SmartLine Second Phone Number

4.7 (44.1K)
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Seller, LLC
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1 month ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for SmartLine Second Phone Number

4.74 out of 5
44.1K Ratings
4 years ago, SootedPear
Awful Customer Support
The SmartLine app functioned well, but the SmartLine service did not have all of the features we needed so we decided to switch to Grasshopper. We ported our number to the new service, then once this was done we cancelled our SmartLine account. Unfortunately there was some technical issue at GoDaddy (the parent service) and our account stayed active even after we cancelled it. I have spent a week trying to get GoDaddy to resolve the issue because our business line is INACCESSIBLE, so far to no avail. It seems no one knows what’s happening and for some inconceivable reason customers are not allowed to speak directly with the SmartLine tech support reps. We have to communicate ONLY with GoDaddy’s tier one support. This is an awful experience and I do not recommend them!
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6 years ago, seahawk gang
Good but needs work
The app works good but could be better. There are a lot of bugs that could still be fixed. First I’ll start with calls are very delayed. By the time the call gets forwarded it’s about 2 rings before it’s a missed call. 2nd this one bugs me the most. Recent calls, texts or voicemails disappear or will not show up on recent call screen. I use this line for my business and When I’m working I don’t hear my phone so when I check it my phone will say I’ve had 2 missed calls and a voicemail but when I go into the app they are not there. Now if I open it thru my notifications screen on my iPhone it will sometimes take me there. Next when I click on some of my customers text threads a different customer thread will show and I have to close the app and reopen it for it to work right again. As of this very moment my app shows 10 notifications but I can NOT view them. They are missed calls, voicemails or texts that I cannot see. I also notice that a lot of times I have missed calls or voicemails and my phone never even rang. And my final issue is voicemails should ALL go into a separate folder. It’s shouldn’t be in the call thread because after a call or text from that number it makes it hard to find your voicemails so that is something the developers should change. Other then these issues the app and idea is great. Hopefully they get these bugs fixed soon and this will become a very good app.
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4 years ago, Corrado620
After over 6 months, texting still poor
Texting is by far the worst feature of this application. Texts fail to send often enough where it is frustrating. I have written about this before with GoDaddy emailed support. However this review is how texts are received on the other end. After sending a longer text, about 6 paragraphs long with spaces between paragraphs (sent to more than one person), people on the receiving end told me that my texts are confusing and out of order. So that is confusing, I only sent one text. After getting a screen shoot from a receiver the text what is noticed it that each paragraph gets sent as a different text through SmartLine and get a label at the bringing of the text saying ‘2/6’ or ‘1/6’. So not only does the text not get received as one text but in multiple texts, they get received out of order. This never happens through messengers on phones. I am a Landlord and most communication with tenants are through texts, this SmartLine system is currently not a quality system when it comes to texting. And if your company runs heavy in the texting department SmartLine falls well short and is going to cause more frustration than help, just buy used smartphone on a normal phone carrier. This is just one of more than a few issues I have with SmartLine.
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5 years ago, Princesskain
What a nightmare
I very recently bought this to use as a business line on my personal phone. The texting feature works great - shows business colleagues and clients my new business number . But as soon as I started using the app to make calls, it changes my business phone number to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT number! Different City and State than my personal or business phone number. And the worst part is - the number it shows on people’s caller ID’s is one that’s blacklisted on the web for being a scammer phone number. This is so horrible! I now have business cards with my new number. And I can’t even return calls to my clients without a DIFFERENT NUMBER showing up - a junk solicitors phone number FROM A DIFFERENT STATE showing up on their caller ID?!. Spent over an hour on the phone with tech support, they can’t figure it out? Now I am waiting to see if someone else can fix the problem. They told me to give them 72 hours. I will update this post if the problem gets fixed. I NEED it to get fixed. This is a big and costly glitch. NOTE:::: This app is through ITunes which apparently isn’t affiliated with Godaddy directly. Which could be a problem for people. Esp when something goes wrong and Godaddy can’t even help you- they’re left emailing iTunes support. Just keep that in mind. Also, you cannot link this to your regular Godaddy billing. Very inconvenient.
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5 years ago, jmeltzer
Version 4.20.0 does not work at all!
