Skillsoft Percipio

4.8 (7K)
83.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Skillsoft PLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skillsoft Percipio

4.8 out of 5
7K Ratings
1 year ago, Iri-dina
Keep it up
I enjoy using Percipio because the length of the courses is perfect, and being cut in shorter sections allows one to stop and continue at a convenient time. The search function is nice to select the courses based on the needs and interest. I also love that you can start different courses and jump to other and come back again depending on the changing need priorities. The books available are very rich and recent
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3 months ago, D3D_M4N
It’s an awesome app I use for learning, but there is a lot wrong with it
I use this app through a program and I really like the website interface, when I downloaded the app to use it on my phone I found a lot of issues, some of these issues are smaller than others, but they still stop me from focusing on learning, which is kind of the point of using this app. The first is the sensitivity on the rotation, none of my other apps have this problem, whenever my phone is slightly angled. The video is playing automatically goes back to portrait. I have to keep my phone exactly at a leveled angle for me to be able to watch a video landscape. The next issue is just some bugs throughout the app for instance, the video play button, rewind and 10 seconds forward button, and progress bar not going away when I tap it, which distracts me while I’m in the middle of watching my video. Also, on the playlist, there is no good way of telling what I have watched and what I have not watched until I click on the video itself which I don’t want to have to click on the video to verify that I’ve watched it already. in conclusion, an all right app with a lot of potential but like I said, the website is amazing but the iPhone application needs a lot of work
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3 years ago, Clebaug
Good content, buggy app
I find the content to be clear and at a good pace. However, I have two issues with the app. In one video, it started suddenly to switch to portrait mode. I even set my machine manually to landscape but the app keeps insisting on switching to portrait after a couple of seconds in landscape. Also, after doing a few videos this morning; when closing the app I received a message that it was down for maintenance. When I was able to log back in, the app didn’t register that I had started a channel and it refused to recognise the last four videos that I had watched. I am unable to manually set that the videos have been watched and even when I forwarded through the videos to the end, it would not register my viewing.
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2 years ago, Jen Panini
Accessibility, flexibility are lacking
I was excited to be able to read Percipio learning content offline in this app, but I immediately ran into two accessibility issues. One, the app does not work in portrait mode, only in landscape orientation. I don’t know why the developers would build it this way, but it’s quite limiting. Second, the app does not recognize the system level Dark Mode or night mode. This forces me to read black text on a bright white background which is not only uncomfortable but is a big accessibility consideration. I would hope that these basic issues could be resolved by a company that offers iOS app development resources!
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3 years ago, DaddyStugotz
A Self Paced Path to Self Improvement
These short & focused courses make it easy to make meaningful progress in areas that you would like to build confidence in. By being able to go at your own pace & focus on specific areas which you are most interested in on improving, with the ability to choose the coursework in the order of your own choosing is very helpful in building confidence & keeps you motivated to continue to find more ways to improve.
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4 years ago, Ninja ninja chicken dinner
Wonderful Learning Tool
I love this tool and have learned so much!! I might make a suggestion to include a 0.75x speed option in future updates. I love that I have multiple increased listening speeds to choose from and wish there were more options to slow down the conversation. 0.5x is still usable but it would be nice to have something in between 0.5x and 1.0x.
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3 years ago, TinyBean24
Disappointing Mobile App
After uninstalling the app several times, a new phone, a re-imaged phone, still not able to get the app to stay open longer than a minute or two. Just about the time i manage to get a video to run or read a few sentences of a book the app crashes. Edit: application seems to be working much better after bug fixes. Havent had the opportunity to use it extensively just yet but the immediate crash issue does seem to be fixed.
