Sling: Employee Scheduling App

4.7 (25.2K)
46.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sling Incorporated
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Sling: Employee Scheduling App

4.69 out of 5
25.2K Ratings
12 months ago, BK NØVA
Sling for the job
It’s set up like Facebook, but only all the people you work with have access. It’s got the “news feed” where everyone can post whatever they want to tell the group and everyone can see and like or comment on their posts…. Or you can send a DM private message to someone. You also can click a tab and see your entire schedule and who is else works with you that day…. You can even click days you need off work and press the button that sends the admin (your boss or manager) a request for that day to be unavailable to schedule you for. You can make a little profile with your photo. Yeah, it’s a brilliant idea and simple way to do things for jobs… esp those with several workers like myself in a busy restaurant/bar with kitchen staff, bartenders, and waitresses and waiters, managers and the boss and his wife. It’s our own little facebook. Sling is smart.
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5 years ago, Scyanix
Aesthetically pleasing, functionally flawed
The app is simple to use and the design is aesthetically pleasing, making it easy to see your shifts. However, there are a couple things that need fixed. Most notably broken is the widget; it simply displays, “We couldn’t find your shifts. Are you logged in the Sling app?”. This function worked previously on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.3, but has never worked on my iPhone XS running iOS 12.0.1. This was the main way I checked my shifts, and it made it so much easier. I don’t know if the app version was different, or if there is just an unknown compatibility issue where the widget feature only works on some versions of iOS. Lastly, as mentioned by another reviewer, the notifications are inconsistent at best, and completely missing or useless at worst. Most of the time I forget I have it set to remind me of my upcoming shift, because it either doesn’t push a notification, or it notifies me when my shift is starting in under 5 minutes. While this has never caused me to be late to work (as it isn’t my primary method of time management and ultimately one should be responsible for themself in regards to getting to work), it would be nice to have peace of mind knowing you have a reliable backup alert. Overall, I enjoy using the Sling app to view and manage my shifts, and I hope to see improvements soon.
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3 years ago, happy user 585
Business made easy!
I’ve only had this app for a few days and still learning more about it. So far, I am happy with the set up. Staffing for 100 employees can be a difficult task when you doing it by pen and paper. Looking forward in using this program and simplifying life itself! I have not tried this program in a desktop, if there is an answer out please let it be known. Is there a way to repeat employees to a shift, instead of adding them every week? Is there a way to restrict employees from making a shift available within so much time? Is there a way an employee can be reminded no one accepted his shift when it’s made available within so much time before his shift starts? This would be great options that would make the program better and empower the program administrator.
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1 year ago, CMC171
Schedules are confusing
The way the schedules are arranged, the last week of the month shows at the top, so you have to work backwards to find the shifts that are coming up. There’s no way to designate that you’ve looked at a particular week without deleting it, which I will not delete in case I made a mistake on my calendar or have to change my shift. Right now, I have an issue with 2 different schedules for the same week & I know my supervisor didn’t do that. There are more issues, but I have a headache from looking at the app. I have been using this app for a year, so it’s not a matter of being a new user who’s unfamiliar with it. Update: Things are disappearing from the app, including schedules. I am also not able to see days I’ve had to request off for some reason. I usually have a time off pending notification. I thought the requests weren’t entered, but when I tried to enter them again, they are in the app. I don’t know if it’s an app issue or what. I also keep seeing notifications for sling, but when I open it, there’s nothing there. No messages, no added shifts, etc.
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2 years ago, Positive_Thought
Couldn’t manage my facility without it
When I first started working at my 24 hour a day mental health facility, they used paper for scheduling, which resulted in a complete mess that was not accessible to anyone off site. There were names crossed out and people hand writing over things. Sometimes yiu couldn’t read what was written. I’m shocked they had people in to cover the shifts. I was kinda freaked out by that. Then we found Sling and I have my scheduling up to date immediately after every change or requested day off. Everything is right at my finger tips, regardless of where I am. I love it so much. Honestly, I couldn’t do my job without it.
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2 years ago, WyoJoeJoe
Garbage app.
