Second Phone Number - 2Number

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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Second Phone Number - 2Number

4.47 out of 5
83.7K Ratings
6 years ago, GmonkeyMan
Great clear calls but be careful of hidden charges
Hello, I feel the need to share this information with all future users. Calls are really load & clear, the sound is great. Messages go through directly and all the options they’re mentioning are true and work well. Unfortunately there is hidden information, By calling you don’t lose only call credit but also messages credit and vice versa, when you send a message your call credits are also taken! Ex: for 1:30 sec call, they take 2 min call credit and 7 sms credit! Just be aware of these hidden charges.
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1 year ago, TheRealAzteclion
Avoid this app!
I had purchased and started using this app back several months ago now and aside from some minor usability awkwardness with regard to new txts and the contact list the app seemed to function adequately. Then yesterday as i was txting a friend about a PC i had built for them the app began refusing to send the txts stating i had violated their terms of use but did not say what the violation was at all. The txt i was sending was ordinary just had words like RAM and PSU etc. i attempted to reword it but it still kept complaining and then it disabled my service completely without explaining how to restore it. I attempted to send a message to their online tech support and got no response at all over 24hrs (this was mid week). I called their phone# in St Petersburg FL and got a recording stating no one was available leave a message, i tried to leave a message and was hung up on abt 30 seconds in. I called APPLE who was very sympathetic and was appalled at my experiences as explained and refunded the last 2 pending ‘credit’ charges the app has done for service (this is not a free service). I have told the app to delete my acct and then removed it. I dont know what is now going on with this app vendor.
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10 months ago, Totally livid frm USA
Great customer support from Second Phone…
Horrible experience in regards to refund though. Be very careful as I have only was going to use the trial to see if I could use the app in a rural area. Sadly, this app did not work for me. I happened to see an invoice saying that I had a subscription. Recently had breast biopsy done and still in a lot of pain. Now being told I cannot have a refund for a subscription that has been cancelled. Not a great experience as an Apple user and only had this phone for a little phone. Beware and do not keep your card on your phone. I have since removed it to prevent any purchases that I did not authorize. Posting so others do not have the experience I had. Update: A couple weeks later, I did receive a refund. Still be careful when selecting the trial. Lesson I learned is not to leave any card on file so my phone prompts me if any payment is needed.
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10 months ago, STSU1T
Waste of money
Despite having paid for this service for a year and having credits, I am unable to send any text messages. This situation is incredibly frustrating as I rely on text messages to communicate with friends and family. I am a paying customer and I expect reliable and uninterrupted service in return. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps provided by the service provider's customer support, but nothing seems to work. Restarting my phone, checking the network settings, and even reinstalling the messaging app have all failed to resolve the issue. To make matters worse, contacting customer support has been a daunting task. Long wait times, generic responses, and promises of a resolution that never materializes have been a constant source of disappointment. It's disheartening to deal with such poor customer service after being a paying customer who’s stuck with this horrible service for an entire year.
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7 months ago, Als1313
Misled on weekly rates
Don’t use this app unless you have money to burn! It offers 2 different amounts for 2 different situations! It offers a weekly amount and a yearly amount! I entered the weekly and And was charged thirty something dollars for the year, a week? Then I go out of the app trying to her back in it charged me another thirty something within minutes! Wasn’t even sore I’d like out let alone want it so I’ve tried and tried to reach someone explaining what happened there is no number to call just an email, sketchy.. but nonetheless still haven’t heard from anyone or have I been refunded let alone have I even used the app!!?? Come on you can’t even rate them on the app??? Sketchy !!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK
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1 year ago, Cover your a55
This app isn’t good
This is the first app I’ve ever used that constantly asks u every minute to write a review. So here is your review. Your app isn’t good at all. I’d say something different but I know that the app won’t let me because even when I’m texting my own friends I can’t joke around and say funny things because the app will block h from saying things that “might” be offensive! I was trying to write a name of a rd that had part of its name that was that another name for it is a piece. So that thing hwy was the name of the rd and it blocked me from saying it. On top of that this app isn’t free at all. Look further and u will find a second number that is actually free
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4 years ago, Pinkie Pie1101
This app refuses for work once you start paying for it. SCAM!
