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User Reviews for SEC³URE Mobile App

2 out of 5
292 Ratings
12 months ago, Jeccfh
Buggy app that tries to make it easier as a vendor
I like the company as far as what it is to be a Med device sales rep. I understand why they are needed and I think they do a better job than most at making it less painful for reps to get credentialed. My biggest complaint is this app a lot of times doesn’t allow me to check in from my phone with the fancy badge they sold me so it renders both the app and the badge useless. This consequently causes more delays in my day trying to find a badge kiosk at various hospitals. Please fix the mobile check in function asap to correct this headache for me and thousands of others.
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4 years ago, NarineMike1982
This company and the others like it are parasites but this one is the worst!!!
Credentialing companies are the worst entities to deal with as a sales rep. We have no choice but to spend hundreds of dollars a year just to be able to do our jobs. In my territory alone I have to use 3 different companies to do my job and they all have different “requirements”. I hate the government also but in this case I would rather deal with a single government entity that regulates all hospital requirements than deal with Reptrax, Vendormate, and Symplr. This company is by far the worst because they keep coming up with new “requirements” to charge us for (yeah, I’m talking about your radiation monitoring scam that no other company cares about because we are so far away from harmful levels of radiation it’s not worth tracking, but somehow you hospitals require it) and now I have a new digital badge that my hospitals do not care about so I still have to jump through their hoops to go to my case so I was forced to pay an extra 50 for something I’ll never use because these greedy parasites have to continue to justify their existence. I thought I would never say this as a Republican, but I hope the government but all credentialing companies out of business one day. This is clearly an area where capitalism is not working!
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3 years ago, karalaughs
By far the worst credentialing service to deal with in my area. Created by reps who literally must be bad people because they know we have no choice but to pay up to get into a hospital and they exploit it at every opportunity, far more than any other service. But, since this is the App Store, I’ll limit my comments to the app and not the company itself. It is UNACCEPTABLE that this app forces you to allow location services to be active AT ALL TIMES instead of only while using. You could be in the app using it to check in to a facility, and if you have location services set to work only while using the app, IT WILL NOT WORK EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE IN THE APP. Your only option if you want to avoid being tracked 24/7 is to manually change the location services to always on immediately before using the app to check into a facility and then immediately turning it back off after doing so. And if you forget to turn it back off, you’ll get a pop up that says something like “intellicentrics has used your location 60 times in the past 3 days,” which is the one I just got that prompted me to write this review. THIS IS NOT OKAY AND NEEDS TO BE CHANGED BY THE COMPANY. You know, whenever they decide to be better people and stop overtly exploiting their users.
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3 years ago, Bndit350
Absolutely unreliable
I’ve called tech support but the issues are persistent. The app for mobile works approximately 10% of the time. When you paid the app to the mobile badge it usually takes several tries of entering codes. It always asks you to enable your location in your phone settings regardless if you’ve already done so. Once you get that far, you go to Facilities and select the one you’re at. The check in button works about 2% of the time. You can hit it repeatedly. If it actually works, it may pop up to fill in the check in information but you’ll be done with your visit by the time it happens. If that day is your lucky day and you get to fill in your check in information, you then hit transmit. Most likely it will tell you to allow location tracking instead of transmitting. Ultimately, the app is frustrating for end users. Most of my accounts have either given me a permanent badge or allow stickers to be filled out each visit as they know the mobile app is unreliable.