After reinstalling twice I still continue to get the same error message, “Error, no cellular connection. Please make sure you are in an area with coverage.” I have checked. Cellular works for all other apps, my actual cellular connection is great. Cellular is turned on for the SmartLine app in settings. Wifi has been tinted on and off, off and on, I’ve tried it each and every single possible way I could think of and still no outgoing calls work. Incoming calls work though, as does text messaging. But outgoing is a bust. This app is useless as it now stands, and I’ve just gone past my 7 day free trial period so I also had to pay GoDaddy $10 for an app that doesn’t work. I tried calling for support to no avail. Customer rep was nice but just as clueless as I now am, and when our call got disconnected after troubleshooting for 20 minutes, and then being put on hold while my rep went to try and find a resolution, I received no call back. So app gets 1 Star and support gets 1 Star. I pray that the reason my app is not working is that I’m simply doing something wrong but after troubleshooting by myself and with tech support for a while, I fear that this app is a buggy waste of money. Maybe 4.20.1 will fix it? Maybe 4.21.0? Can I wait that long to not be able to make calls though? Probably not.
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1 year ago, Buttons613
Not impressed
Unfortunately I wish I had just purchased a second work phone through my normal cell provider and not locked into a 2 year contract with GoDaddy. It is true you get what you pay for. This app/service is a good idea, especially for someone who wants everything on one device. But it is too unreliable to work effectively. Texts often fail and won’t send. Picture messages often won’t send or load. Phone calls won’t pop up until the second to last or final ring so there isn’t enough time to answer them. There is no way to set up automatic text responses. The app is very glitchy, it often shows the wrong name on messages in your inbox and it loads slowly. I also have gotten so many spam calls through this line even though the spam filtering is on. This morning the service has been completely down and no messages can be sent/received. When I finally got through to customer service they simply said they have no estimate for when it will be back up and had no other help to offer. Overall if you’re really on a tight budget and can look past these annoyances it may work for you, but I will definitely be looking to break my contract and get a separate line elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Cherisse from Maui
Below is my first update. But since a few days ago I could no longer text and recover text. My clients were calling me saying that when they text me it was telling them that I My Number was a “land line” 😭. It was horrible and scary. When I first got the app it was very clear that it was a SmartLine call and I loved it, more recently I miss phone calls, doesn’t ring or I didn’t know it was a a SmartLine call at time. I ended up porting my number out to a prepaid phone and I’m back to 2 phones again! I’m very thankful that go daddy allows us to port in and out phone numbers that’s. Plus! So that’s where my 3 star ⭐️ rating is at, it was a 5 star rating when I first got the app. ——————- I’ve used other apps like this. But this one is by far the best I’ve used. I like the fact that it stores phone calls, text and voicemail in one place. I also like that you can set do not disturb and business hours and that you know when it’s a call from SmartLine. Other apps I used it just rings as a regular call so I didn’t know if it was personal or business. Easy to use and understand!
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2 years ago, thamysorel
Horrible service
Worst app ever for a 2nd number. There is lots of others that works much better with better costumer seevice and cost 1/10 less than Smartline. I constantly have issues of texts never being delivered, and you will never find out unless you open the conversation. Today I simply had No tect message being delivered, all of them had errors. I also have huge issue with receiving phone calls. I had a client that tried to contact me because she could not find my business location and I never received her call. When I finally saw her, she was sitting in front of me trying to make the phone calls and I would never receive the calls on my phone. I had several issues over and over with texts and phone calls, it is simply useless, it is really bad for me not being able to contact my clients, totally lose the point of having a business phone number. I tried today again to contact Godaddy regarding the phone number errors and I was never able to reach them.
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4 years ago, RaeShantael
Not all I hoped for but definitely needed...
I needed a separate line for my business that would show as a business line when it rings and this service is perfect for that. However, the text messaging feature is not working great even after the update. It will fail to send messages, sometimes it will just freeze 🥶 and close out. Sometimes I can’t even dial out. I also wish there was a computer app like messenger or Google voice where I can text and receive texts while I’m at my computer. But anyway, If the text issue and dial out issue was working it would be rated higher but I really need these features to work properly.
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6 years ago, m_monster
Handy device but needs improvement
I have an iPhone 7 and the SmartLine ap worked great up to a point. All of a sudden it would show I have a message or call by marking the ap icon with a number. After I viewed the messages the number would not go away. I would have to delete all my calls to get the number off the ap icon. I uninstalled the ap restarted my phone installed the ap and it made no difference. Then it wouldn’t show any of my incoming calls. It would spin and spin as if it was downloading them. Finally I let it spin and about 20 minutes later it showed my calls and all my issues have gone away thus far. When it works I like it. My only other “wish” for this app would be if you could have multiple voice mail messages. Like one for when your busy and can’t answer the phone and one for when your business is closed, you could turn them on and off as your work schedule reflected.
