Sleep Talk Recorder

4.4 (2.7K)
30.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sleep Talk Recorder

4.38 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Saige's IPhone
Please help
Ok this isn’t much of a review, but I’m having a slight problem. I have paid to get the full version on my old phone, but on this phone I can restore it. It’s mostly because “in-app purchases” are allowed, which is dumb. The thing is, nobody knows the passcode and we can’t reset it (trust me, we’ve spent a long time trying to turn it off). So now I’m stuck with the free version. Now for the review part, it’s really nice. It’s easy to use and there is a place to check out other people’s recordings (they’re funny). In the free version, though, you can only record for two hours. People tend to talk within the first 2 hours of sleep, but on occasion it’s sometimes past that. You can add “favorites” and name them so you know what the recordings are about. The worst part is, it sometimes can’t figure out that there is white noise and I’ll have a recording of my fan for hours on end. Other than that, it’s great!
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3 years ago, heapau1
Doesn’t work
I downloaded and used the app for one night. It recorded the whole night, so I decided to pay for the full version to unlock the entire night since my boyfriend woke me up due to my sleep talking. The app didn’t record my sleep talking at all, but did record the conversation following my sleep talking. I decided to try again the following night. I watched the activation countdown begin as I set my phone down. When I woke in the morning, it hadn’t recorded at all. I opted to try again the following night. It recorded during the night but shut itself off 15 minutes before I woke up for the day. I went back into the app at breakfast to listen but every recording from that night had disappeared from my history. So I tried three nights in a row and only one semi worked. I reached out to the developer via the feedback option asking for a refund since the app doesn’t work and haven’t gotten a response. I have since tried to cancel my subscription based on the instructions in the FAQ section but the directions for canceling are incorrect for my phone. I sent another message asking for assistance canceling my subscription because I don’t want to be charged again for something that clearly does not work, but didn’t receive a response to that inquiry either. To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement. Hopefully this review will get the developer to finally reach back out to me.
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7 years ago, Bjh620
Skip this one - better ones have support
*** Would love to update this with a better review if the developer would help me resolve this instead of blowing me off. Customers not important - buyer beware*** Had critical recordings that were inaccessible. I had exported others with no issue and liked the app until... I had made some critical recordings and tried exporting them like the others, however what it gave was a link back to the App Store. In the meantime, the app crashed and when I reopened it, the recordings didn't show as if I'd never used it. Yet, my settings indicated almost 5 gigs worth of data were contained in this app. So it was all there, just somehow corrupted. It had been 2 weeks worth of recordings that were very valuable to me that were simply locked away. I made 3 or 4 attempts to contact support via the App Store, email, and on Facebook yet I got no response from them at all. I tried everything possible to recover the data with no luck. An app is only as good as it works. This will tease then let you down. Was better before the last 2 updates. Fair warning - pass on this one.
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7 years ago, Sayso10
Love it
I do really love this app!! I get several recordings a night and although there's quite a bit of snoring from my hubby, when I listen between the snores, I get a lot of talking that isn't anyone that lives with us. A lot of activity going on while we sleep. Creepy but cool!! I just wish 1 thing, I want to be able to edit the favorite recordings to be able to only play the areas of the clips that I like so you don't have to keep the whole clip if it's a long one. I want to cut up the clip from a start point to an end point and trash the rest of it. It'd save storage and make playing them back for people way way easier and better. It would also be cool to be able to put what you like on a loop. If I could do those things with this app, it would be absolutely perfect!!!
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6 years ago, JavaBean101
Free version worthless and a total scam
I used this for the first time last night and set an activation delay of 3 hours, since I know I don’t talk in the first few hours of the night. When I went to listen to the first 2 “free” hours of recordings, it’s all locked. Why am I not able to listen to the first two hours of recordings as promised? I don’t think I should be forced to purchase the app without first being able to try it for free to see if I like it and if it’s worth it. This is a total scam. Update: After contacting the company, they told me to set the activation delay for a shorter amount of time. No offer to unlock my 2 free hours and resolve the issue. Why build in an activation delay if it makes it impossible to actually access your 3 hours of “free” recordings using the free version? And what’s up with the false advertising? I realize the charge for the app isn’t much, but I refuse to give any money to a company that misrepresents itself and won’t stand behind its product/service. Total scam. Don’t waste your money.
