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User Reviews for Snagajob - Jobs Hiring Now

4.73 out of 5
138.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Tykiaa
Best App Ever
As a broke gap year college student, I thought I'd never see money in the light of day. After working throughout my high school years, entering into college with no job and the ADVICE of not picking up a position just left me baffled. Throughout my freshman year, I struggled with no being able to get the things that I both wanted and needed. It left me feeling left out, ashamed and embarrassed every time I saw my roommate and friends ordering food, going shopping, etc. with the cash they received from jobs they picked up on campus and more importantly that their parents gave them whenever they went home on the weekends. After hitting some rough patches in my life during my freshman year, I decided to take a gap year, with the support of my mom, to secure myself financially before entering back into university. I was scanning through a thousand ads a day about job hirings, fairs, etc. I was overwhelmed by the job that job hunting was. After re-downloading this app, (I had no luck with it in high school), I immediately started applying to jobs that caught my eye nd within 24 hours. I had three different job offers! Insanity!! They didn't pan out but the I have never been so happy in my life just by downloading apps. I have a few more potential jobs on the horizon and im about to set up an account for both my mother and younger brother to bring in more income into the house. I'll never regret downloading this app. It's fantastic!
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3 years ago, BabySweetieBear
Snagajob is Awesome !
Just wanted to let the developers know how amazing their app is! I truly just downloaded the app and signed up yesterday. Applied to several jobs listed, and have gotten interviews scheduled already. Pretty darn amazing, in my humble opinion. Indeed doesn’t work that quickly! There are all kinds of job categories, so if you have the right skills, then you should be able to, well, “snag” a job,( couldn’t resist 😁). So, as your grandma would tell you, what the heck are you waiting for? Go sign up.
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12 months ago, lala🏳️‍🌈🐝
I only have to keep the app for future applications, but it’s bad. The app has a feature to look at all the applications you’ve submitted. When I click on the tab it doesn’t show me the jobs I know I’ve applied for, and it shows I submitted an application for some random company I didn’t apply for and have never even heard of. It’s really buggy, inconsistent, annoying to use, and the worst part is that there seems to be no help feature. The app straight up spams my emails too after I turned off all email notification options. That, and the first account I’d created got deleted for whatever reason. I had to make a new one before I even got to apply to anything, and it still logs me out every single time I close the app. The filter options don’t work when you search for specifications, and a lot of the listings aren’t real listings made with intent of hiring. NToo bad it’s the only app companies use for applications, other than indeed which is even worse than snagajob, otherwise I’d delete the app.
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3 years ago, Gaspatchosoup
First time
It’s literally the first time I open the app and you ask for a review? Come on. First thing that pops up is allow notifications then give us a review. As you can tell I don’t like when apps do this and won’t be changing my review even if I like the app. So write my review in the app and close the app to come here and add some. I reopen the app and immediately get the rate the app again. This app is garbage. It just keeps putting the same jobs over and over in the list so you think the list is long. It’s not as its all artificial. Clicked on a location that tells me its 0.7 of a mile away from me so click on the map as I don’t recall seeing this place that close to me and maps shows me its 4.9 miles away from me. I click back to the app thinking this might have just been an error and the app didn’t load but nope the app says the same thing. This is insane and with reading some of the reviews this comes off as super beggie. At this point I don’t want to use the app and will just go walking around where I live looking for a job.
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11 months ago, Kay28976
Filters really need work,ales the app very time consuming
Having to parse through multiple suggestions of the same job, or the same company but either in a different state or hours away that Im obviously not able to take. My filter is within 20 miles and I still get jobs that are an hour away or in other states. My suggested jobs are mostly jobs that require years of college. Even when I adjust the filters I only get the same jobs. Not enough categories to choose from when choosing which fields to include. And every time you press one field (like retail for example) it closes out and you have to manually open, press, close, over and over. Even when I put only 1-2 years of experience, it doesn’t show me those jobs or related, it just spams me with unrelated army or navy jobs. They’ve had these exact problems for years with bad filtering, I’m surprised it’s still not fixed.
