Skype for Business

4.3 (16.2K)
82.3 MB
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Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skype for Business

4.31 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
5 years ago, superbreeder
Getting better the more we use it
Skype for business is fantastic when it works. You can easily share presentations and hear people clearly. When it works, it is very good and our preferred program. It took a while to get used to it though. In some cases, it was unstable and the participant would lose audio and the program would constantly reconnect. It appears to be dependent on the strength of your wireless signal and if it is a bit low, you can lose connection. It also depends a bit on the device. The best device I have used is my iPad. My iPhone and computer are somewhat less reliable but now work most of the time. The iPad has worked every time. The most confusing part is that for some of my colleagues, Skype works but Business Skype acts buggy. Huh? That makes no sense but it is real as the original Skype appears to be more stable. We will continue to work with the program as the bugs continue to go away but be prepared for some frustration at the beginning.
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6 years ago, Fixaudio
Audio issues on iPhone 8
I have to use Skype for work and don’t really have any issues with the app itself. However, I switched to an iPhone 8 recently from Samsung S5 and am noticing issues with Skype audio quality on the iPhone. The Skype call volume on speaker and headset is very low even at maximum volume. The audio volume works fine on the phone for regular phone calls and it seems to be an issue with Skype only. Since there is no option to provide feedback from the app like outlook I have written this review hoping for a fix.
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6 years ago, Messthebeast
Just a bit more effort
The reason this app gets one star is because it doesn't sync up with skype on one's computer. This is the simplest most basic piece of functionality a messaging app should do. If I send a message from my phone to a coworker, I should be able to see it on my computer. If I receive a message on my phone from a coworker, read it, then wish to respond via computer, the message USUALLY DOES NOT SHOW UP ON THE COMPUTER. Highly frustrating, Groupme has been doing this for years guys, literally years. Edit: So I originally stated the syncing issue was my only qualm. I was sorely misguided. This app has continued to disappoint repeatedly. I’m currently traveling internationally and simply unable to connect via WiFi (note groupme connects rapidly). It’s comical how bad this app is and I laud the developers who created it for how little they cared. I desire to someday care so little about what I do and yet still have it published for thousands to use. It will be the greatest practica joke of my life. I have written maybe 10 reviews total in my tenure as an Apple user. This app holds first place for two reviews under my name.
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3 years ago, Adamsquishy
Needs improvement
Conversations from other devices logged into the same account do not sync efficiently, or at all really. The more I use this between devices there is almost no time when my phone and laptop and tablet load the same conversation history. The app can’t be used in split screen or in a slide over window to view chats. Notifications are unruly. With SFB closed on my iPad, not open in the background, and while working from Skype on my laptop, I was sent a file over SFB and my phone went off alerting me of a Skype for business “call” (which was the file being shared) and I continued on my computer. The notification did not end, and I had to manually reject the “call” from my phone. 3 hours later, after being off work I open my iPad and there’s a SFB incoming call; The notification for a shared file, with SFB closed entirely on my iPad, persisted with the screen off for 3+ hours and would have continued until my battery was completely drained.
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7 years ago, Atreyu8
Unreliable, poorly designed bucket of frustration
The product owners for this app must be incompetent, careless, or both. Skype for business is unreliable, slow, confusing (does the crossed out mic that is gray mean mute is on? Oh wait, tap the button and now mute is on... no wait people can hear me... so mute is on when this button is off), annoying because if you are the meeting creator, Microsoft made the decision to unmute you by default when you join the meeting even though all it takes is one experience in a typical conference room to see how people often dial into a conference room phone first so then there is always awful feedback when the meeting creator joins... basically it’s like Microsoft has never even observed how people actually use Skype and instead just insist it should be used their way and could care less. It’s exactly like every other Microsoft product so I’m not surprised, but this one is particularly bad.
