SolarEdge Monitoring

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SolarEdge Technologies
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for SolarEdge Monitoring

4.63 out of 5
51.5K Ratings
6 years ago, sonnyhung
SolarEedge monitoring app works well!
I’ve been using the SolarEdge monitoring app on my iPhone the past year and a half. Ease of use is pretty stand up easy. It’s similar to the desktop web client and provides you all the information you need. I especially like the day/week/month and year views which allowed me to see at a glance and compare my production, consumption (if you have that) and I believe they offer actual consumption also. This tool helps especially when a feature like monitoring over the internet is not working. It alerts you that your not connected and also able to see when alerts to problems are recognized by your system and notified to your installer. There only quirk for me was that we had the ZigBee wireless setup which had to be relocated so the signal was better. We could always have a wired LAN cable installed, but things have worked out. I’m not aware of the other competitor’s monitoring apps but of the few that I saw they should be comparable, but I think the SolarEdge one is a bit better personally.
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6 years ago, F-Ahmad62
SolarEdge inverter system installed By Semper Solaris team!
It’s been over a week now that I have 20 HIT Panasonic 6.6kWh Solar Panels running with SolarEdge inverter. The SolarEdge inverter is doing a phenomenal job in converting DC to AC current. I am really enjoying its performance. This is the core unit (the heart of the solar system) that gives detailed electrical readings about every Solar panel electricity producing on a daily basis. The SolarEdge software gives daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reading information logged into the system. My system was installed by Semper Solaris company. The Semper Solaris Supervisor Eriz and his team done literally a mind blowing job in installation. The SolarEdge App on the smartphone give you daily production information any where you go as long as the cell phone data or internet is available which makes it very easy to check the SolarEdge system on the fly to get electricity production information. I would highly recommend SolarEdge inverter system to anyone Photovoltaic needs.
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6 years ago, WG in Spartanburg
Automatic updates
I find this app very useful when I remember to open it and check on my systems performance. However, as I have become complacent about my system I find myself checking only every few weeks and looking at weekly averages. After a violent storm last year our inverter died. Our system was dead and not generating any power for several weeks before I noticed. I believe this app would be much more useful if it had a notification system. One that either gives a daily average or an email when there is a big deviation from the norm. I wrote to inquire if this feature already existed and got a less than clear response. In my opinion, this feature would make it a 5 star app
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7 years ago, Lime Street
Reasonably good
I've been using this app for three years and it serves its purpose though the user interface is not the best. With the latest update a flaw has been introduced: The graph shown for the previous day's data is wrong. The current day's graph is shown instead. The correct value is show in the Week display and the total week value is correct. I've shared this problem with the developer and they did the usual "delete and reinstall the app" drill. I let them know this had no effect. Since then it's been silence. This app is not a toy for me. I use the data for analysis of work on PV production. I hope THEY take their app as seriously as I do. Update: Still nothing from the developer. A bit more on the issue. On the Day screen all data is pushed back one day. So today's data is shown for yesterday. Yesterday's plot is shown as the day before that, etc. I went back five days and the problem was still there. I reduced rating to 3 stars to reflect the lack of support. Update 2: An update that was just posted appears to have resolved the issue. Thank you! I've put back the 4th star. I wish to reiterate that after 3 years of daily use this has been the only problem I've ever encountered. I don't think there is any other app about which I can say this.
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2 years ago, whitecat&mocho
Great system, needs a little bit of fine tuning
Just hit my 3 year anniversary on our SolarEdge Installation and loving it. I would like to see some additional dexterity in how data is presented especially based on what sort of revenue arrangement your utility provides. For example I am on a Net Metering Agreement so all I am concerned with is balance of production vs consumption on a daily, weekly, billing cycle versus a daily time of day based consumption vs production. Also a better way to adjust utility rates with some help to say upload kWh consumption and utility bill amount so we can look at the true cost offset of a kWh versus the published rate - I think you are not selling the full value of the system production by not including taxes and fees in your rate / kWh. Keep up the development work!
