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User Reviews for Scanner ·

4.73 out of 5
206.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Sophiii616
Forcing you to subscribe to pro if you’re scanning document over 10 pages.
Can’t scan over 10 pages unless you subscribe. However, when it pops up I’m already is the middle of the document! But when I clicked continue to subscribe, it doesn’t work!!! The “continue” button is broken or something, doesn’t respond! Thought it might just be a glitch and canceled the pop up. Tried again, and after I finished scanning my entire document, I tried saving it, but still can’t! Need to subscribe to pro. I am willing to! Clicked the continue button again! Doesn’t work. Wasted my time and now I have to find another scanner app! So inconvenient and adding unnecessary stress to users.
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3 years ago, Thom42351
Should be called Scammer app
A couple things. This is first of all not a very good app. The “scan” that it does is just a black and white picture that is cropped along the page lines—which in no way looks like you actually scanned a document. Secondly, the app uses nefarious methods to get users to subscribe for $10 a month. $10 A MONTH!!! For an app that a 12-year-old could make. It’s a joke. Not only would $10 for a one time purchase be absolutely ridiculous, but they subscribe you automatically to the monthly billing, and make it purposely confusing as to how you might unsubscribe. This is an perfect example of tech being used unethically to exploit customers. I’m lucky that I’m a 25-year-old with a decent knowledge of how these things work. I can only imagine how many retired folks are being charged $10 a month and have no idea how to unsubscribe. What a pitiful way to earn money. This is the exact kind of thing Apple should be flagging—instead, they put their ad at the top of the search result page when you look for a scanner app. An ad which, by the way, is being paid for using the funds they’re siphoning from unwitting customers. Pathetic.
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4 years ago, 1960 Star Light
Watch Out!!!!
The scanner seems to work okay, just like any other scanner app really, but there is a screen that pops up when you’re ready to start using the app asking for your credit card, that “will not be charged” if you’re using the free version. You think you have to give the information in order to use the app. You think you can’t move forward and start scanning your docs without the information. They word it in such a way that they make you believe it’s needed as part of the set-up to use the app, the card won’t be charged. But as soon as you enter the credit card information BOOM!! They’ve got you and you’re card gets charged. Then good luck finding out how to contact them to stop the charge. There is no contact information and the only two email addresses you can find, are both “unknown” and “undeliverable.” I had to call the credit card company to dispute the charge and I put an alert on this company, and then canceled my credit card. Beware!!!
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1 year ago, DoyleThePerk
Good but expensive
Best designed scanner app, quick, accurate, crops out extraneous background automatically, easy to navigate. However at 6.99 a week, too expensive for something you can do for free many different ways. I wouldn’t pay that unless I had 100’s of pages to scan at once. Then it would be worth having but for casual every once in a while scanning, too much.
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4 years ago, KimMarieO
I was trying out this app to see if it was more convenient than using my scanner. Maybe it was because it was the free three day trial version that was the issue but there was no guidance on how to use this app. It seemed intuitive at first (you use the camera icon to begin scanning your document). However, it appears that you must hold still the camera to take 20 to 30 shots of your document. Then, the app would shut down without saving the document. I went through this process several times. Connecting with support was complicated/tone consuming and not helpful. I can only assume that the pay version is a lot more efficient. But, I’m not willing to try it out based on the free app experience. Finally, I provided my credit card information for the three day trial and have no idea if by deleting the app, that assumes I’m canceling. Just lacking info on how the scan works and a bit shady on whether I am going to be charged for this “free trial”.
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5 years ago, joella_409
Just use YOUR CAMERA! Not Worth The Time Or Trouble!
I downloaded this app convinced by the App Store images that this app would create perfect “scanner” quality images (e.g. no glare, straight, light corrected) with the ease and convenience of an IPhone. I was wrongly mistakened. There are so many things that make this app terrible to use: - Price: Free to download but the app tries to get you to buy the premium version, seriously? Just for a scanner? - Advertisements: The app displays irrelevant ads practically after every swipe of the screen - Scanning: The scanner is very difficult to use whether on automatic or manual. The capture area is usually too small, forcing the user to manually adjust the area. The final scans are usually crooked and feature tons of glare. My phone crashed several times while using the app, forcing me to start over. - Exporting/saving: The app allows you to email, Dropbox, Google Drive, as PDFs, as JPGs, and export the images several different ways however, you are prompted to initially set up an email which cannot be set up because it is not available in the app’s settings. There are just too many flaws with this app that are preventing me from recommending it to any one. The trouble I went through to use this app costed me 30 minutes when it could have been just 5 had I used my phone’s camera. JUST USE YOUR CAMERA.
