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User Reviews for ShowingTime

2.4 out of 5
673 Ratings
4 years ago, MarcW23
iCal & notification settings bugs, showing cart issues, etc
1) Keeps syncing “Declined” showings in iCal when set not to. I’ve deleted the calendar subscription and re-synced several times but it keeps changing itself back. 2) I only want push notifications but am forced to also receive the text due to a glitch there too. 3) It would be nice to have the ability to create & add to a showing cart from the apps as easily as can be done from desktop, currently not even an option. 4) Please add the ability to import/add client emails directly into the showing cart emails. 5) When using chrome browser on iPad/iPhone it would be nice to access the desktop version instead of it converting to the app. 6) The apps allows more showing request time options than the desktop such as 1:05pm or 3:40pm. Would be nice to have that in desktop too.
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5 years ago, DenaKG
Disappointed - something has changed
The mobile version that was connected to my MLS used to allow my to schedule multiple showings in a cart / tour. That no longer works regardless of the suggestions made to my MLS by ShowingTime support. I used to have the same functionality on my iPad that I do on my PC - laptop. Now it it is only one at a time when it opens a window / tab on the iPad. If I say Open to open the App - it doesn’t remember the listings or listings that I wanted to schedule and still only lefts me schedule one at a time. So the whole smart route function or being able to see time and distance between homes is lost. This is HORRIBLE! I’m a mobile agent. Now I’m forced to schedule all showings on the PC or call back to the officer for my assistant to schedule the multiple showings. BAD!!!! I’v been reporting this for a month and no one will truly address it. I loved using this app but am truly frustrated.
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4 years ago, Dfonz60
Getting Worse and Worse
I am so sorry to have to write this review, because I used to be a huge fan of Showing Time. But something has gone seriously wrong with this App over the last year. Has there been a change in Management? I went into MLS last night to enter a new listing, and when I got to the section to “Manage Showing Time”, not even that works! And why do double entries get sent to my Calendar every single time I make it cancel a Showing Time Appt? Do you realize how many appointments that put onto my calendar? I cannot even see my other appointments for the day!! But I won’t begin to list all of the other issues, bcs you have seen the comments in the other reviews. So I wonder if company Executives are reading the reviews?? Realtors MUST rely on a service such as Showing Time in order to do our business. So pls change your technical staff, and make address these too frequent problems. And your form letter response to people says a lot about the way things are being handled too.
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3 years ago, stlshopper69
I really wish they’d figure out this app
Update: they emailed me and asked me to delete the app and download it again. After a couple days of use the error message has gone away. What I think is now needed is a better home landing screen that we can default back to. The reloaded app still bounces around when I open it up and never settles on the same screen twice. I use this only because it’s a necessity and better than CSI. But for the love of god why does it error every time I open the app and the app has to reload itself or logs me out of the system. It’s such an aggravation and looks terrible in front of clients that our technology is so fickle. I’m in the St. Louis market and mostly use the app on my iPhone.
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7 years ago, ckl5401
For me the problem is input
I am a seller. I think this would be an amzing app if it were in fact a part of the listing agent's internal office responsibility to update and correct input. All Buyers agents do not use this software, so therefore they do not update it when a showing is complete nor do they update the feedback. Also, if the Buyer's agent requests an appointment through the listing agent's software and the apppointment time needs to be adjusted, that is usually made through a phone call. Fantastic service to the client does not appear to be enough motivation for the listing agent to update the software data. Such a bummer. Could be a way for a real estate firm to distinguish itself from the rest of the considerable pack.
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6 years ago, ChicagoAge
Occupants don’t matter
As tenants of the seller property, there is no way for you to have access. We are the “occupants” per the texts but only access is given to sellers and agents. Don’t mind it’s the occupants schedule that is being taken over. You have to manually keep track of the appointments. Even the texts come in different strings so you cannot easily see in one text. You have to keep scrolling and try to pick which one you think it is. For you iPhone users at least with a date and time it will underline for easy calendar addition... not with this app! Only pulls the date so everything else is manual. With this being a standard across the realty world I would think as a provider of service you could figure out and execute a better system and add some functionality that makes sense ... or a secretary would do!
