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User Reviews for ServiceTitan Mobile

3.03 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
4 months ago, J800k
Almost perfect
Been knowing about this application for several years now. Began to utilize it as soon as I got into plumbing. Everything works fine but there are some things that would make it better. For example, when I need a purchase order ( P.O ) I can’t save it without having to fill out ALL the blanks. I get it, it’s necessary but in the version I began with I did not need to do that. I like to enter them at the end of a project. Just makes it easier to use. Also it does tend to be slow at times. I would restart my iPad, uninstall and reinstall and the app would still not open. Making the app user friendly would increase the ratings. A saying a like to go buy it KSS ( Keep it Simple Stupid ). Making easy to use for any sort of business would make it the best. I would honestly reach out to all types of companies to see what they think about the app and improve based on feedback. Besides that, I have no other issues. Thank You Service Titan!
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4 years ago, Stoker1992
Mobile optimization issues.
While the office end of service titan probably deserves five stars. As a technician it’s impossible for me to rate it that high. The app auto focuses on many screens and text boxes when you type. For example the equipment page where you input models and serials. The problem comes on both iPhone and iPad when you zoom out to hit save some of the pages close without saving. I think that this has to do with ST thinking that you have selected the page behind the equipment page (no better way to word that)This happens on many more pages than just the equipment page. Many other glitches like this one just add unnecessary time to a service call. Sometimes calls that I have been removed from will still show on my jobs page unless I download my price-book. If I lose WiFi connection while logging in then I get stuck on the log in page forever. Force closing the app or restarting your phone or iPad won’t fix this issue. You have to uninstall and reinstall the app. If fixes for their many glitches came out as fast as their updates then I would change this review to five stars. But at the moment this is an app focusing too heavily on making office and marketing work easier, and not the technicians job.
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4 years ago, Missing?
Very User-Friendly
I’m astounded by all these negative reviews. I’m an office manager in HVAC and I couldn’t imagine dispatching or accounting to be any simpler. We don’t integrate with Quickbooks so I don’t have a say on that, but the software is extremely user-friendly. Most issues in these other negative reviews can be solved within ServiceTitan yourself, it’s not that hard. Also, it’s very easy to get on the phone with someone for support. Every person you talk to will be super friendly and eager to help you, I promise. The one thing that really irritates me is not being able to call my success team. You can only email your success team, which guarantees I will almost never reach out to them. This leads to me having to figure out things on my own, but I kind of like it. Also, as a small family-owned company, having every tech managed is really expensive. We had to pick and choose which technicians can earn revenue (at least that’s what ServiceTitan thinks) because it was too costly. Thanks for everything you do ServiceTitan!
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6 years ago, SoleSwiper405
So far, not horrible. Room for improvement
I’ve enjoyed using the app over the last month in comparison to our companies last used application. It took a little while to get used to but now I’m as fast or faster than previously. The app interface is nice and clean and never feels to overwhelming. There are a few things that I would like to see addressed in the near future that will help push my rating to 5 stars however. 1. When a company has the ability to listen to call recordings please make it so there is at least a small interface to use while listening. As of right now there is just play/pause. If you think you might have misheard something, right now the only option is to listen to the entire call and then start all over again. 2. The app is not optimized for the newest iPad pros and does not fill the entire screen. On top of that I’ve been getting random black lines across the app that stay there until I restart the iPad all together. Rather annoying.
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3 years ago, michaelcampbell
So Slow and Hogs Battery
I’ve used this for just over a year and I honestly want to rate this 5 stars as it is well tailored management system, but a typical day using it means rebooting the app multiple times a day, and even reinstalling it multiple times a week. The software bogs down when you request virtually any data, and will spin for up to 5 min. Just to close out of a call, that can take up to 5 min. It will get the job done, but add 30-45, even up to 2 hours of spinning progress animations to your day if you have a lot of paperwork to do. It matters not if you’re on wifi or 5 bars LTE. The last update now runs the battery down, something like 4 times faster. I now have to keep an external battery plugged into it all day just to keep it charged, as it’s draining almost as fast as it’s charging. There’s several other issues, and hacks you have to do to get around them, and this is slowly but surely getting worse with every update. With every new release they bring new features, but also break or make worse others. The problem is, they just leave everything broken.
