Scanner Pro - Scan Documents

4.9 (292.4K)
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Readdle Technologies Limited
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scanner Pro - Scan Documents

4.88 out of 5
292.4K Ratings
5 years ago, MarshallBrown
I use this App Everyday!
I love Scanner Pro. It is so easy to use. I use it to scan and send documents nearly everyday because it automatically straightens and aligns them to all four corners, removing all distortion seen in every regular photo. It saves lots of time. The image size can be adjusted after the scan to any standard document size before printing. The scans can be named and renamed again later as needed since no two files can have the same name within the same folder. The date can even be added to the name with one simple click. Scans can be grouped together in one file or placed in multiple files for ease of locating or sending. Any image can be rescanned and replaced with a new image, or discarded altogether. After scanning, you can edit the image in several ways to clean it up oftentimes making it more legible than the original. You can easily scan color or black and white photos, text, full pages, text and images, or even handwriting such as old recipe cards. I find that indirect sunlight is the best light for scanning with this app. You can save any image in color or black & white, in either low or high resolution. Get Scanner Pro-you won’t regret it!
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3 years ago, Blues Junkie
Incredibly good
Update: I frequently have an issue with this app not uploading files to the cloud. I have to manually upload selected files very often. This may occur if I don’t have a connection to the internet at the time of recording the file, but I’m not certain. If so, you would thing the app would upload once a connection is established. I hope this is addressed in an update soon. This is very inconvenient, but I still like the app enough to use it multiple times each day. I use this primarily to document all business receipts at the time of purchase. It has almost eliminated the need for my desktop scanner. I really like that I can set it to upload files to multiple cloud storage options (including Google Drive, iCloud and One Drive). At the time of recording the image, I amend the default file name to correspond with the filing system I use on my desktop. When I'm in the office, the files are already synced to the cloud sync file on my hard drive. I simply select all and drag them into the expense receipts folder for that month. Done. I also use this to record notes, business card info, etc. The app can be formatted to share files though any email program as well. Great way to convert something to a PDF and email it quickly.
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3 years ago, Scordra
Crashes Unexpectedly & Continually UnSynchs
I LOVED this app at first launch and a few years forward. The past year however has been PROBLEM AFTER PROBLEM to where it’s no longer a viable solution for personal and professional use. I have the same problems other users are reporting. Primarily frustrating is the constant unsynching from icloud. I toggle the button to synch, wait for things to “move”, and then a few minutes later find it unsynched again. This program used to work lightning fast and everything was there, right when the app was opened. The second most frustrating experience is the unexpected crashes of the app. Nobody wants to lose pages of scans and to start back at the beginning again. But that’s what happens now. Whoever “fixed” or “upgraded” this original masterpiece should be FIRED. Whoever kept it up and running so well in the initial days should be REHIRED with added pay and benefits. Unfortunately, I’m moving on and I now warn others against an app that I cheered used to cheer for. Goodbye Scanner “Pro”
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3 years ago, ( ˘⌣˘)づ)˚з°)
Owned for years; New update is nice
Can’t say that I’m surprised to see folks complaining about the new update, as this seems to be the trend whenever something gets a makeover. Many times the negative reviews are warranted (Fantastical, Airmail — although these two screwed themselves for reasons in addition to their update rendering the apps into hot garbage). This time around, I can say that I’m not disappointed. All the claims regarding new (or kinda new) functions seem to be accurate enough, and I’m enjoying the refreshed interface, which brings the experience up to date and able to aesthetically compete with its peers. To that end, I do have one feature request, which I would be surprised to learn wasn’t already in the works: it would be great to have the ability to change the color scheme/themes, especially with many people utilizing dark mode. Multiple options would be excellent, but even seeing an option to change out blue for grey tones and/or a dark mode would make me a happy camper. Anyways, cheers to the folks over at Readdle. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, 韩旭旭旭旭旭
Some suggestions and questions
I am one of your users and I am using Scanner pro on my iPhone. I have some suggestions and questions. 1. When I finish my scanning and I want to send the file to others directly using my iPhone, I cannot find the option "using the Airdrop" which I think is the most convenient way connected iPhones. This is question #1. 2. As a new comer to this app, I sometimes deleted files by mistake. Although the app can upload files onto the cloud storage, I still think there should be a place where we can find the files we've already deleted just like other products of yours, like PDF Expert. This can be really helpful especially when I have some important files. 3. The uploading works in a strange way sometimes that I can't understand. I always find the folders missing in my Onedrive and iCloud drive, and the files that supposed to be in those missing folders turns out to be in the primary folder. It's easy for me to delete some file in this way. 4. Still the problem of uploading. I think it better to let the files on my iPhone completely conform to ones on the Cloud disk. Sometimes I may scan one file several times to get the best one, and those files are all uploaded on to my iCloud so that I can't tell which one is the best when I open my iCloud. So the best way is that when I delete some files from my phone, they will also be deleted from my Cloud storage at the same time. I'll appreciate it if you can improve some of the problems in the next version.