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2 years ago, Mimaleems
I’ve been using this as my business line for 3 years now. In the beginning it worked pretty well, but lately I’ve been having lots of issues with it (and, yes, I have the latest version installed)… - sometimes I’ll get a notification of a missed call/voicemail without the phone ever ringing. - often when I get a push notification of a new call/text, when I click on it and the app opens, it doesn’t show right away. It takes several times of closing and opening the app so I can actually read the message. - often when I’m trying to send a text, I get the error message that “Message Failed to Send”, and it takes several tries (closing and reopening the app, and sometimes even restarting my phone) for it to go through. - sometimes a text or voicemail will show under another contact’s name in error. Many times I have replied to messages thinking that they came from someone else. Needless to say, it is completely unacceptable when you have to rely on this phone number in order to conduct business with customers. Who knows how often text messages are never received or delivered, or phone calls never come through. How much business am I losing unbeknownst to me? Unfortunately, this phone number is listed on all my marketing materials, website and Google listing, so I’m too committed to be able to switch to another service. Please fix these issues ASAP!
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2 years ago, This field is required
This is a horrible service unless you are lonely and enjoy talking to unsolicited telemarketers, then this is the app for you. From day one I have received 10-20 calls and texts from telemarketers everyday! The callers range from business funding offers, employee hiring services, business tax services, and people asking to settle collection debts and they are always asking for a handful of different names. I assume the names are from people who purchased this dirty number in the past and canceled the service leaving the number available for the next unsuspecting user. Many of the callers have been pushy and immediately call back if hung up on after telling them I do not need or want their service and to remove my number from their call list. On several occasions I have called different numbers back only to have my phone ring and say that I am calling myself...? I would not recommend this service to anyone and do not care to use any godaddy services after this experience.
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6 years ago, Kirbayy
We could love this App but it has issues!
We could love this App but we can’t resolve major issues even after talking with Customer support and trying options listed under Trouble Shooting. If my phone is active meaning I am looking at it, the App works fine... the phone rings when calls come in and if I don’t answer it then it goes to my Smartline voicemail as expected. However, if my Iphone is at rest and I don’t mean do not disturb, I mean I’m just not looking at it and the screen is not active... then the calls do not ring and it always goes into my personal mailbox not my SmartLine mailbox. I have reinstalled this app four times and tried all suggestions given from customer support. So if this isn’t resolved it defeats the purpose of the app for my company’s use. How could this not be throughly tested before GoDaddy started selling the app? 🤨
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3 years ago, icemanasota
Monthly Outages
This is really tough to write because for about a year and a half, this has been an absolutely awesome value add to my business. It did what it was supposed to: incoming/outgoing texts and phone calls. Voicemail, business hours, really smooth interface. It was great!cit occasionally had glitches and outages when the service wouldn’t work, but they seemed to overcome those issues within 24 hours. Fast forward to 2021 and the problems arose. Mainly outages. We’re talking 2/3 outages a month where you either can’t make incoming/outgoing calls or texts! Like, long outages too! It’s really bad, and has negatively impacted business operations. I’m pay to use this app, and then lose revenue because your business customers can’t reach you? No thanks. Switching to e-sim in iPhone and calling it a day. So unfortunate too because I can’t transport my number. Yet, it’s worth it to not have to deal with the repeated and prolonged service outages. UPDATE: still horrible
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5 years ago, Thelove21685
I’m losing business
I’ve had this app for about four months now and besides all the incoming call for the wrong person/number and robot calls, I’ve lost so much business due to the many features missing from this app. There’s so badge notifications to even let me know that I even have a text message waiting for me, there’s absolutely no way for me to set a distinctive sound for my messages or a way to raise the volume. My clients count on me to respond to their text messages in a timely and professional fashion, I just checked the app and I’ve already missed 4 new clients from yesterday, I shouldn’t have to check this app every five minutes out of fear that I’ve missed a clients message. The voicemail greeting feature on this app is a joke, I recorded a greeting but it never saved and it won’t save. What’s the point of having that feature if it won’t save the recording?? I have had it with this app!! If there are no changes made soon I’ll have to take my business somewhere else.
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10 months ago, Me2984gh
There is something amiss with this app
I have been looking at reviews for a while and I am starting to wonder what is really going on. There is a consensus with many that we miss a great deal of our calls due to the phone not ringing. I rarely if ever now hear the calls rings anymore. I have checked all the settings with my phone, because I am thinking it’s the phone. Umm no, my actual phone number with my phone rings just fine. I can get texts though, so there is no issue there. So, it is not an texting issue. I try and make sure to ensure the app is also updating. So what’s up developers? I am sure by now you know what the issue(s) are. I tried their other app and had to delete it, because it stopped working losing all my messages and numbers. I think I will seek out other alternatives before to long. I gave 2 stars because the text messaging works and that’s about it.
