ScanSnap Connect Application

2.4 (100)
210.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ScanSnap Connect Application

2.39 out of 5
100 Ratings
3 years ago, Pngil
Good hardware, poor software
Every month or two my ScanSnap is 1500 will stop connecting to both of my iPads (it works with my iPhone). A few days later it will connect again. There is clearly a problem with the iPad software, but Fujitsu seems either unwilling or unable to fix this. Quite a shame, since I do like the scanner itself. Is anyone at Fujitsu listening?
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6 months ago, Thrance
Works As Expected
I approached the Scansnap iOS app with considerable skepticism. Experience has taught me that software designed for peripherals like scanners and printers is often subpar, a trend that seems to have persisted since the 90s. Moreover, mobile apps designed to control hardware are typically as pleasant as a dumpster fire, often leading to sheer frustration. With these expectations, I braced myself for an hour of tedious troubleshooting. However, to my surprise and delight, the app proved to be a rare exception. Drawing on my IT expertise, I started by power cycling my ix1600 and installed the app. In just a few minutes, I was connected to my wife’s scanner without a hitch. I managed to scan multiple 15-page documents, attaching them to an email directly from the app, and sent them using the native Mail app. The entire process was astonishingly efficient, taking no more than five minutes. Kudos to the team for making an application for a peripheral that works! I very rarely leave reviews on anything but, I was impressed enough to do so. Please keep up the quality control. Notes: Scanner: IX1600 - previously setup via macOS Did not try to edit any settings while scanning the documents. Therefore, cannot attest to any of the other features.
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3 years ago, OriginalGrumpyOldMan
Limited connectivity
Does not connect to iPad Pro via direct USB, only slow & insecure WiFi (especially bad in a public or shared environment). Even on the very recent & expensive iX1600, with the latest firmware & appropriate cable, when both devices can see each other according to their device info, not even the most basic scanning operation is supported. (Thus one more reason we won’t get away from Macbooks any time soon even with similar performance…) Due to privacy and security concerns especially when handling sensitive documents, I can not comment on this application’s functionality beyond this. Not the least because ANY WiFi connectivity on the iX1600 would open the door to the internet & uncontrolled “cloud” & “diagnostic” leaks (even when opting out), with little to no recourse to ensure security short of a corporate-level firewall.
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1 year ago, lifeinfusion
ScanSnap app a huge help for people with disabilities but one bug
A good app that mostly reduces the need for using the ScanSnap home software on a desktop. I rely on this app to help me organize my mail, bills and medical documents due to my disability, which saved me so much energy and a life saver to open the app and press scan. But my only request is to fix the bug in the app where I cannot scan longer documents and it says it’s jammed but it isn’t. The ScanSnap home software says to hold the scan button down on the machine for 3 seconds for documents longer than a certain length and it works on my laptop with the ScanSnap home software, but it does not work with the app. I believe it had no problem scanning longer documents before. Not sure what happened. Please fix this issue. Thank you
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4 years ago, GmanKnows
Please Fix Sync to OneDrive
Either stop advertising syncing to OneDrive or fix it once and for all. Works for a while until one day it crashes when you attempt to upload a scanned PDF file to OneDrive Personal or Business versions. Once that happens, ScanSnap will crash Every time it is launched during the refresh process. The only way to partially recover is to delete the App, re-install and Not configure the Sync to OneDrive feature. This occurs when using an iX500 or iX1500. No problems when syncing to DropBox but OneDrive is my Cloud Storage of choice, as it is for most users of Office 365 and it features 1TB of cloud storage. Please, Please fix this long-term bug with ScanSnap.
