SIMPLE Mobile My Account

4.8 (14.9K)
90.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SIMPLE Mobile My Account

4.83 out of 5
14.9K Ratings
2 years ago, DracoFamGoon
Simple Mobile
I'm Shareef, and I just wanted to write a quick and honest review. This service is excellent and simple. I've been using it for a long with no issues. It will be put to good use for a very long time. If my family and friends were to inquire about my opinion, I would respond that I have no issues with my service, that it is extremely affordable, simple to use, and that it awards points. This service is the best there is, and I wish I had known about it sooner. I appreciate you enabling me to provide this evaluation and service.
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4 years ago, T. Mel
Have been with your service for a little over a year now . Thank you for your services. Support has been very helpful as have only a year ago switched from a flipphone and not too tech saavy... Only dissappointment was... several months ago had purchased 3 $40 dollar reup pin cards to have back up in case we might be on lockdown but discovered that (because of the covid situation needed to use unlimited data for employment search...possible schooling... essential communications...etc)-am close to 60 yrs old----was not allowed to use any of that money on cards to make it the $50 plan....being locked in a $40 plan )$120 paid money )- reeeeaaalllyyy needed to be able to use it towards the $50 plan as no work coming through and unemplyment money coming in for me was very low ---- If money is spent on multiple cards it should be credit to next option on plan not locked in ... These are confusing times . I hope all stay well and safe. Again , other than having money frozen on reup cards ... have had decent experience with Simple Mobile. Thank you.
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4 years ago, jenjen3869
Don’t use your points if you leases a phone
I used my points that I worked long and hard to get but because I lease a phone through them and they use a service to collect the payment for my phone and for a service plan they are saying that I can’t use my points for a plan after fighting with them for hours over the phone to convince them that the plan never got used that I still had to pay cash. It was a huge head ache and I feel completely misled and disappointed with this whole company. I’m glad that I’m diligent and keep copies of receipts or I probably would not have gotten my points added back to my account but I can’t even use them so I don’t know what’s the fricking point in me having them. They told me well you can buy more data with them, well that’s great but I pay for unlimited data already sooo thanks for nothing!
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2 years ago, mskuljho
Usage Data Meter
Upgrades are cool on the CC.. Now I truly feel that you all need to work on the usage data meter for rolling pay data buys..though the data is added to the service there is literally no way to tell where you are at on your usage to slow down. The meter just stays red when it’s all used up for the that month of service. I have been with Simple for two years an half I like the service thank you
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2 years ago, SilentNoth.
The Lucky Wheel is Rigged
(For the Christmas/ Winter Special) I’ve spun it 10 days in a row and it always lands on the same spot, the lowest reward “5 points”. At first I thought it was my luck, but now I realized that the wheels were designed that way after your first few spins. The app also makes you sign in again every-time you close & reopen it as well. I downloaded this so I wouldn’t have to keep signing in as much as I do on Safari, but it doesn’t even offer me a “remember me” button. The app also only works as fast as your data/ wifi is, so it doesn’t work offline at all. However, it’s not the app I have problems with as much as the carrier themselves. I also have very slow data, (even though I use the unlimited plan!) it didn’t make sense that my devices were still running so poorly. I called and asked for a fix, but nothing they did fixed any of those devices. I even used to have better speeds before Unlimited!
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1 year ago, Iamhim317
I want to say first off this reward program is the most resourceful and also helpful idea ever to be thought up and for me to be here apart of it I want to thank you for help when it’s needed from the community because everyone has bumps in the road at times and hard times seems to find everyone in life so I wanna thank you for not just me but for this community.
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2 years ago, don't like my comment huh
I have a problem with my account I started out paying 30 bucks for my service all of a sudden I go to pay my bill its 54 dollars I call the guy tells me I have two lines i tell him no I don’t how is it that all of a sudden I have two lines without me knowing it he could not explain and didn’t try he said he couldn’t give me any information about my account and I could not speak with his supervisor he did not give me any kind of way to resolve this problem so I call back hoping to speak with someone else and this guy removed the other line that was put on my account without me knowing l would like to speak with a supervisor because there’s other issues. Florence
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3 years ago, boardcruiser
This was a great company until Tracfone got in the picture
This used to be the most underrated phone company in early 2010. I’ve had blackberrys, sidekicks, basic phones, androids, iPhones, and all types of other devices on Simple. Recently the service has been lackluster. It’s too slow to properly stream or do heavy browsing. Everyone is right, customer service isn’t the greatest and the value just isn’t there anymore. Sometimes I wonder how competitive Simple Mobile would be if they stayed independent? Or what they’d do to keep me as a customer since I’ve been here since basically day one.
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8 months ago, Bart in RPB
Mobile app not good
I had to update my credit card information because I have a new credit card. Trying to get into my account was useless. I forgot my password and 3 times I entered my email address to receive the password and 3 times I did not get an email from SimpleMobile. Then when I was able to start a chat session, there was no way for me to respond. Normally a box would open for me to text my message, but not on your app. Then I called you and the agent I spoke with was not talking clearly and I could not understand half of what she was saying. I asked her to send me the instructions to reset your app and she hung up. Thanks.