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4 years ago, Z2g4g$
I have been using this app regularly for several years because my big business clients are subscribers. It works about half the time. Other times, it sends you through bug loops when signing in. It will stop working entirely for weeks on end. The clients that subscribe to it complain about it constantly. Of course, the problems are worst for apple products. We are a video production and 3D agency so everyone in our company has a high level of computer literacy. This is simply not an app that you can count on. I see that it now hasn’t had an update in 5 months. It’s clear that Microsoft has shifted their resources into Microsoft Teams which is currently a very good meeting platform. I am unwilling to make any investment in it though. After several different meeting platforms have been left to whither on the vine, I don’t trust Microsoft to provide continued support for anything they make.
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5 years ago, Killaroach
Worst Piece or Software I have EVER Used
Title says it all. This thing crashes, stops responding, signs me out and fails to deliver push notifications at least a few times every day. The User interface is extremely buggy, not to mention archaic, and the fact that I can’t see the content of missed conversations absolutely boggles my mind. The keyboard intermittently fails to pop up during conversations which means I have to force close the app from my app switcher at least a half dozen times a day. The call quality is seldom satisfactory and it tends to disconnect randomly despite strong data reception. This thing is a nightmare! Update: please fix the tendency of this app to get suspended in the background. The whole point of having it on my phone is to receive push notifications for when someone pings me, not bombard me with a deluge of notifications when I open the app.
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6 years ago, mikebrodt
On Life Support
For the basics, it works okay. Chat, audio, and video function sometimes. My issues with Skype for Business reside more in the service itself than in the app. The single biggest problem is lack of support for multitasking on iPad. It would be so helpful to be able to have Outlook open with Skype for Business next to it. Or to have video going and shrink the video chat down to look at another app. Your other Office Apps support this! At the end of the day, I know that Microsoft is replacing Skype for Business with Teams and I’m all for that! However, my company is slow to adopt new technologies like Teams on mass, especially when it is missing some features. I suspect that many companies are in similar situations. Could You please bring Skype for Business up to par app-wise until the it is sunset?
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6 years ago, David Meier Smith
Times out after a few minutes!!! Horrible for “Business”
I want to be doing other things on my phone other than stare at the Skype screen. But if I leave the screen, it goes to inactive after only five minutes. I want it to stay active even if I'm on other apps. "Connected on your terms". Yeah, right. Talk about false advertising. UPDATE!!! It's a stupid workaround but it does work. And since the developers at Skype ignore my comments and every one star review that I give it every time they ask... Here you go! If you are ONLY logged into Skype on your phone, you will time out after only five minutes. HOWEVER... If you are ALSO logged into Skype on your PC, and don't have your PC to time out, you will remain "available" on your phone as long as you remain available on your PC! Stupid? Yes. But I need to be mobile a lot of the time and people need to see me as available so they know they can chat with me. So, until Skype fixes it, that's an option for me (and you)! Beware, however... there are times when a message will go to my computer but not my phone... or vise versa. I don’t understand why MS bought this product if they continue to have no intention of making it better and simply ignore user complaints.
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4 years ago, Kmaruvada
Awesome and Productive
I have been using Skype for business on my iPhone for more than 3 years and could always rely on it to attend meetings on the go. It makes me extremely productive at work. Although it only has basic calling and chat features as others have pointed out , those are all I ever needed on this app . It rarely ever fails to connect and has a decent enough interface. Thanks to Skype for simplifying business communication and collaboration all these years and I am looking forward to more improvements and privacy features. All the best to the development team 👍.
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6 years ago, Asan110
Sync is lackluster and notifications are a menace!
Ever since I started using the mobile app, it's completely unpredictable where my messages will be delivered to, and I frequently lose them entirely until they show up in my email as 'missed conversations'. Can't tell you how many times I've been sitting there chatting with someone and one of their messages randomly will never be delivered. The latest fun thing it's started doing is delivering me notifications for ever message...hours after I already received them on desktop. Of course it waits for a new message to show up, the. pops up a notice for *every* message I've received today before finally showing me the new one. Just nearly vibrated my phone off the desk with 13 simultaneous notifications for messages I received over the past 12 hours.
