Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S)

4.1 (14.6K)
252.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S)

4.08 out of 5
14.6K Ratings
4 years ago, No Other Like It
Battery Doesn’t Last Half as Long
I received my Gear S3 Frontier the Christmas holiday of 2018. I’ve loved and enjoyed it first moment I received it. Personally I would’ve gone with what was most popular at that time if I’d purchased myself (fitbit/Apple Watch etc). But it was a gift from my spouse who is one who searches and reads reviews and ratings before making a section on any purchase. About 3 weeks ago I began trying to complete the newest update. After so many unsuccessful attempts of updating I gave up and finally a couple days ago was able to complete the update successfully. I can see the difference in the look of the icons and colors on the screen. I’m not tech savvy therefore I don’t know what this new update, now with Bixby, means. Sounds like something I could really care less about. I pretty much only use it for its step count & health app and making calls here and there. Seeing as though I have an iPhone I can’t respond to messages but I can receive my texts and iMessages on my watch. I have noticed my battery life doesn’t last nearly as long. Even on the off days of working out, my battery life is at about 50% around noon and I still have a full day ahead almost. Seeing as though I charge it until it’s completely charged and only use my watch the most when I’m active my battery life should last longer it seems. Please help me figure out why my battery life is so much less since I’ve updated. Thank you!
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5 years ago, EasyLikeMondayMorning
Works With iPhone 6s Plus
I read a lot of reviews about compatibility with iPhone before getting my Galaxy Watch (standalone version from T-Mobile). Everything I found said I would lose a lot of functionality because iOS did not play well with Samsung products. I’m happy to report that I can make and receive calls and texts without issue, even if I turn my iPhone off and leave it at home (reviews all said I would not be able to reply to texts from my watch). Almost everything seems to work without issue with the major exception of Samsung Pay. I’ve paired my watch with a Samsung phone, and I must admit this is a function I will really miss as I don’t like carrying a phone and wallet when I work out. Apple Pay won’t work on the watch either, for obvious reasons. One other thing that is not working on my watch (which worked when paired to a Samsung phone) is the voice to text feature. I think it worked when I first linked the iPhone, but it’s stopped working. This is a feature I hope can be fixed since it’s difficult to type out even short texts on the little screen.
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5 years ago, Francis43146
IOS user
I received a response from my earlier reviews a few days after I left the review. I had already fixed by deleting the app from my iPhone and doing a factory reset. This fresh install made everything start working again however I did lose all my watch faces that are not showing available any longer. I give a 5 star now because I love the fact that they responded and it works. Earlier review: I have had the watch for about 6 months and about a month in the raise hand gesture to wake quit working. I have it turned on in settings. I just did update where one of the changes is touch screen to wake and that doesn’t work either. Also about a month in the notifications of incoming calls and messages quit working. I get no sound or vibrations. I made sure theatre mode, do not disturb are not on. I have notifications turned on for the galaxy watch and messages. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and all software is up to date on both. I love the styling of the galaxy watch plus the personalization available over the Apple Watch but not happy with the issues I’m having. I can take a call and read messages when I see it is coming in on my phone. I used the Galaxy iOS app to ask for help several months ago but never got a response. I can’t find a number to call for text support.
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3 years ago, Slaphappygamer
Gear s2 no longer works
I’m not sure what happened. My gear s2 worked fine about a month ago. Recently I changed my gear s2 battery. After that I have to reconnect my watch. I saw there was an update, so naturally, updated the app, but now I can’t re-pair my gear s2 to my iPhone 11 Pro. I see the gear s2 in my iphones Bluetooth settings. I also see the gear s2 broadcasting Bluetooth in this app. In this app, I see the “LE” connection only and when I go to connect, it just times out. After much research, I found that other users have the same issue, which leads me to believe it’s an issue within this app. Please test, isolate, and resolve this issue. Thank you. Support has reached out to me, which was the next day! Thank you for responding so fast. Adding a start for support response. :) Unfortunately, the suggestions provided haven’t worked. I’ve forgotten the gear s2 in the Bluetooth settings. I’ve watched the support video. The app “sees” my watch. It just times out while attempting to pair. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I’ve reset my network settings. I’ve rebooted my iPhone. I’ve reset the galaxy watch. I’ve turned all radios off, except for Bluetooth. I’ve gone into airplane mode, rebooted my iPhone, then turned on Bluetooth. All to no avail. I’m on iOS 14.7 with my iPhone 11 Pro.
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6 years ago, Richslr
Gear watch rocks with iPhone
I’m a watch magnet. I own Apple Watch, Huawei Classic, LG Urbane 2, TicWatch 2 and my absolute favorite Samsung Gear S3. I’m definitely an Apple person with iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro devices. But Samsung nailed it with the Gear wearables (my new Galaxy Watch is already ordered.). Without a doubt, the Gear S app delivers all the functionality you expect and need. Notifications are great, phone call and message monitoring and more. Fitness tracking with the Samsung Health phone app is also top shelf. iPhone with Gear wearables is by far my favorite combo. The minor Gear S app limitations are imposed by Apple and not a shortcoming of the app itself. For example, you can’t view phone battery status on the watch. Also, you cannot respond to messages from the watch. But the evolving niche of smart watches was clearly not meant to replace your phone. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to access premium paid Galaxy App content. Otherwise, you won’t regret adding a Samsung wearable to your iPhone. BTW... Gear watches are great “watches” also with always-on displays and classic styling. Thanks Samsung!