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6 years ago, Jsedad
Doesn’t update
I’ve just started to use this app. Mostly informative but never seems to update during the day. If I access it at 10am and view energy generated then logout and again login at noon it still will only show energy generated up to 10am. There is no way to refresh the screen. I am not sure when it refreshes but the next day it shows all energy generated for the previous day. The app is not on time access. Please fix this. Also, when I login it asks if I want to use touch to login. I press “ok”. The next time I login I can use touch to login. But this feature is then lost And the next time I need to enter my password and it again asks if I want to use touch. This is annoying. Please fix.
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6 years ago, knagenfilms
Needs improvement, Created by engineers.
I generally like the apps concept, however it needs improvement, especially in the user experience department. The day to day production charts do not scale to each other. The app plots out daily production that basically looks the same every day even though production may be 5 times higher or lower day to day. And there is no way to set default windows. I like to take a quick look to see todays production but the app always opens in monthly production. Wouldn’t it be nice if it updated a bit more often or that you could tell it how often to update. Why does the panel layout view go from dark blue to just medium/light blue to show full production. This would be a nice user definable parameter, or at least make the range of color from no production to high production, higher contrast in luma and color.
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6 years ago, duckbearpig
User as of April 2016... The SolarEdge app has sped up significantly! It's prettier now too. Pros: Layout view & panel by panel info (awesome feature), variety of power figures, new graphical display & plot of output (filled in area under curve), looks nice, improved speed, double tap zoom on energy chart, pinch zoom on energy chart! Now there is also pinch-zoom on layout view! One other thing it doesn't have is a plot of the peak power per day, which is interesting because your peak power months are not the same as your peak energy months, mostly due to ambient temperature. However the information SolarEdge provides is much more than SunPower for example, or my local power company. Overall I like it.
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4 years ago, Tyrannosauric relic
When it works, it’s good if a little information light. The place where you can sync it up with utility billing cycles does not appear to match my utility billing cycle?? If you get an EV charger the required ZigBee instead of cellular card (interference issues?) works sporadically. Then Solar Edge “turned off” the ZigBee but didn’t tell me or my installer. I guess there was some software incompatibility they had to fix. Couldn’t they put an announcement on the app? Instead we attempted for couple days to sync up ZigBee with app/inverter/WiFi not realizing we couldn’t have anyway. Thanks. As an engineer type the app and what it informs you of leaves a lot to be desired. Tree equivalent planted? CO2 saved? I suppose that’s nice info, but I’d like to see easily and up front how much I’m using right now vs what I’m generating? Perhaps a few more tabs in the app or one that is customizable with various parameters would be great!
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5 years ago, Masq
Great app, first solar system 6.7kW CoolPV
Overall great app, very intuitive. Nice clean interface and refresh rate to check in on the systems production. Would love the ability to do 2 or 3 day bell curve overlay graphs. That is, overlaying the previous days’ production over the present day production to see comparable curve trends. Thought this would be useful when you have comparable weather days, you could assess what cleaning off your solar panels does to the production output, etc... Also, anyway to add in custom annotations to make comments for certain days that keep of track of, say, weather conditions that day and how that may have affected production?
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4 years ago, Rose Dethrow / Mike Dethrow
Poor Service and monitoring
Our solar was installed on December 9 and 10. We had called numerous times and told them that the system wasn’t working. The calls were all documented in our file. Today a technician was sent to our house. After he had done some testing he said that there was some wires that were terminated wrong. He changed the wires and then he said the inverter wasn’t working. He made some calls and finally got the system operational. It’s sad that today is December 30 and the system hadn’t worked until now, that’s 21 days. We were initially told that the company monitors the system and will dispatch workers to make needed repairs. We have a neighbor that had a system which is bigger than ours. His was installed a week before us, by a different company. He said his worked fine. I hope that the service improves because I have nothing good to say about Power Home Solar or SolarEdge at this time.