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5 years ago, extreme sunday
Been using this new system for about 4months now. I haven’t used any other software for a paperless system was told it’ll be quicker on the job sights but this is good but it needs to be more user friendly. There’s no reason to have to input materials 3 times in separate boxes in order for our personnel to have it linked to the job. We don’t need to name a refrigerator after we’ve selected refrigerator. If we forget to input material techs can go back and input it. It won’t let you move along while inputting all the fields for the unit you are looking at why not have a “did you use any material” pop up before finalizing. There’s a few other things but those are minor. Don’t know if anyone else is having this issue but with volume up all the way on Maps I don’t get voice turn by turn, I get pings to that tell me something.
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1 year ago, Supertech444
I do not recommend this software to anyone.
Having used several CSM programs. This one is over priced and over promised on capability/features. Look if all of your employees have the IQ of Cavemen and Neanderthals this might be for you. The software is slow, the company makes all these promises to sell you on a long contract, then won’t actually stand behind there program once you sign up. I have literally ran out of passwords to replace mine with because it always wants me to replace it. You can not switch between IPad and Phone without logging in and out from one to the other. It wants to constantly track to device all the time. No way to turn this off that I can find. I am actively recommending people do not use it to any one that talks about it in the industry. They try to make all the trades from Lawn Care service company’s all the way to HVAC in the same box. It is most definitely not for Commercial company’s. This software has actually made me want to quite my job it is so annoying.
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5 years ago, DebB_AK
Contact your Implementation Specialist or Success Team!
I am reading some of the more negative reviews and noticing a pattern. There needs to be an office staff member responsible for implementing and updating Service Titan for your shop. All techs need dedicated training on Mobile 2.0 AND the Pricebook needs regular attention to ensure materials linkages to tasks are accurate-on the fly materials additions should be rare. Also, syncing often depends on the device and internet connection. If you are experiencing crashes, perhaps your device needs to be “cleaned” or replaced. With estimates in Mobile 2.0, building out estimate templates can be very helpful. But you must reach out to your success team! They have been exceedingly helpful to our shop. All that said, Service Titan could stand a few interface updates to simplify access to commonly used elements.
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4 years ago, rey_kz
Bad app but great backend
ServiceTitan has made everyone’s life easier at my place of work, not only doesn’t it streamline scheduling but invoices are immensely more convenient for techs and customers. This app is horrendous though. It doesn’t scale it’s UI depending on the device you’re using(Tablet or Phone), it doesn’t have a dark mode and it has taken multiple reinstalls to solve issues I’ve personally had with the app. The issues that I faced are the app needing to be restarted or requiring a relogin to change your status(Dispatch, Arrive and Finish Job). The app would constantly spam requests to access location even when it has access to it already. It also uses a ton of battery life for what seems more like an emulated webpage rather than a dedicated app.
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3 weeks ago, HVAC tech69
App not optimized for mobile
The company I work for has struggled to find an effective app that suits both technicians in the field as well as office personnel. While this app does provide a decent medium for technician and office to enter job details, it is plagued by poor mobile development. Just about every day I struggle with losing a well thought out description of work performed as the app loves to just close the current sheet you attempt to fill out. Resizing on mobile is a cancer and often soft locks to the point you must close the app and reopen to fix. Currently they are having an issue with data sync where it gets stuck in an endless loop and never syncs. It is so bad that 4 of our employees regularly have this issue with no resolution. Unless they take steps soon to solve the many issues for mobile I would not recommend for the pure frustration this system offers daily.
