Shifts by Snagajob

3.1 (328)
37.9 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shifts by Snagajob

3.07 out of 5
328 Ratings
9 months ago, I QUIT TOO
Good concept but limited choices
While this is a good concept for additional income and or work experience. It only offers restaurant work in one location which is not my wheelhouse so it’s not very beneficial for me however, with more professions and locations would create a phenomenal increase for shifts.
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2 years ago, Burnmap
Maybe it’s fixed
I read through at least 50 reviews (most were not favorable) but I was like-wow-with this many bad reviews-surely they’ve fixed this sign in/create account problem by now but NOPE! Downloaded the app and wasn’t even able to create an account as it asked for my email-then asked me for a password-I put in the password I wanted to use and it says ‘invalid password’-but how if I haven’t even created an account yet? Maybe (just maybe) this works if you try to create an account with your apple or google account however if you try to register with your email-well-it didn’t work for me (and apparently many others)-so good luck getting it to work for you! I’ll say it again-with this many bad reviews about this sign up/create account process-you would think they would have fixed this issue by now-jeez!
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11 months ago, Love2Zumba
**Updated** No Interview= No Shifts
I’ve had the app for almost a month now, and haven’t been able to schedule the intro interview that is required to move forward with booking shifts. I get constant reminders that the interview needs to be scheduled, but each time there’s a message that says “no shifts available”. With other gig work apps I’ve been able to start booking shifts within 24 hours. I will update my review when an interview is finally able to be scheduled. ****I have officially deleted the app. Shortly after my review I conveniently got a message saying that interview slots had become available. I scheduled an interview, which was promptly cancels due to “not currently hiring in your area”. I’ve since been able to use 4 different apps successfully.
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This ain’t it
When I started working with this app it seemed like it was a good app. I did 11 shifts. I got zero strikes no complaints no late shows or nothing. I take a week off and come back to try and find shifts. Now all I get is one one shift what keeps popping up which is 50 miles away. Now let me remind you that I stay in Atlanta. All they can come up is one shift, and this has been like this for a year. I have contacted them and they still haven’t given me more shifts to choose from. Don’t waste your time with Shifts by Snagajob . Check out Instawork first.
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1 year ago, lauren kayleigh
Completely unusable!
After I created my account I click on the “apply to shifts” button and it keeps redirecting me to a website with a blank white page. Apps are not supposed to be redirecting you to a website (defeats the purpose of the app existing in the first place). I tried it on multiple devices & networks, tried uninstall reinstall, and it wont work no matter what I do, and I’m very well advanced in technology. I’m seeing a bunch of others who are saying the same thing or something similar as well… the app developers need to get this thing up and running already!!!
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2 years ago, bullshitthisistaken
Fix the app!
Haven’t been able to use the app or pick up a single shift since the last update. The website never shows upcoming shifts until they are already filled so the app was my only way of picking up shifts and now that won’t even work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 7 times now and nothing. I was getting multiple emails a day with new shifts and I haven’t gotten a SINGLE notification since the new update. Will have to find extra work elsewhere. Hope developers fix issues with the app soon so those counting on it can get back to work!
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2 years ago, 55555eric5555
Thumbs up
I just feel like you shouldn’t have to wait on a thumbs up to schedule more days because just getting started that slows you down especially if the manager on duty doesn’t knows anything about it. My first 3 shifts went great but managers never thumbs up so the place doesn’t shows back up smh it feels like a dead end
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3 years ago, Cece.E
The recent update for the shifts app looks exactly like the website. It no longer has the option of choosing “directions” and then being redirected to whichever directional app you prefer. I use apple maps and would then be directed right from the shifts app to it. Now, with this new update, I no longer have that option. I have to scroll all the way down and click on google maps, which is something I dont have nor do i like to use. Please change it back to how it was originally!!!
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2 years ago, Shroom 8888
Won’t load
I’ve tried to open this app so many times and it won’t get past the initial load screen if the girl at the cash register. I’m going to try and uninstall and then reinstall to see if that fixes the issue, if so I’ll update my review. For now though 1 star, which is sad because snagajob isn’t the only online job search website where I’ve ever actually found work so I was excited to try out this app because I can only work certain days and times
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2 years ago, Geminiys
Is This App a Virus?
This app has not been working. It’s going through this weird cycle where it’s asking me to sign in, then I get a pop up but that one is actually asking me to create a new account. If I exit the pop up I can sign in and click on “Apply to shifts” but that just opens up my browser and sends me to websites with “doubleclick” and “snapchat” in the URLs, but nothing actually loads. So I was never able to get it to work, but this app is acting really weird so I’m going to delete it.