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7 years ago, clearly751
Blown away
I have owned this app for years and generally switched between it and Scanbot to get the best scans. I just used it again for the first time in a few months today to scan a multi-page document and I am blown away. Under fairly poor lighting conditions (at nighttime under a yellow lamp) Scanner Pro gave me a perfect OCR scan of my document. Both pages were perfectly aligned, the edges of the pages were perfectly clean, the angle looked perfect, the crease in the paper was gone, and the pages looked perfectly white even though I took the scan under yellow tinted lighting. I tested the scan’s OCR by searching a few random words (in PDF Expert) and it worked perfectly. Wow - I don’t know what secret sauce Readdle has been infusing into this app lately but it’s miles ahead of where it used to be, even though it’s always been one of the top quality scanning apps in the App Store. Bravo, Readdle! Keep it up! PDF Expert and Documents have been invaluable apps to me; I hope Readdle keeps pushing forward.
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5 years ago, Mustang2066
It used to be my goto scanner app...
I used to use this app all the time to scan my important documents so that I can have them on all my devices wherever I go...Until I started having trouble accessing my documents when I needed them most. If my signal is weak then I usually can’t access all of my documents because they’re all in the cloud and not actually on my devices. Or if I can access them it takes forever to populate in the app. Just recently I had to retrieve a very important document but my signal was weak so I couldn’t retrieve it at the moment I needed it. It was very frustrating. This has happened to me several times and it’s come to the point where I just stopped using this app for scanning and I started using the Apple Notes app which has made it much easier to access what I need when I need it. And also even if I do have a decent signal it takes so very long to load up all my documents. It’s possible I just have so many documents in the app but that’s because I used it and relied on it so much until now. I really like how I can fax documents straight from this app but until these problems get fixed I’m just going to have to go elsewhere..
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6 years ago, PinayXXIII
Best app I’ve purchased
I bought Scanner Pro three years ago and it continues to be the most useful and convenient app I own. Being on-the-go and not always having the time or access to a scanner, this app makes it easy to scan documents in color or B&W for future reference or use. The technology is accurate in capturing the image you want or you can manually adjust borders to get more or less of the document you need. Even if distorted or taken from an angle, the app will automatically adjust the image, so words and borders are straight and clear. You can email, add to, delete or retake scans. I use it all the time. I’ve only used the fax feature once and there is a small fee to pay, but it was money well spent when I needed to emergently send documents for clinicals. I highly recommend this app. My only request from developers would be to look into being able to attach scanned documents to already existing e-mail drafts.
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1 year ago, dsmarley
Terrific app
This is a terrific app — I use it all the time, both for scanning simple things like receipts and for scanning and un-distorting pages of sheet music. The process of aligning the page and getting rid of the distortion that is inevitably caused by holding the phone at a slight angle when scanning (no matter how carefully I try not to) is pretty easy to accomplish right there in the program. Then I push a button and the batch of corrected files is uploaded to a folder I’ve specified in Dropbox. It’s really easy. My only caution is that the app has occasionally crashed on me when I’ve been trying to scan a large number of pages, say 30 or 40 or more, in a single batch. When the app crashes, the batch in progress is lost and the pages have to be rescanned. The obvious answer is to save your work often — to be safe, I save my current batch and start a new batch after scanning about 20 pages.
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4 years ago, bruna831
LOVE ease of use, flexibility and quality of documents..
I really wanted to wait until I had thoroughly challenged this app and I am now ready to do a review. I am thrilled with Scanner PRO. The quality of the documents created really are as good, if not better, than the flat bed scanner on my desk. I can scan anywhere, anytime, and send as jpg or PDF file. It helps my remote communications (out of the office) look professional and crisp. I no longer use my desk scanner. This is faster and easier! I am totally amazed at the quality and pleased with the simplicity and flexibility of this app. Several times we have been onboard our boat cruising and in need of scanning a document and sending. This app just rocks! Thank you to the developers! I don't know if this makes a difference, but I use this app with both the small iPad Pro and, more frequently, with my 15" iPad Pro and even my iPhone. Awesome!!
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3 years ago, Dennyhayes
Fantastic For An iPhone
The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because the OCR needs improvement on things like receipts. I tried to scan my receipts to put into a database that can parse all of the data to the proper categories, but most receipt quality is not great. So I did some experiments to see if it was only the quality of the receipt text, because I realized that if it was totally unrecognizable it would be impossible for any OCR. So I first did a scan of the whole receipt, with yielded many mistakes. So then I used the iPhone photo app to edit the same image many times, each time cropping off areas, leaving only the text that the OCR made mistakes on. This effectively zoomed in on the text, and each time the OCR had an easier time recognizing the text. I did this multiple times, zooming in on every area of the receipts, until it had recognized the entire receipt. So, since it is obviously possible the scanner app could do something similar and end up recognizing the whole receipts.
