Shipt: Deliver & Earn Money

4.7 (185.1K)
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1 month ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Shipt: Deliver & Earn Money

4.72 out of 5
185.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Green Cart
This is one of the greatest apps I have ever downloaded one of the best ways I earn money and good money at that I left or other delivery platforms just stick with this one. love the way I could earn my own money and also love when I could work when ever I want and still make great money 💯 I left everything else just for this one here . I waited about 3-5 months to get accepted lol but it was definitely worth the wait I swear .. I was working with Instacart for almost 6-8 months and never made good money with it I wasted more gas driving to delivery the batches then wat I actually made in cash smh I was so happy when I got notified that I was in the process of being hired with shipt 🙏🏻 truly was a blessing on my behalf THANK YOU SHIPT . I will never leave this Delivery App ever ♾ only thing I want is when I do need cash on the spot is an Instant Cash out on our Pay 💰 even tho I like adding all the money up for the weekend but sometimes I’m broke and don’t have enough money for gas to keep on working or even have enough cash to get some food for my self . It’s definitely would be great to Update and Add Instant Cash out on what ever delivered batch u want to cash out . Definitely would love to see that on a update soon . But other than that everything is Perfect and Going Great for me . Once again thanks SHIPT
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1 year ago, jai-fanch
Full Time Student
I’ve been doing Shipt for a few months now and I LOVE IT. Easy, simple, and fun, for me at least. I am a full time college student, so this job is perfect for me. I can do it when I have free time from school, it’s the only source of income for me. Around Christmas I made over $600 and I am so beyond grateful. I was about to do some orders today, I realized I was logged out. I try to log back in and I find out I’ve been deactivated because I didn’t have a 4.70 rating, I had a 4.60. I also had a on-time percentage that was lower than 90%. Now due to the area I live in there’s a lot of traffic anytime of the day, constant construction on main roads, and lots of accidents recently. So it’s been more difficult to get orders on time. I’ve also have always been respectful to all the customers order I get, I communicate and text them anytime there’s an issue. I have about 10 referred members. I feel as percentage should be lower due to high volume traffic in my area. As well as the rating should be lower, because I have more 5 star ratings than anything as well as most customers don’t rate me. I just want my account back because it’s my only source of income for right now as I’m a full time student. Additionally I would turn to instacart but I’ve been on their waitlist since May and haven’t received an email from them. So please I beg for my account back, I am struggling with money. Thank you
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1 year ago, tor0710
Review of Shipt
For the most part I enjoying shopping for Shipt but there’s a few things that I would like to see changed: 1. Customers that rate less than 5 should have to give a reason it’s not fair for us shoppers who go above and beyond and get rated less than 5 and have no clue why. How are you suppose to change things if they have no reason for rating us less than 5 stars. Some customers don’t respond or respond late or take it out on us shoppers when items are out of stock. 2. The pay needs to be increased no order should be less than $10. 3. The completion stat is unfair and should be dropped or reviewed there’s been several times I accepted party city orders and after accepting it and reading the customer notes since you can’t see this until you accept it they specify that they want it delivered at a later time after my delivery window and if I’m unable to do it at that time due to having other orders or if it’s after my scheduled workday it goes against my completion rate. Overall I do enjoy the work it has some great benefits but would like my above thoughts to be looked at and maybe considered. Thank you
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4 years ago, Bf529q
Great Concept App Needs More Work
Even with the new updates the application still needs a lot of work. Aside from the pandemic and overwhelming amount of business, Shipt wasn’t prepaid to handle this type of volume. How can you shut down your call center and switch to chat and text? This is a little frustrating to your shoppers. The app needs a new chat feature, when you minimize the chat to help us keep working on orders, and you don’t get notified when an agent comes on and the chat disconnects. You lose your place in line. I will say the app enhancements are much better including the scanner feature. I see good improvements but you’re gonna have to move faster at getting new updates. You need a town hall from your shoppers to find out what’s working and what needs to be added or changed. I can’t get a hold of anyone via text or chat and you’re leaving me out here to get abused by the customers that can’t get their orders due to extremely long lines, store closers (changed hours), or product out of stock. I’m very grateful for Shipt but the HQ support is lacking. If you’re having a shortage of staff from HQ due to this pandemic, find a way to allow people to work from home. Only the strong will survive. Not having support staff readily available is a recipe for disaster. My second day now trying to get someone via chat or text. Please fix ASAP. Still a great concept and service just needs help badly.
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6 months ago, bbbytddyui
Judgmental company
So I applied for ship maybe three months ago I never had a felony on my record. I had a misdemeanor or something that happened. Maybe 13-14 years ago I haven’t got anything under my driving record in years. I was just gonna do this. for extra money board around my house whatever they waited three months to tell me that they wasn’t gonna hire me and then on top of that. It’s so crazy you don’t even know why sometimes people look at your record and think that is something challenging or whatever the case may be which it wasn’t and it was a misdemeanor so it wasn’t drugs. It wasn’t alcohol related none of that never got a DUI or anything all I’m saying is watch this company my friend he’s a Caucasian male. He has a DUI on his record and he has one felony he got hired and I have the proof when I sent this to the news into the headquarters. This is something that may be happening over 15-16 years ago maybe 13-14 years ago. they didn’t move forward. It was nothing fresh on my record. I’ve never had anything else on my record but this one thing that’s crazy just watch yourselves with this coming company. I highly recommend that you do or Uber eats. They have a lot of more leniency anyway because I have a person that works there and if you’re one minute late, they automatically deduct stuff from you as far as your stats, but I’m actually glad that they didn’t hire me anyway, it worked out for both of us because I get more work with my other apps
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1 year ago, Pinklotus38
Deactivated without warning
I just found out I was deactivated permanently today because I didn’t meet the “on time” standards. I was still working as a shopper last week and thought nothing of it. I’d understand if customers give big complaints regarding being late for few minutes at a time. Shipt doesn’t understand the pain that shoppers consistently get with add on orders for some customers and using lots of time for the long winded communication with the customers. The weak Wifi In the stores delay the process even further. And to spend more than 15-30 minutes time to try and find the customers apartment in many huge complexes is very nerve wracking for trying to be on time. Not to say many customers don’t answer their calls and leave me hanging for minutes and have delayed me to be on time. The added steps to make sure it’s delivered also takes time when there’s no network reception in majority of apartment complexes. I wish SHIPT’s “on time” standards can be more lenient for shoppers. We work hard to satisfy the customers needs but overall it’s the company who decides who they choose to let go. I had good ratings of overall 4.86. I often go above and beyond looking for items not on the shelves. To substitute items also takes extra time. This feels like a slap on my face for working hard for this company and customers. I love the opportunity to serve others but this type of corporate decision is just disappointing. Thank you while it lasted.