It worked really well when I started out with the free trial. I received text messages which was what I needed since I am not in the States currently. I had to delete it for awhile and re downloaded it just a few days later. Forked over the subscription money and now it refuses to work. I don’t get messages at all, calls are extremely delayed and the app rarely if ever lets me access it with ease. It stays on the logo for a super long time, so much so that I have to restart the app every time to get it to work. And most of the time when it does let me in, it loads forever and doesn’t let me do anything. Fed up with that, I deleted the app to see if re downloading it AGAIN would knock some sense into it. It won’t restore my purchases!!!! I select that option, it loads and nothing happens!!!! I need that phone number back, I still have that subscription active. Freakin RIPOFF!!!
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3 months ago, Tamara R G
Not what I thought it would be
I got this to add a number for a business, these are the problems 1 There is no way to differentiate between someone calling for the business or someone calling to my regular number. No different ring, the number I bought doesn’t flash, nothing. 2 Not only do you have to pay 30 bucks a year, but then you have to buy all these credits. 2credits to make a call, 2 credits to receive a call,2 credits for each text, and so on and so forth. But it is not just the 2 credits you use initially, it’s 2 credits per minute. 3 Their customer service is not good at all. So after paying my money for the subscription, I was all excited to see how the new number was going to work, so I called it from a different phone. You know what happened? I dialed the number I paid for and then , nothing. It didn’t connect . All there was , was silence and silence and silence and then you get hung up on . What if that was someone calling our business? It looks unprofessional on our part and something like that would make me skip that business entirely and move on to the next one. There is a lost customer. I am going to ask for a refund and delete this app.
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1 month ago, 7Buffy777
Misleading App
I purchased an annual subscription for this app. Within a few months I could not receive calls and I was being prompted to pay for credits, although I had already paid for an annual subscription that stated it included all calls and text for the year. I emailed several times to gain clarity on why this was happening. The email responses were not clear and responsive to my inquiries and requested explanation. This app is misleading. I definitely did not get a year’s service out of the app and was prompted to purchase credits continually if I needed to use the service. In other words I paid for an annual subscription for nothing. My money was taken and the services offered were not rendered. I was very disappointed. I was looking forward to using this service.
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6 years ago, Marroo111
I don’t recommend it for the reasons below
I need to share this info about this app there is 3 things you have to pay attention to 1-this app always double charge or charge twice and every time I have to call to reverse one charge and it takes up to 14 days to get your money back !!! 2-tricky thing is that the number of minutes and message go lower with each time you use only one of them so if you are texting both texting and talking go lower !!!!!!!! I been through all the info notes privacy and term of used there is nothing mention regard this 3- All of the sudden even if you have a credit in the number you have it will be expired and you can’t use the number again or to transfer the credit to another number !!!!!’ Lastly the help service are the worst and never get back with any explaination for any of these ,,, so better to not be tricked with this app
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9 months ago, Native Swan
Ridiculous Waste Of Money!!!!
I had this app for a couple of months. I paid for the yearly service up front and then had to pay for the credits. Credits are dwindling and I’m not able to send text messages. How am I being charged for messages that won’t go thru? Then on top of that I cannot be reimbursed for the credits that was charged for those messages that won’t go thru. I used FMLA in one text and it said I was about to violate their terms so I reworded it. That text went thru but since then I keep getting the message “not sent” no matter who I text. This was a rip off and a waste of money. When I first got the app I liked it but it went downhill from there. I DO NOT and WOULD NOT recommend this app to anyone unless they fix it.
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8 months ago, Lili255rich
What I mean by love is how much more I love this Apologies for dropping this here but it feels too great to visit your timeline, I always enjoy what you share here on Facebook but we’re not friends yet, I have tried several times to send the friend request but it’s not going through. Do you mind trying from your side? I will be happy to be friends with you. If you find this message embarrassing please pardon my manners Thank you
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4 weeks ago, Albi247always
This app started off great but soon I just started getting blocked for no reason. I guess it flagged words that didn’t seem to be making any sense being flagged. I used the word boob one day in reference to a dress not fitting properly and the app blocked me completely from sending any messages. When you send a help message they take one full day of not more to respond. Meanwhile my friend on the other end is wondering where I disappeared to. They need to really review and revamp the ridiculous violations they give out. Meanwhile I’ve purchased credits that I’m now unable to use.
