2.4 (187)
4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sakura apps
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for screen-light

2.41 out of 5
187 Ratings
3 years ago, startrekswan
Ads are problematic
I downloaded this to use as a lightbox. I could not successfully trace anything without it clicking on the ad. Not having the ability to remove the ads is super annoying. I would pay actual money, but no. I hate being forced into ads with no way to buy myself out. Is it so impossible to get is a plain white screen that wouldn't go away?
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2 years ago, Zombee_Moth
App doesn’t work like how it’s supposed to and I don’t even know how it’s meant to work
So I naturally have issues with bright lights even when they’re not flashing lights. When I look at bright lights, like phones and watches, I start to get small headaches and my eyes hurt from the light so I keep my brightness at its lowest level at all times. At night, I need the light to go down even more but I can’t do that when I’ve already got my phone on it’s lowest brightness setting so I downloaded this to try and dim my phone more than it already was. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything, the only thing it did was make my screen brighter and that only made me hurt even more. I’m not sure how the app is meant to be used either so I just downloaded it to try and make my screen darker but it seems to work more like a nightlight than anything else.
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6 years ago, FSH N
Very OK
I thought this guy looked pretty cool, so I downloaded it. I didn’t use it for about a week and when I opened it I wasn’t impressed
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5 years ago, hogwartslove321
Does exactly as intended. Maybe make a button where you can show and hide the sliders. Just a suggestion 🙃 (also, if you’re just using that screen, turn off the wifi and turn on airplane mode to get rid of ads)
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4 years ago, 321-fl-native
Works Well To Dim Screen
Used this to dim my phone screen darker than the phone settings allow. Once I darkended the screen in the app, then lowered the brightness in my phone settings; it resulted in a low light screen, perfect for nighttime.
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6 years ago, BigBabyToaster
Works great
Love it. It works for what I intended it to and easy to change the brightness. But the banner ads kinda throws it off. Maybe put ads when the app is opened instead of a banner.
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5 years ago, ItsFatboyPaul
Works great
The ad kind of gets in the way considering I was using it to check my screen protector for lint. Great app tho. Even good if your only reason for downloading is checking your screen protector for lint lol
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7 years ago, Anavabi
It is not what it should be! SCAM
This is supposed to be a screen light once the lighting is set first the setting options should fade away and leave you with a blank screen. Second: there is an add. And you don't even have the option of purchasing this product so the adds go away. So at the end. This product is junk.
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6 years ago, Brownie_Nunez
Perfect for clear screens
Just use the lightening anyway you want. Perfect for studying in the car. Ads? Just don’t click on them :P
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4 years ago, ZoeeKitten
OMG amazing!!!! I was able to use this as an art studio light. As in putting it on guided access and putting it under paper and using it! Thanks so much for this!
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5 years ago, rt peasant
Perfect, wish it had colors
Nice simple light when the LED light on the back is too bright. I wish it had a choice of colors.
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4 years ago, dave36645
Help full
Use this app on black when texting and play Pokémon go + to save battery
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6 years ago, Golight Girl
Ads get in the way... here’s an easy hack
I use my iPad to backlight to trace. I kept hitting the ad and opening some website. So, hacked it: screenshot the white page. Trim the garbage. And just use the photo. No ad problem since.
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3 years ago, insomnia king
Good for using as a light box to trace drawings
Perfect for tracing art when you don’t have a window or really light box
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4 years ago, ensert name.
Works great
It works great. if you also lower the built in brightness to zero it would work brtter
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6 years ago, rbrc
Fine but for the ads
Can you make a paid version without ads?
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6 years ago, Chaosrxn
I would pay up to 4.99 to remove ads, and 9.99 if it had a blue light filter
I would pay up to 4.99 to remove ads, and 9.99 if it had a blue light filter
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5 years ago, blacginger
Pretty cool
Loved it. For me as a beginner at flip books this helped me a lot personally but, I kept clicking on the adds.
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7 years ago, Peemaster Flash
Perfect Soft-Glow Light
Sometimes, I need a light that isn't like a spotlight/flashlight; & this is perfect for that use.
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4 years ago, fieisi
It’s really cool if your doing flip books so I rate it a 5/5
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5 years ago, RexDarwin
Tried to use this for some quick tracing and kept clicking the small ad on the bottom of the screen through the paper. Sketch.
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2 years ago, Baum er
Too many ads
Don’t purchase unless you want the app to stop and launch an ad every few minutes. Boo- hiss.
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4 years ago, Tinnypanda
Just a blank screen
It’s just a blank screen you can control the brightness off. It doesn’t change anything outside of the app.
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6 years ago, William M S
junk for advertising
I wanted a plain featureless screen. It would have been great if the controls were not on the screen, and there were no ads.
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5 years ago, Bob nap7
Works for a screen light
Nice job, thanks!
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9 years ago, MrRhett
White screen, but...
This makes your screen white, with ads, but my biggest gripe is that the screen doesn't stay on without you having to tap it every few seconds to keep it from turning off. So basically it's only good if you need it for a minute, if you need a steady light that stays on, stay away from this.
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5 years ago, Enchoseon
The default night light boosted to the max is too bright for me and this app offered a better solution. Though I wish it could go darker or reduce blue light even further.
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3 years ago, muadeelol
Don’t waste your time
I did so you don’t have to. This app sorry to say has zero purpose.
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4 years ago, 5ammy5osa
Wont stay dark
Why when i choose to darken my screen it wont stay dark when i exit the app
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6 years ago, mrsvle
a cheap ad
A cheap ad keeps popping up at exactly the wrong time. making the app useless
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7 years ago, Cman416
Rolling tray
It's good rolling tray at night on an iPhone 7+
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3 years ago, Alecg9
Fake app
Doesn’t actually do anything.
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4 years ago, guiderfguuc
This did NOTHING Don’t get it because it is just a waste of time And your energy
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7 years ago, w.m.suma
For new update
Not even worth one star
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6 years ago, Finesse - Gaming
Sooooooooo Goooood!!!!
I need it to write in the dark and It was perfect
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6 years ago, Shrek84639
Doesn’t do anything
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5 years ago, Marty Graw
Doesn’t work.
Doesn’t work on my iPad mini2.
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3 years ago, nonuckamehdjf
Not a lie
Is as useful as sakara from naroto
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6 years ago, 🐷 lover!
Worthless 😑
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6 years ago, M33TMAN
Legit nothing
Does nothing lol
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4 years ago, Jazzandbailey
It be okay, but not okay okay
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9 years ago, ckstaley
Just what I needed!!
This app does exactly what it says it does (it gives you the iPhone SCREEN light as opposed to the super-bright iPhone LED light) and it does it easily and as bright as iPhone can give you. Perfect for reading books in bed while your spouse sleeps, undisturbed, beside you. Thank you, Sakura, for making this app. Just what I needed. I use it all the time!!
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10 years ago, DavidG8
Ads distract too much
Cool controls that give lots of easily accessible variation to your light. However, I wanted to use a white screen to read a book in bed. The flashing and constantly changing ad space screws up the consistent light. Deleted.
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9 years ago, Keenanwa
False advertising
I needed to use a light to put under my paper so I could trace an architectural design unfortunately there is an ad at the bottom that keeps popping up because of the pressure. Picture shows no ad
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5 years ago, Harry potter 718
I love this app it is super useful but there should be colors to the screen.other than that it’s perfect.
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10 years ago, Mexinese Learner
This app works so good as a tracing light!
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8 years ago, Diablito712
EXACTLY what I needed!!!
Awesome now my screen's lit af lol 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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10 years ago, Brillo up
Very good
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