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2 years ago, britt.uwu
Anytime I open the app a notification pops up on the middle of my screen it says “marketplace would like to use snag a job to sign in” and then it has options to cancel or continue when this pops up on my iPhone 11 it will not let me click cancel or continue and completely glitches my phone out to where I’m not able to use it at all and I have to force restart it it only happens when I open this app I’ve tried every other job site app I have I have indeed and glass door and so many other apps like them and none of them do this but snag a job you should fix this problem because I loved the app it was a easy and great way to find jobs near me I don’t want to have to restart my phone every time they try to open the app and use it
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2 years ago, RandomMusicMaster
Doesn't like my job experience
The app won't take "Team Member" as an acceptable job position despite that being a real job position (I'm not only a cashier, or food prep, etc I did all of those jobs) and there's no listing for interns, so if you did an internship for a company you have to claim it like a real job which can be very misleading for businesses. One final note is that when setting uo your profile 1. Most entry level job seekers aren't looking for a specific job title so don't make it a required question and 2. Just get rid of your job title search engine as it's terrible and doesn't have most positions listed. Just let your users declare any job title they want. Until these problems are fixed personally the app is unusable to me.
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5 years ago, idhndc
Thanks snag team!
Easiest 5 star review I’ve wrote in a while probably because I usually don’t review apps. Was Skeptical of the one click applications just because I’ve never seen anything like it before and it just seemed too easy lol. Went to bed after applying at 9 or so fast food joints or grocery stores and woke up to messages from two of them 😊. Within 2 days of applying I now hold my first ever job at sonic!(and it’s within walking distance which was very important to me as I don’t have my license yet.
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2 years ago, whatsupemt
Worst app
In the beginning the app had a dashboard. Now I am stuck looking at garbage that has no relevance to me whatsoever. And on top of that the jobs that are showing also have no relevance and the pay scales showing are ludicrous at best. Seriously? $17-52 an hour for Sonic?Give me a break . Indeed is far far better. I’ve been contacted 3 times in 2 days by Indeed, zero times by Snagajob. Also , unlike Indeed, there is no way to delete the jobs that have no relevance whatsoever. They give you an apply now button and if you click it there is no confirmation that you ever hit that button. This app is a disappointment at best and needs some serious help. The IT managers should be ashamed and hold the programmers accountable.
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10 months ago, TheGirlWhosHere2Help
My personal experience
This is the only app Ive used where Ive received emails/msgs from employers. So yes if you’re looking to be immediately hire this is the app! I like how I can put the status for every position I applied for. On the other hand, my only compliant is whenever I submit an application I can’t see who I submitted too nor review…For example it’ll say “Bryant Restaurant Crew Member” other than that it’s a good app!
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10 months ago, real sandy
There is no way to get in contact with anyone from Snagajob
I really don’t understand why my uncle have to put his age to look for a job don’t you know that many employers overlook people because of their age and he can’t even speak to a real person for the app also the average pay for jobs here are too low compared to other places. No one works anymore for $13 or 14 and if they do they take the job until they find another one that pays more I speak for everybody when I say the employer of this site need to know. since the pandemic and the cost of living has change. it’s not the people don’t want to work they just don’t want Low paying jobs. Thank you.
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1 year ago, bakeremma
Skeptical for reasons
I’ve used gig apps before and figured I’d venture a little; I doubted some of the reviews because there was such a mix of them. After downloading and signing in- and creating an account each time a new web browser would pop up through the app, something completed unrelated (ex: Snapchat and Pinterest). Which was honestly quite concerning, click bait?? After getting through that after submitting the application; the load of doom. Never loaded the page after launching it and exiting and refreshing. Deleting the app did not help. It took all my information and I got the emails but what good is an app if it won’t load??
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2 years ago, grimeslon
Worst job app in existence
This app is as bad as it gets. It asks what job are you looking for . When you type it up n , it says it doesn’t exist. When asked for my position, and I type it in, it doesn’t exist. According to the app there is no such thing as an auto glass technician, and my current position isn’t auto glass technician. I guess I’m dead then, and the only place that auto glass technicians exist is in the spirit realm. This the only job app that does this. Move along. There are way better job apps. I guess some kid made this in his moms basement while screaming for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s the only explanation that I have for how bad this is.
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5 years ago, alligatorpretzel
This app is AMAZING!
I am 17 turning 18 and was, unfortunately, not able to get any real work experience. My mom didn’t want me to work because it would interfere with school. I was finally able to go out and apply for jobs and after applying for 14 jobs in 2 days, not even within 5 hours I was already accepted for an interview. This app is amazing and I could not have gotten a job so quick without it! Thank you, snagajob!