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5 years ago, BudHoffa
Works somewhat
Was excited to get my first smart watch. Longtime iPhone user but prefer the look of the Galaxy Watch so decided to go for it and buy one. I read and watched videos on the limitations of pairing with the iPhone. Figured there was plenty of functionality to make the purchase worthwhile. I would give it 4 stars if Samsung would allow the messages and email apps on the watch but sadly it does not. None of the videos I watched mentioned anything about emails and messages not be allowed by iOS users so wondering if these a recent change. Did some online searches to see if I was the only one with this issue. I’m not and there are lots of theoretical solutions like resetting the phone and such but none work. It seems clear Samsung is limiting these two apps and not allowing the iOS user to have them on the galaxy watch. Disappointed, obviously text messages and email notifications are an important function with a smart watch but they are clearly not available for iOS users. Will wait a week or so to see if there is a resolution otherwise this watch will be returned. Samsung I see you read and respond to some reviews. Can you confirm you are restricting the messages and email apps for iOS users on the galaxy watch?
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4 years ago, Pitpro
Recent App update has made watch reconnecting worse
Installed the latest App update a few weeks ago. Now if I walk away from the phone for 15min or more, the watch won’t reconnect With the Phone. This rarely happened with previous version of App. Now, with the App update, it happens constantly. Your developers have taken a step backwards with this new version and made its function worse. This has always been the weakness of this app- not staying connected and updating/syncing watch info. Update: iPhone XR. Seems it’s the IPhone Photos app or the Camera app(not sure which yet). After the latest Galaxy Watch app update, if either of these are running in the background , the watch disconnects from the phone and won’t reconnect until you kill and restart the Galaxy watch app and close the Photos and Camera apps. Sometimes you’ll have to reboot the watch too. Don’t update your app ! This ruins the experience of a great looking watch. Do not buy. Look back at all the comments from back a year, Samsung doesn’t care about getting this fixed.
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3 years ago, Destroyer-09-Can
Can’t use the watch anymore
***Update**** 6/1 - So after tinkering with my phone upgrading and downgrading iOS versions and resetting my phone, the issue seems to disappear when my phone is completely wiped clean, but won’t connect at all if I restore my backup, so I’m guessing just a issue with iOS maybe or my phone in general, figuring it out was a bit of a hassle but just backed up my contacts and photos and wiped it to be able to use it again. So I am able to use my watch again, thanks to support for reading the reviews look forward to using it for much more and look forward to updates :) only gripe with the app is I wish I could send music from my phone but I understand why we can’t send straight from out phone so overall still a great app :) 5/28 - I loved using my gear S2 with my iPhone XR and it worked for a long while with no major issues, but recently it hasn’t worked at all it won’t connect through the app at all. I haven’t found a fix online at all either and have read people have started experiencing this issue as well.
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5 years ago, Worker1962
Galaxy Watch
At first it was great... until yesterday, more than 24 hours ago, I was trying to find my phone using the “find phone” feature on the watch. Regrettably, no audible tone sounded on my phone, which was in the same room, and I eventually found, without any assistance from the app. And the app no longer functions, other than a constant message: “finding your phone”. The dismiss button serves no function. The screen persists. I have rebooted both phone and watch multiple times, closed and reopened app multiple times, but the same message persists. I love the watch, despite the short 24 hr or less battery life, but I would love to have a useable app. If fixed I will gladly update this. Update: I had to delete the the app and reinstall to fix the issue. Now to get the battery to last the 3-4 days as advertised...
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3 years ago,
Apple vs Samsung hurts us Customers and it has to stop
Samsung makes a great watch for those who want style and functionality ie looks great but not for hardcore active users. What let’s them down is this app and the defecto war with apple and it shows in the app. A lot of functionality is missing in this app and it constantly disconnects from the watch and doesn’t automatically reconnects. My S3 doesn’t work any more won’t pair and I can tell it’s because of Bluetooth permission issues. My gear watch still works, but again disconnects is hard to ignore. I have tested both watches on Samsung phones and they work better, less disconnects and longer battery life can app is more polish than the iOS app. I hate square watches I will not buy one, i don’t like garmin I am not that into tracking my simple workouts. Also the garmin apps integration with apple health with read write access let’s me know most of the issues is apples vs Samsung related that leaves us the customer in the middle. It’s our money we should be able chose and have cross company integration, so I will not connect my phone with my iPhone or use apple health. I remember when keeping your customers happy listening to them was paramount.
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3 years ago, Scotty2193
Ok Help!...