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4 months ago, grass😐
Scanning and cropping
Ok I’m still going to continue using the app because I need one - even with these complaints but - 1. I usually manually press the button instead of just sitting there for 1 or more minutes trying to get IT to complete the scan. It’s like it requires the ABSOLUTE perfect position to complete the scan, and that requires COMPLETE stillness, which is impossible, at least on my part 2. When I’m done scanning and want to crop, the blue circles in the corners won’t respond to my fingers until after I try to move them a BAJILLION times with different thumb positions or fingers. It’s like they need the perfect position of your finger to start moving - so I’m sitting there for a bit randomly moving my thumb around to actually try and shift the darn things.
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3 years ago, AllNicknamesTaken13566
Premium is broken for over 10 pages
I got this app because I had to scan some legal documents on short notice and my printer/scanner was broken. Up to the 10 pages worked fine. I had to scan 13 pages and had to be in 1 document so I was forced to buy the premium version for $9.99. I purchased the monthly subscription for $9.99 just to use it to scan this one document and every time I got to the 11th page it prompts to buy premium which I already purchased. It turns into a cycle for pushing to buy premium that I already own, even stating “you already own this” and bringing me back to the same point again and again. Very frustrating and left me unable to scan when I needed it the most.
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3 years ago, FallenLove26
Not worth it
I got this app to scan my work for exams. I would reinstall the app only when I had an exam, so far I’ve only used it 2 times. I thought I was using the free version but come to find out today that I’ve been paying for the 1 month subscription, which is $10 a month. I do not remember selecting the option to subscribe, and as a college student I wouldn’t spend $10 on an app that I’ll only use once a month, if that. On top of that, it’s hard to scan a page with hand writing because sometimes there’s glare and parts of the page are barely visible. I would have to take multiple pictures of a page to get the lighting right so that I would actually get credit for that problem.
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4 years ago, Jacob837482
Doesn’t work properly
I was using the app to create a pdf of some homework I had to submit. At first I tried making a pdf of it all but was told by the app there was a limit of 10 pages. I tried splitting it up into multiple documents of 10 pages but it still didn’t work. After that didn’t work I relented and signed up for the free trial because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. But the app fails to acknowledge I’m signed up for the trial and continues to not let me send large documents as if I have the free version despite me deleting and redownloading the app and making sure I was signed up for the trial. I missed the due date of my assignment because of this and am very unhappy with the creators of the app.
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4 years ago, shkhcnjgvmk
Potential scam
I needed a scanner for work and downloaded this one, thinking I could make it work without the premium features. The first week I used the app was fine but last week I ran out of free exports, so I decided to get a premium subscription for a year since the app appeared to work well enough. After paying for a premium subscription a week ago I still cannot access any premium features. I’ve tried refreshing the app, and powering on and off my phone, both to no use. Finally the emailed the support listed on the app but I received a message saying that they could not deal with my issue. Now I have no other contact info and a useless app that I spent $40 on. BEWARE OF THIS APP IT’S A SCAM.
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4 years ago, Mahfuzur Emon
I love this app. If you want to keep organized records that you can search or go totally paperless then this is a great app. Fast OCR and smart adjustments either automatic or custom have allowed me to power through several banker's boxes of records of all kinds to create readable and searchable scans even from items with low contrast grayscale information. This app would have no problem making short work of huge amount of business records. So happy with this
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4 years ago, Tinnalee1974
Scanning our way out of this current crisis!
This crazy COVID-19 crisis shut down everything!!! My 11 year old son needs to now scan his way through school to receive credit for all his school work! This Application has made things 100% better and helped our stress level regarding getting his work to the school system fast, effective and in great reading quality!!! Thank you, Chestina
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4 years ago, Jeremy Stein
Easier than my actual scanner
I don’t bother using my all-in-one printer/scanner since that requires me to do extra steps on my computer. I can scan multiple pages with this app and directly email the combined PDF. Such a time-saver! I was worried that the pages would be distorted, but it does a good job finding the page edges and making everything straight.