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2 years ago, dcdc2010
How about this for a review? I’m literally ready to tear my hair out trying to set up this piece of junk to work on my wifi. I somehow set it up at home and now I moved to a new location and a new wifi and it stopped working. Setting it up for a new wifi is a total pain. Why does it want me to connect it to my PC? Why do I need to download some junk installer to my computer to make it work? Isn’t it supposed to be a wifi scanner? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
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3 years ago, colinsqaos
Crashes with Onedrive connect Oct 2021
The app will not complete the one drive connection, crashes every time. Tried deleting, reinstalling. iPhone 12, most recent ios update installed
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6 years ago, Eddiemoto
Hardware A+ Software C
Make no mistake about it... best hardware on the market. I can honestly say I’ve have sold at least 50 ix500’s the last 3 years. It works incredibly well. Just got the ix1500 and must say I think you did it again. The software, gets a C because I works reliably. A few areas to improve... - I find it hard to believe we don’t have an iPad version. I do most of my scanning from it. - Support for the iCloud would be logical. - Siri Shortcuts support would be amazing!!! - It would be cool if you somehow made it possible for 3rd party devs to scan.
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1 year ago, Uhura1996
App stopped working
After changing my backup service, the app refuse to stay open. After restarting both the app and next the iPad…nothing works. I also try deleting the app, then reinstall and got the same thing. I can’t change the cloud service that obviously have a problem connecting because the app won’t stay open.
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5 years ago, Michelleison
Worst app
It’s already the end of the year! When are you going to fix the app? It crashes immediately when opened! I need to use the device I paid for!! All of a sudden wasn’t connecting to one drive. Then seemed like it was syncing - now it just crashes and does nothing. Can’t scan and can’t access files already scanned on phone. So annoying.
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3 years ago, FrisSass
Help me to Update
My ScanSnap iX500 stopped scanning. It says Needs to be Updated. The developer of this App needs to updated to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information. Help!!!
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5 years ago, DanThomasC
Mobile stores direct to Google cloud
Clean simple interface. I don’t need bells and whistles, just efficiency to have docs readily available between platforms.
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5 years ago, psd03
Excellent app
V2.6.2 works perfectly on my iPad Pro for my ix100. Everything (both hardware and app) worked smoothly without any problem.
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3 years ago, Thexpanda
Please add the function to scan paper facing up
On computer I always scan paper facing up, but on phone I have to remember to flip the papers. It is not user friendly.
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5 years ago, Sidjdjjcc
Discontinued support for ix500
Questioning the ethicality of this business. They discontinued mobile support for the ix500 model that I just purchased brand new last week. Is their future objective to force everyone into buying a new scanner because of software?? Wondering how long I’ll have before they also discontinue PC support and I’m stuck with a $420 paperweight.
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2 years ago, Need original app
Great App, works well. Please Add folders optio
It would be great to have the option of folders to organize the scanned documents. Jim
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9 months ago, thomastudios
Completely worthless
At one point I actually managed to get this app to ‘see’ an iX100 scanner and then it promptly disappeared. I was never able to get it connected again. Don’t waste your time with this worthless app.
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6 years ago, Mpennreid
Poor, Poor App
This app no longer works!!! Please, PLEASE fix the app so that it works on iOS 11. Your update fix for iOS 11 from one month ago, did nothing to fix the connection trouble. Please fix the app.
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2 years ago, NotHappy753467
Never Worked with 2022 IPad Pro
I was never able to get software to recognize SnapScan iX1500 via Wi-Fi. All setup per instructions provided by app. Wi-Fi snooper could see the scanner on Wi-Fi. I tried to set scanner address manually, but this entry was ignored. Pretty useless app.
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6 years ago, TNSblue
Pretty good
Does everything it is meant to do without much fuss. I wish they would add Apple iCloud Drive and other online options like that. Currently only: Microsoft OneDrive google drive Dropbox
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7 years ago, anisharora
Does not work with iOS 11
Just upgraded to iOS11 and have been experiencing issues with connectivity. The connection to the scanner keeps dropping every few seconds and the app also crashes frequently. Hopefully there’s a fix soon!
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2 years ago, MotoTrvlr
Poor at best
Works some of the time. Currently there are 7 scanned documents in my library that I can do anything with. They won’t open, select, delete, nothing. Worthless.
