SellerAmp SAS

3.4 (69)
81.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seller Amp Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SellerAmp SAS

3.45 out of 5
69 Ratings
4 months ago, AjeeAndri
Hardly Scans
So annoyed by the fact that it DONT SCAN ANYTHING! Why am I paying you $20 a month? I scan the UPS, you say the item wasn’t found. However, I scan it on other apps and it pulls up the item. FIX IT. This is ridiculous! It makes scouring longer and harder!
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1 year ago, its_brainwreck
Can’t see other competing offers
One of the main features you’re advertising is to be able to see other competing offers’ stock and prices. The app is straight up not showing any of that and it’s been like that for weeks. I am giving it a few more days. If this junk isn’t fixed soon, I’ll be switching to another app. You came recommended by Miles and Fields of Profit which are great dudes, but I am not going to continue paying for software that’s literally failing to deliver promised features…
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1 year ago, noah_0614
Scan feature
Please consider working on making the camera scan faster. Takes a ridiculous amount of time for the app to detect a barcode unlike how the beta version worked.
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1 year ago, Bootysmack230
Innovated the market
This app is the only app you need for sourcing RA or OA besides Keepa. The interface is so simple and it tells you exactly how much profit you will make. I made over 20k profit last year and Seller Amp cost me less than $30 per month!
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11 months ago, Jcooper1987
WHY DO I KEEP BEING LOGGED OUT! Please fix this! It’s annoying having to log in EVERY SINGLE TIME! On top on that it doesn’t save your log in information!!!
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8 months ago, PalmettoFlips
Great when it works
Just another day of trying to source products when my SellerAmp app won’t load. It’s a known issue but it’s been going on since I’ve been using the mobile app, which is well over a year. The mobile app is unreliable.
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8 months ago, Don Krill
Simply the best.
Seller amp is the best on market, hands down. I have tried multiple other softwares and nothing compares.
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1 year ago, Vader1088
Horrible scan
Since they did the recent update it takes forever if at all for the camera to read and recognize the upc. The isnipdate was supposed to make scanning better. Prior to the update it was nearly instantaneous. Please fix or roll back the update.
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2 months ago, mastergamerjk
Not Free
His app requires a subscription purchase that is outside of the App Store, which is a violation of terms of service. If you subscribe to this app, it could get pulled by at anytime and they’re under no obligation to refund you the subscription fee. Also requires PC to use and set up. Not mobile standalone.
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1 year ago, chad fba scaler
Absolutely amazing
Literally my favorite app ever. Couldn’t recommend more.
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9 months ago, Dann4751
Just simply an amazing app that does what you need it to do!
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6 months ago, JessicaAdams71
I legit use this app more than Instagram. Love using this to scan products!!!
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1 year ago, SoYouThinkYouCanCoupon
Good app for RA.
Doesn’t show DG alerts.
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1 year ago, powboofiy
Can’t create account
There’s no way for me to create an account. It says to enter email to create an account but only says account doesn’t exist.
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4 months ago, 1111111tyyyy
Worst ever
I tried there free trial and I make sure I cancel the free trial on the same day an these guys still charge my account…worst part about it they don’t send any cancellation email
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12 months ago, upfire75
Criminals Run This Company/App
This company will “ban” your account the second they pull the money for your subscription and then say there’s nothing they can do about it.
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1 year ago, bSwift17
Rollback new update please
Takes forever to scan with new update and camera is pixelated, please fix. Using iPhone 13 Pro Max
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1 year ago, Honest reviews629
This app barely works anymore. I tried deleting and re-downloading but nope. Does anyone work at this app/company anymore?
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7 months ago, iJokersZ
Shake for camera
I turn off shake for camera and it still does it.
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8 months ago, rob2757
Glitches and could not scan
In 10/24/23 I had so many glitches on this app, and I could not scan. This should be looked into as we do pay a fee for this app and if your unable to scan it serves no purpose. Ty
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4 weeks ago, Arnoldreviews
Great app for Amazon OA Sellers
Great info provided with SellerAMP. This app is one of the most crucial parts of my business. If you want to scale up then you need this app
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4 months ago, Miss cubic inch
Great customer service
Their customer service is extremely fast at responding and they were able to help me with a subscription issue within a matter of seconds. The app overall was very helpful during my Amazon RA run but I’ve now moved on to private label. This is the main app I used for all my retail arbitration purchases for my Amazon store. Thank you guys for an amazing app! I highly recommend
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7 months ago, sjjeskkdudiej28
Most Affordable and Best App For Amazon Sellers
I love that this was made by amazon sellers for amazon sellers. SellerAmp has changed the game for sourcing. We have done 5.9M in sales and tons of those items weee found with SellerAmp. Get 50% off your first month with code CAJUNVENTURES or discount for annual subscription with CAJUNVENTURESYEAR. Recommend 10/10. Lots of free trainings on YouTube of how to use it. Hope this helps!
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11 months ago, Fourtunefive
Outstanding Experience with Seller "AMP" - A Highly Recommended Tool for Amazon Selling!
I recently had the pleasure of purchasing the "Seller AMP, App" and I must say, my experience exceeded all expectations. From start to finish, every aspect of the platform was exceptional! First and foremost, the customer service was exceptional. They were incredibly responsive, answering all my queries promptly and professionally. Their knowledge and expertise helped me make an informed decision, which I greatly appreciated. When it came to the platform itself, I was thoroughly impressed. It was exactly as described, if not better! The quality was top-notch, and it was perfect and easy to use and navigate through. In conclusion, my experience with "Seller AMP" was exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of their products. Their professionalism, top-quality platform, and outstanding customer service are a winning combination. I will undoubtedly be using them for future purchases, and I hope others have the opportunity to experience the same level of excellence. Thank you, "Seller AMP," for providing a seamless experience and a product that exceeded my expectations. Keep up the fantastic work!
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