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3 months ago, Nibbler Simpson
Content is very good, but player could use some work
Percipio has helped me passed all of my certifications but the video player is frustrating, screen rotation doesn't work very well especially if your phone is going from leaning against something to flat on the ground. Also there is this bug where the “take test” button is still on the screen while playing a video in fullscreen
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12 months ago, tsbergman
bad video player, difficult to use app, Good content
My biggest issue is the constant changing in and out of full screen video. I watch on my iPad or iPhone and I move around which causes the screen to jump in and out of full screen. Once I went to drag to rewind, the screen jump out of full screen mode, and I tapped another video. I lost my place and had to hunt for where is left off. It is very frustrating on the iPhone watching the jump because the phone switches from portrait to landscape mode at the same time. This is a major problem for usability and a distraction. Also, navigating the content (I’m still getting up to speed with this app) feels like I’m in a maze of content. I was a Udemy user and the navigation was simple and easy. So far, this content is difficult. For a point of reference, I’m going through the az-305 training.
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1 year ago, Ethan.Lowther
Great resource
If you want to learn a skill, for me that’s programming, this app is the way to go. Each leads on is short and to the point without being dry. It gives enough information for you to practice without overloading you, and since each lesson is very lean this means you can learn at as quick or slow of a pace as you desire.
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1 year ago, Do Not DownLoad..
Too Glitchy
I’ve been using this app for two or three months now. Not exactly sure when the glitching started or if it’s always been an issue but if I pause a video in the app and lock or unlock my screen the video in the app plays without my permission. So automatic playback after I paused it is an issue. Another issue is the auto rotate feature. If I click full screen or rotate for full screen the video will sometimes get stuck rotating by itself and I can’t do anything but power down my device to stop it from switching back and forth between full screen mode and regular. Additionally, most of the time, the video just won’t stay in full screen mode at all. Maybe works properly 40% of the time. I’ve tried restarting the device, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and making sure both my OS and the app itself were up-to-date. Unfortunately, the issues remained.
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2 years ago, ttvvtgv
Great Mobile Friendly App, Makes for easy On the Go Learning
Love this apps interface. Easy customer searching and videos are good quality. Flash card options, as well as making lists of your own folders for organizing your various subjects you are studying! Best app a company has provided me for continuing education.
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2 years ago, inc158
Solid app
It's a good app, but has it's bugs. I enjoy being able to learn in the go and not being tied to my desk. The download feature didn't work for me when I tried to download sessions ahead of a flight which was disappointing. I was able to download them a couple of days prior, but when I went to watch them, they were no longer saved.
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3 months ago, Keepemthirsty
🙌🏽 Grabbing these Certifications
From the second I learned about Percipio (4 months ago) and found out they have an app, I spend more time building on my skills and seeing a major shift in my performance both at my job and in my business. I’m selling ore and approaching both with a renewed vision and scrappiness…I love it!
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3 years ago, D.G.W.S.
Useful app
Update: after the bugs were fixed, I’m really enjoying the app. Good selection of courses. ******** Several courses have bugs that prevent correct recording of course completion through the app. I’ve completed tests multiple times on a course before it shows up as completed.
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2 years ago, iphone13-apple-user
Offline mode is not good
Offline mode needs to be improved more. Downloaded courses cannot be played smoothly at all. It keeps playing repeatedly one video, not move to the next when that video finished. Audio book is little bit better except when you get back close to the wireless and it tries to connect to the wireless then it either stops playing or crash which happens same for video courses.
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1 year ago, 25toLeif
Please fix full screen sensitivity!
I love the app, I watch my lessons and listen to them as I get ready for work. Every time I set it down in any angle or way it flips back to portrait. Every time. I really enjoy the ease of use, the labs and the knowledge tests that help you skip sections you already know. Just the aspect ratio/layout sensitivity. That’s all that needs work.
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2 years ago, LittleStoneWolf
Won’t let music play in the background
It’s an okay app, with lots of resources, but it won’t let you play music in the background. The app takes over audio output, which is really annoying because I want to listen to music while reading books. I can’t see any reason why, unless the app is playing a video at that moment, it would need to take over audio.
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4 months ago, MJ daHomie
Great app but one recommendation
Love the app for its convenience and ease of use. Would recommend a tap feature that allows users to hid the pause screen overly when viewing a video. Some of the content has very useful diagrams that are sometimes hard to read past the pause screen controls.
