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Shopify Inc.
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User Reviews for Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store

4.62 out of 5
18.6K Ratings
1 year ago, YGZCJEWEL
Great site
I've been using Shopify for my online store for several months now, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the platform. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for someone like me who is not a tech expert. The ability to customize my store to fit my brand has been a huge advantage, and the selection of apps and themes available has allowed me to create a professional-looking site that customers love. One of the things I appreciate most about Shopify is the level of support provided. Whenever I've had a question or concern, their customer service team has been incredibly responsive and helpful, even going above and beyond to help me troubleshoot issues. In terms of functionality, Shopify has everything I need to run my online store, from order management and shipping to payment processing and analytics. The ability to sync with other apps and services has also been a game-changer, allowing me to streamline my operations and save time. Overall, I highly recommend Shopify to anyone looking to start or grow their online business. It's a reliable, feature-rich platform that delivers on its promises and has helped me achieve success in a competitive marketplace.
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1 year ago, sturyoffsec
I have been using Shopify for my business for quite some time now and I am consistently impressed with the platform's capabilities. The Shopify team is incredibly helpful and always goes above and beyond to assist me with any questions or issues that arise. Their customer service is top-notch and I am confident that I can rely on them to help me navigate any challenges that come my way. One of the things I love most about Shopify is its ease of use. Even as someone who is not particularly tech-savvy, I have been able to set up and maintain my online store with minimal hassle. The platform offers a wide range of features that have allowed me to grow my business and reach a wider audience. Thanks to Shopify, I have been able to turn my entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. Overall, I highly recommend Shopify to any business owner looking to establish an online presence. The platform has allowed me to focus on what I do best - running my business - while Shopify takes care of the rest. I am truly grateful for the support and opportunities that Shopify has provided me and I look forward to continuing to grow my business with them in the future.
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1 year ago, Anonymous4120174930164
I have used Shopify for well over a year now, and thought it was amazing. Unfortunately, I bought trademarked logos from another small shop in the beginning stages of opening. Rookie mistake. Immediately after receiving the email, I removed those products from my store completely and filled out the required form. They have $300 worth of my hard earned money on hold, none of which I profited off those items as they were archived, and the legal team has given me no responses to emails. I’ve reached out to Shopify support daily and all they can tell me is to sit and wait. This is completely unprofessional and untrustworthy. How can they be okay with withholding hundreds of dollars worth of someone else’s money, with no communication, and no answers from the support team but to “sit and trust it will be resolved”. I work hard to cultivate a healthy and trustworthy relationship with my customers, when I brought up the EXTREMELY inconvenience of this hold on my money, their response was: this does not stop your customers from checking out. My response? I wouldn’t have let them check out if I had known I wasn’t going to be able to fill their custom orders in a timely manner. I am a stay at home mom and my business is my second baby. These funds support my store & help my family when we are tight on money. They do not care about you or the work you put in. They see you as a number & that’s about it. Absolutely disgusted, take your business else where.
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4 years ago, Ehh!!*But Fun!!*
Customer Service is Trash
If I can give this company zero stars I would. I’ve tried to ask for help in retrieving my store that seem like as though it was deleted. The trial hasn’t even ended yet and I already have build my store website and was set to go. I tried to pay for the monthly subscription and boom and the site got shut down and I couldn’t enter my Shopify account anymore!!! I’ve tried to look up their customer service number and they don’t have one. Shopify have some weird email/text messages system to “seemingly” help their customers and owners. Well I’ve tried to ask for help regarding my problem and someone under the name of Viral B said he will refer someone to me in that the span of an hour of texting trying to verify my indentity🙄. Not to mention I was waiting for about 20 mins to reach someone from Shopify customer service! That was a waste of my time. Viral B stated it would take up to 72 hours for someone from The Risk Operational team to reach out to me... welp it’s been over a week and a half and no one has reach out to me. Well when I returned a email asking for someone to reach out to me... well u guess it, no one replied to me. All I can say is if you trying to build ur business and just now what can happen. Shopify customer Service is absolutely trash 🗑!
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4 years ago, Whittney Hampton
It’s great!!