Hey. So I just picked up my Samsung Gear S2 le. watch today and tried paring it to my IPhone 11 note the watch was never used and was still in the box when I got it. The app says it cant connect and Bluetooth is on and I know the watch is up to date as far as I can tell but they will not pair what’s so ever, when I use the app it will come up as we can’t connect to the device and just sit there then the watch will say “This is taking a longer then expected. Go back and try again”, when I skip the app and go threw my phone’s settings to Bluetooth it says it will connect but will disconnect a few seconds later then say sorry the device is not able to connect please try removing the device from Bluetooth and try again.. idk what the issue is and when I jump on forms or Reddit I see people are having the same issue so idk what the deal is but yeah so hopefully a developer see’s this and can help out or if anyone knows pls help lol but yeah thank you for your time and have a good day or night idk it’s 3:32am for me rn as of typing this lol.
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6 years ago, BigDaddy111975
Classic Samsung On An Apple Platform
Don’t know why there are reviews between 2 and 4 stars. Either you like it or you don’t. I think the Samsung Gear is better than the Apple Watch. They seem to always be one step ahead of Apple. So that’s the reason for the review I am writing. Since I prefer the Samsung Gear I need this program to interact with my phone. There are apps that could use work and there are those that are awesome and became an important thing that I use in life every, if not almost every day. I am so glad that all the apps associated with Samsung Gear are supported on the IPhone IOS and not locked out for example there are things you can do with a Mac IOS or a Windows system. Just really glad they didn’t go down that path with Apple’s IProducts. As far as this program is concerned, it’s going to probably be a choice for everyone on whether or not you like the Samsung Gear or the Apple Watch.
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5 years ago, BoulderMan311
Was a great app but will no longer load.
I used this app for about 8 months with no issue, then a couple months ago it was updated to a new/different version and nothing will load. The app opens up and connects to my watch but every tab I click on to open pops up a never ending loading screen. I haven't been able to add apps or watch faces to my watch in months. I would delete the app and start over again but if I do that, since I'm not able to download anything new thru the app, I'm afraid I would lose all of my current apps and watch faces and be stuck with the default watch with no customizable features. I know, being that it's a Samsung watch app on an iPhone, there is going to be limitations but this app has been essentially rendered useless for me. Not really a big fan of the look of the Apple watch but with the way my experience has been with this apps lack of functionality I'm seriously considering the switch. UPDATE: Since the last update of the app everything is working great! So glad I can update everything in my watch and download new faces again. Now that it works again and I'm able to go thru it, I'm really impressed with all of the features of the app and how user friendly it is. Definitely a five star experience now! Thanks so much for fixing the issues!
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5 years ago, Kennaisk8
Maybe a bug to fix then you get 5 start
I have an iPhone 11 and a gear3. I can’t reply to messages but that doesn’t bother me. I wanted the watch for notifications who’s works well. Now... to the “bug”, sometimes ( not every call, the frequency varies ).... when I get a phone call, the watch notifies me and then locks up. While the call is ringing in I use my phone to answer it. While I’m talking, my watch is still buzzing on my wrist and the notification screen shows the call trying to come in. As soon as I answer the phone, the watch notification should cease, but it doesn’t. I have to restart the watch. It happens enough that I chose to not allow the watch to show me phone calls. Even though I selected the “do not allow”.... the watch STILL shows me phone call notifications and locks up. I know it can’t be easy to have Samsung watch working on an iPhone which is why I still give 3 stars. Everything else works great. Fix this bug and you get 30 stars lol!
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6 years ago, sidiadib
Frustrating product!!! Stick to Apple Watch
I installed the app on my iPhone XS Max. I have a Galaxy S3 Frontier and tt pairs properly with the phone. However the app is not loading the watch app store to download new apps and themes. I was able to before on my other iPhones. Now, there is an exlamation point on every option in the app that uses the Samsung app store for the watch. When I click on it, I get a message that "This device does not support Gear". If that's the case, why was I able to connect it to the phone, get notifications... Apple cannot be blamed for this one. Samsung, you had plenty of time to work on something that will function properly on the new iOS version. Samsung, if you are reading this, you are a very big company but your apps and support for your devices and software is horrible. That's the reason why you can't compete with Apple. Perhaps you can learn something from them!!! I will stick Apple devices only going forward. They just work!!!! Everything is really just a recipe for frustration, a waste of money and more importantly, TIME wasted on trying to troubleshoot!!!
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6 months ago, L84aflight
Pretty much incompatible
I believe your iOS app is not working correctly. I used to have no issues whatsoever using the Galaxy Watch with the iPhone. For the past year the app has been crashing, all does not recognize the watch. It forces pretty much a reset. I go through the trouble of removing it from the list of Bluetooth devices, as it is requiring a new pairing every time I try to sync the watch to the app. It deletes every app and watch face I had downloaded, and the process of pairing the phone and the watch never finishes the job. It’s pretty useless, as now I have a watch that I can’t use, as its screen is stuck in a message telling me to finish the setup on the phone screen. The phone screen doesn’t have any messages indicating the setup is being completed, and indeed, it never completes anything. I used to love the watch, which now is useless. I had to resort to wearing an old Fitbit I had at home. My plan is to wait for the 2024 Apple Watch, which I’m sure won’t give me any trouble pairing up with an iPhone.