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3 years ago, anyabb33
I bet it would be a good app if it actually worked. Every single time there is a bug or something isn’t working. I have installed and uninstalled this app over 5 times trying to get it to work for over a week and nope nothing if one thing is fixed the other doesn’t work. I wish it would so that I could find shifts please get that fixed it’s a waste of energy trying to get it to work over and over if it’s not going to get fixed
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3 years ago, cedsdixinormous
Trash app
This app is legit trash, it let me login one time. Now it won’t let me get back on the app, even after resetting my password about 10x, every time I change my password it tells me invalid state but it won’t let me change the state. How can I change my password, log into the account only for it to tell me invalid password every single time. How I literally just changed the password how is it not valid. I wish I could give this app the worst review ever honestly.
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3 years ago, madauphin
Had to delete and reinstall a few times for it to load properly. Interface is simple with there being three tabs — dashboard, claim shifts, and account. Everything is working for the time being. Snagajob Shifts can be great as a side hustle, temp, seasonal, etc.
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2 years ago, Codyb199843
Smooth App!
I absolutely love this application, and I can choose my own hours while still getting a w2 at the end of the year!! Taxes are taken out of your check every week… so much better then contracting gigs!
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12 months ago, unique9183
I just signed up and I can’t even get on because it saying that my cell phone number is not a cell phone number which is absolutely incorrect. I’ve had the same cell phone number for years and it’s never given me an issue until this app so I can’t even get through to see any kind of jobs because it’s saying that my phone number is not a cell phone number which it definitely is.
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8 months ago, Jasmina Amethyst
Update notifications sounds
Please update notifications sounds so we can change them to hear them coming please on iPhones please.
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6 months ago, Hangslow from PSN
Broken App in Dec 2023
Ok so I read that this app is bad. But I downloaded it anyway. After opening it up I signed in with my Google account. That worked. Next, it ask me to hit “Apply to Shifts”, which is a button. Once I do the app closes. I’ve repeated this several time. Same result. Time to delete. I recommend looking elsewhere. If it’s June 2024 then give it a try n see if they fixed the issue. They may have abandoned this app.
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2 years ago, lovelost20
Need to fix the app
I would love to give this some stars because a long time ago I used this app and got a few jobs from them, but the new app will keep crashing while I’m putting in job experiences having me constantly starting over then sometimes the app doesn’t even load up only way I even got in the app was through email this app needs a major update. It has great potential
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4 years ago, *~tiara~*
Amazing app
I’m absolutely loving this app. I can pick my own shifts and get paid weekly. I’ve already worked my first couple days and it was AMAZING! The managers are amazing the coworkers are amazing. I’m in love with this app. The only down side is that not that many employers know this app.
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1 year ago, dimplesthebbw
Please help
I’m confused as to why it won’t let me register when I have a whole snag a job account, Won’t let me register, keeps saying my number isn’t a real number when it is cause I’ve had this number since 2013 like it makes no sense … I have a whole snag a job account and it won’t even sign me in or anything it’s a lot that needed to be fix smh
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1 year ago, Mellymels95
Won’t Load Anything
The app was working just fine and I was able to apply to 1 job but it was kind of weird because it only asked for my name and email . That’s kind of sketchy but now the app won’t work
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3 years ago, not great 2021
Doesn’t work
I read the reviews of the app were great and some of them said that the app wouldn’t let them create an account so I thought this app sounds really great let me try it out and I it did the exact same thing for me it would not even let me access the app. I really wouldn’t recommend it for anyone just don’t download it it’s a waste of time
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2 years ago, Guapolegit
Too many bugs that aren’t getting fixed. Haven’t been on this app in a long time specifically because of these issues. I can’t properly get through the login page without an error being attached all of a sudden trying to pick up shifts. Horrible service deleting my account a waste of time.
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4 years ago, fayth luci
Thanks you shifts
I started working with snag a shift at the end of July2020. It helped me gain the skills and experience that I needed and now I have a full time job.(October 2020)
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3 years ago, fgdbghvhfv
I love it
I really enjoy Snag. Obviously it’s flexible because you can work whenever you want and there’s no commitment to one job!
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2 years ago, siierraa.24
Won’t even open
As soon as I open the app it just shows the same thing the lady at the cash register and that’s it I’ve had it open for a while an nothing i need to go select my hours but the app won’t even open hoping they can send an email to help fix it
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3 years ago, desiree214!