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3 years ago, Physicker
Hung up on me
Just got off the phone with “customer service.” They hung up on me. I was trying to insist that they listen to me, but they could tell I was angry and hung up. I wasn’t disrespectful and have good reason to be angry. Check your SolarEdge app to make sure it’s working. Ours quit 5 years ago in 2017, we don’t know why. Now, the manufacturer, the installer and SolarEdge all blame each other. Meanwhile, we the customer get no data. Rocky Mountain Solar is no help. If you find your app is not working, consider reporting it on this board. I recommend also calling out the installer, not out of spite but in an effort to get these “business” entities to take responsibility and work together to provide us with quality solar energy service. Otherwise you’ll be spending at least three years trying to fix the problem with no results. Might help to call out the manufacturer too.
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8 months ago, byundt
Great app, now with annoying date format
I have been using this app since January 2018, and am generally pleased. I like being able to see performance of both individual panels and the entire array. The app badly needs the ability to warn users that their inverter may have failed. Perhaps the trigger could be no production for two days in a row. The user shouldn’t have to check the app every day manually when the data are being sent to SolarEdge—a warning text message or email is desired. Why am I so desirous of the warning feature? I’ve had three inverter failures since January 2018, and didn’t find out until noticing that my power bill shot up.
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4 years ago, coke for ever
I spent a lot of money for a state of the art solar system, it includes two batteries that we purchased with the intention it would make us self sufficient. I have no control of the programming which needs to be programmed by the company who had installed the solar system. They have standard templates that they utilize and are not interested in optimizing each system for the benefit of the owner. A one size fits most approach. While the system is financed solar edge will not allow me to do my own programming. I am certain that Solar Edge has many capabilities that are not being leveraged resulting in a outcome that benefits the local electric utility more then the system owner. While making a buying decision we were lead to believe the system has much more flexibility than the “out of the box” template that they use. I have been installing and programming Building Management Systems and PLC controls for over 30 years, and am stuck with a amazing system that has only primitive basic settings and capabilities. Solar power needs to be installed correctly by a reliable contacting company and be programmed properly by a confident individual. So beware, make certain you find an installer who is also a competent programmer.
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4 years ago, SATANS iPOD
Thank GOD you’ve got this App!
The solar company that I pay each month doesn’t have an app, and their site shows virtually NOTHING. Thank GOD you have an App that has past monthly history, and a Live Feed of what I’m producing. It showed I had a non-productive panel. That took 3 calls for the system owners to accept the facts, since they said they don’t support your App. Low & behold, they ordered parts for my system after 4 weeks of the panel failure “On the strength of your App showing exactly which panel was faulty”. Thanks for being there, and my installer, Sergio Araujo at On-Call Electric. You’re the best.
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5 years ago, Ryuko098
Semi-informative, but not very useful
Great idea, could use work and more features. - Shows past information, but the numbers don’t always add up (ie, current month production is shown as higher than lifetime production, but according to daily stats, both numbers are overblown) - Multiple languages available, but then shows multiple languages (ie, selected Traditional Chinese, got a mix of labels in Traditional, Simplified, and... Polish?!) - Why is there a 3-4 hour delay in reporting? A table of Kw’s produced each hour can't be more than a few bytes - kb’s if encrypted - but it takes 4 hours to update? Where is the data going to? Mars? - Pretty barebones overall. Not much else on this app. Would be nice to be able to integrate power used (ie, daily use data imported from smart meter or local power company if using net metering), to compare value of power generated to power used. Ability to share past data instead of just current day would be very nice. Maybe contact info for the installer or maintainer? What else can we do to enhance this app? Overall, I’m glad to be able to check usage on mobile, but the app has some big flaws, and limited functionality.
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6 years ago, johnskb
Good but room for improvement
SolarEdge is the leader in residential solar and its app has some great features. For example, being able to see the production of each module independent from the rest of your array and being able to do a replay of the day to see when your modules received enough sunlight to come on, when you hit the peak for the day, when the modules stopped producing at the end of the day and how modules at different tilts and orientations perform. Where the tool could really make a great leap forward is if you could input your utility and rate plan. With that, an owner could then quickly see the monetary return on his/her investment. Hopefully that's an upgrade that's in the works.
