Service Autopilot

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Service Autopilot
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User Reviews for Service Autopilot

2.98 out of 5
53 Ratings
5 years ago, GroGreen
Time log
My company has recently started using this app as our time clock also. I would like to be able to view my time log from previous weeks. They seem to disappear after a day and it only shows times from months and months ago. Thanks in advance if there’s anything you guys can do to fix this!
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10 months ago, Sabyr and Charlie
Repeated App Download
I just started working for this company about 2 1/2 weeks ago, they use service auto pilot to check in and out of locations where we do jobs at. Since having to use this app every night I work for this company I at least have to download it maybe 3 to 5 times a week, SMH. Please get the glitches out of this app so I don’t have to keep downloading it every night, that I am on a job. It’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, chris388765
Fraudulent charges
Don’t use service autopilot unless you want them over charging your account with services you never agreed on. I’ve called 3 months now 2 of those months they said they would refund me which they never did. This time around this month I was hung up on. I was sent straight to voicemail as if I was put on a no call list. And they will not answer my emails. Good job becoming a multi millionaire by fraudulently charging all your customers.
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4 years ago, Bobbybb88
Does everything it says. Does not do it all well. It’s lawn service history gets in the way. We are commercial building service provider not lawn care. It doesn’t have easy P/L reporting by job. Lot of tools for hours bid vs hours used reporting. Not so much for T&M work which is our bread and butter.
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1 year ago, Italia476
This app is life
You can do so so much with this app! It’s amazing how SA let’s you run your business from your phone. Manage jobs, clock in and out, payments, plus sync everything back to the home office.
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4 years ago, Wes Perry
Love it!
This whole system has made everything in our lawn business so much smoother! We’ve used SA for the past two seasons now and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all you guys do!
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8 years ago, AncilMac
This field service software has a lot of bells and whistles to assist in the daily workflow of any service organization. Maybe these things are in future releases, but I would like to see the following from a management perspective: Improved employee time tracking Automated task settings (i.e. Marketing, reminders, lead follow up) Management functions in smartphone apps to mirror desktop
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1 year ago, I.Wanna.Die.mp3
Quality of life improvements
Needs to minimize ui elements…previous app was minimal and easy to navigate versus this has horrid navigation for its menus and as well doesn’t support simple features like multi select of files or pictures…needs a lot of improvement
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5 years ago, Maxsontrio
Runs my company
This app has truly in abled our company to scale. I would never start a lawn service company without it.
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3 years ago, DrewliusDR
Terrible App
App is buggy as all get out. Pictures don’t show in job history forms. App constantly bugs out, logs you out. Doesn’t properly send forms to office staff. I would recommend trying another service before using this one.
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4 years ago, beau beau 19
How do you start an account with them
How do you start an account on the app
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2 years ago, cdh2k10
Poor app
Very glitchy app. Luck to get a whole day’s use out of it with out having to delete and reload app. What are we paying a monthly fee for when the app doesn’t work?
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5 years ago, bigbossrick98
Awesome / Helpful / Easy to Interact With
Made Managing employees easier. Very helpful app. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, 12310875
I wish my company didn’t use this app
Very glitchy hardly works at all on iPhones gets multiple error codes every day have to reinstall the app pictures don’t sync to the computer
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3 years ago, braden.nicoson
Ridiculously buggy
Great features, and all the management side stuff works great. But the app is terrible to use. It’s constantly bugging out and can be a pain more than an asset
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6 years ago, Jusing45
Needs an update
Doesn’t fit the new iPhone screen so can’t access all features.
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6 years ago, Joe Swansonson
Not working
The app has stopped working with IOS 12 on the iPhone X. The home screen to log in seems to be off calibration.
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2 years ago, trickedoutbit
constantly taking you to the wrong address when using map function
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6 years ago, tylaxon
Won’t work
Screen calibration is off with IOS 12 and won’t work
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3 years ago, Gordon the great 1
Worst app I ever had to use
It’s bad glitch, Bug
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11 months ago, Frodochips
Online sign-up was easy. We tried the software out for several months, and don't have any particular complaints about the product itself. We ultimately decided to end our subscription due to it not being a good fit for our company at the time. Canceling was immensely frustrating. There's no way to end your subscription either in-app or online; you have to call-in to customer service, which we did. By the way, the "click-to-subscribe, call to cancel" subscription model is illegal according to the FTC. Then, 4 months later, I discovered that Service Autopilot had continued billing us. Again, we called to cancel, and requested a refund for those 4 months. That didn't cut it for Service Autopilot. They requested another phone call so that they could again receive "verbal confirmation of your (cancellation) request," for "security reasons." Of course, at this point we'd already given them such at least twice. They also demanded that we fill out and return a cancellation form, though they were seemingly incapable of sending it to our simple gmail address. The form never got sent, but thankfully the billing was stopped. We still haven't gotten our due refund. Every time I get close, the customer service agent assigned to my ticket ghosts me. I will be soon serving Service Autopilot papers, out of principal. Shame on this company for it's deceptive, abusive, and parasitic actions against the small businesses of America. I'll see you in court.