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6 years ago, ModernTraveler
I’m new to this app, as is my workplace. And by new, I mean I’ve only been using it for a week. The syncing issue between what my computer sees and what my phone sees is a glaring flaw. That’s been mentioned though. As for what else I’ve noticed, this app is poorly optimized for the iPhone X, where the message box for sending an IM often doesn’t let you select it because it’s obstructed by the home button slider. And I’ve noticed that even after receiving a message, it is significantly delayed in the messages and history box. But my biggest problem with this app is why in the hell does jumping straight to the received message from a notification automatically put you in a message box without the message you’re responding to in the box, just in case you want to see what you’re responding to? Why is this basic feature (which has been around for years) totally useless? Now let me be clear: I don’t mean replying within the notification. I mean when I select the notification and go to the app with the sender’s name at the top of the screen, there is no message. And if you attempt to send a message in this chat box, you create a brand new thread. What?! Did you try?
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6 years ago, s pulse
One of the worst apps
I canny fathom how this gets four stars. It’s utterly unreliable and useless. Frustratingly broken beyond acceptable. The messages don’t sync between desktop and phone. They also show up whenever they feel like, they don’t show up in real time. It randomly says it can’t login to exchange!! Why the hell is it logging in to exchange? For calendar?? That’s a bad design. Keep the services for one app under one login. I am surprised how bad developers are at Microsoft , how little they care about the apps they put out and how they get away with these crimes against their user base. This is not limited to Skype of course. All MS apps are horrible and unusable and unstable. It’s awe inspiring how blatantly they publish these apps when they are worse than some school kid’s apps. Can’t believe my company pays for these crappy services.
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5 years ago, Horpetto
Skype for Business
The sound is good, the video is good. I can pick up the office calls directly on my mobile. It has one star because I found the software to be completely unreliable, I attend conference calls on my mobile and I can’t hear the meeting and nobody hears my voice (I have the microphone activated). I had a number of other problems but are too long to explain. Deleting the app and reinstalling resolves the issue. But deleting the app and reinstalling it before every conference call is actually a pain in the neck. It is hard to believe that Microsoft can’t get this app to be somewhat reliable. I have to say that it was reliable for the first few months of 2018, towards the end of 2018 and all 2019 this app has been working less than 50% of the time when I try to use it
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5 years ago, Rickeybro
Works good
Been using the product for some time in our corporate environment. We’ve had good luck with the tool and personally like it better than other products offering similar capabilities. A few times we have experienced an issue where everyone is on the Skype call but only a couple individuals are able to hear each other. We haven’t spent the time to research the problem therefore really can’t 100% point the finger at the application. Overall I am very positive in regards to our company wide usage of it and happy with the app in general.
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6 years ago, Fed up with functionality
1) The app doesn’t synchronize with computer in several aspects: A) A message sent on phone should show on computer and vice versa. B)Status/availability on phone and computer don’t synchronize. Computer can show I’m available when I’ve selected that I’m not. Or worse show I’m offline/off work when I’m not. This is very annoying and confusing; for anyone with ‘clock watching’ coworkers or bosses it simply causes unnecessary issues. C) Status doesn’t synchronize with my Outlook calendar meetings, showing I’m available when I’m in a meeting or during times I’m out of office. 2) Get with it on conversation deletion. Who wants to have to delete every old message INDIVIDUALLY? How cumbersome and time consuming. That in of itself is a total failure.
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6 years ago, Kev Scout
Missed messages can’t be seen
Very useful when it works and that tends to be well when I initiate a conversation but when I miss a conversation, I can’t see what the person said when I click on the message. Where did that missed message go? I can see a preview of it in the main dashboard but when I click the contact, there are no messages. Given the high rating of this app overall I have to believe there is an issue in our corporate setup or something along those lines. I’ll submit a ticket on both sides with screenshots. It looks like my company disabled the ability to select the option to “Save IM conversations in my email Conversation History folder”. Not sure if that is an indication of the potential root cause.