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1 year ago, Three Musket Ears
Decent app, tech support is severely lacking
I have used this app for a couple of years. It gets the job done, most of the time, but if you have an issue - good luck. About 10 days ago the app stopped allowing me to send texts. I have spent hours on the phone with customer support over the past week (many times just sitting on hold as they attempt to diagnose). They pass the buck to my carrier each time. And of course I checked with my carrier, and they told me on multiple separate occasions that the issue was not on their end, and must be a Smartline problem. The Smartline team does not respond to email, they won’t call back if you get disconnected (even though they make sure to get your callback number in the event that your call is disconnected) and they offer no discount or refund when their service fails. If I could keep my same business number I would ditch Smartline immediately. Unfortunately it seems I cannot.
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1 year ago, Toiletbrushxxx
Not worth paying for. As reliable as a free app.
I have had a business number on this app for over two years and it has never worked the way it should. If I could have two business numbers on my other app, I would have cancelled this subscription a long time ago. Almost every call goes to voicemail. I am sure this is a function of the spam filtering but after calling people back it turns out they were legitimate clients. Today I realized that there is no way to make a call out unless it is from your contacts. The Dialer tab is useless. Rebooted the app, logged out/in, checked for update in the store, deleted and reinstalled. Still the same. If you check the recent reviews you will see that this app is unsupported trash. This is why the ratings are not broken out by versions but only as a whole since the app was first published. I am sure it may have been good before, but now there is much better.
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4 years ago, Jeli_09
I would give 5 stars but...
I absolutely love this app but unfortunately I have had a lot of technical issues. It is constantly giving me error messages when I send my customers a text message saying it failed to send and I’m not receiving some of my customers texts which means I may be losing battle or face with my customer because I’m not getting back to them. Also my call logs don’t sync all the time. I was on the phone with customer service yesterday and deleted and reinstalled the app. Today it seems to be working perfect and hope it continues. Besides that the idea behind it is amazing. I don’t have to buy a second phone and I know when I’m getting a call I know it’s for business only. Thank you for making this app! I hope improvements continue.
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5 years ago, sjbeck4
Does the job but not what it’s cracked up to be
Me and 3 staff use this service and even when we are logged out, some of us still receive calls, but aren’t able to answer them, and others of us, even when logged in, cannot see or accept calls. Some voicemails go to my personal inbox and others are transcribed to the SmartLine app, so I miss some voicemails because I can’t open and listen to the ones that go to my personal VM for some reason. There is usually a very poor connection and a delay, so it is hard to hear the client, and we talk over each other due to the audio delay. Also, before I agreed to purchase this service for a year I asked if I would be able to send mass texts and the GoDaddy rep answered “yes.” But that is not true. I can only send one text at a time. And only one image at a time as well.
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3 years ago, Cleverpun1
Hot Garbage
This app has always been problematic but the last couple of versions are essentially unusable. - there’s still no way to search text massages for a keyword - no compatibility with basic VPN services - calls and texts don’t alert and messages won’t send unless you disable your VPN - even if you disable your VPN good luck getting a text message to send. Multiple errors, constantly - this godawful app has made my longtime work number, and therefore me, look like an absolute joke… missed calls, missed texts, inability to respond, eventually forced to use another number - customer service’s solution is always to uninstall and reinstall the app, to disable VPN, and even once “get a new phone” (my phone is only a year old and is running the most recent OS with all updates and patches) - even when I do uninstall and reinstall the app and disable my VPN, there’s <50% change the app will work - GoDaddy makes it all but impossible to port your phone number over to another service Thanks for nothing, GoDaddy. This product has always been bad but after six years of your lies that you’ll fix this, I’m over it. I refuse to believe that this company isn’t buying five star reviews. In its best, most stable version this was a problematic a 3-star product, and is currently a zero-star product.
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3 years ago, lill_zak
App needs work!!
I use this as my business number and it is so frustrating most of the time. It will show I have a text or voicemail but I will not be able to get the info. I will try to text clients and it will some times send and other times I don’t know if it has gone through. It says it is sent but my client have not received it. This has happened at least 5 times. I end up signing out and logging back on multiple times to get it to load my messages. I would not recommend this app if you are going to use it for a business. I don’t want my clients to think I am unavailable or not wanting to respond to their text. This could be a great app if godaddy fixed these problems. If you read the reviews they have responded to they say they are working on these things but it’s been a couple years and we are still struggling with the same issues.