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2 years ago, Rivahrachel
Love percipio but it’s not working!
This app at one time worked fine but for the last several months, I have been unable to search for anything or “Explore”. The screen goes white and is frozen. No way to get beyond that. I’ve been trying to be patient and hoping an update would come along to fix this but alas, none have. I’ve also tried redownloading it several times only to reach the same blockage.
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4 years ago, LeonK2290
Pretty good!
Good content. Clear, concise. Difficulty with the app at times: there has been one test I took that would not allow you select the correct answer- therefore no matter what you did, that question was incorrect. Sometimes the app also does not recognize that you took a test and makes you retake it, sometimes multiple times.
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4 years ago, ckrull
Great app poor design
If you have an IPad or IPhone. You can not use this in landscape mode to search, only certain parts of the content will switch to landscape mode. So if you have an iPad with a keyboard it will default to portrait mode even when using keyboard. Unfortunately Skillsoft doesn’t want to fix this. Have brought this to their attention via my work contacts and still do not have a resolution.
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3 years ago, Ops 2021
Convenient way to complete company training
We do not carry computer in the field making it next to impossible to complete training on time. This app makes it convenient to do so in a timely manner.
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1 year ago, tinkiyyyy
Great app
Currently taking my Security + course through the app. It’s great that I am able to download the material and view it anywhere at any time. Also the end of lecture tests are great to test the knowledge gained from watching the video. Overall great app!
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3 years ago, Anai Marquez
Works great!
I normally use the website on my laptop but when both my little ones are up they like to mess with it so I use the app on my phone. It’s very convenient and works the same as the website!
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3 years ago, tazzsgirl
Cross Functionality of Platforms
I am preparing to test for my PMP Certification Exam. This app gives me no excuses because i don’t have to be tethered to my workstation! Tablet, phone or online at my office... I can stop and study anywhere. I’ve even listened while riding in the car! Sweet!!!!!
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2 years ago, DeAndre hcl
App was great when it worked
In haven’t been on the app for a month. Did an update now none of the videos are playing for me. Really hope it gets fixed. I need to get back to studying.
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4 years ago, Ya Boi SAK
Great App!
There’s plenty of information and tools to help you grow and develop professionally and personally. I only have one request...Could we get this app on the Apple Watch? My life would be complete if I could access this app while working out without my phone.
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3 years ago, Why AT&Y why?
Lack of Landscape support is very annoying
It is sad that Percipio does not seem interested in supporting landscape mode for their app. It’s much more practical to access the information from an iPad than from a smaller iPhone. Videos seem to have some support for landscape mode, but to actually navigate to them you learn to read sideways because the app refuses to reorient to landscape.
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12 months ago, DarrenF2015
Very easy to use and find content
I like the way the UI allows you to tailor content to your work profile, even making recommendations to courses and other materials.
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2 years ago, that_girl_trin
High performance application
Have seen no glitches or issues with the app everything runs smoothly. Videos are crisp and submunitions are easy. Thank you for a care free learning experience! Beautiful work!
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8 months ago, BitRunner21
Great Learning App!
Easy to use and straight forward. One suggestion is allow adjustable playback speed. When I want to review the course before a test, I like to listen at 1.5X speed.
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4 years ago, CVR_L0S
Well it did work
I have been studying and after the last two updates I have lost major features on my iPad. One, I can no longer share/download content. Two, the creen no longer rotates from portrait to landscape. The icing on the cake is that the app crashes after a few taps. I have a course that ends in 15 days and I cannot get access to it with this app crashing all the time. Please update, thank you.
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3 years ago, Toddbert72
Learn on the go!
This app really makes it easy to learn when it’s convenient for me. There are a few interface issues, for example it should stay in landscape mode when I sit the device down flat, but it doesn’t. Those are only minor complaints though.
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2 years ago, 111171
No way to increase font size
So I’m trying to read a book for work and there is no way that I can find to zoom in on the text. Some of us need larger font - especially when using the app on a mobile device. Is this seriously not an option?
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2 years ago, Bubbly fun!