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3 years ago, Camden5224
A joke that used to be great
I’ve been working on this app for close to a year and this app, despite its clunkiness, used to be really great. Open metro orders would pop up thoroughly throughout the day and offered orders were so bountiful you had plenty of options to choose from. But now this app is the laughing stock of me and my significant other, who also shops Shipt. For WHATEVER reason Shipt thought it would be a good idea to just release all the open metro orders ONCE EVERY HOUR. It creates a feeding frenzy that makes it impossible to get orders of you aren’t glued to your screen right at the drop of the hour. It makes no sense at all. I recently took a break from Shipt and when I came back I stopped being offered orders because of my inactivity. I’ve now been back working for a month and in the last WEEK I’ve been offered TWO ORDERS. I’m having the hardest time trying to make any money on this app anymore after a year of working it real hard. I swear the developers have never shopped or delivered an order in their lives. They’ve done a great job of fixing the clunkiness and making it look better but the actual functionality is nothing but a joke. I’m extremely disappointed in this app and would NOT recommend shopping for Shipt. You can make much more money doing almost anything else
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11 months ago, HollyZeidlerDesigns
Instacart is was better
Shipt card never works at King Sooper locations. I consider myself lucky whenever the card is authorized and I can check out right away. I have even contacted customer service before a shop to confirm The card is active only to find out it wasn’t at the end of the shop and had to wait in line for 10 plus minutes with people confronting me for how long it is taking to check out. The customer service has to contact another department in order to solve the situation. I have now been deactivated for the number of times I have been late due to this issue. Keep in mind I am brand new or y to shipt and only done this app for one month and now I’m deactivated, which is quick in my opinion as I have high scores in Instacart for over 300 shops. I have contacted customer service about it and they just said to make a note of it for future reference. Very unwelcoming and difficult app to manage. Instacart is much better and more organized. Plus you know how much you’re getting in tips upfront where as shipt is a guessing game on how much you are making for the amount of work you’re putting in. Plus instacart shopper/customer service is on point and will get the situation solved in three minutes or less where as shipt blame their shoppers for their issues. save yourself the headache and avoid this app and join Instacart it’s much better. They are the worst company ever and I’ve worked at so many corporations so that’s saying ALOT
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5 years ago, Cheese muffins
App needs some more work
I have been a shopper for a little bit here. As far as the app is concerned the isle numbers would be appreciated for Kroger stores like the other stores we shop. Kroger has the slowest cashiers that also eats away at your time, pretty much every customer who orders there is also tax exempt too. So adding the isle numbers would help offset how slow the store is. When you go to text customer support, it is a bad design to have to click done then have to hit enter to submit your message to an agent. We can’t stop and wait to chat we have to keep delivering. Need it to be easier to send while at stop lights, etc. Another thing is when I minimize the app, I lose my place in queue and have to start over. Serious waste of time. I need to be delivering and watching my map. When you call customer support it keeps saying the easiest way to reach us is online/chat. I found that to not be true most of the time because of the issue I just mentioned. Update: The app today just showed me a map of the house to deliver the groceries to but when I opened google and Apple Maps they both agreed and it was in the complete opposite direction!!!! That is a serious flaw. Also, there needs to be a mileage estimate when you open the job. This is a disservice to your shoppers. We can not make a proper assessment before taking the job without correct information.
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2 years ago, Christine_____S
Shipt does not care about its shoppers. Try another app
Here’s my experience with Shipt. I did Shipt very part time as a side gig for a year and earned a great hourly rate, especially when I built up a base of preferred customers. But one bad apple can ruin the entire experience. In my case, a customer called Shipt and complained (lied) that he didn’t get his order. I shopped his order as I always would: I communicated the entire shop, I got all the items on his list (I even asked a Target associate to get a USB-C wall adapter from the back), followed his request to drop the bag at the back door of his house, and sent a picture of the delivery to the customer (and note, Shipt can see EVERYTHING you and the customer text to each other). In short, I followed all the rules and did everything I needed to do. But the customer wanted to take advantage of Shipt. He said he didn’t get his order and then rated me 1 star. When I requested that Shipt remove that unfair rating, they did nothing. They didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my emails. By leaving that rating on my account, Shipt is effectively calling me the liar and siding with the customer who wanted to get free stuff from Shipt. SHAME ON SHIPT for punishing their hard-working and honest shoppers! Unless they remove that rating, I am done with Shipt for good. If you choose to do Shipt - I just sincerely hope something like this never happens to you, because Shipt definitely does not have your back.
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3 years ago, SmellyKitty69
Overall really great company, serious room for improvement though!
I respect the company and overall do love being a Shipt shopper! They offer great bonuses and there are lots of appreciative customers who bring me joy. That being said, this app has some serious issues. The last few months I can not count how many times I have been scheduled, a top rated shopper, but not getting orders sent to me, I’m having to check the open metro CONSTANTLY just to find orders I can pick up, that should have been sent to me. Getting rid of acceptance ratting for shoppers has had a huge impact on my income as well. Still trying to sort out the companies logic there. I’m close to 2000 shops and I feel like it doesn’t matter that I have put in such hard work creating well known, positive customer service in my area. I’m stuck with missing orders and getting no support from the company to fix the glitch with my order receiving issue. I recommend the job, but don’t rely on feeling secure with your income. Some days I get lots of orders and can make 400$ some days I spent most of my time checking the metro trying to grab orders I should have been sent, ending up making 80$, wondering how many I missed and didn’t get a chance to grab. Wish I had a regional manager to reach out to for help. Your on your own as a Shipt shopper.
