Setmore Appointment Scheduling

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9 months ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Setmore Appointment Scheduling

4.7 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
5 years ago, GeeGabe
Great Scheduling System and Potential but Buggy sometimes
Let's face it, technology is not reliable. It isn't. This system had been great to use but there are things that keep reoccurring. I disable notifications from the settings menu (in app) and yet I still get notifications coming up that I know have been ticked to off. I sometimes have clients showing up wrong days due to UI errors in the design portion itself. BUT for a free service, you shouldn't be complaining. Hence the 5 start rating. There's way more pros than cons my clients love the fact that they can book online without any too bad of hassles. Don't get me wrong the application and software still need help but it's on the way to being one of the best scheduling systems out there.
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7 years ago, Lildarlynn
Only one complaint...
For free scheduling this is great. I have no real issues while using it on my computer. My only complaint is with the app itself. When displaying your appointments, it doesn't leave gaps where your open time is. It shows them in list form. It would be much easier to see when you are available if it displayed all hours of the day with both appointments and open time just like on a regular appointment calendar. Otherwise, it fulfills all my scheduling needs. *Update: As of Aug 14, 2017 in the app, you can now see 3 days of your week in an appointment book format. So happy for this update! There are another couple updates I would like to see on both the app and the website. These are not complaints just suggestions. For a free service I have been very happy! The updates I'd love to see are: 1)Easier access to a clients past appointments. Rather than have to look them up under the client list it would be nice to see them when you tap on their current appointment. 2)The ability to copy the current appointment to reschedule them for the exact same thing for their next appointment.
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3 years ago, D. Gooding
A few kinks but overall a good booking app
Overall I enjoy using Setmore because it’s pretty user friendly. There are a few minor features that could use improving such as being able to email receipts at end of any transaction and breaking down the details of a transaction including tips etc. Again, it is minor and isn’t a deal breaker in my continuing to use the app. I do have one major gripe... I had an issue when I integrated my google calendar to Setmore and called customer service for assistance only to get several representatives with a strong accents. This barrier made it difficult to understand one another as I had to spell the name of my company and spell my email address out 3 or 4 times when the rep was unable to pull my account up using my phone number. Three representatives, multiple transfers, and 30 mins later of missed callbacks later was very frustrating. I felt that things could have been smoother if my phone number automatically prompted my account.
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3 months ago, janet chase
I need trial run for premium
I have left two reviews before this. The first was how easy the app is especially the free version that I have now been using for almost two year for my small hair business. The second review was a few suggestions about what could be more helpful in the free version or possibly offered in premium. This review is just to offer another suggestion. For a while now, I have considered upgrading to premium. The upgrades listed will be, email integration, ability to remove branding, online payment, video links, text messages reminders and, reoccurring classes and appointments. I am okay with just the free version but I wonder if some of my previous suggestions are available in premium. My only request is if you guys can offer premium trial 1-3 or more days. I just want to know how I can improve my business using the premium update. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Arykathestylist
I Like the concept
This app is very easy to use I have been using it for years now! I love the concept of how easy it is to book appointments for myself and for my customers. One thing that I don’t like about the app is that I have to (every once in a while) contact support because a customer doesn’t see an appointment time that they would like to book and it’s not because I don’t have the time available. For example I have a client that wanted to book me this Friday at 4:00pm the booking site says I have openings from 9am to 2pm even though my hours of operation are from 9am to 6pm! Therefore I have to book the appointment myself for them and it defeats the purpose of telling customers to book online! I have my booking site on all social sites and no telling how many customers I could be driving away because of my “lack of availability” and it’s irritating! Although I would choose this app over ol complicated Style Seat any day!
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4 years ago, boxigstsr mind
Good but needs 1 more feature to improve!
