2.8 (64)
38.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
ServiceTrade, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.5 or later
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User Reviews for ServiceTrade

2.78 out of 5
64 Ratings
11 months ago, Shaunbelievable
Needs work but overall..?
There is always a lot of bugs on the app. But for the most part it works well - if you have patience and know how to work around its difficulties
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6 months ago, jmduke7
Testing Patience: Field Tech Edition
Ah, the tech miracle that promises to solve everything – like a superhero with a few quirks. Picture this: You bravely enter descriptions and submit pics, only to discover it has a talent for cloning, making your notes feel like a sci-fi sequel – "The Duplicating Chronicles." And when it plays hide-and-seek with your info, it's like your data is training for a stealth mission. Then there's the clock-in feature, the rebellious teenager of the app family. Low connectivity turns it into a rebel, refusing to acknowledge your job clock-ins and outs. It's the payroll's wild child, causing potential wage losses and turning your precious time between jobs into a mini time warp. Sure, it's a tech genius when the connectivity stars align, but in the low bars zone, it's like dealing with a moody AI roommate. It's a mix of great features and a sprinkle of chaos, leaving you questioning if you accidentally signed up for a reality show called "Testing Patience: Field Tech Edition."
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1 year ago, MegatonPrime
Great Operations Tool
I have been operating my company for four years with this app. It has certainly had its bumps in the road. Overall though when I had any issues the technical support team has been unmatched in communication, customer support, and resolutions of said problem. I handle all of my customer’s work orders, invoicing, quoting, and overall operations with this tool. It keeps things organized once you learn how to navigate throughout the browser. My customers love this format because of the transparency it creates for my company to theirs. It’s also a great tool for being able to go back to history and revisit any problems (as long as you train your technicians to be use it in this manner) which keep’s customers confident in the contractors consistent reliability. I would definitely recommend this app.
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9 months ago, JustOneMoreTemu
Service Technician - Been using ST for 3 years and bc…
The perks are great! The app lets us have literally tens of thousands of our items loaded for billing, each asset with all the information you need right there at your fingertips, reports done in a couple of minutes. We have it pretty dialed in now over the years so it’s great. But…. This application is always having issues, it has gotten better recently but unfortunately our company used it for actual payroll, the clock in and out events are always messing up, finally we are back to turning in an actual time sheet. I’m curious how many hours (how much MONEY) is lost due to this app and all the issues with clock in events. I’d say this app is good for a lot of things but payroll is absolutely not one of them.
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3 weeks ago, 6 year ST user
10/10 Would not recommend
We have been using ST for several years now. From the admin/desktop perspective it’s great until it goes down and no one can get anything done. From the field technician perspective this program is abhorrent. Constantly having issues, attachments won’t upload or duplicate themselves, permissions randomly decide to turn themselves off and no option to change it back. Clock in events won’t stay active i.e. block into a job just to finish the work and find out the ST decided to log you out. Find a different software solution this one is too expensive for the heap of flaming trash that it is…
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4 years ago, Terrell.Thompson
Superior APP and Company
If you are a Commercial HVAC/R entity, Service Trade and the entire company behind it will improve everything about your company. Be patient, train your office staff and mechanics inside and out. If you take the time to do this one thing you will have made the best decision for your company you will ever make. I took my company from seed to sale with it. Running hundreds on mechanics this is the only way to do it.
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3 years ago, s10chris92
So about 6-9 months ago they released an update that crashed the app every time you tried to upload a picture to an asset. After countless back and forth with the representatives the issue to this day hasn’t been resolved. It got so bad that our company bought a whole new digital forms app just to upload photos. I’m pretty sure this app was sold to us as a way to be more efficient…but it’s the opposite. It’s actually costing us more money because now we need TWO APPS the do the job of ONE.
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11 months ago, come on wendys
please make this app stop SPAMMING ME for location data.
every 2 seconds the app tells you to go to settings and give it permission to access location data. it won’t let you go between pictures and ServiceTrade because as soon you too tying and the keyboard goes away, you be to cancel the pop up for location Data.
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2 months ago, ST Hater
After the new update the app is worse than before which is hard to imagine. Constantly crashing, freezing and very very slow downloading any paper if it will even download it to begin with. Terrible app and even worse that I’m forced to use it everyday
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2 years ago, hvackore
The issues with this app.
This app is terrible. Doesn’t keep track of clock events. Bugs out or goes down many times so you are constantly removing the app and reloading. It is slow system using a web browser. My company move to this app a while ago and it’s been a rough go ever since.