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5 years ago, Helloneuman
ZERO Stars
I spent about 20 hours scanning documents for work last week, and when I went to email them, it said to upgrade for $9.99/month (and the other $/month options) so I did that bc work will reimburse me. But when I went to email after that, it kept telling me to subscribe when I already had, and if I tried to “restore” it told me I had already subscribed. Still had ads, still couldn’t email anything. Emailed tech support with zero response. Here’s to another 20 hours scanning this week using Evernote Scannable bc it was recommended by a friend that uses it for her work all the time with ZERO issues.
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3 years ago, ChillHarris
Scan and Delete
I needed to scan a document remotely and was nervous to sign up due to the credit card prompt. I successfully unsubscribed the next day and no charge to my account. Plus the scan worked perfectly. UNSUBSCRIBE GO TO: phone settings > click your name/Apple ID at top > subscriptions > scanner > unsubscribe
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4 years ago, FrenchHornGirl
Glitchy Exporting
For the free version, I had no issues with the app until it came to exporting. When exporting multiple files, it somehow only exports that same number of copies of only ONE of the files (for example, I had 8 scans that I tried to export, and no matter what service I chose for exporting, I got 8 copies of ONE of the scans rather than 1 copy of each individual file). Not sure how this works, but it is glitchy and now I have to individually export each file to ensure that I don’t get duplicates!
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2 years ago, kaleykrick
Paid for a week, did NOT receive “Premium” service
Had to collate a bunch of school stuff & signed up for one week of use. Because I’ve been incredibly busy, I unsubscribed so as not to be billed continuously. Despite notifications that app would be functional through end of paid time it immediately defaulted back to unpaid settings. Tried to make the best of things by creating sets of 10 page pdf. documents instead only for the app to become completely unusable less I upgrade to “Premium” $9.99 once again.
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3 years ago, no nickname avsisble
Did not order, will not pay, and do not want a trial!
Poorly presented. I view it wanted to check the cost, and was downloading without any information. Poor business practice, stay away from this company and/or developer. I’m demanding no charge be made! I can’t respond without giving it a 5 start rating, it is at best 1/2 a star!
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4 years ago, (--)(--)
!!! AVOID !!! I bought the app for $3.99 thinking that it was a deal for a scanning app. Then, after the purchase, the thing said that it was a monthly service of around $10. Well, that’s pretty steep. Upset, I started using the thing and it worked OK, not amazing, but OK. Went to email the scanned document and got slapped with a 5 second COMMERCIAL and then on the subject line was something to the effect of “!!! TRY OUR APP !!!”. And in the body was an web link to “!!! TRY OUR APP !!! “. Long story short, I erased the stupid thing after having it on my phone for around 10 minutes.
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2 years ago, ubermmensch
How to end free trial
You subbed to scan a 10+ pages document and want out immediately? Go in the app-> settings -> subscribe to PRO (or whatever it is in your language) -> manage -> end free trial App is ok to scan if you don’t have Normal scanner at home. Not the best quality but it can save your life. Don’t forget to unsubscribe as this app is clearly a passive income cash grab from the devs. Check out their policy they can get your data too and you can ask them to delete all, as per law.
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9 months ago, Thothcifer
Other then the ADDS
It’s great for a free scanner app, manually take images to scan or use screenshots (etc.) already in your photo album easily. Crop, export as PDF/jpg, and print from the app, plus a few other functions. Can’t complain 4 stars just because the apps are a little aggressive. As long as you close it out your good to keep going.
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3 years ago, LoVe#1cUStoMEr
Their trial is a lie
When you sign up they say that you get 3 days free, yet you don’t.They actually charge you $9.99 for an entire month when after you purchase it it says that you can actually do one week for $4.99. So there is no three day trial at all this is ridiculous and false advertising an attorney need to look into this so that they are not able to take a vantage of people and take peoples money when it’s an awful app anyway. I want my refund as I did not use this awful app for even 1 hour.
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5 years ago, KaliFlame
This app is SPAM... I tried to send a document with the email option they had and the email is just and advertisement to try the app.. Didn’t even place the scanned document in the email.. tried to save to google drive and that failed also.. Even iCloud.. This on this trash app works
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4 years ago, supermomma
Pay App with Annoying Ads
I understand free apps having ads, but after paying 4.99? Annoying! And they are video ads that pop up when you try to save a scan and you have to wait 5 seconds to exit them. The ad exit buttons are also high and tiny and interfere with the phone’s drop down menu. The app is not very user friendly and I’d never recommend it to someone. The app sells a monthly service for 9.99/month
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4 years ago, notmadjustdissapointed3005
Manage your account.