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7 years ago, rllinss
Fine for agents . Horrible for home owners
Nothing more needs to be said. Read the reviews. The single biggest problem isn’t the app. It’s agents who see the booking time as the arrival window. So you vacate for an hour appointment only to return and have them having just arrived ! You want to sell your house so you’re willing to let them stay ( but how awkward)— and you go back to your car and wait. Or you vacate only to have them send a message through the app that they will have to reschedule. All anonymously! And it is the rare agent who provides a clue that they’ve left. sure it makes it easy on the agent. But As a home owner motivation to sell is gauged by willingness to return calls and respond to texts. The app removes this critical step. In short — prepare to turn your calendar over to all the real estate agents in your area.
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1 year ago, Mrtzjam
Worst app for Realtors
I can’t express how much I hate this app. For over a year I’ve had this issue where listings will not show up on the app even though they are on the MLS. I also had moments when agents will assert their listing needs to be scheduled via Showingtime only for their listings to not be found or Showingtime will tell me that the listing is not accepting online requests. Also, Showingtime will mark on my profile “No service” even though I am current with my MLS dues and I am a member of my local Realtor association. I’ve reached out to their support many times about these issues only for them to give me generic responses without solving the problem. Overall I am disappointed with this app. This deserves to be discarded from use for realtors.
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6 years ago, Wrkn925
My BFF, next to my realtor
We listed our house on a Friday and had 15 showings in 8 days. I don’t even want to think what it would be like if a realtor had to call my realtor and my realtor had to call me, or if we needed a time change.... I work all day. I can’t answer phone calls. This was PERFECT. I’d receive a notification of a request, and just click Confirm. I could suggest time changes, cancel showings, and get feedback from other realtors. And I had a easy reference to see when someone was viewing the house so I’d be away. I love this. I sang the praises to my realtor. Realtors, use this. My only complaint was that most realtors showing the property didn’t use the feedback option or “showing complete” notification option. One more tiny complaint, you have to use two notification options between text, email and app notification. I would prefer to just use one.
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6 years ago, Juliebroker13
As a Broker with 30 years of experience I will say that this is the best, most organized tool for organizing showings to a Buyer and as a listing agent, I have everything right in front of me. My Sellers are overall happy with the scheduling and they love the feedback. I’ve never had an ounce of trouble with it! I was reading some of the poor reviews prior individuals wrote and I will say that the majority of issues with this or any process is most always the “user” who is challenged. The program is fantastic! I’m so glad we have it in Arizona!
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1 year ago, Budgesicle
Basically Unusable
It's always been glitchy. But I updated the app and now no matter what I try to do (schedule showing, view feedback, etc) it just goes to my “notification center”. It’s past the point of being annoying, it hardly functions at all. As a realtor I am always on the road and can’t always access the desktop version, and my market exclusively uses ShowingTime. This absolutely has to be fixed. Edit: After receiving the same generic response from the company asking me to contact them via email, I did so. It’s been several days with no response. Not surprised. Why bother asking me to reach out by email if you’re not going to respond?
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1 year ago, Carmen_R
Seller/Occupant UX needs work
As a seller, I really appreciate that the showings can be scheduled on this app. I also appreciate being able to confirm or decline the timeslot. It’s a far cry from the old days when your realtor had to call you every time there was a showing. However, it would be very nice if you could arrange the showings in a chronological order. It would also be nice if agents actually used the “showing complete” option… you sit in your car for hours, not knowing whether the agent has left with the potential buyers.
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5 years ago, manuelphone
I’m trying to get a appointment for a showing and the site is a joke it tells you one thing to bring up home and hit showing icon , do that and no button I have talked to realtor and said can I just schedule it with you and she insists on going through showings. I told her to forget it tired of the whole thing , so stupid . I’m sure the realtors are losing sales but it is their fault, if they are to lazy to take on phone
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10 months ago, Joey Lala
Terrible App. Would give Zero stars if possible.
Our house is for sale and the app keeps auto-approving showings that our listing agent has not agreed to. I called customer service and they could not change the auto-approve feature. So now people are showing up all throughout the day, unable to see the house. My wife and I both work and there is no lock box because we have animals in the house. There should be security questions the home seller can answer to gain access and change settings if needed. I would not recommend this app to anyone. Absolutely awful.