When you spend more time getting tech support to try to make the app operational than actually being productive with it, it’s a garbage app. If this app were a phone and every time you tried to make a call but needed to go to the store to have them fix it, then every time people tried to call you but couldn’t so you have to go to the store to have them fix it, then sending a message……. (You get the idea), you’d get rid of the phone because it doesn’t work. This is what this app is like. It only works while you call tech support every three or four days. My boss likes just one function of offers and that’s the “hour notice”. Who cares?! The employees should know their shift already. But my boss keeps hanging onto the app saying “it works! We just need to keep calling tech support”… that means it’s NOT working! They should have worked out the bugs before releasing the app. It’s free but don’t waste your time with this app. It’s more frustration than a help. Chose another app. You’ll thank me later.
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4 years ago, BRebmann
Still buggy and slow
I have the app since my employer requires us to, and the way we clock in is by taking a picture of a computer screen with the time and date on it, and messaging it to her. If I were to text her this, it would take mere moments, but on this app it is an entire process that takes probably three times as long. Messaging on this app is horrendously slow. Also, just to launch the app takes a while, too. I think they just don’t have enough server room to host everyone, but this is a major issue. Also, I’ve had the red notification bubble on my app since I downloaded it, and it won’t go away. I don’t have any new messages or notifications, it’s just there and it refuses to go away. Overall, an app like Trello would be better, or really a host of the other workplace organization apps that are out there. The only reason I didn’t give it 1 star is because it does actually work, like 70% of the time.
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2 years ago, Scooter05107
Amazing app, really useful for small businesses
I use this for work and it’s nice to see who you’re going to work with on your shift, what shifts you have when, and it’s nice to see and be able to post things on the community tab for everybody in the Sling group to see. The only thing I will say is, make sure you have your notifications off for this app. Otherwise, you’re bombarded with notifications about how a shift was made available, which I understand how that might be useful for some people, but not everybody’s going to use that. The only notifications I really use are the notifications for new community posts, when a shift is canceled, and the notification telling me when I have an hour until my shift starts. Other than that one issue, it’s amazing.
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9 months ago, TaylorG12
This app is horrible- no improvement seen
This app is by far the slowest scheduling app I’ve ever used. It takes forever to load the schedule EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it. And all of my coworkers for that matter. If you scroll to future week, or even just down in the current daily schedule, it take ages to load and sometimes doesn’t load at all until you fully exit the app and open it up again. It completely refreshes when I don’t want it too once I finally see what I am trying to look at. All of our employees have been extremely frustrated by this. We are about to start looking into other apps that our managers might be interested in. I truly get angry anytime I check my schedule. Are you planning on fixing any of these issues? We’ve been using Sling for months and not a single one of these issues has improved in the slightest bit.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Lamson
So Modern, and Amazingly Simple!
I have been using this app since April to schedule my employees, and I have been in love with it since! It is so so easy to use, and I absolutely love how on the desktop it gives you an option to print the schedule as well. The notifications for when the shift starts is a huge plus, and it makes it so easy to see peoples unavailability, especially when you have part-time employees that don’t work a whole lot and can’t come in to fill out a paper. I will use this indefinitely, and I recommend this to all of my fellow leadership staff. This was such a good find and I will never dread scheduling ever again!
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4 years ago, Jenni2012
Helpful and easy
I’ve used a few different scheduling apps and this one is my favorite because it is so simple and straightforward. Employees can set and update their (un)availability and request time off. The app notifies you when you’re assigning shifts if there’s a scheduling conflict with any time off requests or certain unavailable times. It also notifies the employee before the shift in case they forgot they had to work. Employees can swap shifts easily. Management is informed of all schedule changes because they have to be approved first by a manager in the app. Finally , Employees can use the messenger feature to communicate without resorting to the obnoxious old group text.
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5 years ago, LancSnap
Best scheduling app ever!
I have tried many different scheduling apps but none compare to Sling. This app is so easy to use and my employees love it too. It reminds them when they have a shift and allows them to mark unavailable days and ask for time off. Our schedules are very complex with lots of “as needed” employees and Sling makes it easy to know who is available when and to add them on the schedule. Employees are notified when you add them to the schedule and reminded when their shift comes up. Even better you can do all this on the free version. I have not upgraded to the paid version yet, but we probably will soon since we love it so much.