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5 years ago, Sphbecker
Needs Better Simultaneous Client Supprt
Very frustrating if also signed in with the desktop client. Conversations are not kept in sync. Messages are only sent to what the service thinks is your active device, but even that isn’t done well. I can be away from my computer for 15 minutes, yet messages are still sent there instead of the phone. I can be having an active conversation with someone on the desktop and have messages from another conversation sent to my phone instead. In 2019 every other cross platform message service gets this right. How can Microsoft get it so wrong? Even the first version of AOL IM on a blackberry over 10 years ago was more functional than this. Using out of necessity, but hate it!
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5 years ago, Maigus Cat
Absolutely terrible
Reliability and stability is just unacceptable. Even if I’m not in transit and using home or work based solid WiFi networking it will typically crash every couple of minutes. This is a hard crash. I know it is supposed to try to reconnect dropped calls - and it has tried to exactly once - the app crashes so hard it completely relaunches and you have to find and rejoin your meeting. I can’t believe this is used by major corporations for business purposes. My calls are constant exclamations of “sorry, Skype issues, can you repeat?” The developers should be ashamed. Since I have to use this pile of garbage to do my job, I hope every time that i see an update that someone actually fixed something. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just a masochist.
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4 years ago, PeteProjectLead
Excellent performance. Like UI better than my desktop computer.
I work with a large design team. We’re all working from home due to Coronavirus. The performance, usability and integration of this app with Outlook 365 is outstanding. During our design meetings I use my phone for Skype while having my home desktop open to view our actual project work. My cellular connection is perfect - 5 bars. I think a lot of performance complaints posted in the comments here have to do with their poor WiFi or cellular bandwidth and not with Skype.
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6 years ago, bfoneill
Syncing needs to improve
I’d love to use SFB more, but the app is *almost* unusable because the syncing between mobile, desktop, and browser is very unreliable and unpredictable. I’m sure it’s a challenge because it runs through a business’ office 365 subscription but it’s an absolute necessity. I have multiple conversations open with one person (which is already an issue...each one shows a different stage of our conversation, carried between devices), but not all “conversations” shown on the desktop version show on mobile. Notifications are also unpredictable between devices. It really needs to sync and give notifications like GroupMe or Apple Messages.
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6 years ago, AppleNicknameSystemSucks
So many issues, where to begin? 1) Conversations don't carry across both the app and the desktop program. It's like 2 different accounts except you have the same login to both. 2) More (data) leaks than using a bottomless cup to drink water. The last 3 days I sent and received 5 text messages over cellular on both WhatsApp and Skype for Business, no images no emojis. Data used on WhatsApp: 130kb. Data used on Skype for Business: 20MB. I'm not even sure how it's possible to fail at programming that badly that you can be 150x more inefficient than the competition and think you did well. 3) What's the point of listing the rest? They stopped releasing updates to anyone less than iPhone 6, so my voice doesn't count anyway.
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6 years ago, PJ_32
Was already bad. Now can't even sign in since last update.
Skype for business is the worst communication app I've ever used. First, it never syncs up the chat history when you switch from one device to another. Second, it's now completely down on mobile end as everytime I try to sign in, it keeps showing me the error message "We can't connect to the server right now. Please try again." And please don't tell me to change my DNS settings. Yes i've done the research but I refuse to compromise to your solution. This extra action should never be a part of the user's workflow. Besides, the previous version worked fine on ky iPhone. Therefore, I have to blame the problem to your bad technical support. Fire your dev or fix it please.
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5 years ago, Mittens2000000000
NOT an enterprise grade app
I can’t fathom how this can be marketed as a business app b/c it lacks the most basic chat and UI/UX functionality. In my opinion, it’s trash, and if I wasn’t forced to use it by my company, I wouldn’t. - It’s a chat app but chats disappear in notification center- Ridiculously pointless - can’t read the full message on the left column and when you click it’s gone- again, ridiculously pointless - can’t split screen, float, or slide-over in iPad. So you’re supposed to what, just sit there in the stupid app all day to get messages? What use case is that?! Chat apps are auxiliary apps to primary ones like Powerpoint/Excel/Outlook. Whoever designed this to function like a primary app (single view, no multi-tasking) should lose their job. They’re trash and the app is trash. Find a new career. it’s been what, 5+ years and Skype has been the same trash app on iOS. Why? You’re supposed to be an enterprise suite, but you can’t update your trash app to keep up with the technology? It’s even trash on Windows 10, which is your native OS. I don’t get it. Do you just want to make trash apps?