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5 years ago, Mini halo
Fun & helpful
You know this is a fun app to have, or you wouldn't be looking for something like this! It works perfectly, does all that it says it does, and captures some really hysterical stuff! Helpful, yes! A year ago my son had pneumonia. With this app I captured 135 coughing episodes in one night and was able to show/play them (not all) to the pediatrician. I do understand doctors hear parents say, "my kid coughed all night!" This way parents are able to actually show it wasn't just once or twice that felt like "all night", it was 135 episodes! That said, keeping it by his bedside the rest of the week, we were also able to see the effects of the antibiotics in that each night there were fewer and fewer episodes. A good tool to have. And then back to the fun stuff!
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6 years ago, Single mom of 4
Stops recording in the middle
My 3 year old daughter sleeps with me and she will be in the middle of talking in her sleep (one of the main reasons I wanted this) and it just stops recording her and starts a new one so I miss things. Even when she was having a little coughing spell it stopped recording her mid cough. It’s very inconsistent and very annoying because of it. These issues need to be fixed. If there is a sound it shouldn’t stop recording or start a new one. I thought this was supposed to record all sounds and people talking so why is it stopping when there are words being spoken or sounds??? I would rather have my money back and try a different app. The ONLY thing I am happy with is the very tiniest of sounds it picks up like my oldest daughter moving dishes around in the kitchen which is completely on the other side of the house and which kind of contradicts it shutting off when there are very loud sounds right next to it.
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3 years ago, dftxyz
I was curious to see if I talk in my sleep so I tried this app. I have been using it over a month and boy do I SNORE! I have only caught myself talking twice but I’m still obsessed with this app. You can adjust the sensitivity so I bet it would pick up a mouse farting across the room! Every time I wake up from a dream, I record a few notes about the dream and now I’m remembering more of my crazy COVID dreams. This is fun and easy to use.
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4 years ago, Applescrapple12
This App lets you realize things like, you snore, you talk in your sleep but you never knew, when you’re in a deep peaceful sleep, or a restless sleep that’s interrupted by either your mumbling, talking, coughing, or clearing your throat, etc. The one thing I truly love is listening everyday to see if I talked in my sleep the night before, and if so, LAUGHING SO HARD at the things I say in my sleep!! Sometimes, it’s clear as day and every word is understood, sometimes I mumble words, sometimes I sound exactly like myself, and sometimes I don’t! I get a kick out of listening and letting my family listen for some laughs!! The 🎤 on this app is awesome, it picks up everything!!
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7 years ago, Mitch Scharton
I downloaded this app because I was told that I could run it concurrently with sleep timer on a single device, which is not the case. So I downloaded it on the tablet and ran the tablet and the phone together each running their own program. I wanted to see what it is it's waking me up at certain hours of the night showing on my sleep timer. I was very disappointed when I woke up and found a single recording at 11:30 PM, and even further disappointed when I realized that that recording was 24,300 seconds long and the only playback options was play, double speed play, and rewind. Like other people have said it picked up the sound of the fan all night long on its lowest sensitivity setting. In this heat if I tried to sleep without a fan it would change my sleep pattern, my sleep quality, and skew my results
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4 years ago, kh7719
Probably good
So, the app says that you can hear two hours of each night but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d definitely be willing to pay for the app if I could have more than the first two hours of the first night to evaluate but even though the app advertises that, it’s not providing that. I’d like to first verify that I am talking in my sleep before purchasing because I don’t need the app if I’m only going to be recording the occasional ruffling of sheets as I turn over or the dog shaking his head and jangling his collar tags. From what I can tell the recordings are quality and it’s great that it only triggers to record when it hears a noise. Again, I’d probably really like the app if I could properly try it out to see if I actually need it.