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2 years ago, Leonidas415
Horrible treatment of shopper
First off I just want to say I’ve been doing deliveries with Shipt for over 3 months and this is the second time this happens. The first time it was a little under 20$ in pay for the order and when I was checking out I kept getting a processing error on their app and I had to spend over 30mins with their support. They ended up having to cancel the order because they couldn’t fix the error. I ended up only getting paid 7.31$ for that order which is less then half of what I was originally supposed to get. Everything was their fault and I still didn’t get what I was supposed to get paid. The second time I arrived at the store and the person told me that the customer had canceled the order. Again not my fault, this time the order was for 19$ and change. I called support and spent 15mins on hold with someone that was checking on it for me and then they ended the call, with out telling me anything. I had to call back and this time the new person just canceled the order. I requested a manager and had to wait another 15mins on hold just to be told I would only be receiving 7.31$ again. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend people being shoppers if this is how they’re going to treat them. I get it’s their policy but both times it was not my fault that I couldn’t deliver the order. The second time I had to drive over 10 miles just to get less then half of what I was supposed to get.
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2 months ago, Shipt steals money
Deactivated for no reason and stole my hard earned money
I have been working with shipt for a little minute now. I’m in college so I was just trying to make a little money. I had stop using shipt for at least a month because school started getting busy with the work and I ended up getting a email about me “violating the terms” even though when I got the email it was after I hadn’t been using the app. I then got my account reactivated but then I couldn’t login to my app anymore. I changed the passwords multiple times and even had the support team try and help. They couldn’t figure it out either. So I couldn’t use my shipt account for at least another month or two. I ended up getting another email about me “violating the terms” again and I know for sure that was wrong because I couldn’t even login to my app. Every time I tried to call they read the same script to me and I couldn’t even tell them how I know they falsely accused me. They would just keep reading the script as if they couldn’t hear me. What really made me highly upset was the fact that I had made $100 almost $200 and since my account was deactivated I never got my money. So I tried to call about that to see if I could at least get my money and they still continued to read the same script. I kept trying to say that I just want my money I don’t want my account back and they continued reading the script and then hung up.
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2 years ago, mheller2017
Use to be good, now not so much
Shipt use to be an amazing company to work for. Paid fairly, good support and get work life balance. Now, not so much. Shipt pays a base pay of $6 for an order, with most being $8 for 20+ miles of driving involved. Customers use to tip at a 75% rate, now your lucky if 5% of your orders have a tip paid to you. Part of me thinks that shipt isn’t completely honest with their tipping procedures as I use to be able to ask right after an order of the customer left a tip and they would say “yes it will appear in 2 hours after delivery”. Now when I ask why the last 15 orders don’t have a tip they say they can’t talk about tips for privacy reasons for the customer. I get that, but when you just ask them to look and make sure tips don’t get held up (which happens frequently) that’s the new response. Emailing support usually takes 2-4 days to get a reply and the problem won’t be fixed they will ask for more information. The only reason I am rating a two star right now is because we are independent contractors, but the job isn’t worth it. Lastly, shipts order acceptance is not great but not horrible. The only issue I have with it is every time an order is offered to me during a scheduled hour, before I can even see it it has “already been accepted”. My advice, do door dash or instacart, who at least pays for miles and push customers to tip more than shipt.
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2 years ago, Mieshaag
Lots of trouble in WEEK 1
Just started shopping with Shipt. My app is glitching appears to be glitching heavily. I text customers but don’t receive any messages back (not a single one for 20 orders). When you are being rated for your level of communication, proper functioning of this feature is critical. I’ve even tried calling the customer for a more urgent matter and the system didn’t support calling. More recently, I’ve attempted to text my customers, but it opens up one of the prior communications I had with a different customer (not sure if that’s normal). I text the number anyway, but I’m not sure if my messages are going through as they should, especially since I am not receiving any feedback/responses. Finally, I selected a non-promo order today to for the requirements of and complete one of the bonuses. It was VERY far away (1 hour total) but I thought that receiving the bonus would make up for it. After I checked the bonus meter, I noticed that it had not moved and that they had tagged the trip with “promo”. This was very frustrating as it was an order I would not have taken if I didn’t account for the bonus. I accepted two non-promo orders after that. Same thing happened. I’m only a few days, but this is definitely worrying, disappointing, and deceptive. If you’re offering a bonus, offer it. Don’t be unfair. :(
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4 years ago, gig worker
Terrible pay structure
This service has so many problems where do I even begin! Shipt it very clearly built for the member, not the Shopper, and this reflects in their treatment and pay of shoppers. The biggest issue is how pay is calculated, it is a flat $5 + 7.5% of the order total, which does not include consideration for mileage, time, or tolls unlike every almost every other gig delivery job. You quickly realize when you start this job that the math just doesn't add up, with sticking to Shipts suggested 2 items per minute formula it's pretty clear to see that the money to be made here is limited unless you are grabbing the best orders. I have taken one with 51 items before for a payout of only $16-18, with driving at least 10 minutes to the store, shopping for 1 hour and 45 minutes, 10 minutes to the members house, you are left with $8-9/hr before gas, that's assuming you dont have any issues (which their are almost always are, I rarely have an order with nothing I have to substitute, and if you have to call Shipt support prepare to be on the phone waiting for 30 minutes+). Seriously just stick to Uber or Doordash, outside of an occasional good order their is very little money to be made here and your only going to end up being frustrated, tired and overwhelmed (many of the members are not very friendly and act extremely entitled, my total tips from doing food delivery are at least double what I will get from Shipt members).
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2 years ago, Vivian liuyan
Feature request
1. When an order is cancelled or rescheduled, the driver gets to the store and find out the cancellation. There should be button “cancelled/rescheduled by customer”, that way the driver gets paid for half of the driving. From the drivers perspective, had s/he knew the order is changed, s/he is not going to drive to the store. But the driver had spent time and gas driving to the store, s/he should get paid, especially under this gas price! 2. Currently only two party city orders can be picked up for a given hour. For new drivers that is a good idea, since they don’t know how much can fit in a car and how long it takes to deliver the orders. But for experienced driver, you should let the driver decide, since some times an order is hard goods only, so you can fit more than two orders in a car, also they can plan the time to do two rounds in one hour. Maybe based on the driver’s experience level, give them more freedom. All you care is the orders get delivered on time. I am a retired iOS lead developer doing shipt for fun :) hope App Store reviews are being monitored by the product and dev team :)
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2 years ago, jerrylee041919
Not worth the headache.