Book Font Size Way Too Small
The book font size is about 2 on my IPad mini 6 which has screen size of 8.3 inches. On my larger iPad, font size is about 6, ok to read but not comfortable. Is there a way to adjust font size? Every other ereader of books seems to offer this basic functionality.
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8 months ago, Jbutlerphoto
Constant Frozen screen, and difficult to navigate
I really love this platform however it needs some UI/UX improvements. Also I constantly have. A frozen screen through video playbacks. It’s a huge amazing library of information that just needs a few more tweaks.
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12 months ago, Hussain134
Great Content, Mediocre App Performance
There is a bunch of great content in this app to gain new skills or to enhance your current ones. The only reason I gave it four stars is because the app is a little glitchy and the UI isn’t as friendly as it is on a PC.
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4 years ago, Dosman!
Worst ebook app ever
Here is an ebook app written by people who have apparently never used the Kindle app. No landscape mode, no swipe to turn page, no font or readability options, strange multi column layout in portrait that spoils the book’s original formatting. This is app 101 stuff. If this was a service users had a choice about, they’d never pay. Instead it’s a corporate learning platform w no incentive to improve. I mean, at least have your developers try iBooks!
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6 years ago, Murali Sastry
All learning in one place
Great app for corporate employees to learn the latest in business, leadership and technology. I especially liked the small bite sized videos, book and audiobooks summaries, in addition to the regular courses and books they have on various topics.
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3 years ago, h0ndaman
First of many…
I am a new WinCo employee and this is the first course I’ve completed. The material was clearly presented and easy to follow. I look forward to learning more and improving my professional skills.
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1 year ago, JerrytheGamer13
Great on Rotations and FTXs.
Much easier to navigate compared to the previous Skillsoft App for Skillport. Great when rotated somewhere or in the field and you don’t have constant access to a computer.
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1 year ago, paulmeek
Love it
I'm so relieved this app is a thing. Before, I would have to log into skillport on my laptop, now I can be in bed on my phone watching lessons and taking test prep. This is an awesome addition to my studies!
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1 year ago, Gunyen
Great Except For One Thing
The only qualm I have with using the app is that there is no vertical scrolling function when reading. Accessing texts via browser makes reading material easier due to this.
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3 years ago, ckrider2
iOS app could be so much better
The audiobook portion of the app is very frustrating and could be so much better. As a user, I generally have to remember where I am in an audiobook because the app rarely does. It also seems to call the books I’m listening to ‘completed’ before I actually am. I was hoping for a better experience given that audiobooks aren’t new.
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4 years ago, Tiansu91
Sometimes doesn’t work
During the video training there will be moments were the app will not register that you can proceed to the next video. I have also had experiences where after completing the test, it will not give you a score and make you repeat the test. Even if you have a passing grade.
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1 year ago, Trigg loves pizza
App needs improvement
Percipio has great content and I’m sure it works well on a PC/Mac. However, its landscape mode is buggy and only works 1/10 times I load the app. Additionally, it continues playing videos when I put my iPhone to sleep. These issues have been apparent for months and have not been resolved.
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2 years ago, nachbecerra
Another update, yet no dark mode.
Use this app if you’d like to burn your retina reading books with a white background. I’m rating the app, not the learning content. I avoid this app as much as possible and read via safari instead where I can enable the reading mode with a dark background.
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2 years ago, Trumpetup
No Star , It’s Junk and privacy invasion
This dumb company that I work for decided to do irrelevant training via this app. We used to get trained in class and get paid, now they want you to do it for free and you don’t learn crap from wasting your time. It doesn’t even work but it needs to collect private information about you. I don’t need an app that tracks everything I do. Hello firewall.
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3 years ago, Johnny 1000
Does not support landscape mode on iPad Pro
Even when I have my iPad Pro in landscape mode, this app launches in portrait mode. Only during video playback, and having the iPad Pro perfectly vertical, will the video stay in landscape mode. If I tilt the iPad just a bit to improve the viewing angle, the app goes back to portrait mode.
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