Bug on app
I can’t login even if I created an account keeps saying I can’t log in
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2 years ago, SATXMusicgirl
The app didn’t work
I wasn’t able to get the app to work. It first opened a Snapchat window in my safari then it never went beyond that. The app kept glitching.
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5 months ago, Aint Nobody Got Time For This!
A lot of bugs
This app has a lot of bugs in it and customer service is no help either. Every time I try to apply, the app closes out completely. When I try to apply online I get an error message. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks. I give up.
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2 years ago, courtbang
What’s the point in having it if I cannot log in?
Been trying to login for months and I only see the very first screen of the woman with a black cap and shirt. It will not load any further than that. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing works.
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3 years ago, HR (initials and department)
Super easy to make a quick buck
Puts you in charge of your type of work and schedule. Love it!
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3 years ago, kislande
Won’t let me create an account
I was hoping to start using this app but it’s literally impossible to even set up. I tried logging in and it keeps giving an error message and then I tried setting up an account and it’s stuck...
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2 years ago, NoeyKinsey
I have never been able to get the app to work no matter which device I use. You have to look for shifts using the browser which is very inconvenient. Highly recommend Instawork, Shiftsmart, and Qwick for people looking for flexible shifts that pay well!
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2 years ago, Gallifrey1972
App Doesn’t work
This app does not work. I got to the sign up part and it sends you to the internet to sign up, then the page doesn’t load, it’s unavailable or no longer exists. Great and wonderful idea! Could be a game changer if the app worked properly.
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3 years ago, Backnapkin
Great App
Downloaded the app and went to work the same week. Lots of flexible jobs available.
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3 months ago, Redris1
No work in atlanta
This app is pointless if your in the Atlanta area I’m not sure about anywhere else .. they don’t offer anything but dishwasher or food prep for Ga tech .. I’ve never seen anything else . The opportunity snag a job claims to provide does not exist.. don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, OccMuffins
The apple sign up feature is literally just broken, takes you off the app into safari, then has like 3 prompts to sign up using apple and then just doesn’t work and you can’t sign in with it in the app. Truly terrible.
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2 years ago, thequeencandipodcast
Lashika drinkard
This app is so difficult it keeps taking me to the website and is glitching so much!! I cannot even find the direct deposit info and how is anyone supposed to look for and find work like this!! This needs to be fixed!!
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2 years ago, AaronCP
Constantly opens up browser windows to ad websites
I can’t even create an account. When I click on ANY button during signup, it leaves the app and opens up a browser window that my hold network blocks because it’s an ad-serving domain.
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1 year ago, Sr1805Review
Too many problems
I keep being transferred out the app to websites and it’s keeps saying my number is invalid. Also it won’t keep me logged in. I wanted to try something other than indeed but this app honestly sucked
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2 years ago, trumaan
When you log into this app, it just opens up the Snagajob website, I couldn’t get anything to work in app. To make matters worse about 50% of the time it opens a random sketchy website rather than the snag website.
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3 years ago, Jr0225huerta
Easy Money teamwork
Great job ! Work when you can!!!
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2 years ago, airdnaxo
Not loading
I’ve signed up.. it keeps having me log in, over and over again. then doesn’t load to anything, just a blank page. Pretty aggravating…
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3 years ago, Kiminem Ruff
Can’t even sign up to start
Won’t let me click and enter/submit to continue to creating my account. I’ve used snagajob for years why is it glitching now? Is it not available in OK or certain states yet?
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9 months ago, nothots7920
Beware - unfair suspensions
After being 40 minutes late, I received a permanent suspension. All three strikes for just being late. Punishment clearly doesn’t fit the crime. This is definitely not a platform to be depending on a sole source of income.
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2 years ago, fjjjcccbv
What’s the app for?
Can’t even do anything on it keeps opening up my internet browser and asking me to log in … why even make an app and put it out if it doesn’t even work?
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6 months ago, hwells88
The app crashes
Every time I try to login to my account this app crashes. I have deleted the app, reinstalled and tried again and still it crashes.
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1 year ago, Drugzindaback
Don’t waste your time
Use the indeed or instawork app. This is easily the worst designed app I’ve ever used. You physically cannot log in or create an account. Don’t even bother trying to use this terrible app
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2 years ago, Tevin Anthony Jerry
It starts frozen on the opening screen!
Please fix. I’ve already downloaded it and deleted it and downloaded it again. Still the same result.
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5 years ago, snbcixndnd
This is Sad
I have been trying to make an account & it won’t let me for some reason. It just won’t load to a different screen after i start the information process.
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