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2 years ago, dawhipple
I see mostly a few techs complaining while everyone else loves it. It was built more for the customers so the tech can put together options with prices right at your finger tips. Save photos for the customers and your company. This app is a game changer and I work with the guys who created it. When you get it down it’s literally a game changer. They do take your feed back and are constantly making things better. This has literally taken drowning companies and turned them around. Some companies hire Brandon to come to their companies for 3 days and do a few courses and it literally has a 100% success rate when done right.
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3 years ago, Not well worth the $$$
Needs work
Been using Service Titan through my employer for over 2 years now. Overall it’s not bad, but lately the stability of the software has been very frustrating. Lots of hotfixes to address 1 or 2 issues, then having it reset lots of settings after these updates are downloaded, or it’ll break the stability of the platform or disable other functionalities. Also, I don’t have many apps on my work iPad, but I can’t see why a cloud based software should be taking up, almost byte for byte (almost 10GB), the same amount of storage as my photos app. And lately, for the last 7 months or so, the app has to be force closed and then reopened to re-sync with the cloud server frequently, so that I can process payments or generate e-signature request emails for estimates while at customers’ homes.
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5 years ago, JRLIII*
This will destroy your business
We adopted this program for a nationwide HVAC, Plumbing, electrical and excavation company. It was the worst mistake we ever made. Majority of the staff quit after 5 months of dealing with this program. It doesn’t accurately transfer to quick books, it’s a terrible sales platform, it’s not streamline, you’ll spend months uploading in to the system, all for it to change and create a new disaster that stops your business in its tracks. Needs a full time office staff just to deal with the complications of this program. Happy to say I quit over it as well and back managing a company with ESC. Be prepared to track every invoice individually. You can’t run a successful business with service Titan. It takes non stop training for technicians to get this right as well. One wrong button and double invoices, misinformation, throws statistics completely off. Once again, a total accounting nightmare.
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4 years ago, jeeploveswfl
Intuitive and Smooth
I always used Service Titan desktop but recently I have been in the field more and have had a chance to try out the mobile app. I’m very impressed with the interface. As a technician it’s easy to get to any relevant data and also adding pictures, videos and notes that the office team can see live is invaluable for training and coaching purposes. So far the app always loads fast, syncs fast and haven’t come across any bugs after using for a bit. A lot of thought has obviously gone into creating the mobile app portion of the Service Titan platform. Thank you so much developers for a great field experience.
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5 months ago, Electro-Dad
Changed Everything… mostly for better.
well, I would much rather use service titan to put together multiple options for my service and repair customers and try to write all of them out by hand. The amount of user interface issues on the mobile side has always been staggering. There are artifacts that have been there for years that I’ve never seen fixedweird glitches that you just have to find a workaround for etc. all in all a good product but they really need to work on the mobile in their face.
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2 years ago, Jason, HVAC Tech
Good app. Needs more history access on mobile.
My main issue as a On-Call service technician. We use an answering service. When not dispatched we are currently unable to open a customer file to see the full history including photos, warranty status, and equipment info. When on call it’s extremely helpful to have this information prior to dispatching. Once dispatched we can see it all but we aren’t going to dispatch unless they agree to the quoted diagnostic fee first. No reason it couldn’t all be READ ONLY until dispatched. Summary, don’t grey out history/info buttons. Make them searchable on mobile.
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2 years ago, ConsultantNinja
Service Titan is a an amazing product, if it can just tighten up some key areas. Experience when using an iPad: - Syncing - Doesn’t always work. I can leave the job open, signed into wifi at the customers house and it will sometimes not finish the sync. Then try to ope the job back at home or the office and items weren’t synced. This becomes very painful when we need to go back out to the job for items that did not sync. Slow Loading - After pressing an action like dashboard, history or follow up for example, it takes 5+ minutes to load. This becomes difficult when sticking to a time frame out in the field. Privileges - Office profiles have different privileges than field agents using the app. If I need to add privileges such as a custom message in the estimate, I should be able to get clearance from my manager and be able to have that ability assigned to my/sales teams profile. Follow Up - In the calendar, it would be great to add notes, so I can write in why I’m following up and see it on my phone/tablet calendar. If these were fixed, I would re-rate to 5 Stars!
