Smart Remote for LG Smart TVs

3.3 (968)
14.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smart Remote for LG Smart TVs

3.35 out of 5
968 Ratings
7 months ago, maicocrazy
Not working but overall good
The only reason I gave 3 stars is because lately it hasn’t been connecting to my tv I made sure everything was updated but still not working. It was very good though.
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2 years ago, raccharp
LG Smart Remote
Download this app because my manufacturers remote control went on the blink and then after I downloaded this app my manufacturers remote started working again at least most of it some of the functions that I have used don’t work like they used to for some reason I don’t know why maybe it has something to do with the new LG smart remote and I downloaded to my phone maybe they interfere with one another in any event I do like the app it works pretty much like it supposed to the only thing I don’t like is that every once in a while it likes to get hung up and certain functions don’t work I have to turn my phone off and reboot and then re-launch the app
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8 months ago, Ottomatic 849th;-)
Devs…Do Better
Downloaded the app because I moved and my toddlers & preteen lost the remotes. This app literally was the first one that popped up when I did my search, so thoughtlessly, I downloaded it. not being able to turn on the TV is not surprising nor a problem for me however, not being able to select left and right or up and down while trying to select my app that I want to use is a major problem for me. after reading the reviews, I noticed that everyone was dealing with some type of basic functionality issue with their remotes as well but most people paid the four or five dollars for the pro version only to lose all functionality of the remote. So I refuse to make another donation to these developers while this app is questionable. Hope my review was helpful. Deleting application from my phone now.
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5 months ago, ICandie_Eb
I love this app because it lets me switch between my cable and Firestick without hassle!
I used to get frustrated having to keep my TV remote nearby to switch between inputs. However, since I started using this app, my life has become a lot easier. Not only has it reduced the need for an additional remote, but it also lets me use my phone, which I often use for casting. I have an older LG model from 2013, and the app works perfectly with it. Additionally, it has saved me money on buying batteries.
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1 year ago, akkssosfkc
very cool app!
This app allows you to control your tv from your personal device! I think that’s great! Especially because for me personally, my remote is always getting lost in the bed 😭😭 so this is a great alternative! also for people who don’t like to get up during a good tv sesh!!! you could definitely change the volume , mute , change the app, whatever you would like while using this app!
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2 years ago, Caleb1915
Every button except the ones I had to buy the app for work
So everything in the free version works fine. Once I purchased the full version to use the arrows and keyboard, bam 4 dollars gone and the buttons don’t even register on my tv. Enter, left right down up back and exit are all on the purchased version and none of them work after I bought it. Reinstalled the app and even factory reset and updated my tv and apps still nothing. If you really need it just use the free version chances are once you buy the full version to have an actual full functioning remote it will do the same thing it did to me.
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2 years ago, cabricot
Works very well (mostly)
Several times I have had issues with the app suddenly losing the connection with the tv even after using writhing the last few minutes and staying on the same Wi-Fi connection. Everything is up to date with my phone and the tv and the only way I’ve fixed it is by deleting app and reinstalling. Not too time consuming but definitely frustrating
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4 years ago, CrisptyHexagons66629
Developers are idiots
This is a review for the upgraded paid version. The free version is unusable, and I have no issue paying $4 for a working remote. The app is stupid and there are glaring issues that make it unusable. The keyboard is non functional because the developer literally didn’t put a space bar into it. Meaning you cannot type spaces in anything you input. This is trivial to fix for the developer, it’s not a app limitation because the LG official app has a space and it works normally. The developers here are just too dumb to figure out a space bar. The first input key of the keyboard doesn’t work either. You have to double tap the first input key to make it start working. Does this make sense or is it a technical limitation? No, it works fine on the official app. Again the developers are stupid or lazy. Until these obvious issues are fixed, this gets one star because there’s no excuse.
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5 years ago, Beener003
Great Smart Remote
I’ve tried a few different smart remotes for my LG TV, but overall this app has performed the best and been the most reliable alternate option to the OEM remote. It’s really handy when the TV remote is across the room (kids leave it wherever) but my phone is right with me, I can change the volume, channels, mute, and navigate menus all from my iPhone. It’s great! Keep up the good work ;-)
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4 years ago, Hokus99
Works sporadically. DO NOT UPGRADE
So I purchased the paid “pro” version and after a while it stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it worked, except that it was the free version again asking me to upgrade. So I clicked on “restore purchase” which upgraded me back to pro version again but in pro version it doesn’t connect to my tv at all. So in summary, if you download the free version, the app will work sometimes but if you upgrade, you are pretty much just donating 3.99 to the developer as the app becomes useless.
