Sleepytime Sleep Scheduler

4.7 (136)
4.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cellaflora Design
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sleepytime Sleep Scheduler

4.68 out of 5
136 Ratings
5 months ago, Biokill
This app has been a life saver.
This app has been such an incredible resource to my partner and me for many years. We are both neurodivergent and struggle with getting enough sleep as well as managing our bedtimes. Sleepytime helps us know when to lie down for bed so that we experience full sleep cycles and don't set our alarms to wake us up in the middle of a sleep cycle, potentially during deep sleep. Waking from a deep sleep will cause grogginess and that can negatively impact someone's entire day! This app has helped mitigate a lot of the problems we had for years with waking up- the foggy heads, super groggy feelings, etc.
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5 years ago, Chloekristy
I really like this app. This was my first sleep cycle app, But I later switched to another app because it had an alarm. Well, I recently installed it again because this app actually lets me play with the time a little bit more than the others. Instead of it choosing when to wake me up, it suggests and shows different options. It’s like a sleep schedule calculator. I also love the side note of it approximately taking about 15 minuets to fall asleep, and the app is graphically appealing and simple to use. I would really enjoy seeing some small fun features added in the future, but it’s a great app as is.
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7 years ago, 1classikai
Awesome! But...
This app is pretty useful and I just used it for the first time and it worked! I didn't feel as groggy as I usually do when I wake up. The only thing that would make this app better is having an alarm. I have an alarm on my phone, but I just think it would be more convenient if it could automatically set an alarm when people pick one of the times they want to get up, idk. Overall though, this app is pretty neat!
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2 years ago, 9j2j
Works for me
I now wake up and get going with relative ease. I’m not dragging, groggy, or grumpy. (I even love the colors and images used in the app.) The only change I’d love to see… The ability to set an alarm by tapping one of the recommended wake up times. Thank you for this beautiful tool.
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4 weeks ago, L.McCollough
This simplifies setting my alarm.
I have insomnia. Before bed every night, i would calculate how many sleep cycles I could complete before waking up for work. Too much math, honestly. The U.I is simple but I appreciate its functionality. I use it every night, this is an amazing app
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5 years ago, MiNuReview
Helped me pass my MCATs
I used to study way late into the night and wake up feeling horrible. With this I just see what time I need to wake up and it helps me to do just that. I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed, even after sleeping only 3 hours. Without this I would have done terrible on my MCATs for sure.
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7 years ago, 30Bananaguy
This is not an alarm app
This is just a calculator for when to wake up. It does work. Once this calculates time you should wake up you add that time to your personal alarm clock. Would be awesome if it was an alarm but thats not what the app claims to do. You wake up refreshed even if its early. Test it out yourself.
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9 years ago, Beir Schitz
I want to be able to click on the list of times and have it set an alarm for that time. Like if I'm going to bed at 9 and it says get up at 5:30, I wanna click on 5:30 for a wake up sound. Also, if I can click on a few consecutive times it's like an effective snooze instead of a 10 minute snooze that makes it worse
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9 years ago, Buttonbear123
Such a pleasure!
I have been using the website sleepy time for years, but this app makes things much easier! It is so simple and elegant, and it works like a charm. To get back, you simply swipe to the left. The lack of ads is marvelous. It's just excellent all around. Thank you so much!!!
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8 years ago, Alyssa Hagerbrant
So useful, I use it every night!
This app is easy to use and strangely accurate on (atleast my) sleep cycles. I slept through countless alarms in the past without consulting this app. Now, my body feels more awake even before my alarm rings. If you have any issue waking up, this app is the way to go!
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9 years ago, strangerthanyoursympathy
This app is great!!
It's a pretty simple app yet thought out. I love the design of the app too. It's very relaxing (as weird as that may sound). I'm so glad I found this app! I used to try to count myself the best time to wake up and this is obviously so much easier and more accurate!
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4 years ago, frustratedddfddddddd
This app has changed my life
I have been using this for about four years. It’s one of the simplest apps/interfaces that I use, but it’s changed my life more than maybe any other program—When I use it I really don’t feel groggy anymore!!
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9 years ago, sunnybound
Totally helps me schedule my nights and naps!!
I never knew I needed this till I found it. Friendly interface, aesthetically pleasing, and waking times displayed are on point. Tested it out a few times and I definitely feel more refreshed than groggy. Yay!
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2 years ago, Chekonjak
Taller aspect ratio?
This app is fantastic and I really appreciate the lack of ads and micro transactions. I do wish that I could donate something to help update the app for the latest iPhones and their taller screens though.
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3 years ago, julian321222
Cool, simple, but needs to be updated!
I love this app - I’m being picky, but would enjoy if it could be updated to take up the entire screen on newer iPhones.
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8 years ago, DesireaNavarro
Love it!
So simple, I have been using the website for YEARS finally it's got an application. So helpful when determining sleep times and a great long term tool I would happily pay for this information but I'm glad it's free!
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9 years ago, shae1834
Fix the 'pick a time' option!!
I love this app and use it every night, but the most recent update has caused the 'Pick a Time' option to stop working. I enter the time I want to wake up, and instead of showing the right times to go to bed it only displays "12:00 AM" for all the options. Please fix this!!! One of the best and most useful apps out there.
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6 years ago, Izcookie41
Adorable and functional
Awesome app but one suggestion, it just says the average person takes 14 minutes to fall asleep. I wish it was customizable if I knew how long it took me to fall asleep.