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5 years ago, RMorri
Stopped working
So everything was fine since I purchased the watch a couple of months ago, but suddenly (it happened overnight, no IOS update or watch iOS update happened), whatever app notification I have blocked on this app stays blocked only until the watch is turned off, as soon as I turn it on, even though the apps are still blocked on the app, I have to block them again on my watch. Not only that, but the icons (graphics) that used to match those of the actual apps (e.g. eBay with white icon), shows up as an orange icon, the same for all of the remaining notifications. UPDATE Feb22: After seeing the developer response you clearly did not read my review. I know how to block the apps in my watch, the problem is that they are unblocked once I turn off the device and on again (belattery dies, etc), I have to manually block each app again even though they were already blocked both in the app and in the watch. Please fix this annoying bug, was thinking of buying a 2nd watch as a gift but not with bugs on the app like this.
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3 years ago, TheDelayFish
Does the bare minimum, but pretty buggy
Need this app to support my Galaxy Watch. Just wish it worked better and did more. The notifications block list doesn't work at all. I specifically want to block my phone notifications because the default action for new voicemail notifications is Delete (!) instead of Dismiss. I’ve blocked them like I’m supposed to, but they keep coming. And notifications that have shown up on the phone and been cleared frequently reappear on the watch. Notification blocking doesn’t work on any other app either. The feature is broken. The backup is a joke - it reportedly only backs up weather and notifications, both of which are automatically synced from my iphone. It doesn't back up my watch faces, app launcher layout, app favorites, settings pulldown favorites, wifi hotspots, stored workouts, or anything else I care about. What's the point of a backup then? My son has an S2 but this won’t connect to the app in iOS 15 at all. Doesn’t give me confidence that Samsung will continue to support their products, which makes me reluctant to spend any more money on future Samsung products. Another problem: you need another app (Samsung Health) to connect to any of your workout data, but neither app syncs or saves workouts saved on the watch. This means there's no way to get them off the watch! In short, this app is a weak effort and poorly tested.
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4 years ago, Ansrogu21
Gear S3 very disappointed
I have owned Samsung Smart phones for almost 18 years so I was very excited to get my S3 smart watch since I didn’t like the look of the Apple Watch. The Gear S3 worked great for a year and loved the look and feel. However right after the one year manufacturers warranty was over it started malfunctioning. Another thing to point out is that you need a separate line of service from your carrier to be able to answer calls, if you don’t have separate service for your watch you WONT be able to answer or make calls on your watch. I was OK with that until It started malfunctioning, starting with Heart rate sensing that could not be read, steps were not counted, kept loosing Bluetooth connection from the galaxy watch App, gps not working. It went from a smart watch to an expensive normal watch that tells the date and time. I purchased my wife a Fitbit versa 2 for less than half the cost of mine and it works far better than my expensive Samsung Gear S3.
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6 years ago, Xtrik8
iPhone syncing
First, let me say, I absolutely love this watch. I only wish it were more waterproof like my Garmin fēnix. The syncing with my iPhone XS Max is good. Once synced, it is a solid connection and rarely have I had any trouble. The initial sync, either due to changing phones or resetting digital devices, is less than desirable. Realize you must “forget device” if previously connected. Even after all the “must do’s” it still is tricky to sync and I need to make several attempts. All of the functions are what I need from a smart watch. Understand that the iPhone pairing doesn’t allow for calling from the wrist and texting from the wrist. If you can do without that, I say get the watch and stay hooked to the app once it connects. Altogether, I’m not even sure if the pairing is the app’s issue or if it’s the iPhone -> watch issue. Overall? Great watch, good app.
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5 years ago, Vfrpilot
Works on my 6s+
With my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier it Works seamlessly - I’ve owned an AppleWatch for years but never have I experienced the realistic crisp visual as I have on this Gear S3! I thought w my Apple Watch that I was at the top of the food chain... no, I wasn’t. I can receive all notifications minus the images within text, email and my Ring doorbell/cameras. But hey, this ISNT an Apple product. This app installs/updates hundreds upon hundreds of watchfaces as well as the Samsung Health app cross-communication between iPhone & Gear S3. I can find my watch from my iPhone but not my iPhone from my watch - that [ability] I miss but consider it a small price for what I get - oh, did I mention I have full GPS via satellite or wireless triangulation - yea. Anyway, I’m off my soapbox now. I didn’t mean to bash Apple who by the way; I’ve been a user of since system 7. Anyway; enjoy, like I said - seamless 😉
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6 years ago, Csanders17
Near perfect app for a great watch
Let’s be real, we all got a Samsung watch because Apple is slacking badly in the watch game. Other than the design and battery life of the watch, the reason these watches stand out against the Apple Watch is because this App gives you the ability to download ‘watch faces’ from 3rd party developers. This is something simple Apple is missing. Now the reason I gave this a 4 star is because of a small issue. Whenever a app/watchface is downloading and you continue to browse the ‘store’ it often disconnects your connection to the watch and stops the download. I then go into my phone’s Bluetooth settings and it says I’m connected so I have to disconnect and reconnect multiple times before the watch sees my phone again (or vise versa). Now this can very well be an issue with the iPhones Bluetooth but I doubt it.
