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Current version
HealthStream, Inc
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1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ShiftWizard

4.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
3 years ago, SW USER 2
Awesome idea!
As with anything, this app has a few glitches, but for the capability it offers.. worth it! I can now see/complete my scheduling from anywhere without having to log into a computer. I especially love that I can quickly message coworkers! Thank you!!!
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2 months ago, Laur McG
Finally a 1 stop shop
Finally a tool where I only need ONE app to see my schedule for work, my personal schedule, and I can pick up/swap shifts. I can also say when I don’t want to be bothered which is super helpful. Nice screens, easy to use.
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3 years ago, Jkhksjudje
Hospital management might find this helpful but for staff it is garbage. It crashes. We have weeks between the time we submit our schedule requests and when we find out our schedule. Our phone numbers are posted so our coworkers can look up each other’s cell numbers. I think it is sold on the idea that you just have one app that will replace a bunch of paperwork and make it easy to communicate. But in reality we still have the exact same papers to fill out for vacation requests and sick days and breaks but we have this dumb app too. It makes it harder to communicate because we can’t send texts or make calls via the app so if you put a request in you never know if the manager saw it. You just have to call and tell them after you enter info on the app. It is just clumsy and difficult.
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3 years ago, bma10498
Would give 0 stars if I could
This is the most pointless app. It literally NEVER works. I’m lucky enough if I even make it to the screen that shows my calendar, but even when I do it’s blank and won’t show my scheduled shifts. Most of the time when I click on the app it shows the logo and then is just a blank white screen. Super inconvenient for when you need to check your schedule on the go. I have tried updating my phone and deleting and redownloading the app, but neither worked. Needs some serious fixes. Wish my work would switch to a new scheduling system.
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3 years ago, missbhavens
It’s 1⭐️ because I can’t give it zero⭐️
This app is so poorly conceived it’s astonishing. It’s bloated, backwards, not at all intuitive, and visually confusing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, *every day* there is a technical difficulty. The app itself doesn’t even open half the time, and the companion website is frequently down. The app has no separate management functions, so as unit director I can’t perform managerial tasks on the go. I’m forced to sit at a desk computer and do them. I want this app to just WORK even if it’s not great at what it does, and it can’t even accomplish that. No stars. None. Zero. Zip.
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5 years ago, timsimnc
iOS 13.1.2
After upgrading to this iOS, an “Error” appeared followed by reference to “string” problem. It seems some tweaks are needed to bring ShiftWizard up to date with this latest operating system. Several other individuals have told me of an “Error” dialogue appearing after upgrading. Although deleting the app, downloading and reinstalling fixed the problem for me, it has not for them. There are some instances that are still causing issues after the iOS upgrade.
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3 years ago, jaxxx1572
Always a problem
There is literally something wrong with this app every day. Whether it won’t let me log on or my calendar is just blank. This does not make my life any easier when it comes to checking my schedule. So many bugs and glitches. There are also rarely any updates to fix these and when there are updates, you have to login on that website first to be able to login on the app. This app is just a waste of space on my phone despite needing it for work. Do better!
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3 years ago, Wondering When I Work
Absolutely Unreliable
It is absurd that I have to count on this app to look at my work schedule because it is not functioning a large portion of the time. The website is no better if you try to go there when the app is not working, so shift wizard is just bad all around. I don’t know why my hospital would choose or even stay with shift wizard because I can’t imagine how many people are inconvenienced by this app constantly not working. Don’t even bother with tech support- you just get “we didn’t receive that. Please send again” responses. Like I said, just bad all around.
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3 years ago, SantaClaus11
Garbage app
Clearly the developers of this application didn’t put that much work into it. The app has so many bugs and glitches. I’m always having an issue logging in. It always says incorrect password. I have to log in through chrome to see my schedule. The website also has many issues and it seems to be down for most of the time. A lot of people rely heavily on this software to schedule their employees. This should not be happening.
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2 years ago, kjnnurse
Needs more functionality.
It was working good to see my schedule but now it won’t load. All it says is load error. Fix this! Also I can’t request just a day off. Requested day off no PTO is needed. Managers need to be required at some point to respond. We can’t see who is working to know who we can switch shifts with. Please fix your app
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5 years ago, Algoma Girl
I had this app on my cell phone and removed it because I cannot check the unit schedule without going to a desk top. Not very practical if you are out of town and you need to look at the schedule to see who you might be able to trade with. There are other companies who provide this service. I am going to recommend to our management that we choose a different vendor when ShiftWizard’s contract expires. I called their customer service line and complained months ago, but nothing had been done.