I started out on Etsy, I really took a leap of faith in getting Shopify but it has been doing really well for me!! I use the $29 a month option & I use my Facebook VIP group to refer everyone to the website to make their orders. They are every happy with shopping on it! I keep my Etsy as it still gets a lot of traffic, but when someone messages me on Etsy I refer them to our VIP group & website and that has helped me to grow a lot more!! I do hope to see improvements made where we don’t have to use as many apps for certain tasks. But other than that it has been great and really helped my business grow! If you don’t want a huge bill though, use the pirate ship app within the Shopify App Store and you will be charged immediately for your labels instead of it piling onto your Shopify bill! I learned that the hard way! Haha! I tried to use other platforms but found Shopify to be the most user friendly & professional looking. Take the plunge! As long as you’re working at it, you to can succeed! Thank you Shopify!
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3 years ago, haloborn678
Love Shopify However....
I truly do mean it when I say I love Shopify! It’s easy to use and it takes a lot of time to get used to but it gets easier through time. The only problem that I have is that Shopify does not allow you to set up multiple stores in one account. This is a problem because people sell item(s) depending on their niche. Which means you can’t sell different products from the same store. You can set up multiple stores through different accounts however it is very messy and if you are not organized it can be a hassle setting up a new account and buying monthly subscriptions as well. I know this will allow them to get more revenue but if they allow customers to set up multiple stores in one account they’ll triple their revenue from those same customers as well. Shopify please listen to your customers! We want the feature to be able to set up multiple stores in one account!
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1 year ago, Stie93939393
Refuses to fix bugs
Shopify is a fine website host but they refuse to fix the random ONGOING glitches and bugs in the apps. After you edit a product and hit save, it saves the updated product… BUT when you go to click away on another product an error message pops up saying something along the lines of “you have unsaved edits for this product” and option to keep editing or discard. I have found that if you click the save button once, it will actually save the info, but you have to fully close the app and reopen every single time you want to edit product information OR click discard instead of closing the app, and take the chance of your edits saving or not saving… I have found the best way to update product info is to just update, click save, and close/reopen the app… which is obviously less than ideal or efficient whatsoever. I’m a small business I don’t have time so deal with this every single time I want to have a shop update. The glitches are pushing me to find another website provider. FIX THE BUGS!!
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1 month ago, Modellrn
Helps turn a million dollar idea into reality.
Starting a business from a simple concept is an incredibly difficult journey. Shopify has been with me since the beginning when we were selling items made in a spare bedroom four (shortish/longish) years ago. Now my company is in a 4,500 square foot mixed use building and brings in six figures per month in sales. I’ve used their online platform and also their lightning fast loan program to finance large deals with future payouts. There may be other platforms out there, but I’m happy and have no reason to look elsewhere. Shopify allows you to start at an affordable price then scales up with functionality and price as your business grows. Building an online Shopify store is doable by someone with basic knowledge and readily available technology.
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7 months ago, JIMMYSEMDIT
Shopify is great however
Shopify is great. It’s a one stop shop with tons of third party apps that work with it as you grow or to help fit your site to your business. But with every great thing there is always some downfalls. My biggest issue is Shopify locks you into their payment provider or merchant. Shopify payments is ran by stripe, they will not negotiate rates and will charge a percentage fee if you do not use shop pay as your main merchant. This could affect some businesses, depending on what type of business you are, or what you sell. My next issue has to do with third party apps, as they don’t always sync 100% of the time. This can cause order issues and intern loose customers. As well as the more apps you add the slower your site becomes. This also goes for if you want to ever develop an app. My last biggest issue is the reliability. as by using Shopify, you are relying that Shopify will keep your store up and live at all times. However Shopify is not perfect and I would say at least once a month if not more we experience some glitch or downtime on the site. Conclusion, Shopify is great with some kinks that still need to be worked out. Intern it’s probably one of the easiest website / e-commerce building tool out there with compatibility to almost any style of business. However, like any big corporation, they try to lock you in and this can course some issues as you grow:)
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2 years ago, Aquaman_
Nothing but great!
I have been using the Shopify app since the beginning, and it is constantly being updated with new improvements. For me, it provides an excellent user experience and interface design (regardless of your mobile platform). Printing (labels) after a recent iOS update now works perfectly! It’s so efficient and convenient to be able to run a business and make modifications to your site, or upload a new product image to your store, all from your mobile device. Shopify is a conscientious company and I support everything they stand for. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Try running a business without this app (or their platform) and you’ll really see what you’re missing.