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4 years ago, Airianna98
Just having some issues
I used this app when it first cane out and you didn’t actually have to pay for it. I don’t mind paying now actually but I’m having some problems I didn’t have before. When I re-downloaded it in early July everything worked fine! It didn’t pick up my fan and I got some good recordings! But now for some reason it’ll just record white noise for hours on end no matter what I change the sensitivity setting to. It’s really frustrating because I don’t want to go through anywhere from 7000 seconds to 24,000 seconds or whatever just to find something I may or may not have said in my sleep.
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5 years ago, Roxinator Foxinator
It’s okay.
The problem I’m having is the alarm I set on my iPhone doesn’t go off when the ap is activated. So I tried using the alarm they have in the ap, but there’s no way to actually pick the time I want to set the alarm for. The only options you have is to snooze, for how long, and alarm sounds. Where’s the actual time?!?! And to try to get a hold of someone is impossible!! The Apple support link directs you to Sleep Talks Facebook page that hasn’t been touched in years. And there are no articles anywhere that can help. With 888 reviews on here when this ap is as old as it is is very disconcerting.
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5 years ago, wiltynope
I’ve used this app off and on for over 3 years and have realized that I talk more in my sleep when I’m stressed, and it’s interesting to be able to hear how that manifests itself when I’m sleep talking. The app works well. My suggestions would be to add a description under the icons like “history” or “recordings”, and perhaps the ability to pause the recording when I get up in the middle of the night rather than deactivating and then creating a new event.
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6 years ago, JWC66
Not just funny, but LIFE SAVING
I talked ever night during sleep & this app will capture all the strange & funny conversations. The app also led me to have a sleep study preformed at a sleep lab due to the loud snoring & coughing during the night. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I stopped breathing over 40 times an hour. I was prescribed a c-pap to be worn at night. So I recommend this app not just because the fun of listening to what bizarre words or conversations in the night that I said, but also it can be LIFE SAVING. Thank you, JC
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5 years ago, qt_milan
has some cons
just last night i started a recording and this morning i pressed deactivate, and usually after u do that you’ll be able to go into the history and see the new recording it there was absolutely nothing there. i’m very upset sometimes picks up on background noise that is on going. for example, my A/C wall unit makes a semi loud noise so there will be a pick-up for 1-2 hours. this is even after i change sensitivity it does pick up whenever i start talking tho and super cool. u only have to pay the $5 once and in my opinion, it was worth it. another con would be when i have to restore my phone or switch phones, there’s no way to retrieve old recordings. they just get lost somewhere out there. hopefully there will be an update where u can sign in with an email or maybe u sign in with the itunes account that holds the recordings. that would be such a great improvement.
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1 year ago, SebCohen
Love this app..recently doesn’t record always
I’ve had this app for….I want to say a decade. I love it! In one of the recent updates, it doesn’t always record and/or no record is shown of the recording. BUT it does show as started and the countdown for delayed start shows and I have to stop recording in the morning. But nothing is there after. All old recordings are there off course. PS : Sometimes I use a podcast/radio app with sleep function on, but not always. This has never been an issue before though…and didn’t last night, but didn’t record.
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5 years ago, Josher D.
randomly erases saved recordings
Had some funny recordings saved in the app, some of them were there for years, then one day they’re all just gone. What’s the point of a recorder that can’t be trusted to save a recording? Also, the app always cuts of the first couple seconds of any speech or sound, and the last few seconds. So if someone sleeptalking says “I wanna go to the grocery store” you might get “-go to the grocery-“. It’s very obviously always cut off. They should do the opposite and actually put a buffer of a couple seconds before and after each recognized sound. Better to have a couple seconds of silence than to always miss part of every recording.
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5 years ago, Kaylee Legit
I don’t know why but, this happened
I downloaded the app because people have said I sleep talk, I was gonna use the app before I went to bed but I decided not to due to the fact I had my brothers hamster in my room (she is very noisy) so I exited out and of the app and when I woke up I realized that there was a from the app but it was frozen on a lot of the apps I use (it was just sitting there not doing anything in the background) I tried to delete the app but that didn’t work. I’m still gonna rate 3 stars because the app was great until this part.