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5 years ago, botfam
Good app. few things that could make it great
As an employee, this app is a great idea. You can have your schedule accessible on your phone. You can easily provide your availability, ask for time off and give and take shifts. My main complaint it that you can’t see who you are working a shift with ( there is a tiny thumbnail photo that you can’t distinguish/ enlarge. Also sometimes you can dismiss notifications if for example you are a server and you don’t want a host shift. But sometimes you can’t and there are often 10-15 available. It makes it hard to see what you might be interested in. That’s all I can think of! Oh maybe as a bonus making this able to sync with calendars ( iPhone etc)...
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1 year ago, i too hate sling
The worst scheduling app of all time
I hate this app. I cannot describe how much I hate having to use this app. The glitches and bugs are never ending and seemingly never fixed. You want to look at this week’s schedule, and then the next week? Impossible. Forget about it. When you swipe to go to the next week, it will load forever and ever until the end of time. You will watch your children grow up and then your grandchildren grow up while waiting for the week’s schedule to load on Sling. Or, you can press the left or right arrow once to navigate backwards or forwards one week in the schedule, and Sling plays Russian roulette on what week it will actually show you. Sometimes it skips back two weeks, maybe three, maybe it doesn’t do anything at all. You want to see June 5-11? Great, here’s May 15-21. I hate this app.
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2 months ago, t_hellen
Love it!
Out gym just recently switched to Sling for class scheduling purposes and I love it! It’s very easy to track your schedule, offer a class you can’t teach to others and whoever wants to can easily grab it, instead of having to email or call to find a sub. Also, there is a really nice chat/messaging feature for the various groups that you can with again, without having to jam their inboxes and wonder if people are seeing your emails. There may be other features that I don’t know how to use yet, but these are real winners so far.
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3 years ago, Winery, Stroudsburg,PA
Great scheduling tool!
My staff & I have been using Sling for a couple of years and find it extremely user friendly. It’s not only used to schedule shifts, but also for communicating to either the entire team or just a few with the message section. That also helps with keeping a record of communication. Would highly recommend. When using the app, it does occasionally freeze up and if you’re trying to schedule a few weeks out, there isn’t a quick option to plug in a date, you have to scroll one week at a time. That’s when it typically freezes and you have to go out of the app and back in. Still a great choice.
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6 years ago, Willis Vegas
An abundance of notifications 😂
This app is wonderful for the most part. I love how frequently they update it to fix bugs, and how available they are to answer questions. The only thing that get really irritating is some of their updates make the app notify you up to 4 times that your shift is about to start. Sometimes they aren’t even helpful notifications, like a 1 minute warning?! Seriously?!? Can we make it an option to toggle those notifications to 1 hr or 30 min or both? After 30 minutes, nobody cares anymore! Lol 😂 I can’t get to work with a 1 minute warning, and I’m pretty sure I was aware of my shift starting from the other 3 notifications!
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10 months ago, EmLo5
Perfect for Our AirBnB Cleanings
We use this app to assign cleaning shifts to multiple people for our Airbnb listings!! It has been so easy to use, customer service was really helpful when I had questions at the beginning, and our cleaning gals get notifications automatically for shifts they’ve signed up for. This has taken a huge burden off of me, (assigning and reminding via text prior to using Shifts). Now I just put dates on the shift calendar, publish them for the employees, and they get notified that there are new shifts, so they can hop on and claim the ones they want. I LOVE this app!!
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5 years ago, Wheezamoss
Poor APP Organization
I don’t like the way available shifts are set up (listed like line items), hard to track the new from old and it’s never the same order when logging on... this app is not user friendly to employees. Examples: 1) The app asked for feedback but I can’t see the window that it’s giving me to type in because the screen won’t scroll so my keyboard covers it. 2) Sometimes available shifts populate, so I check my calendar and when returning to the screen, the shift doesn’t populate. Getting out of the app and back in, the shift is there... inconsistent. 3) The order of available shifts is constantly changing, different every time I log on. 4) Hard to visualize available shifts, a full month screen with a dot on days shifts are available would be nice.
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7 years ago, star7anne
Lacks Calendar integration
This app is quite nice overall and I really wanted to like it. It seemed like it would be a great fit as Scheduling things is pretty easy. It has a nice user interface and is functional. However the inability to integrate your schedule with an external calendar makes this app useless to a worker. If you are a user/employee who is scheduling things ad-hoc and picking up different shifts, not being able to add it to your actual calendar is a dealbreaker. A worker needs to be able to schedule work and then put it their calendar. This is the most basic of an employee’s user story, it’s a shame this key feature has been ignored by the app builders. Once this feature is created, I would upgrade this to a 4 Star app. Without it, it’s a marginally useful 2 Star app.