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9 months ago, Mollybolt445
I paid 2 payments totaling over $50 for this service & each time I try to send a text, I get a “did not send” response & sometimes it has said it didn’t send because words /content was offensive. All I had in that text was confirmation of a time to meet with a client. There is no contact or help option. I ended up having to give out my personal #. I’m ver disappointed in this app.
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2 months ago, build bubby
Worst app ever – Ron – beware – Clickbait
This app is the worst I've ever used. I was searching for a second phone number and mistakenly thought it was affiliated with Apple. If that's the case, it's a shame for Apple. The app advertised a price of 2999 for a year with unlimited features, but when I clicked for more information, I unknowingly authorized payment and was charged double. I only made one call and noticed my credits decreasing rapidly. I immediately stopped using the app and reached out to the developer for a refund, but they stated they operate on credits and couldn't refund my money. This feels like clickbait and is not worth it. I recommend looking for alternative options.
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6 years ago, ZMoney666
This is a complete scam. I never write reviews, but I feel compelled to let everyone know. They are by far the most expensive option you can go with. You only get 30 “free” messages for the entire year and then you end up buying credits at a ridiculously expensive rate. In addition to the monthly subscription fee it’s costing me well over $75 more per month. $90 a month, And I barely use the service. Additionally, I commonly find out that there are text messages that I did not get from other people or messages that I sent that they did not receive. Finally, to make matters worse there’s a glitch in their system where they text me every hour, 24 hours a day, telling me how many more hours of credit I have left, which subsequently uses up more credit. I registered this number with my work, and as a contractor I can’t change my number for another year, otherwise I would have to be a complete idiot to use this product. It is ridiculously expensive, filled with flaws and a total scam.
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5 months ago, beginningbeginningless
I signed up for the app today because I was selling something on Craigslist. The unimaginable happened, and I couldn't block the buyer's number. How is this feature not available when security is the main selling point? I've never reviewed an app before, but I had to with this incident because my life was in danger. Imagine being on the phone with the police trying to figure out where the h*ll the blocking feature is, and you can't find it anywhere. If blocking is done through our primary phone, educate and let your customers know so they can decide before signing up. There was nothing on their FAQ page either.
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2 years ago, nmm121
Sms not working from 5 days I sent a lot of email to support no any reaction from you
i cant use my number account from 5 days ago in sending sms what is the problems I send u a lot of email but u ignore it I had credit more than 700 I loose near 300 from it by sending sms massags And it shown not sent , but I loose credit .. this is the second time happened a d before 3 weeks happened also i think in many accounts not mine only work is harmed i depend a lot in this sms in my work What is going on we are loosing money and time trying to fix but nothing really iam very upset from 2number bp mobile plz plz plz fix it ASAP ... .
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1 year ago, Mardi65
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 you will loved it 🥰
A great app that I have been using for a long time & I found it more compatible & convenient than its counterparts. Whether in terms of the quality & cost of making/receiving calls, messages, or the ease/smoothness of use, especially its latest version They all attention to customer inquiries/communication. It is really commendable work. Well done 👏🏾 keep your lead.
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1 year ago, MDPOPSTAR77
This app only works if you write reviews
Better write a review quick or they will kick you off. I’m hoping this doesn’t get me kicked off but it’s the truth and they pressured me into writing it …. I mean seriously… your apps ask for I stating gratification before performing ….. since I started this I’ve accepted two calls and sent a couple texts … so obviously it works
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6 years ago, RaphaSh
First you need to pay a weekly or monthly subscription, then you need to pay additionally for any call and any message. But the SMS which I sent didn’t even arrive on the target number. A call wasn’t possible, always told me only home calls are possible. If you run out of subscription, you can’t access the app anymore, doesn’t matter how much credits you still have to call. Numbers expire without any information, they are just not available anymore and you can’t reactivate. Credit on this number is lost. The best: I wrote 5 mails to the support, one with a question about functionality, four with a problem. NOT EVEN ONE ANSWER! App already reported to Apple!