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4 years ago, FUNN492655
I think that this sleep app is great because it picks up on a lot of noises around you while you are sleeping. Also it just shows you the recordings when you move around or make noise so you don’t have to sit through a long recording. So overall I think that this app is great and I would highly recommend this app if you want to know if you sleep talk or if any noises are happening around you too!
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2 years ago, jfkric
Don’t waist your time
I got this app because I need to figure out what triggers my sleep talking because I don’t want it to be triggered next week because last time I was on a band trip oh god it was bad I was screaming my friends name and the whole hotel could hear it or should I say the whole marching band so about 400 people could hear it and I was a freshman at the time and I was rooming with 2 seniors and a junior all on leadership team and one of them scram my name then scram shut up but anyways this app will only let you see 30 minutes and the rest is locked and you have to buy a subscription to hear the rest
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4 years ago, Geneebee
I was so excited to start this app and even paid the extra to have unlimited features and be able to record past the two hours for the free version. I was sadly disappointed that I have to sit through and press fast forwards through all this white noise just to get any of my actual sounds. I can’t edit it or skip or press where I want to start in the middle of the recording. I actually get so frustrated that I end up never getting to hear the full recording because I’m tired of sitting there holding fast forward to just find something.
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5 years ago, thatonegirlwhocomplains
Not the apps fault
I have used this app to listen to myself mumble funny things in my sleep but when I moved next to a train track I didn’t realize the apps would save over 30 minuets of train noises a night 😂. I don’t really use it much anymore even tho I bought the full version because I hate sifting through an hour of usually nothingness. I would say 5 stars but I dislike that I lost all my recordings when I switched phones.
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4 years ago, miaadelcarmen
I’m having problems
I loved this app and used it RELIGIOUSLY for years. But all of a sudden it will only record one giant recording, no matter what the sensitivity is set to. I have a quiet room, and it used to work, but out of nowhere it just started bugging out. And within the app I am unable to contact support because of a “Mail not set up correctly” error. Please help!!!
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4 years ago, Frankk Monte
Cool concept but needs work
Glad they have a way to toggle the sensitivity, but I would love a way to high speed scrub. The options for playback were limited and not very helpful as it only allows play, rewind, and double speed. Often times recordings last quite a while, and sitting through the whole thing while trying to find bits and pieces of sleep talking is annoying. I think if an option were to be added that fixed this, the app would be worth the money.
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6 years ago, hannah805
I love this, but...
This is a great I enjoy it a lot. I even bought the full app. It records 3 seconds at a time and 3,000 seconds. I get very frustrated with the thousand second ones because there is no fast forward or speed up option. I have also wanted to delete some of the recordings but I’m not sure how to do that. I like it very much thought because I didn’t realize I talk in my sleep that much.
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2 years ago, casshershey
Gives me a good laugh!
I love the sleep talking app! I put it on low sensitivity so it really only picks up when I talk. They’re funny to listen to the next day. The only thing I wish this app had would be a feature where you can send clips to your friends. It will send a link, but the link never works. Other than that, it’s great!
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5 years ago, myicepod
Wheres my previous review?
Well it hasn't gotten any better since my last review. Just odd the way they can pick and choose which reviews to post. Works so so until you buy someone elses app and see how great it is to be able to edit or save only the 6 to 7 seconds of sound you really need. Also lacks ability to save or dowload to pc without posting online for the whole world to hear. Sorry i bought it sound quality lacks and needs better editing no wait needs edit feature period. Just revisited the app since last update and it still not any better
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4 years ago, LolOkayAwkward
Stopped working after I purchased it
At first, I really liked this app. It was really easy to use and after hearing myself, I wanted the full version. After I bought it, I would get my hopes up about listening in the morning only to see that there is no recording even though I’m positive I hit activate the night before. When I wake up and look at my phone, I see that my microphone is active so I know the app is working. There just seems to be issues on the other end. This is the second night this has happened. I really did want this app to work out for me /:
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6 years ago, KendallB3909
Low sensitivity and filter fail to block fan
I was told I talk in my sleep so I got the free app. When it finally picked up me talking I decided to by the full version. Since then, even on the low sensitivity and with the filter on, all it picks up is a single recording of 8 hours of the fan on across the room. When I flip the app to horizontal I can see more active areas where I possibly have been talking, but I cannot fast forward through hours and hours of recording. This app needs to work on a more effective way to skip parts of recordings, and work on the sensitivity issues.