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5 years ago, aityena
Nearly the Perfect Business Receipts Expense Scanner
This is the best scanner app I’ve used for capturing receipts for business expenses. The capture to black and white, and downsampling to small sizes, coupled with sharing to email (I use SAP Concur that accepts emails to directly import into the expense pipeline), make a formerly tedious process a breeze. There are a couple places in the UI that with some polish and a major enhancement will put this into “perfection” realms. Let users set a preferred email address that the email is sent FROM so there are fewer taps to share a scan in a workflow. I’d change my rating to five stars right there and be satisfied because the major enhancement is really a far reach. The major enhancement is OCR and pattern recognition, so scans get the OCR metadata optionally embedded into the PDF, and the pattern recognition senses logos/patterns and lets you use that in workflows to alter scan titles or workflow actions. Then scans of a chain restaurant receipt for example, would automatically fill in a custom title and share to a predefined email.
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7 years ago, tbajko
Almost Perfect
There's a lot to love about this app. It's simple, intuitive, and does a great job at recognizing pages and transforming them into quality scans. I love the custom share sheet and integration with iCloud Drive. It's almost perfect, but I'm deducting two whole stars in hopes that it'll bring attention to the fact that the app chokes when I need to scan more than a handful of pages. For example, I wanted to scan 35 whole pages yesterday. By the 8th page, the app was glitching out and slowing down on me. It was barely usable, but it worked—up until when my phone (a 7 Plus) literally overheated and rebooted. My scanned pages were still there in the app, but it was a nerve-wracking experience when I really just needed the scan done quickly and uploaded. I understand that it must take a lot of processing power for Scanner Pro to do what it does, but if I paid for a Pro app, I'd want to be able to seamlessly scan a whole bunch of pages in one go. Regardless, if your particular use case is light, you'll be satisfied with Scanner Pro.
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2 years ago, Milos E
Priceless app
I’ve been using Scanner Pro for years now and it’s an irreplaceable app for anyone looking for professional quality documents scanned in no time using cell phone. Result is a crisp, readable and neat PDF (or other format should you need it). I honestly believe this was one of my best purchases ever on AppStore. On a side note, I couldn’t but notice some Serbian people commenting on 1999 NATO bombing of my country. Unlike them, I am old enough to remember the support Ukrainian people (and the government) sent us back then. They also took care of some of our civilian airline fleet (today’s Air Serbia), the same way there are several Ukrainian Boeings in Belgrade. Anyway, this is not about Serbia. Ukrainians are under attack by a bully who thinks they have to have it their way only because they have superior weapons. This is never right. Good for you for standing up to them.
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2 years ago, 21Drew
Awesome app, questionable team
Love using Scanner Pro. Been using the app for over 4 years and always works well while rarely encountering any hiccups. The one piece that is concerning though is that the team claimed to have just banned Russian users in this last software update. This is deeply concerning as these citizens are being punished for the actions of their government. Those 2 entities are not the same, and one group has significantly more influence and blame than the other. These citizens are already having a tough time being strung along into a conflict that 99% of citizens don’t care for. I’m not talking down what’s happening in Ukraine; just wanted to highlight that your actions are not helping anything conflict-related, and are only hurting average citizens who want no part in conflict and are just trying to live their lives + look out for their family. Just something to think about.. Will change review to 5 stars when the creators stop cancelling Russian citizens who have been strung along into conflict against their will + are already dealing with deplatforming across financial platforms (banks, credit/debit card, fintech apps).
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6 years ago, cnikkij
Amazingly simple
I never rate apps. But I had to rate this one. It’s incredible. Thank you to the other reviewers who convinced me to use this! I was using Tiny Scanner and tried iScanner. This one is perfect. It’s everything an app should be — intuitive, simple and efficient. You can have it automatically take the photos. They are very crisp. They are so easy to name and to adjust the color on. The app synced to my Dropbox effortlessly. When I upload subsequent documents to Dropbox, it pulls up the folder where I was before. Which is so great when I’m uploading lots of documents - cuts down on me having to click through all the other folders. I have a scanner on my printer 20 feet away from me, but this is so much faster and easier. I’m actually looking for more things to scan so I keep using Scanner Pro! Get it. Well worth a few bucks if you need a scanner app.
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4 years ago, AmyB8484
The best scan app
I tried several scan apps before trying this one. I thought the others would be better quality just because they made you pay for a subscription. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn’t find a scan app that both did a good job scanning without giving me a blurry mess and also let me export in both pdf and gave the option to save the image file to my camera roll. Other scanners wouldn’t let you export to camera roll even if you were paying. So I finally tried this one, which you only have to pay for once. It does an excellent job. If you’re scanning a multi-page document and one of the pages doesn’t come out right, you can just go back and rescan that page without having to rescan the whole document. It’s user-friendly, easy to use, and gives you lots of options. Has definitely made my life easier.
