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User Reviews for SayHi Translate

4.76 out of 5
65.6K Ratings
2 years ago, nrsg567
Helpful at work
I never write reviews here but after using this app to be able to communicate with a patient throughout a procedure we were performing I had to recommend it! While not an official translator it was so helpful in being able to communicate what was going on the whole time and I was able to answer the patients questions in real time. The app understood the patients Russian and gave me the English translation and visa versa. I liked that it also gave a text version of the translation so I could see if it understood me properly. I literally downloaded the app for the first time at the beginning of the procedure and was able to figure out how to use it right away. The patient and I were both grateful for this app and excited that it worked so well! Good job creators! You’re helping people more than you know!
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4 years ago, Chico Chai
Say Hi
Aside from the big issue, money, this app is free contrary to most of the apps that are in the Apple Store. You wouldn't have to pay a subscription for this app. Not only is it easy to use it has two applications in SayHi. You can dictate in whatever language you want and secondly it has a translator which allows to translate into several languages. So a translator is in written and verbal form so if you had to choose to from so many of the applications in the Apple Store, you would be charged twice. Therefore you have to look at this as two applications: you have a dictation app which can be in any language along with a speech to text, which is translated into any language , that you want or need. BTW, this review was written using SAYHI.
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9 months ago, Slinkykim
The best
It was the best like it was really fun. You can like to everyone about it and like say stuff in different languages are no one will know and trust people is really fun and I’m nine years old. I wanna know it’s language, but nice and learning some because it says the language, so it’s really cool overall and I just push it through my apps like this. I left a five star rating I mean what else can I hear? It’s best that I probably have on this phone I mean I have a phone but it’s just really cool. I’d recommend this for people who like the stuff all right my name is James Lashbrook earth and I really like this app so whoever created this is the best.
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6 years ago, robertlheath
Needs Improvement
I applaud these developers for what they have created here in terms of UI and concept. However, when it comes to functionality, translation and features they have a long way to go. I find that the app is consistently slow and start up. I have reported this several times and they have not been able to correct this. I also find that the actual translations in Spanish I have several errors in terms of syntax and overall translation compared with other platforms. They need to improve this with their translation provider. I would also like to see them break down translations more clearly with paragraphs. This is something that Google translate does quite well. I would like to see these guys really make this into a much more robust application and I wish them well.
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4 years ago, steve is taken
Doesn’t always hear clearly
This app is mostly fast and accurate and I like it better than google’s app for learning vocabulary. However it sometimes cannot hear stops, particularly ‘b’, ‘p’, ‘d’, ‘t’, and ‘k’. It sometimes repeatedly mishears, in either language, it won’t try any other possible rendering, does not often get better with changing volume or intonation, and doesn’t give a chance to type a correction or give feedback. It does occasionally ask for feedback, but only when it’s already correct... there’s no chance for improvement unless I can feed back when it doesn’t hear me correctly. I really like this app but wish it would allow corrections or feedback at any time.
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6 years ago, Robfos69
It would be kind of hard for me to rate this product I have only opened it up once you should program this for somebody that has used it for a while. I will be glad to give you a review after I have tried your app out okay thanks Robert I used to say it when I was in china and man say is save my life now since I am back in the states for some reason on the English side when I say something it will not give me a response in Chinese have to say something in the Chinese side it will answer quite clearly is there anyway I can get you decided to say Chinese would be quite helpful I'm going to China this weekend thank you Robert Put the Chinese voice back in the ab was there once before. What did you do fire your money maker that created that part of your your end. I like the application see it very much at least I can get Chinese characters not quite the same. I have a fiancé in China make routine routine trips and needed it very much thank you. Robert SayHi is wonderful. I say 5 stars SayHi is the best app I have.
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6 years ago, illuminesce
The best translation app on the market
Seriously. I live in Japan, and while I speak Japanese, my friends and family who visit me do not. My mother showed me this app one day and I’ve been recommending it ever since. It has the most natural-sounding sentence structure for an auto-translator and it’s facilitated so many discussions that couldn’t have otherwise happened had we not had this app. Certainly, the auto-translation isn’t perfect, but if it’s so easy to use both my 80-year old Japanese host mother and my mother can both use this to have a conversation together about life and their families, it has gone above and beyond most translation apps.