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5 years ago, bgoodLj
Love the compatibility
I am a Samsung user that switched over to apple, only because I was able to keep my Gear S3. It does everything as it did when I had it with my S8+, the only issue that I have with giving this 5 Stars is that while I get my phone call and text notifications they only show up as notifications and not within the text or phone apps. I can text and call from my watch and that is the only time I can really reference them. My calls do come in and I am able to answer them it’s just as previously stated I don’t see them in the apps if I missed them. Other than that, I am super happy with the compatibility as I have been researching this transition for the last several months just to see how it would work for others first and I am good with the results of my change over.
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5 years ago, paulanddebbie
Really like it BUT...
I don’t wear watches, i have a drawer with 1/2 dozen or saw that i tried over the years and just didn’t wear them. This one, well its way different and i am hooked on the gadgetry. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy getting reminders its time for a “torso twist?” Love being able to check my stress level, heart rate, altitude, weather, Reddit posts, etc. etc. The round dial with changeable faces...seriously very cool. Never bored with the freshness of the look. Now what I am not keen on...flipping iphone lack of messaging, email, etc. Guys/gals, get that stuffed polished up and a professional release of real iphone integration. The current release is more of a hack job then quality based release from a behemoth brand like Samsung. Frequent Bluetooth disconnects are annoying and frustrating. You can do better! Eagerly awaiting for ApplePlay integration...
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4 years ago, JaxMtnBkr
Nice watch
When I had the Galaxy Note 10 the Galaxy pairing was seamless. Now that I am back to an iPhone much of the functionality was lost but that is to be expected going from Samsung to Apple. The biggest complaint that I have is that I have to leave this open all the time in order to get notifications. If I were to walk or run out of range of my phone the watch does not sync back with the phone as it should. Only occasionally it syncs back. A bit of a downer. Additionally, I can no longer receive calls on my watch when I am not synced with my iPhone. I am paying for cellular that I am not getting that the Galaxy Watch is supposed to do. I wish Samsung and Apple could just be friends and work together to share some tech. The consumer would benefit greatly from two great companies working in harmony.
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1 year ago, John0627
It works the basics perfectly
I prefer my Samsung watch over my Apple Watch and this app helps me do what I need it to do and get the info I want. I don’t text with my watch (Apple only…can’t text with Samsung on Apple phone) since I have my phone on me all the time anyway…it’s just easier and makes more sense to me. My only wish would be for the app to allow it to communicate to and from multiple Samsung watches. I have two Samsung watches and switch back and forth in the event one dies on me. I’m busy and forget to charge my watch often, so I use my older watch (and vice versa), but that watch has to be connected to my now repurposed iPhone 6. I should be able to connect two watches to one phone and not cause issues since they are different watches anyway.
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4 years ago, Alphamohiuddin
Bluetooth won’t connect to I phone 11
This app Did connect to my Samsung s2 and worked. I then disconnected the s2 and connected the s2 classic to my I phone 11. All is well. I then had an issue with the tap on screen function so I called Samsung customer service. They did not help much and said it would be $80 to fix. Now both watches (s2, and s2 classic) do not connect to my I phone 11. There is something wrong with this app, not the watches. I will go into the Bluetooth option and “forget this device”, after it will then find it and connect for 2 seconds. Then I’ll go back into this (Samsung gear S)app and it will Never connect when the watch is right next to the Iphone 11. There is something wrong with Samsung to I phone compatibility. This app needs to be refreshed or updated because this is unacceptable. Been using Samsung products for years and very disappointed with this App, and watches that can’t connect properly. Samsung do better!!!
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6 years ago, Slendfan
Great app! Now Apple, give us the functionality.
I love that there is this app that allows me to use my favorite smart watch with my iPhone! However, the functionality is limited... I used to be able to take phone calls on the watch, text on the watch, and control my music on the watch (just to name a few). This is not the apps fault, but Apple’s. I would like to see Apple be more open minded and let the functions live again, but I know there’s probably no chance of that happening. Thank you for at least letting me get the time and notifications! P.S. Apple, let me use the watch to the full potential. You make weird looking smartwatches, and people will still buy them. Don’t force them into it by limiting functions, give us the freedom.
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4 years ago, JSOCrna34
Connectivity problems are terrible
I’ve owned my S3 Frontier for several years now. I love the watch, but HATE the Samsung app and absolute lack of sustained connectivity to my iPhone. If I’m lucky enough to get the watch to connect to my phone (and the app), it doesn’t last long irregardless of the relative distance watch to phone. It’s been like this for YEARS, no matter the phone model or software versions of the app and/or watch. Read the reviews - it’s far and away the #1 complaint, and always has been... and Samsung does absolutely nothing to make it better. The developer replies to these reviews are amusing: “Gosh, we’re so sorry you’re experiencing this issue, can you give us more information etc etc etc” as if they haven’t heard this literally thousands of times now. I expected issues three years ago when the watch was new, but not having things fixed by now is absolutely ridiculous and inexcusable. As is, the app & all it promises is essentially worthless.