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4 years ago, Ruth-C H
Life saver
I love this app for so many reasons. The G**gle voice app didn’t work for me because I had no idea whether someone was calling my personal line or the business line without having to pick up. With this app, it shows the logo so I know exactly when someone is calling the business line. I use it as a call forwarding number for my office line since I’m working from home now. Also, I like the ease of the app. The way it documents and groups calls, texts and voicemails from the same number together is awesome. After being disappointed with the Voice app, I was about to just buy another phone and this saved me the money and the hassle. Definitely worth the money.
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6 years ago, vonraiseshavoc
Great App with minor set backs
I love this app, very easy to use and convenient. What I love most about the app? A couple of weeks ago my phone was damaged beyond repair and unfortunately I haven’t backed my phone up in months. After getting my new phone and realizing that I lost about 30% of my apps including this guy here. I thought for sure all of my previous messages from clients were gone which would prove detrimental to my company. Long story short and to my very surprise all of the conversations were still there! A huge save for my company and a huge lesson for me when it comes to monthly back ups. Downfall? Picture messaging- only allows you to send one photo at a time which seems minor but still an inconvenience. Contacts- unless you want to store your clients info to your personal phone book there isn’t a way for you to store their numbers to be app which can cause confusion with random numbers flying around. ( I solved this by simply addressing my client each time I message them so I see their name in the previous message.) Overall- Great app, again super user friendly but can be improved. Great job GoDaddy! This is not a paid review.
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1 year ago, aspell2020
Horrible App!!! Problems daily
The app is constantly not refreshing, this occurs about every day. Which is a real headache since I use this as a work, phone number. Then I have to delete the app then download it again for it to refresh or sign out and sign back in to the app. The amount of issues I have with this app on a daily basis is ridiculous. Also, I have issues with trying to call a phone number because it says that the phone number is wrong which it’s not. Which result to me having to restart iPhone, or sign out of the app and sign back in, or even delete, and re-download the app. I plan on purchasing a phone from my actual wireless carrier and having a second line and transferring this phone number. Because this app has giving me so much problems almost every single day that I don’t even see how I pay for it. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Mr. Bey
Not what I expected
I have a number of services with Go Daddy. From hosting to email service and have been pleased with all of the services until now. From the first day I I started using this service calls were dropping. I would answer the phone when the app pops up and then the call will drop. I would get a message that I missed a call in the phone never rang. There were other times when I would answer the phone say hello couldn’t hear the other person and I’m guessing you couldn’t hear me and then all of a sudden the call dropped. This is been going on for over a week. When I called Go Daddy one of the representatives even told me that he has a service and he has the same problem with dropped calls. I’m a business owner I do not have the luxury of dropping or missing calls. This is my business and I am not pleased with the service cannot recommend Go Daddy for this particular service.
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1 year ago, I dun care what my name is
The only thing worse than this app is the customer service team
I’ve had this app for about four years and it’s functioned reasonably well until the last year. Now on a monthly basis I will lose the ability to text my clients for a period of 3 to 5 days. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get in touch with somebody that is actually able to help me, but I come up short every time. The representatives barely speak English and are unable to assist, and are unable to provide a supervisor either. All they can do is take your info so that the supervisor can call you back at their leisure while you miss out on business. The best part is the supervisor never even calls. I’ve left my number for at least four different representatives and I have yet to receive one single call back. Save yourself the time, energy, and money and find a better program.
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2 years ago, Indigo18752
I’ve used SmartLine for a few years now. When it works, it’s great. However, it is often glitchy. Sometimes it fails to send messages or notifications come extremely late. It once took THREE days for a voicemail to come through. It’s prone to phantom notifications where it’s will have a number of notifications showing but when you open the app, no notification or new messages appear. It’s frustrating when using this for a business line because of these issues. It makes it worse that none of theses issues are new. If you read through reviews, it’s clear that they have had these things happening for years. It doesn’t appear that the developer even bothers to respond to reviews anymore.