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1 year ago, Nizamuddine Muslih
Somehow helpful and need some changes to be added
I never write reviews here but after using this app to be able to communicate with different languages speakers, and it’s useful but it has missing and problems while translating from one language to Another Language For exampl: English to Pashto / Dari to English , about 30% translation is not correct and also there is no voice translation option available yet, and one thing more this app usually use in Medical , legal ,social and public and I request to add all medical and court legal Terminologies and medical English, I am sure it would be the most useful app for all over the world and world interpreters and translators, and end once again I request kindly add voice option (Mic option) for Pashto, Dari and bring someone changes That it should translate academically So please work on translation to be academic and accurate and add voice option for Pashto , and Dari With regards
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8 months ago, WON'T SHUT UP
Writes the Exact Opposite.
ALWAYS CHECK THE TRANSLATION. At least, if you’re trying to speak to someone in Ukraine. Often it changes the meaning to the exact opposite… Scary. If I sent the last few paragraphs I wrote as they were translated, my Ukrainian friend would think that I was on the wrong side. And wondering if I wished him death. And I’m not blowing that out of proportion. It’s bad. (Makes me question the developer) It used to be close to great! Used to be really good. But after a couple updates, all I can say is, if you’re talking to someone in Ukraine, cross-check everything you write. Or you may be deeply insulting someone. Also, it will act really glitchy while you use it. As far as anchoring the conversation and what not. It does weird things. This app does weird things. I highly questioned the integrity of this app.
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9 months ago, Jennifer henson
Need wifi?
When i am at work we have poor WIFI. this app doesn’t work in that scenario unless I turn off my WIFI in settings. The real problem is that in this scenario the app goes to a page saying I need to update. When i click on the update button there is no upgrade available. I wanted to let people using the app know this as well as the tech people. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening. Otherwise i love this app and use it often. I use it to translate in multiple languages when I volunteer and to translate, mostly toSpanish, when at work. I hope this is helpful!💞
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4 years ago, Jsguero
Fast, easy, accurate.
My wife, who is from Mexico and is an official translator as part of her job, showed me this app and raves about it! She's been struggling with people using Google translate for documents and who have been trying to communicate with it for years! While Google translate works with short, simple sentences, it's accuracy dwindles with the number of words input at once. A significant percentage of documents translated with it are a half-step up from outright gibberish. On top of that, it completely misses dialect and nuances. It's simply not designed to be a serious translation tool. This app is so easy to use, and is SO MUCH MORE ACCURATE!!!!! It even has selectable options for 19 different Spanish speaking countries. I personally have carried on conversations with it, and as long as it heard what I said correctly, it was spot on in it's translation! I definitely recommend this for anyone who's struggling with the necessity of speaking with non english speaking persons.
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6 years ago, AholeRonald
Perfect for having a conversation
I love how this app easily allows two different people speaking two different languages to have a conversation. Instead of each translation replacing the one before it and instead of having to keep manually swapping input and output languages, you can press the button for either of two languages, say something, and it will be shown in a speech bubble in both the original and translated text and become part of the scrolling history. The speech to text translation is high-quality as well!
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1 year ago, Atari barbi
Only app that worked w/ tv
I’m not fluent in Korean so some of the variety shows I watch I’m guessing about 80% of the dialogue. I downloaded 5 other voice translation apps & none of them picked up the conversation from the TV even standing right by the speakers. This is the only app which picked up dialogue even from a few feet away. Now it’s not a perfect translation, but Korean vocabulary can be tricky with numerous words having multiple definitions. But I’m very satisfied & really think it’ll help with speaking to my Korean relatives.
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1 year ago, iTRelic
Need current language’s lock feature
Of all the apps I’ve tried this is the most accurate and simplest to use, and most reliable. However it’s really easy to accidentally hit the (change) language’s link when going for the translation button, and most who don’t understand the app can’t figure out how to get off the language list and back to the main page. If you add a language lock feature this can’t happen.
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11 months ago, iikillerqueenn
Best translator app that is inclusive!
I adore this app & all its functionality it brings. I use it quite often at work and at home. It has my home language—Cantonese (Chinese)—which many other translator apps only have Mandarin (Chinese). I love that you can have an active conversation that will translate everything in just a few seconds. The only thing I wish this app is to the romanization characters/letters of how to pronounce a word that was translated. I think it will be helpful towards students using it to communicate or learn a different language.