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2 months ago, kazymomma1
Although this app allows you to have 1 numbers it’s limiting and cumbersome. It will restrict your account due to laguange it deems not suitable. Ex: don’t “say bid for jobs “it will block your account and you will not be able to use. It does not allow you to text freely snd has constant language restrictions some violations on language makes no sense. Also it charges for text and phone calls. The plus is it lets you have 2 numbers. But this app needs a revamp. Although apps like index are pricer it’s less restricting. Also tried many times to contact the company about issues gave no call center just email
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2 years ago, Jkcdkdscfj
Not great
I was using this to call my family in the US because I live abroad, but a poor old lady just called me and told me this number has been calling her in the middle of the night and waking her up. She was so upset and begged me to get out of her life! I have no record of the calls, so it must be an issue with the app. I have deleted it and I really hope it doesn’t wake her up anymore ☹️ The app worked pretty well to call my family, but didn’t work reliably for sending texts. Anyway, I’m done with it.
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12 months ago, Blackbery-12
This is the absolute worst app I’ve ever spent money on
This app has never received a text message on time and out of the 10 I’ve tried to use for SMS verification, I only received one. But like I said it was too late. I received it the next day. There are so many positive reviews yet I have attempted to use this app four times over the last year (as I purchased a year subscription) without it ever working correctly. It’s impossible to believe that repeatedly over a year and 10 websites it’s always not work for me but work for other people. It just doesn’t make sense so I assume that they’re all fake reviews.
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12 months ago, P62071
Don’t download this app or use it
There are several problems with this app number one it edits any things that you might say sexually, etc. also, it freezes all the time when you open it or close it and it’s very slow I would not recommend this app especially for a yearly subscription at first it seems great but it does his things and also has a hard time sending images and sometimes it won’t not recommend it This is the worst app I’ve ever used every time you open it up at freezes at Censors words that you want to use I recommend you do not get this app!!!
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2 years ago, citywide mental health
Your phone app
I cannot really tell if it’s a good phone Apple or not you give a three day trial. But if I don’t have a business card a business mean ship at that time then it defeats the purpose if you really want someone to get to know you and I really believe that you should give them more free time to understand and see it if you’re not then who wants to waste your money on something that they not sure really will see what they mean or a comedy what they’re looking for thank you
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11 months ago, AlenaDust
Zero privacy!!!
Most people get this app for privacy purposes. But the app monitors all of your messages and photos. Which means some random person gets to read all pf your conversations and look at your pictures. DO NOT get this app. There is better alternatives where you can have your privacy. Oh and they also refused to give me refund (although I requested it like 10 mins after using an app) so I had to do it through Apple. They don’t show you their crappy policy until you subscribe. Only then you can read about “ALL of your messages are being monitored”
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1 year ago, Buddha 44
I have reached out over 10 times to the support team. I use this as a business line so I don’t have to give my own customers my personal phone #. My number was blocked due to sending multiple numbers messages and calls. I have been trying to reach someone to unblock my number and let them know it isn’t spam. It’s been 2 weeks now and I am losing a ton to business and still can’t get a response except they sent me how to cancel my service. I would not recommend if you need to call and message multiple numbers in the same day!
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1 year ago, 33 chimes
Personal friends
Haven’t tried it out yet: makes most since that it could be used for personal calls if one were needing to use a cellular number for business calls only: and keep friends on a separate number line…..
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1 year ago, nfandrea
Subscription plus hidden cost
There is a subscription cost and then a per call/text cost via credits. So if someone texts you which you have no control over it uses up your credits which you then have to buy more to use your number when the credits run out. This is stupid because if someone you don’t know texts/spams you, you have to pay for it. $30 for a year subscription with only 305 credits and each text costing 3 credits isn’t going to last very long. I wish I never bought the subscription. Stupid, I only wanted a back up number, not a ripoff.
