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User Reviews for ServiceChannel

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9 years ago, Admarko
Great extension to desktop version
Really easy to use, looks great. Much easier access to our work orders whenever I want.
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4 years ago, wVIPw
This APP is Horrible & SC entire system is worth $0
Still needs BIG BIG improvements. It would be great if as owners we can do everything on this app as we are doing on our PC. For now this app is waist off time for higher up personnel in our company. PC still needed. Also Service Channel system is not for daily Check In/Out of employee that do work at the same location 365 days per year. Service Channel will SWOMP YOU with 365 Work Orders codes/numbers per year for your employee to enter each day. It’s a complete JOKE!!!!!! YES that employee that works in the same location every single day needs to waist his time entering different WO# each day. Plus when your using a phone from that location it will take you 2-3 min to Check In/Out going through all the stupid promos etc...... NO THANKS SC
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5 years ago, thrimli
Bad update?
I use this app on nearly a daily basis/ multiple time a day. Today when I get partially through entering a new work order I keep getting an error message reading “ no issue list is available, please load it through issue list converter.” These are generally open ended items that I hit “next” for when it says: “other-describe problem in detail.” Then on the next page I do just that for our maintenance dispatch manager. Now it won’t let me past the error message and renders this app absolutely useless to me in the field. Please fix what was formerly (as of yesterday) not broken...
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9 years ago, WhiteKnight
Decent but could use some work
The app is great but had login issues the two times I tried using it today. Had to close the app and reopen, then it worked fine. Uploading pictures was easy, opening a ticket was fast, and checking the status of open tickets was excellent. Should build an iPad app for retail stores that use those on their floor.
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2 years ago, Docj00003
Unable to upload pictures
The whole point of the app is to be able to upload pictures when I create a work order. Not only can I NOT upload pictures but I can’t create a work order because I can’t get pass the “upload pictures” section when creating a work order. Useless. Also it worked before a previous update. Most recent update did not fix.
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10 months ago, N0_Naim
A service providers nightmare
SC charges contractors whose customers utilize this app. It’s a nightmare to use and prevents you from submitting an invoice the day work was completed. If location does not confirm work same day, you are forced to date your invoice invoice the day of confirmation or auto escalates. This system makes paperwork triple as techs have to write up invoice, then check out on app and then office has to input invoice. A real nightmare!
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1 year ago, Perplexed 1234
Picture loading
Since the latest update I have been experiencing the following issues. 1. Taking too long to load pictures. 2. App crashes when using camera outside of app. 3. Huge battery drain on phone.
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3 years ago, FacilitiesExpert
Remember Login - No longer available?
iPhone user, remember login no longer available makes it harder to use on the go, and harder to answer items while away.
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9 years ago, Therakker
Great app!
I love this app. I can create work orders from anywhere now. I can also edit & reassign. The visuals are awesome, one of the best looking apps I've seen in a while.
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9 years ago, DarkMagicBK
Good app
This is a good app for putting in work orders without being tied to a laptop. Can take pictures of issues while putting in wo easily. Current bug fixes will help with stability.
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3 years ago, reckitt.benckiser
Terrible platform. Our company. We’ve lost thousands and thousands of dollars
You’d be better off not associating with this platform, If you’re a owner operator business person. If you are a corporate employee and like playing on the computer punching buttons, and don’t mind taking a five minute job and turning it into a five hour job, this is perfect for you.
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9 years ago, dylmag
beautiful interface
The new look is sleak
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9 years ago, jericho3635
Terrible after update!!
This was a great app but after most recent update when I try to put in a work order it tells me there is now provider for the work I am requesting. Obviously there is a bug because there are providers. Now I have to login at a computer to put in the work order!! 😡 Please fix this soon!!
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6 months ago, Stoptheshitass
Ruined a good thing
Why did you ruin the app by requiring location services to be on in order to enter a work order? The app in now useless to me as I will not be giving you my location. The work order is for a building I work at. It doesn’t matter where I am.
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10 months ago, thatcuy23
A joke
This App never works. I’ve not been able to login in for months. This company is a joke. I’m forced to use their service which I don’t want to. Anytime you call they can’t resolve anything. Can’t wait till the day I never have to deal with them.
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9 years ago, WelcometoMarz
Needs work
Alright for entering service calls, when it wants to work properly. Most of the time it doesn't allow me enter a new work order because it gets stuck on the location site.
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10 months ago, The Goats Milk
Terrible, Not user friendly at all
The full website is much better than the App. The APPs entire interface is bad. Where is quick view? Why is it so hard to look at work orders? Please reformat all pages of this APP.
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6 years ago, Ffc07
Almost 5 stars
Needs a spot to leave feedback on work completed.
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1 year ago, Nbody GaTime Fdat
Constant issues
Constant issues with the app, new updates rolled out create new issues. I use it daily and waste tons of time trying to get things to load when submitting work orders.
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6 years ago, Alecs00018888
Working well
Does what I need
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10 months ago, Miamichristian
Glitches, bugs, and slow
When trying to open a service ticket , app crashes and refreshes to main screen of app.
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9 years ago, Madjakers
Best Facilities Management Mobile App on the Market
Best Facilities Management Mobile App on the Market!!!
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7 years ago, Marjay
How do I log in on app
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10 months ago, JRod310
App Crashes
When you go into the description dialogue box the app closes.
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2 years ago, ihatefacebookads
The future of WOs
Unbelievable that this is the future of Work Orders. This app won’t even let you login continuously.
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4 years ago, Unatco
Junk! Slow and half the time it doesn’t work! Divisions maintenance group uses it and them as a company is a joke.
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5 years ago, Tigerlady69
Once installed you can’t remove it.
5&dime no way to take it off unless you reset and erase everything.
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5 years ago, 12452@.'
Not working
App is retarded. Whats the use if if does not let me sign in. Keeps saying invalid pin. says its been documented but yet nothing happens still
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9 years ago, Nizzy
Looks promising
Version 2.0 looks great but, I can't see any locations. Also need a version optimized for iPad.
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2 years ago, Every-name is taken
This app is a joke
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1 year ago, ban you tube
Absolutely Junk
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4 years ago, in the field using this
Sad. Just sad.
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1 year ago, DoubleoDevin
I don’t understand how big businesses’ use this app and SC to get work done. It’s supposed to help increase productivity, communication and record keeping, but recently it constantly drops my access making me have to go to a desktop PC and regenerate a mobile access code. It seemed to work ok before, but since the start of 2023 it has turned into useless time wasting garbage and I have to constantly get on their website and chat with them about fixing it. Really shouldn’t take this long. Time is money! If you’re in the market for an app and service that will make your business more effective, search elsewhere!
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7 years ago, Haaaaaaaywood
No one will contact Me back
I’m having login issues because it continuously denies my username and password. I contact the tech support email with no response to date.
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