4.2 (419)
61.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Service Management Group, Inc. SMG
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for smg360

4.2 out of 5
419 Ratings
6 years ago, Lauren_merr
Work place reviews
We were never able to access our comments before. With the app we know what people are saying and it is very helpful!
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6 years ago, OddBook
iPhone X support
I would really like to see this app optimized with the iPhone X and the notch, right now a white line appears at the top of the screen covering the time and icons in the top section of the screen, besides that this app is a good tool for me to keep updated on my workplace’s comments and stats
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5 years ago, Jr0253
Comments Not Clearing
I have reviewed all my comments yet it still shows I have unread comments. I have gone in and specifically selected them all as read both in the app and online and it clears them. And then when I refresh the comments on the app they all come back as unread. I have also deleted the app and reinstalled it, still not fixed. This has been going on for about a month or so.
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5 months ago, Dj2mello
What’s going on?
Hello team The apps counter doesn’t match the counter on the site itself; for example the counter for my area says 85 in the app and 103 on the site, can that be looked into please? Thank you
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6 years ago, Jmanorama
Works but needs to add some features.
One major feature it’s lacking is to be able to filter the results by read or unread.
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3 years ago, Jojolynn123
I think it need an update or something,
For almost 2 weeks now it won’t show any new comments or surveys, it says there is 21 unready but they are all ones I know I have read. It would be nice if it were fixed!!
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4 years ago, gerald1120
Inaccurate false results
We have had quite a few customers try to share their experience with us over this “app” and we aren’t getting them and there not showing up. I have seen confirmation pages and given our free food for our happy customers doing them, and still no results. They fail to update and fail to respond
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6 years ago, sanchizzle23
Would like to get notifications when a new survey was completed.
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6 years ago, cl0ee
Repairing issue.
I’ve had to be repaired every week sometimes twice a week for the last month. I thought when you had an update it would fix it but it didn’t. It’s very I convenient that I can’t stay updated with current scores and comments.
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6 years ago, B-Wright-25
Latest App update removed the alerts and reports link. The app doesn’t seem to show the latest surveys without going to the actual website. INCONVIENT!! I used to get it all with the quick links. No point in having the app if i can just log in on the website.
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6 years ago, oliver brocato
Really helpful as a restaurant manager to be able to see these comments come in as you get them!
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11 months ago, Lolay j
App is slow
Slow to load, tag an issue and I can’t resolve without going back and then back to issue. So frustrating to wait for it to load. Feels like I’m using dialup again
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6 years ago, M.West88
Works great
I have a constant view of the customer service inside of my facility with this app. Works great.
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4 years ago, fndirvvdhzkke
This page help us a lot to improve in ours mistake and do better for guest, their thoughts matter for us, thanks smg
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6 years ago, Spades1412
IPhone X display
Please optimize the app to support the iPhone X display.
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5 years ago, Lkasen90
Get kicked out of system
I often get kicked out of the system. The last 2 weeks I have had to repair my device every time I have logged in
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7 years ago, Egor256
Great App
This is a great app! It gives you an easier access to your restaurants surveys and monthly reports! HIGHLY SATISFIED!
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5 years ago, Chocothunder96
Performance is a little spotty, the app has just been on an infinite loop for the last week on just the loading screen after you put in the password.
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4 years ago, wgafwmni
This app is so terrible. I hate that I have to have it for work. When in cases it constantly loses my custom response. Can’t use the date filter function when looking at cases, screen just goes blank when scrolling.
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1 year ago, lexi.89
absolutely useless
app runs like it hasn’t been updated in 10 years. every time i open it, i have to restart it to get rid of the pop up messages. i can never resolve cases through the app, i have to log in to the website. almost everything takes forever to load. i know they have the money to fix it - just seems like they don’t care to. super annoying.
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1 year ago, AllRise82
Slow slow slow
The information that I get from SMG is wonderful. The actual app however is atrocious. It is by far the slowest, least functioning app on my phone.
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1 year ago, BSmoov83
Slow and Barely Works
Reading comments? Easy. Resolving cases? A chore and a half. 95% of the time when you click the “Cases” tab it takes forever to load, if it loads at all.
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2 years ago, rhettb26
Comment section
The comments section hasn’t worked since the update. My information hasn’t t updated either.
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2 years ago, corp user 484
New version
The comment section does not load since the update was done earlier. Please send another update to fix
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1 year ago, ashmfghcfoov
App never loads to close cases. Loading is always TERRIBLE. Have to get laptop out to go to the actual website. Ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Ninopeludo
Bring back old version now i cant access my alerts at all
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2 years ago, shawn-ty
Doesn’t report
We had a bus and all of them did a survey and only 1 went through
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4 years ago, moetjojo1
Dated Interface
This app is dated and slow to load pages. It’s not very easy to use and I have problems training my staff in how to use it.
