I’ve used in a truck. What would be an awesome addition is to have an app for the Apple Watch to be able to change duty status without having to take out my phone or use the tablet in the truck. Add that feature and you’ll get that extra star on the rating.
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12 months ago, RiccFX2020
Countless times you have interrupted my 34 or 10 hour reset with a 1 minute drive that can not be edited all because of the inconsistency of your Personal Conveyance “timer” or whatever. THERE ARE TIMES WHEN, if I forget to turn it off, IT WILL LEAVE ME ON PC FOR ENDLESS HOURS with ZERO movement yet when I actually use PC I can stand still for literally one minute, move again and all of a sudden switched to actual DRIVE TIME??!!! BOOM, Just cost me a day of work AGAIN just like that because I moved closer to the hotel’s laundry side of the building. FIX YOUR APP!!!
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3 years ago, $sl!m
Recapped hrs of service
At the end of a 70hr week, your hours you preform earlier that week are not shown so you can plan to work off of recapped hour’s.. violations appear for no real reason at times, I now just ignore them. Not enough information for serious drivers. Recapped hours on the daily 14hr clock would be most helpful as well if, you could see that as well. It’s just a functional app my company uses
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3 years ago, simtim88
Best ELD log I’ve ever used
The thing that I love the most is that it gives you the routes and gives you directions to the destination. I also love that I can upload the BOL’s to get paid. Without having to trip pak or transflo. One weakness is that you do need a cell phone or equivalent to use it
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7 months ago, Mustamg98
Best app for drivers
Been using this app now for at least four years I really enjoy it. It’s been very easy to use for a driver. We have enough to worry about as it is. It’s great when you have to deal with waystation, and it has been very easy for the company as well.
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5 years ago, CoDuane
By far the best elog I have found. My drivers like how easy it is to use and how stable it is. Other brands we have used were always disconnecting and we were constantly deleting and reloading the apps. Not once have we had to do this with Samsara Thanks Samsara for making a product that works like it is supposed to.
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10 months ago, timking1492
Samsara review
App needs to save photos that are taken of loads for later review once sent you cannot look at previous photos. Another downside is you cannot look back at previous loads past a few days this is kind of a pain if you have a bad memory. Other than these things the app works good with very little issues.
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2 years ago, cducey90
Great App
Works great, the only issue I have is that when I log out on my ELD and it shows off duty on both the ELD and the phone app…. It will give me a warning on the app saying I need to sign out or I will be in violation of the HOS.. it’s just an error of some sort because it does show off duty…
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2 years ago, Jay Esseff
Easy to Use
Our company used a different e-log up until last month, when it was replaced by the Samsara e-log. The difference is noticeable. Much easier to use, and to monitor. Much more responsive, and quicker hookup to vehicles. Nice program. 👍
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12 months ago, NateRW97
System is flawed.
It reads the wrong speed zones at times, it’s merit system doesn’t make sense, it picks up passengers using phones and flags it as the driver using their phone. Just all around a trash system. I’ve glad gotten to the point where I just drive how I want because no matter what you’ll get flagged. The worst part is after doing so my driving score has legitimately gotten better… other drivers in the company who are way more cautious have a lesser score. There is NO LOGIC TO THIS SYSTEM.
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4 years ago, Hasankor
Great app.
I have used most ELD’s this one so far the best. Driver friendly and perfect for tracking and dispatch. Also have a future for live sharing link. You can create links for brokers to track without using external tracking software. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, TimF94J
Automatically goes on duty while driving
Great application. Easy to use. The only problem I have is while driving and stuck at a traffic light or in traffic it will automatically boot me to on duty. At the end of the day I have to go back and correct it to driving.
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