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3 years ago, Blexxx
Needs more thought
The app has tons of potential but could be used a lot better. -Attach data plate picture to equipment -add multiple homes or address to the same invoice -split the invoice for the same job; ex: conducted service for 1 landlord but two different tenants at the same house. Each tenant or the landlord may rate different rebates for each piece their equipment that was serviced. -clock in and Out time accumulation (let us know how many how we worked) ****** App keep crashing (technically) at times and while on some jobs. During the crash, The pictures won’t upload and then everything else won’t get updated. That includes updates to the invoices, payment received by customer and clocking out. The only way to fix it will be to restart the App and lose al changes. There’s no way to foresee it happening or any known way to prevent it from occurring. The User just has to pray everything updates. That is absolutely terrible and cannot happen. That leads to massive discrepancies and back logging. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP!
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2 years ago, Rfarley77
A Techs best friend!!
I’ve been using this app for 6 months now. It is the best app out now in the field of service work. I fully recommend this application to any company that has a service department. It allows the tech to take payment by cash, check, or charge right on site. It also allows the company to track its employees progress, email a copy of the invoice to the customer, and keep account of materials used on the job. There’s so much more this app does. Try it out today!!
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3 years ago, kenek9
Do not sign the contract
I promise you the customer service is crazy horrible. They make it seem like they will take care of you and you have a dedicated account manager for your set up process. You call them and leave multiple messages no response. Days later you get an email response from them. You reply then expect to wait another 3. This company is so bad for business their app is not user friendly at all. Lots of bugs. No help after your first week. Can’t get ahold of a manager. Then they tell you to add price book pro and says you can turn it off anytime. Then I tried to stop it because it is no use to me. They said it’s a year contract and I cannot. I am telling you now you will regret signing up with them.
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6 years ago, HVAC Techni
Works great... until they update
Works well for the most part. Ease of use, fairly quick to lean. Problems always arise after updates. System crashes, unable to complete jobs. Worst of all when you leave the job thinking you have everything complete, system crashes, all of your data, notes and billing are lost. Like I said before when it works it’s great, but when your entire company is relying on the system it can cause major issues when the system is functioning properly.
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2 years ago, SuperFliOS
Great application over all. Learning curve is steep for most experienced service technicians but worth the effort to learn how to use it. 1) Less steps dding a PO should have the ability to add PO to the technician and/or the truck. 2) Adding customer excepted estimate to an exciting invoice should be obvious however, it is easier to close an invoice and create a new invoice by booking a job. 3) Needs a definitions page or file so a technician can make use of the statistics given by Service Titan - most notably at the bottom of the page. 4) More detailed explanation of service titans search function and ways for a technician to use its search function efficiently to locate exciting customer by name or phone number. 5) Remove the grayed in generic warranty on the service titan work pages. Not everything has or offers warranty on those items especially 30 daysSuperFlIOS
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7 years ago, Colonacr
Needs some polishing, but nice App
The app is a memory hog! Everything slows way downon my ipad when i have the app open. Syncing to server is a little buggy. Sometimes we have to put device on airplane mode and out to be able to sync properly. Happens on multiple different devices. My biggest complaint is not being able to upload multiple pictures at once. You have to click on the camera icon, select upload photo, select the source such as camera library then select the picture you want to upload. And you have to do that for every single picture. So it can be a little tedious since my ignorant boss wants “Lots of pictures”
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6 months ago, hvacstud88
Use to have “remove equipment “ feature in equipment list, making updating the equipment list to be done on site. No the only way is for office personal to be able to do it, which takes more time and more personal to correctly update. IT NEEDS TO BE PUT BACK!! Use to be able to select pictures to be up loaded in the order you want them to be in from phone capture feature, but now you have to select, push done, then go back and select the next picture you want to appear in the order you want. Time consuming!!!! Needs to be changed back
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3 years ago, ndhhaj
Worst software ever!!