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7 years ago, DougSD
Still new...
I’m a new user. Have only been using the app for about four days. So I’m still collecting data and don’t have enough information for a full review. However I do notice that the app seems to always lag the actual information displayed on my inverter by about four hours. And initially the app was about seven hours off. It showed me making power in the evening and nothin during the day. I suspected this was the difference between GMT and local time. I called my sales rep and noticed the problem later corrected. Will I have a similar issue when we return to Standard Time? I should be able to adjust these settings myself.
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4 years ago, Beat-the-Gators
NO ALERTS to notify homeowners when SolarEdge production fails
This app is ok ONLY when your system is producing. BUT if your inverter fails there is no feature to immediately alert the homeowner (i.e. text notification). The only way to identify a production issue, is for the homeowner to check the app daily. SERIOUSLY LAME! Not exactly cutting edge technology in 2020. I fell out of habit checking daily when fall weather arrived, and didn’t realize the inverter failure until after 3 months without producing power (read EXPENSIVE for homeowner!). Due to SOLAR EDGE equipment failure combined with a serious lack of basic app features I’m out of pocket for the cost of of 3 months of electricity. Practically every app I have provides custom alerts with little or no cost. I paid $22k for a SOLAR EDGE system and it offers NO ALERTS that other apps provide at no cost!
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4 years ago, TSMNet
App is very fast. I would like it to update more frequently
The app has a lot of features including consumption monitoring. However, it lacks real-time readings as it is delayed 15 minutes. Competing apps such as Tesla Powerwall has real-time data. It would good for the app to have an improved interface that includes graphing options such as pie charts. Second, it would nice to have the remote LCD view feature available now that the HD Wave does not come with one. As an owner, it is nice to show the results of real-time production to promote the adoption of solar energy.
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7 years ago, MartyDallas
52 solar panels
Works well, we have the add on to see power consent used and transferred back to the grid. Silveredge still does not yet understand the need or the desire to see our distribution between two dates. Or at least I cannot figure it out they keep saying it’s there but I cannot figure it out we only can see month-to-month I want to pick 15 June and 15 July or any two dates in between I want to see and compare what my monitoring system says compared to my utility bill. This is impossible when it’s only month-to-month review With home monitoring, makes the system nice. Program works very well
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6 years ago, Agoodpoliceman
Not as advertised
STILL!! The app only shows production, the weather forecast and directions to my house. The app opens maps to show where I am. The photos shown in the details section is not representative of what the app provides. I'd like to know what my system is doing. What panels are producing and what panels if any are not working. Several times due to high heat my system tripped a circuit. The app showed 0 production, but no alarms or warnings there was a problem. Unless you go outside and continuously monitor the system there is no real warning the system has gone down. This app needs much improvement. If there is another app out there that monitors better please let me know.
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4 years ago, hocogaco
Solar Edge Review
One of the best tools that I have on my desk top monitor. It lets me monitor my energy usage and the optimum time to cook my food with solar energy and to keep it warm either for lunch or dinner. AC cool my house at no utility cost. As stated one of the best internet tools on my desk top. Other than utility hook up fee, I pay no electricity; my gas monthly bill is about a third or a fourth of what it use to be w/o solar energy. And a side benefit, my carbón signature is almost not detectable. One caveat, the solar panels need to be washed just like u wash your car ‘cause it gets dusty.
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5 years ago, RobBurr
Good app for monitoring SolarEdge system
The app is well build and offers well presented, easy to understand statistics. It works doubly well if you have the optional modbus monitoring accessory to compare solar production with activity at your main breaker box connection to the grid. You see energy exported to grid, imported from grid, self-consumption and total output from the solar array. Without the modbus, you only see solar production. The real-time readout, if you have ethernet connected to the inverter, allows you to see the power differential when major appliances turn on an off. Graphs are updated every 15 minutes.