I have used the app for my nail services for about 2 years now. I literally love everything about Setmore, it’s easy to use and the website is not complicating for my clients to book. The only recent complains I have from customers are that they received not only 1 email but 2 emails with different times for their appointment when they only booked 1 time. And another improvement that would benefit the actual staff that uses Setmore, is if the website lets you have a “Confirmation Mode” like how Booksy have. The “Confirmation Mode” helps by letting the staff actually accept or decline the appointment instead of it being automatically accepted by the app. Sometimes, life events can occur so with that feature, it makes it easier for the staff to select if they can do the service or not.
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1 month ago, Dr.SuzQ
Only use if you want to look unprofessional!
I have been using Setmore for two years and have had zero issues until last month when they updated the interface. Since, I have faced so many issues: them randomly changing all of my appointments (past and future) to different times; clients on my customers list being deleted and losing the data I used to track their visits; not being able to edit appointments; appointment reminders being sent for the wrong time; and the worst of all is my clients being flooded with emails with appointment reminders that were never made. It’s made me look so unprofessional and has created extra work for me. Currently, I am paying for the service but I haven’t been able to properly use it for over a month!! I am having to create appointments and send out reminders myself. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money. Find yourself a more reliable service like I will now be forced to do.
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4 years ago, Matt s 1989
Outstanding App!!
This app has made my business and life so much easier. My employees see the updates immediately and know what I’ve put and they don’t need a call to go do the task I’ve updated in notes or a new appointment. Here are issues in the app that needs fixing. Every time I create a new customer it capitalizes the first and second letter every time and I have to erase it and then make it a lower case letter and type it again, this has been happening for a couple months now with there newest update. Second issue is you can’t copy and paste addresses into the address section unless you type a letter first then copy and paste then go back and erase the random letter you typed. Also please put a section for a optionally second email, sometimes i have multiple people who want the reminders. Also I option to have appointments left on confirmed all the time and not choose what the status is of the appointment each time. Also future reminders 3,6 and 1 year in the future reminders for future appointments it’s extremely needed for this app to create future business and keep in contact with my customers!
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6 years ago, Maestro Mitch
Review Update
I’ve been using the Setmore App for over a year now. I have always been pleased with the online calendar and the mobile apps. I have recently decided to upgrade to the paid version. I can confidently say that Setmore has played a major role in creating more businesses for me. My customers often remark that I got the nod because of the ease of scheduling. I have been able to integrate it into my workflow easily. I also recently went to Office 365 and I have passed over the Booking App included in that suite. The customer interface looks good and isn’t too difficult to use. I’ll be very happy that I’ll have Outlook integration to make things a bit easier.
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2 years ago, OnoxO
Fix this stupid issue now!
Come on guys. I have been a loyal paying user for two years and a free user for another before that. I have raised this annoying problem multiple times and gave up on it. This problem of days automatically switching back to today by default on iPhone is annoying and it cost us a lot of wrong appointments. When you book someone and want to book someone else on the same date, you have to select the date again! And if you are not careful and do this every single time, you can book the wrong date and not realize it until the client shows up and the staff doesn’t! Happened just too many times! The support said that’s how it is designed by default but then how is it not the same for the iPad app? At least give us the option to change the behavior under settings? Please please please fix this!
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1 year ago, Shalagurl
Has So Many Lovely Features For Free
Setmore has features that most booking platforms make you pay for. The inclusion of setting up payments with square and being able to add links for free is a plus. I now have the paid version which will not only give my clients email reminders but also sms reminders should they put in their number. The only thing I think they should include is tutorial on how many awesome features they have! I basically found most of them just by using the platform! I love ❤️ my experience with setmore
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6 years ago, skinmaven
Awesome services
I’ve been using setmore for about 3 1/2 years now and for a free service they are awsome. I’m a full service spa company, we have extensive clientele and very detail services, I can add any time or change any can. I upgraded to premium within 3 months after signing up... and haven’t looked any other place since.... yes a few glitches but every app has that... their trials and error process is great, their always updating their app and customer service is quick to respond to any questions any time....! Awesome real time scheduling. Thank you setmore!
