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User Reviews for Shiftsmart - Find Work

4.48 out of 5
27.6K Ratings
2 years ago, 503S
Great Side Gigs!
I found out about ShiftSmart in 2018 and actively became a mystery shopper on technology items. The video at the time was completed via a different platform and was pre-recorded. If I ever had trouble with a payment I would just message them about it and it would be resolved. It was a great way to earn extra money with jobs that I could accept or decline based on my schedule. I’ve returned and I’ve seen some improvements, they have new opportunities to sign up for tabs, calendar, a place to add work experience, education and certifications. Now when signing up with a gig you must take a training and other people are part of it, with a live instructor. I’ve seen a great improvement on this app as well as the companies efforts to makes these opportunities available for folks who want extra change in their pockets. Navigation on it is easy and quick. Response and training sign up fair quick too. Definitely give them a shot if you want a extra $ or learn something new. I’ve sign up for a new gig and once I have more experience interacting with the app this year, I can update you all.
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2 years ago, T. Haugabook
In the month of March 2022 Shift smart ran a Circle K campaign and the promotion was that if partners worked before the 20th of March they would be payed a $100 bonus. I worked at Circle K through Shiftsmart twice on March 12th and twice on March 15th and once on March 16th. The Shiftsmart app is very faulty and low quality and will not work correctly unless on a WiFi connection making it difficult to clock in upon your shift as Circle K has no guest WiFi . When I called support to inform them of the difficulty clocking in, the guy on the phone instructed me to go ahead and work the shift you chose in the app and then message management and they will insure that you are paid. Well on the 12th of March I was able to use an EMPLOYEES hot spot and clock in and out that way, but on the 15th and 16th this was not possible so I was not able to clock in so I worked any way and then messaged management as I was informed. They promised me through numerous emails that I would be paid, but they have NOT payed me YET! Nor have they paid me the bonus promised for working before March 20th that I should be guaranteed for the document day I worked on March 12 where I could clock in. I emailed shiftsmart and informed them I will be contacting a lawyer if I am not paid. They said they would pay me and then erased my history from their app!! I will be seeking a law suit for unpaid labor.
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1 year ago, angieflammini
I enjoy using this app and who i am working for three them because I can choose what location I want to work at and what hours I want to work there. Only thing I would slightly change is the amount of hours your allowed is 4 and there are times when i know that my help would be much more appreciated if I could work just a couple more hours to help finish projects there. Otherwise working for Shiftsmart has been great. There has been a couple of things about the app that get my concern. Being able to speak to somebody immediately and get a response immediately it’s not something that is always available.. It seems you have to read for a bit for a response. Which I assume is because of how busy this company has become. Also, there have been some programming issues as to where I have picked a location to work at and a time to work at it and at some point the time was adjusted the location was changed, no notifications came and then I was marked down as a no call no show, and that affected my set teens as far as an employee because of the malfunction. There’s just a couple little details that I would change about the app however, in general, this is a great way to work.
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2 years ago, leximejia1
The work is real, but the app isn’t worth the headache.
Let me start off by saying that if you want to work part time on your own accord, then ShiftSmart is great, so for that, they get One Star. The app itself, is incredibly glitchy. I’ve contacted support multiple times with tickets, they take days to respond and they never actually come to a resolution. I’m told to just “uninstall and reinstall and hope it works” (ps, that never works). The app constantly lags and I have to back out and go back into it to make sure it accepts my clock in/clock out. This app was promoted to me by “instant pay, 24 hours after your shift”, but the way to do that is have a debit card as your preferred method of payment. Which is fine, as long as your app is glitching constantly! I’ve tried multiple times to set the debit card as preferred payment method and it will not save. My card then duplicated itself on my account and will not delete. I put a ticket in with support, with screenshots, and they told me to uninstall and reinstall the app. When I told them that didn’t work, they stopped responding to do ticket! The manager of the Circle K I work at has informed me that all stores are to push Shiftsmart even more than they already do, but there’s not enough people currently using the shiftsmart app as contractors. I told the manager that I would never recommend this to anyone until ShiftSmart works out all of the bugs on their app.
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3 months ago, William (wildbill)
I love working here other than the app issues I kept getting no shows when had nothing to do with me and sometimes I’d be doing other things and not get work all week because it’s first come first serve after they spost them I think if it’s your regular spots you should have first option then one day it wasn’t showing my job that morning but paid me for it the day before by the time I got with somebody to correct it she said go on over there now but there was only 1 hours and half left of the shift and I knew that didn’t need me as much as my next job so I called off so I went to my next job which is 45 miles away when I got there they were glad to see me as I was early and I couldn’t clock in and told me I was taken off the project list for circle k I pleaded with them that I was here and they needed me they wasn’t hearing none of if and this was a week before Christmas and I had a full schedule that week including 2 on Christmas Day and have not told me why yet and I been trying to go back to work and it won’t even let me in the app I’m use if my brothers phone now but that app is what got me in trouble nothing I did ever you can ask any store I worked consistently and they love me and were always happy to see me cause I work hard and do whatever they wanted
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4 years ago, jasmyn. johnson.
Right idea, wrong technology.
I work for a company taking remote shifts at home that are usually around 4-7 hours with plenty of options each day which is convenient if you have a busy schedule whether you have kids, are in school or have a primary job, to make some extra cash on the side. This company uses Shiftsmart to manage their available shifts, clocks employees in and out, payroll management and for messaging between “management” and the employees. The concept Shiftsmart has as an app is amazing, and would be extremely convenient if the app worked 100% of the time. Often times I have to restart the app by completely closing it and reopening it many times to get it to load the shifts available, my pay, or my schedule, which can be extremely troubling when some of the shifts are time sensitive to claim before others. Another issue I often have with Shiftsmart is the way the messages load. Often I will have technology difficulties with my computer or other job specific issues and need to message management for assistance, but when I message them it doesn’t go through immediately, and when they reply it usually doesn’t load until the next morning when it is very much too late. If they could fix these issues I 100% would give 5 stars, but right now it’s the right idea wrong technology.
