SentriKey Real Estate

2.4 (226)
65.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SentriKey Real Estate

2.43 out of 5
226 Ratings
5 years ago, Dooderama
Each update makes it less usable
With the constant updates lately, every time I show up to a home, the app hangs, or says I’m not owner, or can’t find location, etc., and I have to check if there’s an update. If I am in an area with no service, I then have to call in. The app used to be quick and responsive- the new app that automatically searches for a nearby box and locks you out of any other settings or features until it’s done searching is slow, and unwieldy. Devs need to actually try to use it, or talk to busy agents in the field for feedback, because they are continually making it less usable.
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5 years ago, ChicagoRealtor
Chicago Realtor Loving the App
This is a greatly built app and it saves me a lot of time being able to get into lock boxes without having to review my card often. It also allows be to get one day access codes on the go. The only reason I am giving them a 4 out of 5 stars is because they need to add one feature. While I do not use my card often anymore, it would be nice for them to add a way to renew the card on the app, even if it would be only for the iPad version since the new iPad Pro now has a USB-C port. Should not be that had to add this feature.
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3 days ago, AV8orFWSEL
Power Hungry, Buggy, Constant Issues
As an agent I depend on this app to conduct showings and grant showing permissions. The app is EXTREMELY power hungry. It burns through my phone battery whenever I open it. I will go through 10-20% battery whenever doing showings, and much less when it’s been force closed. There seems to be a new bug, a new issue, something not working nearly every week. Really unhappy with this tool.
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6 years ago, Stiles Smiles
App works... lockboxes, not so much!
If you buy something that doesn’t work... you return it for a working item. Unfortunately SentriSmart thinks that it is okay for you to troubleshoot their faulty product for hours on end. If you are a busy real Estate Agent you simply do not have time to fix others bad engineering. It took me over an hour to trade in my lockbox for a working lockbox because SentriSmart made me go through troubleshooting before I could get a working product. Extremely disappointing after having to run around to make sure keys for clients house were secured because their extremely expensive lockbox is faulty. Poor customer service. If it doesn’t work, take it back!
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5 years ago, MattRathbun
Fantastic System
The app is solid and each update brings a better user experience and better tools. FaceID is my favorite part, since it’s seamless and works every time. The agent security system is a great feature and the RPR integration is awesome. Our company provides lockboxes, but I have my own. It would be nice to only show my personally owned boxes by default. Otherwise this is right on target.
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3 years ago, 12ss13ss14
It worked great when I first got it. Now it doesn’t let me confirm my safety. I have to keep texting my contact that I’m safe because it’s already sent them an alert. I have no problem opening the lock boxes with this thankfully. But I’ve updated it twice now and I think those bugs still need to be worked out.
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2 years ago, sassyrealtor
Where is the support?
After this last update the app is no longer working and the key card was discontinued by my association. Contacted support and was told they were aware of the issue and working on it. As of today, it still is not working. The app info states it is compatible with my phone and I shouldn’t have to buy a newer one just for this 1 app to work. Please fix! Also the app is consistently slow and the box communication errors out so you have to attempt multiple times...
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5 years ago, Morris Team
Can’t use when cell service is bad
I didn’t have any problem with SentriSmart getting Into a box when cell service was bad and I know it’s supposed to be bluetooth enabled so it’s not supposed to need cell service, but I can’t get SentiKey to work with bad cell service and I’ve tried several times. I wind up having to use my key card which has to be renewed every single day. Wish we had the option of going back to SentriSmart.
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12 months ago, Fyrftr50
App shuts down immediately after signing in.
I am on an IPhone 13 Pro running 16.5.1. As soon as I open the app it opens momentarily and immediately shuts down. I have been on the phone with customer support and it is now 3-1/2 weeks later and still don’t have use of the app. I have gone through all the troubleshooting steps, delete/reinstall, restart phone, change password etc. I can’t believe I am the only one having this issue.
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3 years ago, Diego Realtor
Solid app
I use the app everyday several times a day and it’s rare that I have an issue, if something does pop up usually closing the app and opening again clears the issue, would recommend, just one thing I can’t seem to get the Watch app to sign in
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4 years ago, KarenSellsDC
The app seems to be going backwards. It will ask for updates and not allow use until updated even though the app was just updated. This would not be a problem if the updates always seem to be requested when out showing homes and not able to update.