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2 months ago, Anonnnn81871926
Hold money for no reason
Shopify is actually a joke. There’s many stories about them holding money for no reason. Well, it happened to me. They emailed me saying they would put a percentage on hold for 120 days due to high percentage of “chargebacks and refunds.” I’ve had zero chargebacks and one refund. This occurred when I started receiving more orders as well. A few months ago they put my payments on hold as well as a “standard review” when I had already had my website for a year. But they did the standard review when I receive a lot of orders once again? So suspicious. It took two weeks for them to take the hold off, and that’s only because I kept nagging them daily about my money or else I don’t think they would have returned it quicker than those 2 weeks. Their customer service is no help- I don’t even think they’re real people at this point. They don’t care about small businesses and how this can affect them, especially when you have proof. This has happened to many other businesses as well
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3 months ago, Aki_Tk
Very Tedius
I hate using this app to set things up on my store, if I were to be pithy about it. The app fluidity is above average, but there are sooo many taps in order to get to where you want, and due to the nature of the service, there are just waaaaay too many settings pages to go through, which are easier to see on the desktop. It’s not all. The collection system is a bit of a nightmare because it LOOKS like you can create, edit, add to a collection of products while you’re editing the store look itself, but you have to go back to the inventory editing page to do that. You can’t create and add pages to your store to show a collection without doing this, and I spent ages figuring that out. It’s also very unintuitive how to create a page. You have to create templates and collections ? How do you connect them? I’m frustrated. Otherwise, it’s fine mostly. Some elements are locked away for the phone
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5 years ago, punkchimera
It’s not the app, it’s Shopify.
Use this service at your own risk. I’ve been running a website through Shopify for over a year now, and out of nowhere they froze my money and are refusing to give it back. It’s been a month to the day, they owe me over $3,000, and there’s no sign of the money being moved despite the fact that they said they removed any and all holds from my account days ago. Additionally, new users should be very aware of what they’re selling through Shopify. It’s incredibly easy to accidentally stock an item that doesn’t seem like it could possibly be legally copyrighted, and then have Shopify break your door down for it. They do not like to tell you their rules outright, they like to let you drown a bit before telling you that if you mess up again they’ll shove your head back underwater. Additionally, it would appear that the majority of the recent reviews left on here were left by their admins in an attempt to make themselves look better. A bunch of the reviews are almost identical, apart from the fact that they all have crazy names.
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3 years ago, gsusGOD
Why you no savey save my changes?!!
Reasonably accessible app, granted. The actual use of the app is not, at all, time saving, reliable, or consistently operable. If I work for 1 hour in Shopify app I will restart at least 50 times. Ya, that’s once every other minute. All I am trying to do is crop out portion of pictures, taken within app, that are undesirable. I get all the way to clicking done, and then the altered photo returns to the original. Usually closing the app and restarting works for 1 maybe 2 products before it needs to be restarted. Sometimes this issue happens on a product and no matter what you do it will never save your alterations. Even if you close app, restart, delete pics, save, close app, reopen take a brand new pic, still will not save my alterations. I thought updating would help, but there are way more problems now. Will report on that stuff when I collect the experiences to report on. Update: this update is trash like the last couple. Spend the money for good coders!!! It’s worth it!
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11 months ago, MollyP💖
So many glitches in the last year
I’ve been on Shopify since January 2021. I can tell you that my experience has been great up until the last year, but now I just run into bug after bug after bug after bug. I rely on the app to know how many orders are sitting in my inbox. And within the last two weeks I’ve updated the app several times, and the glitch of it showing orders from the day before unfulfilled still hasn’t been fixed. every time I update it appears it would be fixed, but it never is. and it seems as though every time I call customer service I’m the only one with the issue (like they don’t know how to troubleshoot it). And I really don’t think that’s the case because later on I will receive an email regarding an issue. It’s just very obvious something changed. Go back to the way it was and I won’t switch platforms.:)
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1 month ago, Yuurrrtttt
If I could give zero stars I would…So here’s the story. I started up a Shopify..did the free week or month or whatever it was. Cancelled my store, and then months later, they took out $399. I contacted customer support and they got back to me saying, “Your store was cancelled after 7 days of the payment request”…I CANCELLED MY STORE BACK IN MARCH!! And they wait until April 28th to process a payment of $399. And here’s the kicker!! They didn’t take the money out until almost 3 weeks after the payment was processed, which I learned that they have a 7 day refund policy…So I was charged $399 3 weeks ago but it didn’t take the money out until yesterday..ladies and gentlemen. This company is a scam. Do not use it. They are a company that is not user-friendly and they will do anything they can to take your money. I DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE $399 PLAN!! I HAD A BASIC PLAN…complete waste of time, no help from customer support. This company is a joke. Buyer beware! They will scan you in due time!
