3.1 (104)
83 MB
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Current version
Schoox, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Schoox

3.1 out of 5
104 Ratings
3 years ago, KatieMays22
How do we stay logged into Schoox?
Or is there a way to enable Face ID ? Thanks!
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2 years ago, Turtleigh
Have to repeat lessons
It would be a lot better if using by the mobile app you didn’t have to watch videos two sometimes three times just to get it to register. The learning path I am on you have to do everything in order. So when you watch a video and it doesn’t say you did, you have to do it again and again till it finally shows that you watched it. I fill like so much time has been wasted replaying videos. Good example. Just had to play one video 4 times before it registered. A 3:08 minute video turned into a 12:32 minute video. I’ve already put in over 9 hrs into my program. Guess how much is just replaying ahhh
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6 years ago, jdoc93
Employee Side
Incredibly easy to use, currently use for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Watch and learn and if you already know it you can click it and let it play without watching it to give you credit but that won’t help you pass the quizzes at the end!
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3 months ago, gabdubs
If I could give them zero stars, I would
I can never get any of my courses to load I always have troubles with the app. And I always have 45 seconds in between tests where I just have to stand there and wait because I have to make sure I’m on the clock, I promise you no one is doing them off the clock.
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6 years ago, Chelucifer
Easy app
Pretty impressed with how easy this app is to use compared to others out there. Easy to figure out.
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2 years ago, OHxYOxMAMA
I did about 30 minutes of training and got over 100 separate notifications on my phone. Pretty crappy experience, won’t be using unless required for work.
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3 years ago, Fad Piquel
Brilliant Ingenuity
I partake applications services for my fine dining establishment training. I find this to be a rather phenomenal tool in the education of my peers and myself.
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8 months ago, MarissaLaDonna
Update the scores!!!
I have to take my tests MULTIPLE times for my score to update. I’ve taken one test more than 10 times and it won’t update to my passing grade! This is ridiculous! And I can’t register for my next class until this is completed!!!
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11 months ago, E miller 50
terrible app and web browser experience
if zero stars was possible that would be my rating this app has been a hellish nightmare doing training modules for my job on here i will get one question wrong look at the correct answer at the end of the quiz do the entire quiz over again and the right answer will be wrong and my initial answer will be correct it’s terrible i don’t know if it’s just meant to be this torturous or if it’s just a glitch in the app, but please fix this
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5 years ago, What-tha
Useless after last update
The app continually crashes anytime a course or curriculum is selected. Uploading assignments is not possible.
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5 years ago, McWeezley
This app is terrible. It won’t let me take my test again and I’ve been ignored by their customer service. I’ve contacted them 4 times in 4 days with no assistance.
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3 months ago, LizzWG
The way this app is structured makes it hard to specify which lessons belong to which staff. Also the amount of verifications needed to complete the lessons is so unnecessary.
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1 year ago, KoalaCJ
Crash after update
Crash after update
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10 months ago, Universeofk
“Company does not exist”
Is a constant error that happens even mid lesson. It crashes and does not work as advertised
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3 years ago, Ty'Rell Peoples
Doesnt work
This app doesnt work it might let me watch one training video after that i can do no more
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6 months ago, Fooddaddie
Sleek and tremendous flexibility
The app is a convenient way to access the learning solution. Its modern approach with QR code accessibility that makes finding what I’m looking for easy. Nice app!
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4 years ago, MaxonLeger16
No good junk of app
Terrible click for a training nothing happen.
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5 years ago, Emptycoolsk8erz
Gotta have a wifi connection to load videos, kinda stupid.
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2 years ago, yoboichcken
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10 years ago, SteveK-log
Schoox is a winner!
Schoox is such an easy application to use. Courses and exams are quick and easy to create and complete. The ability to take courses and exams on a smart phone makes it easy for anyone to complete a course on their own time and at their own pace. The ability to assign courses to jobs make it a "one-time set and forget" when it comes to assigning courses for your employees and students. More than just attaining tool, Schoox also maintains your Content Library. Updating uniform policies, time off policies, etc. are updated to all employees instantaneously!
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8 years ago, CosmicProdigyX
Horrible App Needs Lots Of Pollishing
The completion progress takes to long to load especially on longer courses, & when your taking a test and you accidentally press submit twice it counts the next question as a wrong answer when you didn't even get to answer! Very frustrating make a bigger submit button as well!
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7 years ago, McFlyOState
Great for learning. Bad for business
The app is a great learning tool but there are too many mods to cover. It eats tremendous amounts of labor without contributing to the work environment
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8 years ago, Rockstar_616
It takes longer than it should to even complete a course. With every few videos it doesn't let me continue. This app needs a major update. I keep getting frustrated with it because I can't finish the courses that I need to do
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10 years ago, eLearning Savant
In love!
Holding managers and trainees accountable for training completion has never been easier or quicker! Loving Schoox!
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8 years ago, Disappointed with service
App or Website allows other people to make accounts with your email address
Users are allowed to use accounts with bogus email addresses that haven't been confirmed.
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9 years ago, jostamarie
won't let me log in bc of 'network connection' and my internet is fine.
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9 years ago, Awesome great great games
I can't login it won't let me
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10 years ago, fergie7926
Could this be cool
App will not even open!!!!
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10 years ago, Mega drone
Awesome App!!!
I LOVE SchooX Mobile app!!!!!
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9 years ago, Marshall Farwell
It's bad
Real tawk.
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6 years ago, GfLlG
Perfecto para estudiar en cualquier parte
Hacer los cursos desde la app es mucho más user-friendly de lo que esperaba.
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10 years ago, Sabrina Duren
Local Business Executive
Schoox is great because you can access it through HotSchedules. The two systems talk to each other so that all training material can be administered automatically based on the employee's job code. Schoox is fun because it allows you to track your learning without carrying around a heavy binder with all your training material. I love Schoox!
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10 years ago, SamanthaH16
I love this app!!
The Schoox app has been great for our team because it is so easy to use! Everyone loves that they can log in to their mobile app to watch training videos, view training documents, or take any of the orientation or ongoing training exams! The integration between HotSchedules and Schoox is my favorite part - I know that as soon as I hire someone in HotSchedules, they will have the right courses for their job code in their Schoox app. It's truly incredible what Schoox has done for our training curriculum!! I love this app!
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