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4 years ago, Far2hip
Absolutely Excellent App!!
I’ll keep it short and simple. If you need a scanning app for your smartphone, look no further. Scanner Pro is the best one you will find for some very simple reasons. I have been using Scanner Pro basically since they first offered it on the IPhone. Through the years it has transformed into an extremely important part of my communication regimen using my smartphone. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and all of the use options are logical, handy, and just plain smart. Combine this app with PDF Expert and you have basically everything you need to scan, assemble, and edit documents on the go with all the power of an office system right in your hand. Scanner Pro has become the ONLY scanner app I recommend. Period. As a long time user from the beginning, big thanks to you folks for staying on top of the advancements with Scanner Pro!! Top shelf!!😎
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2 years ago, On My Way Up Now
Won’t use anything else!👌
I’ve been using this app for YEARS! This scanner app has the easiest user interface and it has so many image options to display your scanned images exactly how you like. This is the only scanner app I found that has multiple settings you can pre-set before scanning and you can also make changes after you’ve scanned too. I love the option to automatically scan something when the image is just right, and then you can add another page and another page and another - it will just keep scanning each document. It’s really easy to store my documents in custom folders you can create right there in the app, or you can save them to your preferred cloud storage. After all these years, this is still the only document scanner I’ll use.
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2 years ago, Annjawn
Well worth the money!!
I love this app and it's well worth my money. The image processing capabilities of this app is pretty strong and quality of the scans are pretty good, be it colored or grey scale. The only time a struggle is when I try to scan a slightly glossy or laminated document because of the reflection glare from natural light on the document. May be it could be a feature in future versions to reduce glare in a scanned document. As long as I can take a picture of the document avoiding natural glare or reflection (which could be tricky) the app does just fine and takes care of the rest. The developers did a pretty good job here! UPDATE: with tall the newer features and image processing, scanning and faxing documents is a piece of cake now. I use this app on a daily basis. This has rendered my actual physical scan machine useless and I love it.
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5 years ago, ClarkDowd
Very smooth and glitch-free
I use Scanner Pro for the purpose of reducing the physical space taken up in my filing cabinets. I’ll soon be 59 and have a long history stuffed into boxes that I have endeavored to send through my shredder. This application is intuitive and problem-free for me. I have a suggestion regarding the filing of scanned documents that - if implemented - would make things more convenient. As it is, you can put multiple documents into a file with a name (let’s say “AUTO”), bit you cannot create subfiles within the original file. I own two vehicles and in the AUTO file, I have TRUCK documents and SUV documents as subfiles. What I would suggest is making it possible to make subfiles within the TRUCK and SUV files that I could name INSURANCE, SERVICES, FUEL, etc. But I still love this application for its ease of use and the space it’s helping make a reality.
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4 years ago, Jamills23
Everything I need
I have been looking around for a good document scanner for school use for over a year. I had tried most of the free scanner apps and all of them were garbage. Some had bad interfaces, and most had a monthly fee. I wanted an app that I had to pay for once, and can do everything. This is that app. Scanning documents is easy - especially multiple paged ones. I also love how this app can automatically upload scans to a folder in my school google drive. I love this app and would easily pay 10 dollars for it. My only thing I would have to say to the developer is to make a free lite version. One so people could do like 5 scans can see if they like the app, then get the pro version. If they offers this I would have gotten this app over a year ago. I want to thank the developer(s) for making such an awesome app.
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6 years ago, TxCrocodile
App needs improvement
I have owned this app and used it for years. It is nice to be able to scan all my receipts on the road. Recently more and more companies are emailing receipts and I have a need to compile these into a PDF and send them via PDF to our finance group. The problems are two fold. The only way to get the emailed receipt, whether it be a PDF or other type of document, into this app is screenshot it and then laboriously go back into the Scanner Pro app and import them into the app, where manual cropping is required. This contrasts with other scanning apps like Genius Scan which allows you to directly import them into the app itself from a menu that pops up in the actions tab (where you would forward the PDF or other document). Second problem is when the screen capture is imported, the quality is so poor that others cannot read the actual document at all. This is likely a compression problem or, more likely, a result of the Scanner Pro app trying to adjust the resolution/color to one of it’s four pre-determined resolution settings. I have asked Readdle to support the import direct function months ago with no progress shown. Therefore, I am likely making the leap to Genius Scan by Grizzly Labs until they fix these two issues. I do love Readdle apps and would easily assist them in explaining more as I truly believe they have an excellent suite of products. Problem is this is just not usable now for my circumstances.