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10 months ago, Nick_Andrew_
Anything else - like processing fees- are better use of your money
Poor customer support, glitchy platform, low quality AI thinking calling someone in text by a pet name breaks its community standards (I know; AI doesn’t know what love is…aw). The app seems to me like a modern day shanty carnival, going from town to town looking for a quick buck without care for long-time customer loyalty — which makes sense because their marketing promotes one week specials. Save your $$ for literally anything else. I’d have been happier to have paid several TicketMaster processing fees than spend any amount of money on this trash.
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1 year ago, Maebh013
This app will not allow me to cancel the free trial, not only that, it started 2 trials - and I cannot cancel either one - so what, I’ll be charged 14/week for some crap that didn’t work and I don’t want?! I originally downloaded the app bc in the night my son lost his lost tooth and I needed a text from the tooth fairy division in my area to instruct him on what to do and (a) it never worked and I have to figure something else out and (b) I was signed up for 2 trials that I cannot cancel!! I’m about to be irate if I can’t get this canceled before it starts charging me. I’ve already reported the issue to Apple
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2 months ago, LoAlRo
Censors your texts
I have had messages not go through because it says “This message contains words that might violate our terms of use.” What? And I wasn’t saying anything crazy or offensive- not that it should matter what I am saying in a private conversation with a friend. I kept trying to resend messages to the person I was talking to, and then it just wouldn’t let me send anything anymore because I guess it decided I was spam. So be aware- if you use this app it is monitoring your conversations and censoring you if it doesn’t like what you say. Very disturbing.
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10 months ago, Beijing JS
False rate advertised
This App appears to be flawless at fist use, good voice quality etc. but then after nearly every number I call I get the message, this number is “viewed as premium by your provider” and they apply a rate far higher than advertised. Not only that, but the app prevents a response to these messages. And, if one goes for the help section and provide feedback module, the send button is disabled. They clearly misrepresent their rates and don’t want to answer questions relating to anything. It is impossible to contact the provider.
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8 months ago, rocktoria
Don’t trust STARS- Can’t send Texts
I am in the US, bought the yearly subscription, and it works ok. I needed to easily send texts and most of the time I cannot send any. I have been able to receive, but so far I have only been able to respond to 1 text message. I have received notification that I am calling a premium number that cost more points- whatever that means. The app does not do all the functions I expected so I will have to find another app. I only make US calls.
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1 year ago, Tmclark364
Not good at all
I have been using it for about 4 months to text relatives in Romania and the service is terrible! They keep blocking messages that were perfectly acceptable and legitimate saying they violate their terms of agreement. Trying to contact someone is almost impossible! The phone number always goes to voicemail and no one ever calls back. I’ve sent numerous emails and no one responds back. I strongly suggest you find a different app. This one is terrible and their service is even worse..
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3 days ago, Aiuna
Beware this app could have destroyed my business !!
It started with no longer being able to send text messages, and THEN today I realized that my clients are not able to leave me voicemails !!! They reach my voicemail, listen to me saying please leave a message, they leave it and… nothing. I just tested it myself and left myself a voicemail and I never received it !!! Do you have any idea what it does for a business that I have clients thinking they left me a message when they didn’t. Thank god I caught it and will now be using a new app !!
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10 months ago, Jenni Lyn 24
The app blocked all messaging and calls because I introduced myself via text with my first name and where I worked when I requested a return call of someone who didn’t answer my call because they didn’t recognize the number—the app claims that was a breach of the privacy policy. So now I’ve paid tons of money, have tons of “credits,” and can’t use a darn one. “Customer service” is only a request for someone to email you. No phone number to speak off. Avoid this app like the plague. And don’t pay them a single red cent.
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1 year ago, Big Lenn
Functional, could be better
This is a good app, don’t get me wrong… but it could be better. The calling is decent (but you have to have a good connection to avoid breaking up), the texting is functional. The main gripe I have against this app is the fact that there are 7 different subscription plans and if you are not careful you will blow $300 in a few seconds. The redundant subscription plans basically robbed me.
