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User Reviews for SmartHub

2.5 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, biff blumfumgagnge
Face ID Login is a Bust
I get all my internet bills through this app. I don’t receive any of them in the mail and my login is face recognition. Therefore I really have no reason to remember my login information and I don’t have easy access to my account number if I need to reset the password. One day the face recognition didn’t work. After that it stopped trying to recognize my face all together forcing me to use the regular login. I don’t have that info and don’t have access to my account number to reset my password. There needs to be an option to use face recognition on the login page at the click of a button rather than solely relying on it to automatically use face recognition when one opens the app.
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6 years ago, coolranch16
Terrible login security
I can not believe that in this day and age with all the data & security breaches the only thing I can use as my user name is my email address. Horrible! My email address is out there on hundreds of websites and very likely on the dark web. None of my other financial and service provider accounts require using an email address as the user name. Most don’t even allow it because an email address is very insecure!!!! Also, the password can not contain even some of the most basic special characters. Another big whoops by the developers. Get with the times!!! If this is the type of weak security I can expect just for logging in there is no way in hell I will ever store something like a credit card number on it!!! Anyone with nefarious intentions can easily get an email address, break the easy-peasy passwords because stronger ones aren’t allowed and then they have all kinds of information about my utility services, where I live, what properties I one. Horrible!!!!
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9 months ago, Kayak_Lady
User for 13 years
After recent app update app stopped updating total usage on Sept. 15 today is the 24th. I gave it a few days to refresh but no luck. Uninstalled and reinstalled app and that worked. I can’t get used to the new graphics in the chart, guess it’ll take time. On the home page the comparison calculations are never correct, ya think that’d be fixed by now. Overall I’ve enjoyed the app over the years. It’s not intuitive by any means but once I figured out that some of the icons are active and not just decorations I discovered the sleek and rich troth of info the app offers.
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2 months ago, Angie88878
Works fine for me
I don’t understand why so many people hate this app. It works fine for me. it even help me figure out that my furnace was using too much electric and wasn’t even working. By. Looking at my usage every day I fixed my energy over consumption by my heat and brought my bill back down to 1/4 of what it was. I use it for my bills and I pay using it every payment goes through fine. Not sure why others have issues. I also delete the app unless I’m using it to save space on my phone and I have no problem signing in every time.
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9 months ago, Ash_Night
Wish they’d fix it
I have not been able to access any of my billing information past or present. Not since June 2023. All it says is “online payment are ‘temporarily’ unavailable. But even my old bills/payments are unavailable. I don’t receive a paper bill and am not able to know about any unforeseen issues/changes until after the fact. I just want to use my app. Every time I call over the phone they to pay online or on the app because “they can use theirs just fine and see what’s on there.” I’ve even uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it and still not working. No point in having it if I can’t use it. Please, please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, scamcard=smicard
Seriously? Just fix the 2 issues.
Would be a great app but Is basically rendered useless simply because it does not do the two most important things and only reasons to have the app! You have already made the app... why not fix the 2 issues?? Why? I think we would all like to be able to set up a date for our bills to be paid automatically. I mean that’s what autopay means. Second, all the data in the world does not help me if I can’t receive alerts of some sort at a cost or usage I set. No one has time to stare at the app all day to monitor it. It’s almost like you want us to be late with the auto pay issue so you can charge late fees because it’s very misleading and you don’t want to warn us of overage limits we set so that we can rack our bills up sky high. Just fix it or move one...
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2 years ago, Tired preggo
Suggestion not a review
Through the app we can let REMC know when we have a power outage. We need this option for fiber as well. Now that more members have fiber we need an way to let REMC know when our internet is down. That way they can see how many are effected and try to pinpoint where the issues lie. Today I’ve been without internet for 2-3 hours and don’t know if it is my router or a wider spread issue. When I report power outages I can see a map of the effected area. Would be nice to have that for fiber outages too.