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2 years ago, Madamjade
No apps
I like that I can change the face of my watch the problem that I have is sometimes they’ll advertise you to click on a section that says seasonal faces and you click on it and it says no apps and then when you go into the system and you download all these different faces to be able to use later they’re not completely downloaded and then you have to re-download them and waste time doing that instead of just being able to pick and apply those are the two things I have found that I don’t like. Other than that it does make it easy to apply a new face to your watch and change the coloring and the brightness and whatever else once you have everything installed correctly.
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6 years ago, chairwaterbottlenickname
iPhone pairing
I am satisfied and am happy with the watch because it looks and works great. I get jealous of people with Apple watches sometimes because it looks like they can do more stuff like go through their messages. My biggest complaint is that I feel discouraged from exploring the range of what I can do with the watch and my iPhone together because whenever I try to do something, my watch says I need to connect to my phone again or the WiFi or something like that and it takes a long time to just download a new watch face. I want to clarify that I love this watch and it pairs well with the app and if I was less lazy then I likely wouldn’t have any issues. It really is great and I have recommended it to a lot of people
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5 years ago, Robii1985
Can’t gps track in real-time
I have the ATT LTE Galaxy watch 42mm rose gold. I can’t find an app that will let me the GPS location of the watch in real time. I bought it for my 9 yr old to have a way to call me or text me when away from home and that all works fine but if something was to happen and I needed her location I can’t get it. ALL Location services are ON with the GPS, WiFi, and Mobile Networks selected but even in the galaxy watch watch app it won’t let me click on find my watch because it’s grey since the watch is not in Bluetooth range. Even with Bluetooth off I still can’t click find my watch. I have safety assistance ON. Find my phone is ON. How can I track my connected Galaxy watch in real time on my iPhone 8+? I’m looking for something similar to how Apple allows iPhones and Other Apple devices to be tracked with the FIND MY IPHONE app?
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4 years ago, htxdoll1987
Doesn’t work with IPhone XS
My Gear S2 used to work with my IPhone with the Samsung Gear S app, but after the upgrade to the Galaxy Watch app, it will no longer connect to my watch. The watch connects to the Bluetooth on my phone, but the app will not connect to let me finish the set up on my watch. The watch works perfectly other than that, but most of the features are useless if you don’t connect to the app. Guess I will be finding a new smart watch brand. ***Update regarding response from developer: No, I did not connect my watch to Bluetooth before the app. I followed all of the instructions exactly, including removing the watch as a previously connected device, checking for updates on both the app and the watch, and doing a hard reset on the watch. Look at ALL of these recent reviews from people who say they can’t connect since the app updated. Stop blaming your customers and fix your crappy app!!
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5 years ago, chris_a167167
Some features don't work
I have recently switched to iPhone and have experienced some issues that I never experienced with my previous phone. One issue is the Find My Watch/Phone feature. I would usually lose my phone somewhere and when I would try to find it with the Find My Phone app, it would tell me to connect to Bluetooth even though I'm already connected. I try to connect and it says it failed to connect, even though my watch IS connected to the phone. Another issue is when connecting to a new phone, I lost some watch faces and could never get them back. There was a Fallout watch face that I had and when I connected to a new phone, it completely disappeared from the Galaxy store. Same with Samsung internet browser, completely gone from the store. It doesn't even show up on the phone app's built-in Galaxy store. I would rather recommend the Apple watch for better compatibility and a wider variety of features.
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6 years ago, acphprlies
Horrible app.... ok watch
The Samsung Gear app seems to have 3 useful pieces of information at the top of the screen. The rest of the screen space and app is devoted to a bunch of offers to download more stuff. I thought that’s what the App Store was for. Samsung has a pretty powerful piece of hardware, but it’s hard to believe they did any research on the app/ interface. Of note, they’re promoting two different golf tools.... I don’t golf (less than 10% of the US does). So, why does Samsung think that when I open their app, that this is useful ? Another example... when you open the app you get to look at some number of watch faces. That might be nice to be able to change (a work face, weekend face, etc.); but is that the information that is important to me, out of all the information the watch collected on heart rate, exercise, sleeping, etc. ? Changing your watch face ought to be in some sub menu on the app.
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3 years ago, Akim Aliii
This app works great and all but one slip up and it’s game over.
I have a Gear S2 R730 (3G), the one you can talk to people with. But I have came across a problem that forced me to reset my phone. My watch overheated and naturally disconnected to cool down. I was playing a game on it so I can see why. But when cooled down, it never connected to my phone, it just leaves a ghost Bluetooth connection on my phone that you cannot disconnect from even if you reset the watch. You also cannot forget it either, it just sits there, so that means if your delete the app and tried again to reconnect, it WILL NOT WORK because it is an already connection ghost Bluetooth connection. So if that can be fixed that is great. I reseted both the watch and iPhone and never had an issue again. Please fix it.