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4 years ago, ashtreeclearing
Great for Fast Food/Retail Jobs
I’m looking for a human resource related position. There are a lot of retail and fast food type jobs, making this a wonderful app for teens/young adults, or anyone interested in that type of work. I’m giving 4 stars because, while this app didn’t help me, I can see it being very useful for others. A suggestion would be to tailor searches based on what’s being typed in. When I type in “Human Resources,” I was met with a lot of cashier-type positions that didn’t relate.
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5 years ago, elliotseven
Read this before downloading
As a 18 year old who recently got terminated at Walmart for calling out because I was in the hospital, I didn’t know much about job hunting because I was a Walmart cashier since I was 16. I downloaded all the apps and deleted all of them expect this one. And I have to delete this one too now. Why though? I got a job at chipotle! Without this app I don’t think it would of been possible. Highly recommended.
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6 months ago, Shelbster0904
Okay app
The app would be a lot better if you had access to jobs without having to submit recommendations along with supervisor recommendations. Not everyone has past supervisors numbers to reach out to, nor does everyone have past co workers contact information in order for them to submit recommendations
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3 years ago, small hobbit
Buggy mess
First thing in opening that nearly broke functionality is it asks for a review. How am I supposed to know? I only just opened the app. The next thing is the jobs list is FLOODED with DoorDash ads, and these have to be ads since you don’t have to apply to that like you do a regular job. My major issue (and the one that REALLY makes this app useless) is that it crashed while I was trying to fill out an application for a job. Thankfully the job has a separate site and login that I setup beforehand (and if it’s any good it’ll have saved my application on their end) but I wouldn’t suggest using this app.
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2 years ago, Not A Regular Demon
Constantly force closes
I just downloaded it made an account and everything and now I’m trying to add my work experience but literally every time I try to add the start date that they REQUIRE you add the entire app freezes and then force closes. It’s taken me 13 attempts to list 2 - TWO work experiences. Very annoying especially since it saves none of the information you’ve put in about that particular experience up to the point of the app closing so you have to redo the entire thing every time and just hope the app doesn’t close when you go to add your dates .
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6 years ago, MDiffey
It works!
I downloaded this app and less than a months later I just had my first interview! I did apply for 17 jobs, but the one I got a callback from hired me. The process is super easy, and the one click applications are convenient. It saves your info so you can auto-fill your info and not have to type the same thing over and over. You can filter places and types of jobs. Definitely would recommend if looking for work.
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5 years ago, PapaBryann
It’s ok until the bugs happen
I’ve had this app for not even a day and I’ve noticed the glitches that have happened when I’ve tried checking my archives and also the ones I applied for and it doesn’t show me them I’ve tried sliding up on it and launching the app up again but it still doesn’t show them so I gave up and the next day it was fine and also with the searches they just don’t show and I do not know why. Please devs try to fix that cause it gets annoying
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6 years ago, chend2401
Love it
I love how easy and fast it is to apply for jobs! Some information will auto-fill and some jobs offer a one click application. I also LOVE that it tells you if your application has been reviewed by the employers or not. I haven’t gotten a call back from anyone yet but i’ve only been using it for about a week and a half. i’m still confident in this app!
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6 years ago, Queen of Unicorns.
It’s not all that
I like how you have easy job searches and how they find jobs closest to you, but I applied for jobs and it’s never really successful. I got a message that said that the manager didn’t check my application so another department would. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to accept my application but there is never a response or I’m never chosen. I chose this app because I’m a teen and this was supposed to be a way to find a job easily. It has been anything but that.
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3 years ago, melannique
I love this app!!
I downloaded this app and got a job in the same day! What is really nice is you can see how long the job has been posted. That gives you a pretty good idea at who is possibly urgently hiring. Another great feature, is quick apply! It saves the labor of having to repeatedly enter the same information over and over again! I love it!
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5 years ago, I Hate Snag
Don’t Get this App
This app will Waste your time and screw you over, Did about 6 Applications which took about nearly 2 hours. Next day, They didn’t send and I have to “Finish” The application I already Finished and worked on for about 15 minutes. If I can talk to the creators of this app I would Drop Hot coffee in there pants. Recommend Job Search!