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6 years ago, JasonTM1
It works, but...
App is pretty pitiful but does scan and upload reliably for me. Would like to see ScanSnap Sync support for the Files app. Currently requires authentication directly with cloud storage provider.. and only GDrive or Dropbox.
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2 years ago, CentralNY
The mobile connection never works. I am experience with network administration, but now work in accounting. I have recently been promoted to CFO/Controlled so I will advocate that we abandon Fujitsu products in favor of vendors with functioning products.
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5 years ago, Vice69
No Good
Scan Snap used to be reliable and now it flat out stinks. Won’t connect to wireless devices even after troubleshooting, reconnecting, restarting, etc. I used to recommend to highly but now I’m in search of a new product.
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11 years ago, NSObject
It works but the UI is abhorrent
For what it is, it works. It scans the document to the iOS device. Two stars for basic functionality. The problem is that that's where it ends. If you use it enough on a daily basis, you soon realize this app is designed (if at all) by someone who does not use it. Case in point A: if a document fails to scan for any reason (fold detected, for example) the app asks you for a choice to discard or keep the scan. This is great except your choice doesn't make a difference. Case in point B: you can't move more than one file at a time to Dropbox or other cloud services from the app. In fact, you can't even "move" a file. It's always a copy operation so if you have scanned 200 files with your decide, you have to copy 200 individual files, one at a time, and remember to delete each one. Fujitsu, your hardware rocks but your software is terrible. I hope for the day when you stop relying on contractors and build a capable development team in-house. Lastly, the app is fugly. It hurts my feelings just by looking at the app icon on my home screen. Again, hardware rocks but software is terrible.
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5 years ago, beroad
Not working
So hard to set it up, not a user friendly, super slow, and basically no connection, and when it connect it does not work. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, coach80
It work for a while beautifully. Now it doesn’t open it would open for one second and then immediately close. It’s useless
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4 years ago, Tanuki-san
IOS14 seems to have broken the mobile app
Things were working great until I upgraded my phone to ios14. I have just tested the laptop version and it still works to my scanner.
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4 years ago, myrpily
Update please
Can get it to open in iOS Mac, iPad or phone. The scanner is useless. On Mac devices. I’m trying to go paperless but now it’s frustrating watching everything pile up while I’m waiting for the update.
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1 year ago, LVV203
No longer able to open app
I lost a lot of family photos
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4 years ago, X-DC
I can’t open the app to use it. It crashes every time. I expected more from a product this expensive.
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5 years ago, Siwa888
Won’t work with iPad Pro IOS 12
I try to connect with iPad Pro. It won’t work. My snaps can ix500 won’t connect with it. I try with usb c also not work. So the App need to be fix to make it support.
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6 years ago, Jadwin
No longer supports iX 500
New version prevents scanning to mobile on iX 500. Forced to scan with USB cable instead to terribly designed software. Misleading instructions do not work.
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4 years ago, JAL1920
New Update
The latest software update does not work. It seems to crash every time I open the app on my iPhone 11.
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4 years ago, greenee78
The app is stuck In loading mode. Need my old scans and to be able to use it to scan.
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7 years ago, WalthamMan
No longer reliable
Agree with earlier review. IOS 11 upgrade has caused app to repeatedly loose scanner connectivity. Dev needs to fix
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7 years ago, Johnc2216
Connection problems
Used to work great - now it's a battle each time to connect to the scanner. Help!
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5 years ago, Obadiahcruz
No support for ix500
Seriously? What type of business is this... Dumb company. Don't bother downloading it if you have the beautiful ix500. Only works with PC
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6 years ago, Johnnymo
OS12 problem
Worked fine on iPhone 7 running OS11 Now on IPhone XS running OS12, scanner name no longer appears in setup options. Need urgent fix.
