Samsara Fleet

4.7 (421)
126.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Samsara Networks, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Samsara Fleet

4.65 out of 5
421 Ratings
5 months ago, Kelly / Samsara User Admin
Very user friendly
We’ve only been using Samsara for a little over a week. The mobile app is very user-friendly, GPS locations load fast, almost immediately we like the view both on mobile and desktop, the loading time, the ease of the reports, the multitude of reports that we can get. The number of features Samara has is very beneficial. It all allows you to turn these features on or off depending on your needs. we have already recommended Samsara to another business.
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11 months ago, Alainalc
Customer service is the worst !!
I’ve been a customer since 2022 and I regrets getting samsara , if you haul produce do not get samsara I say that again DO NOT GET SAMSARA . I’ll give you a couple of examples of the bad customer service. I have a ticket since may that no one in samsara seems to care I have to be calling and calling yes that’s right 2 months and no one can resolve it. Second the customer service in Mexico is the worst. It’s a constant battle with my sales consultant just to get an order in , like a said before I have to be calling and callling just to be ignored that’s right just to be ignored . They don’t care about your business they just want your money if a gate away device breaks well good luck getting it replaced. Bottom line look somewhere else check motive or geotab of you run produce samsara doesn’t work well hauling produce.
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4 years ago, XPD Trans
Great Company w Great features!
We have been with Samsara since the implementation of ELD. They have been working very hard to work with customers and making their system more streamlined and user friendly. This is just one of their features where you get to see your entire fleet on one app. They are constantly innovating and adding new features to make the user experience super easy and friendly. Recommend.
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2 years ago, MP Singh
Bad experience
salesman Ben Chung send me cameras and said that contract will start after 30 days trial. And I send them return request within to 30 days trial time because I couldn’t get time to even open there box. So cameras never used not even for second but they still charge me over $3400 for full contract. It’s over 2 years now and I’m still waiting for my refund. I send them multiple emails and tons of calls but they never refund. Sometimes over the phone even they agreed to refund but that never happened. Salesman Ben’s service very disappointing. One star for products only because there products it self not bed but they don’t care about there customers.
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4 years ago, ARG90013
DOT inspection mode needs better security...
When my drivers are in a DOT inspection on the road and the officer request the drivers ELD device it would be nice if the Samsara app could be locked down. So the officer can not snoop around or edit the log(s) and then try to violate the driver on HOS. This option is available on all other major ELD providers that we have used in the past. Why can’t Samsara offer this option to their app? All of our ELD devices are IOS so we can go into “Guided Acess” mode. But this does not stop the officer from snooping around throughout the Samsara app with full access to settings and can edit information as (s)he pleases. This is a huge security risk on the Samsara app.
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1 year ago, Palsyface
User friendly
4.5 is what I would actually give it, maybe 4.6. User friendly. Simple interface, i.e. not overly complex and is reliable. This app does everything I expected it would and a little more (I mostly only use it samsara on pc, however I am out of the office a lot more lately). Diggin it
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4 years ago, Hats ghat
Still not working
While this does not provide much info to begin with, it is truly frustrating when you do their update and can no longer use the app at all. After deleting the app and reinstalling it I would only have access to a blank white screen. When the new update was released days later saying specially that the login screen freeze would be fixed I figured I’d try it again. Well, once again, I still have no access to anything on the app, just a blank white screen. Boy I love paying Thousands of dollars in equipment and installation to be able to see a blank screen.
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4 years ago, Drewgobbles
Need push notifications
Both the fleet and driver apps ask you if it’s ok to send notifications, but don’t have push notifications. If you send a message or a route to the diver, the guys won’t know unless they specifically open the app and look for routes or messages. A simple thing like push notifications on an app where you have to keep up with your drivers shouldn’t be “down the road”. It should be there at launch. Visually though the app is nice.