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9 months ago, Designsbybriana
Best app for using a camera to pdf
This application is by far the best in the App Store. You open it up, click the orange + button in the app and it opens the camera. Put the camera over the document and it will turn to a black and white color. Press the button to take the photo and it automatically converts it to a pdf in excellent quality. You can create one page or numerous pages together. I then email the pdf file. I had an issue once where the email function crashed the app. I reached out to support and they replied immediately and fixed the issue in the app. EXCELLENT support for this app! Highly highly highly recommend this app for anyone needing to make quick pdf files using their phone camera to take a photo of a document to convert to pdf.
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9 months ago, 8 bit snow
Fantastic Scanner App!
I’ve been around since the FIRST iPhone. I don’t remember what year it was, but this app was my first scanner app on iOS. I have been happy with it for literally years (if not a decade). Highly recommend this or any app by Readdle. They clearly take pride in their craft, so it’s definitely worth the money! They provide exactly what you expect with a subscription. Frequent updates and quick bug fixes. But they also don’t chase after ridiculous new features that most folks won’t care about or a flashy new UI for no good reason. The focus is clearly on maintaining a quality utility that I’ve come to know exactly how to use. All while ensuring it continues to work with every iOS update, new device, and new features only if it adds to the core purpose of the product.
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2 years ago, Light girl
The best App to scan documents!!!
I absolutely love this App! I probably use it every day (for personal use and even for work). It works better than those expensive scanners or all-in-one printers that have scanning capabilities. I love how with this App, you can scan both in black & white or in color and it gives you the option to save your document as a photo or a .pdf document. The resolution of each picture or .pdf document is very clear and neat. The best part? So easy to use! I just take a picture (or multiple pictures) with my iPhone and I can save the document with any name I choose. Finally, I can even share or email the saved document to myself or others. It’s an amazing scanning App! I recommend it to friends, Professors and others that I work with.
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5 years ago, BrassEdge
Too buggy currently
I’ve used ScannerPro for years and loved it, but recently it’s become far too buggy for me to use. It sometimes has a hard time reading my file system and requires a full restart of my device, sometimes runs fairly slow, a few times was not getting in focus, but the worst is when it started crashing in the middle of a 100-page scan and forced me to start over. Not to mention the file management isn’t the best, at least when syncing with cloud drive. If I want to rename them on my cloud drive or move files around, it won’t update or sync between the drive and what’s stored locally on ScannerPro. If you can fix at least the bugs I’m suddenly running into, this will once again be my go-to scamming app. Currently, however, I’m looking for a replacement.
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2 years ago, zrevai
Easily The Best Scanner App On The AppStore!!!
Easily The Best Scanner App On The AppStore!!! One of the best Scanner Apps on iOS Period!!! Like having a Flatbed Scanner in your pocket but even easier to use than the small portable scanners that you drag down the paper!!! Easy to scan, crop, edit, & clean up the image quality of even the toughest pages to scan (AKA Black Text on a Piece of Colored Paper, EVEN YELLOW) & email, save documents anywhere, anytime including iCloud Syncing and Cloud Storage Providers!!! I also love the Document Radar System that scans your Camera Roll and can detect photographs containing documents that you only snapped a pic of instead of opening the app and then scanning the papers. Comes in handy for me when someone only sends me a picture of a document instead of a PDF version.
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9 months ago, sbtokarz
The Scanner Pro extension in the Photos app is gone after updating to iOS 17 😭 There are so many perfectly capable document scanner apps available — but the one feature that put Scanner Pro miles above the rest was the Edit extension in the Photos app. The ability to auto-detect/manually adjust borders & apply Scanner Pro’s filters to photos that I already have in my Library without having to open a second app was my most cherished & frequently used feature. The Scanner Pro Photos extension made quick, easy work out of cleaning up & straightening out skewed images — as it should. Border detection & document filters are fundamental tools that, frankly, Apple should have baked right into Photos’ default editing capabilities. Alas, Apple dropped the ball — but Scanner Pro picked up the slack with their 3rd party Photos extension; making image/document editing incredibly convenient by allowing those adjustments to be made all in one place, without ever having to leave the Photos app. I’m a loyal customer & regular user of all of Readdle’s apps, but Scanner Pro’s extension in Photos was the one offering from Readdle that I used more frequently than any other (including Spark, which I use as my primary email client!). PLEASE consider bringing back the Photos extension… I’ll do anything 😩🙏 (including switching my rating back to 5 stars). Thank you for all of your hard work & for your consideration!!
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1 year ago, Pasta addict
email sharing since last update
Just reiterating what the other “Latest update - email sharing” post said, about the sharing via email window not closing. This has been happening to me, too. I did also, just prior to posting this, write to them thru the feedback in the app, so hopefully they are aware and can fix this. One thing though, just want to note - that if you go look in your Mail, it does send the email, but, as mentioned, it does not close he email window - however, if you tap anywhere else in the app, the email window will go away. Bottom line though, is, of course, they need to fix this. They have always been really good about getting right on things like this, so hopefully that will be the case here.