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5 years ago, tv agent
Third time is the Charm!
This is the third remote control app I’ve purchased for my 55” LG OLED tv from Costco. This app works perfectly. The other two only partially worked, such as would change channels but not adjust volume. This one does it all. When we misplace the actual tv remote, I only have to grab my phone.
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4 years ago, solartheworld
Not too much
It's doing the job but I don't like going back-and-forth between interfaces. The pointer/inner button should be on every page. It's annoying to go back-and-forth. Also it won't turn my TV on it will turn it off and it will function the buttons but only after manually turning the TV on. I'm glad it is here because my remote broke and I'm waiting for the replacement. So thanks for being there even if I'm giving it a bad review.
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4 years ago, WyattBrule
Works perfectly.
Works great, although it doesn’t turn your tv on - but that’s expected because it works over WiFi and your tv isn’t using WiFi unless it’s already on. No big deal. Saved $30 on buying a new remote. Thanks to the developers.
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5 years ago, frvnciis30
Don’t pay for this app!
I got the app and it was able to connect to my tv, but in order to access my apps I had to upgrade for $3 which I did because it was able to connect the next day when I tried connecting again I wasn’t able to connect anymore I’ve had the app for 2 weeks and have tried contacting the support group multiple times and no one has contacted me back. It lets you connect when it’s free and when you purchase it no longer connects to the tv.
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3 weeks ago, CajunCushie
Works phenomenal!! I’ve tried a lot of different remote apps and most of them are just absolute add dumps. You pay 5.99 one time and you have absolutely unlimited use with no adds (pop up or force)
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2 years ago, ZachLeeYoder
OK button not working
So I have been using this app and LOVING IT but recently, the OK button/Select button is not working! That’s the one button you NEED working on a tv remote. It’s been great until now. I have 2 LG tvs and it doesn’t work on both. I’ve tried everything with restarting the phone and restarting the tvs and nothing fixes the problem. This NEEDS fixed! Thanks! I’ll update my review when this is fixed.
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4 years ago, AnonymousSouls
Quick Fix
I temporarily misplaced my remote and recently switched from a Samsung TV to an LG. The layout of this app is a little confusing, with different pages and options, as well as they wanted me to upgrade (pay a fee) to use the Select Or OK button, which I needed it to just click Continue Watching on Netflix. I was not impressed. I downloaded Smartify which seems to be free, cleaner and got the job done.
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4 years ago, Taz712
Can’t try before you buy
I downloaded this app after my smart remote to my LG stopped working. As I’m testing it out trying to use the controls the app continuously popped up the option for me to make a purchase for $3.99. Had I been able to test it out first for a short period of time I probably would have purchased it but I’m not spending any amount of money blindly before I can verify if all the functions work. Do better developers!
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3 years ago, LeHilltop
App wont work anymore
I’ve had this app for years and have had no issues, 5 stars. Because I always end up losing the remote in the couch and I’m a lazy human so it’s very convenient. Now the home button on our remote stopped working, and the app did as well. I love this app but it’s such a bummer that now when I actually need it it wont connect.
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3 years ago, Ray Bellamh
Works great!
My kids constantly lose my tv remote but I don't care because I have Smart Remote! I paid the extra 3.99 to unlock all of the features and I love it
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5 months ago, JennyTomcat
When I can’t find the remote this app is super handy to have. I’ve been using it for a while and have had no issues.
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2 years ago, samoyedprincess
Have to constantly force close in order to gain access to the trackpad again.
Anytime I open my settings use the trackpad and then navigate somewhere else in the app if I go back to trackpad it forces me to reslaunch the app because the track isn’t working. This is super annoying and this app needs an update badly.
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2 years ago, Lucky'sDad
Finally an app that works
Easy set up. Works wonderfully. I recently found my missing remote and won’t touch it. This is perfection
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4 years ago, birdingchef
Easy to use!
Had trouble with the original remote, buttons not responding, so I found this on the LG remote goggle search. Works great and controls all the features of my old remote.
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6 months ago, RolandAlistair
Decent App
Does everything the TV remote does and more. I love the track pad option would have given 5 stars but it can be flaky about connecting at times.
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2 years ago, Tildenst
Difficult to navigate
I don’t care for this app. The tasks which should all be on the same page are not. The arrow button has to be engaged separately. Lots of unnecessary steps. Poor replication of normal remote functions.