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1 year ago, Rickbrusa
Get out Shopify No !!!!!
I have an shopify account and spend some money to make the store etc. last week change my phone for new one, and forget the email password, so Apple ask for 1 week to recover, okay, so I lose the access to Shopify account and when I try to do simple recover with the Shopify support and have 6 days already and nobody could retrieve my access to the account, be careful because the support of Shopify is very weak, if you lose the email for any problem they don’t know how to verify an account owner, I ask to the support Las time if we born with email or what ? They have 1.000 of ways to verify, driver’s license, passport, phone number, address verification, and many ways, but they only know how if you have email !!!!!!! So in the same way if somebody have your email access the Shopify support will give all information about you. Security is not the strong of Shopify, definitely will creat my stores on Wordpress. Get out of Shopify before you Hacked !!
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3 years ago,
Great for small business owners
If your looking to start your own businesses. Shopify should be one of your first stops, they offer so much and make it extremely easy to use their platform. With their own App Store there are endless ways to drive traffic and help manage the online store. They also have many tools to make sales in person with no website if needed for pop up shops pick up orders etc. they offer so many plugins to banks like Novo, QuickBooks, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The community is the main reason I choose to go with Shopify over square space. Yes they have a nice layout but they don’t offer as much to help your small business grow
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4 months ago, SagarandSagar1994
Terrible updates
I used to use this app regularly as a Shopify plus customer - now I only use desktop. I submitted several bug complaints - no one responds. When you click on an order from a push notification on iOS, the text field doesn’t move up when you try to add a comment so you can see what you’re typing. This does not happen when you open the order by going into the app first - only happens when you directly open the order from the push notification. Also their address field in the order in iOS does not trigger open the native Google maps app like it used to, instead it opens a browser of Google maps from where you click open app. Recent updates have made the app more glitchy and harder to use - I prefer now to just use desktop version but I used to find their app very useful. No one even responded to these bug reports despite us being a high paying Shopify Plus customer.
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1 year ago, Cest Si
Worst APP ever !! LINKS - CHAT (support) HA!
I thought I’d give them a try and open the store. I am a small small online seller, but no messed up from the beginning wooden properly connect to the Instagram or Facebook. Trying to connect PayPal it obligingly created a second account for me so now I have two of the names that I wanted floating around in space I tried to delete one and it created a third account for me when I tried to go back in and just rectify and delete the one account it’s a total mess I’ve wasted a day and a half of my time *just trying to connect* just trying to make a sale* just trying to work with the worst app ever!! When I tried to connect with their chat it said chat was open and left me there. Somebody named Kevin came on and said hi and I never heard from him again. Oh and please developers please don’t try to get back with that “smooshie” - sorry you had a problem - YOUR APP has a problem.
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1 year ago, 12sarah27
Take your business elsewhere.
I love the platform. I just dislike their customer service & everything that comes with it. There really isn’t a sense of urgency to help you get your issues fixed. Considering that those issues are 9/10 times an issue with Shopify itself. For new business owners do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache. I’m going to finish out my trial period and keep you updated. It shouldn’t be difficult to get the help you need. Plus they don’t have a phone number you can actually call either. I’ve asked to set up a phone call and was told that’s not an option as many of their customers get their issues fixed through chat. It’s a lie. I’ve had an ongoing issue for about 4 days now. I just don’t think it should be difficult to access your own money. PLEASE PLEASE save yourselves the time too.
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1 year ago, Nali💋
Young Entrepreneur ‼️
This is a great app for people of all ages. Shopify has helped me grow my business as a young entrepreneur. My business is almost at 3,690$+ from selling my items for just 4$ and people spend their time buying from my business thank you so much for the people who ordered from my shop. (For all my young entrepreneurs I am only 12 years old making hundreds every-other week so don’t be afraid to start , it’s hard at first but once you keep trying you can make great sales so please try if you trying to make money I suggest using this app with the help of your parents or guardian. )Thanks for all the support !