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1 year ago, liquidvpm
Have to keep deleting and reinstalling
This app is so frustrating. I have complained several times. There is a glitch happening: when I want to schedule a new showing I tap schedule a showing it then brings me back to notification center repeatedly instead of the tab to bring up the new address. I have already deleted and reinstalled this app twice. It continues to happen. It does the same thing when I tap on showing cart. Once that start’s happening I have to open and close the app repeatedly or delete and reinstall. Please fix!
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9 months ago, TheSabot
Good but needs a few tweaks
The app is a good tool with only a few tweaks needed to make it great. Please have the default view on opening the app be the ‘on my listings view.’ Or let the user choose the default view. The messages view isthe least important for how the app gets used. It’s SO annoying to constantly have to dig for the listings view every time I open the app. It would also be helpful if we could book Showing carts from the app.
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3 years ago, ChicagoRealtor
Works great but need landscape option for iPad
This app is great. Makes it easy for me as a realtor and managing broker to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments as needed by my clients while on the go. However, one thing that this app needs is landscape mode on the iPad. If installed, even the website takes you directly to the app and it only works in portrait mode. It would have a 5 star if landscape is added.
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6 years ago, VrnggnrV
Less than useless
The biggest problem with this app is the agents who insist on using it to be “cutting edge.” It is fine for showings but once an agent has a contract this app starts gathering dust. I got calls from inspectors and others. I had to waste time double-confirming with my agent that this was a true visit and not a scam. If the lazy agents actually used the app that they insist their clients have it would actually be useful. Like I said the app seems fine but getting the agents to actually use the tool they give you is a big problem.
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5 years ago, Around the Horn
Nice in theory - pity agents abuse it.
I like the app, it works well for me. Unfortunately as a seller, the buying agents totally abuse the app. 1) seldom on time 2) don’t use feedback option It should be mandatory to provide feedback. As a seller it should also be mandatory to show up during the window the agent chose. Not 30 mins early , not an hour late. As a seller we should be able to report these agents and persistent Realtors abusing the app should be suspended from using it. If they are going to be substantially late or early there is a reschedule function. They should use it. It’s pointless otherwise. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because the developer should make Realtors accountable and allow sellers to report Realtors who abuse this system. It’s called common courtesy. Add a report button for sellers.
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7 years ago, Lil.Ms.P
Seller Can't Log In
Our realtor set us up and we are receiving text messages and phone calls about showing requests, but we can't log into the app with our email. Now maybe our realtor didn't set it up correctly, but ShowingTime could offer a better way to get the issue resolved instead of having to contact our realtor. For example, allow sellers to create their own accounts and the realtors just have to confirm we're the seller of the home. It could be a useful tool for sellers and their realtors, but it's hard to know when you can't even log in.
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3 years ago, CaliKat1
Awful! Zero stars.
Just added the App last night. Took forever to try to schedule 2 showings. Calendar doesn’t open easily, now this morning App is locked up and can’t get to main screen. Deleted App, tried again still locked up. Worthless. Wanted this to work Because over 90% of the calls I make to ShowingTime they tell me they can’t schedule and to call the agent. Not a ShowingTime fan at all! It’s hard to have laptop access when out in the field showing properties and the MLS link works some of the time.
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1 year ago, KriWill
The App is an afterthought.
Apps should support being fully mobile. This is not. While you can book individual showings with it, you cannot add to or create showingcarts, which for a busy agent is what we need the most. That feature, alongside being able to gauge the distance and estimated drive time between homes with their availability is such a painfully obvious need. Adding this would make this a 4 or even 5-star app for many of us I’m sure.
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2 years ago, Victor Agu
Apple Maps no longer supported?
First I want to say, I never had any issue with the app. It does the job I need it to do. But lately I noticed when I click Get Directions, it only opens up google maps and no longer lets me use Apple Maps. Is there a setting I can adjust to get this option back or is this a new update?
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1 year ago, Kristen 45
No showing cart “as advertised “
I get an email that the functionality of doing a multiple showing schedule can be done on mobile with smart route etc….. to find untrue! This app is frustrating. Also - ** please add someplace on a listing we are looking to book, if there is a scheduled open house. Many times we’re on the fly running and this would be useful.