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3 years ago, kmrie
App is Great , Company has downgraded
ImVery disappointing I’ve been a simple mobile customer since 2013 and I haven’t had any issues until now it is 2021 and I’ve been using the app to pay for my monthly mobile bill. I have an iPhone so I’m able to have a hotspot added to this line and I’ve paid for my additional hotspot through the app but I am now having issues receiving my data. I just wish the company can do better in resolving this issue for me other than trying to help me troubleshoot my phone five and six times or either issue me a refund.
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3 years ago, TheBreezy813
I love using the app. If your phone is out of data and you are trying to purchase a data add on online it’s almost pointless. However if you have the app you can purchase the data add on loads faster with little to no internet and successfully complete the purchase all inside the app. Highly recommended and convenient.
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2 years ago, lysta.lysta
It is great
It is very easy to use once you get the hang of it which does not take long at all I love that you can earn points that could eventually get you a free plan for one month I’ve been with simple mobile for almost 4 years now and I have no complaints about it and their pricing is pretty fair I think
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2 years ago, timbuvk06
This is the worse phone company i have ever been with !
If you are looking for a phone company to choose from .. do not come to simple mobile they customer service is beyond poor they don’t help you with anything they constantly switch u over to a different person that tells you the same thing they are rude disrespectful they don’t know how to talk to the customers … they cut your line off without any notice everything about them is out of place i have 0 satisfaction and i will never recommend anyone to give their money to these people …
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1 year ago, HighRisk-Pat
Well rounded service provider
I am new yo simple mobile and I am extremely happy with the service that they provide and the prices are great I have no complaints. Let’s no forget the point system where you can gain points to purchase add ons and what not as I stated great service all around prices, service, plans,etc…
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2 years ago, nicolzi789
Used Wrong Payment
I went to Re-Up my plan on the app and put in debit card details to pay for it. Instead it used my previous payment method, PayPal. My PayPal account didn’t have enough money in it, and therefore PayPal used my inactive bank account which also didn’t have enough money in it. Now I have an overdraft fee from my bank. I’ve called support and they have transferred me three times unable to help me. Now I’m waiting for a call back. There is a technical issue with the app, so just be careful with which payment methods are available on the app.
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3 years ago, tomthumbrother
Phone reception
When I first started with the plain I was able to get reception all over the house and the back yard and garage and now it’s back to work I have to be steel in one room to keep from dropping calls and even then they still lose reception at least it’s cheaper than the other companies that do the same thing
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2 years ago, mrs milkyway
Awesome service
Simply mobile is a great cellular service! The app is very convenient to use to re-up my monthly plan it’s multiple options of ways to reload plans and the customer service representative’s are very polite!😊I recommend this Simply Mobile anytime
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3 years ago, Nickickk
Track Usage and Pay 1 Tap
I can keep track of my data usage and purchase additional data with just 1-2 taps. Extremely convenient. The reason why I did not rate 5 stars is because there is no way to view your call history like other phone providers have. I needed to locate a very important number from a month ago and it was basically impossible to do that.
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2 years ago, xx vgjbvcxf
Nothing simple about it
I normally have a hard to paying my bill with these guys, there 611 number is completely automated, so I downloaded the app put my card in they charged me I have screenshots but it doesn’t show on there end now my phone off they asking me to pay again with no reimbursement from the first payment the stole from me. I hate it here, update I switch to another service provider and still no refund don’t trust these crooks please
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2 years ago, Yumy_Chulita
Spray business now
I have used Simple Mobile for 11 years with no problems before. now it is owned by Verizon and in just a week I have had many problems until today my phone lost all signal. after more than 5 hours trying again and again with 7 different agents and in the end one of them tells me that to solve my problems I should get a phone from Verizon. 5 hours wasted to finally force me to buy one of their cell phones. Today is my last day with simple Mobile
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2 years ago, Samer Azawi
I have been with this company for 9 years, and it is very good, but a month ago I received a message from them saying that we have become part of the Verizon family, so you will be transferred to this company, and since I was transferred to it, I suffer from weakness and interruption of the Internet, so that I cannot open any app or communicate via WhatsApp I contacted the customer Service to fix the problem to no avail, knowing that I have friends who have not been transferred to another company .
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8 months ago, fgthbdfnifs
Earn Points Games is rig to lose and to win you prizes that you wouldn’t won’t
the earn points games are rig to lose most of the game Spin to win always lands on try again tomorrow or a free magazine and the game Scratch To Win always Try Again Tomorrow
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2 years ago, Danielarojasc
I’ve been having a recurrent problem for the past 2 months and have gotten in touch with 8 different agents, nobody can seem to fix the issue and they keep giving me the same answers, that they will call me back and I haven’t received a single call from them. I’m tired so I had to cancel the service and get another company that’s way better. Don’t recommend it, there are better and even cheaper options out there that really value the costumer.