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2 months ago, Disgusted customer Zara
Balance card/ Direct support
I’m having a lot of issues understanding the balance card options and when inquiring through chat (that is the ONLY option) about money is very strange to me. Your agents and the AI agent don’t know much of anything when making an inquiry and when they do get back from the “banking” team its pushed off on the other billing party which usually will tell you to contact your bank. As someone who has offered to take on the responsibility of my funds I would expect you guys to have more expertise, more answers and most importantly more knowledge of what happens with charges and pending transactions on this card. In a clear straight to the point way, basically all the answers I get seem always unsure. The fact that Shopify no longer has a direct customer service feature is very disheartening.
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1 year ago, iiiamdenise
they’re screwing with me
I’ve had my business with shopify for a little over a year now. Added products & all. Received an email about a trademark & branding issues & was forced to take the items down including CUSTOM SHOES!!! which is ridiculous!! You can’t call them via phone only email & even then they don’t respond in a timely manner. I just started making sales & now they’re screwing with me by making me take down my best sellers that made me money & not really helping. They even have my payouts on hold which means i can’t fulfill customers orders & i don’t want to lock the store because then customers will think they’re being scammed by the website not being up after taking their money!! Shopify needs to contact me ASAP to at least help resolve the issue. I don’t understand why they don’t have representatives to speak to just emails that take FOREVER TO GET A RESPONSE TO!
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2 years ago, bajangirl1121
Good app
I love the app as a whole, but changing inventory details is ridiculously, unnecessarily long. There was an update recently that allowed us to simply select “+” to add units to the inventory, and I was so grateful because the initial process was already a little long. But now it is just ridiculous. Most of my business’ products have multiple variants, and you already have to edit the variant’s individual inventory quantities, now you have to select 3 or 4 different options, just to add or remove a unit. For each variant!! That’s so excessive and completely unnecessary, especially since there was already a perfect update not long ago. Everything else works fine but inventory is changes frequently and this makes the overall process entirely too long
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2 years ago, joebundy321
I have been using Shopify for a few years and out of nowhere they locked my account and would not give me access unless I signed a legal form saying I have the right to resell branded products. The thing is I don’t sell branded products. I recommend products and forward people to other websites where they can purchase the products if they choose to. It’s called affiliate marketing. Good luck trying to explain that to someone at Shopify. You can understand my frustration in putting in years of work and they lock my account for 1 or 2 so called branded products? Ok maybe they don’t want me to use their platform. But can I at least have access to my account so I can move my data onto another e-commerce site? Nope! It’s the equivalent of paying rent for a store and the landlord locks you out of the store and doesn’t let you get your products out! Beware!
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5 months ago, Froggar
Edit. Stole my money!
Shopify stole $1300 from me and refuses to give it back. Had a basic plan and wanted to see what the next plan up would be so I could do wholesale. I signed up and canceled the same day due to the astronomical price difference and my transaction was "converted" to credit. For three years they changed my bank rather than use the "credit" I have. I no longer use this app as it has become useless to actual small business owners...and have been fighting to get my money back. They have told me the since it has been "converted" to credit there is NO WAY to possibly convert it back. I have been fighting this for months now. Dev response will tell me to go to their chat line and take care of it there but the "customer support" keep telling me there is nothing they can do. Edit: still have not received a refund for the $1200+ owed to me.
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5 months ago, Reeferss
Infinity Amazing to say the least
I’ve tried Shopify a few times. Went back to a dedicated host and wasted a lot of money on word press and BlueHost. A lot of money. A lot of problems on the other other platforms. Shopify is the winner hands down. Why? Because if you invest in them with a top level annual plan. They apparently in my case have invested in me. Not only after a few months of paying in full for a top level plan did they offer me a hassle free business loan approved in days. They also waived the fees after I paid most of it. Then they offered me a credit card with instant approval. And they continue to offer financial help that is reasonable and hassle free. I’m blown away. So happy with their service. They really have something here. Not to mention their hosting has never resulted in any downtime. My vote is 100% Shopify as long as they continue their amazing service. The only downside is you can’t call them but so far that has not been an issues. PS: so far no malware or hacking.