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4 years ago, Willard 1234
A little aggravated, I’ve been using this app for around 6 months and it’s been good to me until this week. I went to sign in, it not only logged me off but won’t let me back in. I’ve even changed my password and all. I used the same information, email, last name and billing number it then takes me to the change password prompt. When I go to change my password it tells me invalid match even though I’m typing everything correctly. I had to go to the website and pay my bill which isn’t a big deal, but I’m hoping you guys can resolve this issue through the app. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Someone20016
Its ok, but a lot conveniences has been removed
I like this app for paying my electric bill, but it looks like there has been some changes that removed a lot ways to conveniently make a payment on your account. 1. Biometric or Touch ID authentication has been removed (specifically speaking about IOS devices, don’t know about other devices). 2. No longer able to select credentials from the IOS password and account list so the password has to be entered everytime one goes to log in. 3. If one closes out of the app, for less than a nano second and then reopen after that nano second you have to enter the credentials again to log back in (I dislike this the most cause it’s a major inconvenience when I have to close out of the app for a sec to log into my bank app to get my bank information when I don’t have it in front of me). 4. You can no longer paste in banking routing and account number information taken directly from my banking app. Maybe the changes were made to help make the app more secure, but there can be a happy medium between security and convenience. At least put the Touch ID and paste feature back.
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2 years ago, Sentinel587
This app is one of the worst apps I’ve ever had the displeasure of using. Much like the service provider core electric they are full of bugs problems and downtime. They both should be taken off the market and viable options should be implemented to help people who like to use apps. I am not one for app I am tired of technology ruling our lives but unfortunately we have no choice in this day of age. I am tired of the problems if app designers cannot fix problems then they should be taken off the market plain and simple. I would advise google Apple and Windows to think hard about taking this one off because it is not one that should be used or should be allowed to be used because it doesn’t work.
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11 months ago, Lwfowler
Facial recognition has been removed (or otherwise doesn’t work) from the app. Used it since 2021, now it’s gone and no option to re-enable it. Can’t report a problem (Apple App Store says “no receipt” since it’s a free app), and developers website says check with your telecom provider… which I did and was told that the app never used facial rec… even though there’s a similar complaint posted 3 years ago. (I’m just a dumb ol’ IT professional with about 45 years of experience… what would I know??) Good luck to future users… make a note of your login credentials!
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3 years ago, Top Reviewer 1994
Trust me, the app is fine.
I was a bit nervous to sign up with the app for paying my electricity bill because of all the negative reviews but I did it anyways and glad I did because the app is completely fine, people are just cry babies. I reviewed my usage for the month, it broke down my charges on my bill and I signed up for autopay. Everything was very simple and easy and I couldn’t ask for anything more for just a simple electric bill.
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3 years ago, Reddridinghood
Wish I’d gotten this sooner—amazing info all in one place!
Love this app! I can see what KW I’m using each day. Can compare from each week the difference in usage. Can go back a yr. to see what I was using. Shows what percentage I’ve increased or decreased in a yrs time frame. This makes me feel I am more in control of my electric bill. Being on a fixed low disability income, this helps me know if I’m going over too much. Highly recommend this to anyone. Can pay through this site too. So easy!
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4 months ago, Javier from Fontana
Great App
I see that this app doesn’t get very good ratings. It has been very useful to me. There is daily, monthly and yearly graphs for electricity use. I download app after electricity bill was over $200. Started to track hours of most electricity use and what appliances were used. Stopped using baseboard heaters, ceiling fan and closing curtains. Turned on fireplace and fan and started to notice propane and electricity consumption start to go down. Baseboard although did heat well used alloy of electricity, so started using low watt space heaters. Huge difference. It’s a matter of what you want to accomplish. I was able to reduce electricity consumption by almost 30%. Not bad! I like the app still playing around with when to make best use of electricity and what item really need. Hope this helps…
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1 year ago, MndyRN
Works good but…
Not sure what’s happened. I used to love this app and used it for years to pay my electric bill. I used face recognition to sign in, pressed a button to pay my bill, and within 1 minute I was done! Wonderful!! Suddenly, around a couple of months ago, I was unable to login. I had to call support for assistance. Now, I’m unable to see all of my accounts. 1 out of 3 accounts appear and for some reason I’m not able to add any accounts. I’ve called to try and rectify the problem but I have only met a brick wall.
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2 years ago, N Kathryn
It was great until version 3.12
I use this app to connect to my ISP. Ever since updating, I can’t enjoy the features that make this app worth using. Biometrics login is no longer an option. My internet connection speeds are registering at 0. All of my connected devices say they are “paused” (yet they’re working just fine on the internet that is supposedly running at 0mbps) and when I try to unpause them, it gives me an error message telling me to try again later. It’s all very frustrating when the version before was just fine.