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1 year ago, Queen Mo74
Worst customer service
They changed my phone number when they were not supposed to, and then couldn’t retrieve my old number the same day they made the mistake. They then were supposed to deactivate the number that they switched my phone number to, and had my service plan to my other device, it took an hour for them to tell me that they couldn’t do it
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3 years ago, @isaac315
Worst and slow network
Worst and slow network .... I reuped my phone and till now my internet hasn’t been working.... text messages not going through... calls not going through.... really really bad network
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3 years ago, Oofea
I actually wasn’t going to write a review but, I just used my reward point for the first time and I got an entire month of data free. Now that was a great thing and actually made my day
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2 years ago, 1StClassDad42
Love it!
I love the phone service they provide. I would give them 5 stars if they let us pay over a 3 day grace period like MetroPCS. However the people you call in and speak With are much friendlier and the service is always EXCEPTIONAL&EXCELLENT ! Rock On!👍🏼
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2 years ago, Dine Diva
My hotspot had ran out and I had no money at the moment I was able to redeem some points and got some data instantly. I’m very happy for the convenience.
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11 months ago, THUNDERSGIRL66
Mint Mobile App
Mint Mobile is a wonderful service. The app makes it easy & convenient to pay my bill. It’s an easy set up to. You should try it. No disappointments.
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3 months ago, Glitter6j
My Simple Experience
Simple mobile is great I recommend to everyone... love i can use my points towards activating my line/ or even make a great simple purchase...
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2 years ago, pretty boy bruce
Good app
The app works perfectly and even the chat is helpful. Thanks you guys and I suggest it for anyone. It would be helpful if we could get more savings though.
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2 years ago, newtondog
App simplicity
The app is very easy to use. One thing that I wish that it would offer is the unlock pin somewhere in your dashboard.
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2 years ago, Bubba no like
Time for new provider
Customer service is ok. Switching to Verizon, not so great. I have more dead spots for cell service than before. Also don’t waste your time with trying to win reward points. Ever since I added a new line, all I win is “try again tomorrow “!
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4 months ago, M g 37
Imagine trying to pay a service but the apps acting up now im stuck with no service due to the app
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4 months ago, black_ninja90
Worst fone plan ever
When I say these people always have a reason why my phone plan is always acting up first they shut off my fone without even telling me yet my phone bill wasn’t due yet then my data keeps getting shut off so now I can’t even do anything. Mind you it happens every other month. Never getting this company ever again 😒
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4 years ago, ArtisanJewelrybyDawn.Etsy
Unable to login on app
Whether I enter my email or my phone number, then correct password, the login button doesn't respond at all. When I tried to activate and utilize touch id login, the password page appears for me to enter it; I did so, but again, login button does not respond.
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2 years ago, drknssrt
Simple mobile
Great app, great service. I was using straight talk, I know it’s all tracfne. ST worked better on my basement apartment than SM which is weird but doesn’t matter
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2 years ago, cynthia j.
Payment Reminder Text
I would love the app even more if it sent a reminder text for payment before the service end date.
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3 years ago, Mike huckleberry
Points are great
Been a member for a year and I use the app almost everyday, maybe every other day on average, and I've earned enough points to redeem 3 free months of service.
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4 years ago, jazminebush
Simply mobile app
I didn’t know it could work so fast I have no problems with anything I just pay my bill and I’m good to go.
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3 years ago, AnimatiCKS
App Update Failure
I use to really enjoy using this app, it was quick, simple and it worked but now, ever since the recent update, it no longer lets me login through the App. I can still log on the website with no problem but to log in through the app it just won’t work anymore. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, Fank Banks
Bester than the rest Simple Mobile
Reupholster fast service great no problems account, I’m hooked never leaving
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3 years ago, Edrick Blade
The best way to recharge
I’ve been using this service for about 2 years and I don’t regret, keep doing your good service👍🏼
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4 years ago, goofy_goo
Satisfied user
At first I was skeptical about downloading the app but when I used it, it went really smooth no complaints at all
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3 years ago, customer777777777777778
I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to have worse customer service than Comcast, but congratulations Simple Mobile on pulling it off. After my call ended poorly the agent proceeded to call my phone 6 times in a row berating me and screaming. Called back to talk to a supervisor and the agent refused to transfer me to anyone. Next level nightmare.
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1 year ago, MinniePlus5
5 star
Real affordable and simple to manage! Great service. I never have a problem ❤️ Thanks Simple Mobile
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4 years ago, AlexJunio26
Excellent way to fix an issue and update information without call customer service!
Awesome app
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2 years ago, 66s6s66
Having multiple problems
I’ve tried activating my account multiple times but it never seems to work. The app is having problems with finding the SIM card I newly and accepting the IMEI. I tried calling customer support after 20 minutes she hung up on me not solving my problems or anything.
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2 years ago, Ziptie72
Dashboard does not load
You get a 2 star till the Dashboard problem gets fixed you’ll see the loading wheel then a blank white screen you can access all the other options on the app but the Dashboard is no go
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2 months ago, A.Cessay
Worst company ever
Simple mobile is the worst company and lack customer support. They do not have a good way authenticating an account. I would nerved recommend this to anyone. And no one is able to help you. I will never deal with this again. Ps. I have been a Simple mobile customer for over 10 years.
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