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7 months ago, NoSundayDriver
So slow now
Constantly “thinking” and frustrating when you’re standing at the door trying to access. Used to think it was just the rural areas with poor cell service causing slow communication. For the past year, it doesn’t even matter if you’re sitting in your office with great service and connections, the able still stumbles to connect. This app used to be quick and great. What changed?
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2 years ago, AnotherUnhappyAgent
Not user friendly
After removing physical cards I am unable to access homes while in low cell areas. ShowingTime integration doesn’t automatically add homes into “My Schedule” and when I attempt to add homes using the add button their search option fails to retrieve home data. I can only assume they just don’t want to support physical cards anymore and now their system is just lackluster at best. At worst it’s a critical loss of time.
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3 years ago, MoneyRealtor
App NEVER works. I’m sad and ashamed that I’m being charged for this! I always have to force the app to close and then shut off blue tooth and data for a while and then turn it back on....sometimes that works, but most times it take 7-8 tries to get in to a lockbox, even when I have full bars. I am constantly having to call in and pray really hard before accessing a lockbox. It’s horrific and needs to be FREE or get fixed!
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5 years ago, Nylonguitar
So many bugs
Please improve this app. It’s almost getting to the point where I’m going to quit using the app and start using my card. Not only is it nearly impossible to open a box at a property, I can’t generate one day codes or release shackles. Purchasing an taking possession of new boxes was an ordeal. The functionality of this current version is much more restricted than the previous versions, which worked beautifully.
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3 years ago, Ok Realtor
Hangs Up
Lately it takes a really long time to open the key box. I’m not sure what the hang up is but it’s a little frustrating when your standing with a client in the rain and the box won’t open. I just updated the app so I guess we will see what happens.
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3 months ago, Sokar1975
Too slow and sluggish to be useful
I used to like Sentrilock boxes and would breath a sigh of relief when I would see one on a house that I was showing but lately the app is glitchy and frustrating to use. It honestly makes me with my association used Supra instead. Every update makes is slower and slower.
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4 months ago, T-Ratz
Sooooo Slow
This app “processes” nonstop and when I’m trying to open a lockbox I don’t just want to stand there and wait on this app. We’ve started using the showing services…SLOW, PAINFUL and doesn’t sync with an apple calendar. I hope you’re developers are working on speeding up this app.
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6 months ago, river4960
Not only is the app unreliable, the support team is not willing to troubleshoot We have had the same issues for over a year, lockboxes disconnecting from the location they were assigned to, trouble assigning lockboxes off site and on site, the list goes on. I only have this app because I have to have it. They could do so much better.
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2 years ago, VJ4God
I have an iPhone 6 Plus. I was told that it’s no longer compatible with the app. Sentri said the updates caused the problem. I will not buy a new phone just to use this app! I feel this is a bug that needs to be fixed along with the others. Please fix this. I need to use the app and don’t want to buy a new phone. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Chichiala
So hard to navigate..
I am a new user and was given a ID member after I signed up for MLS. The instruction said to download this app and insert the ID member. There is not even a registration option on the main screen so I cannot get a temp password and create a log in…this is such basic user experience
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4 weeks ago, Antony 36
No sms notification
wondering why in application i cant set up sms notification to be send to my cell phone as soon as agents access my bluetooth 165$ lockbox ? I Called CS, he didn't know how to set it up, then he talked to IT, then he promised that IT will set it up for me within 24 hours. Strange?
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4 years ago, Tewyi436
Not dependable
App is very glitchy. Works great sometimes but very often it stalls or does not work at all. Requires constant updates to both the boxes and the phone app. I’m about to call customer service for the third time to discuss the same problem. Lots of room for improvement.
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2 years ago, zhang b
After updated, the software doesn’t work at all
Be careful to update this software. Before it worked very well. After updated, the software totally doesn’t work at all. I reinstalled the software several times, same situation. Now I can’t use my phone to open the lockbox.
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6 years ago, Shawarma Plate
Fewer updates, more QA please
Version 3.5.3 crashes if you have FaceID enabled. The bug is 100% reproducible on my iPhone X. A basic smoke test would have stopped this from getting submitted to Apple. Please focus on quality! The SentriLock hardware is excellent. It is tragic that the software half of this product isn’t if the same caliber.
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5 years ago, Still Wild Stallion
Slower than previous version
In the name of “convenience” or “design,” this version/redesign has been a hunk of cr—. The previous version was more responsive than this slow clunker.
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2 years ago, hugocole55
Update issues
App generally works well. Latest update has locked the app & can’t use. Have tried several fixes & nothing is working.