I got an email one day for SHIPT to sign up. So I did. Within the same week got an email that there an opening in my area so all the steps, back ground check then three weeks ago get both part of my background back and then two days later an email saying congratulations blah blah my welcome package will be shipped. Fast forward get my welcome package two weeks. Did the tax form, entered in my card and upload a photo of me. Won’t let me push next to continue on the app so I reach out to the chat get told somewhere along the line they didn’t update my account that my background came back . So he gives me an email to messages I did. Explained everything don’t hear back, text chat again get another email and now this email I hear back every single night around 12am different people but no one understands I have my background back even forward the email both of them. Not help at all. Next night different person same issues. Finally tonight I get told since it’s not showing on there end here a different email to message. Lucky them I already emailed that email but never heard back either. No one from support wants to help. It’s just a game at this point and they have my personal information, social, address, my photo and background check for what because I’m not working for them since it won’t let me and no one can help.
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4 years ago, Human891
My opinion of shopping for Shipt
I am currently having difficulty making substitutions in the M. I have to power down my phone and started up again in order to make substitutions. It is a very big time waster to me. I’m also disappointed in the change of pay for the shoppers. Doing larger shops are basically giving us a loss of 25% of our Shipt pay. It looks to me like Shipt method of pay is paying us $.25 per minute which does not account for our travel time back to the store. With that said it looks like Shipt only wants us to make $12 an hour minus the expenses we have to pay for gas. Yes we do get tips, however many folks do not tip. I’ve been shopping for three years and it’s kind of disheartening knowing that Shipt is trying to decrease our pay. I also do not like what’s happening with the bundled shops. It’s more efficient for me if I manage my own schedule and create doubles based on the shops that I have. The bundle shops have a little pay and therefore make it virtually unlikely that I would be interested in claiming one. This is all what I’m thinking right now about Shipt. I’ve enjoyed shopping thus far. I’m hoping to continue shopping so I’m hoping that this does not become like Instacart.
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2 years ago, Soup129
Unrealistic expectations
You get stats, by customer rating and on-time percentage, in 3 categories: All-time, last 14 days, and last 50 orders. You cannot fall below 4.7 rating or 90% on time percentage; in any category I guess, or you get deactivated. My all-time stats have a 4.8 star customer rating and 90% on-time percentage; which you would think is the category that matters most. However, Thanksgiving week, my ‘last 50 orders’ category on-time percentage fell to 86% (which isn’t even horrible) and they deactivated me. Thanksgiving and beginning Christmas shopping had the stores more packed and the orders a bit more challenging, which you would think would be understandable- but no. I could have picked that 4%! back up in the next week. I tried to appeal and they didn’t bother responding. My all-time stats were/are still within acceptable range- but that don’t matter. After I was deactivated, I still got $80 in late tips over the next 2 weeks. Clearly I was appreciated by the customers… just not by Shipt. What a shame. They should change stat expectations to going no lower than Average customer star rating of 4.0 -think 4-star hotel is still really great. and Average on-time percentage of 80% -think 80% on a test is a B and still passing.
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1 month ago, Andrew Yeon
Shipt will lose Shoppers and end up in a dust eventually
Their policy for customer rating, on-time, and reliability is so high that is basically unattainable. There is no human touch behind their machine learning magic on judging their Shoppers on ridiculous performance standards. Yes, you get 50 orders to start out before having to worry about it, but you will realize they set you up in traps for failure. They will post bonus missions that drive you to claim orders but does not help you anyway in how this will impact your standing. If you want to make any decent amount of money, this app suddenly becomes your full-time job. I had a very high rating of 4.98 and had good time earning good tips from so many of the customers I shopped for and delivered. But on-time metric is stupid as any order delivered a minute after the delivery window is considered late and there is no exception unless the order was posted as promo (basically, so many other Shoppers declined this order due to distance or difficulty of shopping the items). Especially, if the customer ordered from Target, they have guaranteed same day delivery by a certain delivery window. Customers can be more understanding than Shipt’s system but Shipt does not care. The system does not want you to grow with the platform. I feel bad for Target to have announced Circle 360. You need both customers and Shoppers.
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1 year ago, riley_puckett12
I have been a shopper since this app launched. Blood, sweat, and tears into this job. I have over 100 preferred members, and I am not getting offers. When I do get my regulars, they complain about crappy shoppers. I don’t understand why you keep hiring new people. My metro is over saturated as it is. I have built relationships and binds with my customers. When they tell me about a bad experience, it makes me so mad for them. As for the new ‘dropping orders’ ability…when are the shoppers who drop half of a bundle going to be deactivated?! I have a shopper in my metro who has been doing that for MONTHS! Katy Ruby. She has been reported multiple times. She shops the one she wants, drops the second order, and still gets the full bundle pay. It not only puts the customer out, it also burns the shopper. Shipt is going to lose customers to other delivery services if they don’t start cracking down on the shoppers who abuse this app and don’t follow the guidelines. Also, stop holding orders until 3 minutes before the top of the hour. Most of us shoppers need to work while our kids are at school, and need to plan our days. I hope Shipt can come back to how it was in the beginning.
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3 years ago, Kaylin_Mansley
I just started shopping a few weeks ago. I love it. It’s a great fit for me. It’s flexible, there’s *decent* pay, shopper assistance is quick and easy to access. I haven’t fulfilled one of the bonus pay opportunities yet, but I love that they are available because I plan on continuing to shop full-time, and I really need that extra boost to make a living. (I hope they are consistently offered throughout the year.) I only have two suggestions so far: 1. Sometimes the app glitches when shopping for an item I hit, “not found” and then “choose a substitute” and then hit the scan feature. At this point the screen goes completely blank. It’s happened a few times. My work around is to hit “not found” and then “do not substitute” and then add the item manually. It works that way. 2. Shoppers should be given additional minutes when adding items that weren’t originally on the shopping list because I always ask the customer if they want to add anything, and sometimes they add quite a bit which has caused me to be slightly late. That’s all! I’m excited to see how much money I make this year!