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2 years ago, mux_us
Degrading over time
Working as consultant, the possibility to scan documents on the go is crucial. And this app used to be cutting edge! But now with all new possibilities it has not delivered any thing new in years. I am moving back to Microsoft with Office lens and their integration with the cloud. The list of shortcomings is long: * The magnifying glass is a good but poorly executed as it is too sensitive and if you have a document with rounded up corners you’re at a miss. * Shadow compensation is a marketing gag but doesn’t deliver. * Recognizing corners has not improved an inch over the years. It struggles in so many occasions and situations, you wonder how other apps are able to create 3D maps of your environment and this one cannot get a white paper on dark background. * Ever trying to scan a shopping receipt? Well it will be compressed into A4 or Letter (depending on your default). Again with the Measure App I get to measure a 3D object but here it’s impossible for a piece of flat paper. * After all these years it can still not scan a document that is not laying flat but is curbed a bit. * And finally they’re political so correct that it makes me sick. Woke is good to include and exclude who ever is is in or out with current trends. Now the Russians are out because THEY as a people attacked another country. You really believe anyone cares if you discriminate Russians to disallow them to buy you app? At least it gives you a reason not to fix your app.
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3 years ago, drdenny1157
I am call the authorities and reporting you for what must be illegal! You can not make work and every day life this easy. Don’t you folks know that under the current regime administration you are required to make things just as difficult as possible for us poor working slabs. You must stop allowing this application to be used by any one, it make life way too convenient and simple. Also I would like you to know that I am spending way too much time telling everyone that I know about this wonderful application and how useful it would be to them. This will undoubtedly become the focus of yet another bogus and Inane “FDI” infestation that will surely surpass the infestation of parents who are protesting their children's School Boards and their malfeasance. Now do the right thing. And oh yes don’t you think it’s time to raise the gas prices again and be sure you shut down any remaining oil pipelines and start give more money to any who illegally enter the Country. I am also sure if you will just apply yourselves the task you will find a way to squeeze the very last drop of blood out of us by raising taxes more. Just print more “Fiat” money, that does it every time. Your truly John Q. App-user 🤭
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3 years ago, azchen
Favorite scanning app, but recently very frustrated
This had been my favorite scanning app for years, but I have had problems with it over the years. Sometimes I open it and the database of documents is gone because it lost its connection to iCloud. The settings for iCloud are missing from the app unless I restart the phone. It has also LOST very recent scans of documents I wasn’t allowed to keep a paper copy of and they never synchronized with either Google Drive or iCloud, so there doesn’t seem to be a way to recover these files and I am now hesitant to place my trust in this app for important documents. As a precaution, I now take pictures of documents first and then import them into this app, so the risk of losing a document is minimized.
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9 months ago, Profilerazorunit
Best app I’ve ever used
I’ve been using this app on a near-daily basis for years (2015, I think). I’m a scholar in the humanities who works primarily with old manuscripts, books, and other physical media. I’ve scanned entire books with it in a fraction of the time it would take a flatbed scanner, and with no significant loss of quality. The OCR is impeccable, and integration with the Apple ecosystem works very well. I particularly like being able to copy and paste scanned text directly into a document without having to manually convert it. This makes quoting passages from books much less of a headache. The new book mode is a welcome addition, too. I really don’t have anything negative to say. For my needs, it’s perfect. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
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2 years ago, Bdawgno1
Great App for scanning. But please read my review.
To the creators of this app from #Ukraine, you have the World standing up for you. We thank you for creating this app and wish you all the best 🙏🏽. #Russia government needs to understand that even the people of Russia do NOT understand actions of one mad “man”. When wars start, it’s NOT the people who want to start them. History of human beings starting wars have always been started by dictators, autocrats, Kings….essentially ONE demented person that thinks killing other human beings is a good idea because “his” own people will be safe. Never in history has this come true. I stand with Ukrainian people. I know people of Russia do not want this war. I pray for peace. And the creative human beings that have made this app. Thank you
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3 years ago, kelsey___
What happened?!
Because I loved this app before recent updates, I’m giving it two stars. But if I were just starting to use it, I’d be giving it negative stars if that were possible. I’m not sure what happened with the last couple (?) of updates, but it has been close to useless for me. It crashes when opening, it crashes when just sitting open, it crashes when scanning, it crashes when scrolling through the photo import screen. There really isn’t a task it hasn’t crashed in the middle of. I feel lucky when I am able to scan anything and it saves properly (and not in a file that I’m told it can’t open). I’m not even waiting for the auto upload features to kick in, I just airdrop everything to my computer ASAP. When the app was working, the auto-capture feature, border detection and editing tools made it so easy to scan multi page documents and sections of out of print books I use as references. Sticking my phone on tripod meant I could scan far faster than any flatbed scanner could and the images were comparable. Now my “to scan” pile is growing and I hate to say it but I’m starting to consider switching to another app. (I tried taking photos with my iPhone 11 Pro’s stock camera app and then importing them to use the editing tools... but naturally it crashes.) Please please please find a fix!
