ScheduleFlex by Shiftboard

4.7 (10.3K)
50.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shiftboard, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ScheduleFlex by Shiftboard

4.68 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
4 years ago, dtaylor871
When it logs me in
When I am able to login it works great. Several times I have had it to come back and say sorry please try again and then it continues for a few days. This is how I get the majority of my shifts or know to login on line to accept them after the schedule drops. I do wish this could be fixed so I can continue to use it. It is important to my business to use it.
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2 years ago, DebDAG
Needs to be optimized
More issues than not when logging in. Those can be put down to connectivity in different areas. However, the app has severe limitations. First, it is not intuitive. I have to walk every new person through how to use the app. Look for the clock, find the pencil, etc. Then it doesn’t work in landscape so you can’t easily type into the notes unless you move to a computer. It is ridiculous that in an age when so many move from handheld to pad (iPhone to iPad) the app stays in portrait so you can’t easily type and read/edit what you have input. When you make it hard for the worker to input notes they skimp and management does not get the full picture of what the field person is dealing with. This negatively effects future coaching, scheduling and in some cases the work future of the worker.
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6 years ago, J'Dan22
Company needs a complete overhaul
The website isn’t very user-friendly, taking you away from the screen to confirm the time and then not bringing you back to the sign up calendar and the tab for “sign up list” always just shows a blank calendar which is probably something they just never finished so I thought maybe an app would be better (if they even had one) but they literally might as well not. You can’t even pick up shifts on here, you can only view shifts you already signed up for and set up your profile so it’s just wasted space on my phone because they send you email reminders for you shifts and I already use Microsoft office for my email &calendar so this is literally useless and I’m going back to the God awful “website”
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5 years ago, fhomia
It’s very frustrating that you cannot see shifts being posted in the calendar unless you are specifically on that particular day in the calendar. In our company there are times when we are told there will be work during a week but we don’t know which day it will start, so if work comes out you don’t know which day so you can’t see what’s being posted! You can’t get it.. I’m happy about the fact that this version is faster which helps me picking up shifts ( only if I’m lucky to know what day they are posting, otherwise I can’t pick up work if I don’t know the exact date, that’s very bad) and it’s very confusing trying to figure out how to use it. I kept a copy of the old version in my desktop, because it was easier to see the whole month calendar and when shifts come out you can see what day or days are being posted in red right away! Now I can’t sign into the old version?? The new version has flaws that need to be corrected and there is no support when we don’t know something, that’s very bad..
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3 years ago, Tia Moody
12:00 pm start
Went to doctor 2 weeks ago for sinus infection. Took prescribed meds as directed and continuing over the counter meds as well. My symptoms were so severe yesterday that I called out because of extreme dizziness/vertigo, and vomiting. I called the doctor and she said to continue the over the counter meds and I should be back to normal by next week.
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2 years ago, FaycG
Issues logging in
I use this app for accepting working with 2 different companies. I didn’t initially have an issue with logging in in the past but for the past 2 months I have been unable to log in. It is just saying “Sorry, Please try again”. It is not stating that an update is available so I’m not sure why I’m having a problem or how to fix it. I have restarted my phone with no luck, I have deleted and reloaded the app with no luck. Can you fix the issue so I can see the work available and when I’m scheduled.
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6 years ago, Spsuper322
Love being able to check my schedule from my phone
Having access to my schedule and keeping track of schedule changes 24/7 is fantastic.
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3 years ago, Corey McLeod
Pretty good but lacks a few features.
I’m pretty content with this scheduling app for my job I just wish you could see how many hours each shift is and the total number of hours worked for each week. I’m always having to count it up when this feature would make it much faster to calculate my pay. Overall still a good app!
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1 year ago, Olivia Inside
Love it but…
I love the functionality of the application. The only thing I would add is being able to trade/give a shift to a specific person. Sometimes people want to give it to a specific person but it’s up for grabs to anyone and gets “stolen” before the other person gets it.
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5 months ago, 671thiqq
Super easy
honestly this app is so simple and easy to work around because everything is right there basically.
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4 years ago, Lovefish76
Not a fan of the new dashboard
The new dashboard is very awkward to navigate on mobile devices. To accept assigned shifts is far to long a process. Every calendar we are used to reading starts the week on Sunday, not Monday. Even writing this review was ask, because the app is not showing the text I am writing. I hope to get away from this platform.
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4 years ago, NNenAA
So far So GOOD! 😌
Easy to use. Not hard to figure out. So far has done well on my schedule for work, just had a car issue and had to CALL OUT😕😪 but so far it’s done well on its job.
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1 year ago, piercews
Password reset doesn’t send to email
Password reset doesn’t send to email… tried several times .. waiting for it to show up in my designated email and only email address still after hours. I guess I will eventually get 20 emails to reset but not confident they will show. Need to view this for Houston Livestock and Rodeo committee shift-board use.
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5 years ago, Macaria77
Not enjoying it
Unfortunately this update is more confusing and not efficient to use
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3 years ago, Michael J. Gray
Shiftboard expedites and facilitates the smooth and efficient management of work shifts and setting availability and checking schedules.