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2 years ago, Hammer8282
Absolute fraud
This service is required to access facilities for my job. Therefore this company has no incentive to provide any customer service at all. The app crashes constantly, if and when it does actually load. Many times it just spins as if loading and nothing happens…. Ever. The absence of ethics within this company is on full display in their reviews on the app store. As you can tell, anyone who actually uses this app could never rate it above 1 star. You’ll notice there are several 5 star review, absent any dialogue. They have actually incentivized their employees to review their own app as 5 stars….. could you get anymore corrupt of fraudulent?! This pretty much summarizes their business practices. I cannot say enough terrible things about this app/company. I look forward to them being removed from the app store for fraud and filing chapter 11
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4 years ago, Christobal Hombrenegro
Barely functional
This credential app is the worst of any I’ve used so far. They routinely kick back credential submissions for vague reasons, you can literally submit a picture of a wall and it’ll be accepted as a credential, but then a flu shot requires 3 different submissions and a phone call to get approved. They randomly add new requirements such as Consent of Use, which is literally just allowing them to use things you’ve submitted, then the agreement section is bugged so you can’t actually agree to the required surprise requirement. If you call customer service, you’ll hear things like “The average wait time is 1,970 seconds”. Kiosks won’t tell you that you have missing requirements, they’ll just freeze when you try to login, then later you’ll get an email about a negative rep score event. The only part of this app that works well is the texting, reminders of expiring visits and such.
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2 years ago, TXonMYmind
I simply need to schedule a meeting
I am brand new to this app so forgive me if I am missing something, but I simply need to schedule an appointment with one of the two facilities In my database who now require logistics through SEC3URE. From my SEC3URE account on both the app and online the drop down to pick a location says “no options.” Now mind you I had previously selected those two accounts that should be showing up in the drop down to ensure I meet all of their credentialing requirements. When I click on the link that is supposed to take me to the list of facilities, it takes me to a calendar. So frustrating!! The account I am trying to schedule needs my resources and I am having to go through this seemingly inept process to do so.
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5 years ago, Still entering by hand
Provides incorrect training records to hospitals
My company pays good money for me to take online courses in order to access hospitals so I can do my job. I completed one required course and passed the test three times but it wouldn’t update the completion dates in my training records. I reached out to customer service multiple times and also to the manager. They keep sending a course completion certificate for a course with a similar name that I took several years ago but did not complete this time around on the date on the certificate. I am still out of compliance because I do not have an updated certificate for the required course. This means I will be denied entry to the hospital. This has been going on for several weeks and is still unresolved.
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3 months ago, Jason Bristow
App Does Not Function
I’ll spare you my thoughts on credentialing companies (which I can assure you are not positive). This company has somehow convinced hospital that they are necessary. I’m jumping through hoops to get vaccines I don’t need or already have to do business with health systems I already did business with. But at the core of the system itself, there is no functionality. I was sent a badge that connects to the app and they boast that you can quickly check in and out of hospitals, but the dashboard on the app itself does not load. So, the primary function of the app and badge are completely worthless. If I can’t set meetings on the app, why have an app at all? This whole setup is laughable
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2 years ago, Joe5775646
Forced to use
Every rep knows these companies are parasites on our healthcare system. Secure is just one of the many over priced worthless tools that drive healthcare costs up. However this review is a direct review of the app. It’s full of bugs constantly freezes up but the worst is that before you can check in it makes you turn location to “always” not just “only while using”, it has to ALWAYS have your location on. STUPIDITY on display! there is no reason for this other than to run down my phones battery and add extra steps to use this app. These companies are arrogant, poorly trained, unresponsive and have no business being a part of any respectable hospital.
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1 year ago, Live4fridays
Tracking Always?
Why would you need to always be tracking me? I can only guess that you want to know what clinics I access who do not use your services. Then you know where to market. You treat reps as the enemy at the same time that you charge us fees for your service. The headache that you cause us transfers over to our clinics. When they need OUR services, you stand in the way. Your lack of business ethics is causing front line workers at facilities to ignore your requirements. The fact that you collect huge fees and provide nothing but problems will cause you to eventually go out of business. You’ve made so much money, I don’t know if you even care.
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4 years ago, B.Wilker
Location data tracked 24/7 to use app fully!!
My concern is location data. For 2020 they have gone to mobile checkin and a SEC3URE GO device for a badge. This app is configured where I cannot check-in to a site unless “always” is selected for location. What I have found is trying to check in at a site while location is set to “while using the app only” it will go no further than the check in button. If Location is set to “always” pressing the check in goes on to ask 2 pages of questions and then let’s you check in. That means they can track your location 24/7. They have no business knowing where we are if not at a location that requires Reptrax/SEC3URE.