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6 years ago, .gem.
Fast & easy
I love this app. I have been using it for about nine months and has really made the process of scheduling my team so much easier. The ability to repeat shifts, create positions, locations, and see accumulated hours for each week make scheduling fast and simple. The level of personalization to fit the needs of the business is fantastic. I only have two hang ups: (1) there is not a simple way to block all schedules for an office closure/holiday. (2) weekends can’t be “hidden” on the web version. That aside, I cannot say enough about how much this has transformed the way I schedule!
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6 years ago, livin on the edge
Serves its purpose, but has a lot of bugs
I use this app as an employee and it really makes scheduling easier but it has a some bugs in it that are really annoying. Most of the time when I try to change the times for my unavailability it never chooses the time I actually wanted and puts some other time that I scrolled over instead. Also every so often it won’t even let me put any unavailability in for certain days of the week other than all day unavailable which is very annoying. And forget about trying to look at the future schedules cause almost all of the time when trying to scroll to next week’s schedule or anything past that it’ll just pull you back to this week’s and maybe if you get lucky you’ll actually see it.
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2 years ago, jsis74
Apple Watch App?
Do you offer, or will you be offering, the Sling Employee Scheduling App for the Apple Watch soon, or are there plans to make a Apple Watch compatible app any time soon? Besides not having a watch compatible app, that’s literally the only possible downside I see with it. The iPhone, iPad and online arenas for Sling are fantastic. Just would be nice to have a Apple Watch compatible app for it just to be able to see one’s schedule, doesn’t have to be much more than that. But to see your schedule on a watch would be fantastic!!
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2 years ago, mrnutta
Amazing app. Amazing customer service.
I’ve only had this app for a few days with my restaurant and not only does this make me scheduling so much easier , but it’s easier for my staff as well! Not to mention the sling customer support is outstanding !! I had a few questions that were immediately answered using the in app chat system . On top of that , I received a phone call from customer support to see how I was liking the app and if they could assist me with anything . Very very impressed .
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7 years ago, Christmas Light!
Leave request update
Would love a function/ update to include options to choose “accruals” or type of leave-when requesting time off. This will enable management to type which type(s) of leaves are being used. Additionally, reports can be ran with this and the employees can keep updated what their accruals are in their bank. If they have 5 hours of vacation, and the employee try’s to take a 8 hour vacation, Sling will prompt a conflict or error alerting management. Also, I highly recommend enhancing the work chat or messaging feature. It would be nice to make it function more like an IM rather than a email.
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6 years ago, Cincocola
Perfect for small businesses
Our small, family owned business has gone from a paper schedule to this app for our 35 employees. It’s easy and user friendly. As a manager I would just like to see who the original shift belonged to after it was swapped or picked up. That way if someone forgot about picking a shift up, it can be traced by that person, possibly adding the date it was swapped or picked up as well. That way a staff member doesn’t think the manager messed up scheduling and they did in fact agree to picking up a shift. These type of schedule changes require a manager approval anyway. Thanks so much!
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4 years ago, lachmans
Fantastic App!! Live Saver for Small Business!
Love this app. Easily one of my favorite tools as a small business owner. We have 12 people on staff, shifts vary, and there are many occasions where people need coverage. Sling makes it so easy to schedule ahead. Employees can easily manage coverage of their shifts without me having to jump in each time. Sling gives helpful reminders so employees are almost never late. Really helps with payroll too. And the app is so great because you can do all essential things from your phone, including to create a shift or change the time of it, etc. And you can clock in and out on your phone. Geolocation and time limits on the front and back of shifts is a big help to ensure no one clicks in before they actually start. Seriously am thrilled with this app. Employees love it too. No question that it is one of the most important and best tools for our operations.
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2 years ago, th'jeffro
They are awesome. Hey is there’s any info anywhere on sling or the vail epic “tiles” about the Attiude Adjustment Party tonight? It’s always a great event and raises money for local charities. But I can’t find any info on it from any of the vail tiles. Kinda sad. But cool anyway vail. I’ll find info anyway on other social media. I hope it’s just me being dumb not finding it and not the dumbness of it not being posted by vail anywhere!? But, cool… thanks ski patrol for all off your great efforts not only for your traditional party tonight - but all your life savings efforts. You rock.