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7 months ago, Im done playing Fortnite
Marked as no show
It seems very common to book a shift on Shiftsmart, then be turned away from the managers there because apparently there is “no work,” then once you’re turned away, they mark you as a no show! That’s what happened to me yesterday, I showed up ready and wanting to work, but the manager says there was nothing for me to do and turned me away, now I have a reliability score of only 94% when it was once and should still be 100%! Why am I able to accept a shift, only to be turned away! And why am I getting in trouble with the app when circle k is the one that turned me away! Due to these issues, this app (Shiftsmart) can never be taken seriously, and it can never be used as a dependable way to make money! It’s best just to use it for extra cash every once in a while and look somewhere else if you’re looking for reliable work/income! The app told me I am 1 more “no call no show” from losing access to this shift opportunity! So basically I am 1 more manager turning me away because they had no work for me, from completely losing access to this income due to no fault of my own? That is ridiculous and is the eye opener I needed to stop using Shiftsmart as much, and to find a reliable, and mature income source! I have bills to pay, and people that depend on me, these issues have made me sick to my stomach! & of course the day before thanksgiving this happens to me! 😒
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9 months ago, Phazyne
Glitchy, broken app
I’m a single mom and I am in school full time to become a CST, so I thought his app would be convenient to help me make my own money on my own time. Only giving 5 stars bc the 1 star reviews always get buried and deleted. So it took forever to do the video interview process because the next prompt wouldn’t load in. Only shows me shifts that aren’t flexible with the start time and it will notify me that a shift is available after the start time for that shift has already passed. For example, it will say pick a time to start between 7-am-4pm but the only option available is 12pm. It won’t allow me to come in earlier or later. Or it will say a new shift is available and I open it asap, but it says the start time is today at 12pm and I look at my clock, it’s already 2pm. I’m constantly being logged out of the app. I finally uninstalled because the last straw was them making me reinterview again for no reason without any warning. All of the shifts are locked until I re-record a new interview and the prompts aren’t loading in and when they finally do, they fail to upload so the problem still hasn’t been fixed.
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1 year ago, Phperf
What a great name. Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on how you look it it’s a great way to make some quick money. Every time I’ve been able to beat the clock and get a spot for a shift it’s been fine worked my 1 hr snd 1/2 or so and within 2 days or so I was payed. Even when it was overbooked and they sent me home I got payed something for showing up Now unfortunately to get in contact with them and have any one respond to you is another matter. I’ve had several occasions to have to contact a shift supervisor and get no response. This is from the tech testing side of the company. I once contacted theSecret shopping side of the compny and was answered with in 5 min by a Supervisor Unfortunately they couldn’t take care of my situation. Never did hear from product testing. Now for the last 3 days they have been texting telling me they have new shifts available I go to the app and there is nothing there. Have texted to find out what’s up again no answer what so ever . So I just rated them 3 stars As mad as I’ve been at times lucky I didn’t give them 2 stars but I have to say if everything gels and I work I do get payed. So I would say sign up at your own risk and hopefully sometime they will get this supervisor thing and texting and all working as one. P H
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1 year ago, Milabila13
SOO tired of Shiftsmart 😒
Shiftsmart is a hit or miss. The reviews don’t lie. I have been using Shiftsmart for over 2 years now. This app is extremely glitchy and it’s highly annoying. I don’t know why it’s sooo hard for them to update this app to where it’ll actually run smoothly. A week and a half ago they sent out a bonus for picking up a circle K shift I had one the next morning over a week and a half later I have yet to receive it. I emailed them (as always) they then provided me with a copout story, how the bonus is while supplies last pretty much, and that I am not entitled to the bonus if the bonus has been redeemed so many times by other workers. Several times they have removed a shift from my schedule at the last minute (less than 8 hours prior to the start of shift) without contacting me or even sending a courtesy message. Today I drove all the way to the location for the circle k job just to realize they removed it after I spent time and gas I had two shift scheduled for today and the second schedule was right after the first one since they removed the schedule I ended up returning back home to rest, and I was running late due to this unforeseen circumstance, and now they block me
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2 years ago, 13148j
Charges cancellation fee and will not pay you for services rendered
4.5 Cancellation Charges. You acknowledge and agree that Users may elect to cancel requests for Services that have been accepted by you at any time prior to your commencement of providing such Services. In the event that a User cancels an accepted Request for a Task, Shiftsmart may charge the User a cancellation fee. If charged, a portion of this cancellation fee may be deemed the Partner Fee for the cancelled Task for the purpose of remittance to you hereunder ("Cancellation Fee"). Believe in canceling culture. I’m a forthcoming person and filled out their surveys on my shifts but of course when I stated things that we’re unpleasant the shifts disappeared from my app. So blame the workers not the shifty management. Like other person stated. Will run bonus campaings, ask people to sign up for shifts and then shifts will fall through or there will be technical issues that will impede the ability to actually work shift and it’s NOT their problem. Even on their mystery shop surveys If the staff isn’t knowledgeable to give a good mystery shop report apparently not paying you for the time and travel investment is acceptable. I hope the other company didn’t pay you since you didn’t pay me for my time either. Nothing about this app seems to work well.