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4 years ago, Jarebear04
Unusual option
So i was messing around with the settings in this app and i was trying to leave a section and i clicked a couple times on the back arrow and nothing happened then i kept clicking it until this thing popped up and said run a command...can someone explain what i do from here
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6 years ago, BifFan
Avoid this APP all together
After not being able to delete any of the audio files I contacted the programmer to ask how I could it. I gave up after 3 e-mails and 2 texts. They never responded. Because of that I had to delete the APP from my phone. So essentially spent 3.99 for absolutely nothing - except a waste of my time. Please be warned going in to this. You’ll end up filling your phone up after a few nights of recordings. Then what? You can either buy a bigger phone, or delete the APP. BTW, there are lots of these APPs out there. If I were you, I’d check those out first. Good luck.
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7 years ago, KittyFeline
My boyfriend talks in his sleep. Sometimes it's amusing, sometimes it's confusing, mostly it's entertaining. This app leaves much to be desired. As many have shared previously, the lowest setting still does not eliminate white noise consistent background sounds leaving the user to attempt to scroll through thousands of seconds to try and recover anything. It's more exhausting than it's worth. Better to get a hand recorder or just write some notes in the middle of the night. Developers take note. I Do not recommend this product unless developers make requested changes.
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6 years ago, chicken little 562
Only download if you’re going to buy immediately. You can only listen for the first two hours of your sleep. If you know the typical REM cycle that’s not EXACTLY enough time...In my opinion anyways. Would be better if they let you listen for the first 24 hours. Especially when there’s “proof” of activity on a cute little chart. Don’t know if it’s really me or just something to entice me to purchase the app. That’s probably far-fetched but I’m skeptical and an untrusting individual. Good luck with your snoring/talking adventures.
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1 year ago, Melodyscc
Love it for so many reasons
First of all it’s fun- we have full conversations in our sleep, second it help if we need to talk to the dr about random noise or snoring… I love the way it now sorta out the difference with talking snoring and random noise. I can even tell how many times my AC or heater comes on during the night.
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4 years ago, gsitebabc
You have to pay
I was excited to recorded myself because my family had been saying that I have been sleep talking for a week now so I downloaded this app recorded myself and it pick up 3 things one at 5 am, 7 am and 8 Am which was probably my alarm clock because I wake up a 8 but I couldn’t watch it because I needed the full version and sense I didn’t say anything in the first 2 hours so I can’t see if I talked at all.😢😔
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7 years ago, Josh1377
Seriously perfect
All those people giving one star and saying things were bad have not updated their ratings because the producers of the app listened and fixed those things. I think they made a really neat app with tons of potential. I will be purchasing the full version very soon because it's a really cool app.
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6 years ago, dlt1950
Only records one giant recording
Like others have stated, this app used to work wonderfully for me. I have had this app for years and have never had any issues with it, until several months ago. Now the app only records one giant 8-hour recording. It must pick up the incredibly faint sound of the A/C fan running in the background, or the app is just bugged. I even tried the lowest sensitivity level and it still does it. Very frustrating. Makes the app effectively unusable. I love this app but it doesn’t seem to get much developer support anymore. Bummer...