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2 years ago, jagger1123
Shipt App
The app is normally a great tool but I do believe that it used to be better back two years ago when I first started. There seems to be less offers now and more problems with orders not processing. Sometimes the communication is hard because the numbers say no longer active when sending an intro text. I love being a shipt shopper and I used to have my schedule booked all day but now it seems the orders are becoming less and my customers that I have been shopping for get confused that I am their preferred shopper but they are getting new shoppers all the time. I am loyal to shipt, where other shoppers are working for multiple platforms now such As Instacart or Door dash. I don’t want to leave shipt I consider this my full time job but I’m getting discouraged at not seeing my customers weekly like I used to because the orders are coming out at the top of the hour so sometimes I can’t take them because I already have an order to shop just to have work. I hope shipt at some point let’s us dedicated shoppers have are customers back on a regular basis like it used to be. Thank you.
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3 years ago, LeoTheLawless
Okay App, But Great Pay
The pay out for each order is significantly higher than the competitor albeit the number of orders on the Shipt platform is more limited. So if you are doing this gig for full time, this may not be for you because you will have to go around towns more often to hit the same amount of total payout. However, for casual gig worker, Shipt is godsend. I also like how the customers are encouraged to tip which adds substantially to each order. Since the platform is owned by Target, order coming from there is usually prepaid, and that helps a LOT on completing the order on time and smoothly. I would still love to see a dedicated queue for quick Shipt shopper checkout. One more thing is that the app does not have a “timer” build-into the UI like the competitor. I think that is quite inhumane because it gives you very limited amount of time and makes you work like a cattle. Shipt just let you claim the orders as you see fit with your schedule, as long as you deliver them within the delivery windows. I really like this option and functionality because the company actually trusts you and treats you like an adult.
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2 years ago, laurennicole1121
Wouldn’t recommend…waste of time
Too many shoppers in my area.. rarely get any offers for orders, even when I schedule myself for the entire day in multiple zones. They do frequent promotions but it’s almost impossible to actually fulfill them considering late orders and “promo” orders don’t count.. the only way to get orders is to constantly watch & refresh the home screen, which basically only shows orders that have been dropped or rejected after being offered to other shoppers, which automatically makes them “promo”. They pay the batch based on a $16/hour principle with the minimum being about $6. Which is nice in some regards, considering how much time it should take you to shop the batch.. but it doesn’t take into consideration the milage to get to the customer nor does it pay extra for heavy items or for multiple deliveries grouped together. A batch could have 15 cases of water & be 10miles away but only pay $7, which is ridiculous. They don’t show whether or not the customer tipped either until after you finish delivering, which could be instantly after the customer confirms they received everything, could be 2 hours later, 2 days later, 2weeks later.. or if you’re in my market, 80% of the customers don’t tip at all.
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11 months ago, BarryWadejr
I’ve done deliveries for almost 3 years doing food deliveries such as Uber, doordash, and grubhub; those apps contain shopping orders here and there however when I started to shop for the shipt platform, I felt something I never felt before. I felt in love with going to work everyday because there is no application like shipt! This application allows me to pick up orders as early as 5-6 in the morning in my house before I even get to the targets to shop. I enjoy being a shipt shopper in my 7 months so far, the pay is amazing as they bundle orders with great pay before tips and gives me a lot of time to attend the orders after picking them up.I also enjoy the technology and simplicity of the app which allows me to always reach out to customers and support in a very fast manner. I learned the app in less than a week and ever since I was accepted I’ve been consistent and found a platform that I love to work for! Can’t wait to see what’s next as the app keep updating frequently and is the best shopping app thus far to me! Thank you shipt 😊
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6 years ago, Jennif C
Earning potential
The App in general works well for me. The most frequent problem I have is when scanning barcodes, it sometimes doesn’t identify when the item matches or for substitutions it doesn’t identify the product. I wish Shipt would stop posting on social media and in the App Store that shoppers earn $25 or more an hour. You are doing us a disservice by drastically inflating what we really earn. We might earn more in tips if members understood we earn about $4-7 an hour before tips in most cases. After shopping and delivering 350 orders, I am consistently earning $10-11 an hour after considering how much time it takes to shop, checkout, deliver, and average delivery roundtrip mileage of 15 miles per order. If you want to provide more realistic data, track what the order pay was plus tip, subtract our mileage expense by taking the delivery distance to and from the store multiplied by the federal mileage rate, and divide the net pay by the amount of time elapsed from your when the shopper first texted the customer until we mark the order delivered. That will still slightly overstate our average rate per hour since it wouldn’t capture the time spent driving back to the store.
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6 years ago, Kfash09
First day
This was my first day shopping for you. I have shopped for Instacart in the past for comparison. I kept running into problems with the app while shopping. I was not able to see majority of the pictures which makes it really hard to find a product. I was even using the target Wi-Fi to make sure I had the best reception. It would also be nice if you listed the price of the item so it’s easier to find. The scanner was also not working correctly. Almost every single item I scanned it said it could not find it and I just had to add it to the cart and that was frustrating. The app also shut down midway through and would not open back up for several minutes which wasted time. Then when I went to do my first delivery the business did not have their sweet listed so I wasted more time trying to call and figure out what level they were on and what sweet they were in that should be required to write down. Downtown target where I shopped was also out of three products. and at least two of the Isles were listed wrong on the app for what they really were in the store. I’m hoping these are just beginning glitches that will be figured out but that should be taken into consideration for our pay right now.
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2 years ago, Trish0777
Never receive orders
At first I was really surprised with the amount of money you make and knew it was too good to be true and found out it really was after it slowed down after the onboarding which is your first 10 orders successfully delivered. If only they would stay consistent with the orders. After your 10th shop and deliver then it all slows down if not stops completely. When you reach out to support regarding receiving orders they tell you to work from the open metro, which there’s never orders in that area either, or they will tell you to complete your certification in prescription and alcohol deliveries. So I completed those certifications and still haven’t received anything and it’s been 2weeks now. I go days without being sent something then all of a sudden I’m notified of 2 shop and deliver orders for $5 a piece. Definitely not worth it at all but they are quick to send you orders that everyone else refuses to take. Don’t fall for it. You will see for yourself after the onboarding section is completed. I feel like the company has their slim fee that they send all the orders to and that’s how it is. My opinion is this app isn’t what it’s put out to be for sure.