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5 years ago, Sheiweesh
Too slow to open on iPhone
I use this app to make and receive business calls on my iPhone and this latest version seems to close when in the background. When I get a call it takes a longer than normal time to open, therefore I cannot answer the call in time making the caller think that I’m not available. The lack of being in real-time sync with the desktop version is another minus. The fact that if I answer a message on my iPhone the message will not be available in my desktop version for too long, making it impossible to continue the conversation on the desktop, or vise versa. There are just too many important issues with this unfortunate update.
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3 years ago, FJGirl101
Improving with use
We were required to use Skype and it was a tough beginning. A lot of my team members do not use the video and stick with the audio only. The more we use it, the better we all get at sharing screens and working from multiple devices. I will be excited to see how it continues to improve and work as some of us head back into the office. I personally love that I can go from my phone, to my tablet, to my laptop or my desktop fairly seamlessly. This has made life truly mobile.
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6 years ago, nrc79
Current state best served by a mercy killing
Basic functionality is confusing, broken, and/or unreliable. Advanced functionality, such as screen sharing and white boarding, is missing. Using this tool for work leads me to alternatively: question my views on assisted suicide, and fantasize about a dark alley meeting with anyone who was an accessory to the crime of forcing me to use this dumpster fire. Messaging vacillates between amnesia and existential crisis: Did I send a message, did they receive it, what did we talk about, is the recipient ignoring me, do I exist? However, the missed messages that tattoo my outlook inbox and “Conversation history is out sync” messages are symptoms of larger notification problems, but are mementos that indicate I exist. Conferencing is more akin to professional gambling than professionalism. The odds that: screen sharing will fail to start or stop, there’s a meeting connect failure, or server error, would bankrupt a casino. Do I like Skype for Business? The answer is not “Yes,” nor is it “Not Sure.” I am positive that I hate it with passion. Fix it quickly, or put it out of my misery.
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4 years ago, Part 90
Support Help
I was new to SKYPE for Business, and still with questions after the initial group lesson by JIS. Jeri Moxley contacted me and set up a time to continue to work with me so I could learn how to be productive and use Skype for Business. On our call she brought in her colleague Neena Taylor and together they were a great team. I have learned in a relatively short time how to set up meetings, chat, and work the different “symbols” on the screen. They were an excellent team, and I am greatly appreciative of their patience and expertise. Ellen Heller
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5 years ago, Resann
User friendly and versatile
My company uses this app for meetings. It’s easy to use and integrates with Outlook. Two clicks allow users to join the conference, you have the choice of audio through your computer, call out to another number, and/or Skype headset. It’s easy to “pass” control to various participants during the meeting. I love that Skype can be used on computers and mobile devices. Another cool feature is the ability to record your meeting so others can review later.
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5 years ago, kjy1402
When logged into Skype from my phone and computer my messages don’t display consistently across both platforms. For example: if I get a message it will alert me on my phone or my pc but not both. If it alerts me from my phone, the message never even shows up in my conversation on my pc so I miss messages sometimes when I’m using one device or the other. It’s frustrating. I also haven’t found a way to organize my messages on my phone by contact instead of conversation so I have multiple conversations with the same contact showing. Not the biggest fan of the app for these purposes.
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4 years ago, Texasknowhow
Getting there!
The software is very helpful when on the move and not at my desk. I use the iPhone app and one bug is that when the app is in the background and I receive a msg from one of my colleagues I can briefly see what they typed in a pop up notice, but when I go to the app, it is not there any longer. I have to ask them to “re-send last msg” to see the msg. Fix this and the app will be very close to great!