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6 years ago, Zanthour
It’s okay, needs work. (Long review)
It’s a classic Apple vs Samsung. Pairing the Samsung Gear Watch to an Apple iPhone you are guaranteed to not have full capabilities. 1: You cannot respond to text messages. 2: You can read texts, emails and, normal notifications. 3: You can send and receive calls. Sometimes the app crashes for no reason, it’s normal you just have to restart it. I give props for Samsung releasing their app on the App Store, it just needs more work more often. It currently (3/3/18) works just fine on the iPhone X. I know that this app wasn’t a guarantee in the first place of me buying a Gear S3. I like being able to receive texts and respond via my phone. I use my Gear everyday even though there are some issues occasionally and I enjoy it to the maximum. Both Samsung and Apple are great companies with flaws. Nothing is perfect.
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6 years ago, Bandito1578
Watch is great; app stinks
I just got my Samsung Gear 3 about a week ago, and was able to hook everything up relatively easily. Only problem is the health app on my phone is no longer displaying my sleep records. On my watch, I can only view it up to a certain period of time, but within the past few days, my sleep records are just gone on my phone. I tried searching for the separate “S Health Sleep” app to no avail, it just wasn’t showing up in the list of downloadable apps. Also, having to download the app watch faces from both your phone *and* watch kind of stinks, especially when you try to download one and it just sits there at 0%. Cancelling the download and restarting it works about 60% of the time. I get that having a Samsung and iPhone device syncing together will never be perfect, but I feel like these are some flaws Samsung should really try and resolve.
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3 years ago, cmbusch99
Slight Bluetooth issue
I purchased my Samsung Active2 watch just recently because I like the look of this watch more than the Apple alternative. I love how messages and notifications get easily sent to the watch, however, I have noticed some issues it causes with bluetooth connectivity. When in my car, my Iphone will repeatedly connect and disconnect from the car’s Bluetooth. Similarly, when using my Samsung buds head phones, they constantly connect and disconnect as well. As I have used the car Bluetooth and Samsung buds with the iPhone for sometime now, and have not had issues until now, I believe the issue revolves around the watch. As mentioned, other than this issue, I love the watch, just wondering if there is a fix for this problem.
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4 years ago, Collage_Student
Connects to watch 1/2 of the time
When this app works, it's great and you can customize stuff. When this app doesn't work it's very frustrating and there's nothing you can do even if you restart the watch and your phone and the app. Hope Samsung gets it together. It's 2020 and the S3 Frontier has been out for a while...they should have this figured out. 3/5 stars bc 2.5 (works 1/2 the time, remember) rounds up. Edit: I took the developers' suggestion and also "forgot" the device from my phone as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the Samsung Gear app. After updating my watch firmware and restarting my watch, I was able to get everything connected again. It was a process, but it works now. Thanks for the support, Samsung!
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5 years ago, kberg32
It’s okay but apple needs to allow more cross COMPATIBILITY!! For texting and bixby!!!
I’ve owned one Fitbit, three garmin, the Apple Watch series 3, and now the Samsung watch. Samsung by far is the best. Although it is cross compatible you don’t get the ability to text back on the watch because iOS blocks it and bixby doesn’t work. I wish that apple gave full compatibility. I will probably be switching to all Samsung at my next upgrade. I’m really glad they did add this app to iOS because I really like the Samsung galaxy watch much better than the Apple Watch. You can download many different watch faces and customize your watch to your liking but I feel that apple could allow much much more cross compatibility to further make this app amazing.
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4 years ago, casian
Like the watch - but unreasonable to not allow purchases
Like a lot of you, I am an iPhone user who prefers the look of the Galaxy watch. After my Apple Watch bit the dust I decided to make the switch. I will say - I like this watch a lot. It looks great and works well with iPhone even if I can’t control the “now playing” feature from my iPhone or respond to texts directly from the watch... I’ll live. What I cannot understand is why Samsung refuses to take my money when I am ready and willing to make many micro-purchases of all kinds of watch faces. This makes me frustrated. I’ve read forums of people complaining extensively about how they even tried to pair the watch to a Samsung device and make the purchase - then switch back to the iPhone, log into the same account, and those watch faces would disappear. This is very confusing to me. If you can explain reasonably I’ll add an extra star just for trying. If I can purchase audiobooks on the audible app, Have my Xbox download a purchase I made in the Microsoft store on my iPhone, and pay my phone bill on the t-mobile app, then I should be able to make a purchase from the galaxy store for a simple watch face.
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5 years ago, sirmacdaddy
BAD !!! really bad !!!!!
I have tried repeatedly to install stuff from the app. It takes forever and doesn’t happen most of the time. Many times it goes blank when trying to access watch faces. Many times it shall show me apps are not installed. Whereas they are on the watch. Really really problematic. I am using an iPhone x with the latest OS and this latest version of Samsung. I have given Samsung app access to everything, like mobile data etc. I have tried leaving wifi ‘always on’ in watch but nothing works. I have tried resetting the watch. Upgraded the watch software. There is nothing i have not tried. Frustrating. UPDATE : The developers asked me to reset and reinstall app. I did so and it erased all my downloaded watch faces and apps. Then I started to download stuff again through this app. Actually managed a few watch faces till it started to go blank again. Now if i hit any watch faces or apps on the main screen it just takes me to a complete blank screen. I tried waiting on the blank scree to see if something happens. But no. There are no other third party apps for gear 3. I am truly amazed Samsung has outsourced it to these developers. I am sorry to the developers...but i have to say this is by far the worst and frustrating application i have ever downloaded.