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5 years ago, B.A.P Yessir!
Poor ratings
My ratings for this platform was 3.8 and I really don’t understand why. I have done Uber and maintained a 4.8+ rating, Door Dash 4.6+ and Instacart 5. I still do some of those gig jobs and have never had such a low rating as I did with Shipt. I take pride in giving great customer service. I purchased several hot cold bags with my money for perishables and I delivered to the customers door or inside if they requested. I try to pick undamaged products & make sure to pack them carefully so they arrive undamaged. I’ve not had a good experience anyway. I had one customer belittle me simply because I asked for assistance finding her place. You know Google Maps only tells you so much. When I asked for help, the customer asked that I find someone who can find her house because it was not her job to give me driving directions. I didn’t ask for nor need driving directions however it turned out that in order to find the entrance I would have needed to go thru a gate that didn’t even have her house number on it, it had another house number which made me think that I was at the wrong place. Her house number was inside the gate which is not something I would have known. I’m not stupid and I don’t appreciate being talked to like I am. I work hard to give great customer service but it appears to have not been enough.
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3 years ago, muhlockyy
App is a Scam
Now the reason why am writing this review, is because shipt used to be one of the best paying services in terms of independent contractor jobs (doordash, Instacart, etc.) but now they’re straight up lying to people, by saying that you can make up to $22 an hour. It is physically impossible! I recently made contact with one of the representatives of shipped, due to them paying now six or seven dollars for a shopping order. Around two months ago, they would pay anywhere from 15 to almost $30 for a shopping order. As of a couple weeks ago, they rolled out a new pay schedule that only allows for us to be paid anywhere from 6 to 9 dollars for a shopping order. You’ll be lucky if you get a good shopping order for over $10. I don’t know about you but I’m not going to drive all the way out to a store shop for an hour and a half drive all the way out to the customer waste all that gas and time for a six dollar bill. Now, when they were paying me anywhere from $15-$30 to go shop for someone, that was completely understandable. But now being told that I’m not even worth a $10 bill to put in all that effort and time to shop for somebody is ridiculous. That is why I’m reading it one star, and I really hope ship to fix this issue because as of right now it is not worth my investment.
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3 years ago, Bonemaster1958
Viable Suggestions
Re-visit 4 order limit per specific hour which disallows one to pick up orders for that given hour. Example: I had 3 prescription orders, dropped them off and had an order pop up that I could have done but because the prescription orders had not processed, I lost the opportunity and I was right by the store. They are clients that never reciprocate your intro text or any correspondence throughout the entire shop. Clients should receive a friendly reminder to read all their text from the Shopper. I had a few clients say I forgot an item and they forgot they selected “ No Substitutions” though they hadn’t communicated originally and realized when I told them that they selected “No Substitutions” they apologizing for forgetting as such. This is a clear situation where a shopper could inappropriately have been docked on the missing item category as the client when asked for a survey forgets about their choice, didn’t read entire string of text and assumes, we forgot an item.
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1 year ago, CareAnn1977
Some of the bundles should not be bundles. I had a bundle order that didn’t seem too bad until I got into the store and started shopping out. The first order filled my cart completely full. I had no room to shop the second order so I had to go out start my car leave the first set of groceries in my car and go shop the second order, I have also had bundles where you’ve had to drive in two different directions to deliver them. I don’t care for the rating system. I was at five stars all along and tell us last weekend I’m not quite for sure what I did. It doesn’t tell you what you did wrong but they gave me four stars so now I don’t have perfect rating anymore. One more sad that I didn’t communicate enough, so I’m not quite for sure what that was all about, I try not to substitute anything without asking them. I’ve only done a handful substitutions with how asking the customers and it was the same thing. Just either a smaller size or maybe bigger. And fruit is very hard to pick out for people, so I feel like we should not get Mark down for a fruit.
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10 months ago, EvergreenFog81
It was nice BUT…
I randomly got deactivated permanently for not maintaining their stats. I haven’t used the app since June 30th. Two bad knees, then I (and my 10yr old) became homeless after a long engagement ended suddenly, trying to fit in my new environment which is okay for now, but when I get ready on August 8 to start working again to earn some money until I land a real job? A wonderful email came along and said “you’re permanently deactivated.” Did some investigating… I was at a 4.96 rating, above 90% on the rest, and somehow I didn’t maintain their standards. I call in and one person hung up on me, so I called back. “Customer Support cannot see why” and refused to transfer me to someone higher. So, watch yourselves, they DO NOT CARE about you or your situation, especially if you’re homeless and trying to earn some money for your children while you put in job apps for a REAL job. Great job Shipt, my three kids “thank you” for taking away their moms only source of income as they are sick and have birthdays coming. You made them real happy… NOT. You only made things worse for us. But I will not be defeated. Just letting others be aware that YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SHOPPERS. Glad I wasn’t totally relying on your app to take care of my family. It’s called a SIDE GIG for a reason.
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4 years ago, The Rat🐀
Please add an option to tip when you pay
I cannot wait the entire month for someone to tip me on an old order there needs to be a better option to get tips because frankly this is where most of the money has made the base pay is just enough to cover the gas. Also the address of the store and the delivery address need to be taken into consideration with times someone should not be able to order from a store 30 minutes away from their house because I have to basically work twice as long with the same amount of pay and then they don’t even tip me half the time. there should be a 10 minute drive maximum between the store and the delivery address because sometimes people will order from a nicer neighborhood and then I have to drive 30 to 40 minutes to them making my orders late. also considering the fact that almost no one ever tips delivering to apartments should be more because I am literally sweating going up and down the stairs delivering groceries to apartments. almost not worth it. it might help to list the time it would take to drive from the store to the house on the order when you claim it so you actually know if you have time.
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1 year ago, mfeelngs
this app isn’t intuitive at all I have I am shopper and I have no idea how to find out how much I made because the app gets stuck on the schedule set schedule and I don’t want to set a schedule so when I select skip it doesn’t skip it just leaves me right in the same page the only time I can ever find any information is when I’m actively on an order when an order comes through otherwise it just stuck on that schedule page it’s really strange I have updated the app so there is nothing there I don’t know what the problem is but I can’t even like call anyone. there’s no Q&A relating to my issue. there’s no troubleshooting I can’t get to any of those pages so I can’t find out how to do anything because it stuck on that page setting a schedule so I don’t know . I’ve completed order so how do i look at my history or what i made in the past? all it shows me is that welcome page we’re sending tour card out. well i’ve already received my card and used it. i can’t get to my account. my profile nothing and there’s nothing to update, not that it would allow me to do that anyway. this is very frustrating. I have an iphone 11 pro max. my phone is not old.