I have been in field for over 30 years and this supposedly was such a great platform when our office “upgraded” to it. It is horrible!! The only thing it’s worried about is getting signatures and not about what a service invoice is supposed to provide. Equipment info - NO. A place to actually inform customer of the service you provided -NO. A easy way to let customer know what needs to be done to fix problems- NO. You need to provide separate estimates that are emailed at the end of the process so instead of a nicely presented sheet with all the info they can get multiple confusing sheets of everything. Whoever designed this needs a new trade. It s$&ks!!!!
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7 years ago, dh9531
Great App
I am in the HVAC/R industry. We have used some other software, but Service Titan is by far superior. As with all things there is always room for improvement, but overall this app has made our work more efficient. My biggest concern with the current app is the training mode. When I am training a new technician and we enter training mode we cannot generate an invoice. We are supposed to be able to do this, but it just cancels out and starts back at the beginning. If we could generate a fake invoice the new technician could easily learn the MPG.
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9 months ago, Smiley1382
Needs work.
This app has a lot of potential and could be great but it is just frustrating right now. Using it on an iPad and a iPhone is a nightmare. With it freezing, not being able to zoom in or out, not showing me all of the information etc. this needs to become mobile friendly asap. Currently it’s as if you are using it off a website and not an app. It’s almost easier to use the web version. Please fix this issue. It’s a very expensive service and it would be nice to actually get what you pay for.
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6 months ago, Dynamic99
Good system, bad mobile app
Our company has been using Service Titan since 2018 and while more features get added every year, the mobile app which should be the centerpiece of this software system just keeps getting worse. I have talked to tech support countless times and been given no helpful information. I’ve posted in Service Titan’s desert of an internal customer message board and heard nothing back. When it comes to best serving our technicians in the field I don’t feel like our company has a partnership with Service Titan at all despite all the money and effort we have spent over the years.
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1 year ago, Imperialjz
Constant crashes
Could be so much better. App constantly crashes on my phone and tablet. Same with my co workers. Uploaded photos and videos get randomly deleted. Trying to fill out a lengthy form? Oh no problem, ST will just suddenly log you out when you’re almost done so you get to fill out your form a second time! Now good luck finding that save button. Ever since this update a while back, you have to be careful scrolling because your main buttons at the top will just disappear and hide behind a white bar. Has so much potential but it’s one step forward, two steps back with this app.
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5 years ago, DanielK71
App crash
I am a mechanic in the field for HAVC/R and use this app for work multiple times during the day. Since the last update, I find that when uploading multiple pictures from my camera roll on phone, the app crashes and I have to start all over again uploading. This adds time to the job as there are times when I have 40-50 pictures to upload but only 20 at a time. Other issue I have is when using my iPhone to access the app and do things. You have to be careful when enlarging the screen as it will close out and you loose all the typing you’ve done for a PO.
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4 years ago, mmularski
Needing a LOT of work to be useful
Where to start.... We were sold on the lie that it will speed up the technicians life. In all honesty, if we went back to paper, we could literally run another call a day PER TECHNICIAN. - redundancy after redundancy of filling information in, forms to complete, etc. - entering equipment information - God help you if you type everything in and had forgotten to select the equipment category. If you do this later in the process, it will DELETE the info you just typed in. - part of our issues have been the implementation, not having service choices with parts attached, so the materials have to be manually addd to the job after. (And again with the help, if you forget to do it before finishing the job, the techs can’t go back in to the job to order parts! Funny thing is that I’m reviewing this software so poorly and that’s after having transitioned from FieldEdge!!! Now THAT’S saying something!!!