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1 year ago, katiebeth54
Stuck in notification screen
When I try to schedule a showing, it goes to the Notification Center. I click schedule a showing again and same thing. I click show my listings and other options to get it off notifications and then try schedule a showing again and rarely does it work correctly. It’s so frustrating and a key part of our job. Please take these comments seriously and solve this glitch.
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6 years ago, Dizzle23m
Doesn’t load anymore
For the past 4-6 weeks the app doesn’t load properly and will say poor connection even when I’m on WiFi will full bars or connected to my network with full bars. I tap to reload and nothing happens. I’ve used this app for over 4 years now and never experienced issues like I am now. Very bad updating or lack of testing new updated from developer.
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4 years ago, dwalter715
Notification Overload
Frankly, I love the app, it’s been great to me since day 1. Here’s the big BUT: I have push notification and the red dots on apps, they drive me nuts when they accumulate. This app has a CONSTANTLY INCREASING number that you can’t clear! It drives me up a wall. Maybe I don’t want to send feedback to that specific property, or there were multiple offers and my people lost? Regardless, I can’t clear those notifications and it’s driving me crazy!!
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4 years ago, Sunny flowers
Notification symbol always indicates “1”
The notification symbol for the app always shows “1” even after clearing all notification by marking them as “read.” It’s very annoying because I can never tell if I have new alerts or how many alerts. Just ALWAYS indicated I have “1.” EDIT: Your response wasn’t helpful. I said it shows the “1” even after clearing all notifications, so saying there must be a notification that hasn’t been cleared doesn’t make any sense because it’s not that.
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4 years ago, WoodChip64
Recent changes - mobile no longer iPad friendly
Please correct the recent mobile changes that keep the mobile in portrait aspect - I work on iPad with keyboard and the view will not change to landscape. I have deleted and reinstalled, powered off and done all the typical troubleshooting. Please help! I see one other comment about this change - so at least I know I’m not crazy.
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4 years ago, X Hans X
Only shows very limited MLS listing information
Only shows very limited MLS listing information. So every time I have to either open a separate web browser and login to MLS or just for convenience, I will need to have printouts to show multiple properties. Why not just show the entire listing page in the app? The function now is pretty much useless to me.
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5 years ago, love2 sell
As a seller I love receiving text notification if showings that list date and time. They used to also list showing agent and I wish that option were still available.
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6 years ago, Cbutte boy
Completely unreliable
This app is unreliable. At worst it doesn’t let you know until close to 30 minutes later that the showing has started. It frequently says one has ended after 2 minutes and times out after an hour even if it’s still going. It’s hard to believe that the world of realtors rely on this and can’t get the maker to make it work well. Pathetic. I would give it 0 stars if that were an option.
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5 years ago, RJRabbit
Seller review
I’m selling my home. I’ve not denied any appointment. Yet 3 have been cancelled due to Showing Agent “unable to confirm”! I don't understand unable to confirm???? I've answered yes every time. My last cancelled appointment was an “escalated request” - whatever that means. It sounds like someone really wanted to see the house! I hope I am not losing sales because of this site!!! What’s going on???
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6 years ago, Sharonmariec
Doesn’t work
I had my agent trying to figure out why I couldn’t logon to the app when my email address was correct. Then I realized that if I clicked on the email link on my computer, I went directly into the web interface with no issues using the same email address. Once I deleted the app, the web interface took over on my phone and I was able to see the showingtime website. App caused both my agent and I a lot of wasted time!
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4 years ago, robbietre
Needs improvement
From a total outage last weekend, to app crashes, inability to refresh, and sms delivery problems, this app is completely unreliable. It is a great tool when it works, but it’s unreliability makes me want to pay for another service, even when this one is free/integrated with my MLS. Their support is miserable, doesn’t accept responsibility, and gives no insight to plans to resolve problems. I really hope my MLS does not renew a contract or cancels due to not meeting SLA obligations.