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3 years ago, flashbf
Easy to use!
Ease of use is great! I use this as my calendar for everything daily. 4 stars because it sometimes doesn’t work properly or it crashes.
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5 years ago, Bill G 601
Doesn’t work since IOS update
Even since the IOS update the app doesn’t work on my iPad. The app opens and then the screen goes blank. The same problem was happening with my iPhone following the IOS update but that problem seems to have been corrected. I have spoken with the nursing informatics staff at the hospital about the app net working and have asked them to look for an alternative. All of my coworkers are experiencing the same problem with the app. The problem needs to be corrected.
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5 years ago, deeRN1970
Horrible mobile app
Recently updated mobile app. Tiny symbols, difficult to navigate, unable to view staff schedule, and the clencher; if there is one of those super annoying urgent messages which require electronic acknowledgement, it will not accept my name even if I type it EXACTLY like I am prompted. I have attempted multiple times on two separate occasions and now cannot check my work schedule. Please read this and fix this stupid app. Work is bad enough. Why not make it worse with this app.
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5 years ago, sidesRN
iOS update
Ever since I updated my phone the app does not open. Also when there are urgent messages it requires full name be typed in, rather than just letting you tap acknowledge. It can be a rather lengthy process to get to the schedule, which I cannot even do now. The app also does not allow for you to see the unit schedule, only yours. You must go to the desktop version in order to see.
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6 years ago, DreamieGenie
Takes a load off
This app does everything I need it do and and more than I could ask for! Now I spend a fraction of the time I did before worrying about my schedule.
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3 years ago, Noe noe 0510
Good for on the go
Works pretty well with my iPhone. I’m able to see my scheduled shift, add my availability, view coworkers, contact info., etc.
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5 years ago, Carter5*
Universal login
The app sometimes won’t allow me to login to see my schedule and requests that I setup Universal login in my settings (which I’ve searched for several times and can’t find). I just want to be able to open the app and see my work schedule without logging in each time or having to use my browser or a computer because the app isn’t dependable.
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5 months ago, Mz GG
This application is fine; nevertheless, it could improve by adding a feature that lets you add/ transfer the work schedule into your phone calendar. Hey if there is anyway you could do that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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10 months ago, ekena702
Shoddy product needs fixing!!
New app introduced to our organisation since March of this year and it has yet so far needs to improve so many functions (eg. Can’t see who is working with you, unable to schedule partial shifts & app keeps feeezing up). Perhaps the users opinion do not count as we did not buy into this shoddy product!
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5 years ago, Bebe's3
Stopped Working
My app stopped working, so I checked to see if my iPhone needed an update, which it did, so I updated my phone and the app still won’t work!! I checked to see if the app needed an update, it didn’t, I forced the app to close, no luck, and then shut my phone down completely and still it won’t work!! It wasn’t the greatest to begin with and now this!!
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5 years ago, QueenSYL52
Not working.
Since the update this morning ShiftWizard isn’t working. What, if anything can be done to get this working again?
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5 years ago, Heavencutstma32
Crashes as soon as it is opened with iOS 13
I love shift wizard app. I use it daily for work. However, since updating to iOS 13.. I have tried to uninstall it and re install it. Everything! As soon as I open it, the app crashes. It worked briefly once after I re installed it. Guess I’ll have to use the desktop site for now. 😭
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3 years ago, edenan
Will not allow you to log in
Not a reliable app, one week you might be able to log in..... another week it will not recognise you no matter what you do. You can install and remove and try it all over and still won’t work. I have not been able to log in the app for at least 4 month!
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5 years ago, SweetP_03
IOS Update
With the new IOS update I cannot view my schedule or respond to urgent messages from work anymore. I’m wondering will there be an update made to the ShiftWizard app to fix this issue soon. The app is constantly glitching even after uninstalling and reinstalling.
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5 years ago, jarredgooch
App doesn’t work after recent Apple update
After installing the newest update for my iPhone X, the ShiftWizard app crashes immediately after opening. Please fix this because the website is difficult to use on a mobile device.