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2 years ago, m j boyd
Not usable on my phone
I tried twice to load the app on my phone. But it won’t open. Went to shoe a home and spent 20 minutes at the front door trying to get a response from the SentriKey desk. Not happy to be paying for this service when it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, manya88
Horrible since update
Standing at my lockbox trying to open it and remove the shackle for 20 minutes is UNACCEPTABLE. Locating lockbox. Connecting with lockbox over and over and never opening it is just ridiculous. Had to Leave. Will have to return again. Total waste of time and energy.
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5 years ago, agent gl
Why keep it
This is my first review of any product but since I sell real estate for a living 95 homes in 2018 I felt the need to review. Nothing but trouble and if it failing at one part of its job can it be trusted with any of its other benefits. By the time I get in using this lock box I could have shown the house and left!
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5 years ago, Carmenzu
Terrible customer service
Terrible Customer Service In a cold weather at a lock box and the connection do not work and they want u to turn off the phone, deinstall the application and when u tell them please help me with the password they say NO! No one time.... this is the second in 2019!
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4 years ago, Terribly disappointed also
So frustrating!
I tried using the app today and couldn’t get it to work. After 4 attempts to open the lockbox I had to dig out my card and use it, which of course, had expired. The app is nice if you are at one of the new boxes but with the older boxes it is just not reliable.
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5 years ago, MarcW23
The old version was better
Was looking forward to this update thinking some of the flaws would be fixed. Nope. All you did was give it a dated look & feel and change the name. Seriously disappointed.
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3 months ago, fixthatapp
Scroll Scroll Scroll
Unreliable. They run app updates requiring to reinstall but don’t send an info to subscribers, letting realtors being stranded with clients The only way to resolve the issue is by deleting/ reinstall the app. Tech Support is not helpful at all.
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5 years ago, mnbvcxz12344321
Terrible update
Can’t customize lockbox settings anymore? This update is going backwards not forwards. How do you enable CBS codes. How do you able in your vendor codes. I don’t wanna list of most recent property shown I want to go to a lock box and see who is showing it.
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1 week ago, Tmsss#%^*
Worst app in real estate
Constant issues, not intuitive, kicks you out. Just don’t use Sentrilock and avoid showing homes that use it. I truly don’t believe it could be worse so it gets a 1 star from me.
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4 years ago, bbryan90
Hate using this app
This app malfunctions and doesn’t work properly over half the time. Not worth the money at all. I can’t wait until something else comes available
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5 years ago, Smspring
The latest update is not as user friendly. I prefer to pick a lock box and then see a list of tasks. Not pick a task and then choose a lockbox. Here’s an idea, how about being able to assign a nickname to a lockbox?
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1 month ago, JoyceeeeQ
App constantly times out. Can’t get the access logs to work. This app is the most frustrating nothing I have to deal with on a regular basis.
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2 years ago, Smr71
The app often leaves me in front of a house locked out while it’s trying to connect to the server. I’ll go back to using a combo box.
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3 years ago, chamdog4
How many negative reviews do you need to fix
How many negative reviews do you need before you fix the app? Today it took me 38 mins to open the key compartment!!
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5 years ago, Catintree#3
Forget this app
I tried for 30 minutes to get logged in and done everything they said to do and it still won’t work a total waste of time.
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5 years ago, ClintfromVA
Less features
Wish our association wouldn’t have changed/updated the app. Less features and not as easy to use.
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5 years ago, Azoyeah
Reduced features?
It seems like features have been removed like being able to set do not disturb times with this new update?
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3 years ago, Property Investment Engineers
Does not show up in my apps
Why doesn’t this app show up. I have to go the the app store, search, then open it every time.
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4 years ago, siliddude
This app is the worst. Adds unneeded stress in our business. I don’t appreciate being called a “silliddude” in a response from sentrilock. I’m a 59 year old broker and have never been called a sillidude.
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3 years ago, Goody Gumbdrops
50% fail rate 100% chance if with clients in inclement weather
Soooo sick of the app not working to do its primary function: open doors to places I have verified appointments for. 😌
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3 years ago, Resuzy
thumbs down
can't rely on it!! I don't own a sentrilock box but have had the key forever The app is even less reliable than the key!!
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2 years ago, wack22!$&
Latest update rendered app useless!
The January 2022 update makes this app useless on the iPhone 6. What are the developers doing to fix this?
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4 years ago, adventurini
Easily worst app I have ever used
How is this app even a thing? It’s the most buggy and worst user experience app in history. It ruined half my day. Realtors and tech, I will tell ya.
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