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5 years ago, Emicqn
8086 processor. Paint drying. Grass Growing. Seattle rush-hour traffic. Ice evaporating. These are everyday things that you can compare to the speed in which this App and company website runs at. It is mind-boggling how many healthcare professionals are REQUIRED to use this service (and how much each person pays to use this service) and it still be the most lethargic experience available. Performing any facility, policy or credential sign-offs are beaten by growing grass. Snails are in hyper-drive compared to the servers response to actions taken! The option to sign-in to a facility using the app is a pipe-dream - Intellicentrics only wishes they had the programming knowledge to incorporate this function. Thousands of professionals waste their time on this on a daily basis.
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5 years ago, EDFWFKERNFK
Vendor extortion
I give it a zero if that were possible, both because of the exorbitant cost and their buggy website. We in the business do not call it vendor credentialing but we call it what it truly is, vendor extortion. It’s just moving money from my companies pocket to their pocket and giving you nothing in return. They let every leper walking to the front door of the hospital and go anywhere they want unchallenged but me, a medical professional, get my character scrutinized because they know we will pay the ransom. This isn’t just rep tracks or Intel is centric‘s but every vendor credentialing company who jumped on the bandwagon.
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5 years ago, Jmd223
Nothing but problems. Want to upload credentials? Call customer service. Password not working? Call customer service. Want to check in remotely? Nope! For the cost of this thing it should have geo-fencing check-in and check-out. This company is a rip off required by hospitals and medical offices. Want to complain about healthcare costs? Start here. Most office staff don’t even know the name of this service, but know a rep needs a badge, which makes it fun trying to figure out which one is needed. Pretty certain the 5 star reviews are paid for or by one of the maybe 5 people that run this clown show.
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6 months ago, sick idea
Terrible app and even worse company
If I could give this review negative 10 stars I would. I’m not even going to get into why I despise this company and it’s piece of crap app because it would turn into a 2 hour Ted talk. If someone is forced to partake in your ridiculous membership fees to simply be allowed to do their job, at least have a somewhat stable application. The inability to check in, and the delays it causes getting into the OR’s can actually have an impact on patient outcomes in the healthcare space, specifically in the surgery world. Figure it out, Reptrax.
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1 year ago, That Dude Buzzer
Aweful explotation of customers
1. The app is terrible … functions click time accessibility… all trash… if you can get it to work doing anything that takes about 1 second anywhere else will take up most of your day. Then they demand you purchase this cancer-maker pocket check in badge thing. It takes a seperate app… which doesn’t connect well to the first and also largely doesn’t work. Also we don’t want more things to carry around more hardware… so why not just use YOUR PHONE… bc $ … made by a rep to exploit reps. Red hat gang forever.
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3 months ago, tylerz1267893
Just another company driving healthcare costs up while providing ZERO value.
They are .0002% better than GHX. However, it is just another company who knows vendors do not have a choice but to pay their fees in order to do their job. What do we get for these outrageous fees? Horrible user interface and horrible customer support. Their staff is friendly and easy to work with… although their hands are tied by this shady company. I hope their insane revenue pays their employees well because they sure as heck don’t support the customer.
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8 months ago, Thisappstinky
Awful Company and App
This app is exploitative (money hungry) and honestly the hospitals think it’s a joke. I’ve never seen a worse business model than skinning the backs of the reps to make a profit of their visits. I refuse to pay and guess what, I’m still allowed everywhere…everyone including the greedy developers think this app is a load of feces and has no place in any professional setting. This app does nothing but hinder your business, waste your time and money, and gives you headaches at every turn..
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3 years ago, Jenny1193
Tedious, unresponsive, and a rip off
First, how the bleep do you even pronounce this name with a 3 in the middle of it. It’s so dumb. The app UI is awful, it’s slow, unintuitive, and the pairing with the electronic badge never works the first time. And this does not even take into consideration what a rip off the entire deal is for reps. They keep inventing things to charge us for, it’s the worst. If you’re going to extort money from us, at least make the app and badge usable so we can get on with our lives.