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2 years ago, Shannabhoo26
Can be better
I started with Shiftsmart about 2 weeks ago and I really have to say I am highly disappointed due to all the problems I have continued to run into. Logging into the VPN is an issue. I followed the steps as instructed and made sure my login credentials are exactly what they are suppose to be in still the password fails. I have to uninstall and reinstall several times a day just to get that up in running. Next, in the zoom meetings you will here th instructors tell everyone to message there manager in the app. I have messaged my manager so many times have not got back one response to my question. For instance I log into Interviewer after the pre-shift zoom meeting and it stays no project. I send my manager a message stating no project and get no response but recieve so many other messages about how to be successful and helpful tips. I cannot be successful due to the lack of communication and issues that continue to arise with this platform. Shiftsmart seems like a great and easy way to make some extra cash but for all this I have to go through is not even worth it. Shiftsmart please do better.
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1 year ago, amazingduh21
Horrible App
I don’t know who reviews those are in the very front, but I guarantee they are fake almost everyone that I have met that does Shiftsmart will complain about this app. Do not use it. In fact, I want everyone to give this a one star rating and I’m going to make this my mission just because I can show y’all proof that this app is a scam, if you do one of their shifts they don’t pay you for it. If you submit a ticket about you not getting your payment they won’t edit it and make it seem like it was solved and it never was. I have proof that I’ve submitted over 20 tickets so talk to someone and nobody has reached back out and everyone keeps submitting this as it is resolved and it is not. I still haven’t received my payment for a four hour shift and now I’m ready to report this app as fraud to the Bureau BBB and find some more information to report this app it’s a scam do not get on it. It wasn’t like this along time ago but who’s ever running it now does not care if you get your payment or not if you do any shifts and you don’t get your payment they’re not going to pay you please read the reviews before you go and do a shift. This app needs to be shut down permanently and hopefully I can make that happen. I have a platform on TikTok over 50 K followers and I am going to use my followers to shut down this app.
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1 year ago, meekdageek83
The Customer Service Is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.
I've been picking up shifts for a couple months now. It started smooth with checking in and out and getting paid on time, but NOW I'm starting to have issues checking on and out because their location is off. (In app says: Too far from location to check in or out. That in itself creates a inconvenience because if I can't clock in or out, a store manager has to do it manually which may or may not go through timely. Tried contacting someone from Shiftsmart to validate my work and they DO NOT HAVE A PHONE NUMBER for anyone to contact them. Tried contacting via in-app and the ppl replying send generic answers copy and pasted as a solution. Long story short, I’m waiting on money I've already made and can't get in touch with anyone to fix the problem. I'm going to get my bread, but if you're reading this, be wary that if you run into a issue, there's no one either qualified or willing to fix it on call and it takes more than 24 hours to get any info from them. It's a decent idea and way to pick up gigs but they won't go far conducting business as they do currently. I'm definitely going with another option because shift smart is not it as far as taking care of it's contracted employees. Don't say nobody warned you.
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2 years ago, mysonkey25
Idk about this …..
It’s just circle k jobs..they make the app and layout look like It’s all these different jobs and it’s just circle k.. they keep lowering the amount they pay per hour and it’s ridiculously hard strenuous work. It’s cool they give you option to get paid instantly , however if you work more than 4 hours be warned it’ll be 6 weeks before you see your money. When you do get a message back from someone it never has anything to do with what your actually asking , and it most cases won’t get a reply about your problem. The managers also can tell you to go home when you arrive , instead of pre messaging you to say dont come , instead you can go out of your way to work and if they don’t like you they’ll tell you no. If someone does a no show let’s say is supposed to work from 1-5 and you see the job at 7 and take it and fill in the need the app automatically lowers your score for not being on time to this shift despite it being hours earlier and assigned to someone else ,and your picking up the shift they bailed they actually penalize you for doing someone else’s shift lol. It’d be great if these main issues got fixed . But these are major ones .
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2 years ago, ~MeganRogers~
Thanks for nothing
I was hired to be a merchandiser/store cleaner. I look on the app: no shifts. For over a week. “Something must be wrong,” I thought. So I contacted support and told them what was going on. The guy told me I had to live within 30 miles of a Circle K in order to work there. I checked: I didn’t live within 30 miles of a Circle K, so I couldn’t do the job. I deleted the app but not my account. This was in May. Last week, I got an email advertising the Survey Caller job. Needing a job, I applied. I was hired, but I had problems just about every step of the way: my login wouldn’t work, the app would freeze and not let me set up my laptop for the job, and the videos don’t tell you everything you need to know: if you want to be a Survey Caller, you need reliable internet, an Ethernet port, a 3.5mm port, a USB headset, minimum 8 GB of RAM on your laptop, but the Wi-Fi doesn’t work: they didn’t tell me about the 8GB of RAM and how the Wi-Fi doesn’t work until today, AFTER I completed the virtual training. On top of that, they told me to punch out after the training, but they never told me to punch in before it started — and there wasn’t even an option in the app to do that; in other words, I was supposed to get paid and they didn’t pay me. I’m not going to try to work with Shiftsmart again. Thanks for wasting my time!!
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2 years ago, Tiffypoo910
Horrible experience
I wouldn’t give this app any stars if I didn’t have to in order to leave a review. I’ve worked a full shift and was not compensated for the time I actually started and ended the shift. If Pay is not based on start to finish of shift then the total amount for that shift should not be displayed as search for a full four or five hour shift if that’s not what is really being compensated. It took a while to hear back from somebody but by the time I finally heard back from someone they told me I was only active for a certain period of time even though I was active and making calls from the start of the shift to the time I had to clock out. Now my first day trying this I was kicked out early because I wasn’t able to get one survey but I was compensated more for that shift compared to me working a full shift and completing surveys. I feel like compensation guidelines need to be changed or discussed further if a person is not going to be paid for working a complete shift. How I got paid more for not working a full shift compared to when I did work a full shift makes no sense to me and no one seems to be able to provide answers about that part. The time that I take out of my day to do this takes away from my household and my kids so I should’ve been compensated for that full-time.