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9 months ago, Nateynatenateboy
Clocking in and out is broken and now I’m getting in trouble at work
I can’t complete jobs that are on my schedule because when I mark them the app won’t let me clock out.
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5 years ago, anon000091
New Update
Honestly it’s not too bad (the update).. it’s clear and easy to use. Don’t see what all the fuss is about.
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1 year ago, frustrated tradesman
There has to be a better way.
Very cumbersome and clunky and what I would consider to be the opposite of user-friendly. If this is all we can come up with we’re in trouble
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9 months ago, Dacj610
Don’t waste ur money
Not worth it, bad CSR, app is unreliable, and have to pay extra for services that must be included if you want to run your business right. Don’t do it.
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9 months ago, Fire technician
Pictures won’t sync
For the last week or so my photos won’t sync so I don’t know if they are showing in the final bill or not.
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4 years ago, Cat613
Terrible update
The most recent update causes the app to crash on iOS 14 this happens while it’s starting up. Please fix.
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1 year ago, my pants are on fire!!!
this app is bad. i type comments and deficiencies that magically disappear. why do it once when you can do it three times? always crashes. doesn’t update my schedule. just overall not very good.
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4 years ago, PeterSasser410
Very easy to use
Game changer
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2 months ago, TBL89
Literally every time this app is updated something breaks. Held together with gum and wishes.
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9 months ago, No021975
Service trade
Not the best app out there. Not user friendly for field use. Seems like it’s geared more for un-trusting employers.
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9 months ago, 7374758292
Troubleshoot and repair customers equipment in record time. Than troubleshoot service trade. What a joke.
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6 years ago, fjdididjdn
This is so bad. What did you do? it took well over a year to FINALLY tweak out MOST of the bugs from the last major version. What do you do? Decide that version is running well so let's FLIP IT ALL UPSIDE DOWN. Who cares about the pretty colors. You destroyed this app. 1) it's way slower. 2) everything essential takes MORE clicks 3) too bubbly and poor use of space. Seriously. I want to know why. 4) why would you grey out the dates between jobs? Shouldn't a technician be able to easily see when the day changes between jobs? What the hell is the point of this? Why am I doing additional scrolls to see how many techs I have with me? Why am I doing extra work to get directions? Why is it hard to differentiate what day you're looking at? Why does it take 5 minutes to load your schedule? Let me go back. Please.
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6 years ago, Ogx2k
Hate the new update, it’s awful.
Less features? More complex and also more confusing? You should definitely make it an option whether or not you want to use this new garbage app or use the old app, which worked great mind you. Should DEFINITELY not try to fix what isn’t broken. You have made it terrible. Only reason this review didn’t get a 1 star is because I’ve used service trade for a very long time and it’s been great until now. Also, getting rid of the map was also a terrible choice.
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6 years ago, Disappointed
The new version of the app is terrible. My routes don’t always load, then some disappear, and some just don’t show up at all. The old version was better for sure. It was nice to see, on the old app, who you were working with. Now you have to take a lot more steps to see that information. Too bad you had to change a good thing.
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6 years ago, SCCOMARINE
Slow as Always
The new update has made ST even slower and laggier than before the update. They got rid of the Map feature which I used to plot my daily work routes. Customer service advises that they gave out a survey and “no one” liked the map. So I guess EVERYONE hated the map feature. Either way it’s not a good app. Only use it because it’s the company’s way of scheduling.
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6 years ago, Korintin
Worst app I have ever used !
I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to be able to open it more than once. Every time I exit the app, the next time I go to open it the loading screen just stays loading. It’s the epitome of a time wasting app. Can’t stand it. Fix it or go back to the old version. This is absurd for a business to use
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5 years ago, BbnCj
I agree with the previous review 100% The app is not eye friendly and everything is too spaced out. Dates need to be darker and the app doesn’t update well at all. And it doesn’t load new jobs. It just spins and thinks. You actually have to delete the app then reinstall it for an update. Please fix these issues!
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9 years ago, L PATRON
Need improve the service
Need better service.... Pictures to slow to upload into the profile and kick me out the most the time
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6 years ago, DaPyroGuy
Great App
Like the new update! Really easy to use with great features!
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6 years ago, etgifrguffdgjifdfh
Every time there is an update it is less user friendly and has more bugs than before
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6 years ago, DSchaLL462
Don’t update the app
Don’t update unless you want a total new layout ... i don’t like it wish I can undo it
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6 years ago, chevyguyZ71
New update
Point blank new update is awful. Only thing that needed to change was having access to do paperwork from iPhone (which I have) or Android. NO MAP??? That was a huge help for the business I’m in, huge disappointment it’s no longer there. Wish I could go back to older version.
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