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6 months ago, Mommyinfl
Unresolved issues three months later
As much as I want to love this app, events and other items do not in a great into the iOS calendar. Additionally, you can only see about eight weeks out, anything else does not integrate. Despite multiple messages over the last three months looking for resolution, all I continue to get is, I’ve escalated your ticket. After paying in advance for a full year and not being able to access what this app was told to do, it is beyond frustrating. Updated to reflect they are asking me to reach out in their response, but I have three months of continuous back-and-forth with no resolution other than someone will get back to you. No one ever does.
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2 years ago, lkerriganfree
Very happy with this service
I’m very happy so far with this booking service for my company and just finally updated to the Premium level to collect payment from future clients and I’m not sure how I will receive this money yet because I’m not seeing it in the settings on the app hopefully I’ll figure it out later today on the main website or I’ll cancel the premium service so can only give four stars and some of my clients are computer illerate so I’m not using this service to much anyway but hopefully I’ll be able to land new executives soon
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5 months ago, Wistiria
Best scheduling app ever
I needed help with scheduling my appointments and started exploring options when I came across Setmore. In the past I had to stop whatni was doing to answer phone calls, text messages and emails to book my appointments. With Setmore, that’s all automated in the app. It was easy to setup and get going. I love how it sends out reminders and even publishes my prices to answer the most common questions. This app has truly made my life easier. The best part is how affordable it is. Well worth it.
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5 years ago, Admit it
Perfect Solution
Setmore was the perfect solution to my scheduling challenges. I have a small service business. I had been booking all appointments via text and phone calls. It got to the point where I was spending as much time booking appointments as I was servicing appointments. Literally 30 minutes after setting up Setmore and adding a link to my web page I was ready to start accepting appointments. Today all appointments are scheduled through Setmore saving me significant time and freeing me up to deal with other aspects of my business.
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1 year ago, Arika G Car
I do like the app
I do like the app but I haven’t found where I can cancel a client so I just delete the appointments and I would like for me to be able to check them done or canceled or no show or something like that but I do love it!! I know how to delete a client. I’m talking about marking it as a no show or a cancellation . It would be great if I can go back and look at how many cancellations or no shows I’ve had rather than just deleting the appointment
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2 years ago, Andrew Trojnar
Feature Request
I have been using Setmore for nearly 5 years now. I have requested several times that the team adds a feature I have requested. It would be nice if Setmore added a feature that allows the service provider to hold credit card information in file in the event a client no shows an appointment. I do not want to leave Setmore and cancel my subscription, but if this feature is not added soon, I may have to. Square Appointments offers this feature. I think it’s time Setmore gets with the times!
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5 years ago, Kerbtron
2 year customer leaving
Customer service is poor at best. Every time I would contact them my time zone would change to theirs, clients called asking if I was really open at 3am Sunday... I was planning on going to Square appointments but Setmore renewed my contract (100% my fault for not acting faster, I was notified a few weeks ago) and will not refund me. App is easy to use, just not worth the money to have text reminders. Check out Square appointments. Edit: I was fully refunded. I am giving a 4 star only because of price. Being a single provider it is not cost effective for me.
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6 years ago, David1837362926
Good but a bit buggy at times
Bug: Importing from mobile contact doesn’t import address information. And after importing address-less contact and schedule an appointment, you can no longer add address to the client, it just show “something went wrong, please try again” Overall Pros: 1. very well designed calendar layout, it’s very easy to see what’s going on throughout the week. 2. Also extremely easy to schedule an appointment. 3. Syncs with website, so you don’t always have to stare at your phone Cons: 1. adding new clients is a bit of a pain compare to other scheduling apps, especially most of my clients are directly from my contacts, and the importing system is a bit bugging as I mentioned earlier. 2. Also I travel to my clients, and with my other apps, they usually just takes me to straight to map app when I click on their address. Whereas this one I have to go into the address, copy, and paste it in the map app. After a while it’s a bit cumbersome
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3 years ago, The coro Latin Barbeshop
The best app
I tried many app of here, but set more is the perfect one. First, When I use a app before I tried to contact them to ask them any questions about the service, those customers service never answered and if some of the answers it was like A week after. But Setmore not. They answer my question right there at the moment that I made the question. My customers love it and I love it more that right I use (Setmore)
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6 years ago, jecaraph
Love this app except for a current malfunction.