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4 years ago, big_nasty909
Great soft wear poor customer service
The product is great and customer support is great for the first month after signing up, after that first month however if you need support good luck getting ahold of someone. You have to figure it out for your self and dig through how to articles. If I could just call someone for a quick question here and there the product would be 5 star. For the very high price tag of this program compared to similar competitors I would expect better customer service/support.
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1 month ago, Jamochathemane
Please fix!!!
There’s currently an issue I keep experiencing (Tech) where when I upload photos to a job they upload a second time. This is very frustrating as I have to delete them one at a time. Sometimes i’ll upload 20 photos at once and all of them duplicate in the workorder, then I have to slowly delete the dupes 1 by 1. This is a great app, I just seriously wish this would stop happening
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1 year ago, FerdyTheBirdy
Pretty awful app
Ive used esc and field edge and payzerware and service titan and out of the 4 Servicetitan has got to be the absolute worst. From it reseting my password 3 times in 3 months, only made for ipads so if you have an iphone make sure you bring a magnifying glass for the small text, like what other apps only format for ipads? The clock in and out feature is vague as heck, the company i work for still doesn’t understand it at all so don’t expect everybody to understand. And the training course i was sent didn’t even launch so don’t rely on them to teach ya how to use the app. Good luck anyone who tries it
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1 year ago, danpellet
Service Titan software
We have been on service titan for three years. Our biggest challenge to getting started was the price, Service Titan has been one of the most important things for the growth of our company. It has made growth easy, has made doing business easy, if you are an HVAC residential contractor looking to grow, Service Titan is the platform/system you will need. Our reviews have grown Our time cards are automated Customer, project information, pictures are in one place. We use Office, phones Dispatch Sales, service, maintenance, installation. We also mostly work remotely because of the cloud platform. If you are serious about business use this software. Commit to it!,
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3 years ago, svc dude
Buttons need improvement
My one complaint currently is that the dispatch and arrive buttons, don’t function as one naturally would expect. It would be nice if once I hit the button, it would go gray or maybe a loading icon would pop up or something like that. The response is not immediate and so there’s no indication that the program is working or In progress until the page refreshes.
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5 years ago, Tyug56
Do not buy this software
We used Service Titan for about 8 months. For all of the bells and whistles they offer, all of them are primitive and software as a whole is glitchy. The communication with Quickbooks is terrible. Referencing a previous estimate or invoice is almost impossible. There have been multiple days where our CPA has lost his sanity over ST. I could not think of a specific HVAC business model that could benefit from this. And worst of all, they will not budge on early contract termination. Therefore, I will continue to pay for this over priced software for the next 4 months against my will. There are other ERP softwares out there a lot more affordable.
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9 months ago, Jonny Doce
The app is annoying
The estimates page for some reason, the top section is too big and always covers the view of the top estimate. You need to rotate device to landscape mode in order to see the estimates properly. In some cases, when you view the job description, the top section is too big and it covers the “more/less” up arrow & down arrow. In that situation, you can’t even use a job itself because you cannot access that button. I deleted and reinstalled the app. This situation was fixed temporarily, but after a week it started doing it again.
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3 years ago, mrbtu
4 Long Months
I have the ServiceTitan Mobile app. If I write up a job proposal or Estimate it only lets me print out one page ,if there’s two or three or four pages Ext…I can only print out one page. I need to be able to print out ALL the pages for my proposals and jobs. Four months this is not worked. I’ve called Service Titan Support several times. Obviously my business is not that important to them. The other thing is there’s never the same person to talk to or take care of my problem, Always somebody new, but nobody ever gets it taken care of. Very unhappy business owner.
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3 years ago, JReedHVAC
Could be a five star app..
My company just bought thisSoftware, in the past week or so the application for iPads keeps crashing, uninstalling and reinstalling the app is the only thing that will fix the issue. And today I had to do it three times just to try to finish my day. This happened in the middle of trying to give an estimate for a new HVAC system. Please fix app issues, I would love to give it five stars.