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6 years ago, 👀🙈🙉🙊👅👩
It’s a great way to start for a beginner.
I find that using Shopify makes it easier to manage multiple parts of your business compacted within one app, however I do feel that there are some areas that need to be a bit more accessible for example; online store management: creating and editing webpage content within your store— the options are very general and limited. To my knowledge —I’ve searched everywhere I possibly could— but you aren’t able to create form fields (for the customers to interact/input information into) and the mobile page content editing section is glitchy. Overall, everything else is very generous with business setup. I would recommend it to my peers and/or anyone else.
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3 months ago, hdisiksbe
Shopify has gone downhill
We’ve had our shopify store for roughly 3 years now. Year 1 support was amazing, multiple contact methods and would get a quick resolution to any potential issues. Year 2 this support started to decline, phone service no longer available and resolution/response times much slower. Now in year 3 any form of support is useless. We have had numerous major issues with our store, with no help or resolutions from shopify support. The only available option is to chat with a representative, who will inform us that they are forwarding the issue to a specialist team and will get back to us within 24 hours….. we have never heard back with a resolution, not ever. In addition their process for chargebacks is awful, if you receive any form of a chargeback through shopify you are near guaranteed to lose it, regardless of any evidence submitted.
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4 months ago, Lexieeeeeeee1e
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can’t praise Shopify enough for revolutionizing my online business journey. The platform’s intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration options have elevated my store to new heights. From customizable themes to powerful analytics, Shopify offers everything needed to succeed in the e-commerce world. Their customer support team is incredibly responsive and helpful, ensuring that any issues are swiftly resolved. With Shopify, managing inventory, processing orders, and engaging customers has never been easier. If you’re serious about building a thriving online store, look no further than Shopify. It’s truly a game-changer!
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3 years ago, IHaTeAmaZon111
Came over from Volusion
I can't even express how I love Shopify! I had volusion since 2015 and they are the worst! So outdated, buggy, horrible customer service, html all screwed up! For instance you try to change a font and the size would change, or vice versa. Google hated it! Never could get my volusion website to abide by the Google seo. So I moved over to shopify in August 2021 and have never been happier! I like how I can install apps that make my website better. They offer capital which is nice! Their customer service is 👍 great! And I could go on. Shopify is the way of the future and to sell online! Thank you
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2 years ago, Mrs.Garcia-Mora
Great so far always room for improvement 😄
Overall I am really enjoying the Shopify app. I finally got the hang of it, I think there’s always room for improvement. I love how easy it is and accessible on my app. One of the things I’d love to see improve is the picture of product uploads. Every time I add a picture it’s one product and done. I have to exit the app and restart it so that I can go back in and upload my next product. Also on my laptop It takes multiply times for it to update a product. For example I’ll go in to edit stock , sizes, descriptions etc .. hit save and then it says it saved but go back and have to do it again.
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4 years ago, 174678
I always recommend this platform to everyone in the retail business around me and have had 2 stores. This time I started a new store and as my trial was about to expire and I was ready to launch my website I added my business payment information, 2 seconds later my shop was closed and I was unable to log in. Confused and nervous that my websites launch date was in 2 days I waited 2 hours to chat with a Shopify rep. Only for them to tell me they will not be allowing me to use their platform because I am “high risk”. They also stated they will not be telling me the reason they are denying me. Angry and confused I googled around to see this has happened to MANY people. Most of which were successful sites with 1,000 of revenue on hold when Shopify came and closed there shop with no warning. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. THEY WILL SHUT YOU DOWN WITHOUT WARNING FOR HAVING A COMPLETELY LEGAL CLOTHING BRAND.
