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User Reviews for SkySlope

1.94 out of 5
93 Ratings
6 years ago, Moonshine Mabel
The desktop site is fine but the mobile app is horrendous. Or I’m not as text savvy as I thought. I haven’t found a single useful element about it. The only one of my listings that shows closed last Dec and I have yet to find a way to access transactions.
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3 years ago, property brother2020
App is garbage... please update
The website is okay for management platform. Not always reliable when emailing docs to the software generated email address associated with the file. I’ve had them bounce back or take forever to show up. The app hasn’t been updated in 3 years and it shows. I can’t upload files from my phone to the app and when the email method for file upload isn’t working, the app is useless. On the plus side, I can reference files on the app that I uploaded through the desktop site. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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2 years ago, cahincal
Love this app
I have been using Skyslope and the App for 7 years now, and don’t know what I would do without it. I love that I can manage my files right from my phone. My only complaint is that I cannot access the forms from it, but I am sure down the road that will eventually make it to the app.
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6 years ago, Halta22
Great website App is lacking
I’m enjoying SkySlope as long as I log in from Safari. The app doesn’t have my working docs in it. Nor any way to access my integrated accounts like my ZipformsPlus. When I try to upload from my iPad it only takes me to my photo albums rather than my iCloud documents. Once these issues are resolved and I can be fully mobile then it will be perfect!
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6 years ago, Cdel87
Cannot access transactions and analytics all show zero
The dashboard shows me how many transactions we have but nothing is clickable and the analytics all show nothing, even though with the number of transactions we have, there should be something showing there. I don’t need an app to be able to tell me how many listings we’ve taken. I downloaded the app hoping it would give me the same accessibility to files as the desktop website, but this app seems to have no functionality.
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4 years ago, Angrypudding
Mobile apps not really functional at this point
I mean, I can’t check checklists or look up any of my transactions. I really like Skyslope but their mobile app is terrible. If accessing my page I just have to use safari / google. I ask them every time I have a question about something else to try to make sure it’s understood that the app isn’t currently functional. Dotloop has great mobile app support/function but don’t want to switch. I hope they get this up and running soon!
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6 years ago, Mpolo9944
Ok, Needs more Functionality
Would love the ability to add docs from other places like google drive or Dropbox...alas, no. On the app I can only upload photos from my camera? Doesn’t seem very intuitive as most docs in skyslope are PDFs, not JPEGS. Our company has an enterprise account with SkySlope and we love love love their website platform...I just wish their put more development energy into their app.
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Can't get in/ won't open after installation
I have installed this app, cannot get it to open on my iPad. All I am trying to do is have the date inserted where I am signing a document. The buyer signed 9 days ago, and I'd like to have it be part of the documentation that I am just now signing and the date will not show up. I thought that perhaps if I installed the app, perhaps the document would miraculously insert the date, perhaps the app would function better. No go!
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1 year ago, Hatzy1
Horrible mobile app
I hate having to give negative feedback, but this is probably the worst business app I’ve ever had to use. It absolutely does not work. Takes forever to login and there’s no functionality. I just tried a very simple action, to send a document to a client. All it does is kick you off the app. as mobile as we are, we need an app that actually functions. Please make this work!
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6 years ago, GoUW!
Saved my marriage by making me better!
Hands down the best app/program I’ve ever used. The app not only works flawlessly (no lags, crashes, ads), but it made me a better realtor and helped me clear my best sales year EVER.
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6 years ago, gobolts79
This. is. AWESOME.
Another great update!! These push notifications are perfect. So handy for me because I am on the road so much as a realtor. It is great that my broker decided to provide SkySlope. Such a great tool and I am so much more efficient. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Jeff Washington
Do everything from your phone!
I can finally manage my entire transaction from my phone! Love the colorful checklist and text message tracking, thanks guys!
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1 year ago, BeckieS
Useless app
It is unbelievable, with the technology currently available, that this app is completely without functionality. When I called SkySlope support, thinking it was a user problem, they confirmed that the app is basically useless and if I wanted to be mobile, then I should pull up my phone’s browser. Are you kidding me?!
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4 months ago, Lillian_noel
Improvement needed
This app used to be great but is getting worse and worse. It’s slow, often crashes without pulling up the info needed. Very frustrating- please fix!
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2 years ago, ray the man tan
Don’t download just use the crappy website. It’s better!
Just horrible. Very very terrible. This app is the worst. Then the mobile site. You really have to use a computer’s browser. Really?And that even glitches a lot. Like assigning getting stuck. Bring your tech up to date already.
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2 months ago, Firsttimedieter
Never works
I’m deleting it off my devices. It never loads my transactions I just get the gearshift wheel spinning and spinning and spinning. It’s faster for me to just go on my phones browser and go straight to the website. Don’t bother having this app take up data space on your phone.
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6 years ago, Live The Lake Life
Not working well
About a month ago, my app stopped showing my current active listings. I called SkySlope and they said “just go to the site” I liked the app before, when I could easily transfer paperwork without having to save it first
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6 years ago, Drewm83
Major flaw
Who saves files to their camera roll. Whoever made this app is not thinking clearly. The app would be great if they would just allow you to upload files from iCloud, google drive, or basically anywhere besides just your camera roll. Fix this and I’ll fix my review.
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5 years ago, tjtuttle
Not very functional
Biggest drawback from the app is you can not add notes from the app for the file nor can you add a pdf from your files, you have to add it from your phones photos which does not correlate with a pdf
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3 years ago, cykets
App crashes, not updated
App crashes doing various things. App feels like what you would expect in an iPhone 3G, maybe one day it will get updated. Usability wise it’s ok, though I’m better off storing files in iCloud initially, uploading to skyslope web, and using files and my calendar to track things.
