SmartVault for iPhone and iPad

1.6 (36)
69.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.1 or later
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User Reviews for SmartVault for iPhone and iPad

1.58 out of 5
36 Ratings
10 months ago, Sail2Sail
Disappointing w Limited Capabilities
Wow, what a poor effort on this app. The only thing you can upload is a photo, and you cannot search for files on One Drive or other file apps. Why bother having the app if it has no capabilities?
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6 years ago, JDP66
SmartVault is what all the cloud based file apps want to be when the grow up
This product is so easy to use fir our clients we have eliminated the portal calls we had in past. Add the programmable features not available anywhere it is a must have for anyone in financial services or accounting
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4 years ago, C Dog @ USA
Clunky and little integration
For uploading you can only use the camera for photos. No integration to upload other file types from phone storage or drives (like iCloud or Box). No integration with iPhone (using “copy to SmartVault” from phone files fails, saying the file failed to create). Again, only supports photos. Doing something like grabbing a PDF statement and uploading isn’t possible - this is only useful if you want to take photos of a stack of printed paper. Near useless for me.
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4 months ago, @hjsmit
This application needs a lot of work.
This application needs work. It does not function properly. Making the application emulate the website would make it somewhat better. The user interface is not the best. Could be improved with more secure Passkey login technology rather than passwords with security codes.
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3 years ago, uh-unh.
App is horribly written
I have tried multiple times to transfer my files to my client portal (which has never actually showed up with my name), and in my account there is no mention of my name or that I am actually in my account. The app freezes almost immediately. I guess I will stick to hand-delivering my tax information—
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7 years ago, LSS3
Needs 64 bit Support
Please update this app for 64 bit support. It's the only one on my device that hasn't been updated yet.
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2 years ago, Jinnnkn
Crashing With IOS 16
It was working well until ISO 16 came out and now it crashes. I would love to see and update to resolve this issue!
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2 years ago, michaelscottgriffith
Use the website
Very basic features like print, or saving a document locally are not working or available in the app. The experience actually makes me wonder how truly secure and trustworthy SmartVault is if the app is built this poorly.
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4 years ago, 10594816
Better than nothing
Would be nice if I could upload documents. I say stick to the website and forget the app.
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1 year ago, KK Sunil
Cannot upload pdf files
Only allows uploading photos for gallery and cannot browse to upload pdfs or other files.
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1 year ago, onetimereviewwriter
Useless App
App crashes when trying to open documents. Unable to upload documents. App is quite useless.
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3 years ago, moneyorexcuses
Good luck
Good luck getting anything done with the app. Glitches constantly and had to log back in 5 times to view one doc, unsuccessfully. Absolute trash
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5 months ago, JellymanDave
Very poor app
This app is long overdue for an update. Incredibly hard to use. Difficult even to login.
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3 years ago, AB148
Next to worthless
I can’t upload documents with the app, only photos. Worthless.
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4 months ago, yoyima
Why even use this app? I am an engineer and cannot upload a document :(
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1 year ago, Bandit2914
Grandparents website
This portal is a piece. Cannot upload a PDF??? Only a photo…???!!! Buy something else.
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5 years ago, James DrewRyab
Very frustrating app because of access. Does not stay or remember login. The app is good but constantly have to login.
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5 months ago, literally this is ridiculous
This app doesn’t help anything when it comes to supporting clients.
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2 months ago, secondadam7
This app is literally an embarrassment. Fix your product.
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2 years ago, Jdhdgshsidj
Doesn’t work
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3 months ago, Fivbeicjsjgkcnshxgskcirnch
Won’t let me paste in a password from my keychain? What year is this? 1995?
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7 years ago, Taxologist
Perfect (cutting edge with security for what is available now)
Exactly what is needed for Accounting & Tax Firms (CPA firms and others) to use and collaborate with their clients on a mobile platform solution that seamlessly integrates with the full desktop solution. The full desktop/cloud solution is a secure, innovative leader in the industry. This software is great for solo, small, midsize and middle-market firms. Integration with other industry used automated client doc pull/push applications is a huge time saver. The amount of client training and hand-holding for smaller firms (including solo firms) is significantly less than other solutions. With a tech-savvy employee, even more functionality can be found with some curiosity and experimentation. SmartVault tech support is awesome too, when needed. Highly recommend. Trust them to keep up to date as tech changes and serve our needs.
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9 years ago, russellbarnett
Barely any effort put into it, and it shows
Nice in theory, unbelievably clunky and hard to navigate in practice. Why do I need to reset a passcode for the app every time I reauthenticate my login credentials? For that matter, why is the login handled through Safari and not through the app itself? What does the search function actually do? I've never gotten it to return a single result. Not a client name, not a folder name, not a file name, nothing. Ever. Every single search I have ever tried has come back "no result". Why do I need to download a file (after painstakingly navigating to it since search doesn't work), often using several megabytes of cellular data, in order to simply get a link to the file to email to a client? Why can't we see or administer invites/ account status/ who has access to a folder, etc? When I try to move a file from one folder to a different one in the same vault (like, say, from one of my my folders into one the client can access) why do I have to navigate through the entire folder tree from scratch? Why not default to the folder you are already in and let the user back up a level or two for a much faster result? Needs a lot of work. You can, and must, do much better than this to be truly powerful and useful as a tool on the go.
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7 years ago, @rob_satrom
Awesome for accounting firms
This application is such a simple tool for our clients. Utilizing Smartvault is inexpensive, hyper secure, and extremely easy if you are a bookkeeping, CPA, or tax firm. The app is simple, which makes it easy for our clients to use. Feedback - the app only allows selecting one file at a time when "uploading from photos" but it would be nice if it allowed multiple file selection and upload.
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12 years ago, muthatruck
Awesome for SmartVault Users
Another very cool way to access files in SmartVault... The PDF viewer is better than any I've ever tried. also good for scanning and uploading receipts while on the road.
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12 years ago, Flyboy446
Not ready for prime time.
Currently using WebDav Nav to access SmartVault so I thought I would try this new app. Unfortunately it does not seem to work. During install it seemed to freeze up and after install the app starts to open for a few seconds and then shuts down. App needs more work to get out of the starting gate.
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10 years ago, Sgrossfe
Please fix
Worked great before update. Now screen just flashes when I open the app.
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10 years ago, Edcfinancing
App will not open
This app worked great before the update. Now, it will not open at all. Fix this.
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10 months ago, may@1935
Worst app for tax prep
This is the worst app for your clients as a new aged tax preparer, we need our bookkeeping and tax clients to have mobile access to there documents. What’s is disappointing the most is that newer companies are offering this very thing. Clint’s are getting younger and younger clients want a ESS to there info from there phone I know your prices aren’t getting cheaper . Provide use user with a worth app for iPhone and android. Thank you
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