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5 years ago, Takaleo
Samsung app plus Samsung watch makes a perfect match
The app works great with the watch. I am not really an IT kind of guy but I was hoping that there is a way to text with the Samsung watch using the app. Even if we had to download a special app. The app runs smooth no complaints. The Bluetooth connectivity works super well and calls are loud and clear. App combines with Samsung health and watch makes apple user a happy guy. Happy that I got the Samsung watch and app instead of the maçã watch. Obrigado Samsung. And on a personal level I have been a Samsung fan for a long time. Thank you for it great products. And if wondering why I switch to Maçã is because of my wife. But soon I will bring her to the Samsung side.
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5 years ago, jkanter3
Love it. When it works.
Love the look and feel of the watch but after a few weeks it stopped working correctly. Seems like lots of people with the same problem - it connects and disconnects constantly to my iPhone X Bluetooth, doesn’t receive notifications even when connected, etc. rebooting, re-pairing, reinstalling, factory resets, nothing works. Bummer cause it’s a really nicely built watch. Thanks for the reply, but that did nothing. I rebooted the watch again today, got a few notifications, looked at my phone and then the notifications disappeared on my watch and stopped coming in again. No luck with any solutions so far. I’m happy to try more ideas but this is really weird since others seem to be having a very different experience.
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5 years ago, RobD319
Update took away functionality
Can’t update weather on watch unless you open the galaxy watch app or have the watch connected to WiFi. Also, since the most recent update to the watch software, I’m unable to receive text notifications from my iPhone. I don’t know if this is just an issue with the watch software, or if the iPhone app needs an update in order for the watch to function correctly. Either way, the galaxy watch is a very mediocre experience on iOS and makes me seriously consider getting an Apple Watch. *Update: The app developers gave a couple of things to try which one of them seemed to work to fix the issue of the text notifications. I stand by what I said about the mediocre experience on iOS though.
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6 years ago, Corey Mendel
No longer syncs
After the latest update, when the name changed to Samsung Watch, my watch will no longer sync data with the app. The update caused me to lose all my saved data and now will not sync new data. It shows the sync as successful but no data is transferred. I have even attempted to reset my watch and all other trouble shooting I have been able to find. This app has been spotty at best since it came out with regards to connecting to my watch now it is useless. Reply to tech support.... Now I have two useless apps on my phone...I have the S3 Frontier... Not listed as a supported accessory and when I click on the S3 it takes me to the other useless watch app. Confirmed I have all updates on my watch. Any more suggestions besides switching to another brand of watches, which is a shame cause this is my 3rd Samsung Watch and everything was fine until your latest app update.
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5 years ago, nef173
iPhone connectivity
I did tons of research and made my decision to get the galaxy watch for my iPhone X. I have never written a review before on the App Store so when I say I am trying my best, I really am. I am ok with all that the watch cannot do when connected to my iPhone. The problem I mainly have is that every few hours or so my watch loses Connectivity to my watch. I went to the Samsung store this morning and they simply reset the watch and it worked for a couple of hours. Now it’s not working again. It is not connecting to my phone even though it shows on my phone that it is connected to the watch?! Also, why are there two galaxy watch icons on my Bluetooth settings? Anyone????? I am not just resetting the watch every few hours.
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3 years ago, xXThee_oneXx
Kinda Irritating
I was gifted a galaxy watch and I knew there might be a few little bugs due to me owning/pairing up to an iPhone but the amount of issues i keep having is ridiculous!(going on my 2nd month of owning the watch) I’m constantly having to restart the watch and/or my phone simply because they don’t want to pair, if I want to get phone notifications through to my watch I have to have the app open/running in the background and it drains the battery so fast!, and whenever I try to download a new watch face or app for my watch from the wearable app itself I get a million error messages or it force closes itself out and I end up giving up on downloading things. :(
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5 years ago, TheOutdatedOnes
The Out Dates Ones...
I have had an Samsung Gear original for 4 years and could never use it because I did not have a charger for it, I put it off for so long because it was not a necessity. Granted one day I finally catch the nerve to spend a whopping 3.99$ on a little plastic piece... I’ve been so excited to use it with my iPhone but seems as if the dinosaurs roamed the earth wearing these watches (Out Dated, for those who have no sense of humor.) Please don’t forget about us who don’t mind going retro:( I would download this app and flash my cheap “bling bling” To all whom appose! Please allow the great grandfather watch to be allowed back on the catwalk. If it even means bringing it back just for me... I’ll turn this messily two stars into a shining 5 stars! Along with the worlds greatest review! I beg you please!!! Don’t forget us... -The Outdated Ones
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