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3 years ago, ChristopherChance28
Could be great
This app would be great if it would just let me complete my resume or be allowed to submit my information. It may just be me doing something wrong but I doubt it. I’m following the guidelines and rules I’m just not gaining access to the features provided, if I only know how to get things set right this app would be one to use and greatly appreciated.
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3 years ago, Crucible_DP
Buggy but otherwise great
This app is an amazing tool for those looking for quick and easy ways to apply. But wow, some of the bugs on this app are annoying. I've repeatedly run into an error where my job experience won't update, or I won't be able to use certain dropdown menus (particularly the work experience "start date" menus on the website). Otherwise fantastic app.
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3 years ago, emma damato
So many glitches
This app is so freaking glitchy I’m about to throw my phone across the room. I’m trying to input my prior work experience and it’s acting like I’m on a 2009 iPod. I can barely type in my job role, and it keeps deleting everything I write in the description section. Also, why is there not more filters for what kind of job you’re looking for?? And why don’t the filters work?? I keep setting that I don’t want to see medical related jobs but my job feed is flooded with nurse jobs. Also, it’s not even in chronological order even when I do newest first!!
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6 years ago, queenofhisreign
Idk guys
I applied for many jobs.. I like the one click feature but not many job openings had it. After a week only one contacted me and I had an interview. During the interview she asked me what I was applying for and it turned out that the post was over a year old even though it said posted a month ago. Umm embarrassing. So I was interviewing for a non existent job. All other jobs I have applied for say either, “status not available” “delivered” the only one “reviewed” was a the one I interviewed for. Plus I’ve had tons of other “job” spam emails since signing up. Not for me.
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5 years ago, AntacidGiantO
Amazing for teenagers or adults looking for jobs near them
I’m 16 and have been looking for a job for a while now. In the first 10 minutes of me searching I found a job at Mike’s Carwash. Because the app was so easy to use I found it very simple to write an application and figure out exactly what I wanted to do through this app.
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4 years ago, UnknownRacer00
App & Website
There are some things I’ve noticed during my time of having the app. When I fill out an online application, they only show on the app and not the website. Second, there have been a couple occasions where I clicked on an email to do an application but I either didn’t complete the application or didn’t do it at all, and it still shows on the app, and not on the website, as a pending application.
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3 years ago, Graybursts
For teens?
At first I was just applying to random job to play around. I just got my first job in at dominos and all I did was apply to few places. This app is legit good and if you are like me who’s in high school and want to want few extra bucks, this is the app you want in your phone.
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1 year ago, LyftDriverNC2025
Great app
This is an excellent Job Search app. The only reason I’m rating it 4 ⭐️ is because I was unable to find a “help tab, and I had a question about editing or removing expired or old applications, but other than that very satisfied, lots of notifications for new job openings, smooth, and very user-friendly,… Very pleased, thank you!
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2 years ago, jesslenasosebee
It won’t let me login
Made a new acct and it wouldn’t login with my new acct. I’ve disconnected from my wifi and reconnected and I still wouldn’t let me login. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and still wouldn’t let me login. I’m trying to find a new job in my town and indeed doesn’t have many job applications in my town and I thought I could use Snagajob to see other applications that I didn’t see on indeed but I can’t login and it’s quite frustrating. Please send out and update that fixes this.
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5 years ago, Robin Tyree
Love it so far
I totally recommend using this app, it has help me so much organize my job search. It has also helped other people in my family apply and become employed with jobs. I saw an ad for this app and am thoroughly happy with the results. Definitely encourage people to use this app :)
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6 years ago, Dannylinares
Would be great, if...
This app would be great if it would allow me to properly use the search and map feature. All I ever get is “We’re sorry, there was an error in loading your search”. I redone loaded the app recently due to my need for another better job, and I’ve got the same thing again. All I can actually use are the daily results but after that, I’m unable to use the rest of the app.
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5 years ago, Nuckname thats not taken
It’s beneficial
When I am near finished with an application, it wants me to upload a resume, I then upload and the resume and the application ends and I go back to where I have to apply for the job again. This is so frustrating when you almost completed an application and it sends you back from the start with no sign of you successfully sending the application and resume.