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3 years ago, Ehoocsej
Horrible , can’t view schedule
I thought this was going to be a great idea for our staff! The app is useless and I have to go to the desktop. Cannot view the final staff schedule on the phone. It’s a hassle. I was so excited to have this and now I’m disappointed in how useless the app is. I hope some major improvements are made
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4 years ago, PMHNPlady
Error message
I’ve deleted and reinstalled and still getting an error. Prior to this error though one thing I don’t like about ShiftWizard is the ability to see all open shifts on all units at once. I’m a PRN staff so need to see hospital wide open shifts. This would make life easier.
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5 years ago, AnnaLorein
Not compatible with latest iOS?
Not working at all when I updated iOS. Please fix.
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5 years ago, ios181!?
Every since I got a new phone every time I open it it goes to it and then goes out of the app before I can look at anything. It is the only app that does it so I know it’s not my phone
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3 years ago, JMFD100
Good when it works
Had to delete and re-download once or twice, and it’s always buggy, but when it works I like it
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5 years ago, josie546
App keeps crashing
Ever since I updated my phone to ios 13 the app will not work. I open it up and it immediately crashes. I have tried shutting down my phone, deleting the app and then reinstalling it, and checking for more updates just in case and nothing has worked.
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5 years ago, Mel- Zo
Keeps kicking me off
Since the last update the ShiftWizard app kicks me off every time I open it. Then I have to uninstall and reinstall it every time I want to open it. Prior to this update I didn’t have any issues. Now I can’t use it without a hassle!
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9 months ago, AJUS518
App crashed
Keeps stating an update is required when indeed it is not. I’ve tried to delete and redownload the app but nothing gives. This is very inconvenient for me, considering I’m not sure what my next work schedule is. Disappointed in this app.
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3 years ago, KayDawn17
Been using this app for 2 years and when they updated last week now it won’t let me login with the app! I have to go through safari and find ShiftWizard that way! Completely useless now and very inconsistent and inconvenient to users. Please fix it soon.
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5 years ago, Mr. RMG
Worse App I own
1. No iOS calendar integration. You have to keep switch between the app and your calendar to check a simple date. 2. UI is poor with texts not aligned and most of the times overlaps. Forget using it if you’re not using standard iOS font size.
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5 years ago, _ilv
connection issues
only connects when I have WiFi. doesn’t connect when I have data
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1 year ago, screw tune in
Can’t login on the mobile version only the computer
The single use sign on takes you to theshift wizard sales and info page on this app but the computer will take you yo your organizations sign on
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5 years ago, annoyedCNA
App doesn’t work with update
Since the new iOS 13 update, the app does not work and that is extremely annoying since I need it in order to sign up for shifts. This needs to be fixed ASAP
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2 years ago, mfrasuer74
I wish I meant 1 star
I would give it zero but I can’t. I was trying to be optimistic about actually being able to use it but I have not been able to log in for weeks.
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9 months ago, Anon0987543275
Worst thing ever
App doesn’t work impossible to do anything way to much of a pain just to see my work schedule easily one of the dumbest decisions management has ever made making us use this
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9 months ago, raynak25
Load error
App no longer working, says it needs an update, but the latest version is installed and it gives the same error message.
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9 months ago, Jseyal
Update request error
The app is stating I need to update, but it’s not updating and I go to the App Store. There’s no option I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app.
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5 years ago, BedsideRN
Updated iOs
I have the same issue - I recently updated my iOs and now i could no longer open my Shiftwizard app. Having a schedule on my phone was such a big help which I couldn’t do now. Such a disappointment.
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5 years ago, knzgrvs
App crashing
Ever since updating my phone the app crashes immediately after opening it. I cannot even look at my schedule.
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3 years ago, sad nursing student
Unable to see my schedule, calendar is blank. I have uninstalled application and reinstalled it without success. I am only able to see schedule on daily view.
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3 years ago, yellowkobe
Doesn’t work
It’s been months since this app worked. When I open it, it sits on a blank screen. Doesn’t even go to a login screen, just sits on a white screen
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3 years ago, Jono18287
Can’t login
This app used to be great. For some reason I cannot login and it tells me that my credentials are invalid. I log into the website without issue with the same user name and password every time.
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7 months ago, Npm123457890
Wont load
Why wont this app load half the time?! Its so frustrating as its what we use for work. Fix it please and thank u! And now i cant log in at all..IT cant help either..the WORST app!!!
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3 years ago, Qoqane
Annoyingly inconsistent
App seems to have login issues after every update! The concept is nice, but it needs much better execution. The app tends to be more of a burden than a convenience.
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