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4 years ago, the holy ryno
Easy to use
This app provides a great overview of your fleet at the touch of a button. I wish you could track where the vehicle had been throughout the day, but the app makes getting to any truck in your fleet easy with just selecting the truck and clicking one button to get directions.
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1 year ago, SMC_Cuddles
Been Great
It’s been a great asset until recently but my app is no longer working. iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16.2. I’ll be upgrading to 16.3 later. Once I login, it’s just a white screen and nothing changes no matter how long I wait. Not sure if this is a just me issue or everyone on the 14 with same iOS.
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4 years ago, sjlurie
Easy to use and invaluable control.
Our company operates a small fleet of mobile digital billboard trucks. Samsara allows us to hire local drivers for these trucks saving hundreds of dollars in food and lodging charges on extended contracts outside the Washington DC area. It’s as close as you can get to sitting in the trucks with the drivers.
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8 months ago, Smilieguy
Tracking trucks made easy
Samsara Hass to be one of the best tracking systems out there. They let you see everything that's going on with your resources out in the field. What an amazing group of people and an amazing service.
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11 months ago, Truck Safety 1st
XLR8 Truck Lines - Memphis, Tn
Currently testing Samsara ELD’s and Cameras. So far they have exceeded my expectations. Clarity of the camera’s is crisp and clear. Day and night. Use of the dashboard is more detailed than other ELD system. Customer service and tech support is top notch.
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2 years ago, CJ Beatty
User Friendly
Professional look and feel. A little pricey having to pay upfront for 3years. If you have over 2 trucks and a small company that upfront costs kinda hurts lol other than that I paid because I love the features and the ad-ons
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9 months ago, Richard AE
Doesn’t wrk on iphone
Everyone with an iphone is having issues at our company its bizarre. It will work one time out of 100 and then goes back to just white screen and no reinstall will help you. Feel like its just how the whole company is run because same half baked features have issues across the board and you just deal with it because its too much work to go somewhere else…
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11 months ago, SteveGoldSB
Hands down the best GPS software we have used for our fleet of trucks. Easy to install and has many more features than we expected
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2 years ago, RLWatts
Problem Solving Software
I know exactly where my drivers are and where they are not. Lol. I now have the ability to accurately evaluate driver safety and can right bad behavior almost immediately.
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4 months ago, AppRater91
Best fleet mgmt platform
I have used all of the GPS, Telematics, Fleet management platforms out there over my career. I wish we had moved to Samsara a lot sooner. in the business, as a seasoned fleet manager, I highly recommend
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4 years ago, Serrggei
Looks and feels weak on features compared to browser based page
UPD: In response to your reply - do you have a slightest idea what your app looks like on an iOS device! Down to 1-star!! But that would be probably 3-star or even 4-star review. Now, tell me how do I LOG OUT of this thing?!. I [need to] manage 2 fleets - but am stuck with only one of them. 2-star review is in-advance, so to say, in hopes that it will be corrected REALLY QUICKLY A “reviewer” here said that it is “perfect for fleet managers”, so I wonder: what does he really manages, which I doubt he does, honestly? There is no access even for vehicle settings! What is here to manage if all I can see pretty much is the location and some crumbs. Everything else is on the browser.
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3 years ago, Shelleyrooo
Test phase successfull
My company is currently in test mode and I am fortunate enough to have some trucks running Samsara. So far I am loving everything. Easy to access to everything
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1 year ago, dhelmly
Excellent UI for mobile
Thanks for keeping the mobile UI simple and quick to navigate for the most common tasks.
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4 years ago, Twikz2
There’s an option your fleet manager can turn on where you cannot edit a log after they have been approved. That way once you approve your logs daily none of them will be available to tamper by any officer.
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4 years ago, Dependable & Easy to Use
Dependable & Easy to Use
A very easy to use and straight forward program! I love the features and the fact that they are always improving!
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11 months ago, ACPDP83
Great app
Very happy. Great UI. Only thing I would change is the stops on the map should be there like it is on the website.