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6 years ago, Matt003627183
Can’t add PDF’s from mobile devices
Time to get with the times. Only able to upload JPEG’s from the camera roll. Get this fixed, this is a major oversight.
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5 years ago, ERJxyz
Stupid Non-Functional App - Don’t Bother
Last update was over a year ago. Doesn’t have any useful functionality like connecting to common cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox etc to upload PDF’s, which is the most common file type in a real estate transaction. Total disappointment 🙃
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10 months ago, Mamie1696
App does not perform well
The app is slow. It spins and spins. I want it to be faster so I can actually use it on the go like I usually am. I spend 70% of my time not at my desk. This app does not keep up with my hectic schedule and adds no value to my transactions at the moment.
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1 year ago, Kirk Schexnaider
By far the worst app for my real estate needs. Open something up…. Wait…. See the document…app crashes. Complete waste. If my brokerage wants another to use another document storage website. My vote is for a change
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5 years ago, Sell a home
This app is kind of a joke
For everybody using the desktop version of sky slope they will be sorely disappointed when they download this app to find out it actually doesn’t do anything. Nothing. Zip. Absolute joke. Skyslope you need to fire whoever is in charge of your mobile version development
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3 months ago, Brad3109
Is there anything lower than one star?
The app works when it wants to. This not good for someone on the go. The app just loads and loads. This app has major issues that need to be fixed especially since it’s not free.
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6 years ago, Mkane1234
Not working here
Maybe I’m too stupid -but after signing in all I can see on the dashboard are the number of listings / transactions etc . But the app is completely unresponsive (iPhone X) -I don’t have a way to access any info -the menu let’s me update my phone number -great 🙄
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3 years ago, DN AZ
3 years old software, really?
Impossible to rate this above one star as in desperate need of an update. Serves close to zero purpose as an app. Desktop centric, can’t use in the field, just at the brokerage. Which makes it next to useless for agents who need to move quickly.
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3 years ago, ADD4GOLD
App rarely works for me
For the past month I keep getting error messages when I try to login
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3 years ago, HeyAlicia
Love SkySlope but this app is completely unusable. Won’t let me add files or access my transactions, just acts as if it’s trying to load until I give up and use my laptop instead. Waste of time & phone space.
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1 year ago, AnneInCincy
Rarely works
Always times out. Takes forever to process. Like watching paint dry, it’s so annoying.
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3 years ago, undeadlibido
Worst company ever
Just about every day for the last year of my life, myself or a member of my team have been unable to do our jobs because skyslope doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, BLeeC304
Please update
Can you please update this to work with todays agents? Everyone is on the go and uses phones and this app is so outdated and unusable
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2 years ago, Iiams1
App does not function
SkySlope in general is great but the app is essentially non-functional. Better off to just delete the app and log in via web browser
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4 years ago, kmg78
My app looks nothing like the pictures, all I get is a useless dashboard. The desktop version is great but I need to be able to upload docs on the go. Please update this app to be fully functional!
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2 years ago, HippoGryffith
Needs Major Bug Fixes
The website has very minor hiccups. This app is hot garbage though and needs major updates as soon as possible.
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5 years ago, Upset Page
Not able to login
Updated app not allowing to login. Using same credentials as web but fails to allow access. Wasted app right now. Has worked before.
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2 years ago, freegaza1948
Need to update the app!
There is so much Potential in updating the app,
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2 years ago, RachelEarlRealtor
Only Accesses Photos?
I don’t have files in my photo album. Please update the app to allow access to files, drive, Dropbox, etc…
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4 years ago, The Evans Fam
Why have an app that doesn’t work?
Cannot access files for transactions, so app is useless. I’m deleting. Let me know when it works for iPhone. I’m an agent on team and really need it to.
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5 years ago, user of skyslope
Not the best
Only shows data and doesn’t allow editing or admin info. It’s like viewing stock market info only with no user functionality
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5 years ago, Filthy MF
Update the app!!!
iPhone X has been around for a year. Have it fit the screen. Plus please let us add PDF’s!!!!!
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5 years ago, 1ppp
Pretty bad
This day in age an app like this should be way more advanced. I don’t even use it. The online system is awful too. But my company makes us use it. Ugh
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1 year ago, Yjnnnn
One of worst application I have to use in my life
Some reason my real estate broker switch to this application, this one of worst application I ever use.
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4 years ago, qwertt98876
App keeps closing
Love the app, but it keeps closing out when reviewing documents.
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4 months ago, pbhrealtor
Terrible app
App hasn’t been updated in 6 years and it shows in performance and visuals
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2 years ago, Pi$$ed0ff131313
Crappy app
I have no idea where they got those screenshots from but the ap has NONE of those capabilities!!!
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6 years ago, brian Braq
Never thought I would miss dotloop
This is arduous. Signing inside the app is a nightmare. So I have to use ziplogix with docusign then upload into sky slope and manually name each doc. Update!! Reform!!!’
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4 years ago, Touchidenthusiast
Please update for iPhone X and above
The iPhone X has been around since 2017. No excuse for not to be compatible on these phones yet.
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11 months ago, Jacquie Lambka
This app is terrible!! The app crashes all the time. I often can’t load files from my phone through the app. Digisign is not supported on the app. The app is not user friendly. The entire thing needs an update.
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