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5 years ago, EngineerCA
Not sure why the app gets such a good rating. Franky I do have to admit that until now the app was good. However, 3 days ago my system stopped working and I did not get any notification, nor is there a place in the app to set up some sort of notifications if something goes wrong. I only noticed today because I was checking my electric bill and it told me I was using energy off the grid rather than feeding into grid. First I was not home enough in the last 3 days for that to occur plus the weather had been beautiful and the system should have produced and fed into the grid. So I am quite disappointed with this app and the lack of notifications. So please update app with this ability.
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4 years ago, Donat jean
Up and running
Since April 2019 after 5 years our system wasn’t generating power this past 11 months we were receiving bills after months and months of calls begging and pleading we went on line again the last week in February now we’re generating excess excess energy again. Sadly we lost thousands of esrecs dollars because we couldn’t get our system fixed. Hopefully we will continue as we are this month so far.
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5 years ago, lfcalderon
App bugs needs to be fixed.
App working fine, however, Our system was producing up to 89-83 kWh per day up until the last few days. The last few day, in AZ, has been sunny and clear skies with a high of 85°. Contacted the contractor, who came out in a matter of hours to assess the problem. Within minutes the technicians determined that the inverters were working properly and communicating to the router. There other customers in our neighborhood are also experiencing the same issue. Just like many of us who paid large sums for their solar panels we expect the app to work perfectly.
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2 years ago, won't let pick a nick name
Good app
This is really good app for monitoring your solar system. However, in the last year I have had 3 system failures resulting in a loss of production of more than 9 weeks total. The app needs to have a function that sends you a text or email when your system loses or stops power production. This way you know to check the system and open a trouble ticket if you can’t get it operating using the app’s troubleshooting tools. The addition of ants SMS reports function would be an awesome addition to an otherwise great app.
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5 years ago, Daniel1948
Makes no sense
My new solar installation was just completed and I got this app as well as using the Tesla app. The Solar Edge app provides nonsensical numbers. For example it says that my energy production for the day is the same as the lifetime number. Most of what's on the app is cryptic and I cannot figure out what it's saying. But where the meaning is clear is it obviously and ridiculously wrong. OTOH the Tesla app actually shows what's happening. This app is useless. Even my solar contractor said this app would not give me any useful information.
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5 years ago, SubView
EV charge scheduling is a hit or miss
Update: the EV charging schedule on the app is STILL super quirky. It does not save/update the desired schedule more than half the times, forcing the user to resort to their car charging schedule feature. Is it too much to ask to be able to schedule a charge right from my phone when ever need to, especially that the inverter offers no option for that?! In general is a great app. But, the scheduled EV charging does not connect with the inverter quite frequently. I called the customer service and opened a ticket, but hung up after realizing that the wait time was about 30 minutes! Please fix. Thanks
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5 years ago, Cmonsterlips
Installer perspective
Installers should be able to pair inverters via the app and not have to be on a desktop or laptop. This would be very helpful for remote optimizer troubleshooting. The app should save all photos of existing installs - it currently appears to redownload them each time, which when you have hundreds of installs, is a lot of data and can be slow to load in poor cell areas. If nothing else, I am willing to allocate a reasonable amount of storage on my mobile device to allow the app to load and navigate faster. I would also love to be able to “play” the output in the layout tap like I am able on a desktop or laptop. This would be beneficial for sales.
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5 years ago, Solar user anonymouse
Works great but needs improvements
This app is great from the solar customer perspective. It shows the basics of generation as well as weather for the current day. This could use historical weather data to go along with the AC production data. Would be great to know what affected the production that day. A simple icon of the weather for the day would work great. This app also needs to show production averages. It’s easier to consume and compare production rates to help troubleshoot the system when we can see week to week as well as year and quarter averages that can be looked at.