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3 years ago, Dmb2244
Sometimes can’t upload texts or messages
Overall the extra line linked to my mobile phone is very convenient - no second phone to carry around or potentially lose. Two areas for improvement from my perspective: 1. Sometimes it takes far too long to download a voice or text message. I can see on my Home Screen that the SmartLine icon shows a message, but when I open the app there’s nothing showing. This has been a point of frustration multiple times because I had been expecting a response from a client that was significant in helping me move forward with a decision, yet I couldn’t see anything in the text feed. And too often I have read or heard all messages but the icon still indicates with a red number that messages are still unread. 2. When I attempt to initiate a call someone or return a call, the number that is displayed on the screen is not the client’s actual number. My guess is that it is most likely a disguised number, but there have been times when I needed to verify their actual number in that moment but was unable to do so. Other than that - works well enough for the price.
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5 years ago, Jorchual
Its great but need better notifications
The concept is great and it’s simple to use. The only and big problem I see is the notifications. I don’t get any notifications when I get a text to it or when somebody is calling it doesn’t show me the number. It just says smart line. As well as everytime someone calls it wont let the call go through completely, the call stops and I have to call back the client. I wish there was a way that 2 people can use the same number, in case I have an assistant helping to deal with the company. So a second phone with the same number would be awesome
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4 years ago, rkolling99
Good, but major caller ID issue
Works as expected, occasionally messages won’t go thru, but for the most part it worked decent for me - except one major problem. When I receive calls it doesn’t get the caller ID right. It will say “John Doe or 2 others” (John Doe being a saved contact), but the call will be from some number not in my contacts. Even if it was “John Doe” calling it will still say “or 2 others”. Then the missed call notification on my lock screen will have another saved contact name that is totally wrong. The odd part is the correct number shows up on my Apple Watch. This really makes the call part useless, as I prefer to screen calls with caller ID like most people. The other complaint is that you can’t respond or even read text messages without going into the app. There’s no preview, it just says “New Text Message”. Same on Apple Watch, can’t read or compose messages anywhere but the app itself. Basically there is some major flaw in the caller ID part and it’s lacking basic features in messaging. The core software seems to be good, but it definitely has room to improve. I’m trying to continue service with hopes that these improvements come soon.
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5 years ago, Jjsjjssnsn
About to switch
Everyone else’s complaints I am also experiencing. But what is also frustrating is that I will have a notification and I will click on my app and in the app it will show nothing, so I’m having to sign out re-sign back in and sometimes the notification will be there and sometimes I have to sit there and restart my phone entirely for it to completely work. And sometimes after a restart my phone and I walked back into the app sometimes it just my load for another 15 or 20 minutes and I just have to let it sit there. And in the meantime I have clients calling and other people that are not waiting for me to respond back and I am unable to use it because of a app. Save your time and money and just get a second phone line with an actual phone because at the rate they’ll be losing calls and responses you’re losing money as well. And for most of us time is money....
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2 years ago, leana8605
Not the greatest
I will definitely be looking for another service. You can’t always send pics through text messages. There were no updates and I had to delete the app and reinstall it and still no change. When I called customer service they were no help. They told me the app doesn’t allow you to send pictures and I explained I’ve sent plenty of pictures before. And I’ve called before about sometimes having to send the pictures multiple times before they would go through. Also the messages are very glitchy. I’ll tap on a message but a different number will show up when I begin typing the message. When you swipe left to delete a message, it freezes all the time. It’s so difficult to just get regular functionality out of the app!
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1 year ago, jjoerman
Do not use for business!!!!!
Maybe this app is OK if you’re using it personally and don’t really care about functionality. Do not get this app and use it as your business number so you don’t have to carry around two phones. It is absolutely horrible. There’s always problems. Tons of bugs. App just recently had an issue where you couldn’t send text for over 72 hours, not great for a thriving business. Support is horrible, and you can guarantee when the app is not working correctly they always make sure they still charge you the same (strange, how there’s never an issue with billing lol). FYI if you want to leave this app and take your number with you once you’re fed up. That is not an option. Again, save yourself the hassle. It would be cheaper just to go buy a brand new iPhone, and have a separate number. Do not buy!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, LawaiGirl
Constant “Message failed to send.”
I have been using this app for a few years now. It is okay as it provides me with an alternate line I can use for my business on my personal phone. However, it’s still a bit clunky. I would periodically send messages to some clients that would fail to send. The workaround would be to take a screenshot of the message, and send the photo. Somehow, it works that way… The past few days I have been experiencing “message failed to send” with every single text I try to send any of my clients. It’s quite frustrating this hasn’t been worked out yet. Also, I cannot send videos to my clients and vice versa it is terrible quality. I know that one might be a bit more expected, but for the love of all things good PLEASE fix the message send failure issue. 😩😩
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5 years ago, YanaMontana
Everything is not so great.