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4 years ago, Mattemaker
Not user friendly
My electric company just changed to this format. There was no instructions on how to re set up auto payments. You can’t copy paste when setting new password. There’s no option to see password as typing. Then it tells you you have too many characters. 12-15 characters btw. Instructions to set up notifications are incorrect or the app is just not working when you go there. It has wasted a lot of my time. It doesn’t even show what date my payment is due so I don’t even know if my payment was made during the transition of changing to this type of format. I hope bugs are fixed and it becomes more user friendly soon.
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7 months ago, Hjkraft
Need to fix your app
Since day one of going paperless and using the app it declines my my card, but then I log on and it processes just fine with the card on file. Now, for over 2 months I’ve had an issue with logging into the app. I just realized I even forgot last months utilities because it didn’t even send me a notification that the card didn’t work, so I could log on and make your app work. It says “error timed out, try later.”
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1 year ago, Concerned for your sanity
Negative reviews misleading
I almost didn't download the app because of all the one star reviews, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how well this app works and the kind of data you can access. Some negative reviews are inaccurate, as an example, you CAN set a date for autopay and face ID works just fine for me on my iOS devices. Nice app, would recommend for sure!
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2 years ago, Chelle042
Not working anymore
This app is not working for me anymore. It is not letting me change my Wi-Fi password anymore. It is not letting me reboot my router anymore and then the login is messing up really bad. Why can’t I go to the page to reboot my router and to change my password I used to could so what happened can you fix it? What is the point in having this app if I can’t use it for anything, it is not showing me maps. It is not showing me anything that is showing in the pictures on your page. My app is basically blank. I’ll let let me do is show me how much I owe. Can you please fix this?????
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2 years ago, Jenny Bricker
I have not been able to sign into this app for MONTHS! It will not accept my face recognition, nor my password (even after changing my password)! I’ve had to go to my gas company’s website to do a workaround payment for the last 4 months because SmartHub will not work WHATSOEVER. My gas company tries to redirect me to this app every month I go to pay and I have to continuously tell the website I do NOT want to go to this junk app because it’s inaccessible. This is unacceptable for those who depend on this app for all of their bills. Luckily I only depend on it for one bill!! Absolutely infuriating.
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6 years ago, Socrmom11
Good app but one small change will make it great
This app is a more convenient way of paying my electric bill but one small addition will make it perfect. Add the option to input a date you want to pay the bill so you can set it up ahead of time. I have been late paying my bill by a few days (a couple of times)because I forget. If I could set up the payment date ahead of time I could do that when I’m doing my budget for the month and paying other bills.
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2 years ago, Oskeyo
Won’t connect to the server so I can’t login
For almost a year now I haven’t been able to use the app because it always fails to connect to the server every time. I missed payments before I figured out that it wasn’t working. Especially since my electric company pushes real hard for me to use the app I’d like the app to actually work. I’ve updated the app and my phone, deleted and redownloaded the app. Any fix that’s been suggested I’ve tried. Even contacted my electric company to make sure everything works on their end. No matter what it doesn’t work
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3 months ago, Brunch do bunch
Doesn’t work, like at all
I can’t change billing and many other things with Paul Bunyan communications or lake country power. Broken app. I feel bad for older people trying to do this. If you call and try to change your card for billing they will send you to the broken app. Saying they can’t take credit card numbers over the phone. Come on now. Spend some resources trying to fix this. You will save money on your outdated paper bills and monthly news letters you send out. I don’t care about a harvest pie, I want to pay my bills.
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5 years ago, Callibug9
Exactly what I’m asking for in an app like this
When I open it, it tells me what I owe. It walks me quickly and simply through making the payment. It immediately updates to show “no balance due.” It’s easy to navigate, and I’ve never had any problems. If paying all my bills was anywhere near this easy, it would be much less painful!
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1 year ago, IfISAYitsgoodthenitis
Works Great!
Not sure what coolranch is talking about but he’s gotta be a weirdo with a screen name coolranch… but anywho this app works 100% not one single problem has came up. Couldn’t be any easier to use unless your the ones that have left reviews saying something is wrong, clearly it’s the complainers that are to dumb.
