4.7 (2K)
17.7 MB
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Current version
Made Simple Ventures LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SimpleTexting

4.72 out of 5
2K Ratings
9 months ago, WTL4
Simple and Powerful
The SimpleTexting platform is, in fact, simple. It’s also powerful. The app has pretty much identical functionality as the website but makes managing the communications easier on the go for small / mobile teams. The app can be buggy at times with the occasional log-out or crash. But, with the full functionality as the SimpleTexting website, it great.
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2 years ago, AdamStamper
I literally worked so hard preparing for an event only to have Simple Text FAIL to successfully deliver even ONE TEXT- they DON’T warn you that they cannot send MMS on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. However when you go to complain a prompt appears saying they can’t! Then why let me? Oh! Yeah, you get my money!! Then after this I send two SMS-ALLLLL BOUNCE!! Oh now they can’t solve that either!! I used them for years and they weren’t great but they worked- NOW on the. Most important day for my business they FAIL IN EVERY WAY!! You have cost me MY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY $$$$$$$$$$ NEVER AGAIN- oh year impossible to get anyone on phone- it’s a bunch of crap! Take your business elsewhere!!!!
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2 months ago, Final touch massage
Super easy to use.
SimpleTexting is a game-changer! This app is incredibly easy to use, with a friendly and intuitive interface that makes navigation a breeze. The design is visually appealing, and the support team is top-notch. I couldn't find any flaws! If you want a hassle-free experience, look no further. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!
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3 years ago, Sam - Bedford MA
Love SimpleTexting
SimpleTexting really help me engage with our church members and keep everyone updated on what we are doing. We have been using it for years now and have nothing but great experiences with it! I once had a suggestion about how conversations and campaigns operated in the the app and the listened and actually changed it! Keep uo the good work!
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2 years ago, WhatNot2Buy
Mobile app is garbage!
The app will have a number icon when a new message appears, however when you click on it, it’s a blank screen. This makes the app worthless. To make matters worse, accessing the service through the phone browser does the same thing periodically. Once you retrieve your message, which usually is via desk top, the number alert still appears on the app. So freaking annoying! Tech support has no idea what to do. Trying to use up my credits so I can say C-U later! Terrible service, app! Nothing Simple-texting about it🤯😡
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2 years ago, ByronMason
Decent app, but notifications on Apple are broken. The badge icon stays up even once all messages have been read/removed. I have a completely empty inbox and there’s still a “1” badge that will not go away no matter how much I close the app and restart. I’ve given feedback previously to the Simple Texting team and they haven’t fixed. It’s a pretty basic function that should be fixed.
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11 months ago, war&peace2000
Does what we need and we can afford it
My company switched to Simple Texting when Zip Whip went out of business. There are a lot of features from Zipwhip we miss and very few new ones in ST that we particularly like. Also, the app isn’t reliable, and I constantly need to close it and reopen it. That said, it isn’t a bad program. I just want something with more bells and whistles like auto filled and shared templates.
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3 years ago, tinedarix
Excellent Platform and Customer Service
I couldn’t be more happy with SimpleTexting (other than having direct integration with Freshdesk maybe). The system works very well and customer service (Felix specifically) has been absolutely wonderful.
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3 years ago, SpaceCaptainSuperGuy
Great app
The app and the website work equally well. Very easy to use system. Online chat support is usually pretty quick to respond. I did quite a bit of reading on the different services and tested a few out. This one is by far the best and the most cost effective.
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2 months ago, person that wrote the comment
Great for business!
Simple Texting has improved how we interact with our customers in a simple and easy way!
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1 week ago, Bennie129
The web app is great, the mobile app is not
When I got the Web app and started using it, everything was intuitive and amazing. But then when I downloaded the mobile app, I realized it’s not a native app, which means I get no notifications and the two-way messaging is super limited. Also, I have to login every time I open the app.