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2 years ago, DARKLORD805
Fleet Tracking Data
The app is very accurate and user friendly. The photos and videos are crystal clear.
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4 months ago, Pokie Kerby
The app needs to be able to name the location from your phone.
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2 years ago, Tim the Tireman
So much important data ready available at my fingertips
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3 years ago, Danylovesarah
Best ELD ever
I’m a user for the past 5 years and have tried most of the ELD solutions out there, Samsara is hands down the best one for many reasons. Recommended for small or large fleets.
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4 years ago, iMb0nKeRz☺️
Still no push notifications???
This is an absolutely necessity the app should already come equipped with. You have to be in the app to know you’ve received a message. How is this helpful when you’re trying to keep communication with drivers in real time?
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3 years ago, steiner1024
Good program
Allows me to track trucks when not on computer
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4 years ago, Ken1CEO
Best GPS and camera system
We've tested a number of systems out there and this is by far the best. This app makes it even easier to manage the fleet.
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1 year ago, closecalling
Above average
Good system the video is crystal clear tracking and items are accurate
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1 year ago, Diet-cola
Easy to use. 5 stars
Have used a lot of these as an admin. This is extremely easy to use
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2 years ago, Magnum Shooter
Good App for Fleet control
Appreciate all your team is doing. App is user friendly & navigation is on time. Thank you
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3 years ago, icecreamwith_jimmys
Awesome app for knowing where my vehicles are!
Easy way to keep tabs on everything I need to in my day to day. 5/5!
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3 years ago, el compa lupe
Can be better
Very difficult to browse, app and website. Keeps forgetting my login information.I would just like it to be easier to get around. When I open the app and I have to login, it gets annoying.
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4 years ago, Shawdoug
Samsara does exactly what it says it will do, and they do it very well. Samsara has been operating at 100% since we installed the units. Glad we made the change
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4 years ago, Wes 722
Great app
I feel like the app works better than desktop original version
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10 months ago, Bob Sip
Great over all
The download video function stopped working but everything else is great
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4 years ago, NHIA - LS
New Horizons in Autism fleet unit
The system is easy to install and is users friendly. The vast data is not only needed but extremely useful
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4 years ago, Avid watcher
Perfect for managers
This app is awesome for quickly seeing the location of your assets and viewing camera footage. 10/10
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2 months ago, Selmar C
Way better than motive
Better than motive
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1 year ago, ACPDP83
Only 1 issue
My camera on my iPhone 14Pro (iOS 16.4) will not focus when I am scanning a serial number on the VG54 or the wiring Harness, when installing a new device.
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1 year ago, Jrafe2
Good system
Mobil app is helpful. Needs updates but when running good it’s great.
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2 years ago, milwil2
Great app. I really enjoyed the program and the options available.
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3 years ago, tylyk27
Great and reliable way of tracking machinery and keeping an eye on your assets. The support team is efficient and they help you with a sense of urgency. My sales rep is the man hundred grand! Great company!
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5 months ago, whatnicknameallaretaken
Extortion when canceling your plan early!
Small companies be ready to pay no less than $1,300 per device if you try to cancel early. Over 10 devices that’s $13,000. So if your going out of business make sure you have saved enough to pay them so they press a button and stop services! Definitely reaching out to government offices and informing that their “solution” has become a burden! I DO NOT RECOMMEND SAMSARA. CHEAPER COMPANIES ARE BETTER, keep trucking or anything else will save you money, time and headaches!
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5 years ago, lizok
Great app
Really clean UI, great way to monitor your fleet! I can’t wait to see some of the safety reports and incidents here as well! Way to go Samsara! (Disclaimer: I am currently working at Samsara)
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4 years ago, JordanJad
so easy to use
super easy to use! I downloaded the video super quickly.
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2 years ago, adrianfoca
Done by dispatch
This ap is user friendly and high quality.
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