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3 years ago, DrWut?
Can’t even get to the login screen
The website is more useful then this app. When first setting up it asks you to search for your provider either by name or location. With the proper permission given on my iPhone 12 the app is unable to find any providers in my area. Then when searching specifically by the name of a provider the search constantly fails with just a message stating that the app failed to search. Makes the whole Althing kinda useless if you can’t even find your provider to login.
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4 months ago, RMKClan
Nonexistent Support
I was attempting to report an error that kept me out of the app for over 60 days. Users, be advised that error “Unable to communicate with server”… actually means —update your password using the app. It would appear passwords require refreshed every 180 days. Not a bad policy. Obtuse error msgs are. Per the app”Please contact your local services provider if you have any issues.” What do you think ol’ Miss Betty Sue of Greenacres, Va said when she pulled me up on that party line? When I asked if the service was offline, or if there were connection issues to the web front end? “Well, sugar! I can login just fine. Let me check. Yessir, working great! Any other questions?” Clean up the error message syntax.
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2 years ago, The Curl ADA
Frequently Crashes
When this app works, it is great. It has really helped me track my energy usage. However, the app frequently crashes. It will either freeze when signing in; or I’ll sign in and then the app will immediately shutdown and close; I try to look at the app daily. I would say that it works about 50% of the time. Hopefully these types of bugs can be fixed in the next software upgrade.
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2 years ago, swiftstorm86
Entirely Non-Functional
In the 4 months that I’ve had this app installed, it has never once been able to sign in. It hangs for about 30 seconds, then errors stating that it failed to connect to the sign in server and to try again later. No such issues occur when logging in via web browser - mobile or otherwise. I had hoped that today’s update would address this, but unfortunately the minor bug fixes did not address the major functionality issue.
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12 months ago, B1er4US2
Well that didn’t work..
Was trying to find a better way to pay on my power besides calling and dealing with the cumbersome voice response system but when I opened the app and tried setting up the account it says my account is locked and to contact customer service. What customer service exactly though, it didn’t tell me.. and how can my account be locked when I’ve never been on this app before.. I’ve been calling in and paying for over 10 years
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12 months ago, DotMama726
Multiple utilities would be handy
I like using SmartHub to pay utilities but I find it very inconvenient that you can only have one utility set up on it at a time. I currently pay my internet bill on the app but would like to be able to pay both my internet bill AND my electric bill from the app. Setting up a new utility drops whatever utility you already had listed.
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10 months ago, Hagukare
Can’t login most of the time
Unfortunately I don’t receive the bill in the mail thanks to this app, but a lot of the time I can’t login to see or even pay my bill and get blind sided when I get disconnected due to seeing a $0.00 bill in SmartHub, but the company insists I didn’t pay the bill, comes onto the app a few days later saying it was past due. Don’t know if it’s a problem with the company or the app.
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5 years ago, gt5k
Bugs fixed
Many bugs have been fixed with this app. There are a few still there (the usage tab sometimes does not load everything or anything at all), but the user critical features have been fixed. Most importantly I can easily pay my bill! I appreciate the quick support to fixing the app.
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6 years ago, Jrsracin88
To all the people having problems at log in...
Uninstall the app and then reinstall. Just got off the phone with my power co reporting the problem to them that everyone is having and the fix was simple. Uninstall and then put it back on. Worked like magic on my iPhone 7 and google pixel
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1 year ago, damselflylight
Unable to log in to mobile app after creating account
Our Cooperative just switched to SmartHub. I created my account through my web browser and logged in online without an issue. Downloaded the app and tried to log in and repeatedly get the message “Sign In Failed. There was an error communicating with the server. Try again later.” Looks like I am not the only one having this issue after looking at the reviews. Hello SmartHub!!! Fix your server!!!!
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2 years ago, wkpowers83
App Crashes Over and Over
Where is this app going to be fixed? It’s been two years and the app continues to crash when trying to load. Some days it’s okay, other days it keeps crashing and doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried on different phone and different iOS versions. My wife also has the same issue and has since the day we started using this app. Dev, do QA testing and please fix this.
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2 years ago, Sanpedrochc
Works great
It’s easy and convenient to pay and watch your usage. I started using the app to pay during Covid when the post office stopped delivering mail. I didn’t get regular mail for many months. But the app always worked.