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2 months ago, Hiyabob
Let’s start off with Frito Lay project manager. He’s somebody that will remove you from the shifts all because of a power trip. Even though your reliability rate and on time rating is at 100%. I was removed all because he didn’t like me when we met in person. To confirm this I asked shift smart what happened to the 10 shifts I had lined up with frito lay and was told I was removed but there was no reason as to why. As well as the people I referred had their time wasted by the same project manager because he refused to train them or answer any concerns. Then removed them because they ask too many questions. Now for the app itself. It is very glitchy. I have been with the app for a couple of months. At first I received no shifts until I started getting shifts in my area. All of a sudden there are no available shifts in my area (EG America) And the only shifts that pop up are 1000+ miles away. I have reached out to customer service over 5 times voicing this concern and received nothing but the same copy paste answer. Oh and my reliability and on time rate will go down for no reason at all. Even though I fulfilled all shifts and was on time. This app has become a big waste of my time and quite frankly I’m going to reach out to all the people I referred and let them know not to waste their time.
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3 years ago, Study Failure
No Communication with Your Problems
I signed up, and was constantly called to partake in a study and was promised a $100 bonus on top of that. Sounded great and I was receiving constant communication. I wasn’t able to pick up the shift in the app because I couldn’t log in but q person over the phone was able to confirm it. I went to the study, and the lab personnel had to call a shift smart manager to set up my appointment. Which was a slightly difficult process. I was told I would have to log into my app to receive my payment. I was having issues logging in so I decided to call support to help me. got into contact with a person and they said they would escalate the issue to a manager. Nothing. I called again, they put a “ticket” in and did not CC me in the email. Nothing. I called again to get into contact with a manager, I was told there wasn’t “enough man power” for a manager to communicate with me and I was also told I only had one ticket in for a password reset. I am currently upset because I have not been able to get paid the $120 and it’s starting to look like a scam for people to waste their time to do a study and then not get paid and for them to play the run around with the person when they try and contact support. I still have not been paid and it’s been a week since the study
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2 years ago, yanaa125
Great Side Hustle!
I have been using this platform for almost a year now. I feel that it is a great side hustle, because the hours are very flexible and you can work from home. The hours are not stable, so I would not recommend for somebody who is looking for guaranteed hours, but if you are looking for something to help you make a little extra pocket money, then it is excellent. I also love this app because there are no minimum amount of hours that you have to work, which is great for somebody like me who has a very busy schedule. The only downside of this app is that it is buggy. Sometimes it takes forever to load when shifts are being posted, and when trying to message managers. This can be extremely frustrating when trying to accept shifts, because they are taken so fast by other partners and also when trying to send or look at important messages during a shift. Overall, my experience with Shiftsmart has been great! I believe that if a few minor adjustments are made to the app, then the platform has the potential to be even better!
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1 year ago, Mreye Fiftyfive
Shiftsmart worker
Horribleness from a so called professional work app. Can’t tell you why but some that a racist manager told shiftsmart resulted in me having a message sent to me while working another store as my second shift of the day. Before I finished the second shift the message said that the manager at the first store said something about me an I’m off the app an can’t contest the decision but all the while I’m owed for a shift of work for over two weeks up to that an I actually messaged them still to this day an no pay even though the store manager told me shift smart was paid the money for my day of work. I’m looking toward legal help against this company for mistreatment towards us independent workers. No way my money still not paid an no explanation of why I was removed from the app. No incidents happened mind you with the store manager who lied to them about whatever he said cause no incident happened other then him saying shiftsmart tell us independent workers some different then he was being told an he was gonna check them about that. This was because he wanted me not to do the onboarding application of passing out coupons but it’s really sad because they really mad we get paid as much or more then them.
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6 years ago, JJ Garrett
Shiftsmart Experience
I have been working with Shiftsmart for a little over one year. I have experienced the kinks and possible bottlenecks with the organization as far as communication and the app used while completing work tasks for the company however I have observed how this company has improved. This is a startup company with a new concept that I was very curious about. I found the work appealing but at the same time there was room for improvement that the company needed in the areas of communication and also explanation of the tasks assigned. Despite all, the company has impressively improved its communication and the app is very user friendly and easy to navigate and use. I have recommended this company to my friends and even my boyfriend because this is a great opportunity to make a little side money while having a normal 9 to 5 gig with room for flexibility! I would love to see other opportunities available with this company because I feel like this company may be the on the next Forbes list because of its concept and appeal! Keep up the good work Shiftsmart!
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3 years ago, ✗O ❤
No Employment in the DFW, Texas area
I'd like to start this review off by saying I was extremely excited to have this app, to have some extra income generating for things I enjoy. I downloaded this app after seeing the Refugee Support Staff application (position aligns with my career path for experience). I filled out the application (in late MARCH or early APRIL) and waited patiently, received an interview for the position. I continued to wait after that.. the wait turned from days to weeks and eventually months. I had called back three times to check on my application; the first time being told the application takes time to process. The second and third time being told that my application was going through the background check. I received a text from the app late May or June saying that the position was closed and they no longer needed help. So I was 1. Never hired 2. Taken through an unnecessary loop through their system. I am blessed to had the opportunity to continue looking at other places of employment. Also, the job is still populating in my app even though they are done hiring and I can't find any other open positions in my area. I feel like my information was taken down and used for something instead of actually being used for good.