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4 years ago, johnnyhobo
App crashes upon opening
I like my scanner but I can’t get the app to work
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3 years ago, ...ynotdesigns
Best office machine
Ix500 love the machine - best piece I have ever owned
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3 years ago, Dr Buchanan
Great hardware but…
Just like my IT consultant told me…”Best Hardware…Terrible software”. So frustrating!
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4 years ago, AnnoyedLJD
Stop working
“Communication error”
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11 years ago, Paul Schwan
Wireless Scanning Is A Snap
Today I received notice from ScanSnap that the iX500 scanner can now scan wirelessly from a Mac. I immediately updated the firmware and turned on this feature. I didn't even know a WiFi card was built in! Later, I downloaded this iPhone app and tried it out. It works great! When you have the app open it takes priority over the Mac scanning app. You get the option of opening your scanned documents in Dropbox, Evernote, or several other options that I rarely use including sending to someone by email. Of course, your document is also available right on your iOS device. It's pretty slick, being able to quickly scan a document before I run out the door. My document is then available in the car or wherever I'm going. I recommend this app and the iX500 to anyone who needs to do a lot of scanning!
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8 years ago, Padre Josue
Connects great, interface and service are lacking
Ok, so the app does what it's supposed to do. It connects to my ScanSnap ix500, and it scans. That's the good part. Now on to the critiques: 1.) The app hasn't been updated to take advantage of the iPhone 6 or (I'm assuming) 6s screens. For a scanning app, it would seem like the extra screen real-estate would be useful. 2.) The app looks old. I know that sounds picky, but when you buy a $400-ish scanner, you'd expect that the accompanying app would keep up with the design language of the most current iteration of iOS (currently iOS 9.3 as of this review). 3.) The cloud syncing options are a bit too limited. I personally still use Dropbox, so it works for me, but there should be options for iCloud Drive among others. 4.) I know I can create a note in Evernote via the "Open In..." Menu, but this is a bit clunky. Evernote should be integrated at a deeper level, allowing the user to automatically create a new note with each scan. 5.) Alternatively to #4, instead of a simple "Scan" button, how about a "Scan to Evernote," a "Scan to Dropbox," etc... type configuration? Anyway, glad to have the app, but I'll be happier when the app looks like it belongs on the phone I'm using it on.
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9 years ago, LoLo60929
Worked well...
I have been using this app for 6+ months without many issues at all until I recently updated to iOS 9 beta. Understandably, there have been some glitches and bugs but this is only the second issue with a 3rd party app that I've seen. I couldn't find an easy place to supply feedback so I'm doing it here. The app will crash immediately upon attempting to trash a secondary page from a scan i.e. the back of a receipt. No other issues seen thus far. Thanks!
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10 years ago, mjones0823
Lighning Fast
As for features. It has plenty if you use the software. That it's package with. But I have adobe acrobat pro. So didn't have to have that. But it's great to bypass. Makes it quicker to scan straight to word, PowerPoint etc... But the best feature scanning straight to mobile device. It is a lightning fast wifi process. I have never been able to scan this fast. You can scan 15 pages. Before another scanner starts. Buy a ix500. Get this app. Worth every penny.
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13 years ago, MA fan
Very nice
Makes the process of getting a fresh scan onto your iDevice very quick and painless. I would like to be able to not require a password, and being able to select a scan profile from the device would be wonderful. Finally, the window doesn't seem to close on my Mac after I do a scan, as the docs say it should. Overall, though, a great app that I hope keeps improving.
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8 years ago, Venya2000
Happy with app. Works great with ix500
Coming from an older s1500 scanner, I'm really happy with upgrade to wireless ix500. I scan from ix500 wirelessly to computer and to my ipad using this app. Scanning to ipad app has been surprisingly easy and without problems. App scans fast, is simple and clean UI. One gripe I have it that it would be great for the app to prompt you what to name a file after scanning is complete. Options allow for varying formats of year/date/time etc, or allows you to create a custom filename which then adds a number to that name in subsequent scans. Right now I have to go to each file, edit and do a manual rename. I setup syncing with Dropbox, which was a breeze and works well.
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