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2 months ago, 1ralph37316
Worst app they take your money only
I signed up with these guys and provided my landing page this is how I get my customers number because you must ask permission to text each customer. Even like that they said it would take 10 days to review my account, they do this to everybody, and then just blocked me and took my money. keep trying customer service for a refund and all I get is crickets. scam stay away.
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8 months ago, TriumphTriple7
Unable to sign in via Google
My account is linked with Google as a 3rd party authenticator on the web but I’m unable to log into the mobile app the same way. The app has an incorrectly configured return URL that takes you to the mobile website & not back to the app.
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1 year ago, TruthHatchery
Wonky App
The intent behind the service is awesome but the app is buggy— goes blank and locks out after a while then doesn’t send push notifications. No allowance for face recognition login and password requirements are cumbersome to type. Wish the execution was a little better.
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2 years ago, Dminnc....
Notifications are unreliable from the app to the PC version. Frequently I’ll receive the notification on the app but am unable to open it from my cellphone. App is most up to date version. I’m continuously deleted and reinstalling to fix with resolve. App will notify me of a new message and desk top will not until refreshed.
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2 years ago, ballshfjsjdjdh
This service is amazing
I’ve been a customer for a while. The service gets better and better. Love these guys!
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4 months ago, Can’t even leave review
Awful so far
Just bought and paid for this program and it’s awful so far. I get an update on my watch that there is a text, I go into view it and it’s not updated. The app on the phone and computer are extremely slow. The webpage constantly has to be refreshed. Many other glitches and issues I am not happy with.
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6 months ago, Yahaira Kolb
Easy to use
Finally an easy to use texting platform
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4 months ago, WarrenResale
Simple texting is a great way to remind our bidders that our auction is closing. The text messages has increased our auction bids!! Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, Loren Dreyer
Great communication tool!
It is a challenging task but these guys do it well 👍
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3 years ago, AverySmithcollingron
Don’t trust this app!
It’s a scam!! I used it 4 times ( 4 text messages) for basic text communication. They charged me an absurd amount and then one day I got a message from them saying that they’ve been reading all of my texts?? No privacy over here and in simple plain english… it’s a scam!! Don’t use it
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2 years ago, Remtiwk
Mobile app needs lots of work
Website version is great, but the mobile app is terrible. Constantly signs you out, or app doesn’t respond. So have to force close it all the time. Some times can’t even get the app to load properly. Very slow.
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3 years ago, Davo Ipad Mini
Bad app
I have never even used this app nor download it and then recently I just did for my small business and it didn’t even give me an option to like make an account it only said login and I never even made an account to begin with
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3 years ago, Desdijc
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service App glitches tho
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8 months ago, Echaloopa
App needs to be force quit often
Pretty good app, but it’s really just a fancy web clip. I find myself needing to “force quit” the app often.
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3 weeks ago, Shotgunwilly99
They want all your personal data
They require full name, company, social media, phone (of course). I got this for personal, so I don’t have a required company name and I don’t do social media. These guys seem like a virus masquerading as a useful app.
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2 years ago, boogie29328
Horrible Company
This company is a scamm and a horrible company they will try to screw you and shut off your account for a lot of money the guy who Runs it is ray stay far away simple texting is a scam and will stele thousands of Dollars horrible Company
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8 months ago, Pstantri
Not simple
You must join to send to other receivers. It’s not like SimpleText of old. There’s a fee, but doesn’t say what price. Oh, good luck trying to join. And the one star only rating doesn’t work. Only a 5 star will accepted.
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11 months ago, akfiwb
Awful. Don’t bother
This app doesn’t work. It takes so long to try to schedule anything and then it doesn’t even send. I’ve never been more annoyed with an app in my life.
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1 year ago, Snailnet
Doesn’t work
This app has too many malfunctions to be paying $30 monthly. I’ve missed out using it for multiple events now.
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2 weeks ago, Qube7958
Too complicated
Too complicated I had trouble trying to figure out how to send text messages. So I’m going to remove it.