While I do love that I no longer have to carry around two phones, I do regret getting the app because plenty of times and I mean plenty, I receive text notifications and then go to the app and nothing shows. I refresh the screen and nothing, I shut the app down and open back up and nothing. I use this for my business. This is unacceptable. I have no idea who has texted or what they’ve texted. A lot of other times the voicemails show up on the app but they don’t play. Sometimes the voicemails are on my regular phone, (where I hardly check because of spams, so I don’t get to respond to my clients in a timely manner) it’s never consistent. Then the last few times my calls have been absolutely distorted. My voice sounds super staticky so the receiver cannot understand me. I cannot recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Loyal F-K
I love it, but one improvement is necessary
So this is a great bargain from Go Daddy. It has allowed me to let people contact me regarding business without having aces to my personal phone. This way, I can set what hours I allow these phone calls and texts to come through. I can maintain a weekend! Plus, you get to pick out your own phone number, which allowed me to pick one that is easy to remember. But there is one blunder to address. Often, I need to text my contact info, or the contact info of other people to my business clients. The only way for me to do this is through my regular cell phone number, and not through this app. That defeats the purpose of having a separate business phone number.
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1 year ago, ultimutt pup
Not reliable. Causes lots of issues with client communication
This line is often down and customer service is never any help. When lines are down, you’re on hold forever just to get no help or your call gets dropped repeatedly Many providers block messages from this type of line which results in failed messages. Failed and delayed messages cause lots of miscommunication between you and your clients. You’re not able to do group chats or send videos. If clients send you a video, you have to save the very pixilated video just to watch it. You’re not able to send automatic texts. When you set certain business hours, only calls are sent to voice mail. It would be nice for an automated text to be sent when texts are received outside of business hours. Just get a dual esim on your current phone.
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2 years ago, small_biz
App has major bugs
I’ve been using the app since Oct. 2021. 1.) you do get to select a business number that is separate from your personal number. This is the main reason I got the app. I only pay $9.99 monthly. Not bad. 2.) I do like the log that it tracts with the interaction between you and the caller. You can pass images, see the call exchange times, as well as text messages. Very similar to WhatsApp. Problems: 1.) you can only send 1 photo at a time, and often the image will say “not delivered” but it was indeed delivered. This message also happens with some text messages too. 2.) the app itself is very slow. When trying to refresh to see notifications, it may take several hours before the notification actually appears in the log. Which is awful especially if it is a text which needs to be immediately seen or responded to. 3.) often times my app will show there is a notification, but doesn’t clear once the notification has been seen. This makes it confusing because you don’t know if there is a new notification or not. 4.) the app is very unreliable for receiving phone calls. Or when you need it to load to make an outgoing call, often times it will not load.
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5 years ago, jpm_777
Don’t use for business!! Texting doesn’t work
I use this app strictly for business. The text feature does not and has not worked properly from the time I signed up. I’ve been told to uninstall and reinstall the app to take care of issues I’ve had and that doesn’t seem to work. Messages will show as Sent and I’ll come to find out from the client later on that they were actually never sent. On the flip side, messages will also sometimes show that they failed to send, but the client responds back instantly showing that they actually did receive the message. I have no idea how much business I’ve lost during the last 6 months of using this app due to the fact that I have no idea which of my messages were actually delivered and which ones weren’t. I strongly suggest you look into another company for your 2nd Phone Line needs!!
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1 year ago, Maeeksea
Get used to…
..these error messages: “Message Not Sent” “Opps. Something went wrong. We’ve been notified of the problem, please try again later” “Sending…” (and then coming back later to find the message has not been sent. “Error 429” This app is first attractive in that it gives customers a second number to use from their phone. But once you have been using it for a while, especially as a business owner who relies on timely communication, you’ll find it not worth the trouble. Many business days have been greatly impacted by delays and the app being down. Recommendation: use a different app or better yet - spend the extra money for another SIM card/phone line through your carrier. It’s not worth the hassle and headaches
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5 years ago, stoptellingnamesaretaken
Cost me jobs
I used to recommend this app to friends. Now I have to warn them away since many also have an iPhone 6 (customer service is ‘pretty sure’ that’s the problem). It worked so well at first that I used it on my resume. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t gotten any call backs and why I seemed to have been stood up for a (scheduled via email) phone interview. Now I know. Godaddy has cost me several job opportunities now. Once I finally manually checked the app, I saw a host of ‘answered calls’ that I didn’t answer. I uninstalled and reinstalled, making sure my phone was updated. Nope. My test caller said it rang once and went to VM. It never rang on my end and there is no indication of a VM. Customer Service told me, “ least the phone number is easily ported to another service.” Considering how many paychecks I’ve now lost because of this- yeah. I’ll be doing that.