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3 years ago, Shipt/need raise Plz
Shipt Shopper/ Gas prices need raise please
It’s not easy being a Shipt driver, but I love it. I have the most amazing customers who are generous, kind and just out right awesome. The part that is getting me is my tips that my awesome customers give me through the app. I am not receiving those when I should be. There has been times I haven’t received them for 2 weeks after I got paid. I also don’t like the fact that it takes forever to get a hold of the call center to release an order. Shipt should be giving us a raise because the gas prices just keep going up. We don’t make enough for half of the orders we receive. I know I take my orders mainly because I like my customers and I feel and I have been told other Shipt shoppers haven’t got there order right or they just aren’t bothering to ask them if there was anything else they may need that’s last minute that they would like to have added to there order. A lot of my customers are hard working moms and I have a few hard working dads. They deserve to have a good Shopper especially because they are paying for it. But again I love my job because I love meeting new people and building up customers who are so amazing.😁
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5 years ago, VaNation
Pay isn’t what they post
What is expected of the shopper and what they get paid are not worth the amount of time it takes to shop and deliver the groceries. I spent one hour shopping, scanning and manually inputting the items that would not excepted by the app. On top of that I had to keep all the food in insulated bags. Then drove close to 10 miles one way to drop off the groceries. After you factor in the gas, time and taxes you have to consider I made less than $4 an hour. That’s not included the time I spent working through app issues with support. It was very stressful working through all the variables to get the groceries to the costumer on time. Shipt needs to pay the shopper a guaranteed amount of $15 a hour to make this worth doing. Tips should be a bonus to the shopper for their hard work not part of their pay. I decided to read the low reviews and noticed that Shipt picks who they want to respond to. As a company shouldn’t you take care of all your shoppers? They are the reason you have a company. In Business your should take care of your costumers first. How do you do that? Make sure your workers are taken care of so in return they step up and give the costumers top service. Business 101 Shipt. Unhappy employees unhappy customers. We are the ones who deal with the costumer.
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2 years ago, Fluff recue
You make nothing
I applied for shipt thinking that it was going to be amazing for a part time job. After shipt hired me in I quit my part time job to use shipt instead (which was a mistake!) After doing shipt for 4 months all of the true colors of the company are showing now. They dropped the pay to like $6-$13 per order even if the drive is 24 minutes. They dropped all there pay this low right when gas prices rose up to almost $5 seems kind of fishy to me. With them lowering the pay per order it’s a struggle because on top of that barely anyone tips. We don’t get tipped because shipt doesn’t push tips to any customers ..They don’t care about us!! They only care about bringing money in. Now I’m going to be stuck having to file taxes for this company to get even more money taken away. You make nothing at all because after taxes all of the money you make goes out. I should have known this company was to good to be true and now I’m stuck using it as a job until I get hired into a desk job again. This is all a scam. They can get rid of you as they please with no warning, drop pay, give you no benefits but will always have people coming in because they apply thinking the same thing all of us did.
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2 years ago, Agmaddie
Love shopping, app has glitches
I have been on Shipt for a few months now. To me, as a college student, it’s great pay and super flexible. The problem for me is the app and rating. When I schedule myself, every once and a while I don’t even get offered orders from the app. I will go to the available orders and see there’s an order available during my scheduled time. I also get frustrated, because after I click “confirm receipt” or finish adding the receipt photo to the app, I rarely get the app to get to the next screen properly without having to exit out of the order and going back into it. It’s annoying. Another con is the rating system. Customers are only required to “leave feedback” (tell you why they rated poorly) if it’s a 1-star rating. Ratings determine who gets order priority offers. Someone could rate you 2-stars and have absolutely no justification. And they have “rating forgiveness” that never gets granted. Otherwise, I really enjoy shopping and the customers are usually very friendly and responsive.
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1 year ago, Capitalism victim
Little to no care for shoppers/ employees.
I’ve done shipt instacart and ubereats, the only one I’ve been deactivated from was shipt. At least I think I’ve been deactivated, it’s been a week since I’ve seen an order or gotten any update. It made me take lessons and pass tests but to no avail, my accounts still shadow banned. I did a total of 15 orders with 11 5 star rating and 1 1 star from a customer that lied and said they hadn’t received anything. That brought my overall to about 4.5 and now I’m shadow banned. Honestly it isn’t surprising I’ve gotten no update or info on it, shipt is a company ran by target to my understanding and I’ve also worked there as security. While working for target I was taught to profile people while being friendly as security. I left target because of their lack of care for employees, I saw other security personnel get attacked by angry customers and get fired for it or not defended because of it. Overall target and shipt are terribly unethical companies like most nowadays and your money is better spent elsewhere and time as an employee better spent elsewhere. Also if you’ve been doing shipt for a while, call and do a tip audit and look into them stealing/ not disclosing tips to their shoppers.
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4 years ago, JoeStuff12
I’m concerned about Time+Mileage VS Pay / Update with Covid-19 issues
No one should ever get into a 100% commissioned based business with hopes that you’ll succeed with tips from customers. I feel this is the Shipt Shopper pay model. Because of this I believe cherry picking for the best offers (payouts) is essential. At this time 2 stars is the best I can morally rate this company. Covid-19 update: Do to the Covid-19 situation, items in stores are flying off the shelves. Store to app updates are not being made for items that are out of stock. I had an order for 9 items with all items being out of stock. However i was unaware of that fact until I arrived at the store. I tried to contact support but was unable to. I contacted the customer and the customer asked for the order to be canceled. I myself was unable to cancel the order due to the fact that the order was do within the hour. 3 hours later I received a message from Shipt stating that the order has been canceled. In the future when all this covid-19 ordeal is over Shipt really needs to implement a real-time out of stock update to the app. The most frustrating and tiresome aspect of working for Shipt is the constant concern for out-of-stock items.