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7 months ago, Daniel WA State
Ham Radio Translator
Great app to translate Spanish and Russian conversations on ham radio! Works way better than Google translate and seems to be able to pick up more of the conversation through the static. The translations seem more authentic, whereas Google will completely change the translation in mid conversation if they don’t like what’s being said! I’ve seen it happen in real time! Particularly if it has to do with illegal immigrants planning their travel over the border or political discussions.
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3 years ago, Cyner123
As a medical provider it is imperative that I be able to communicate with my patients and their families. During moments official translation was temporarily unavailable this app helped a great deal. What makes this app special is that families seem to really enjoy the quality of the translation and feel understood. As a bilingual person, I can confirm that the Russian translation is spot on Very impressed by how well the app handles technical language and jargon as well. Please add text to speech capability for Haitian Creole!
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3 months ago, Rixaroni
This app is my new Spanish Teacher
I got this app initially to look up translations but quickly realized that it could also help me refine how I am speaking the language, improve my knowledge of various verb tenses, and up my vocabulary quickly. It bypasses the problem with all other language learning apps in that you can get instant, and reliable feedback on the phrases you are trying to say. Game changer! Mad props to the developers! Can’t wait to see how this app will evolve. 💛
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5 years ago, Gr8xracer
Easy. Fast. Accurate.
I speak enough Spanish to “get by” in the Central American country I live in. Because I speak some Spanish I can tell whether the translation from English to Spanish is accurate. It is. I am using the app as a learning tool. I can speak a phrase in English, get the Spanish translation, and then repeat the Spanish translation into the app to see if my pronunciación is correct. Sometimes it translates to English incorrectly because of poor pronunciation or it sounds like another word. Great tool!
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5 years ago, Karma Power
Overall I would give it 4. Deserves it!
Just started testing! And I am pretty nervous about downloading apps I don’t know! This one seems light and does its job perfectly!Seems good! Need to speak at a certain pitch in order for it to understand! Overall I will give it the 4 but would have given it another 1/2 if it were smarter! Needs development and here I would like to thank all those software engineers who bring us their hard work with incredible software right into hour hands! You guys deserve some ads! Will make another review after awhile!
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7 years ago, Star*power
Great App!
I have been using this app for years. It’s pretty good. I’ve used it to help me communicate with foreign associates and friends as well as to work on projects that required a more comprehensive knowledge of the language. It does not replace actually learning the language which would help you to catch when it’s telling you to say something you may not intend to. So of course It’s not perfect nor is any translation tool I’ve tried but it is extremely helpful and worth having.
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3 years ago, slaytoo
Love it!
I am using the app with an on line class. I can’t spell in English so why would I spell well in Spanish? When I fill in a lesson in Spanish I say it it Spanish to say hey. This does a bunch of good thinks 1. Your app understands my Spanish I am doing something right. 2. I can correct my spelling. Often the default in on line studies is if you miss spell a word you end up in a loop. Rather than learning, you get in a rage. More and more I speak and I am right! Positive reinforcement. !
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4 years ago, crasshipster
Works great! Ad free, free
This app starts at 5 stars because it’s free. It remains 5 stars because it is convenient, accurate, voice translate, spoken results, and extremely easy to use. And so far, ad free. Very well designed and executed app. Intuitive without buttons or too many steps to deal with to use or switch languages. The translation responses are quick and spoken. The voice dictation is accurate. If needed it’s easy to get a keyboard. I’m VERY irritated with the translation apps I paid upgrades for and are all now subscription. That’s ridiculous and a deterrent for some people who really need a translator. Thank you for sharing and maintaining such an incredible app! And especially for free without ads. Please consider including an optional ‘donation’ button in Settings so I send money occasionally to support future development.
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2 years ago, Dince Radjah
It helps me to communicate with my assistant
This app is the best. I have a Portuguese speaker assistant and she doesn’t speak English at all. I always use google translate but most of the time I have to fix what I dictate. Very easy to switch between two languages, this app is very convenient for me and my assistant. I wish the speaker is louder. I have an iphone 14 pro max, but the voice is not as loud as when I am playing music. Overall this is one of the best app.
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5 months ago, Evey Chevy
This App Is Amazing . You simply select your language and then select a language you want to know what a word or sentence or sentences in that language . So like I speak English so I would select English and I want to learn Spanish so on the other side I would select Spanish and then If I say something in English and it will translate that word in Spanish . And if I want to I can just say a word in Spanish and see if it knows what is said .