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6 years ago, DebraMN
This app breaks my games
I downloaded this app recently and have found that it breaks two of the games on my phone. I activate Sleep Talk with a 30- minute delay when I go to bed, and then want to play a few games on my phone to help me feel sleepy. (I activate Sleep Talk before playing the games because it’s possible that I may fall asleep while playing.) Sleep Talk breaks the ads that pop up in my games, locking the game up in the middle of the ad and forcing me to close the game and start over. Very annoying.
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1 month ago, Becca1889
Be up front!!
I understand almost all of these apps require payment which I’m fine with. But all of them tell you BEFORE you do anything on the app about payment. This one did NOT. I downloaded it and recorded last night. It let me play the recording all the way up until there was a part where there was actual sound recorded and then stopped and required payment to continue. Not cool. I don’t mind paying for something but not if you are not telling me before I use your app.
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6 years ago, GngrGrn
Don’t pay for this app
I had the free version about a year ago and it recorded several clips overnight. Unfortunately I couldn’t access allclips because I wouldn’t pay for full version. I got a new phone a few days ago and decided to buy Sleep Talk. Each attempt I make to record has resulted in one long seven hour recording. I have tried reducing sensitivity, increasing sensitivity, using the filter, not using the filter... doesn’t matter. No clips and the fast forward option doesn’t help much on a 7 hr recording, at 2x speed
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1 year ago, %Ph4n70m%
Needs background noise removal
I just got the app yesterday, and my only current complaint is that pretty much all my recordings are just fan noise. I would love to see noise removal added in the future. Right now, I just have to trust the Apps AI will find anything interesting because I’m definitely not going to sit here and listen to 303 clips of fan noise. There’s a reason I don’t use Only Fans.
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3 years ago, ashllllleeeeyyyyylllllllll
LOVE but I creep myself out
I’ve been told I sleep talk and/or walk but never heard it for myself. This is the best money I’ve ever spent. I freak myself out because I have no recollection of what I do while I’m asleep. if you even suspect you sleep talk, buy this now! If anything you’ll realize you may need a CPAP machine 😂
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3 years ago, heliotrope blanc
Helps you get up
Having the recordings to look through engages your brain when the alarm goes off so you don’t fall back asleep. Once you get a couple sleep talk recordings, you get excited about looking through them.
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4 years ago, wowowndncldknwnd
Good but I have a question
This app is great and I highly recommend. You can post your favorite recordings on the top list and view other peoples as well. It shows you how many votes each recording has. However there’s no where to upvote other peoples recordings on the top list. How do you vote for recordings?
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7 years ago, Princess Bebi
Sleeper in denial
I didn't believe my husband when he said that I snore EVERY night. I told him that I only snore when I'm very tired. So I downloaded this app. I'm so glad I didn't make a money bet with him because I would have lost. The app is awesome and picks up all sounds. We laugh so much listening to me snore and him farting 😂
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3 years ago, Noelle.G
Not worth it for me
My husband tells me I am an active sleep talker, so I decided to download this. The free version is okay, however; I won't be downloading the full version. I had over a thousand recordings to listen to every night, and 99% of them were my dogs snoring or my fan going. They need to make something to filter those noises out and just listen for talking. I think I'll be finding another app to download with these qualities.
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7 years ago, Lickluster
Boy is it noisy outside
I bought this app to check how I am sleeping and it has been informative. Some nights I use the plain recorder and with both bits of data I can tell how I'm sleeping. I haven't said it very many funny things though. But it sure is noisy outside. It's amazing what you can sleep through.
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5 years ago, Gammer manner
Works well but...
The app works fine but I’m confused at how the submissions are done. I see that people’s clips are on a certain page but are curious as to how they get there. Are you guys just uploading people’s favorites without permission or are they themselves uploading to that page?
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4 years ago, shabbadabbafingdong
6 hour clip
I liked the first night so I paid the $3.99 to try for a month. The second night I tried to record and woke up to 1 single, 6 hour clip that I can not skip through. It is just 1 very long recording of nothing. I’m not going to sit here and listen to this for six hours to see if there was any talking. What a disappointment. The developers need to adjust the sensitivity or allow the buyers to adjust. Six hours of my fan!!! Not what I paid for.
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