Just downloaded this app and I find it easy to use except for one glitch. After setting an appointment, the agenda view places the appointment on the next day instead of the day you actually set. I was trying to set appointments for Monday & although the actual appointment info said Monday, it showed up under Tuesday’s calendar events. It’s really confusing and throws off your planned income because if you have appointments booked on Saturday, it actually calculates that income for Sunday, which is a new week. Please fix. Thanks!
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5 years ago, ksbreen
Easy and intuitive
I’ve been using setmore for years. I run multiple business that I can easily create different services for all my clients. I even add in my doctors appointments for myself and family so I’m never over booked. You can easily make a decision on what services appear to the public and what stays private for your own scheduling. I recommend this app to anyone who needs something that looks professional to organize their clients and appointments out.
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2 years ago, Sandjos
Exactly what We needed
We tried to use FB calendar, but it didn’t sync the way we wanted it to. I tried the free version of Setmore and it worked just as I wanted it to. We purchased the pro app because we wanted notifications. Works as expected. Thank you A year later. Love this app clients say it is easy to use. My only complaint is I wish we could search by phone numbers and other data like notes.
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4 years ago, iPad user girl
Great program
With any program that has flexibility, there was a little bit of a learning curve. Tech support was awesome and had me rolling in no time. I am very happy I only told a few of my students at first so I could work through learning the program. I immediately figured out what my issues and needs would be and how to handle the program to best suit my business. Rolled it out to everyone else hours later. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, vshaffer17
Great, reliable, & the best’s free!
I’ve been using this app for 2 years now for my small hair business. I’ve seriously loved it the whole time & have told all my fellow cosmo girls about it—they’re paying like $25+/month for basically the same thing. It’s perfect for my small business —if I were an actual salon with multiple employees i would definitely pay for the premium version because it’s so affordable. Give Setmore a try...i promise you’ll love it!
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5 years ago, KristinAnn98
Dog Grooming
I’m thankful for this app! As a small business owner— dog groomer. I appreciate any and every “free” thing out there! I do like this app. Although it’s not “perfect”, compared to me writing something however I want it. It is helpful to keep track of weekly income and appointment reminders for myself. I would love to find an app that is specifically for dog groomers.. but let’s face it, we haven’t come that far, like our hairdressers. Would recommend as a starter app or to continue as long as you’d like. I’ve had it for almost a year now!
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4 years ago, Baber Shop
Quality App
I’ve been using this app for my barber shop the past couple of weeks and set it up three months ago before reopening the shop after quarantine. It was user friendly and I’ve learned so much through the great customer support team. I like that the app is solely focused on your business and great options for staff members and clients. I highly suggest this app for many businesses requiring appointments and structure to their schedule.
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6 years ago, UCFKnight05
A great program but I wish it had more functionality
I’ve been pretty happy with this app and the program. You have two complaints however the first one being it does not sync with the desktop version of Outlook. I have an enterprise calendar that will not sync with this one. The second issue is I have no way to set the location of the appointment. I have four office locations and there is Not a way for a customer to select which location they would like to meet.
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6 years ago, Nicole❤Renee
I like the app, but...
I started off using Setmore as my scheduling system and absolutely loved it for what it offered. As my business grew, I realized that I needed a two-way sync from my iPhone calendar to my Setmore calendar. Unfortunately, this isn’t a feature that Setmore offers and isn’t definitely a necessity so that I don’t accidentally double book. I had to switch to Acuity which I also love, and I am paying for their premium account. If Setmore would have had this feature I would have stayed with them.