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1 year ago, Nik.....C
Unmeasurable Value!!!
In addition to all the great features like equipment recording and record keeping, as well as being able to create job nots, just having a system that you can document and record all your work for future referencing is amazing and can not be measured with a dollar amount. It’s more then that. Thank you Service Titan.
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11 months ago, MKrzy31
Don’t do it!
We sat through many demos and had all our questions answered and were assured this system would work for our commercial HVAC company. After paying for and sitting through 6 weeks of self paced training as well as their zoom onboarding training (all residential based) They could not even show us how to set up contracts and never got back to us. They also couldn’t format our invoices as we wanted. Almost every question we asked went unanswered or we’re told we can’t customize that. Now they have ghosted us but want us to pay for our contract!
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3 years ago, russell hvac
Horrible. Always crashes.
App is horrible. Always messing up, glitching, takes forever to load or sync. Would love something more reliable. Takes me forever just to figure out where I’m going in the mornings. And yes I have the latest updated version. And no I’m not an idiot I have service and WiFi when trying to use the app. I even try to use different devices thinking maybe it’s my ipad, not the case. The software is just unreliable. Not I’m not a competitor, I’m a contractor. Would be nice if I didn’t spend an hour or two out of my life everyday fighting with this app.
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2 years ago, Seansplayin
Not great
This company wants your location data! If you do not enable the background location by setting it to “always allow” you will receive hundreds of messages a day asking you for location data. I am the manager of my company and we do not requires location data for our employees and we definitely don’t want to turn over that information to a third party which is monetizing that data. That said service titan is power and we continue to use it anyways.
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9 months ago, HeatTechCoolGuy
Using an IPad 8th gen, the notes section of a job (critically important information) is completely hidden from view as if it doesn’t exist. In order to get a glimpse of it, you need to manually and forcefully pull it down into view, it goes springing back to its hiding place when releasing your touch. Sometimes it doesn’t even let you do that when there are multiple tags or other lines of info attached to a customer taking up screen space. This issue is while viewing individual jobs selected from the dashboard.
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3 years ago, Chey The Dog
Good in theory, not tech friendly
I have been using this software for over a year, probably closer to 2 years. This is not a user friendly software. From a first person onsite, perhaps it has its merits, however, i follow the initial sales for the repair, most of the time i cN not see any notes on previous calls, makes it really useless, i can not look through my call history beyond yesterday, so if someone asks me about a job from a week ago i have no ability to look it up in the field. Even yesterdays jobs i can not look at my notes. Would not recommend to anyone
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6 months ago, JohnAOD
Very Efficient and Modern
Love the fact you can do everything on the same platform, uploads are quick, all information is easily accessible, and the training courses are easy to understand. Highly recommend. Also no bugs and no glitches.
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6 years ago, aryyy321
Works good for our company
I can create service calls even for customers that are new. Without having to go through office. It has some quirks but it has really helped our service department accelerate growth and productivity. Our customers appreciate it as well. Some customers are amazed at how easy we can set up Appointments get estimates and they can pay for services as well. South Florida area
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7 months ago, Silva screen
Annoying and kills your battery
This app asks for background data, which drains your battery fast. If you don’t use it, it keeps asking you every minute and you have to say no. This app is very difficult to make modifications to. Constantly freezes up. And you have to reinstall it at least once a week. This is the app my company uses, so I have no choice but to deal with it. Two stars because it’s better than nothing.
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3 years ago, Target Guest.....apparently
Not the right direction for the new app update
They just updated the app and half our crew got locked out where the app says it’s updating but never updates. Also, now when you go to finish the job, the new “Closeout” button includes both the Finish Job button and the Done for Now, which is now Pause, requires you to tap into the required signatures individually and back out of the signature list. Way more cumbersome now to close the job. Should’ve kept the continuous signature feature
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