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2 years ago, SmallBusinessOwner???$$$&&&
Have lots technical difficulties
Ive been with smart line to long I think There’s been a few technical difficulties when text messages & phone calls from customers it just don’t work or they don’t load. When you call customer service there’s nothing they can do for the TechTeam to fix it a whole day worth of business and phone calls and there’s nothing you can do about that. The only reason for the three stars as I like that tells me it’s connected to my business but there’s a lot of other companies it’s not worth the hassle my opinion I’m going to be shopping around for a different company. The technical difficulties have been too often and for too long
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4 years ago, Metal Man Chuck
Awesome App!!!
Comes in super handy for business as I do not want to give my personal number out to customers. That may sound a little harsh, but any one who works with people either going on appointments or working retail sales knows what I mean... The last thing you want is a customer who is a little eccentric calling you 30 times in a row at 4 AM just to answer a simple question, as I’ve had happen in the past on my personal cell... And much cheaper and more convenient than getting a separate phone added to my plans line which would jack up the cost!!! This app is a lifesaver! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, wbacal
Texting fails
I have used this app for my business for 6 months. Worked fair at first and I thought the text failed to send was because I was out and using my cell service. Recently it is happening when at home using Wi-Fi. Tried to call several times and gave up after 30 minutes waiting on hold for support. Finally today I reached someone after almost 30 minutes on hold. Support person was trying very hard to help. Spoke to 2nd level support (possibly?). Said they could find nothing wrong. When I asked for a fix for this issue I was basically told it was a signal issue and there was nothing they co do. I asked for a supervisor and was told they would call me if they had a chance?
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5 years ago, MVP LLC
Affordable common sense business investment
Exceptional app for busy for any business but especially for owners with multi business because one can connect multiple lines, local and toll free. Rings right into your main cell phone so you never miss a business call but yet maintain privacy. The feature to set business hours with off hour calls going straight to voicemail, is awesome. Absolutely user friendly and time saving way to connect with clients and future customers without having to invest in a second cell phone. This is a no brainer.
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5 years ago, nunya1371
Editing contacts. Updates*
I need to be able to copy a contacts phone number within the app to paste elsewhere.....or edit the contact name within the app instead of going to my native contacts folder. *The contacts issue is better. The app itself is still full of bugs. I get several notifications that someone is calling the smartline number, but there is nowhere to answer the call. Thats about 20% of calls. I’m over the bugs. And support acts as if tou are the only person that hasn’t had a great experience. If this app was smooth, I would have paid double. But I’m upgrading to the dual sim iPhones and transferring the number to a cell service. I’m losing money
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6 years ago, Datysa
Don’t bother...
I have had this app for about a year, and unfortunately had signs, business cards and other marketing materials made up for my real estate business before I realized how unreliable it is. I have had to waste valuable time on the phone with GoDaddy support at least 3 or 4 times during this time to figure out why I get a blank green screen when trying to get to my messages. This is so annoying and unprofessional when trying to run a business efficiently. It has just happened again, which is the reason I decided now is the time to put an end to this nonsense. Now I have to spend hundreds of dollars getting all my signs, business cards and other marketing materials made over again (with my real cell number). Then, I am cutting the cord with this big waste of money.
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5 years ago, nettles73
Still needs work
This app is a great idea, but lots of flaws. First, when I called support, the tech was just as curious/said very little and hemmed and hawed s lot, as to how the app works as I was; literally we were both quietly trying to figure it out. I was supporting him and his cluelessness by commiserating so as to not make him feel bad. Second, when used with call forwarding there are too many rings and I’d like the option to adjust that. Third, it is not simple to change from and unlimited to a limited subscription- I have failed using the normal attempts via iTunes Store, fourth I can’t tell if I when I decline a call it goes to vm or am I hanging up in the caller(?!). Hoping it gets better :) help!
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2 years ago, grimkitty1
This app is terrible
This app is terrible. I’ve been thinking my clients are just not picking up my calls because its an unknown number. Nooo. They’ve been getting a SPAM notification when I use this app. I called Customerservice and cannot get into my account. Repeated error messages both on the app on my phone and on my browser. Chrome. And in incognito mode. Cannot access my account. And this is the first time Ive been automatically logged out. Customer service by the way suggested I uninstall and reinstall the app because I cannot access the account. Finally after a half hour I give up and hang up. Once Im off the phone with customer service then I can log back in and finally cancel this worthless app. Don’t waste your time.
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