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4 years ago, Hagenx9698
The best scanning app ever!
I needed a scanning application in order to send in a few documents for college. I started by first using other applications that allegedly preform the same intentions, if the other apps let you past the first page of trying to purchase a ~$50 year long contract, when trying to scan your documents you will surely be prompted with a message to continue scanning by buying one of these obscene packages. By downloading this app, sure you pay a mere ~$4 but it’s, to my knowledge, a permanent installation of the app that allows me to scan books if I wanted to. On top of the perfect price relative to current market value, the app is incredibly versatile and extremely easy to use. I very much recommend this app to anyone who needs to scan anything! Great app!
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5 years ago, Blurred connections
Love the OCR for school — one suggestion
To echo more general reviews, this app rocks. I use it in conjunction with Readdle's PDF Reader for as much of my grad school reading as possible. However, here's a situation I experience often (and expect other students do, too) that this scanner could fix: My instructors will scan a book on a photo copier that flattens the image and exports to a packet pdf. The edges of the pages will show with large swaths of black space for the scan area, and I can't import this document into Scanner to use its OCR functions. Currently (and I've tried a lot of things), I have to separate each page and save them as individual jpegs in Photos for Scanner to recognize and reassemble my document. This takes forever. Please, could you add an import feature for pdf that let's us re-crop and re-OCR-scan the pages?
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3 years ago, Unihibbited
Problems Solved
I wanted people to know it appears after weeks of trying to get support a wonderful and seemingly knowledgeable tech solved my problem. I was losing scans, I had to keep resetting the App, I couldn’t upload to OneDrive. I gave up on the App after many years of use and having to rely on it daily. Finally I was directed to the Apple App Store and told to click on the Scanner pro App, not the download, the app itself, there is a button to “update”, after updating I had to put my OneDrive password in and everything is now working perfectly. My only criticism is it took Olga to figure this out after weeks and weeks of frustration on my part and many emails with tech, bless you Olga.
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10 months ago, Nalicko
Once the greatest scanning apps turns to greedy subscriptions
I used this app to scan everything and digitized my entire filing cabinet! I understand the necessity to generate profit to offer more features and updates. However, there were multiple avenues that could have been taken. One, being an option for a lifetime purchase in an addition to a subscription option for those who only need the locked features temporarily. It’s a shame what’s happening within the App Store. The introduction of the subscription only option caught me by surprised. This is an app I’ve purchased in full and used for a long time. Never thought this developer would stray to subscriptions. This WAS the gold standard scanner app for iOS and I would have happily purchased an add-on to support continued development. Another one sent to the bin due to greed.
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6 years ago, WildBillWillie
Not for OCR Solutions (as Readdle advertises)
Horrible, horrible, OCR no matter how polished or pre-preped the Photo is with the source text. Even very clean clear black text on white background, the app usually has errors. Poorly executed programming flow. Even if I take a snip of text, say a paragraph in the picture, it assumes the snip I just made in its crop selection is a full page. So the app, to correct for this stretches the snip. My text paragraph, is now stretched up and down in really thin lettering. Then it tries to perform OCR on this and naturally fails miserably. Just what were they thinking? Didn't anyone try their app before putting it on the store? Band-Aid fix is ...if you can guess almost exactly the dimensions of your clipped paragraph, you can punch X and Y dimensions in manually and it does better. Second-best is using the auto size feature, which on mine didn't appear as the default setting -why I don't know. And sadly, Readdle doesn't even have the workflow so that from your pictures album you could send a picture directly to OCR with a "cut" button for pasting (which is what the user is going to do next) ready to go like in other apps. Clumsy, clumsy, unusable. Not the typical Readdle Standard quality of apps. They really dropped the ball on this one. The only good thing I can applaud them on is being forward thinking and putting WebDave features in place cleared -kudos. Otherwise, it's just another scanning app.
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2 years ago, 99Tricks
Can we just have a white pen?
The addition of the magic eraser is nice but it applies to the scan rather than the finished output, leaving pre-cropped photos with clearly less textured spots. It is also super hard to clear imperfections close to letters or lines as it always distorts print. Annotations come close but you can only apply it once, after that you can only remove the annotation and start again, which is super frustrating if you find you’ve missed a spot after you’ve finalized the annotation. Can we just get a simple white pen for the black/white mode to color over imperfections? Much simpler and more effective than the current options available, and applying it to the finish display like annotations leaves the original photo intact in case of editing remorse.