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2 years ago, Gettinggreat
Unnecessary Tracking
There is no need to track the user when not using the app. If the user can’t sign in when they aren’t within 100 yards of the building, then why can’t it automatically sign the user out when they are beyond 100 yards? There’s also no need to pay for a separate “electronic” badge when the same info is displayed on the phone. Price of the service is way too high, and exponentially getting higher.
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2 years ago, brucecb
If you are entertained by the Windows’ spinning loading symbol with the word “Loading” underneath, this app is for you! Has been loading for 15 minutes while writing this. Pair it Sec3ure Go to waste more time and money. Programmer note: it is called a watch dog timer thread, include it in your program. (Still “Loading” 20 minutes). Looks like the only way out is to delete the app, print a fake and place it over the badge face.
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2 years ago, Andrew192837465
Unable to sign in
Other than generally being a waste of money, in the last few months you can't even use the app for it's primary purpose we need it for: To sign into hospitals. I've called their support and they've been absolutely clueless as to what's going on. It's a good thing we're not being charged several hundred dollars every year to use this platform or this app would just be a rip-off. Obvious sarcasm should be obvious.
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1 year ago, Dune37
By far the worst
This is by far the worst credentialing service out there. Have a problem you need fixed quickly? How about 2 hr. Wait times…. The app is atrocious, slow, and unresponsive. For the amount of money we are FORCED to pay for this garbage service you would think, at the very least, the app would work. I try to sell my admin on a different service for the hospital EVERY time I see them.
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3 years ago, ajs255555
Worst customer experience I’ve ever had
Not even exaggerating. Credentialing companies are the worst. This is the absolute worst of the worst. It is a require to get into many hospitals and I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone for weeks. Actual weeks of call, emails, chats and I get absolutely no response. This company is actually a scam and they should be sued. Charged me $400 and I can’t even use the service. You are scum
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4 months ago, Coalmine13
The app barely works
For the amount of money Reps have to pay for this app, I would think a little more effort would be put towards making an app that works… Mobile check in works about a quarter of the time, there’s certain areas that you can’t open from a phone because logos block the buttons. They need to seriously look at how bad their app is and FIX IT!
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2 years ago, zach french
Terrible app but even more terrible company
They make us pay $400 a year just to do our job and their app and website work terribly. It’s such a headache submitting credential paperwork because usually it doesn’t work for a few times. Cant even tell you how many times I’ve had to call customer service. Also the stupid digital tags they make you buy never work.
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4 years ago, Tystick007
Location always on required!??!
What app says you can’t use it unless always on is selected for location services. While using app, fine. Never always on!!! Stupid! Invasion of privacy and use of battery power. So sick off switching to always on to check in and then having to switch back once I’m checked in. I pay you a lot of money to use this, quit trying to track my every move!
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3 years ago, Medic1989
Vulture Capitalism
This company has to be one of the absolute worst in the credentialing industry. This ridiculous company required vendors to get some useless RFID badge that does not function. Even worse, we had to pay extra for this and there was no option to op-out of the virtual ID badge. The company also tried to charge a late registration fee as if I am obligated to renew annually.
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11 months ago, AJ97000
This app always tracks you
This company for no reason needs to have locations services on 100% of the time. They will track your location multiple times a day even when no using it. Also they have the worse customer service.
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2 years ago, I'm the captain now
App does not work
These idiots don’t know how to make an app work. You try to check out from a facility and the app doesn’t work times out says network error….then they lower YOUR “score”. But then when you go to dispute is the confirm button doesn’t work. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. Also this company works from home and frontline workers HATE WFH slothes
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11 months ago, turkey1789
This is the worst credentialing company. The app freezes and doesn’t work half of the time. You try to sign out the app says you checked out but then you get a “negative” rep score saying you didn’t sign out. I showed the nurse manager how bad it is and they are looking to have a different company because of how bad it is.