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2 years ago, Jennisbrody&sladesmom
So difficult
I have been using this app for 2 years and one of the assignments I do often is mystery shopper assignments. I know the rules and how to complete the surveys after the assignments. I try to fill out the surveys while sitting in my car after completion but because the app is so crappy that your current assignments can disappear or not submit which is a frequent problem and always has been. The last 2 mystery shopper assignments I have done were done back to back and couldn’t be completed at the site due to app technical problems so I completed them when I got home. I accidentally uploaded the same selfie to both surveys because they were pulled from my camera roll and were side by side. One was rejected due to geo location of picture being wrong. I immediately messaged Shiftsmart back with explanation and the correct picture and I have been messaging about this for 3 weeks with no resolution. I have the correct picture with the correct geo location but they have ignored me and not paid me. I am now rethinking using this app because gas is way too high to go do assignments and not get paid due to an error that was explained and the correct picture provided
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2 years ago, Non-Biased Truth
Was enjoying working with them until
Until I was contacted by some unprofessional lady with to much power in her hands. Her name Shekinah so for those thinking of joining think about this for a second. It might say $15 dollars for merchandiser role but they don’t mean that just false advertising. They might say $1000 sign on bonus they don’t mean that. They say your an independent contractor but treat you like an employee without having to pay employee tax and wages. When you try negotiating about the wages no paid they play dumb. Well i take that back I spoke to a few professional gentlemen that explained I’d be paid after so long. This Shekinah though be it cause she a woman with some power over a man she feels it ok to take away all my shifts I scheduled the week before. I was needing that money for bills, food especially food. Why is it all the other managers I spoke to were as professional as you should be. Yet you this Shekinah could not and felt to cause me more financial hardship. Is it because like she said she a woman. So if anyone thinks about downloading this help just remember it won’t be $15 or sign up. Then the more of us sign in a we all can report them to the Federal Trade Commission. I can tell you how dissatisfied I am and how much I needed this mind
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2 years ago, 239.nicole
Love the idea, hate my experience.
I love the idea of this app. That said; I really wish they put in some kind of effort to work with other companies or get more shifts available. There rarely seems to be shifts available in my area. I literally check this app 5 to 10 times per day just to take whatever I can get. I was able to manage to get two shifts in 1 week of having the app. I read that I had to confirm at least 4 hours prior. Yet the first shift got canceled 12 hours prior because I “didn’t confirm in time”. Fine. I confirmed for the second shift and I set my alarm to wake up at 4:30 in the morning when I usually am the type of person to wake up at 11 am. That night before I went to bed it was around midnight, and the shift had completely disappeared from my schedule! I messaged the manager and heard absolutely nothing back. They literally never got back to me. I had checked the app an hour ago and it said no other shifts were open. I check it just now and it said there is one open that 30 miles away and start time was at 7 am today. But it showed up at 8 am in the app. So no matter what it’s impossible to get there in time.
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1 year ago, Truly Unbelievable MESS
Happy camper!
I just signed up for Shiftsmart and I must say I love it you have to be a little bit smart and figure it out it’s true the app is a little wacky but geewhiz for me personally it has been worth the little side steps I had to take I have not had a problem with management they don’t communicate immediately but the manager on duty where you work has the ability to contacts are smart and when they communicate between themselves it lets you go ahead I’ve had zero problems getting paid I work independently when I get inside the Circle K nobody’s bossing me around or being mean to me are cracking a whip it’s very pleasant I just bring all the products to the front wipe off countertops do my thing and leave and I get paid 56 bucks for four hours and you get paid two days after it’s been great supplementing my regular job which I get paid every two weeks thank you she’s smart for putting extra bucks in my pocket I am indeed a happy camper!
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1 year ago, Black contractor
Good and bad
Good: you can pick a shift that fits your schedule. But you have to hurry and pick a shift when it becomes available, otherwise somebody else can get it. You get paid within 24-48 hours. If you pick a shift and go to the store to work and they turn you away, they still will pay you for it. The Money is pre-taxed. They just charge you a $1 transaction fee. The work is not hard but i prefer the cleaner position rather than being a merchandiser. Bad: the app is slow and it freezes up. Sometimes I have to restart the app. Also, Sometimes the Circle K employees and managers can have nasty attitudes. If you’re missing for 10 minutes they will get mad and tell you to go home. they will try to make you do more than what your position requires. if you signed up for the cleaner position they will want you to also do merchandising which is stocking the coolers. I feel like you should Pay me more if you want me to do more. And I feel like they should have more than just circle K’s to work at.
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2 years ago, Hvanme00
No Contact # For Help & 24 Hr Payment Approval Time
Pros: I really enjoy being able to use this app to make additional money, and I like that some stores will allow several different start times available for certain shifts. For these shifts, you can change the start time instead of canceling your shift, if something comes up before the shift and you can’t make it at that time. Cons: if you have any questions about your shift or something, it’s difficult to get a response for a while, from a manager or customer service person through the app. Then once you complete your shifts, you have to wait at least 24 hours for your payment to be “approved” before it will be available in the app. Then another couple days for it to come through to your bank account. There is an option to withdraw the funds once they are available on the app after approval.
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1 year ago, CTLJ 👑
Nearby jobs aren’t available even if you are 100% reliable
I keep getting notifications for Circle K shifts available in Arizona, Texas, and other areas 50 miles or more from my location in Georgia. I’ve sent over request through the app to tech support. I was told I just have to keep looking. I asked if there was an update that isn’t being pushed to my phone as updates normally go through the app. The updates never actually update anything…Can’t find work and the system doesn’t allow you to search just shows you what the entire company has to offer in the states with no travel reimbursement by the way…it takes them at least 10 messages to respond. The phone lines don’t work anymore and you can never work over the 4 hour shift even if you are asked to stay by management unless they approve it first or they won’t pay you and will change the system to look as if you never worked the time. Make sure you screenshot every clock out confirmation to document your time. They will give you the run around!!!