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4 years ago, Law_Nails901
Love It
I’ve searched around for booking sites that are free but also give me everything I need in one, as I’m a young nail artist, and Setmore really did help. I love it, but two things that I find strange is there is a word limit on the booking policy and I have much more that I need to put on there but that’s fine. Another thing is there is a description for the services but the clients can’t even see it. However, I still love the app
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4 months ago, Hair Loft Barbershop
Pretty decent
I like this APP alot. Love how you can see how much money you brought in daily, weekly and monthly. Cant see yearly though. clients find it extremely convenient to book their own appointments. Occasional glitches but the CS is great and fixes promptly. Update: The folks at Setmore seem more eager to destroy everything that works fine rather on focus glitches that have been occurring for seven years. You can complain but they just pacify and say their concerned team is working on it. Notes will just dissapear and they change things without warning. Uses to love it. Now, its quite a joke. Funniest part is they want to start charging haha!!
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5 years ago, JustAnotherGuitarPlayer
Very poor app
This app is very poorly designed. When you click a date to schedule an appointment and fill out all the info, it defaults back to the current date. It also doesn’t save custom prices if you do it within the appointment. You have to make a custom price under Services. The calendar layout is awful. It’s either 3 days or agenda but what it should be is a full 30 day calendar so you can see every appointment at a glance. Have used it for over a year hoping it would get better and never did. Time to find a new one that is actually user friendly and not designed by some computer nerd with no sense of design.
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6 years ago, amandaginny
Setup Options
I’m scoping out new scheduling platforms for my employer, a psychotherapist. It struck me as a bit strange that there is no industry type for Counseling/ Psychotherapy, since it would be distinct from the Medical/Clinic/Dentist category. Also strange that the only timezone options for Eastern Standard Time don’t fit where we are located (New York). I see Panama EST, Cancun EST, and Jamaica EST... none of this is a big deal, but I’m wary of having limited options going forward, especially since my employer’s practice counts on versatility in the way we operate. Please consider updating the smaller details.
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2 years ago, ceasarmm
Great App
I am. Therapist and love how my clients are able to book so easily. I keep good track of clients appointment with notifications. One minor detail, please change the order of steps and start with hours available as some clients get to the last step and they find out therapist is not available, then they have to start over!
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5 years ago, Zsofica70
Great app for self-employed teachers!
I was looking for exactly this kind of app! I have only been using for a day but it almost fulfilled all of my expectations! It seems like providing all their features is not entirely flowless on iPhone and iPad but I think they will develop the app further. So far I am really into this app, I can only suggest it to fellow self-employed teachers! Update: It's been months that I've been using the paid version and I'm not impressed. I use it in three different platforms: it's on my iPhone, iPad and a PC. Never happens that they show exactly the same! There are lessons aI can see on the PC but not on my iPhone which is super annoying because my phone is the tool I always have with me. I would only rate the app with three stars. I can only hope that they'll improve... Nevertheless kudos to their Customer Support. They are always awesome!
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5 years ago, bigsandi
So far the Scheduler appears to be adequate for our small business. We have multiple employees, at multiple locations daily. For that part I’m thrilled. Im just having a small problem with getting my employees to view their personal schedules. The kink they sent does not work on my IPad, it was suggested that I use a laptop. I’m hopeful that will solve the problem. Other than that, it’s very easy to setup and has slot of features I like. I would recommend.
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5 years ago, Mommamo72
Small issues are adding up...
Latest issue (and I’ve had several that get worked out eventually... but still an inconvenience) when I go in to change an already scheduled appointment to another day, the original time of that changed appointment does not free up for another client to schedule that time slot. I know I shouldn’t complain when it’s free so I think it’s time I start listening to my own advice that I give my clients... when they call me after trying less expensive salon services and their hair is fried, I tell them “You get what you pay for”... hmmm 🤔
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5 years ago, App reviewer 6060842
Apparently only for true professionals
In order to use this app you supposedly need to have a business which is somehow recognized as valid. You can’t just make something up I tried doing that and kept getting the error message please use a valid business name or something like that. So I’m sure this app is great for established professionals but if you’re just an amateur like me who jut wants to use the app to keep track of some random appointments your friends or whatever may have with you no the app won’t let you do that. I’m sure it’s great for some people but for me it’s apparently completely useless deleting the app now
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3 years ago, Pjthebarber
I love it here !!! 5 Years Strong
I’m A Barber and this works perfect for me I don’t have to worry about getting phone calls while I’m working and also a helps me stay on task as far as timing goes I like the fact that it also lets me know how much money I have made this month versus the next month versus previous I Lmonths it’s a really great feature you guys should really download this app !