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6 years ago, yocca28
I absolutely love Sling. I fully believe if you have great product, don’t be afraid to give some of it away for free because people will inevitably beg to pay you; that’s exactly what they’ve done. There is nothing else like it on the market. It’s robust, intuitive and constantly improving. To the developers, I would love to see more control for mangers in the app. The ability to see and change employee availability similar to the web based application would be extremely helpful. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, ManicStorm
This app isn’t that great...
It fails to load things every time I use it. I’ll be scrolling through my schedule for the week and the app often brings up the loading screen but nothing else happens. So I have to force-close the app and start over. Or the app will just close by itself altogether. And I know it’s not an issue on my end because coworkers have the same issue. Honestly I only have this app because my employer uses this and only this to post the schedule. It makes me wish we’d go back to a paper schedule. It’s only getting 2 stars because having my schedule on my phone IS convenient, otherwise it would get 1 star. Hopefully these bugs can be worked out ASAP.
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6 years ago, PdxGreenGirl
Several things could be much easier for quick scheduling The calendar could open to the day it actually is, the dates should have a day of the week below them, half shifts not showing on the full schedule etc, many small things that make people want to just not use the app. Glaringly-the biggest issue-is that it does not work the same way the laptop version does! ALL INTERFACES SHOULD BE THE SAME! Not an issue-try instructing 40 people what steps to take but you are on the computer and they are on phones-you look like an idiot right quick.
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7 years ago, keiko m.
Nice app! + suggestions
I've only been using this app for a week or so now, but I like it so far! Interface is easy to use/pleasant looking, and it has handy features. Here's some suggestions for future updates: Add more reminder time options (like 24 hrs before shift, or custom/multiple reminders), edit: whoops! I see that viewing other employees schedules is an option, I just didn't see it. 😅 One more suggestion! I can see employee birthdays in the wesbite/browser version but not on the app. Otherwise great app!
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5 years ago, John605
Great for Small Business
Been using Sling for free for about a year now. I don’t think I’ll need to use the features for the paid version but if I did end up needing them it’s cheap and wouldn’t have an issue of paying it. I use it for mostly scheduling. I have 10 employees and it works great. The ease of filling out a schedule and the employees are able to review their schedule is great. We also communicate through the app too. Just like group texting but all on the app. I highly recommend.
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8 months ago, Nicholas Nameeee
Update Issues
sling does not let you know it needs to update, just randomly stops working until you open the app. as an app that people are relying on notifications, there needs to be some kind of warning. i’m not familiar with an app that fully stops working when in need of update. i’ve had coworkers miss a shift because of this, i’ve almost done it myself. the app itself is… fine. a little clunky to use and a bit redundant. the update situation was disappointing, as an app used for employment i would expect better practice or forewarning.
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1 year ago, manguemivisa
Super easy!
I like sling simply because usually you have to take a picture of your schedule and see when your next work day is or wait till you get to work and wait for it to come out. Here you can see your schedule all the time it can be color-coded to different types of shifts in the same workspace and you get a nice reminder about 55 minutes before you’re a shift in case you forgot you worked that day.
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5 years ago, Freaking_Crazy_Guy9001
Great For Busy Businesses
I’m just a standard worker at my job, but as far as I’ve seen, the assistant manager who makes the schedule has next to no trouble with it. Everyone can see when everyone works: And everyone can message each other directly about if shifts need traded or moved. All in all a wonderful app and it’s made my life a lot easier because trying to remember to pick up a paper schedule after a long day was hard sometimes.
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3 months ago, kevleider
Great app
This app is great and easy to use for employees and administration. Our team was using three different apps: one for scheduling, one for communication, and one for document tracking. Now, we have the ability to do all that in one app. If only in a future update you would have the ability to post training modules, this app would be 100% perfect. Still highly recommend.
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2 years ago, B$FSuey
Great Tool
This app is very useful & works great, I’ve never had any issues nor bugs with it. It’s easy to communicate with co workers if you aren’t wanting to give out your personal information to every single one of your co workers. My schedule is usually all over the place as I don’t have a set schedule, & so I like how it has the option to alert you of your “start time”. Awesome app all around. Crazy enough, IT’S FREE!
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11 months ago, Godsword -JimmyFox
This app is the best for any company large or small!!!