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2 years ago, NikkiNikki713
This is ridiculous my app still has not been updated although with my information was provided for background check for what exactly?? Now somebody is in my account changing information and this is unacceptable and a breach of security!!! This needs to be fixed immediately I have random people contacting me nonstop and driving by my residence slowly like they’re observing me over this stupid app!! Leaving voicemails and all over something they should not have access to!! I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone like are you serious I have kids this is absurd!!!! Whoever this person is needs to leave me alone!!! Update: no one has resolved or even attempted to try to resolve this issue and someone has still been accessing information they shouldn’t have access to. I’ve deleted the app due to no help received from shiftsmart and am constantly being notified about activity in the account that I had deleted!!! Absurd and so disturbing!!! I do not feel safe at all whatsoever and let me tell you ShiftSmart DOES NOT CARE and probably won’t act on anything until something happens. This company needs to be shutdown PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, AP_Loveland
Reliability Score Issue
The Shift Smart app has its many (relatively) minor headache inducing glitches and errors but overall is great for gigeco workers and one of the better apps that I have seen out of the dozens that exist. However, my only complaint is with the reliability score system. The score works off of your past 30 days and once missed shifts or any negative marks are no longer within that 30 day review period. The reliability score is supposed to update and reflect that. However, it has now been almost 60 days since my last negative mark of any kind and my reliability score has remained the same. I have contacted the app numerous times and have been told that it should still update and that it might take a little bit in order for the update to go through once the 30 days are over. But still my reliability score remains the same as not changed at all. This is frustrating because I did good work and enjoyed the shifts that I did work. I also relied on the app to complement my income and now can no longer use it.
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3 years ago, Fatgeorgeranch
Refusal to pay for work performed
I did a 2 hour test that was supposed to be paid at $50 + $40 bonus. I have the check in pass that I received at the security desk when I arrived, a screenshot of their congratulations for completing the shift message, a screenshot of the app showing I completed the shift, google maps screenshot of my location walking from Penn Station to the location and being there for 2 1/2 hours, screenshots of all the texts sent to me before and after the shift. Shiftsmart staff says Regus marked me a no show. I had to sign a NDA for the work performed, but I feel as if I am indeed a now show, I wouldn’t be able to describe what I did there. There is a problem with the app in that I had to re download it at the site to prove I had a shift as they said they couldn’t find me. Whether by error or by design, I believe what may happen is they over book expecting no shows, fill up all the spaces they can as people arrive and then tell people they “can’t find them.” Very shady deal, especially since the say the follow some anti-slavery act of 2015. Working people without getting paid is a form of slavery. Anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?
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8 months ago, DillyDallyyyyyyyy
Shiftsmart absolutely is a scam
SCAM !!!!!!! SCAM !!!!!!! I’ve been picking up shifts for this app since May 2023 and the first few months were fine but the last couple months has not been. They’ve shorted me pay for circle k shifts, mystery shops and Walmart inspections. Even after you travel to locations and you actually do the work, they can deny your work and not pay you for it or gas or your time or anything. Nobody will answer to this for weeks at a time. Nobody responds to in app messages. They now have offered me inspections with far travel distances with bonuses and just don’t pay the bonus. This app scams you into doing work that they don’t pay you for. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR EFFORT !!!!! NO GAURANTEED PAY FOR ANYTHING !!!!! Only if they choose to pay you. They even go out their way to assign you shifts you didn’t ask for by promising bonuses and then claiming they never offered the bonus. I worked hours for circle k that I didn’t get paid for because they claim I left when I did not. I honestly could go on and on but all I ask is you to not waste your time like I have !! I have bills to pay and this app has costed me gas money, miles on my car, time wasted while they got inspections completed for their company and didn’t pay for it and unnecessary stress. NOT WORTH IT !!!!! THIS APP IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAM !!!!!!!!!! SCAM !!!!!!!!!! SCAM !!!!!!!!!! SCAM !!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, 1 Rob
Can go either way
Doing work through this app can be either really good, or really bad. When it’s really good, you login, you do the work and by the following week you get paid. Heaven help you though if there is an issue with your pay. You will get a runaround from anywhere you contact. You can text or you can email and essentially nothing gets done. The work that I’ve done that there were no issues, I got paid and it came like clockwork. Twice I’ve had issues and I got nothing but a run around. To date nothing has happened, and I’ve not been paid for the two times I had issues, and both times involved multiple days. At this point I’m just not even accepting Robbany more work from them because it’s not worth it to spend my time working knowing that there could be a problem and I won’t get paid. There are also the issues with the app freezing and technical bugs that come up sometimes but by far the biggest issue is getting an employee to respond and actually look into an issue and try to fix it. The issues I’ve had have cost me about $300, and I’m just not willing to work for free for anyone anymore.
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1 year ago, bdonba1111
The reason I gave it two stars is because I actually did work twice and got paid but the third time was where they really had me messed up. I went to go do a job for evening shift. The company turned me down due to them not needing any help in the evening time and said they was trying to reach Shiftsmart to remove the shift off their roster so I’m trying to put in the app that the customer turned me away I put in my ticket and for what I thought everything was fine then I look on the app and they put me as a no-show. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for the longest but every customer service rep has lied to me about reaching out to the business and having them vouch for me that I did indeed showed up but they turned me down now they deactivated my account for no reason, and refused to pay me for my travels the crazy part is I still get notifications about shifts being available but they refuse to help me activate my account and not hearing me out or at least review my proof on the app! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP THEY ARE TRASH!!!