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5 years ago, Xyloperc
Since the update the app won’t open. It was super slow before, but now it has just stopped working.
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2 years ago, nope 666
Don’t use
They never let real surveys come threw this app needs to be taken off everybody give it one star so it’s removed
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2 years ago, chocakete women
Smg 360
Very good site from farmingville
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2 years ago, E7709
App force closes constantly on IPhone 12
This app continually force closes every time I try to create a signature or reply to a guest compliant.
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7 years ago, DianaJ.
Every time I try to log in it says login fails even though I have the right information
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6 years ago, apnaik
Login fail
Login info correct yet wouldn’t let me login
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7 years ago, Lupe Wong
Great program
Love it
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8 years ago, Checkers Franchisee
Great App Missing Features
This app is getting better but missing some key features. Their should be a dashboard like on the website with a list of locations, survey response count, and scores in whatever category you choose. As it stands I can only see experienced a problem score quickly but our company judges it on a period result and you can only see the score for the rolling 28 days. There should also be an option when doing the survey to enter exact time of visit and make that visible. The only way I can do this now is to go on website and run a cross tab report to see what day part they visited in. I want to know when it happened so I can correlate with cameras and put accountability in place or recognize success.
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9 months ago, TInoCabral
App has been down for weeks
Please FIX! Horrible!!
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2 years ago, JollyRoger353
This app is number 1
All my customer say this app is number 1!
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4 years ago, meyerb51997
Great job with the darker blue. I love it.
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5 years ago, Awesomegametyfromalyssa
Not letting me log in! My information is correct!!!
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4 months ago, ekc87
this app works great onb my phone however it does nothing on my macbook air. i try to open the app and it just closes its self.
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5 years ago, tomdevlin23
The app stopped working after the most recent update!!!! Please fix now.
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2 years ago, msxklekandnl
Smog on
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11 years ago, JRan7
Good app could be great
As for the basic functionality of this app as it works today .It works great. It works very well for checking scores and settling customer alerts. What would make this app better is push notifications for Quickscores and alerts. It would also be nice if on the quickscores not only did you get the number of responses and the top box score but the area average is well. Drill down options for top boxscores would also be nice. Overall it works very well as it is today. I use it in my daily routines constantly. I would give it five stars it had push notifications.
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8 years ago, Genghis23
Where are the details and Push Notifications?
I am a Muli-unit operator and use this App to track alerts and comments for my restaurants. I find their is not enough information within the app and am constantly clicking the "full site" link. I can only see summarized stats for my locations. No where within the app can I look at a singular location. Also, the app does not support push notifications. If we are emphasizing real time and encouraging our managers to use the app to help respond to customers, why wouldn't it notify you when there is an alert? It is not really an Alert then is it?
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12 years ago, Trebonics
Just a taste of what's on the site. Did you give up?
The good: the app has smooth functions and it is very neat and orderly. Also, I love the interaction with the map and seeing OSATs from other stores outside our franchise. The not so good: the app is missing the majority of the reports from the website. It has comments, OSATs, and the ending numbers from each of the last three periods (an image of the mailed monthly report sheet) and that is it! If all of the reports from the web come over, I will be as delighted as I had hoped to be when I downloaded the app. Famous Travis
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11 years ago, Dad007ghfd
Missing a "back or next" function when reading comments
A couple of things that need to be changed. You cannot go between comments in the comment section you have to go back to the main menu every time. This is very inefficient and hard to remember where you were in the list of comments. There should also be some access to basic reports without having to build report but basic broken down dining in, carry out, drive-through reports.
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8 years ago, anomalilli
Awful, Awful
Terrible update. Can't view quick scores anymore which was the whole point of having the app to begin. Unfortunately I updated but I have warned all my coworkers not to. I also just tried to logout and login to a different account and while it told me I was logged in to the second store, it would still only show my comments from the previous store I was logged into? Please change the app back!! It wasn't broken so why are you trying to fix it??
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9 years ago, kristeanuhh
This app used to be good.
I use this every day for work and before I was having some problems getting it to load. I would have to force close and re open it a few times, that was soon fixed with an update but now we are left with this? Comments don't load automatically, I have to go read a couple old ones and they'll finally load. "Remember me" on the login screen is completely worthless. I still have to sign in almost every time. Just bring the old app back, what are you doing??
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8 years ago, &nok
More options I won't use, removed the options I actually used.
I see what SMG was trying to do but it doesn't work for me. The landing page is cleaned up but I can't customize the date range of what I see on the dashboard. Instead of seeing responses and scores relevant to the month, I'm forced to look at a 6month view (which is good and bad, I mostly used the app for current results and the website to look at the big picture) The FAQ doesn't address this either. It pretty much took away my need to use the Smg app all together.
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