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3 years ago, SexyClassy
The perfect eComm platform
I wish I could explain how amazing Shopify has been for our business in a way that wouldn’t make it sound like a fake review. There is NO better platform for someone to build their store, and we know because we tried variations of several others before we moved over. There is definitely a learning curve because it does more than other online storefronts can do, but it is more than worth it. The integrations with other apps and tech are endless. Keep making it happen Shopify! We will be putting our trust in you to help keep our business growing with your awesome innovation. 💗
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3 years ago, Austin henry
New “live view” is not helpful
This has been a great app for getting tons of dynamic data about my shop. The “live view” was always interesting to see exactly where my visitors were located at any given time. I say “was” because a few weeks ago someone decided to replace the flat world map with a 3D globe. (Thus the app goes from 5 to 3 stars)To see where visitors are, I have to swipe/spin the globe... up...down...right...left and hunt for the visitors. I imagine some designer thought it would be so cool to have an artsy “NASA-based” globe element on the screen that store owners could interact with. It’s not cool. It’s annoying and useless. Please bring back the simple flat world map, that allows users to easily see the location of every visitor- with no gimmicks, just solid UI and UX. Thanks.
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11 months ago, Shaela M
Awful update (love shopify) but the last update is bad
As said in title, I love shopify and have used it for years but this last update to the app is absolutely awful, when you click a product you have to actually click back arrow to go back to the main page instead of just being able to click the tag at the bottom to go back. Not only that but having to click the three dots “…” in the bottom right to go to option and scroll down to find your place is a pain. Wish they would switch it back as now it’s frustrating and annoying to use the app on my phone which I do daily. Not sure who thought these changes were a good idea 👎🏻
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2 years ago, BoldBlackSwan
First Time Small Business Owner, Love the App
I’m 7 months in to owning and running a small business online. I went with Shopify after researching pros and cons of its competitors, including Etsy. Never regretted my decision, business is doing great. There is a learning curve, I needed to pace myself and prioritize with what I could learn and implement. The app itself has been like a business coach to me, recommending new features or pointing out data for me to focus on that helps improve my business, for my business and my customers. I’m looking forward to learning, selling and doing more with Shopify as my sales platform.
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5 years ago, Take These Movies Off My Acn
New to Shopify So Far I
I kept putting off owning my own business since 2007. I am ashamed to confess that. I have not launched yet I had to delay launching 2x’s because I had some issues, but now things are looking up! I am so excited about exploring all possible marketing options. There are plans to integrate another store and this is still not the original store i was supposed to open in ‘07. Shopify provides a lot of support, but you still have to do it yourself or pay professionals. I am finding the app for IOS is a little different to navigate. I don’t thing going back and forth to my product source will be a problem. Shrugs. I will come back with an update after I am good and settled.
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3 months ago, Dood Broman
Worst “customer service” of all time
Shopify PROFITED $2.8. billion in 2022 but decided to cut the spending on the customer service department. You would think a company this large would expand their customer service department as they profited more and began to service more businesses. Nope not these guys. Instead they got rid of any way to communicate via phone call. Nope, you cannot call when they screw something up to get it fixed. Shopify sent me an incorrect 1099K this year, I’ve reached out 3 times to have it corrected, the first person told me 24-48 hours it would be corrected. This is week 4 and I haven’t even received a follow up email. Corporate greed strikes again. Find a less known way to host your business online Shopify does NOT care about their customers.
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3 years ago, Shopify BEAST
Love using this platform!
Easy to use with so many additional apps, features and not to mention resources to help you start and scale your really can't go wrong. The choice is simple so in case you were on the fence take it from a real person who has had some failures and success with e-commerce and I would hands down not go through any of those experiences using another platform. Shopify is hands down the most user friendly, technical say and easily accessible platform to choose. FYI, I never leave comments but I had to with these guys, thanks!
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6 years ago, BCNrefugee
Data won’t refresh
There’s a little t to like about this app but it’s all overshadowed for me by the fact that it’s near impossible to get it to display up-to-the minute information. Isn’t the whole point of having an app like this on your phone so that you can get a quick snapshot of where things stand at the moment? It exacerbated my frustration that the app appears to have a pull down to refresh function that goes through the motions but then just goes on displaying old data. And then randomly - maybe after you’ve been looking at the screen for 6 minutes- boom, you current information just pops in there unceremoniously. It’s a weird miss for an app that otherwise was clearly very thoughtfully developed.