I realize this is mostly my fault, but after selecting the free trail it did make me put my card information in. I used this app one time and then deleted it and have been charged for 10 months without even having the app on my phone. I feel tricked in a way because I have no idea how this happened. Just be cautious and diligent about cancelling your subscription, don’t just delete the app.
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4 years ago, May Jesus Christ bless you
Not a free app. It’s a free trial app that will automatically charge your card
PLEASE NOTE this is not a free app. Even though I search for free app./Scanner. After three days it will automatically subscribe it’s self and charge your charge card through Apple and you will not get A refund. Losing $9.99 for just downloading this App. And when trying to remove your charge card Apple Will not allow you to remove your card. You have to cancel your card with your bank thus, Get a new card and do not attach it to your Apple ID. If I search for free Apps I expect it to be free. Not free trial.
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11 months ago, Bcjehfowmc
Danger this is a dangerousGame or party I tried scanning it and it didn’t work. I did the subscribe button for a three day trial and it didn’t work. I started shaking the camera also to see my picture to get blurry to see if it would scan it and it just came out white and black. This is a bad rating. I’m giving your two. I’m so mad because I waited so long for this download just for not to work. Wow and I can just use the Scanner I have at my house rude
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3 years ago, FCSSensai
Hope y’all lose your company
10 pages is the limit. Tells you after you try to save, meaning you’ll have to delete all the important scanning you just did without getting pro. Great, these worthless scummy sewer developers are holding my info hostage. Fine, I’ll bite, and I bought pro. Only to notice your app doesn’t even know when you buy it. Meaning I still lost everything. I hope you people get in a horrible car accident. It’s what you deserve after publishing this garbage.
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4 years ago, ser2031
It works, but lighting must be perfect
Maybe I’m just horrible at taking the pictures, but my scans were incredibly hard to get without having a shadow blacking half the paper or the lighting making it very hard to read. My professors had to ask me to resend multiple assignments because it was hard to read and it took me 15-30 minutes to get a good scan. Also only have an iphone 7, so maybe that affected it. Gets the job done though
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2 years ago, Sunny33066
Reliable for a phone scanner
I have used this several times for documents and I am very satisfied with the results. It is a phone scanner so it will not have the high quality of a larger scanner but definitely handles my needs very nicely.
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3 years ago, jasonrose1313
You have to subscribe to scan and save more than 10 pages. However, I tried three times to subscribe, my account says and confirms it’s subscribed, but the app wouldn’t allow me to scan more than 10 pages. I had to buy a second subscription from their plans to get the app work. NOT WORTH IT. I also tried to connect it to my google account, but google promptly blocked the app from doing so because it was trying to access my private data.
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4 years ago, EvilCat21
Almost costed me 25% of my grade
This app has a function that does not allow you to have more than 10 pdf’s at once and ask you to pay their premium. The issue is that I was crunched on time so I decided $10 for 25% of my grade since it didn’t allow any other options and the exam was due in 15 minutes. I PRESSED PURCHASE AND THE APP FROZED. It never allowed me the option the purchase the premium at all and wasted my time. I managed to turn in my work 1 minute before it was due missing 3 out of 13 pages of my work. And during all that time the send by email option did not work and wasted even more of my time. If I didn’t have a Mac book and submitted my work using iCloud that would’ve been a guarantee F for that class. Now I am currently looking for a new scanning app because it was clearly not a good idea to trust in Scanner.
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4 years ago, Hp2Lia
I paid for pro and am not receiving any of the benefits
This app does a great job of scanning my docs and allowing me to upload them to sites easily so I decided to pay for pro and keep using it. I paid the $9.99 for the monthly subscription and it keeps telling me I'm subscribed and it shows up in my Apple subscriptions, but I keep getting ads and the app won't let me scan files more than 10 pages long! Very upsetting as I needed this for my online classes
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5 months ago, Razboner
Awesome App
I don’t care what anyone has said about this app, it has worked very well for me. Plus, it’s free. Yeah, you have some advertisements. Buy the dang thing if it bothers you that much. For basic scans for any use emails, docs, work, etc. this is the app to use.
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4 years ago, Nowohavenoviews
Bad edit and bad camera.
Cant crop at all because it just scrolls back to the camera instead of the corners and then you have to do it again cause the corner didn't stay in the spot you wanted it to and the ads are so annoying cant do a thing without annoying ads id rather just take picture and change the image to pdf on my computer than this bad app.