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6 years ago, ughblahblah
Works great and perfect for working from home but wish you could set the availability set to available all the time like on desktop. If you are away from your phone for a few mins it goes into "away" yellow should At least let you set if you want it to show you away after 30-60 or 90 mins or longer but literally after like ten mins it goes into away mode and we have no control over it oh and it also shows people that are connected through Skype on “mobile” so very pointless and frustrating ..other than that It’s an okay app but needs more
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5 years ago, juva1
Skype for business review
Of course connection and conversation clarity depends on local comms infrastructure, but sometimes the app does not work properly on my laptop, phone or pad and I need to switch between them to get to the call which is annoying. On video calls, we usually make introductions and then disconnect video as connection is rarely good. That’s on voice/video calls. On messaging, it’s annoying to have every conversation’s phrase separately saved in outlook instead of the whole chat at once. Hope this helps on any planned improvement.
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5 years ago, Xmasangel24
Join audio options
Would like to see the desktop function of having the option to join video only and not audio. There are often times I am in a room where this is a separate phone for the audio or the speaker is in the room but I can not see what is being presented, or using my iPad in place of laptop. Sick of trying to quick join the meeting and trying to figure out how to keep there from being feedback. Would like to see the option to not join audio for both I phone and I pad.
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7 years ago, puruudel
Almost perfect
User Interface can be better. Its difficult to manage multiple back to back meetings and repeated meetings like scrum. Like both today and tomorrows scrum show up together in the upcoming meeting list and its hard to figure out which is which. I have many times connected to wrong ones and waited for 10 mins for anyone else to show up only to find I connected on tomorrows scrum. Call quality is good and stays stable when moving from network to network
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5 years ago, Ameliakristine
I use this every day.
I use this app every day for work and aside from minor reception issues, it is a good application. Occasionally I will have odd glitches - sometimes someone will call me and my phone number will show up instead of my clients, or I will get an email stating I have a voicemail but on the app, it doesn’t show anything. For the most part, this has been my primary way of contacting all of my clients and works out much better than paying for another phone.
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6 years ago, zenithangunn
Ok app, works most of the time, gets me connected to mobile Lync/Skype when out and about. One annoying thing is you have to manually erase every message in the recent history by hand. So if you get a dozen messages on skype well expect to hand delete every recent item to clear the badges. Every call, every unique message, etc. it’s really annoying and time consuming to clean up the recent chats panel of you happened to sign into Skype on your workstation too.
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7 years ago, Kel1001
Works great overall
A little glitchy, just like all apps. It tends to turn "away " anytime I don't have the app open, which is a bit frustrating because the point of having the app on the phone is to be accessible on the go. You're not accessible if you turn yellow. It also doesn't always update automatically with my calendar, sometimes I will be in a meeting and it doesn't turn red. But other than that it's pretty nice and easy to use.
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7 years ago, LW329
Works well, could do with better organization
Works great as a collaboration tool for our team spread across locations. Audio, video, screen share, white board all work well, except for the occasional network / bandwidth issues that seem to specific to Skype for Business. Chat histories could be better organized. What works really well is integration with your organizations directory. Also, the outlook plugin helps set up online meetings with a web meeting link easily.
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5 years ago, Tim Tim Timmmmmmy
Great Tool
I always seem to have very good fortune using the Skype tool. I used to use it almost solely on my laptop but now use it with even greater frequency on my smart phone. Connection is always clean and clear, conversations are easy to hear and understand, visual presentations are always crisp, and I would recommend this highly to anyone looking for a multi location sharing and communication tool.
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7 years ago, S.Kingabury
Skype for business
Using Skype as a business communication tool has been very freeing! We no longer are tied to our desks or desk phones. Pop in a Bluetooth or doppled earpiece make you call from the Skype dashboard and away you go! Even working remote without a laptop as the Skype app lets one participate in meetings and messaging from a smart phone. (Although presenting from a phone is still not a feasible option)
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7 years ago, sbendre
Excellent app for an excellent business tool!
I always like Microsoft products for their integration. This app is not an exception. It works really well with the desktop version. Particularly the calls can be transferred easily from desktop to mobile and vice-a-versa. Makes it very useful for people on the go. In last 4 years of my use, it had rarely failed. And I have used it for multiple customerswith no issues.