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2 years ago, MikeDaddy05
Mixed thoughts
First, I will start by saying that if you need some extra money, you can do it through here. You can cash out your pay the next day if you wish or it will automatically go to your bank account about a week later if you do not take it out early. Second, the problem comes in if you have a legitimate reason to not come in. I was counted as a no show when the Circle K I went to said they no longer accept Shiftsmart. Later that night, just before I went in for another shift, my car was totaled. I could show proof. Then, I have been sick for the past 2 days with fever, sore throat, cough, etc. Again, I have proof, however, it goes against me and now I have a reliability score of 58%. This means I am not seeing very many shifts AT ALL. Finally, the work is simple enough. You will either be cleaning or you will be be restocking merchandise. Easy peasy.
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2 years ago, A.J.A.X.
Waste of time
This app was very deceiving. After setting up my profile and submitting a background check (only had one minor traffic ticket in the past year)I was quickly able to see available shifts. Even though my background check came back it would not let me set up payment arrangements. It did however let me choose my first shift and confirm it. I found out how to set up my payment arrangements through the settings but I was still getting a screen the shower that so hadn’t completed this step. Finally my first day of work and it gets canceled only hours before I was going to leave the house. Although frustrating I chose another shift and even added a bank account (second form of payment arrangements) again this time only an hour before start time it is cancelled but they didn’t even notify my second time around, it just disappeared from my shifts. I messaged the app (created a ticket) but two days later still no response. I found work yesterday but I can’t help thinking how much faster I could have been working if I didn’t waste my time with this app.
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3 months ago, Ćøsmø*Ńåtīøn
Edit: I’m now being ignored by Shiftsmart- they offer referral bonus- but don’t pay it! I’ve had a very different experience than most commentators. I’ve had a very good experience until recently. From October ‘23 unti February 24 everything was fine. Then I was pressured into training for front end work- I was fine with how things were doing merchandising. I no longer can work for Shiftsmart because I have a full time job and the hours for front end are hours I’m already working my job. Then Shiftsmart offered $$ for referrals- I referred someone- my app says they completed the shift- but they refuse to pay me. Looks like my experience is starting to look like everyone else on here. I’ve contacted support- they just keep coming up with stipulations that are not listed in the app. One excuse after another. Would I recommend? No, not even to a friend that is desperate for side money- I’m getting screwed like all the other commenters- I have screenshots & emails to back up my experience. Shiftsmart will eventually screw you over- they screw everyone over- believe the reviews here!
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12 months ago, Lana_Jayy
Waste of time and gas
This app is complete trash and you can never message customer service because they are always experiencing issues with the chat. I took a shift starting 6pm but when I drove out the the manager turned me away because he said he didn’t need anyone anymore and that every time he requested someone for 6am no one would show up til 6pm because Shiftsmart kept getting it messed up and he had to do the work himself. I took another shift starting 7am and when I got there the manager asked me if I had ever worked for Shiftsmart before and I said it was my first time she had yelled at me that I shouldn’t have taken the shift then because she didn’t have time to train me and when I tried to tell her that I watched the training videos she told me to leave then as I was getting home I got a rude message from Shiftsmart customer service saying that I shouldn’t have taken the shift if I didn’t plan on working it and I replied explaining what happened and they ignored me and my reliability score got lowered from 100% to 50%. This was a complete waste of my time and gas.
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8 months ago, Jaw1848
Not A Scam
I have used Shiftsmart as a part time work possibility and as a full time work opportunity for a year. I work a LOT of shifts. Sure, the app has had issues here and there but EVERY single issue or problem has a solution that is literally there in the app. I’ve had to contact their support before and there isn’t a single outstanding issue on payment or on the technical side for me. And I’ve been paid as appropriate every single time. As long as you actually work and don’t try and find ways to scam the system by leaving without clocking out or being lazy the stores appreciate your presence. If you want flexible hours from start time and days and take pride in your work this is a great way to earn as a side job or even, if your willing to work lots of shifts a good paying full time job.
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1 year ago, MAH 1015
I have gotten acclimated with the app, some glitches here and there but, as I get to use this app everything seems to be coming together. Comments here and there from store managers about Shiftsmart employees however, I work with the app and with Shiftsmart as well as Jane great work ethics so, all takes told by store managers from Circle K do not apply to me. I am enjoying the app and Shiftsmart. Jane noticed several stores do not come up as often as some of the Store Managers have requested but, still much work to find. I like to be around Converse, lol. Hope I’m the future the hourly can be increased . I figure Circle K is paying a 30-40% markup and we could see a possible increase in salary?? Hard workers deserved that. Thanks for the ability to comment. Hope this is around for more years. Hopefully Shiftsmart can pickup Other company’s.
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2 years ago, dunk lows se
App not working
I have been getting a message every time I open the app and go to login, the message I am receiving is updated app, an updated is required to be installed but when I hit continue and go to login I am given a message saying undefined, you have been removed from the Shiftsmart platform, but then I go and login on my boyfriends phone and it works just fine, I have restarted my phone many times, cleared my browser data in all internet platforms, uninstalled and reinstalled too many times, for me to keep getting the same message. I even paid for more storage on my iCloud in case that was the problem. But there is no update for the app when I come to the App Store. Please can someone help me with this, I have to go to work two shifts for circle k tomorrow at 8am and I do not know what to do!
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10 months ago, TheOGHush
Terrible app. Terrible support.