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5 years ago, Lenhttt
Bad costumer service
I’ve had this system for about a year and customer service is terrible it takes like pulling teeth to get anyone to respond to your calls or emails and to come out in the site and see what is wrong with the solar panels The solar edge app has not worked in 3 to 4 months and I can’t get people to return my call I have to keep calling him until I finally get someone again customer service is terrible with Sunnova and I would not recommend them for any anyone
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6 years ago, feldmont
App not in real time
Doesn’t update right away .. usually updates every 4-5 hours... Easier just to go outside and look at the meter.. Other companies apps ( Neighbour) has his updated in real time so you can see what’s going on.. So this app is kinda useless .. it does have some merit at the end of the day when totals are calculated, but it would be nice to view what’s actually happening as it happens so a person can adjust his electrical usage at that time. Solar Edge needs to step it up for the consumer.
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5 years ago, blak4st
It could be more helpful
The system does what it was designed to do very well but it would be so much more helpful if it could also give me information on how many watts are being directed into the home and how many are going into the grid. I have absolutely no idea how many watts I use either on the grid of off at any given time of the day. It tells me the equivalent of how many pounds of CO I saved and how many trees I have saved which I am not really concerned about. I want to know how much financial impact it’s having on my bank account. I want it to reaffirm to me that going solar was a worthwhile financial investment.
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5 years ago, The_Pale_Rider
Update rate
Most folks complaining about how quickly the app updates are likely using the cellular connectivity their installer provided. It only updates every 4 hours. This isn’t a problem with the app. If you want faster updates to the app, run Ethernet to the inverter and you’ll get updates every 5 minutes. Otherwise it’s a great app, tracks production nicely. I do wish it was easier to integrate consumption but that again isn’t really the apps fault.
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6 years ago, Ftldur
Fair, but not always reliable
It's nice to have this app, and be able to track my solar production. However, there are many days when the system does not read my production properly. There are also many times when it shows my panels as being blank/off when they are working well and making juice like crazy on clear, sunny days for no apparent reason. I'm not sure why this happens, and I would love to find out from solar edge why it happens, but there is no way to contact them and discuss it. The company has terrible customer service, and can barely keep up with its warranty responsibilities. Use other equipment if you can.
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6 years ago, Cuco2005
I have just started to use the app on my new PV system and I find it unstable. First, after some time it took updating it seemed to be working fine. I had graphs of the power generated for the few days the system had been operational. All of a sudden now I lost all the previous days graphs and only have a partial one for today. I have re installed the app and hard reset the iPhone to no avail. Please address this annoying problem I want to like this app.
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5 years ago, Powerbook 170...
Really close to perfect
We have had solar for more than 15 years - this was a replacement system. I can’t begin to say how pleased I am in general with the software and just everything about the system. Being able to remote monitor certainly will impact the way that we use energy on the property simply because we can see where we’re making and he most contribution towards reducing greenhouse gases and smart energy usage. Well done!
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5 years ago, Charlie VicTex
Good app, but could be improved
The app is simple to use and provides a quick look at produced power. I have a problem with log in because it always asks for manual password entry. Next it asks if I wish to use facial recognition, which I accept and is “on”. This continues to occur every time I log in. I would like the app to provide a way to export the data displayed into a spreadsheet so I can use it to compare to compare to the data provided by my electrical provided and to appraise system performance over time.
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5 years ago, HackerJoeRedux
Feature-less using with SunRun..
to no Fails to deliver any meaningful analysis of net energy use. Sad to see such an incompetent application bundled with such an expensive purchase actionable information to proactively manage energy use. We are using with SunRun. So unclear if it is a problem with SunRun(which might be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with) or bad software from Solar Edge. The end result are graphs that fail to update in timely manner. No information on net energy use. No information on battery-enabled rate optimization. It seems the market for solar is so hot that even incompetent players can enter and dominate the market. This lame app is #1 is an indication that there are many areas for improvement. This app feels like a beta release.
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5 years ago, tom golfer 55
Solar edge is fun
In addition to being fun knowing my solar system is creating energy, I live monitoring it when we’re away. The only thing is that while on our latest trip it appeared that we weren’t making any electricity. Apparently the remote monitoring aspect went offline for no reason. A call to our installer may have resolved the issue because within z day or two everything was back to normal. Small glitch for a good monitoring system.