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1 year ago, teresita pereida
Great app to have
Amazing tool to have always in your phone for any fast and important minute documents this is a life- changing. Immediately takes series of pictures and easy to download to your email rigtt by away.
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3 years ago, lucia Garcina
Upgrade not working
Same issue with not being able to upgrade after scanning more than 10 pages
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4 years ago, Patty858807
It’s ok...
The cropping portion of the App is extremely glitchy when it comes to cropping a full size image down to a portion of the image. Everything else is pretty functional. I just signed up for the 3 day free trial because I only needed it for a few things. But $10 a month for a subscription. You might as well go and buy a scanner at your local electronic store and save yourself some money.
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6 months ago, Bergeylicious
It works, but low quality
I get people eating this 5 stars if they haven’t tried other apps. After all, it does work. However, it has rudimentary editing capabilities to make scanned sheets vivid and clear, and when bulk scanning 5 pages, they look like they are different sizes. I’m canceling this subscription and using another app.
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3 years ago, puma rai
I used this scanner at first time this is so good and easy to use for making pdf file and also one more thing when you make it pdf file immediately you can sent this paper 📝 from this apps to email .
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2 years ago, Elevatednpmind
I love Scanner
Scanner is an all around great scanning tool app. I like the ease of use, especially how you can just scan away multiple sheets and it automatically knows it to put them together. Thank you.
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3 years ago, hellinheels13
There was no free version offered to me, so I signed up for the free trial and immediately got a notification from my bank that it had charged me the 9.99. I then immediately unsubscribed and deleted the app. A month later, I was charged another 9.99 even though I had unsubscribed and deleted the app. I am extremely disappointed in this app and think it should be removed from the App Store immediately. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP it is unreliable and will cost you money that you can’t get back.
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5 years ago, yolynsie
Trash app, scammy pretense
I downloaded the free trial to upload one image. It basically functions as a jpg to pdf converter, but the camera features and app itself were trash. Not to mention, they charged me for the subscription (automatically the most expensive option, of course) in under the 3 day trial limit. Apple won’t issue a refund even though I deleted the app off my phone. I hope the developers rot. Apple needs to use an opt-in feature before every credit card charge.
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5 years ago, delpet
I was naive to think this free app would be helpful. The scanning and saving part was pretty easy...then ads started popping up every few seconds and you have to carefully click out of them in the middle of what you are trying to do. Not to mention you can’t export the files without upgrading and once you do upgrade, exporting the files is a not intuitive and is way more trouble than it’s worth. Do yourself a favor and download another app for a small price.
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2 years ago, 1222Billie
Scanner App
My husband has to do Commercial Insurance Audit once every year for his Company. It’s easy to complete when I can scan & down load documents to email & complete everything at once.
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5 years ago, Bobobobobobobhsbsbs
DO NOT download this app!
DON’T download this app. The developers use extremely sleezy techniques to get people to “subscribe” to a service that’s completely worthless, considering you can convert images to PDF through the Notes app in your phone. They force you to subscribe to a free trial, and there’s no easy way to cancel this trial before it charges $10 (10 freaking dollars) a month later. I immediately contacted their support to cancel my subscription after starting the trial but they never responded. Deleted the app thinking that’d work, but sure enough had a $10 charge a month later. Tip: you have to cancel the subscription through your Apple ID settings in your phone. Don’t download this app. Use the Notes app in your phone and save yourself the trouble.
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3 years ago, finerub69
Quick and professional.
Point and click system even with no light present. I cannot see how you can improve.
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5 years ago, Jennay789
$10 a month subscription scam
This app is nothing more than a mediocre scam; whose main purpose is to try to trick people into $10 a month subscriptions. You heard me right, someone thought that $10 a month is a reasonable price for a scanner. Even when you pay for the premium subscription, they have a still loaded with ads. And the scanner itself is not a premium product at all. It takes mediocre scans. Ironically it’s worse than many free apps.
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4 years ago, clhardi1987
Sneaky! It’s not free!
It would be very easy to get tricked into a monthly payment for this app. I was very lucky that I caught onto their tricks! App appears to be free, but after only a three day trial, they charge you 10 bucks a month! Ridiculous! This was not clear as the app was advertised. I was lucky to have caught it before I was charged. I also had to reload the page several times just to be able to unsubscribe… Suspicious. Beware! There are lots of actually free apps. Get one of those.
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