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3 years ago, 10mdbtoohess
What a partner
SayHi is such tremendous help to me in my Spanish learning efforts. Learning "on the fly", as I explore how to say something I am thinking and want to express, makes the learning process so much fun. Also, being able to switch languages when I want to communicate with another person who has limited English language capabilities is very easy and very rewarding. Great app, to say the least! Thanks and thanks for the updates
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8 months ago, 194450ray
Mr Reinaldo Santisteban
I would like to say that I’m very satisfied with the translation of this application because they help me to understand and communicate better with people and my friends too. I will recommend to everyone who needs help in translation to use this application to communicate with their friends. Thanks so much for this kind of application helping people to communicate with each other around the world.
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11 months ago, Ozielinski
Best Translating App
I usually don’t write reviews, however this app deserves a great one! It has been incredibly helpful when communicating with students and families that speak languages other than English. I appreciate how there are different dialects available for some languages. I’ve tried several other types of translating apps, and this one seems to be the most accurate and easy to use.
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4 years ago, Krystallwithakay
Great easy useful app
This app is easy to use & it’s nice that it offers voice / speech to text translation, as well as written translation. It also includes pronunciation & the option to click the word so the pronunciation repeats for you. I’ve been using it for Spanish & French translation & tested it out a bit & I’m pleased with the accuracy. Very helpful app. To speak, all you need to do is tap the speaker button; you don’t have to hold it, which is great.
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3 years ago, Buffyslayerofvamps
I supervise someone who speaks Spanish and very little English. I am learning Spanish but to get important information across it can really be a struggle! This app is AWESOME. Now my colleague can express himself with ease. It is hard for people to learn English too because here in the US we speak a lot of slang. This has been incredibly helpful. It is really great for learning and absorbing another language as well. Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, The Continental
Better than the big corporate apps
I use translation apps to know what I’m hearing as I add animation to international language e-learning courses. I play the couse narration through high quality speakers, and let the app translate on the fly. This routinely trips up the translation apps by Microsoft and Google, which translate my own speaking yet can’t handle speech from a speaker — but Say Hi Translate makes easy work of it. Say Hi is a lifesaver, and I’m forever grateful.
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6 years ago, St.Ox
App Doesn’t Translate Women’s Voices
I was trying to use this to translate a film which is in a language I do not know and which is without subtitles. The app is only able to translate (and understand) male voices. The lead character in this film is a woman and the app has not been able to comprehend a single thing she or any of the other female characters have said and has not even spit out incorrect translations. The app has, however, translated every word the 3 male characters have spoken even when those translations are clearly incorrect because they’re full of imaginary words or incomprehensible phrasings. I would strongly suggest the devs retest (and recalibrate) all languages with female voices.
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8 months ago, Jia2436
Best translator app out there
Finally I can post this awesome review. I downloaded this app for my parent cause they don’t speak English. They had to translate for their doctor appointment. I have gotten call from nurse asking what the app was(also wanted to share with her colleagues too) and the nurse was impressed with the accuracy in her language(Russian). The UI is amazing and easy for any age to navigate.
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4 years ago, spoon.eater
Spanish and French
This app saved me during my trip to Paris. The locals were so impressed with our willingness to try and communicate everyone we encountered took the time and had the patience to converse with us as we translated with the app. It made the trip more memorable than we could have imagined. At home, I use the app to translate Spanish from friends and family since I am not fluent. It helps me practice!
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4 years ago, Fritz the German
Easy to use and mostly accurate 👍
I love this app because it is super easy to use and it translates very quickly. I also love how the accents for other languages are accurately spoken. Another great thing about this app is that it is completely FREE! However sometimes the translations are a little bit off, but in all this app is amazing and I would totally recommend buying it!
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7 months ago, Cachetona40
Extremely Useful
I would highly recommend this! I feel SayHi has helped me more than anything. I can do conversations with our clients and the best thing if all is while I am learning I am also teaching my daughter. I feel this is even better than the other software that are charging you! SayHi is truly a blessing!
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3 years ago, giraffe_lover22
Really impressed!
This app is super easy to use and allows me to translate Spanish and English into by far better sentences than google translate will ever do. There are so many languages it will translate and it’s just right at my fingertips! I also love the image feature. You take a picture of the words and it can translate it really easily!
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1 year ago, bigbear bri
Love this app by far the best.