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3 years ago, Hanndragon
Very poor software and recommendations
Every time I updated my profile, the new thing that I added would not show up until I reload the app. I was using this app when I was 17. When looking for jobs, mostly all I could find that wad recommended to me were jobs that needed you to be 18. There is also little information on how and when you will be contacted. I highly don’t recommend using this app.
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6 years ago, @Amor_Loca
So Amazing and Easy!
I love this app. It keeps a perfect, detailed file of my employment history, my availability, my experiences and achievements and it's easy to update and edit any time. I have been contacted for interviews several times and successfully hired every time using this app. There is just no better way to job hunt!
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3 years ago, Ezk$_>|👀
Great for job hunting
USUALLY I hate applying for jobs when it comes to online because I keep getting sent to different sites and then end up with a bunch of spams afterwards. But this app is really helpful and allows me to explore more options that are near by. IT EVEN HELPS ME FIND PLACES I’D NEVER THINK ABOUT !!
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10 months ago, Kiwi___0
Glitchy, didn’t save data.
I want to provide some reasonable feedback. The app is helpful, did what it set out to in finding the jobs. However, when I would scroll through the filters the scrolling bar would bounce. It would glitch out when I’d press buttons as well as when I closed the app, I had to re login and it saved none of my applications or information I filled out.
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2 years ago, Alicia8807
Impossible to delete account
I have been trying to delete my account but it’s impossible. Online help says to click the contact us page and put “delete account” as the subject, but when I click the link I don’t see that option anywhere. I’m not happy about this because I have been getting sooooo many scam calls and emails and I want it to stop. I was able to delete my account on my other job search apps but not this one!
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3 years ago, CJ private
I love it!
This is the most well advanced job application process I have used. I started looking for work in 2019. Then one day Snagajob appeared and made my search much easier. It give more of job description, location and salary.
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6 years ago, The Opinionater Jr
needs improvement
that app is okay... the distances on the map are very in accurate, there should be more filters, and more jobs, as well as an option to customize the kind of jobs you’d like based upon age, gender, field. Also there should be a button where we chose to dislike a job to improve search results. In the search area, there’s jobs and some I’m not interested in, there should be a button that should allow us to not see that job again
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6 years ago, anonymous123456789009856
Over all ok
I applied to about 30-40 application and got an interview by 2 one of them the place did not exist and the other one told me they wanted someone with experience, but if they wanted someone with experience why did they schedule an interview with me when I clearly put I did not have experience.I am young , I’m 16 but getting a job is very important to me because I do really need one and for me to get happy that I got an interview but the place did not exist really put me down...
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1 year ago, SophiaSM46
I finally found the jobs that I would like to apply for but the app won’t let me create an account/log in. Everyone I try logging in through google, Facebook and Apple it loads and then goes back to an empty log in page. Then I try with entering my email and it says my email is wrong. They need to fix this because it’s terrible!!!!!!!!!! (I spent almost 30 minutes trying to get the app to work, deleted and reinstalled it many times).
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4 years ago, HrdCoreSymphoni
Kudos to Personality Quiz Team!!
Hello! I’m very analytical and can be more harsh to judge than most regarding some things. In particular, quizzes promising to define your personality type and career traits leave me empty and non complacent it’s the results. As an advanced RN, I have to say... you guys knocked it out of the park! Easy to take, quick, and impressively accurate! I’ll be updating my resume with some of them. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Logan Locke
It’s OK!
The app is pretty good. Easy interface to learn but there are many problems in the app. You don’t get a confirmation email 50% of the time after submitting an application form, it will try submitting your incomplete forms, and the whole form will crash and try to submit. Also many other bugs that need to be fixed within the app but besides that it’s a solid 3/5.
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10 months ago, JupiterBxbyxx
This app was good a few months ago, it had jobs that even Indeed didn’t, but now it’s terrible. The filters are horrible, constantly makes you sign in and doesn’t save your liked jobs, and is so buggy now that when I press the “apply” button it doesn’t even load, it just stays on the white screen. Used to love this app but now it’s sort of unusable
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4 years ago, harpermg
Filter out companies
I would love to be able to filter out certain companies. I don’t want to drive for Lyft, Uber, or Favor, nor do I want to join the national guard. This app also doesn’t offer a way for employers to share their salaries to potential hires on their application. This app doesn’t allow me to swipe and hide job listings that I don’t want to see. I have been hired for a job using this app but the platform itself leaves a lot to be desired.
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