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4 years ago, Emptyspacesssssd
It does NOT show the information in the screenshots
I’ve had this app for a couple years now. All it actually shows is gross output. It does not show any panel information or anything cool like the screenshots show, so it is really barely useful at all. I have an EV...the last update mentions something about EVs but in reality there is no option for anything like that. There are literally no options outside of choosing metric or imperial units. The truth is, you bought a Solar Edge inverter so you are stuck with this weak app. It will often just not connect for days at a time. It will not tell you any useful information at all other than what it measures as its output, which you can chalk up as “interesting” but not that useful. It will not alert you to faults or measure anything on a panel by panel basis. The screenshots are super misleading. It would be nice, after spending a ton of money (and having my first Solar Edge inverter burn out and die after a year) if the app were useful, but it is not.
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5 years ago, Rojelio Castillo
Very productive solar system
Best decision I’ve ever made. I down loaded the app and you can see how the system helps the environment. It shows co2 gases that are not produced by using solar panels. Rudy Gonzales, the sales rep, is extremely through and accurate in explaining the system and he is very professional. Installers are just as professional, courteous and efficient. In fact everyone on the Victory Solar team are professional and courteous. I’m happy I chose Victory Solar. Thank you for your service.
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6 years ago, joey1191
I have asked several times for somebody to come out and explain all of these different categories and what they mean. I wife is pretty upset because nobody has pain by basically stopped and walked around the side of the house and explain everything to us. You have a rating of the Better Business Bureau is poor because you’re right there are Johnny on the spot until you get it installed and then you can get anybody to do anything. It is hard to recommend you when you don’t follow up with the customers request except by telephone.
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6 years ago, GoSubie
Love Realtime Info!!
The app gives me Realtime information on energy production. Also it compares power production with prior years. I can see power output from each panel so trouble shooting is easy. I actually had a panel showing very low production due to a failed micro inverter. Replaced the failed part and we were back to normal power production in short order! Love this app and highly recommend it to anyone considering a new or replacement inverter... Love this Inverter & App!!
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5 years ago, solenergy
Monitoring platform
Great monitoring platform. The cellular communications method although is very slow, refresh every 4 hours. I will be switching to Ethernet for more timely updates. I’m told it’s every 15 minutes. This allows one to see quickly a monitoring change when an appliance is turned on or off. Highly recommend installing a water heater timer if you’re under a tariff with peak billing hours. Very impressed with SolarEdge products...
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5 years ago, Rietz iTunes Account
Love the app with one exception..
The app does not allow you to input your time of use based costs per kWh. I have full monitoring of both production and consumption. If you are on a TOU program with your utility (like we are here in California with PG&E) you’ll quickly realize that the kWh production is not nearly as important as the time of the production and the credits you get. In our TOU program we are credited $.49 per kWh produced from 2pm to 9pm. I would REALLY appreciate you enabling a very flexible rate by time and day tool since we have different rates and times for winter vs summer and weekday vs weekend. I’d very much like track dollars produced vs dollars consumed too. I love the app other than that, it has been absolutely enlightening to understand our consumption behavior. As a side note we have an electric vehicle and we’re tracking that consumption data as well. Thank you for considering enabling this feature.
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6 years ago, kfkuhnsman
Great Fun for Energy Nerds
So , the program itself does what you would expect it to: tells production for the day, week, month, and year. Blah, blah, blah. 😬 The unexpected fun comes from going full nerd and comparing output with your friends, especially when your wives are around, as it gives them the opportunity to sadly shake their heads and sigh at the silliness of their spouses. The only sad part is that, though mine is good, the array of one of my friends is bigger, so I always feel a bit inadequate.
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5 years ago, KnowPro
The app provides a lot of information but it takes some time to learn how to navigate the options. A consistent layout would be helpful. A simple sidebar with expandable options would work for this site. It appears each module was built independently then pasted together. A moderate redesign would move it to a 5 star. It would also be helpful to know if the system is communicating or just not providing power.
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