The support is rude and disrespectful. It takes them forever to respond back. They don't listen to your problems and try to get you in and out ASAP. The app is broken. It does not take a software engineer to see what's in plain sight. This company is stealing the earning potentials of each individual that decides to join and work for this company. Example: I made the mistake of not selecting a closer preference for work, not realizing how many locations there are nearby THAT ARE READILY AVAILABLE AND NEED PEOPLE TO WORK, yet, Shiftsmart refuses to resolve the issue saying that it's my problem and I need to make sure my address is accurate. Then if my phone is on. Then to delete the app and reinstall, and last but not least, every excuse you'll hear within the business world: "what the business permits". I've already gotten offers by the companies I'm working for through shiftsmart, studying to be a Network Engineer, it begs to question, why continue to work for a company that does not value you, your input, your blood, sweat, tears shed or dedication.
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2 years ago, jrevlhs
Do not bother
Don’t bother signing up for airspace because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a shift when they have people (managers) scheduling shifts for white people they do or do not know or give them to people they know… you’ll get notifications sometimes but no shifts. I met a man who got connected to a woman who scheduled him shifts everyday not only in his region in different regions. He had like 3-4 shifts at least 5 days out of the week and I have been on the app for 4 months. I feel I was given that as a pity only because I reached out to a manger in my region. The pay for the miles wasn’t good and I got soak and wet from the storm. I reached out to someone above my manager who told me it depends on people in the region and where shifts are… okay so explain to me why this man not from my city was getting shifts all through my surrounding areas… not only that but why are managers scheduling shifts for people when the shifts are supposed to be available to us to get not up to the managers (it says that in training) … that creates the problem we have now where there’s favoritism…
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2 years ago, Shai Melanin
Worked for them before, but now it seems it changed
So I worked with Shiftsmart before as a Survey Caller back in September 2020 for a short time but they really did pay you back then and the amount was always right. It was simple, easy, and quick pay. Always had shifts come in. I always had a set schedule of when I wanted to work. I just started back with them not too long ago to make a second source of income since my first job isn’t really cutting it right now especially with everything going up such as gas, bills, and rent. I haven’t seen one shift come through yet and it’s been a couple of weeks if not a month and I haven’t started my First Day shift to start making money. I completed the onboarding’s and the 60 minute self-paced training and still haven’t received anything and when I do it’s not available. Like make it make sense, this is insane! I also helped a girlfriend of mines get this job and they even got her waiting and she has kids lol this place is starting to annoy the crap out of me. I’m reporting this place asap!
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2 weeks ago, TrichHadding
Merchandiser/mystery shoppet
It’s good. But at times very frustrating as you don’t have a live person to report to during your shift when a situation comes up. And it takes days if you get a response. Then no explantions everything auto generated. But I love the differing jobs. As my body isn’t able to be as physical any longer I invested in a coumputer system to work from home. I just earned enough for the headset that was required but now the platform has been pulled. Very willing to work just need to find jobs within 100 miles of me as I’m in Florida and get offered $25hr jobs in Texas. But I do love working for the company. I just had a Mgr from Cumberland for the next six weeks to look for her store and grab all the shifts I can. I would have rated it five stars except that i will open the app within seconds of getting an alert for shifts and none are there. Its been weeks if this since the updates.
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2 years ago, Jswprince
I wanted this to be awesome!
However the pay is low, and they don’t want to pay me what I rightfully am owed which is a measly $13 bucks! I did a mystery shop at target an hour away from my home. (I had a few others in same area) but they said I didn’t follow instructions as an elderly senior shopper. The instructions said if you are under that age (I’m 46) to change it to shopping for a senior parent. In which I did. I followed exactly what the directions said to do. But because I didn’t select (senior) within the app, they are not paying me. They rejected the payment. This is shady on all ends. I have reached out multiple times. Email response said they couldn’t help that I needed to reach out within the app… here we are 3 weeks later and I just received yet another in app message stating I didn’t complete it right. BUT I DID! This is a joke. Thankfully I just got a job so I won’t need this ridiculous app any longer. Good luck to those who do rely on it. But BEWARE!!!!!!!!! This is a warning!
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1 year ago, RhiannaMajor
Fast money; incredibly shady business dealings
There are times where Shiftsmart will round out your total hours worked to an even 4, regardless of the time being within their cutoff limits (30 mins after shift completion). I’ve been gradually documenting these incidents more often because it is an incredibly inconspicuous and insidious way of committing wage theft under the guise of legality. The support staff has been callous and dismissive every time I’ve contacted them; sometimes completely disregarding the issue altogether in their responses just to get a support ticket resolved quickly. The app itself still has bugs and will occasionally cause problems that interfere with a smooth shift…the problems have been increasing lately (spontaneous sign outs right before a scheduled shift, issues with check-in and check-out codes, etc.) and it makes the entire process much more frustrating than it should be. This app has a great concept, just terrible execution.
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1 year ago, Honestwintch
I don’t see how they could possibly have a 4.5 rating.
Had multiple issues with this app for a long time I had and nothing bad to say about them but I tried doing a marketing job for them a year ago that I’ve been sending the messages about for a year and they still have not even responded to any of my messages I quit trying after 6 to 8 months of contacting them over and over and over again never had an issue with the mystery shops and now all of a sudden I try and do a couple of high-paying mystery shops and lose $50 because they don’t even contact the people back they tell you if there’s an issue immediately notify a manager but then they either don’t get back to you at all or it’s a week later or it’s after you’ve sent 10 to 20 messages everybody looking at this app to download should beware of all of the issues and if you’re going to use them stay on top of them because if you don’t you’re gonna miss out on a lot and you’re going to waste a lot of time
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