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5 months ago, Brooklyn Thompson
Honest question
I’ve been doing this job a long time. Does anyone know what hospitals get out of these extortion apps they put on reps? It’s not peace of mind or security. I know these companies were founded by reps that couldn’t sell anything (which was genius on their part). But I seriously can’t believe they’re still relevant. Zero stars given.
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3 years ago, great morning start
This is an evil company!
All they do is shake down the self employed for money and threaten/ blackmail/extort money in order for us to make a living!!! Extortion is the practice of obtaining benefit through coercion. In most jurisdictions it is likely to constitute a criminal offense; Robbery is the simplest and most common form of extortion, although making unfounded threats in order to obtain an unfair business advantage is also a form of extortion.
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3 years ago, Zzzzzzmphhhh
Slow, buggy and at times not responsive
Doesn’t matter if I have full signal or on wifi, same issues over and over again. If you are going to charge me so much money, at least give me a responsive app. Least you forget I am the customer.
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3 years ago, DrPepper84
Horrible company…fine, horrible app…not cool
Sitting outside with a case about to go trying to check in and the button doesn’t do anything! I can maybe understand the strict regulations in place …but it’s unacceptable when this app or lack there of is preventing me from doing my job and perhaps saving a life!
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3 months ago, Sdort812
App needs reformatting in iPhone
I can’t click the hamburger icon in the top left of the screen to select accounts or check in. It requires multiple taps on the screen in hopes that it registers my touch. I have the IPhone 15 Pro Max. It seems like it is too far up in the corner.
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2 years ago, txdave1
Mobile check in not working
Since the latest update mobile check in button doesn't work. Convenient that you just got my money for another year and made your app worse
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1 year ago, Talley mom
Unable to check in
Most areas of the app function as well as can be expected. Howe, frequently will not allow you to check in. The button simply won’t allow you to check in.
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1 year ago, MDQ3
Can't login
The most irritating this about this company is that I've been trying to log into my PC for WEEKS and even the reps aren't able to help. Boggles my mind that this company charges a heavy premium and their program doesn't even work properly.
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2 years ago, there@lnoriega
Bad app bad service
This by far the worst vendor credentialing app. They make you have your location on 24/7 to use the app. While trying to look at what hospitals are in my territory I keep on getting kicked out. As a rep I would absolutely love to never use this app again.
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2 years ago, repuser
I have to pay?
If I had a choice I would use something else. When the electronic badge works it’s at least fairly convenient. The problem is it only works half the time. I don’t know any sales rep who actually sees a benefit to these things.
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2 years ago, Matt_AKA_Dad
App stopped working for remote login
I recently upgraded to iOS 15.3 and now I cannot check in to my accounts. When I hit the blue check-in button nothing happens. This is very frustrating and inconvenient. Please fix this issue ASAP
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7 months ago, jschneitt
One of the worst apps ever
As a medical professional you need things to work on time and in times of need, the app never works when you need it to and it’s honestly one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Embarrassing they can’t do better than this.
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2 years ago, Ablahhhhh
Limited (& Poor) Functionality
Glitchy app & site. WORST part being that we cannot submit a meeting request on the app?? We HAVE to do it online? This should be a simple fix. I cannot believe they haven’t changed this yet.
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2 years ago, kmcpep
Expensive Credentialing app and by far the WORST of them all. Will charge you and ding you for every little thing you do, only company out there that ‘grades us’ and deduct points from you ‘RepScore’ if you don’t sign out, which is quite ridiculous IMO.
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2 years ago, Chubbymelon
Check in button never works
This app has so many bugs. The check-in Button would never work, even with location services on, and all my credentials are green.
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6 years ago, CodiStewart
App only works to check out
The current version doesn't allow check in access, and some times doesn't even allow Check out access. Something needs to be updated or change.
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3 years ago, REPCC
Causing more harm than good
Just like all of the the other reviews…This app and company is horrendous. Actually puts patients lives on the line when you are a rep trying to cover procedures - unresponsive and the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.
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1 year ago, finsup2012
This company is the absolute worst. The requirements for non patient access are ridiculous and irrelevant. The mobile app is even worse. Consistently freezing up and crashing. Avoid if at all possible!
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