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3 years ago, the one and only of a few
Just wow
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1 year ago, EP2906
Please fix bugs
Please fix the bug that loading app takes me to safari
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3 months ago, mmxmzm
It doesn’t work,
just display white and blank page.
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1 year ago, ShonieT
App won’t load
The app won’t load. What a waste of money for it to randomly do this every so often.
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9 months ago, Bindn224
User friendly
This is the worst platform in life. You can’t write anything
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1 year ago, Ifone_lover
Confusing app!
Not recommended. Cannot send regular sms and mms with cell phone numbers. Not privacy.
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3 years ago, Jreed The Kid
App cuts out
All cuts out.
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1 year ago, Robert Rahrle
Will not allow me to login
App is garbage.
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4 years ago, Angelo Maimone
Works great
We use this service to send text updates and specials to our customers and it is great. The mobile app is easy as well.
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4 years ago, bocole82
Still Buggy!!! Terrible attempts to fix chronic issues by their team
The only reason I haven’t left this platform is that it’s too much work to migrate all my customers mid season. The app and even the desktop one sometimes are buggy hot garbage. Been in numerous lengthy chats with all members of their team with nothing but false promises about a “new update” that was released that fixes everything. And it’s not fixed. Cocky description about “we heard you loud and clear-it’s fixed” when in fact it’s not. Was told another new version is available and nothing exists in the App Store. And even if my app did auto update before I was informed of this-it’s STILL buggy. Huge waste of time trying to sort this mess out for months.
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5 years ago, GDefenbaugh
Some iOS app glitches
I’m evaluating SimpleTexting as an internet based texting service for our home owners association. Very excited about the possibilities the iOS app brings. But it has at least one irritating glitch. The application badge shows ‘1’ but I can not find any place inside the app where the ‘1’ is coming from. I only have 3 message conversations and I’ve opened them all. Looking at the menu doesn’t reveal where the notification is coming from. Right now I would say the notifications, at least the badge, are unreliable. But I remain hopeful
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4 years ago, Twolf007
Unstable app needs constant restarting
I use this app 5 to 15 times per day. It’s quite weak. I am in the habit now of closing out the app between uses. This corrects the type-over problem, the freezing problems, the ghost badge alerting me of invisible unread messages, etc. The “help me” bubble at the bottom of the screen covers part of my type area and send button. Support has addressed my concern, and told me it was fixed. It is not. I plan to change this service to a different provider soon.
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4 years ago, Jared Flitt
Needs to be Re-Built
I agree with the other reviewer on some things, though I think the desktop app is stable. This app is awful! They took the desktop app and just shrunk it into a small web app - it is super buggy and clearly not a native built iOS App. Screens don’t load, it freezes, you get notifications of a text and it isn’t in the inbox when you open the “app”.
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4 years ago, Mrs ;)
Pls Update App
I was loving the convenience of the app until glitches. For the past 2 days I’m unable to send campaigns via the app. Please update the app.
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5 years ago, rvalenta
App doesn’t work
The app doesn’t work but they’re working on it. Customer support response time is good. Just need the bugs fixed.
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4 years ago, Joylyn O
Cannot Log In
Just got this app today, and I cannot log in. It’s giving me an error message, “ Sorry, you didn't pass the ReCaptcha check. Please contact support.” I reset my password and still no luck. The desktop app works great! I look forward to using the app when it’s fixed.
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5 years ago, Rsholmesbrown
Your privacy
Why do I have to enter my full name etc just to send a text? Also you want to access my account without the option to say no. Seems more like you want out personal information instead of providing a service
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4 years ago, T9876
Lots of bugs
The biggest issue is that this app is Always logging me out and I can’t receive text messages on my mobile. This is a major problem.
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5 years ago, Airfreshner
Weird Quirk With App
The app itself has great features. However, it continues to get stuck on the homepage so you have to delete the app and download it again.
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