I love this app. Is by far one of the best apps for translating between multiple languages. I use it at home. I use it at work. I use it in the grocery store sometimes. But it has become buggy lately. The one feature I don’t like is if the sensor that the text the film has been lifted to your ear activates it causes a screen to go blank, causing interaction with the app to stop. That feature serves no purpose to be honest and I think should be turned off.. lately some of the translations have been incorrect, and or were not translated at all. Like I said, it’s one of the better ask, but I will give it for stars because of the buggy things in the miss- translations as of late.
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3 years ago, sethkkkkkk
Way better than google translate
If you’re looking to translate with Spanish then you know google translate doesn’t work well because it only uses Spanish from Spain which is way different than Mexican or Colombian Spanish for example This app nails it and the voice recognition is fast and accurate.
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10 months ago, Adlove46
In general the app is okay there are better ones in terms of navigation. The problem with this one once you select the language it is not give you an option to go back to the interface where you talk or text to translate. You have to close the app and reopen. That is a poor design flaw. There should be a button to take you back once you have selected or changed the language.
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6 years ago, wuruf
I'm an Arab
It's the best translation ever. I've always been looking for an application that translates Arabic into English in a true and excellent way, I am very grateful to you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this app is the only one I haven't thought of deleting it at all unlike some other apps that translate Arabic in an incorrect way which makes my English broken for others
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5 years ago, monstercoinhunter
This is a very good app I’m so many ways,, it does what it says and more, plus it’s free so we really can’t complain.. This is a very useful app if you travel a lot and it’s very easy to learn.. Well worth a download you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain with this free app.. I gave it 3 stars which I think is pretty fair seems how I’ve only Just downloaded but give me a week I’ll be back with a real solid review.. thanks to the folks that made this happen keep up the good work and thanks for the free app ⭐️ 🌟
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7 years ago, Oldiebetter
Just short of 5 star, but very useful
It is extremely good, but sometimes it doesn't give 100% of what you mean to translate. It gives a literal translation, without the benefit of a brain which knows the full meaning of where the conversation was going. It will be very useful when I am in France, although I know some words, cannot carry on a conversation well. This will help me communicate better!!! Am very pleased with this...
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2 years ago, LucyOnTheLoose💩
This is awesome!!!
So, I wanted to see what the Spanish kids were saying about me. So I got a translator app. I was on it, and I wanted to try Japanese. I clicked on the microphone button, ( Japanese is all symbols so I couldn’t pronounce it ) and it said “ start free trial!” And it was so much money. So I went to look for another, and I found this one, this thing is the best!!!
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5 years ago, mytrailmix
Great App!
It doesn’t always translate perfectly....But if you’re bilingual you know that some things just don’t translate perfectly. Every language has its nuances which makes it difficult to capture everything in the exact manner it was spoken. But this app has done a pretty darn good job, at least with the languages I’ve used it for.
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6 years ago, Glam Goddess Kookie
Realistically; Perfect Essential
On the first use of this application I totally enjoyed the ease of use their ability to switch quickly fast choose options between typing and speaking and regardless of how low I my speech was delivered, the application was able to understand my diction, the information being spoken and; infer natural human speech and and pitch not a robotic delivery.
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4 weeks ago, Melissa de O
This by far has been the BEST TRANSLATOR APP, over Google Translate, and others. I use to to translate with my boyfriend who speaks 95% Espanol (Mexico) to my English. I comprehend 35-40% of his Spanish but there’s a lot to still comprehend. Therefore, this APP had really made a difference when we are in discussions or assisting each other in comprehending. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 VOTED BEST TRANSLATOR APP!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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1 year ago, Ani 9630
Already Got A Bug 🤨🫤😤
Hi! I got this app just a few minutes ago and I’m already experiencing a bug. When I try to use the text for translation, whenever I tap the screen to see “paste” or just to see my curser and start typing, the screen turns black for 10 seconds to 30 or a minute. Please fix it, it’s getting annoying. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Mom wig no worries
Amazing Translation
I am very impressed with accuracy of its translation. I speak both English & Persian (Farsi language) and tried both and I am blown away, how good translates. Since I have immigrated from Iran over 40 years ago to US, sometimes, I don’t remember a word or two, but with this app, I immediately get my answer.
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6 years ago, robert kehler jr
I have to constantly rewrite my thoughts to say what I want to properly say to someone in Chinese, this is frustrating and inconvenience and when I have to rewrite by the 3rd or 4th time the message becomes irrelevant because that time has passed, to ask a question or make a statement,..... I like this software yes but there are many flaws that make it inconvenient to get the point across in due time. Basic words are fine but anything more then that and the sentence changes from the original.
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