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11 months ago, Layalaniiii
Deactivated for no reason
Worst job ever it started off good but then they kept adding rules to which stuff out of the shopped control was being put on us and us being penalized then they turned around and deactivated my account for saying that I went against policy and has a low customer rating which mines was up to standard and my completion rate went down all because I had to drop a order to do heavy traffic it’s not fair to us shoppers to be blamed for things we can’t control I can’t control traffic , I can’t control if the store is super busy or if I’m waiting for a customers response then I kept emailing over and over asking to send proof of my case as to why my account got taken away and they basically just ignore u and calling isn’t helpful either all they tell u is that they can’t help u and to look at the email but the number in the email is the one that claims they can’t help you guys are very unprofessional and rude and it’s not fair to us people that had that job that was helping paying bills and medical expenses and now I have to find another job because there wrongfully firing people for things that’s not in there control just so the company won’t get blamed for it
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2 years ago, lpoe4383
Needs more developer consideration, decent app overall.
I’ve been a shopper with Shipt for nearly 3 years now. Having done over 6,000 orders, I can confidently say that the app still needs work. Yes, there have been improvements & there is constant feedback being given to developers & the help team. The main problem is that the developers often don’t consider & act upon shopper’s requests, regardless of how helpful the requests may be to shoppers & customers alike. They do give you outlets to submit shopper feedback but it often goes overlooked & unappreciated. I believe that with more attention & consideration to the more experienced shopper’s requests, the app can do extremely well. I could go into deep detail on the changes that need to be made, but it won’t do me any good on this review with initiating real change so I will leave it at that. Take my word for it, you have to work very long days if you want to make good money doing this. Even with that, the majority of the money you make will be put back into your gas tank.
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3 years ago, AZ Coyote 19x
Feeling disrespected as a shopper
I took a lengthy drive to assist a customer with a singular item order, passing on a 40-item order that would have paid much more. Item was out of stock and I was offered $5 as compensation. I have a perfect rating and take pride in working for the company and I would really like to be respected more. It takes a lot for us to drive all over and treat the guests with dignity and shop for them while many of times they do not communicate often when needed and in turn I feel as if I was handed a “free-dessert” type-coupon of $5 compensation for my efforts. Nobody picked up the order a few minutes close to the deadline and I took initiative. Myself or the next person was going to experience this issue. There needs to be a finer communication standard within the app and through the store, especially for a single “pre-paid” item. The customer should have called to confirm it’s stock and the store should have confirmed as well long before someone was to come out to a rough neighborhood with harassing crackheads and get handed $5, 8 days from now. Honesty and transparency is key. Please don’t treat a good man and grateful worker like this, I do not want to leave the company. Thank you -Anthony
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10 months ago, arlo armon
Shopper in Chattanooga
I have been shipt shopping off and on for years. In Atlanta, Gulf Coast and now Chattanooga. The pay is so low for the amount of driving that has to be done. I literally have spent more money in gas than I have been paid. How does that make sense? No way! The customers unfortunately lack communication here too. They will have “call me for substitutes” and then don’t text or call me back once during the entire shop. So then I have to just blindly pick items and hope it’s okay because I can’t wait at a store all night for a customer to respond. Orders have to be delivered by the certain time. You’d think they would be by their phones during the shops but they aren’t. Then they leave 5 star reviews which I am so great full for but then don’t tip. So I am spending money to work and that’s unacceptable. It’s very very frustrating and not worth it at all. When I first started shipt in 2019 the pay was way higher and well worth it. It seems shipt is paying less and less as they grow larger and larger and that’s how they will lose their best shoppers. No one wants to work this hard, drive this much and put this much effort for zero $ at the end. Something’s got to give.
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3 months ago, EgyptianPixie
The Worst Experience Working Due to Software Malfunctions
I tried this app for Shipt for about a week and a half. My first several shopping jobs went well. My most recent two ended in mayhem due to app software malfunctioning while I was on the clock shopping for my customers. The chat screen stopped working once. Today during one of my jobs, the app screen crashed, screen turned white, I could do nothing. So I restarted my phone and the app, tried to return to my shopping job, received error messages and could not even communicate with my customer. Attempted to use live chat with support from within the app but received software JSON error messages. I could not cancel or drop the order myself, I was not allowed to even though I was supposed to be allowed to drop it. Heard from my customer an hour later, I informed them of the software malfunctions and asked her to cancel reschedule and get her refund. I still could not cancel the order myself because the app software disabled that function. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Terrible experience, competitors of Shipt are more professional and do not ever have malfunctioning softwares. I don't know what to do, moving on.
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1 year ago, kydanny
Accessibility features needed
Shipt should require customers to specify whether their apartment buildings have ramps and elevators, this is very useful information that could be viewable when shoppers review an order before they claim it. I don’t want to risk my acceptance rate by choosing a large order in an apartment building, then having to drop it once I find out a customer’s building isn’t easily accessible. I want to purchase a wagon so that I can service customers in apartment buildings with larger orders, especially when they have packages of bottled water and sodas. This also promotes inclusivity for both customers and shoppers with disabilities. The app also needs to be updated because I’ve noticed a bug where choosing a new message from the top of the screen (instead of chat bubble on the left) and responding, causes a glitch that doesn’t look like you’ve received anything. The whole chat thread doesn’t appear until you go back to the chat bubble. I also wish there was a way to silence the notification for when a new available order appears.
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3 years ago, BrianaE☺
Love the app but the pay needs to be better
I have been shipt shopping for about a year now. During the summer, in my area, the orders are slow. During the winter it’s a lot and more of a risk due to weather conditions. Some orders are for apartments. And the labor to carry food from a parking lot to an apartment building where the customer won’t even help is frustrating. I have carried 70 items before from a parking lot. Down a walkway and to the customers door and only got $11 for the order. And I’ve carried two cases of water up two flights of stairs and down to the end of the hall with no help for $7. Labor for apartments, shopping (higher than $5 plus 7.5% of the order total) and gas need to be calculated in the pay. The customers don’t always tip. I have even been told they don’t get reminders to tip either. They just happen to remember when they open the app again. The rating system is a little flawed as well because a customer will rate you low just because a store doesn’t have a specific item. Or they don’t like the substitution they are fully aware of.
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