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3 years ago, Bastallion
Saves Me So Much Time!
This app has absolutely saved me time. I use it to book golf lessons and where I typically have a phone call (which I’m never available for) or a 10 part email chain, I never seemed to get appointments booked in a timely fashion. That isn’t the case anymore. I have officially automated the system. And it is working fantastically.
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6 years ago, Rdomingu
Organization freak, WIN!!!!!
I am a total organization freak! When trying to find a way to keep my services, clients and appointments in check. I found this app, and it has done nothing but amaze me and keep me on my game. Helps me knows what I’m doing for who and what type of photoshoot I’m doing. Also lets me know my income at the end of every week. This is a great app, I’m glad I came across it.
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2 years ago, Kikikikikikikiki25
Just ok
At first I really liked it. But the link you share for people to sign up for classes only takes them to a place for them to sign up for a service. To sign up for a specific class you have to give them the exact link for that 1 specific class. They can’t go in and look at all the classes available only the one the link sent them to. I will be checking into a different booking service.
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5 months ago, Peterhilborn
The actual app isn’t horrible but the support team is horrible enough to stay away…
If you LITERALLY ONLY need the absolute SIMPLEST solution to scheduling… this will be a great app for you. The INSTANT you need customization, other features, or anything from the set more team??? Forget about it. 200% not knowledgeable, response time can vary from immediate to 2 days later, and every single customer service rep has literal zero knowledge of the product that they are “supporting”. (Heavy use of quotations there). I’m sure they’ll respond and give some answer, but this should be the review that most people take to heart. Set more does a great job of reeling you in and making you believe whatever you need with the app will be accomplishable. I’m here to tell you I lived through it and it’s one of the most horrible support experiences I’ve ever encountered from a service that I PAY FOR…
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6 years ago, Kuri Lucas
Awesome app
Been using it for the last year and it has come so in handy other than the one bug they had which they fixed within two days. Now all they need to be the best apps out there is a client notes portion and a automated text system that sends out a confirmation text to each client two days before their appointment
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4 years ago, llsandpoint
Keep it simple
This app is amazing. I have a tutoring business and my clients are high school students with super busy lives. This tool makes it so easy for them to schedule that my bookings have increase by 20%. The parents love getting a receipt no mater how they chose to pay. Makes it easy for me to see who owes what. I love Setmore. If you run your own business this is a must.
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3 years ago, Cyrilcuba
Costumer service very slow and bugs everywhere
Is very annoying when you pay a subscription price and your costumer services is so slow!!!!!!!!! I have things to do I can’t be in a chat all day, it takes for them to answer a basic question around 15 min per question 😡😡😡. Also the app is having a lot of bugs lately schedule conflicts and a bunch of weird stuff ... not happy with this service I may consider changing to a new schedule service if they do not fix this quick.......
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1 year ago, KAS123winxx
I’m very pleased
I’m very pleased with this booking app which is super easy for myself as well as my customers to navigate through. Information isn’t hard to find on my booking page and customers get a clear brief understanding of the services I provide. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Shelbyhicks32
Overall, a great app! The only thing I wish they had are different package options for different features you could purchase instead of just one $25 fee because I don’t utilize the payment options via the app but I’d like to buy some of the other features like text reminders and repeat appointments.
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7 years ago, Eartheyes9
Fantastic Free App, Please add Apple Watch!!
Would LOVE if there was an apple watch app that i could add as a complication to my watch face that showed my next appt when i look at my watch. This is a tremendously amazing free app for all platforms and devices and i just want to say thank you so much and bravo! I haven't had any issues so far and i don't think i will. It’s polished, user friendly, intuitive and beautiful. Love it. Thanks again!
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