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5 years ago, 2121Iawl
Frustrating App
This app was once a terrific tool w/few quirks. But sometime last year an update turned it into one of the most frustrating, and my least favorite but necessary, app. Prior to that update, it easily took pics/scans of docs, allowing the SAME adjustments as today, easily adding additional pages w/o issue, as well as saving, uploading to Dropbox & attaching to email or messages. Now EVERY TIME I try using this app I must retake pages 3, 4 or 5 times before it keeps a pic/scan - because the darn thing simply DISAPPEARED! Then when it looks like it keeps a shot, it disappears when editing - even after saving the darn thing! Oh boy, I've been trying other scanning apps, but others are much more cumbersome & not so intuitive. So until I find that elusive app that is easy, intuitive AND works properly, I'm stuck with this one. Too bad, they used to have a good thing!
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6 years ago, MKB58
Excellent phone scanner
I read a fair number of older medical journal articles that were printed before everything became available electronically, many of which I want to incorporate into my library of journal articles. I purchased TurboScan to take to the library on my phone. It wasn't doing a very good job with flash control and contrast control, etc., and backup seemed somewhat limited. I bought Scanner Pro. It takes a much better image from the get go. It has better contrast control. It has more flexible options for interfacing with OneDrive and other storage sites. I have Scanner Pro, TurboScan, Scanable, Office Lens. Scanner Pro is my favorite and the one I use most. I do like Office Lens for its white board ability.
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7 years ago, ShevchukD
What happened?
Used this scanner all the time. The app always recognized the edges of the paper with no problems at all. But for some reason after ios 11 came out it recognizes the edges very poorly. Now no matter how perfectly I position the document I need to scan, I still need to crop the edges manually after the picture is taken what wasn’t the case before. In the past my conspiracy brain always made me feel that as soon as the new iphone comes out my older model starts to perform noticeably worse. Now I can’t shake off the feeling that since in new ios scanner is available natively from the notes app, the 3rd party apps will slowly start to die off. Although to be fair I don’t see that much comments here that are complaining about poor performance of the app, so who knows, maybe it’s only an issue on my phone.
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3 years ago, Brandon Siegel
Wouldn’t scan until after phone reboot
Update: Restarting my phone fixed the issue. I’m not sure why that was required but it seems like it’s working again for now. Leaving the original message here in case others have the same problem. I don’t have the crash issue other users are complaining of, but since the last update (or a few, it’s been a little while since I last used the app) I can no longer scan receipts in either auto or manual mode. In manual mode the UI just grays out after I tap the capture button and nothing happens. Used to work perfectly before recent updates - auto mode would capture in seconds. Now I have to take a photo with the camera app and import it.
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7 years ago, AshleyZM
Best of the best! Still love it!
4th review - still the best!! And I'm one to always dl new things looking for better apps, but I never bother with any scanner apps. This is one my employees have to download because I don't want ugly scans in our files. OCR works beautifully. Love that you can choose to do that later by editing a scan. That's really cool. Developers, keep up the great work! Years later, my review below still stands. Except the app gets better and better! Yay!! Sooo convenient!! This scanner truly works better than all the others. Trust me, I tested all of them!! So much easier/faster than using the printer's scanner and has a great quality. Document image quality is outstanding. Syncing makes it even faster.
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7 years ago, Bobalinka
So far so good
So far really liking this app a lot. I was using tiny scanner before this and I felt it scanned everything pretty well. The problem with tiny scanner was that it didn't work with Google Drive. It even started to have a problem with drop box. I like to be able to store me scans in the cloud and it was really frustrating. Now with this app I am having no problems uploading to any of the cloud storage places. It has been working seamlessly. So happy! Scans great too. Really cool thing they do is send you 7 short lessons on how to get the most out of this app. Loved it!! Didn't have to spend hours figuring everything out. So far one of the few apps I spent money on that I felt was worth it!!!
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4 years ago, ggarci
Super! Recommend to everyone!
I love this app! I use it for everything I need to scan. At school, work , or home, I always come to this program to help scan something that is important or something I need to remember. For example, if I have papers for a meeting, I’ll scan them just in case something happens to my copies. There’s been times I forgot my copies at home, but was glad I scanned them. I can edit and export it. I usually export it to my pdf app. I though I would stop using it because of Apple’s update, but nope. This is better than anything else I have tried. Also, they have always been working on keeping it updated and improving it periodically.
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1 year ago, One, Two, Tree
Best image filters, poor stability
Readdle’s image filter is the best of any scanner app. After 5+ years, it seems nobody has bothered to try to compete with them. Shadows or blemishes basically disappear once the filter is applied, and the text retains a natural look without oversharpening or distracting artifacts. If your page is perfectly flat, the content will look like it was digital to begin with. However, once you approach/exceed the double digit page mark, the app is basically guaranteed to crash. I’ve used scanner pro on the 6s+ and 13, numerous iOS versions, fresh iOS installs, multiple app installs/reinstalls and the crashing behavior is still here, 5+ years later. It’s a shame since the image processing is so good. I guess that’s why it isn’t fixed yet - there isn’t anywhere else to go!
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