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2 years ago, Will the duke
Downloaded this app. Pay subscription on iPhone. It worked maybe three weeks! Then it would not receive any text, calls. Nor would it send any text or calls! So I delegated the app. Reinstalled. Now it just spins and will not even open. I have reset my phone, took the app off my system. Still will not work! It is nothing but junk! Contacting support is useless! They will not email you back! They are OK to keep charging you for the subscription! Do not use this app it is nothing but junk with no support!
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11 months ago, ngrmusic
Terrible app
This is the worst app I have ever used for texting. I’m not allowed to tell someone that something is “messed up”, that someone was “being rude” or express my dislike for something without being told I’m against the TOS. Not only do they charge for each and every text message but there’s a weekly fee as well. I didn’t say anything hateful or use inappropriate language but they took my money AND blocked my from using the app. Completely worthless and not worth the money I spent at all. Find another app. Total scam.
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2 months ago, K_h5
Please read and trust the reviews!!
Please don’t be like me and ignore the reviews!! You only get a 7 day free trial, then have to purchase either a yearly or monthly plan. You only get about 350 credits with the yearly, and then have to purchase more pretty quickly because each message (sending AND receiving) uses 2 credits!!! And they’re not cheap. It should not be this costly to get a second number for safety reasons. Especially in the world we live in with online dating and all the scammers out there. Wish I could get a refund🙄
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4 years ago, zooming thru
Didn’t like it
They won’t cancel your subscription in app under the help section. Have to cancel with apple. I think their terms may have changed. I tried to get information back from the on canceling for months just unaware. They respond to refund requests saying they don’t give them and to call apple. Not what I expected. Can’t wait to get my refund. Additionally, call made pop on my actual call log. Did not anticipate that but it might explain this as well. I wouldn’t use this one again and would be very careful when downloading another.
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4 months ago, Hotmom512
Slightly confusing
The app appears to be great. trying to switch my standard subscription to a paid subscription is not easy. I’ve been trying to switch for at least an hour and still can’t figure it out. Standard subscription works fine, but I want to be able to get verification codes which requires an upgraded subscription.
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4 months ago, tatianna916
Pay for the app $50 and 10 min later it makes you pay again
Have reached out to customer support will change my review if they respond and fix the problem. Poor working app makes you pay $50 for the year and then when you go to use the app it ask you to pay $50 and set it all up again even though in your Apple subscriptions you’re already paid and set up on the app. Is there anyway to get this resolved or just $50 down the drain
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5 years ago, baytowncowboy86
I am so glad I am a skeptical person, I downloaded this app and while I was waiting for it to complete I figured I would read some reviews. Honestly I don’t see how they are rated a 4.0 and I was just about to trust them with my business. In most of the reviews I noticed red flags like con artists, scam, overcharge, hidden fees, over priced, lack of customer service, sneaky, false advertising and so on. I also noticed you must pay for a subscription then pay for minutes on top of that. This is almost 2020 no one uses minutes anymore. GET THEM OFF THE APP STORE!
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7 months ago, saudades1977
Cannot get support
I am a paying customer who received a message that I cannot send texts because I received a message that I violated their terms and conditions—I most certainly did not. I have sent multiple messages to receive support without response. I have also left a voicemail which has yet to be returned. Waiting another day or two and if not resolved, I will be reporting this to Apple and requesting a refund. This is unacceptable and appears to be an issue mentioned in other reviews.
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7 months ago, Reward lord
Best texting app
i’m happy to have this app for text my family and other relatives , it help a lot because When i’m out of credit to text my family and God bless your company and I will refer your app to other people to join and register .thanks
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7 months ago, JuanUnbound
Mostly works well
Every number in the USA I call seems to be a premium number, so they charge double. SMS messages worked for a while. Now they dont. Their support wasn’t very helpful. But if you just want to take/make calls from a voip app. It works good enough to warrant 3 years. I use it to receive calls mostly, so that seems to work fine so long as am I on wifi.
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2 years ago, Messenger68
Hidden Charges
One would think that by paying a subscription that you’d have access to a second number to make and receive calls with, not true. Not only are you charged $30 for a subscription, but then you are charged for minutes. that being the case, you could just go buy a burner phone from Costco and you would be much better off and come out cheaper.
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