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5 years ago, ds017
Bugs and more
Impossible to get to the “Disable Auto-pay” without first clicking to accept the terms of auto-pay. And if you do click the OK, then click the Disable Auto-Pay, you get a server error and are told you can’t delete auto-pay. When signing up for auto-pay, the exceptionally long list of terms and conditions displayed cannot be printed. The data display often lacks meter data from the prior day until late the following day. There seems no way to get the app to just refresh what is missing. Instead you have to tell it to re-download all data. If the app is started in portrait mode on an iPad, it will not notice that the iPad has been rotated. This app needs a fair bit of work.
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2 years ago, SullyXBOX
Login doesn’t work
My login works just fine on the website, however logging in via the app results in a very long ”Signing In…” dialog box before eventually failing with a “Sign In Failed - There was an error communicating with the server.” error. I’ve double and triple checked my credentials, and am pasting the same password out of Last Pass in both cases (web and app). Log in simply doesn’t work, making the rest of the app totally unusable. Tanner Electric is the service if that helps.
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5 years ago, Mario sucks$$&@&
Old version was better
I loved this app for the last several months! Now with the most recent update, Nov 2019, I can only ever get my usage to show up about 20-30% of the time. And the app crashes about half the time. The format of the app is less user friendly. I loved the color coded usage colors. Red showing more usage and green being a low usage day. Don’t know why you would take that away.
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5 months ago, Pete813
A real mess
They updated the app and it’s all messed up now. The graphic display of hourly, daily, monthly and annual usage is now ugly and useless. It used to change from graph to graph almost instantly, now there is an annoying pause between graphs. Some usage data is partial and incomplete. Six months ago this was a perfectly working app with a smooth experience. They have been constantly fiddling with it now and after multiple updates SmartHub is a wrecked and useless app.
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4 years ago, _Rhi__Rhi_
No longer works, do not waste your time.
Since the most recent update the app no longer works for me and I am unable to connect or log into any of accounts. I constantly receive a “unable to connect to server message” despite reinstalling the app and ensuring the setting are correct. Lucky for me I can still take care of these accounts via their respective websites however, it was convenient having them all in one place. It has not been working for over two weeks at this point.
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11 months ago, MrsMaleficent
Smart hun
Was told to get this app in order to pay a slemco bill As they are no longer going to be using the phone pay system. but it won’t recognize my face and it won’t let me in to the account I’m trying to pay unless I give it permission to use auto pay !! I’m paying for my friends account as he has five kinds of stage four cancer. So I’m not going to give you any of my banking information for a bill that’s not mine. Any idea what I can do now?
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8 months ago, Lilli1970
Recent update broke it
Ever since the recent update, the main usage screen shows an incorrect # for the daily verbiage summary for those with solar generation. It is ignoring the negative symbol (-) on the solar generation and adding the usage and solar numbers together, showing a much higher usage number than actual. When you flip to details, you can see the correct data, it seems to be just a formula error on the main page. So annoying.
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5 years ago, Underemployed
App is easy to use. I can see my daily energy usage so of it’s super cold I can see whether the warmer days have offset or whether I should plan for a larger bill. Also nice to see long term comparisons. I’ve not paid a bill through it but it has that feature.
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4 months ago, EZE Ruthless
Great convenience
Really like the app. It gives detailed info and makes paying easy. But lately it won’t let you sign in with a VPN, which is pointless; it always worked before with no problem. Please fix this! Back to 5-stars once fixed.
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2 years ago, eTrader6392
Never able to dig in
Not sure what is up. Able to access account from web with no problems. But I have never been able to sign in via the app. It always just hangs, or reports comms issue Does not matter if I am connected to WiFi or via the cell. Just does not work for me. Even after removing and reinstalling the app. It is a no go, and has been well over a year as I try every once and a while on the mobile app
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2 months ago, Puzzle Challenger
No Problems
I’ve been using this app for years without any problems. It’s easy to navigate to the information I need; review of our monthly bill, daily electrical usage and report outages.
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5 years ago, Jazzi Babi
App was working fine until recent update
My app has not been working since I downloaded the recent update from a week ago. Other than that the app works just fine. But I do think we should be able to do more in the app to access our accounts than just pay.
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