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5 years ago, MrGreg71
Works well every day
I have used this app on my iPhone and iPad almost every day for several years. It works very well and it a very stable application. The only hiccup is the handoff between WiFi and cellular when I leave the house. I mitigate that by turning off WiFi on my device when I know I am going to leave the house or office and rely solely on LTE service. It also works very well in the car.
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7 years ago, actress8252
Good, could use some changes
I really like Skype and how you can video chat, normal chat, and call chat all in one. It also works on a major variety of platforms. But, my big pet peeve of the app Is how confusing the chat save is. At first it seems like everything deletes Snapchat esc, but then you start seeing "missed chats" and random snippets for conversations throughout the app, which gives you notifications and makes you have to scroll through to find those sneaky "missed chats." Great app, could use some fine tuning.
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4 years ago, Kimber3055123
Getting better
I noticed in the past month this app has gotten a lot better than it has been in terms of receiving messages on your phone when you’re not at your computer. In the past messages would only come through very randomly if at all. Lately it seems to be pretty consistent. There still seems to be issues with seeing a full first message on your phone if it’s longer than a couple of lines which is frustrating so then you have to ask the person messaging you what they said. That’s really my only gripe right now.
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6 years ago, carrgotwo
Ok, annoyed by a few things
Three main issues: 1. Does not save past convo’s, they disappear after a certain amount of time on the app and there doesn't seem to be a setting to change this. 2. Cannot see messages I missed after someone sends it and then logs off Skype. I can see the preview of the message on the main screen and then open the convo and there is nothing... why? 3. The annoying “mobile” and “video ready” status by my name when people are viewing me on the Skype for biz pc program. Why not make this an option in settings?
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6 years ago, Teabuu
Skype: when big companies don’t care about the end user
Many others have stated it but I NEED to state it again so that Microsoft/Skype will listen!! The simplest thing, and the only thing I ask of you, is to sync up the messaging on the phone and the computer. Talk to Apple for help because they’ve got it down. Another problem in line with my first comment, if I don’t look at the Skype message on my phone within SECONDS, when I click on it, it sometimes disappears. Which means my boss could have just sent me a to do and instead of sending hat message to my laptop it sent to my phone and instead of letting me read the message, it magically disappears. The ONE thing I do appreciate is being being to join a conference call on Skype from my iCal relatively seamlessly. Though I still have trouble with WiFi vs LTE connection when on the move. ALL IN ALL PLEASE FIX YOUR SYNCING. And while you’re doing that, figure out a way for us to save our chat history.
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6 years ago, AbstractHH
Why is this app still running after shutting it down?
Skype for business is a handy tool to have on my phone specially on those high demand days. However, since I am using it on my personal phone I would love to be able to completely shut it down when on personal matters. But even after the double press on home button and swipe up to kill the app, it is still running and people are still trying to contact me when I truly am not available for work matters.
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5 years ago, bbotss
Can’t reach phone all the time
The mobile app should be able to to the most basic of options, successfully dial my mobile phone for a clear audio connection to a Skype meeting. It fails to do this from the app and the only work-around is to use full video and audio and hope the data connection doesn’t use all my mobile data and stays connected. Using that on WiFi at home the connection is worse than via cellular. How about just giving me an audio only option in the mobile app? How about making the app work? This is a useless connection platform in the present state
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6 years ago, Ukthk
How can Microsoft still be this bad?
After 43 years as a computer software company, Microsoft still can’t seem to get software right. 1: This barely ever syncs correctly with my computer. This isn’t a bug; it’s foundational stuff. 2: Sometimes I will get notifications for a message, and see the contents of the message in that notification, but then the actual message is nowhere to be found in the app. Again, if I worked at Microsoft, this would be on my list of “Top 3 Things To Make Sure We Get Right”. 3. I get emails for Missed Conversations when I’ve seen the whole conversation on the app. I’m even the last reply on some of these. Maybe a product of the no-computer-sync thing, but again, Top 3 stuff here. 4. Under rather frequent circumstances, the app seems to partially freeze and I can't type anything into the message field. It just doesn't respond at all. 43 years of software experience Microsoft and this is what we get.
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