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2 years ago, Ilim_2009
This is what I received when they blocked my store without my permission
This email is to inform you that after reviewing your information and website we believe your business presents a level of risk that we will be unable to support with Shopify. I know this is not ideal, however we won't be able to help with your business. At this time since Shopify has been deemed not a good fit for your business you will need to research other e-commerce platforms to find one that will be suitable. Regrettably we are not able to make recommendations to merchants. Please note that for security and privacy reasons we are unable to divulge the results of our reviews and investigations. Once an account has been declined the decision is final. Thank you and I wish you all the best with your business going forward! Kind regards,
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4 years ago, LetterLady
Saving me from Etsy
I was so afraid to go out on my own but Shopify gave me a place to have full control of my brand, content and profit. As a vintage dealer or any one of a kind seller it felt like Etsy is stacked against you. I don’t have items that are wildly popular and sell over and over which is a big part of how items rank in Etsy search. This year I will sell more on my own site using my own advertising techniques than I will on Etsy. It is not always easy but I have never once had a problem that Shopify support didn’t help me figure out almost immediately. Independence and control feel good!
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10 months ago, Awkward social scene
No bulk shipping label feature
They removed the feature to order multiple shipping labels for multiple orders at the same time through the app, meaning if you’re trying to use the app to fulfill orders you have to do them one at a time. This is extremely cumbersome when you have many orders as buying each label takes like 5 screens and 20 screen taps. I asked Shopify support about this and they were very unsympathetic basically saying I should stop using this app and go log on with a browser on laptop instead. Very rude and unprofessional, this experience on top of all the other Shopify shortcomings like how they force us to spend a lot of money on apps to implement very basic e-commerce functionality is making me look for alternative platforms so I don’t have to deal with their incompetence.
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5 years ago, LOVELAW1018
Don't. Just run. The app never works. It has issues with literally EVERY integration. It freezes, pulls my cost prices to the Collection pages instead of selling prices, drops apps like Facebook repeatedly. And then when I asked for a refund for the month that my shop has been improperly working because you should not be paying for a product that does not work, they threaten to close my store. They hold your store hostage, don't fix ANY of their multitude of bugs and glitches, all the while trying to ring you into working for them for free to try to solve their software problems. Don’t even get me started on the faux phone app that offers no means of fulfilling your orders. It’s a joke or the cruelest order. This is a scam of the worst kind preying on small businesses. They should be in jail. Just wait. A class action law suit is bound to happen.
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2 years ago, Wahx2
No Longer Easy To Use
Why did you change this app to make it less user friendly? Editing product quantities requires more steps, looking for product by my item number auto corrects and brings up other useless things and I have to carefully find the product I’m looking for in a mix of non related items. Changing quantities after finding my item takes several more steps when not too long ago I could do it quickly and easily. Plus I also see the error message “check your internet connection” when the connection is fine. Why make something worse when it didn’t need fixing? Please go back to an earlier version and bring back the user friendly app it used to be.
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6 years ago, Indyjasmine
Great, but would be better with a couple additions.
I love using the Shopify app for my shop, but I think it could be even better with the addition of two features. First, I’d love to be able to add variant photos from my phone. I sometimes add variants to a product while I’m mobile, and while I can add product photos, I can’t assign specific photos to its corresponding variant. The addition of this capability would make a world of difference for me. Also, I often invoice customers from my phone. Sometimes, I need to waive the shipping fee, but I can’t do that through the app. This additional capability would be a huge time saver for me as well. Thank you!
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2 years ago, PudgyPenis
Constant inventory issues
I have caught Shopify messing up inventory time and time again and now I have to triple check to make sure it’s correct. I would save a new products inventory with size variants and when I go back later to add the UPC’s the inventory will be different than what I added. I have a large store that is not only in-store and online so this is constantly costing us online sales. Having to refund items that we don’t have anymore, and checking people out at the register to notice it says we have 0 in stock so it was out of stock on the website the whole time. I get there are human errors, stealing, etc., but I caught it in the act and Shopify is costing us business. It’s unbelievable how many different glitches I’m running into but this is by far the worst one.
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3 years ago, saweacyj
Worst customers service I’ve ever dealt with in my career
Shopify puts a theme on there site for $180. I spend 2 weeks working on my site the price for the theme goes to $310. I spoke to the developer and shopify about the issue. The developer said its all on shopify that they didn’t give there customers price protection. This all on shopify. I guess they have so many customers that they don’t care about there new ones. I run a car dealership for the last 12 years I have been doing it for 25 years. I have never given a customer a price then take it away from them. This is a very unprofessional company no one knows anything takes a week for them to get back to you. They only thing good about shopify are there apps for products if you want to buy retail and sell for over retail.
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