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3 years ago, Edward Grubb
Fastest connecting app
This app connects to my LG TV instantly which is much faster than the app from LG. I really enjoy this app. I use it to quickly change the volume on my LG television.
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6 years ago, Appuser45213
Thank you for this app
My dog chewed the remote for the second time, so I was really happy to find this app. Bonus - I can now mute the tv while my kids are watching - from any room in the house.
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1 year ago, Jak+Daxtar
Great TV Remote
The remote works great does every we want. We have 3 LG tvs and it works good on all of them. Would recommend to anymore 10/10 everyday of the week.
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3 years ago, AJPiouget
Fast & Responsive
The remote is very quick, easy to navigate, and feel just as nice as using the physical remote 🙂
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2 years ago, ramimiriam
Horrible remote for the iPhone
First, you download it and you think you are; you’re wrong! to get the functions to work you have to pay $3.99 for the pro version. Then you try to move the pointer (in the pro version) and it moves very slowly. I think my beard grew an inch trying to move it to the right spot on the screen.
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4 years ago, CoryFerrari93
Great remote
This is so far the best remote on iPhone, the only thing they could improve is being able to turn on the tv. I would recommend purchasing the upgrade for $3.99.
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6 years ago, Badguy101proof
No pop ups works great
This is the best LG remote app I have come across. It has all of the features you need and none of those annoying pop ups.
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4 years ago, dktncos
Keep it simple
it could be better, there needs to be a scroll bar on the mouse pad. Currently you have to use the up-and-down button and it doesn’t work very well on the TV
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3 years ago, B8 Up
Half the Buttons Don’t Work
Half the buttons on the app don’t work and even after paying the $4 fee for “premium” service, it still lags horribly and doesn’t respond when I try to return try to wake the tv up. It makes me toggle through apps to get it to wake up which is highly inconvenient.
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2 years ago, Gluna2013
Doesn’t always work
When it works is great, but if you don’t use it after 10 minutes you have to close the app and reopen it so it can reconnect to the t v. A lot of times it does not recognize the tv, so you have to turn off the tv and back on again. Needs to fix these problems.
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4 years ago, qwertyuiopasdfghjklmhnpbtcovwz
Remote review
This is the best remote app I got in a while after I got this life has been easier. I don’t need to use my remote no more all I need is my phone and this app.
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6 years ago, NikiT123xoxo
My dogs like remotes..
My dog chewed my remote again. Purchased this remote. It does everything. It’s easier then the real remote. Great product. Let’s hope they don’t go for my phone... lol
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4 years ago, dawnienic
My LG remote is inconsistent at best, useless at worst. I spent 2 days not being able to access streaming channels before I found the app. Works perfectly!
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2 years ago, P1izm
Awesome & Simple
Main TV remote failed me, twice. So I need a remote app to save the day. This is doing the job nicely. 4 months in and I’m counting on it. Thanks 👍
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4 years ago, MaddsSwain
Amazing App!
So worth buying the upgraded version! I don’t even know where the remote is half the time but I do know where my phone is!
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3 years ago, DayyDayyTM
Could be better
I don’t really like bashing or anything but it’s a STRUGGLE for the app to connect. I’ll go days without using my tv bc the apps acts up every time, I get lucky if it wants to work. And when it does it only works for a specific amount of time. I’d wish it came w better connection
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10 months ago, Brahdah Scott
Move the scroll button to first page.
Man it's annoying having to flip back and forth between pages to scroll around or just adjust the volume.
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3 years ago, jessicanteven
I mean, I lost my remote, and this allows me to use my tv still 🤷‍♀️ it’s kinda buggy, whatever. Better than a useless tv
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3 weeks ago, Girlshhh
Great investment
Buy it! Literally zero issues! Great fix until I can find the dang remote !
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11 months ago, AliciaRoseD
It’s “Okay”
It does work and is handy but I think it’s a little much that you have to pay $4 for the up and down button 😑
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4 years ago, franchesca.felix
Definitely the one!
Just downloaded this. Love it. How I never came across this 🤦🏻‍♀️ well I’m glad I have, now. Trust me I was skeptical. But this is it.
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3 years ago, sinia ivette
Awesome Remote.
Thank you so much LG for making my tv viewing experience so much more enjoyable with your LG smart remote. I love it.
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6 years ago, TrendyAq
Amazing app looks just like my broken remote and everything is easy to use
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5 years ago, asl98
Stopped working
I paid $3.99 for this app and it only worked for 3 days before it suddenly stopped being able to connect to my tv. I’ve tried contacting the email provided on the app and have had no luck.
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