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3 years ago, nordic1232
Poor Design/poor format
It is a ridiculous way of signing in It maybe ok for people working 8 or 12 hour shifts but it is confusing and lacking for people doing 24 hour shifts or longer; it could be in a matrix format rather than run on page after page confusing format
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1 month ago, Burger4223
Log in issue
Everything on my Shiftboard was completely gone and was told to log out and relog back into app and if not then it uninstall then reinstall app to try to fix log in but it’s failed every time I use my email and password from my job
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2 years ago, hakxjwba
No notifications?
I like this app but I never get notified when shifts are posted. Would appreciate it if the app developers fixed this issue
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5 years ago, Chickenblood
Update is terrible
I don’t like the new update at all. It only displays your entire week, not single days unless you expand them. Please change it back this new lay out is confusing and it may cause me to confuse one job with another.
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5 years ago, medline empl
Not able to received the link to create new password
Very frustrating to use. My wife uses my email and even when i tried to put my email address. It will says link was sent to that email address but nothing happens. She even talk to her supervisor how to use it not luck.
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4 years ago, zzyytrrww
Can’t find anything to change you guys got it!
The title says it all
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5 years ago, saralvishaa1
Convenient !
I work an alternating schedule by the week so this really helps me keep a good attendance, Thanks ShiftBoard!
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5 years ago, centralstaffing
How can I use the iCal format with the new user? I cannot find a button for it so I can download my schedule onto my iPhone calendar and google calendar.
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4 years ago, Pocahontas0923
Made a click mistake and now not able to undo
Made a mistake and now can’t undo.
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7 months ago, Compton Nan
Easy to get trades for work
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4 years ago, Wuane5555
Getting Better
This App is getting better, but still a bit confessing, like how do I register two account with one user name?
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4 years ago, Galgalza
Has not been working on my IPhone 11 in the past 2 weeks
Not working on my phone for 2 weeks
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5 months ago, Lorigooch
This is the most annoying thing I’ve ever had to do with my life half the time it doesn’t say that I want to I was off at says I’m out for the whole day. This is very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Beth 35.9
This app is useless.
Our company uses this software for very basic scheduling - work opportunities available and scheduled work. The app is currently showing only work opportunities and not scheduled work. In addition, it is not easily navigable. Please please please overhaul this app!
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5 years ago, medline employee
Not friendly
There is no button for initial sign up to put employees information. Email plus password not working right away.
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5 years ago, Jessi.Rae17
New Look
Hate the new look. Everything is so confusing. Trade board doesn’t show all of the shifts that are up for trade. The week starts on Thursday, instead of Sunday which is just weird. Please go back to the old layout and look.
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5 months ago, zbzjskkajssk
I don’t find this app that friendly. It’s small icons and not very descriptive titles make it hard to decipher.
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5 years ago, chiffonpie
I hate that I can’t see my whole month’s schedule. Or that the app doesn’t have similar features to the website - like being able to see who is scheduled for the day
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4 months ago, sdvjjkkgfdd
Log in issue
I am having log in issues with the new version. Never had issues with the previous version.
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4 years ago, Bibliblad
Calendar in the app is a day off
After updating the app I find the calendar is off by a day. Running iOS 14.2. This is only a problem when adding availability in the app, not on a computer. Please fix this!!
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4 years ago, LaDiva Dietitian
Not user friendly
I can’t find many things easily on this app
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4 years ago, Draw something 33
Additional shifts
The take additional shifts feature, while convenient is a select all feature. This feature needs to be removed.
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4 years ago, Mr.T123
Not impresssed
This program does not communicate well with the desk top version. Many times employers cannot see time off requests and it is not intuitive.
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6 years ago, jwrdh
This app is not user friendly. It lacks functionality and forces me to use the desktop version which isn’t much better. If I wasn’t forced to use it for work, I wouldn’t.
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5 years ago, VictoryWC
Great tool
Simple and highly effective for reviewing scheduled events.
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3 years ago, Meiwmeowcat
Not accurate, worthless
It worked the first day. Since then it doesn’t show available shifts.
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5 years ago, JAAE4
The new display does not list the event and is hard to tell what shift I might like to sign up for.
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4 years ago, 10/15/1990
Good app
Good app but it should then so you can know how many hours you have calculate
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5 years ago, dispatcher254
Please bring old version back!
Do not like the new updated version. Now it takes me even longer to make my weekly schedule.
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2 years ago, rosiebu
Not great
List of my shifts has only the day and no date. Needs work.
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3 years ago, Sherley2422
Crashes when I try to add a time off request. When I hit the ‘+’ it crashes.
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1 year ago, taiga aurora
Seems completely dysfunctional
This app actually hurt’s communication - seems something designed to destroy workplace relationships
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3 years ago, MsScorpio1972
Can’t pick schedule on app
Would love to be able to pick schedule
Show more
4 years ago, Nidonemo
Hassle to work with
Confusing, difficult to navigate and non-intuitive.
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3 years ago, SNBCLLC
No changes allowed after you schedule a commit
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