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4 years ago, Stheavy Bailey
Total crap
“An error has occurred” This app is the biggest saboteur of my career . It never works. The showing cart/ tour feature only works on desktop and every time I try to book a showing on the app it says “an error has occurred “. Even when it notifies me to leave feedback the screen doesn’t display right, overlying text and jumping around. You have one job. I wish someone would invent a solution I would be begging them to take my money.
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2 years ago, Momonana2124
Before everything appeared right there and then. Now some properties that I even have listed are not showing up. There is no way to do a manual update, or actualize. Requesting showing times is imposible. Each time I press to schedule a new appointment, the list of all properties scheduled, past, present and future, keeps showing up.
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3 years ago, thegaygent
No Push Notifications
Ever since I’ve updated to iOS 14, I haven’t been able to receive any push notifications. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, checked my settings, etc. Not sure what the issue is. I have to check it constantly if I have pending requests just to know if I’m confirmed or not. Please fix.
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1 year ago, Queeniemtt
Come on....
As a realtor we can't work without showingtime, but we also don't have time to uninstall and reinstall when the app decides to not work randomly.... The "I have requested" tab is unresponsive almost every time i have a new showing scheduled. It will just be stuck on my listings page, i can click conversation or the another tab but the one I need to actually do the showing...
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1 year ago, rukinship
Trying to schedule a showing on the mobile app is such a headache. It works every now and then. You have to back out and click on schedule a showing and hope it populates the bar to search for the listing you want to show. I have deleted and redownloaded so it’s an internal error with the app.
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2 years ago, ahuberhomes
Keeps showing notifications even when I don’t have any. I’ve removed and RE downloaded the app, restarted my phone, shut the app multiple times. Maddening! Also need to make rescheduling appointments more seamless process that doesn’t confuse owners.
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7 years ago, ajlemm
Developer Needs To Fix
I’ve been using this app for a couple months now as a seller and without fail, I get logged out at least a couple times a day. Once this happens, I can’t simply just log back in - I am forced to reset my information to have a new token sent to me. So frustrated that this is the go-to app for showings because clearly the developers aren’t reading these reviews so they can fix this annoying issue.
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2 months ago, realtorrealtorealtor
Often find that the app is glitching & a big frustration is the Google maps integration. It never opens properly in the app so I have to retype in address. It would be great to access & edit tours in the app. Hoping for improvements for mobile use!
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5 years ago, seller3401
Agent Feedback
This is a great app for setting up showings but the feedback option is overlooked by most agents. I think that when I get showing requests of less than an hour or multiple requests from the same agent, the least they could do is give feedback. They should be locked out of the app until feedback is provided on previous showings!!
Show more
5 years ago, PickyUrNose
Overall the app works fine. However when messaging and providing feedback, it would really be nice to dictate. This is the only app I have that freaks out after a word dictated and then stops. It isn’t unique to me but to everyone in the office. Please fix this and allow showing cart to be used in app.
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6 years ago, pa_eng
So buggy
I prefer to use the desktop version because this app only mimics a few functional features and basically it’s unreliable. So when I am out showing houses and need to make adjustments to the itinerary, this app just doesn’t cut it. But at least it helps me with driving as it does work when it links up with your navigation app. 2 stars.
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4 years ago, dmhdff
App not working properly
A year ago this app used to work like a charm. As of late, it’s non-stop problems for me and everyone I work with. I couldn't schedule appointments for two days three weeks ago. I had to call every single listing agent to schedule showings. Today I can’t login at all. I asked a colleague about it, and she is having the same issues. Maddening!!!
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6 years ago, DVDBob
Always disconnected...
When it works, it does what I need and allows me to see details on my showings, get directions, etc. However, if you sneeze wrong, the app gets disconnected and won’t bring up your next showing. I have to force kill it every time and relaunch to get it to work. This happens 5-6 times a day.
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4 years ago, Sammyydavisnojunior
This would be a great app if it worked
This app is about as glitchy as an app can be. It’s really unfortunate because I love the concept of it and it would be very convenient if it worked properly. My screen often gets frozen or I tap to go to my showings and it doesn’t move or go to the page I tap. I finally have just given up on it.
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4 years ago, Lxjshabxk
Just keeps crashing. I have not been able to load it once yet. They contacted me and fixed the issue with an update. Thanks developers!
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