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9 years ago, Writer in 205
Really good, can hopefully be great
Despite what another reviewer says, you can add a customer in the field with this app... That aside, I think the app is too good to not make a couple of changes that just make sense. First, when you go to Leads, you should see an alphabetical list of the leads. You shouldn't have to enter a couple letters of the lead's name. What if I cant remember their name since I haven't even done business with them yet. Next, you can't convert a lead to a customer via the app. A mobile user with full permissions on the desktop version should be able to do this. I was mobile this morning and wanted to do this and that's when I decided to write this review. Overall this is a good app. Service Autopilot is a great product and the app should be great too. My short experience with them tells me they will continually improve upon it and I look forward to that!
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10 years ago, Pyridan
Great app...when it works
This app is a great tool for SA users in the field. The user interface is nice and has a lot of features. If you like Service Autopilot in the office, you will love having it available in the field. Two major issues: 1. It rarely works for me. When I open the app and try to login it tries to load for a while and then just kind of times out. 2. When it does work, it definitely seems to need a data connection. One of the features I thought I was getting with the app was the ability to update the phone when possible but still maintain functionality when away from a cell tower. That doesn't seem to be the case. One minor issue: There seems to be no way to get navigation instructions to a client unless they have a job or "To Do" dispatched. Kind of frustrating when you just want to drive to their house. But I might be doing something wrong.
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9 years ago, Ryan_Chipman
Great Product
Service Autopilot is making our business easier and more productive. We started using the program 2 years ago, and it was exactly what we are looking for. The service is great, the training is great, and the people are awesome to work with. We also love the fact that they are continually developing better and new functionality.
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9 years ago, Aaron Suttenfield
We have been using this app for our crews for the past few months. It has improved our companies ability to track when our crews show up and how long they are on a property. This helps make sure we are profitable. We couldn't do our job as easily or as well without this app!
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9 years ago, Jymie c
Service Autopilot Pro Version
Since upgrading to the Pro version, using the marketing feature and the GPS tracking has proved to be very beneficial to our business. If you want to see substantial growth, this software will help you achieve your goal! Thank you Jonathan for the superior product!
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9 years ago, Quality Choice
You have built something truly exceptional
This app and SA has been and continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you guys for all the hard work you have and continue to put in. I'm excited to see what you do next!
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10 years ago, Angry but not surprised
Love it!
Just got a chance to run this app yesterday. WAY better than using the browser on your phone. Super easy user interface, responds smoothly an quickly. If you're using Service Autopilot, you will love the app.
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10 years ago, Scott721
This app is helpful in the field, although it would be nice if I could access more of the customer's account information, such as; billing and invoicing or adding a new customer from this app. I hope for improvements in the future.
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8 years ago, kickin'grass
If I'm wrong please someone tell me I would love to see this work it just has a place to log on and that's it don't know if you're supposed to start an account elsewhere because there is no instructions even after going back to the App Store there's no instructions any place.
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2 years ago, Frustrated User 73
It’s ok when it works right
My job uses the app so I’m stuck with it.the updates are few and far the time they have one available,the app is barely functioning.and support is non existent.right now i keep finishing jobs,closing them,starting another job,then going back and the other job is still listed.fix it already
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10 years ago, Jrodawc
nuf said...
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4 years ago, Aaron D Fox
I had some questions based on some youtube videos I watched and asked a sales rep. Once I found out the prices I was super uninterested. The sales rep asked if I would at least watch a free webinar, which I agreed to do. At the end of the webinar I was sent a 20% off any subscription which made the price 77.60 a month and took the deal. Setting everything up was a nightmare! Absolute nightmare! After spending solid 5 days getting everything set up, we started primarily using service autopilot. It’s not much different then other programs out there. 1 month into it I get charged $97.00 for the 2nd month, which is not what I agreed upon so I called support and was told that the offer was for 20% off the first month, which is not what the coupon stated! Told by support that there isn’t anything anyone could do other than cancel the subscription. Complete waste of time setting this up to be charged a different amount then what I agreed upon. I would’ve never canceled with the other company and now have to switch everything back!
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