This app is so handy for a large or small company,, technology is only getting better for mankind , I come from pay phones and pagers, kids don’t appreciate this stuff like we do because we come from a time when you had to buy a dam Roadmap to travel and even that was hard to follow so this is is A1 first class for a company to have.
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4 years ago, lani's husband.
What an App!!
I work for a bar in central Texas called the G&B Saloon. This app has made complicated and sometimes shifting schedules easy to track and check. The notifications pop up as soon as changes are made! We can chat, and have an open line of communication any time we need it!! I’ve told pretty much anyone and everyone about this amazing app. I would and have recommend it over and over. Thank you for taking the mess out of scheduling. 💜
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8 months ago, torrenini
Very useful!
We use sling at work—a designer plant boutique. It is excellent for communicating among the team, very easy to send messages to keep all of us abreast of whatever is going on at the store, interacting with the manager, etc. Mostly, though, we use it to schedule our shifts, define our availabilities, request shift modifications, etc. it sends you reminders about your shifts, which is very convenient. I like Sling a lot!
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5 years ago, San_Fran60
Great but force touch!
I only took a star off because force touch does not register my shifts ever. It’s slightly annoying to have this feature be available, but not have proper access to it. In addition, my shifts sometimes disappear as if I’m not scheduled for the week, but this is solved by swapping back and forth between weeks until they actually show. Otherwise, this app is a great communication vessel that allows employees and their employers alike to collaborate to get their objectives completed in a concise manner!
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2 years ago, Justa Mutt
Worth it
We’ve used this in our rolled ice cream shop at both the free and the paid levels. We are a very small business and as owners we also work other jobs, so this has become our way of communicating with the entire staff as well as handling our scheduling. It’s pretty simple to use, but also has some more robust features that we actually don’t even use yet.
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2 years ago, avery4680
Hate this app
Hate is a strong work but this app is absolutely horrible. it is not user friendly and it is not able to be integrated into our clock in system so no one knows their hours and isn’t able to keep track of anything. when you have to request off it only lets you request off ONE DAY at a time so good luck if you have more than a few day to request off. oh but also if you do only need one day off, you can sure select it but as soon as you press save it requests the entire week off for ya😃 seriously enrages me every time i have to use this poorly put together app.
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11 months ago, Rutjas
I just wanted to rave about Sling for a little bit. It is so helpful to see when I am working and it is also extremely useful to have all of my coworkers information so if I need to text anybody to cover my shift, I can do that (this came in extremely useful when my husband fell and had his concussion). It is also nice to know that I can pick up shifts when I can.
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5 years ago, EliasJP
Works great, but could use a few fixes.
I use it all the time and It works for my needs. There is one feature that some how does not work on my iPhone 7 and that is the widget. It says that I may need to sign in. I know I am signed it because I use it everyday. Second I am someone who forgets to clock in or end break. I wish there where more features to help me remember. I personally set a timer to help and have my own system to do it, but it would be a good idea to add more features in this area.
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4 years ago, tanr2day
Easy to use and flexible.
What I was looking for was an app I could schedule out further than a week. This you can do out as far as you need. I Love the ease of that. Simple easy to use and very handy for all employees. The only thing I’m missing is the ability to put closed on certain days such as holidays, but not needing all the extras for premium account, so the expense wouldn’t be worth it for me, but Love the app! Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, SqaureToe90
Well Designed
For the short time I have used this app, I have really enjoyed how easy it is to use and simple the structure is. I appreciate how you are able to send instant messages to people in your group and how navigating to your schedule is quick and easy. I would however like for this app to allow for you to make widgets with it. Many other scheduling apps that I have used have already implemented widgets into their app and I hope this one will take it into consideration.
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2 years ago, Mimidawn-13
Restaurant schedule
App has been a huge help scheduling my staff of 35. Easy to use and understand. Changes can be made quickly. Employees can request time off through app and employers can block off days so no requests are made. Can see number of hours each employee is scheduled to help avoid overtime. Highly recommend using Sling. Best part all the options I need are free!
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3 years ago, Jess33ka
Great App for Work Scheduling
As an employee, this app is easy to use and updates me with my schedule as soon as my manager enters it into the system. It also provides you with a reminder of your shift one hour beforehand. Have yet to attempt to communicate with other staff members using the app but I believe you can do so. Also keeps a record of past shifts for a short time.
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