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9 years ago, ecnogel
Better than online!!
It tells you when to get in bed and includes the time it takes for you to fall asleep
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6 years ago, its_sully
I have been waiting for this app for so long. I used sleepytime website for years and always wished there was an app. I’m glad they finally made one.
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1 year ago, ssangyi
Simple app—good for idle checking
Simple basic app. Helps to know a good time I should plan my sleep to wake up around my alarm time… but has no back button —-oh I see. You can slide backwards
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3 years ago, juuluuke
Please make into a widget
Like, great app it’s literally gaven me better sleep. But, if there was a widget that allowed me to see the times that I would need to go to sleep in if I went to sleep now, it would make my life just that extra bit more
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6 years ago, Beansy1115
Been using for over 10 years
I’ve been using this app since pulling all nighters in college to working a night shift as an adult.
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11 months ago, Song is k
Ol’e reliable
Always works. Simple and pleasing UI. Nothing to complain about. 10/10.
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4 years ago, r.spade
7 days per week, 365
I’ve used this app daily for several years now. Would love an updated UI, but it definitely gets the job done!
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1 year ago, creamhero123
ive recommend so many people this app and it works so well for me! i love the layout and backgrounds, but i wish there could be an option to change the time it takes to go to sleep, since some people take shorter or longer.
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6 years ago, Jennie Nguyen (from OCC)
Can’t predict what time to go to sleep
This app works in one way but not the other. It can tell you what time to wake up but when you input your own time it always comes out as 12am. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Ejl.21
The app helps me catch ma Zzz's bruh
I'm telling you guys this all is literally a LEGEND. Never lacked on me not once. Literally slept at 10:40 and woke up around 4:44/4:54 a.m this morning💪🏽. The EARLY bird surely gets the worm❗️
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9 years ago, NINfan1999
Simple information in a sweet format. Makes my life easier. Thank you.
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4 years ago, nggc
Please update it!
I love this app, the calculator is not working correctly :(
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4 years ago, iihsn sbvsh
Allow it to make an alarm based on the sleep time
Why would you not incorporate an alarm function???????
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5 years ago, katiealbano
amazing app!
sweet & simple app with no in app purchases necessary, & no in app ads, just provides you with the information helpfully & thats that! i love this app!
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9 years ago, MissHipsterQ
Pick a time function doesn't work
It says "null" for the time I pick and all of the suggested times are 12AM.
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4 years ago, matea.brrajdic
Stopped working
The calculator for picking the rise/bed time doesn't work anymore, it just says 12:00 am for all cycles. I love this app, but fix this. It suddenly just stopped working
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9 years ago, Buckleyson
Coolest sleep cycle app out there
Love the UI!! So useful. Thank you.
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9 years ago, TRILL COZBY
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5 years ago, jeffree newman
I don’t get the point of this. No countdown timer, no alarm, just tells you what time to go to bed. Better suited as a webpage than an app.
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10 years ago, Teeutt
Great app
I usually use the desktop version so I'm happy to see there's an app. For those complaining that there's no way to go back and choose a different time, swipe back. There's no button but swiping back will get you back.
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10 years ago, ClearBlueSky85
Nice, simple, could be better
Nice app, very simple and straightforward, however there is no back button, so you have to exit the app to try different times. I like how it lists the number of cycles next to each time. There are no options to customize the time to fall asleep and it uses 14min so some of the times aren't in simple 15min intervals. I like how it includes extra info by clicking the little (i) that reminds you that it is best to get 5-6 sleep cycles. It is not that quick to try different times, especially without a back button, which is why I like the circular graphical sleep cycle type of calculators better. It can sometimes be confusing since there is no date listed when picking times.
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10 years ago, lynnaxoxo
Good but needs improvement
I usually use the desktop version of this until I found the app tonight. However, I want to be able to go back to the main page and check for different times. In order to do this I have to close the app because there isn't any button to take me back. Please fix this!!
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11 years ago, james_marc
Great App
This is exactly what I was looking for. I downloaded 5 apps similar to this and they were all spammy and obnoxious to use. This is beautiful and simple and helps me effortlessly determine what time I should go to sleep OR what time I should set my alarm to wake up. :)
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10 years ago, evanbogaert
For me, it's less about calculating nighttime sleep, and more about planning the perfect nap. Either way -- the interface is clean and simple, exactly the way it should be.
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10 years ago, Dee11h
Great App!
Simple, easy to use, and effective. Ppl are complaining about lack of a back button but i just swipe to the left and it brings you to the previous page
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10 years ago, DON_FELE
Increased Productivity!!
Knowing at which exact time to wake up and be fully energetic to start your day is a blessing. And this app provides just that.
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10 years ago, jro5563
New feature
I love this app! I use it every night. I would love to see a feature where an alarm is set at a specific cycle time with just a click!
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11 years ago, celenganbabi
Im glad sleepytime finally comes to ios! So i dont have to open from web every time i want to sleep. Neat design, and no ads (thank you!). Love it
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10 years ago, Meow1134567900
This app really works. I wake up refreshed every morning. I recommend it to everyone who wants a great night's sleep.
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11 years ago, Grover0701
Super helpful!
have a very irregular schedule and it's great to use this to make sure I always get the best sleep to wake up refreshed!
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11 years ago, music_luv
Handsome and functional!
I usually Google "Bedtime calculator" constantly, but I'm glad that I found this app!
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11 years ago, CoHoBaSt
Super straightforward!
Now even the nights I don't get a lot of sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed
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